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June 22, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 22, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Does the idea of Scripture alone cause division---2- What is the bride of Christ---3- Did Jesus forgive our sins in the future or just the past ones before we became Christians---4- How did men besides the Twelve cast out demons---5- Can Jesus appear to people now---6- Can a woman who has a ministry to other women or children be called a pastor---7- Is there a connection between the SDA movement and the freemasons---8- Why is the pretribulation rapture believed-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is it apologetic to research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrines, maps, what, why, glances goals in responding to your questions at 770-7276 Matt slick show me that if I will blind what you recall, 772072276, and let's get the director right look, we have the upper ministry just won't let people know about this prayer important and reminder to talk about are not stuck with a little research. Prayer is important. Please pray for this ministry, we have a prayer ministry also if you're interested in volunteering to pray or be prayed for.

That's you know what options are and we do a lot of stuff going on I been doing a lot of research on the way our system of government is our society is social justice. So the rise of totalitarianism.

The oppression of Christians versus increase and it just talk to somebody and he knows lots of Christians were being canceled from financial institutions use good and financial institutions concerned about this because more concern I should say because so Christians like the Christian ministry, like myself pretty soon the band doing all kinds of stuff. The left is troubling, intolerant, and research writing and being between other projects. Of course, and talk about that later, but so the Gulf and Deputy McCauley of three open lines 877-207-2276 is also not you know that that people assume that will support me on Petrie on what I do.

A patron is. Once we going to a 15, 23 minute video and just talk about various things that we are supporting me personally. I haven't had a raise in karma in six years. We got people would pay around the world and were just trying different ways of of support.

So if you want.

Check out Petrie on for Matt slick victory on 4/Netflix and I also tell you this very often at all the karma stays on your by your donations. If you like what you hear the radio you want to continue.

Please consider going to and you will see left-hand side manuals you donate option and we asked for five dollars a month like that and more or less as a matter of because if we can get that then we can make budget so we can work stuff so there you go stuff going on right three open lines 877-207-2276 Tony from Georgia. Welcome you are wrong here. Like all sure what you and I know that the Calvinist and Armenian debate nasty.

My question is that more men think Roman Catholics have a point that Scripture alone, positive vision. Well, it's not true that Scripture alone causes division division occurs in politics in medicine and philosophy so it winced as far as Scripture goes as far as Christianity goes Scripture does cause division and the visions must be made among you the truth must occur to the truth can be made known things for implementing natural to find a verse but that's visions are normal and affect the shirt I'm wearing right now so much heresy, so little time to heresies in Greek factions divisions problems so these kind of things are normal and it's okay. We do need to be divided from the Roman Catholics and the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses because they're not her brothers in Christ, so divisions are a good thing, and then said that little bit right okay right but God bless you once Father's Day Sunday okay all right I didn't know how busy I was on Yahoo with the administrator forget is our anniversary and my wife's birthday. You know, she's pretty good. She's up on the morning Friday the 13th my mind. Lifeless, which explains what you know or I met Douglas thanks I think okay all right is good to Anthony from Des Moines, Iowa.

He Anthony, welcome, you will run all I met you here recently.

I my TV when I was watching TPP quite a bit that they don't have the I've been listening to Christian radio and I in really enjoy your program like straight forward approach near a learned man, I've been learning a lot. Praise God, and that he's want to get the glory.

There's got yes are absolutely well a couple questions. If the couple quickly, and I really believe not and and saved him 60 years all I was saved when I was 17 and I have always been thought that the bride of Christ is the church, but recently I heard a well-known pastor on PCP day that the bride of Christ was the new Jerusalem. I'd never heard that before.

And so that's my first question I've not heard of that either. Christ is the home of the church. The Revelation 1823 in the light of the lamp will not shine any longer and the voice of the bridegroom of the bride will not be hurt any longer for bride here bride of Christ and the bride of Christ spelled out better prices on fly ministers always been the believers life. I thought now is right though I understand I was the you know when you're little something different. It Throws up a red flag and like I say this guy Mike I'm not I'm not going to name names that he is a well-known pastor. I'm sure he is a man I got everything and I don't know where you get to that started with what is his name is okay commission over there critical dollar still with crippled yeah. Stay with Creflo Dollar is a positive confession. This is a movement within Christianity where a lot of heresies are being taught and is positive confession.

All that God wants you healthy and wealthy and all your your words can cause reality to alter and things like this.

It's a mysticism name and claim it name and claimant blab and grab it and you want us to okay okay there might you goodbye know allotment want you know you got online so go ahead, I understand. I appreciate your time today.

I got the material from the call three or four years back out that and different booklet thing and in one of these.

He's saying that nowhere is it thought that Jesus Christ has forgiven our stands at present and future, and his view. Jesus has forgiven our sins of the past that were responsible to live holy lives you know, now that we've been born again and that now that were were a new creation, who sang yet and I've hurt. I've heard other pastors like Dr. Charles Stanley another day that our redemption through Christ takes care of all of our stands yesterday, today and in the future that's correct and not isolated. The first use heresy and false teachings and antichrist watercolors will teach this. That's your forgiven of all your sins and Catholicism teaches a version of this your forgettable of your sense of baptism and be baptized, but then afterwards if you commit sin, you can go back to the priest and you have to do works in order to get your sins forgiven and so it's a false teaching and if you go to Colossians 213 says he made you alive together with him, having forgiven us all our transgressions.

In this verse 14 says having canceled out the certificate of debt, consisting of the trees against us was resolved also.

Plus he's taken it out of the way. Having Milton across the certificate of debt is the sin debt. So Jesus took our sin debt away at the cross, not when you believe not when you get baptized. When you believe your justified, which means the righteousness of God in Christ is granted to you by faith that flipping 39 Romans 51 so he canceled up certificate of debt to send that I would have to thousand years ago so he doesn't cancel out your send that in the future up to the point when you get baptized when you first believe and it is up to you to maintain your position with God that is demonic antichrist teaching false teaching and the Christian church. Unfortunately, largely does not know how to exegete its self out of a wet paper bag is know what's going on a lot of people.

Okay 11 found quick questions. There sure are you familiar with the writings of watchman Nee yesterday with much the knee. I've I've read his book and I've got wind that I've read several times called the normal Christian life and or he empathizes in there again and again that at the cross.

We died with Christ, we were very clear him and we were raised with him again in the new life factor I believe as a Christian and I I've I get so inspired I can. I can read his writing over and over and over again and I I acknowledged the Bible by no means but an adjunct rather you know just the kind help me understand God's world a better and and and fee his perspective and I really get blessed on I just I just wanted what you what you thought about his writing estimate that way from and I had dealings with them in Southern California. When I look back there and to say that what watchman the watchmen fellowship movement, and I was told it was the Nguyen's group watchman Lee.

They gets overly mystical in a lot of things don't have a good hermeneutical principle doesn't mean that they can't come across some good stuff and say some good things because we are crucified with Christ. Romans 66 we died with Christ. Romans 68 buried with him in baptism also and that's what is called federal headship and edification. So, I could recommend some other books if you want to read you want to get said, I would recommend that you would read to the Presbyterian divines if you really want okay to get fed. The Presbyterian divines and my people don't know who or what that is but I would read stuff by John no one. For example, these guys been dead to hunt down Roland John no one owing OWE and all that. Oh, WK and I know John at all. When I write okay Jeff Bridges is a modern teacher. He's good, Jeff Bridges psychiatric thing that will come on all get older you know all I see is Lewis is okay but he's got some issues I do recommend CS Lewis Ari and okay but but John no one.

He's been dead for years and appreciated our there's real.

I appreciate all your information all right. God bless. All right you folks.

We have three lines 877-207-2276 max Y call 77077 charismatic sling ago. Our there my question and by doing that I'm doing fine so we got Amanda would Have been in the back of one stop what you Manuel talk on that map according about being with you to wait for the holy, mom hi thinking about sorting OUT so he didn't but he said wait for the coming items for different purpose. In Mark nine in Mark six after Uganda given them authority to cast out demons and so people were doing this, who were not of the 12.

The 12 said to this guy, whoever it was to stop doing that as he was successfully casting object demons and Jesus told him all don't stop because he's a he's a disciple, but he was one of the 12. That's all. So Jesus has a lot of weight a lot of weight. In fact, next 19 verse 13 the recent Jewish exorcists get that right there that do that you Jewish exorcists went from place to place to be. The name over those with evil spirits name of Jesus jury, but Jesus whom Paul preaches and the evil spirits us and I recognize you as I Jesus and Paul but were you and and he was holding these evil spirit left Ottoman and beat them up so they were true believers but everyone wants and map of Mark nine okay you are welcome but right God bless all on right. Hey folks for open lines of want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Tony from Georgia Tony welcome you on the air critic Michael Sherman. I think talking to the foreman on ramp and he told me he read from the book of Mormon that appeared in North America and Phila now thinking that not theologically possible because the heaven airport when we didn't really come back on Judgment Day. Is that correct my correct well yeah I believe that Jesus can appear. You can manifest himself to people. I don't think there's any limitation to, he's in heaven, but his return is his bodily return permit return is different, but I don't have a problem with Jesus, manifesting in different ways and I believe it happened to me when I was converted was a very strong presence of Jesus himself not to make Dr. my experience with Mormons are trying to allude to something called quick squabble and the Incas, and that was this blonde haired individual will let us it just shows the prejudices of people you Jesus is the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer dude, you know, and I was say no was not who he was, by the Mormons put their faith in book of Mormon which has been altered severely which was probably copied from Solomon Spalding's manuscript Presbyterian ministry passed away who was trying to read a book nor to make some money and he passed away and the manuscript was in the same area.

Joseph Smith Anderson anecdotal evidence that the the witnesses people who read part of the book of Mormon recognize some of the stories is coming from a Solomon Spalding's writings called the Solomon salt, Spalding theory and so there's some evidence that is located just because he was not a true prophet because he said that he saw God the father and Paul the apostle tells Scott a five cannot be seen.

First Timothy 616. He dwells in unapproachable light who no man has seen nor can see. So the book of Mormon is not true there's no archaeological evidence to back it up has all kinds of problems and it and it's just made up by Joseph Smith is a con man who wouldn't, it's very obvious was a con man. His family was they were addicted to so-called money digging money digging would was a process of trying to find buried treasure And kids buried treasure which was said to have been around in that area at the time was also a rumor of golden plates that have been buried in the area. These were common legends of the area at the time and selective justice.

The family would do is money digging and one of things to do that is to they would get a bunch of people together and so you know five cents each year in the pool and then they got by goat and Orlando.

Whatever it is they slipped the theater to a certain place of the forest slipped the animals throat and then we would wander wherever it was drop down and die, that for the buried treasure was slinks start digging for the buried treasure in a course, Joseph Smith, his family got the dead animal in the use of her food. That's how they connect Themselves that they write a the idea was that you are not supportive anybody in the group who doubted that this was working because if the dig down for the treasure if you doubted the spirit that guarded the treasure would move the treasure and so always with someone who doubted and so that's why you never found anything. And then Joseph Smith said court. An eyewitness who swore under oath that Joseph Smith told him that after rainstorm you get this in the book Mormonism unveiled by EW Howell written in 1834 full of affidavits and eyewitness testimonies of justice with his family and on so that Joseph Smith said that he was coming home from a place one night when they found there been a storm the night before and some water had filtered down to some tree roots and filtered and purified lube in the sand so he took it and put it in his shirt maybe could use it is my money digging ends and practices from demonic and so when he got home his sister asked what it was that he just just blurted it out. The golden plates and he was shocked that she believed really thought golden plates and so he had come up with something.

She started spreading the word of golden plates and this is how it all got started. So the book Mormonism is not true. Mormons been altered at least 4000×4000 places I should say at least and some of them are very very significant. There's no archaeological evidence to back it up. It has some inaccuracies in it some serious problems. And so the Mormon is telling you this. Sorry, but he's just on an unbeliever is been brainwashed by the false teaching Mormonism sound you just did not come and visit the Indians. There's no record of that record of that supplicant and the commitment to America's that's okay about yeah but my argument what weekly benefit to the engineer Gordon Hogan go back and forth right now. I know and I know nothing of Scripture that says he can't do that because he is going to come back physically as acts 19 through 11 will be able to do so I would've said that you say to the Mormon what is your evidence outside of a hold on folks we write back after these messages for the lines 877-0776 max Y call 770776 lined up when you call 707-2276 to 20 from Georgia shoulder so okay, so logically, nothing in Scripture says that Jesus cannot physically appear here on the earth.

Just because he's in heaven does not mean that that is locality means he has to stay there. We know that's not the case because he will physically return to earth okay my argument. What that. Coming my okay well okay that your arguments is not something I would say and the reason is because I and I don't know one thing in Scripture that says he can't appear until the second coming.

I believe that that's it's certainly possible for for the Lord to appear to people and to manifest himself to people to save them I think is possible. I don't see any Scripture that negates the possibility that this immediate has happened. I just talk about logic here doesn't mean it has happened, but I don't see the Scripture that says it can't. So that's why wouldn't say it that way okay good for you and good for you and what you really want to work on with Mormonism is as first Quinton 616, Matthew think about getting a check shirt Mormons here in Idaho says it is how corrective order threat wait for if you beliefs of first Timothy 616 you can't leave Joseph Smith. I can be a good T-shirt because Joseph Smith said he saw God the father with the Bible clearly tells us that's not possible. Can't see him and I buy this argument for many, many, many years.

The counters were bottles and selective so anyway okay.

All right. God bless, but okay. God bless for the lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Dion Prince Alexi Rainier now. Calling her pastor after minute treatment for women that there cannot be no women pastors. A lady that kind of paramedic. And Eric calling her back there should not pastor women pastors is limited to women about their meant great leading man how the pastor.

Here's the thing. My question, yes, explain why women should not be called pastors. In that sense one is un-biblical and to bring problems and divisions and a violation of Scripture. First of all, the how to live in the Bible lesson here Adam and Eve were created and she send first Adam sinned second, but sin entered the world through Adam. Not through her even though she send first at Romans 512.

Sin entered the world through one man. Furthermore, when they were hiding in the garden pre-incarnate Christ came to them and said to the man where are you didn't say evil to be done. Did say Adam and Eve, he said to the man where are you this is because the mail is in the position of the skull federal headship. The mail is in that position of authority, not the female. This is why it says I all who are in Christ made alive and holy were in Adam dive is 1522 talks about this skull federal headship. It is not the case that females represented descendents with the males do biblically speaking now Paul says I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over memo to remain silent for Adam was first created in the word silent Eric because Hezekiah is not sick, got sick got old means absolute silence. Don't utter a single sound has Kia means keep it down and you can even keep it more getting to be more quiet as a recipe and things are quiet but McLemore has Kia okay even more hit even more quiet, more quiet, so is not sitting up in silence and is in the context of of the authority structure in the church because in the next chapter in first Timothy five 315 Paul says he's giving instruction on how to behave in the household of God. So the woman is not to be in position of authority over men in the church specifically says appetizer to Adam not to eat meat and at times it not enough to culture but to Adam because Adam was first created.

Now when it says McAteer do this when it says. And in Ephesians 411. He gave some as apostles, and that's the masculine in the Greek, some as prophets, that's the masculine in the Greek, some as evangelists, that's the masculine the Greek and some as pastors and teachers. These are masculine in the Greek that doesn't mean in that missed that senses necessarily means that women can be teachers or evangelists with the norm is that this is a manual, dominated thing alright so now when we get to the pastoral epistles we go to for example your tightest one I think is five.

For this reason, on the left you in Crete. Paul says to Titus that you said in order what remains and appoint elders in every city. I directed you in the word elders in Greek is plural, masculine, we don't do this in Greek and English very much except actresses and actors that has a plurality in gender but here in Greek. We have it's all the time. The elders here in the plural. It says if any man is above reproach, the husband of one wife, and says me on their musical night class in the Greek, a man of one woman, the husband of one woman. So the elder who is a pastor is supposed to be husband of one wife, or man who holds to one wife. I'm almost done inherently in the case out now. The elders guess the word elders.

The elders are to be husband of one wife manual to having one wife that FEMA can't do that.

The elders and for 2517 says the elders who rule well be considered considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching, preaching and teaching is something pastors do.

So the elders in this church context. The pastors automatically elder, so pastors have that natural word meaning of being a male if you call a female, a pastor, pastor of of women, pastor of children than people go to church. They hear a woman being called a pastor and this is wrong because they might be deceived into thinking it's okay for many pastors to go to the church down the street United Methodist church of of liberal idiocy and they go down and they hear women pastor were there any less. Okay, that's good.

So this is why it's all better theological foundation is there and went quickly and are not to be that place they should not be called pastors but it is not a position and that's it. They don't like it they can. I do not recommend recommend they don't like it. Take first Timothy two out of your Bible.

First Timothy three. First Timothy five Titus one and and to get rid of those who think that you could do what you want with Scripture that there work because the pastor talked about thereby. What you man have. Leading man because the pastor no: pastor, no pastor is someone who is recognized by the church being authoritative teaching, preaching, position inside the church. That's what it's for us with the pastor's pastor.

The elders who rule well to be considered worthy of double honor respect to those who work hard at preaching and teaching and pastors are preachers and teachers.

By definition, and so they are also elders. That means that an elder someone is appointed by the laying on of hands, not just somebody who has a a ministry to fix car engines and when the church was a good thing you wouldn't call him the pastor of of engine fixing.

You wouldn't call him that it makes the word into nothing is like saying everybody's a pastor to nobody to pastor okay what about my fear of the women why not, after this man that kinda leading the boy.

Why not call him back.

We copy back.

The train is false which church is this in solitary Baptist Church and unfortunately the Baptist Church is going getting worse and worse Baptist denomination can recommend. I think her hollow while you hold on the on break they folks are going to get a call for lines 8772077577077 back in line with right either. Like question great important that what going on in the world today with liberal loan culture going on that last stronghold find it true, and if I find.

I getting in and father.

What will they do it. I just carry carry the fact that you got it. Find the truth and the truth of what where laughter will be truth, but the left is not ours that I am.

So we understand that it will whatever you call it where all after the truth, all people know like the left eye digresses outside the Mormon many many years. Critical I don't want to live my life under a lie and I think our fixtures to pick with the principal and stand on the truth of the word of God is. That's what I want to. But Jesus, so I probably will talk to my pastor about their and kind of important rights on car unclear. I like women and women if they want to be equal with man. We all know that if we took over a man that now I can go back to the pastor thinks there's an article on karma. Should women be called pastors and I believe it's dealing with the issue you raised, you need to go to the elders of the church and to talk to him about this and if they're already allowing this to probably already liberal and a few other areas as well and I repent of repetitive flat out hope you listening holder on the air, driving, or whatever to hear me say that they need to repent of calling them pastors. The patches are not biblical.

I would be glad to drive down to Salt Lake City and have a meeting with a bunch of pastors about this and have a discussion about it.

I would be more than happy to do that okay I would I work oh I know her. Think back about that. I think on Aaron and keep our my heart in line with what the word and trying to do okay.

Will God bless you. Okay all writing folks for lines you want to give me a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to David from southern Alabama Penelope. I thank you thank my first time caller.

My wife merely as a longtime listener and yet she did live she likes great athletes like the her.

My in-laws, her mother and ask her mother's husband are about FDA's and my wife again primarily a longtime listener and she does a lot of reading but she mentioned that there was a connection between the FDA and the Freemason and with Ellen G. White know if you were familiar with history you can speak to that I'm not there with that. I know that there was the Campbellite movement in the 1800s and some Methodist kind of division subissues and STA came out of some of his association with some of the stuff, but I do know the Masons were alive and well. Back then, and I know that the Masons have a connection with Mormonism, also with Catholicism and in some Protestant movements to but I've not been aware of that in this STA movement which I would love to have documentation on because I can't recommend either group.

I can't recommend the STA and certainly don't recommend the Freemason's Masons have right lots of problems in their lots of problems in your Christian should be involved with Scripture. My understanding is her record her gravesite. It has an obelisk or some symbolism related to the Freemason. The other great thing is one indicator there that I appreciated.

I know he had some input on that or any information but I sure appreciate the well I'm actually looking trying to find her gravestone pictures and stuff like that.

Ellen G. White, birthplace of listening find the city. Henry White died last us different, find a grave Memorial Ellen Gould Harmon light 15 yes her and there looking at it and Ellen G.

White courtroom may not very clear. So something can't read it so I do know is hoping to see some of the have symbols on on things like that but I can see, think so and I'm interested in information you know if it's there.

You never know if which wife name, first name it. Okay I see her first name is Anita but she so she said southern Anita K, I'm late again like a cheap Anita Kane.

She'd kill me if you tell me that you will note that you might sound like by the life of the same way that you listed as I listened as she smile and if you're lucky arm hit you know and highlighted her like armpits. My wife does not have any more because of her health. She left of you digital now that hurt so manly and soft, you know, so I would like you got nobody weights of stalling here. So I went talk to her cheek and kissed me in the which have about your half ago.

She left after him in the shoulder and gushes now and I said that man so horrible but futile. All right well alright then will God bless you to give listened all right, all right.

Thank you. No problem already. Caller wants to know what the STA stands for seventh day Adventism slowly talk about that a little bit because so why not I can go through and tell you that the Seventh-day Adventist church with the teach is you supposed to worship on on Saturday. They are free to worship on Saturday you can if you want but you don't not obligated to do that if you want to, you're free to but some Seventh-day Adventists say that in order to truly worship God properly you must do it on Saturday.

That's not the case. Now they have a really bad bad doctrine that ultimately are simply placed on Satan, the get this of the Old Testament scapegoat stuff on this because there they are denying and realize that the sufficiency and the atoning sacrifice in the relationship the peels of the two-story work of Christ, and so they teach Annette and that October 22, 1844 Jesus entered a second and last phase of his atoning work. The second and last phase of his atoning work know Jesus in John 1930 it's finished the 20 work was finished, so they just get a lot of things wrong that don't exist anymore or they hold to soul sleep and the wicked are annihilated both of those are false teachings and I just can't recommend okay I do not recommend this to you church. There are some that are absolutely cultic, and some within just a movement that are not so, I just can't recommend I don't all right this get to Isaac from Iowa Isaac welcome around here?

Why do churches believe the rapture comes first comes before me. At first, before 17 year tribulation millennium.

Talk about how that is true, but I never really explained in the church.

It adapted and going on or whatever leverage and went you don't believe in. Will this because the school of the Bible which promoted dispensationalism, which adopted pretrip elation rapture was widely distribute the Bible and a lot of people in America adopted that because in my opinion because it's a biblical because it's comforting the gods can take us out before any trials and tribulations, and I think that's why took off.

I've studied eschatology often on for years. I find nothing in the Scripture that says prepare bliss rapture. Nothing. Nothing very land if I can figure out a ring thank you over preacher literature sure about Lily recommend something to you the minute or two, you know what it says in the Bible. Two men are in the field was taken, one is left you know about them. It okay for John so you know that's not the rapture. The rapture occurs. That's not about the rapture. That's about the wicked thing take if you read the context that's what… Clear 24 Luke 17 with the parallels. That's what it is. The which was really interesting as you are. Matthew 13 and Matthew 13. Now go there and just read the exact words because in Matthew 13 Jesus's test is spoken about the the wheat and the tares and ate the harvester symbol you want us to gather monopolies is no don't do that allow verse 30 love both to grow together until the harvest the time of the harvest will see the reverse first gather up the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them.

So what's the harvest ball all up retrievers I know say the harvest is the rapture.

But Jesus is the first was gathered on the wicked. So is a problem because it pretrip elation rapture's true Mrs. want to think of when I asked how was it that the wicked are taken first and Jesus says in Matthew 1340 for just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall it be at the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels, notice what it says it will send forth his angels, and will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness in front of the fire so you know, it just doesn't make sense.

The Satan rapture as far as I'm concerned. We spent talking about. This is normally I wouldn't care pretrip believe it. I believe her to be in persecution of the church is coming under more persecution. I think too many people looking pretrip rapture's way of escape, and because of it. The faithful Wayne working on that. That's why things I said yes folks, the persecution not even grant two months. He does 129. I know you got bless you another program powered by the Truth Network

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