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June 22, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 22, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Was King James a homosexual---2- Two of my friends, who are Christians, say they can see spirits and sometimes know when people are going to die. They are worried, is this from God---3- Why does the church seem so ineffective---4- What does the Bible say about a brother marrying his brother's widow---5- What does 1 Corinthians 13-5---6- What happens to babies that die---7- Can a Christian study the paranormal or go to places to witness to those who practice it---8- What's your response to the argument that the doctrine of eternal security came after Augustine-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive.born you have questions of our Bible doctrines, maps, what, why, glances goals in responding to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick live and actually it is so June 15, 20, 21 for the broadcasters. June 15, 2021.

We have four open lines are going to be cool 877-207-2276 and let you guys know that there is a kind of a community of people who join during the show in the chat room and some obstreperous but for the most part numbers great and if you want to participate in that all you do is go to the Karma homepage page, you'll see the thing for the show. You can click on it you can participate.

You can type stuff is how do people actually some friendships have developed a so well all right like is for open line 877-207-2276 and Lizzie last night.

Good discussion, debate on total depravity and I thought it was interesting that was informative and if you watch the you know you want to comment give me call you talk about and if not, your question about other things on his plate.

772072276 and Joe went one more thing. Prayer ministry prayers important folks. So if you are interested in being prayed for or joining in on a prayer team. This concept is a's spirit. Karma and one more thing for the colors just want to say that some weeds discovered Google is penalizing a car website and on other website Chris website used to be that when you would go to Google and type in the question, what is the Trinity karma be number one or number two or number three on the homepage on the first page.

That's how it was.

Now when you go to Google is like on the fourth almost 1/5 page, and if you go tubing and you typing what is the Trinity karma number one or two Yahoo the same thing… Go dog pile the same thing and we know that Google is leftist and talk about that, but nevertheless if you want to find stuff on karma you do is just when you go to Google typing CRM in the search type in your question and look-alike of the website you do that's the way to get around that soft censorship is with doing karma was very very good SCO wise search engine optimization removed forward and making lots of headway and now it's being penalized with only one there's other Christian groups that are being penalized so to let you know about that.

Okay you set the scope fairness and also call mockery or size is a sarcasm and is also unfair list get to Anthony from Oklahoma Anthony welcome you on their all right men hanging and we got all Barb told me you know the King James version of the Bible by William, you know, TJ, God told me that TJ will think about.

I have no idea. I didn't leave Google but I'll probably ask you know I don't know. I don't know is worked with this plane. He wrote a lot on the King James. If he's listing you can call in your hearing tells if he knows that answer, if it is or is not the case but I would tell you my hand really never like that a lot. You see other tasks, and even if he were, it wouldn't mean that the King James Bible's bad but nothing is but people say stuff like that. I was asking for documentation on like to see the documentation that you know God, you know where to never leave the lot.

That's right you got that right that you're doing a great job of all right okay that's Anthony from Oklahoma. Let's get to Tracy from Idaho hey Tracy, welcome you on here. I great to talk to you.

I need your ministry often problem learn about things I really appreciate it and curious are you here at the end of February and between Caldwell and my Caldwell at got you here and we got here looking up the radio and then plan to study, but you okay great.

Now I got a question for two friends of mine that a Christian and really find information you know mostly what the Bible pray that all her life like you get the picture taken the spirit they can name no one, I just when I there both women different histories that they never really out looking things like that. Abigail, on your site that the devil and she looked for but she went to Ouija board. They haven't done that is just something they've experienced throughout their life. Now, like I feel this is a demonic thing. Well, I got an example, you point out that there was something really happened. She didn't know what it was and how praying, reading her Bible and the universe we write it down but I can't find that the twin towers finally went to Towers within a week the towers fell in New York and the only thing I could tell. I think we should pray whenever happening for whatever situation you know it because she didn't know what it was physically, but I'll let you go ahead give me some answers to bill for the well. If I were there. Let's say that your two friends and you and I were all in a room together were talking and they will open to a discussion on this. Know what I would to ask basic questions I would ask him doctrinal questions were the firm Trinity to deliver Christ to you and make sure they're in an orthodoxy sensor and that I would ask other questions as well. If they were ever involved in the cult and have members who might be in your Colts and stuff.

I just ask questions because it doesn't mean that because you know the spirit there's debate on whether or not they are for today or not. The charismatic gifts and my opinion is yes they are. I don't see finally Scripture I don't see the place is covered that necessitates their cessation and so you have the problem with that. I I've prophesied a member once a good detail and it can depend had a couple times word of knowledge on some stuff and you know it's a blessing that makes a true understanding of unfamiliar and understand doesn't mean that these women are are bad or good just yet.

Start asking questions and start seeing and it was going on in and discern, and if their godly women who put the word of God.

First, they're not so sure what they're doing is from cut because it's different and they want to subject it to the word of God within.

This is all good stuff. And since I affirm the charismatic gifts. I would say welded in that case, this is a real low level examination. Of course I said well it seems like it might be from God to keep a record book and pray through it and talk to your pastor and elders, stuff like that right now they are very unusual people that they have a better life. They both have different life experiences but yeah that's great that's created by Philo that followed. One thing do they boast in the gifting today bring it up and it's a focus on their lives. No more like our guaranteeing actually think they see don't know what to do with that child or teenager. Got to meet him sometime answers look like they would be able talk. Alternately, it's almost too much.

They actually you are away from people to be around people say when and you will want to set something up and I could write about where you are and we can all just happen to be off the amount by which we could do that. I think it would really help them fully went to Colorado when the California okay yeah I'm here. I know competent collared shirt yeah I would like to see them. I would like to see them because yes and if you know I'm autistic. And so I have Asperger's's over the years I developed the ability to read body language pretty good at it as I like to see him asking a question to see the reactions what they do because it helps me greatest read people's but you know you know. I was held.

Tell him to come visit your yeah I know that it might have the kind of yes only not so much the problem all right. God bless Tracy about thinking, all right. That's interesting stuff. I like the cost of the Bible does say you should delete these acts chapter 2 and is spoken of tooth proof prophet Joel, it shall be in the last days, God says I'll pour forth my spirit and all mankind your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams my bondslave.

Both men and women. I will in those days pour forth my spirit, and they shall prophesy, and will grant wonders in the sky signs in the heavens on the earth below is prophetic and so I know I'm on my I'm in the minority in the reform can up when it comes to the affirmation of the charismatic gifts. But I most assuredly do I believe there today through the lines of what you may call 77207 mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave back to the show 20 McCall 7276. Let's get to Alberto from Georgia near you are on an homosexual command cotton Bible, English language and language so that will be contrary to sentient my real question is the end chapter 10 verse 13 that there have been patient that you that is in common to man that guy will not yield to begin that you are able and I will also keep you be able to. My question is break out here nature or the last question number people you can bear to call frequent, I'm glad you do what I ask you what your question, you got a request.

Okay, I got what I was don't often provide okay gotcha why is it that people take the door to escape.

Sometimes Christians even because there sinners like you.

That's why sometimes I don't. Sometimes I think there week.

Just as weirdos want G.I. set Jan Pete subject sometimes he will get weekly get tired sometimes people just have a moment of rebellion and stuff. Sometimes they are into deeper rebellion against God, and that's that sentence, and sometimes you don't even recognize it. There can be people who were saved and saved in different levels of bondage to old sins.

I know that's a fact. So I know people who have come out of some pretty tough stuff and are struggling and they have struggled against her old ways and sometimes never have complete victory, and yet are still saved so they can fail in those areas as well so we can have nowhere. You might not need a battle battle to be engageable any can see a know who is to say there are some who are engaged in general painting you still doing okay because you just making these broad statements and we don't know how to and respond properly to broad broad statements that you make some time so you need to have more specific questions and you have a theme which I am quite aware of and I tend to agree with it. The Christian church as a whole is not doing what needs to be doing and we know that that's the case because America's failing and part of the reasons Christians are not explicit or too narcissistic there in there motivated to satisfy what's in them then to do what's outside of them talk about this more, but it right with you but we can't don't get more specific question.

You know I get off track Street church that I don't pay where the unit what church you I know what church are near you with a go door to door on Saturdays. This means that all of them do this. We don't don't regard anything, it only ones that we as Christians are supposed to carry out the great commission and I think is happening in churches is too much. I say this the right way is the first time saying this publicly is what I'm seeing is a kind of a therapeutic Christianity in narcissistic ideology, where worship is to make you feel good, where God is there to help you in the Bible becomes a self-help book and you secure your problems.

It's all internalized, but Jesus gave us the great commission go out into the world and make disciples.

And so I think the church at as a whole is doing the opposite of what Christ said to do and he turned inward instead of outward and so the becoming narcissistic and weak instead of exercising the faith in Christ as a glut in the world make disciples and held his particulars workout is another discussion but this is what I'm saying and so this is why in the Christian church as a whole is ineffective because were not carrying out the great commission or doing something else were carrying out the great narcissism in the churches in God do for you. How can God heal you. How can God give you big bank account list go to work to the church and made me feel good and it's about how good God can do it how you feel instead of pick up your cross daily and follow after he goes out of the world were to follow Christ out in the world to seek goes out forward and he says it in the Bible simply does what 29 that God has even granted that we have persecutions and sufferings out there we go, and people don't want those holy sit home and lately filter the void with with therapeutic Christianity was a therapy book, the seven steps will better whatever. And this it's it's not biblical, not biblical. This is what Christianity is largely becomes in a lot of areas, at least here in America… This is what I'm thinking about formulating so it's all along along the lines what you're saying to correct thank you sir.

Thank you arrive at a +20 okay hey folks, if you McCall for the open lines 877-207-2276 is good to Scott from Greensboro, North Carolina. Scott welcoming on their want to know what the Bible teaches about brother marrying his brother's widow or vice versa for woman Old Testament laws. He's not supposed to marry just read about this recently.

Believe it or not. He's not to remember because his nuances about this is not meant.

I Never know what to say to comes back is not coming back so I don't believe that he supposed to marry his mother's widow but but there are cases in the Old Testament where would we would bring up seed in the name of some of you can be done right back after these messages that slick, why call 770-7276 God is still there. Alright so I did a little research during the break and go. Leviticus 2021 says, if there is a man who takes his brothers wife. It is abhorrent.

He has uncovered his butters nakedness shall be childless and good from a 25 five when brothers lived together in one of them dies and has no signed the wife of the deceased shall not be married outside the family to a strange man. Her husband's brother shall go into her and take her to himself as wife and perform the duty of a husband's brother to her. So in one sense it's not allowed another sensitiveness and the issue seemed to be over the issue of children. If a brother is a theological reason for this to do with the right of redemption over land redemption and the project because in the culture of thought didn't have any children. They were considered cursed of God just to wait was looked at and so if a husband and two brothers and one brother married a woman and a brother died then because there were no children. The surviving brother was to go into his ex widow marriage and raise up children for the name of the brother, and it would and the children will be considered the brother's descendents. And so this was a custom that was done and that was when it was allowed. Otherwise just to marry somebody else. But his wife wasn't to be allowed unless with that exception. Okay, okay. That way my wife and watch it show generating about bashing every day. Don't let money with me and I brought my you will.

It's an important question. It is in the Scriptures is 2020 1355 so well there you go right alright thank you Matt God bless.

Okay. All right. He folks want to give me a call to open lines 877-207-2276 Rob from Utah, a rubble near the gospel by God's grace only praise God we got buddy up 13 50 when we really proved how do we know that we recruit our own thought well he's talking there you know the Corinthians that is a Corinthian church was pretty stinking that and Journal the he's he's a Corinthian that was like saying he was really a vital center be Corinthians were known for their debauchery, their good or evil immorality and also didn't really insult you or your use of the Corinthians will fight words and so he's talking about this and people coming the faith, but they need to make sure they're in the faith, because we didn't. They didn't have like we do. Internet systematic theologies, phone calls, pastors, and all the stuff they go to and ask all these questions, it was still forming, so examine yourself. What examine themselves with welders as main ways of two main ways are doctrinal and practical. So in the doctrinal deceit they confess that Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross roads of the dead, salvation by grace through faith alone in Christ alone, stuff like that and then the practical would be how they work it out in their lives are they are practicing homosexuality or are you practicing fornication. If you are then you should maybe not a Christian. So these kind of things to examine yourself the test yourself to make sure this what should be done just as soon you will put it helped, all right, but I bless all right a post McCall three open lines 877-207-2276 Sandy from Iowa Sandy welcome you on the air pressure for an hour now and I don't believe it real. I believe it very real. It really believe that bank constant. Now you know required indicate 80. We don't know say and my wife and I lost the baby last you did to. I'd like to will my heart just hurts with you and assist you.

I always eat when I get to do it. I believe that I would like to back it up.

Well, let's see. My opinion is that all children who die in infancy go to heaven. I cannot back it up in Scripture cannot prove it note with some theological issues and say that covenantal children are sanctified in the parents we go to prescription seven. It talks about the unbelieving spouse is sanctified for the believing spouse then there's a doctrine called federal headship with the male represents of the sentence and so the children are counted in the father and if the father is not present that it kinda falls to the to the mom and so there's a sense in which children are sanctified through the believing parent say dictation doesn't mean that your say so.

Plus David when he lost his David and Bathsheba.

When David lost his son.

He says I know I shall see him, and so was yeah and so that's a support for at the very least, covenantal faithfulness of God to the children to be extrapolated out to nonbelievers. We don't know. And so if children go to heaven then is because it's what right before God. If any of them go to hell if Vince was right before God, but we just don't know. And so we had to be careful and of that I just hold that position because I literally carried the body of my son to the grave and it's an emotional scar that has affected my judgment in that area and I just rest on the side of God's grace and I get to heaven be corrected or maybe a right but it's up to got but I trust I will see my son again and I miscarried child and we had a couple of doctors at the time we had a miscarriage in an to three weeks later, one of our daughter just walked up to us and said God told me his name was Isaiah okay okay alright so you probably live my life and I believe by now. I will stand. I believe a perfect way and I will be thinking that's veterinary. It absolutely makes sense. You are very wise absolutely correct.

I hold same position for traveling. You know when is a minor point, but I appreciate what a great way to go about okay will please dux you can also go to my website, and that award see and you can just type in Carmen for example, I did David go the children go to heaven in a written article can you wake up you know before. Give the scholar which we will have a second get a break coming up with me just say that I know that a lot of people have lost children and I'm trying to be very sensitive at having lost a child and you know what to say that God is with them.

God is with us in our hearts and the pain is real, just as God the father watched his son Christ die and God knows and yet somehow someway is always comfort in our hearts when we put our trust in the Lord as I like to say I trust him beyond my ability to understand, I choose to trust my Lord and it to say he has reasons to permit what he does. He hasn't given me answers, but it's okay because he's a sovereign 70s. All of our hey folks, we have for 707 max Y call 770727 charismatic slave Devon from Idaho. Welcome one area to hang in there where to go but so I called yesterday.

On your thoughts on so regarding the paranormal I was. Any Christian studies of paranormal as long as they are not engaging like through the thing out there.

You know like going talking to the quote unquote spirit can they like go to what they a haunted house on the ledge haunted area and just investigated but not talk to whatever their you certainly can read all Mormonism. It's a non-Christian religion.

Jehovah's Witnesses, non-Christian Roman Catholic stuff so we can study the signals you practice what it is at the they do, and in particular with the cult having been involved with for became a Christian when you start studying the cult it's there's more demonic activity than vendors associate with Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science, unity, Islam, Catholicism and orthodoxy things like that so you prayed up and ready. Would I go to a haunted house absolutely before he moved to's from Orange County California to San Diego to go to seminary when I my brother's really good friends. He never told me this until that they will do what you tell me this. Apparently his house was haunted and it was has been studied by some the top paranormal experts and he was telling me stuff exterior and he says I thought you knew about this is I never knew about this I would've gone over but nevertheless you could do this but you said to be well prepared, prayed often you have to have a team of people willing to pray with you about it for protection because you're stirring the pot when you do that yet. The reason why I work at a work at a school and I work with children and allegedly there like every quote unquote spirit that are there and not actually have witnessed some weird stuff going on like I was grabbed a little bit. One time when I was out serving the kids like forking whatever for their meal and then I also saw yesterday when we are doing dodgeball in the gym. I saw a red ball moved twice by itself and you have to live have to wait you have to literally fit their way out. In order to actually make a move with your own air.

No possible way you know and Artie checked. There was no breeze coming through things like that I don't put too much credence in the decedent was was anything paranormal like paranormal stuff to see. I've seen this doctor's absolutely no way that it was just a trick of the eye with witnesses, but you will ball moving. I don't really think that because there's all kind of factors I can go into physical phenomena but right so. It's his people to see the.when I will, for the mind. I we went to a Buddhist convention in Anaheim California Cross St., Disneyland, and convention center and short story is while they were chanting their crud. He and I both felt on our arms. He felt the same thing felt as though hands were holding us down and touching us. We both felt that it wasn't like this is actually Willy's. It was a physical pressure, and we both felt it and read it leaving and blew the demonic manifestation because of the Buddhist chanting that they were doing. We live in a spiritual world and the physical worlds.

Part of it, but it's not the only thing that is there when we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

Because powers and principalities apartments. Ephesians 612 says we have to careful work to be aware of the stuff and and it's okay to study it very careful. I warned you do if you start studying your coat, you better be ready. You better be ready.

In fact, given example of something when I was doing my section on Wicca which is occultism for witchcraft and every bad stuff.

I got a bunch of books in the mail on Wicca and I got up and I prayed over them. I prayed over laid hands on prayed over and that night that night I had were the most horrifying nightmares and never had woke up. I still remember looking over those books and just, you know, Lord, you know it's begun in two days later I was on the freeway and when my tires exploded and the two cities that later.

After that we see River got ejected out of the raft and laid landed us in the water on rocks in the middle of the river.

The only place it was. And you know to meet couple months to recover. And this all happened very quickly to prove those books again. You know and you to be careful. The stuff the stuffiness is mess with you to be ready yeah yeah and real quick, though normally have no really I thought all new but also their lives back on the other people that I work with and out of school like Peter. Weird happened here not just you know me one time yesterday. They – both my my area that I work with that they saw the door open and close by itself and wanted to care that they heard whistling and the cat.

Nobody in their well is check out the location what the buildings have been done. Here's how works you to look for doors past doors that may still slightly be open to people's practices in occult things on that physical location. If there's nothing in the history the physical location that you can discover then you have to look outward at people who were involved in the colt who might be. Let's just say doing the things on purpose in that location and pinprick. You can even have people and false religions praying like Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, praying for the work of their God to work in that that school. Whatever narrows and they don't realize or pray to demonic forces and could be activating an opening demonic doors in that sense, so it it takes work to work through it sort of things to be done is to pray through the entire building and people Christmas duets and North place with oil doing after hours and things like that. A good aperture that I know about. I think apparently the property that was there before the school with Bill and even a construction worker happened to them but apparently there are the suicide or something. I don't know the entire story that that's also something sometimes because of the Indians that were here in the area.

A lot of the tribes and stuff were involved heavily in animism which is very cultic and spirit guides animal spirit guides is very certain cultic and was can open up doors to assist you and talk with us on the radio.

It sounds wacky but having been involved with it. Having seen things over the years I've read and studied and aware of things you know in this condo when I teach on its church to get permission from the staff of the eldership to make sure that I can say certain things until this will talk about no. And because is a serious thing and once when I was doing on the Bible. My favorite stories is teaching the youth group college and career group high school group different high school group and they were fascinating. I told him stories. I don't have permission told the stories the whole bit. And they were girls and guys were in the front rows. They work just entranced with the stores are telling us around everybody staring just to do it. I pointed forward at the at the girls with and yelled out what's that and they all screamed every left was was was fun yeah okay I deftly had my fair share with my life and I looked. That's why it you know it's interesting to me and I enjoy like watching the videos and it's something I've also witnessed powerful thing. Be careful yeah I would go into it and study it.

I would list places I called do those kinds of things but the average Joe there. Be ready to be ready all right yeah you are okay put Lisbeth right right topic and yes folks before is a Christian. Yeah, I was involved in the article the crime and see astral projection oral reading energy movements spiritism table tilting all kinds of stupid unity. The stories okay let's see, let's get to Jay from Rochester, New York, J. Welcome that you think you owe good and right. Your I ridiculous in another window that I could get one theology in general but also against what they've always been a doctrine I'm hearing a lot about the argument that the doctrine of eternal security was something fairly new to the church like something introduced after August being thrown at before. I think I replete you about that you had to open the room the other day and you said that thinking that what I would but what about the Bible about the Bible about dirty you know and for defamation. So I just want to get a little bit more in-depth response to the question yeah you mentioned had. That's as well you Catholics and Eastern Orthodox because he like to put so much credence in the early church. So when I say to them is I think I could take him to second Thessalonians chapter 2 were talks about the arrival of the antichrist and Paul says there he says did I not tell you these things, don't you remember this and he's saying this because he now has a write it down so there there already getting things wrong right away, even when the apostles were still there. The oral tradition that he had given them was insufficient. It had to be written down. So when people say the early church fathers didn't believe this is a book I don't know if that's the case because of the look and see about the early church fathers. What they did or did not believe in certain aspects because now I'm finding that the early church fathers believed in charismatic gifts and research that so I say look, you can't say not read all the church fathers will know you research that will know they don't tell me this is the case, and besides that Jesus taught eternal security.

John 637 through 40. So Jesus says I show it to and there was one argument you know he did is short so you know sister is people trying to find the idol to bow before anyone to be secure in their idolatry with early church fathers back tomorrow tomorrow but I'm slicker than they were. So there will see what. I go back a ways pay folks by God's grace would decor there tomorrow the Lord bless you have a great evening.

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