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June 1, 2021 3:58 pm


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June 1, 2021 3:58 pm


Amy Marshall quit her job as a public school teacher because they were trying to force her to take White Privilege training in the Wake County NC public school system.  As a result, she started Carolina Teachers Alliance to give good teachers a conservative alternative to the radical teachers union that is working to pollute and control our children's minds.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble.

I run it out, get out of there now even talk about education Pro. I walked back up at a wonderful Memorial Day this and for those of you on Facebook.

Why wondering why was all weird on Friday and I acted totally distracted. That was because about an hour and 45 minutes prior to going live on the radio are very first ever grandson was born like 2:31 PM on Friday. So when you guys were wondering what I was doing as I'm sitting here in the studio trying to do live radio experiencing being a grandfather for the first time and then then they start sending me pictures and I start getting all this information from all my kids and my wife and yada yada yada. It was just all exploding all the same time, but they swore me to secrecy. I couldn't say anything because when I say something it's a little bit different than when they say something so then you know radio science can't see anything on the radio that can post anything on social media data gambling. Yeah so I'm just supposed to act like nothing happened and I think I did that very well. On Friday I was highly distracted. Nine a while. I'll tell you is more that story another time, but when I'm talking about getting out for the last year year and 1/2. Really we been talking in the context of COBIT about education and as if the challenges with masking and staying at home and going online is as if that wasn't enough, then we at Intuit.

These conversations about vaccines and then we add in the conversation about critical race theory, and so for the last 12 months.

We talked a lot about wealth should you keep your kids in the public school system and then we had other people starting organizations in the meantime that are trying to engage what's going on in the public school system and that's when a friend of mine, Fred Voncannon, who ran for office last year is a good friend of the program, and a good friend of mine personally said Steve got me Amy Marshall and so Amy Marshall is the Executive Director of Carolina teachers align so this is a alternative to the regular teachers union. So I think that some point last year I was doing some stories on the NCAA North Carolina Association of educators in the two leaders there LE a DRS Nile IT area so they are so radical, so out there Marxist communist anti-God because we come at this from a Christian perspective. Obviously, in your reading it going. No, this can't possibly be true, but it's 2020 and 20, 21, pretty much everything your reading. For the most part, to a certain extent, is true, I'm talking about things today that 12 to 24 months ago.

I never would've set on the air didn't want to sound like an idiot like an idiot now I just sound like I'm paying attention to reality. So what's going on with teachers and that kind of teachers union and not all teachers are down that road.

Not all teachers believe in critical race theory. Not all teachers believe in common core, not all teachers have a worldview that the problem whatever talking about like I read read recently on the show. That book for elementary school kids called big ABC's. Not all teachers think like that. So the ones that we would call clinical good teachers today actually have a home anywhere other than the regular teachers union will that's what Carolina teachers alliance is all about Amy Marshall here Sandy Joyner's here lady thinks the covenant, how are you thank you and you're looking like you're still like in the Memorial day thing you're all red white blue and decked out with school great weekend excellent. So it's great to have you guys here and in Amy appreciate all the work that you're doing in and this is been a long road for you because you are in public education, for how long, about 12 years before I started Carolina teachers alliance and so take us down the road so we can hear the story of how you went from just a wife and mom and a teacher and all of a sudden somebody starting basically an alternative to regular teachers unions.

Why did you end up in the medicament that you're in today have that happen. Well started out in born and raised in Texas got my teaching certificate up in New Jersey or Longhorn or nag Longhorn are 19 University of Texas, you can stay yes so anyway after my first child was born in 2003, I decided that I wanted to take the alternate route to becoming a teacher and so did that and I taught it to New Jersey for several years and moved here about seven years ago continued that I once I entered into wake schools.

Everything was going well. I got stellar performance reviews for the first five years I was a science side high schools science department chair.

What were your expectations.

I mean, what did you know wake County Public schools for those in the don't know.

This is one of the largest school school issues are school board districts in the country County wavelength large is way too big. But what was your thought about we County Public schools when you came in before we moved here. That's why we need to the series because of wake County Public schools.

He always hear out the one of the best in the country. Little did I know what was going to happen once I got involved but went very very well for the first five years. Excellent performance reviews until I declined white privilege training and it was at that point that I received a downgrading on my performance evaluation. How long ago was that that was two years ago and so I thought that tooth and nail because I knew it was wrong.

I knew that the types of training that they were requiring teachers to take was against title VII of the Civil Rights Act. I knew that it was, not legal. And so I thought it I filed an EEOC complaint against we County public schools, and I won the right to sue than in federal court. I had a national level and national attorney, a national law firm offer to take the case on contingency, but I ultimately decided not to pursue that because Mike I didn't want my kids to get Dragon to the press. But now, in hindsight, I really were in the school system to yeah I really wish I would've done it because I think it it it would've been an opportunity to set a precedent and now I've I have teachers approaching me every day sending me things all the trainings that they are required to take and it's it's not just wake. It's an other district of North Carolina yet shown up all over the state. In effect all over the country. How did they pitch it to like what was it called. It was called beyond diversity that sounded nice doesn't it. It's, it's, it sounds like there's nothing wrong with now and I'm all for diversity and now all that. But when you look at the programming that was involved in the training.

There were many white privilege exercises that segregate teachers by race and that is one part of the title VII on that.

Is it illegal for employers to do that don't provide a training that forces a segregation by different races and so they're doing it. They been doing it and it's the onus is now going to be on the teachers to file complaints, federal complaints with the EEOC and that's where we come in. We will help them do that. We will help him do that were working with a law firm and this has to stop. Stop this. So what what was the reaction of other teachers were coming up on a break, but were you the only one that was like a little like this or was it, like should keep quiet is not the only one and that most people felt like they had to do it right. They were fearful of their job just going to lose their job which sounds really are to what were dealing with the vaccine thing a very very challenging. So what are your parents, grandparent, whether in the public school system or not.

If you're Christian you should care about the neighbors changed all of us were talking Amy Sandy will be right back back it's reasonable to Steve Noble show the musical freak in me always wanted to sit here and listen to great what a great 70s music event, but talk is something about with way more important than that, something that whether you have children in the public school system at any grade okay and I would also caution you feel college students out there. Get ready to go to college for the first time you need to be aware of what's happening inside the building. If your grandparent matters to you two could you may have a grandson or granddaughter that's in the public school system and you're just clueless because they really like their teacher and everything seems fine and in and I always have to stop in Amy Marshall's here with me. The Executive Director Carolina teachers alliance of Carolina is the website and we want you to get involved with that especially her North Carolina and Sandy Joyner also is the vice president and also involve Carolina teachers alliance but it's I think it's really important Amy.

I've had to fumble over this so many times when I'm going after the public school system.

What's going on in their and then to differentiate and say not all teachers are like this. Not all teachers are problem I think, unfortunately, my guess is that most of them are, but not all of them. I don't know you tell me because you're the alternative. Now for the that we are definitely the alternative to the NCAA and the NCE only actually has about 5000 members statewide were getting payroll deductions so they are a small group who are very loud and very vocal because the assumption is from the outside looking in that all that she got all now school dowsers in North Carolina and Salina while majority of North Carolina teachers are traditional teachers like myself. People just like us who want the best for their kids. Yet they don't want indoctrination don't subscribe to all of these crazy curriculums that are being prescribed to them so bad to art that's who we want to represent and so most of you so you would say most teachers are actually good normal people that see through as so you don't want a black lives matter curriculums I want white fragility. Don't write my Provigil on critical race theory, but I guess the problem is they don't have a voice, or they're afraid to voice their opinion date they have not had an association to join up until this point the only alternative really has been the NCE on there are a couple of other ones but there a little more in the lukewarm side we stand for unbiased education. Our vision is an unbiased education for all of North Carolina's children, and we will fight for that.

Yeah, there seems to be a growing movement there a slow and reckless been on the show, Mark Robinson, we have we have a Lieut. Gov. North Carolina is not afraid to say anything to anybody. He's great and he's been out hammering on this, but I wanted to go back to your story because two years ago in the wake County public school system. They said you had to take which was essentially right white fragility training writing that they will not optional. That's right. And when I declined the training I was told that I had to read. I was given three books to read and all three books where anti-were racist but give antiwhite ducks basically shaming shaming white people and trying to force people to I will coercing people into certain thoughts which is against the Constitution and when we we we shouldn't be coerced into certain speechwriting and we have to be able to have sweet free speech and teachers do have free speech in our personal lives on. That's another another thing that teachers are being persecuted for their social media posts for their conservative social media post. There are getting in trouble for that. At school and think they're not supposed to be getting in trouble for things like that so this is kind of things that they need attorneys for you think the average parent of a student in the average citizen here North Carolina on a scale from 1 to 10 how aware are we just how bad it is inside with stuff like that.

Well I think more.

As more and more people are starting to become wake up starting to wake up and then no, you probably can speak to that is what the right way and this year there's many more parents involved like buying NTP math and inward and trying to change that in Lake County on it was just like pulling nails in your lighting MBP math just as it was a lousy math curriculum yes yes and just trying to get parents involved was so difficult even when their kids were suffering and having a hard time in massive. Now it seems like there's so many more parents involved, especially this year great. We definitely need more people to get involved in and to know understand what's going on in one of the things that people can do is they can utilize Lieut. Gov.'s set of facts website if they see anything questionable in the curriculum. They really need to upload that into his website so that he's aware of it because I started basically a commission right to cut a study yes you know what that website is if you Google Lieut. Gov. Gov. Robinson facts database. It should come up that cellular it is okay. right it's right in there up the link up on Facebook why what were talking about it and so you use that I'm not gonna do this and then what the school system react to the 12. The principal just told me that I had to either read these books or I will. I had to pick a book to read and I had to have a 30 minute consultation with the APD system principal every week from then until the end of the year and there were only six weeks left and I said why want to work on my students with getting them prepared for final exams and I worked with long-term suspended students who were very troubled and they've needed a lot of extra help, but yet I was told had Mark off 30 minutes a week to go sit down and discuss this white privilege book and I I sent all kinds of emails, polite professional email stating as to why it did not need to do this. I had Artie completed all my professional development for the year didn't need to do it so she at that point. Just put a bad mark on my performance evaluation so I resigned and filed the complaint time also filed a complaint with the state of North Carolina and I was awarded unemployment for the pulse workplace. So what happens to the teacher that also gets bad marks on their own report card.

It it it could hinder their ability to get a future position or to get a higher position within the school district because if there's if there's a negative Mark Penn that could be an indication there's there's something wrong and so that that teacher might not get promoted as they would have otherwise or switching to another school district in boom with a North Carolina real estate sensors like a military person. I got dishonorably discharged and that's on your that's understood yes yes so they see it very manipulative, but they flat out threaten you to they just do that you knew what that meant, how she just she just downgraded it on one particular area on the evaluation of the students that this particular the teachers at this particular school actually said no to that indoctrination, I was the only one at the school. It was a small school but one other teacher did not want to do it but she did it just because she was because of out of fear for losing a child, just coercion. Essentially, and then as you done this when you when you wanted to first our Carolina teachers.

We started in January so what's been the reception. It's been great. It's been awesome.

We been doing events all over the state and we are gaining membership. We've gotten really amazing response and data people are just saying that there refresh that there's another association that's just an alternative and finally alternative to the NCE and so so for you Sandy. Sandy Joyner's years of vice president what what was it that got you come into this fight and I call it a fight because that's what it is as if it were a walk in the park. I called something else, but it is well let's see what the NCE has done in Lake County and the influence they had.

And it's been terrible and the decisions that the board and that the superintendent had made because of the NCE's because of their urging in their email so this so in the AE with 5000 members. Yes, in a state of 10 million people is able to push around the wake on evolution around every day.

Every gaming schools and when we had an asynchronous day that comes up out of the blue is because the NCE usually we found out a lot about them from your class yet, so this sounds like the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And that's probably the least of them were talking, Amy Marshall, Sandy Joyner from Carolina teachers a life Carolina

By the way, if you're not a teacher there's a place for you in this as well were to talk about that when we come back to build on the state level. So hang in there, the Supreme Court will be right back to look back and see the double show Carolina future life.

Carolina website Carolina Listen if you have sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters anywhere North Carolina in any great what you need to do this is your summer project in the next week is you need to send this link Carolina to every single one of their teachers go find who other teachers are just start emailing the other. You should check this out because there's a lot of teachers out there Amy marshals here, Executive Director, and the founder Carolina teachers alliance in Sandy Joyner's here as well.

There's a there's a lot of decent good teachers out there that don't want this garbage and one critical race theory. They don't want the teachers being indoctrinated just like were doing our students were doing the same thing to our teachers in the school system is getting away with the weather is here in wake County or anywhere else in North Carolina anywhere else across the country for that matter, because Edmund Burke was right. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. So when you don't show up when you don't even those on the school board when you've never been to a school board meeting up in the sum of these the role your eyes in the back your head feel important to be there and when you start showing up you will start getting attention squeaky wheel does get the grease and like Amy was seen earlier in CAE they the cortical teachers union in North Carolina. Deuteronomy teachers.

We have a North Carolina public school teachers. 90,000 90,000 of which 5000 are paying members of NCA yet with their perceived like I 85,000 of these teachers are all part of the teachers units is monster Darth Vader on a Star destroyer selling wake County Public school system what to do, but they're not there little Matt 5000 people is 98,000 teachers in numbers yesterday show so why do you think they have so much influence allowed the loud and they also have the politicians right now at the local school board level and so the politicians are there catering to the NCE because they are their constituents said that's what we need to change audits of the politicians are leftists in CAE's leftist. This is all liberal leftists okay so what is the that's part you're right it is that's just a fact. Okay son comes up in these sets in the West education system here North Carolina in most states is controlled by liberals and leftists.

That's why we appeal them getting in their Marxist ideology. All these things which which two years ago by the come on, really. But now you start to see you get more more information. Things are leaking out if there's whistleblowers now know what what are teachers telling you because that's probably part of what's happened well like I usually get about at least one a day of teacher sending me something where they're being asked to teach some kind of a critical race theory, topic, or it's usually a parent as well send something in a screenshot. The white privilege question. The student is asking a which is the best example of white privilege, and are given for sentences and they have to choose the best example of white privilege so what week does examples all the time we've had examples of quizzes. One of them was it brought in high school where the question was what's wrong with America today who who is who.

The cause of the problems in America today aid the Democrat to be the Republicans and the correct answer was be the Republicans shot. Oddly, that sensible when I brought in high school she was chosen. The principle of the year. Oddly, by horse no, that was not good, but it's another thing to mention is that local school districts do control what the content said they control what the content is and at the local school board, and local local school board hires a superintendent.

The superintendent serve at the pleasure of the school board. So at this.

If the school board is liberal and the superintendent is liberal, then they're not in clampdown on any kind of liberal indoctrination, turn right there knocking. That the only thing that will put a stop to it is if it's the opposite and so do you find that teachers now that they have a voice because they can join Carolina teachers alliance that's Carolina because that there's their strength in numbers and usually I fight when you feel like you're by yourself.

You know you've got a group of other people behind you and your with them that it makes it easier so that what you're starting to see happen and it's an and our strength in numbers and that's where you get the political power is if you have the membership and that's how the NCA has been able to exert the power that they have is because they have had membership. The large numbers.

Their numbers used to be larger than they are. That's how they were able to establish a power but I firmly believe that we can come larger than any in CAE I would have to get the word out and we are also open to teaching assistants in any school staff, and they're all covered under insurance and legal holiday. Any school staff is covered under that on. We also have an amazing national corporate discount program does talk about what what the benefits for teachers that get involved to get through that so all of the school staff gets a professional educator's liability coverage which is it's on a website. All the details of that and it's got a legal component to it so that they can be reimbursed for up to $5000 of legal expenses if they have a claim that is a winnable case so they have to file a claim with us and we give it to our attorneys if they are being discriminated against if it's something where they need to file an EEOC complaint, then they can be reimbursed up to $5000 for that.

That's the direction you are coming from a company that's that's what happened to me and then aside from the professional educator's liability sure insurance.

We have corporate discount program for all the members and that includes the parents and community members which are under the affiliate affiliated membership. Also, our memberships are half the cost of the NCA in CAE is 600 a year from their professional memberships were only 300 year going down to 25 year for parents and then we offer grants for teachers quarterly grants they can apply for those and we do teacher spotlights networking events and professional development reduced price professional to some events recently. Snow is about those that we been doing, meet and greets, and several different areas of the state. We just did one in Fayetteville a couple weeks ago Sandy and one of our other board members went out to Greensboro and had a great meet and greet launch party out there.

We been down to Wilmington and were to be going out west to region seven. We use the DPI regions of a going out there either late summer early fall and Cindy what's been the reaction there.

It was awesome in Greensboro. We had a great turnout we had teachers, you could tell they were really excited about about joining in and about having you and voice and Clarence Henderson spent their whole name is Austin and in the Haywood that he was awesome to he he reread our mission statement everybody and then we will lining Up Afterwards Well. Some of the People That That Understand This. The Best Are the People That Are Hurt by It the Most. Yes Is Why You Have Some Really Clarence Henderson Is a Civil Rights Hero Who Will Speak to That. So When You Have Afro-American Conservatives.

One of the Biggest Issues for Them Always. Besides Abortion Is Education. The Education Is Destroyed the African-American Many Different Ways and They Get It. So What It What Are the Teachers That Are Coming out One of a Kind of Expressing. Sandy Is Just like Super Excited about Having a Voice in about Having Insurance and Having an Organization That They Can Relate to and Be Part of, and They Were Just Mean There's Just Some Great Teachers in Greensboro That We Met near Offering to Help Us Know Spread the Word and Pass out and Kits for Us and Everything Is There Just the General State of Her Feeling of Powerlessness There Is Because They They Really the Teachers Don't Really Have a Recourse Think They Pretty Much Have To Do with the School District Say If They Want to Keep Their Jobs, but Where We Come in As We Can. We Can Help Them and Back Them up Because the in CAE Will Only Back up the Mean of the Liberal Agenda. They're Not Going to Protect the Teachers Right to Have Federal Law Upheld We Will Do That yet Because You Were. You Mentioned Several Times about Having Legal Representation. So Why Is That so Important Because We Need to Start. Unfortunately in This Country at This Point Most Fights Need to Take Place in a Court of Law. You Have To Build Element Go after That. Just like When They Shut down All the Churches in North Carolina. It Was One Pastor in the Salem Area Ron Beatty Who Brought a Suit Anyone and Salsa Good Breaded All You That That Pesky Constitution Gone I'm Not Allowed to Restrict Your Ability to Size Your Your Religious Beliefs but That Has To Happen. Unfortunately, yet It Has To Go the Legal Route at Some Point to You Know to Stop Some the Things That Are Going on.

That's Really the Only Thing That's Been a Stop.

Some of the Things That Are Going on That You Mentioned Something That I Because I Don't Know That Much about Life inside That the School System but Lightens That Liability Insurance Is Help Me Understand As a Layperson. Why Does a Teacher Need Liability so This We Don't Beat Our Kids so the School Districts Provide a Basic Insurance Plan for the Teachers but If It If It Goes above and beyond What Parents to Protect Its Is to Protect Them against. Let's Say There There Mentioned in a Lawsuit or Let's Say That the School District Does a Wrongful Termination against Them, They Would Have That Insurance in Place Innocent. It's Some Way That the Teacher Is Being Persecuted and They Insurance Would Kick and so Is That of Having That Most Teachers Are Aware of That Is That a Big Deal for Most Teachers Is This Ability That Liability They Do like to Have That You Know You Do You Do Here of That When You're an Educator That You Know It's Always a Good Idea to Have It's It's a Specific Category of Insurance Held Educator Liability Insurance. Okay, Wondering about Where It Had a Break in about 30, 30 Seconds, but When We Come Back We Mentioned Parents but We Haven't Talked Specifically about What Role Can We Play or Not a Public School Teacher by Way Again.

Just a Reminder Go to Carolina That's the Website Carolina and Then Share That Link with Every Teacher in Your Sphere Okay Your Local School Because You Pay Taxes Will Get a Little Reminder Here of Your Constitutional Rights in Your Ability to Impact This Whether You Have Kids in the School Doesn't Matter Because They're Taking Your Tax Money. Okay so You Pay Local Taxes and State Taxes.

You Can Get Involved.

Follow the Money. Some of That Money Is Short so What Are Your Kids Are in the School System or Not. Just Do Something. This Is Old-Fashioned by Know What Your Local Schools Are and Then Go Look at the Staff and Start Emailing People in Some of This but Especially If You Have Kids in the School System at Any Age, Send Their Teachers to Carolina What Role the Parents Have Talked about Them yet.

There Is so Apropos Back to These Nobles a Seasonal Shelf Project of the Really Good at Doing the Disco Dance around They Can Cutting at the Lights Bashing.

Not Exactly Sure What Happening You Know Other Teaching Critical Race Theory or Second-Grader Everybody. So Won't You Talk about, but That's Why You Have To Pay Attention, You Have To Be Involved in for Us If You're Christian You Guys Know That I'm a Born Again Christian Apathy Simply Is Not an Option and Whether Your Kids Are in There or Not. Actually Is Irrelevant That There's Any Kids in There at All. Is Your Call to Engage As a Follower of Christ Who Cares about Your Neighbors. So I Told You Guises before, When I First Became an Activist Back in 2004, We Started Engaging the Weekly School System on All Kinds of Stop and Win It up Starting a Pack. We over Trying to Influence Elections.

We Actually Had Conservatives on the School Board. It Was a Different Day and That Wasn't That Long Okay 17 Years Ago, but the Press Invariably Would Ask Me Because They Knew We Were Homeschoolers. So Mr. Noel Mr. What School to Your Kids Go to Is That They Got Me Right, I Think, Well Ask Our Kids Are Homeschooled and I Knew This Was Go There Homeschooled so Why Are You Engaging the Weekly Public School System so Much Vigor, or However They Put I Said, Well, I've Got My Constitutional Answer and I Got My Biblical Answer Which One You Want to Tell You What I Can Both My Constitutional Answer and the Taxpayer and I Could Follow My Dollars Wherever They Go in. Part of My Dollars Going the Weekly Go School System so the Taxpayer I Have a Right to Engage Is My Biblical Answer. Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. So What Are My Kids Are in That School or Not Is Absolutely Irrelevant.

It Does Not Matter to Me That My Kids Are in Their the Kids across the Street from Us. Are the Kids down the Street Our Enemy to Love Them like My Own Kids in Need to Care about Them like I Do My Own Kids and so I Engage Any Other Questions in There like No We Move on. But That's up One of the Reasons Were Talking about This. We Can Talk about Education A Lot in the Last 12 Months.

Keep Talking about It, Especially Here in North Carolina.

Carolina Teachers Alliances Name of the Organization.

Carolina Amy Marshall Taught for 12 Years That Renaming 12 Years and How Many Years Here We County.

I Was with Lake County for Five Years and Then They Wanted to Teach You That You're an Awful Human Being Because You're White and You Refuse to Go through That Now so That Led to Amy, Eventually Leading and Because They Mark down Your Blackout. Essentially Yeah on Your Record in the 90s Got an Asterisk Next to You Started Carolina Teachers Alliance Carolina Sandy Joyner's Vice President and School Mom Mother's Kids in High School Are Based on High School and so As You As Your Kids Went through and I Want to Talk about a Couple Other Specific Things for Time but Is Your Kids Went to the School System the Way County Did You Find Their Other Parents That Were Concerned about the Same Things That You Work Yes Definitely on Master to Get Involved Back in 2009 Lake County School Board Back on the Run like Porsche Reagan and There It There's a Group of Parents That Were Not As Many As Today That There Is There's a Group and Make It Growing Every Year. He Is Concerned Parents That Were Worried about What Their Kids Were Learning Those Being Taught in the School System You Mentioned the Math Thing so There's Math Curriculum and I'm like Okay Hating, Writing, Arithmetic, We Can Talk about That but Were There Other Things That I Reassignment Reassignment Which Is Made on the Time the Neighborhood School. You're Constantly Getting the That's How I Got Involved with Wince When Many Rick Reassignment Think They Got Re-Signed about Four or Five Times in the Wind Wouldn't Do Remember Becoming Aware of and and I Don't Have from Using the Word Indoctrination, Black Lives Matter. Some of Their Official Curriculum Got in the Wake County School System in the First Critical Race Theory. All That Kind of Stuff. So Did You Become Aware That As Well. Yes I Was Last Couple You Yeah Get It Was More Prevalent.

It Was Your Reaction Is That It Was Crazy and Terrible, Why, Why Is a Terrible People Get Nervous Sometimes Talking about His Wife's Critical Race Theory Terrible Because Were Re-Segregating the Country. It's Separating People by Race and Its It's Blaming It's Blaming People for Things That Happen in the past, Things That Happen Hundred Hundreds of Years Ago That You Are Definitely Terrible Things, but to Say That People Are Victims in America and and to Teach Children That They Should Have Victim Mentality Is Terrible and Is Not Doing Anybody Any Favors If You Look at at, You Know What People Can Do Today. You Know Versus a Long Time Ago. Sure, It's Absolutely Amazing and There's No Reason for Anyone to Be Victimized in the Race Theory Actually Could Still 1850. Another Problem with Me and When You Look at the Constitution Study That and I Happen to Teach That One in Order to Form a More Perfect Union That Was Always Trying to Progress Trying to Move Forward Towards a Better and Better Nation. Realizing That Your Never to Get Theirs, like the Same Thing for an Individual Christian. I'm Trying to Become More Christlike. I Still Make Mistakes but I Should Be Doing Better As Time Goes by and and Yeah It It Doesn't, I Asked People Sometimes. Especially after Americans All Say Name the Country on the Planet That Sacrificed about 750,000 of Its Own People on the Battlefield in Order to Deal with Chattel Slavery You Know Which One It Is No Which One It's This One since America.

So Does That Mean Anything That We Went to War A Lot Issues Involved in the Civil War, but Primarily Was about Chattel Slavery Were the Only Country on the Planet Ministry the Planet That Tore Itself Apart Almost in Order to Deal with It.

Does That Matter at All. Is There Any Forget You Anywhere You Would Think That It Would Think like What I Doesn't and I Think There's Something Else That Comes into This Too, and It's with the Communism Ideology and and the Communist Ideology and the Critical Raised Every Ideology Go Hand in Hell Yeah His Name on Top of Each Young.

I Just Modernized. So What about Parents, Parents, and Also Because Have Teachers and Staff at Any Public School Listed in the State Yes but Parents As Well Talk Parent Memberships 25 Year and If You Join As a Parent Your Nerves Supporting the Work That Were Doing Revisiting the Senate. The North Carolina Senators and the Representatives and Where Telling Them That We Support HB 324 We Support 755. We Are Asking for Certain Language to Be Added into 755.

We Would like to Have Lesson Plans Posted Weekly on and Some People May Say Will That's More of a Parent Think Well We Do Represent Parents and Teachers I Is a Teacher Used To Upload Went out Lesson Plans Every Single Week with Links to Everything Is a Week of Fighting to Students on and That Is Required by Some of the Best School Districts in America. I Taught for the Best High Schools in America and They Required.That Every Teacher Uploaded before It's Going to Be Taught That Would Alleviate A Lot Of the Issues That Were Having Right Now, Then the Onus Is on Us As Parents to Go Check It out. But At Least We Have Access Right Right and Not behind Password Are Not behind 10 Different Password Levels. They Know We We Need That to Be Posted on the Public Website, so We Are We Pushing That We Are Working with the Legislature Were Young. That's Where We Need Support We Need for People to Help Us and That We Need Numbers We Need Membership Number so That We Can Show That We Are Stronger Than the NCAA Because They're the Ones Who Would Allowed Us Right Now We Need to Be Louder and We Need to Be Stronger and We Need to Be on the Back That up with Membership yet so That's That's It for so It People like Me Get Involved at the Is That an Affiliated Member Shall Yes File and It Does Only Five Bucks a Year and You Just Do That to Support the Undergirded You Know That I Agree That It Is Really Needs to Be Done. Okay.

Talk Is Cheap. Everybody You're Used To Me Talking You like This Talk Is Cheap. Once You Have Knowledge of Responsibility Night Responsibility so I'll Go Become a Member Today. You Know That That Has To Happen Just like I Joined Glenn Beck's Website.

I Joined Ben Shapiro's Website. I Joined One of Its Bill O'Reilly's Website Because I Might Support These Alternative Venues That Get Good Information out.

Yes, They're Concerned about Their Their Allegiance to the Truth Is Excellent Song to Support the 10 Bucks a Month Here 10 Bucks a Month There and That's What We Need to Get underneath These Things.

We Can All Sit around and Complain about It. But If You're Not Willing to Do Anything about It.

I Love You but Sit down and Shut up You Don't. You Either Get in or You Get out and Again As a Christian, Especially with Kids Involved an Option on the Legislative Side Using Some to See Some Progress There. Do You Think That the Listen Are They Leaving All We've Got an Amazing Response from That People Who We Met with They've Been Absolutely Incredible and I I Know That They're Having a Difficult Time Because of the Power Structure Right Now with Having a Democrat Governor Who's Going to Work If Utilities Can Veto Everything That We That the Republicans Put across so We Do Need Few Democrats to Come on Our Side with in the Legislature to Vote for Things That Are Just Common Sense to Overturn yet but That Has To Happen yet. Happy Pressure yet so It's Really a Multiplayer Yes and Then Again for Tougher Teachers out There That and by the Way You Guys Get the Podcast or You Can Share the Facebook Live YouTube Live but for Teachers Oh Teachers That Elicit What Your Appeal to Them Directly.

We Want to Be Able to Protect You As the Teachers We Want to Be Able to Support You to Advocate for You. We Also Want to Increase the Teacher Salary North Carolina Teacher Salary Is about 53,000 a Year Which There Are There More More States, Whose Teacher Salaries Are Way above Ours. So 53,000 Years about the Average and We Do Support Bringing Bringing That up. We Support Masters Pay If the Masters Degree Relates to Your Teaching Area.

We Will Advocate for You and Will Provide the Insurance You Have Grant Grant Opportunity Scholarship Opportunities Get Involved with Us and We Will Back You Will Be There Impression Developments Are Already so Don't Mention That up so We Have Free and Reduced Price Professional Develop That We Do Have One Going on and on the 12th PD at the Beach Literacy Workshop for Teachers and Parents. I Know It's Right after the School Year, but They Can Get a Head Start on Learning about the New Literacy Requirements That Are That Are Coming out All the Teachers Are to Be Trained in New Literacy Requirements Is Called the Science of Reading and We Can Have a Workshop at the Hilton down There Right on the Beach and a Couple Hours of That and Then They Have Free Beach Access That Day and a Free Brunch, so Sign up for That on the Website Looks Nice yet It Sets Free to Style the Workshop Is Free and There's Opportunity to Earn CEU's There As Well. When You Look through the There really is a lot. There are so many different categories of things that you guys do and provide. But again that was so eye-opening to me that to hear that in CA's only got 5000 members, whereas there's so many teachers in North Carolina 90,000 90,000 school teachers and only 5000 looking for only 5000 because if all you get is 5000 90,000 you stink right here. Leah is not a good substantial 90,000 customers only got 5000. Okay, you're not you stay in business they have, because the whole system is rigged in their favor because were not doing anything. That's why Amy is here today.

That's why Sandy's here today Alina teachers alliance afraid to fight back. Got to be involved. Carolina Carolina, especially if your kids or grandkids in the school system. Share this with teachers sharing with your local school get involved yourself and supported Amy and say anything. So much for coming and thank you again so that you know when you have some names of some people develop the Legislature especially like that turned the temperature up. Let me know.

Part of that noble the Steve Noble showed God willing I'll talk to you real soon alike like that always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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