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“The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against the Church”

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 2, 2021 4:30 pm

“The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against the Church”

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 2, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/02/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

Jesus said it, and it's true the gates of hell will not prevail against his church stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Your job is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire.

I believe you will be encouraged and strengthened on today's broadcast is something very important to me to be here for you to import courage and strength in the midst of the storm. In the midst of opposition in the midst of challenging times we want to encourage you to be strong in the Lord and the power of his might. Which means if you yourself are weak, timid, fearful, you can find strength in God. Your weakness becomes the platform for his strength. Your weakness becomes the outlet for his strength because rather than relying on yourself, you're relying on him welcome friends to the broadcasters number to call and I will not dislike of the following sewage we have wide open for you. I'm going to give you some words of encouragement useful in them.

In a moment, but may give you some words of encouragement and strength right in the midst of the battle from some folks on the front lines, then a few minutes from now going to speak with Matt Stabler of Liberty Council about some major court victories to encourage you as well and then second half of the broadcast along some of the things I'll share with you and open up the phone lines 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 so you can call at any point during the first half of the broadcast to get on and speak with me in the second half of the broadcast. But I will give you a particular invitation. Right a specific invitation to all open the phone lines in general fuel and asked me a question about anything but in particular, if you think I'm wrong on a doctrine. If you sink that some of my beliefs are heretical right should be put in the category of a false teacher and I say this with a smile because I love the people that mislabeled me and misunderstand me or themselves wrong and attack me, but I want to give you an opportunity to call in and see why you believe that the detail what prompts that. And then I went to get right into the Scripture and some encouragement. I know that I get attacked for. I believe all the top spot. The public figure right and tackling controversial issues often cite because with the term front. If I was getting attacked, there would mean I was listening so that's fine. Comes with the turf by God's grace on my can be obnoxious or nasty or mean-spirited.

And of course record thing. I believe I can defend scripturally and would gladly do it but obscenity attacked no problem. So if I was looking online.

If I was searching for tax I could find them left her thought is looking for the latest attack ugly for whatever reason there abundantly out there. But what happens on my personal Facebook page is that if anybody posts something and it's got a picture with me or quote from me. It will come up in my feet saying so-and-so tagged you were so supposed to suit the vast majority I just ignore someone's talking. One of my posts or or company or my articles or videos you saw, but then they'll be you know so-and-so posted a photo of you. So sometimes I'll check because it could be outside on the road preaching and I took a picture with family and they said they are.

Kids listen to you on the area of the six and eight and they love the line of fire.

We take a family picture together and is all like it if I see it, but what often is there. These these memes that go outlet. False teachers stay away from these people. It was funny as some of them are people that I've exposed and gone after but but I'm on the list there you go of him in that group or another woman out recently attacking the profits of election fraud and the false trump profits and stuff.

It's like actually was calling the false prophecies out but that so I'll see that and then the other day somebody posts something and I'm saying with a smile because I guess people mean well, just misguided, but I saw somebody was doing some competition, apologist competition, whatever you like more and I guess the guys Facebook page was reformed so Calvinistic and sensationalist non-charismatic anti-charismatic but somehow because the Jewish apologetics a cultural politics, whatever. I was always one of the people, so it was me versus check is what I think it is like a million to one, because it James Caldas.

James is a safe it is, of course, is going to be totally in favor is it James. Just out of curiosity I took a look at the page you know what I was looking at why you have a charlatan like Browning or Mike. I thought I would amazing put me there.

I got a few votes everywhere so this happens a lot not only give you the opportunity if you're one of those and so you know Dr. Brown.

I respect your knowledge of Hebrew or rabbinic literature or your strong cultural issues but you're so wrong on this is that charismatic things give me a call. I'm happy to talk with you. Fair enough.

866-348-7884 okay now for some really really serious issues, but encouragement in the midst of it up. I want to read to you from a newsletter and this was hang out.

We just get this up on my screen, here, here we go. One of our missionaries serving in Nigeria. She's a single woman. She's closer to my age than to someone in their 30s. Okay. And she sold everything she had basically sold home to to go serve the poorest of the poor in Nigeria and is been very, very dangerous areas and is is educating children and then teaching educators how to educate children and good learning experiences try to raise funds to build little schoolhouse until it very, very simple, even primitive settings try to reach out and going to Muslim areas and say hey we can educate your children will be Christian education just just old and full of love. So in her most recent newsletter. She says she says this, the increase in killings and kidnappings is unfathomable numbers of the past weeks atrocities or headlining every Monday with killings usually in the hundreds and kidnappings, not far behind. These are primarily for lolly herdsmen.

Islamic herdsmen it is being claim that this is just dispute over land. It is ultimately jihadist.

It is ultimately Islamist is ultimately Muslims attacking, killing, kidnapping Christians and then using the kidnapping for ransoms and things like that. And then of course she had broken her arm doing this for years as well. So this is the reality of life. There may think of that you go out in the field to work and and part of the family does come back, because their kidnapped and then others are killed. This is reality friends in Nigeria. Other parts the world is very intense.

Nigeria right now. This is from the front lines right. Things got so bad that the leaders they are in Nigeria that that this sister is working with this and you gotta get out of the country.

This was right before covert. You gotta get out. It's just not safe to be here and then as soon as planes fights open up again for Nigeria.

The first flight she can get out she was back on. Not that many weeks ago to get back to Nigeria so this this makes it all the more poignant right she knows exactly what she's getting into. So, so she writes this the statistic was brought home hard this past Sunday, so she just needs a few days ago as my host shared that a fine young man whom he had served alongside for a month of training had been shot and killed by flooding herdsmen. The ataxic took several lives among them his friend and the two-year-old. He was carrying case you're wondering I have no plans to leave. That's what Jesus repeat the as friends, colleagues are being kidnapped and killed not that long ago a pastor friend of hers was kidnapped and she said the praying. Try to work out something to eat to get him back and then the praise report.

When he came back he was only missing a few fingers and only has some gashes on his head only only only missing a few fingers only a few guesses on the said were replacing caucuses back and is alive. She said no one will talk me into that a get into leaving again for such a time as this.

So this is the spirit of the overcome reference. This is someone on the front lines in dangerous territory saying hey Jesus put me here. I care about the people here. I care about serving the Christians here. I care about serving the Muslims here III care about these lives and she's been through different kinds of attack and different challenges in many obstacles to overcome.

It is a very, very difficult life. Many obstacles to overcome her spirit and the spirit of the local Christians is we are over commerce.

We are going to continue to live for Jesus. We are going to continue to preach Jesus now I have an article it's on different websites already. It is about Leah sure reboot and some of the articles will be entitled Leah sure reboot.

Don't forget her name. Others entitle because the titles that the websites choose when they put them up. That's what you might see the same article with different titles of Leah sure reboot, say her name who initially she was one of many Christian girls kidnapped in 2018. Back in 2014 were several hundred girls were kidnapped by Boca Rob Michelle Obama led the campaign to to not forget their names, and many of did make it back out. Some died and some still to this day, or, or living with her Muslim captors leisure reboot was from another group captured in 2018 would not deny her face so they said okay were to make her into a lifetime slave, so this is now from 2018 till today just read that she passed her 18th birthday. Now in captivity and according to friend has just given birth to her second child so she's I was more than just a slave to the people there but is been raped as well. This is for faith and recently some Nigerian Christians and friends put out a video singing her story telling her story and saying let us not forget her name so this is another black life that matters.

This is Nigeria and tragically, she's one of many is one of many either still held hostage, or others who been killed, or others who were kidnapped traumatized and released. Who knows how there traumatized for life. This her family. These are brothers and sisters.

These are people precious in God's sight. And here's a young woman of faith. When compromise wouldn't cave in. Let us not forget her name, and you see this article posted your social media or get it via email for me. Would you please share with others so that we can make a case knowing we can pray for miracle for her release for the salvation of Africa number by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against.

That means even the powers of death themselves will not prevail against the church that the gospel will continue to march forward. And while it's true that we are not being beheaded here in America for following Jesus that we are not being killed and tortured for faith. There really is opposition. There really is an attempt to censor us and to silence us. Therefore, it is critically important that we stand for our freedoms, especially for the sake of the coming generations and one of the men on the front lines of doing that. He's been on the air with us before Matt Stever is the senior pastor, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel he's involved right now.

Some of the Key Cases Taking Pl. in America and there are victories taking place so Matt's time is precious. I just wanted to join us for a few minutes today into to let all of you know of some major victories taking place.

Hey Matt, thanks again for joining us on the line of fire outback. It always my privilege and pleasure to be with you. So let's talk on some good news.

We know there's a lot of bad stuff happening what some of the big good news that you been involved with recently welcome at a really big note that we been involved with is the fact that we gotta permanent statewide injunction against Gov. Gavin Newsom in California so they can never, ever again impose discriminatory restrictions on churches and places of worship, they they created abortion clinics in liquor stores preferentially but church is a place of worship literally for almost a year. This is hard to believe almost a year in California even having one person in charge or one person in your home but doesn't live there or your apartment, condo to have worship or Bible study was illegal criminal activity chargeable by up to one year in prison and daily fund so that have come to an end. It's the first one in the entire country, and telephone is now had to pay $1.35 million as a result of their unconstitutional actions. In addition, all the other churches in California, one that has defined over $3 million. All that coming to an end in California will have to pay up on those as well were using that particular victory to move throughout the rest of the country to free up other churches from the discriminatory restrictions that you were involved in Florida with this situation with Rodney Howard Brown is the beginning and run Howard Brown said he it's discriminatory when when you got one set of laws for one group of people in a different set of laws for for churches then then immediately change so it is this a trend that that you see potentially happening around the country. If it is, in fact he got arrested got mug shot and sent to jail. On the last Monday of March, 20, 20 were no statewide lockdown, but it was something that just happened at 10:00 PM on Friday night from the county and that was discriminatory. He got arrested for that. But then Gov. Rhonda Santos he change that on April 1 and issued an executive order and freedom, places of worship in churches and attendants thereat. But this is happening around the country, however, were still like for example litigating in a number of states including Maine Maine has the most restrictive laws now in the country and every day that because in many out, they think of churches as a myopic thing that you can just download it as a podcast and print maybe some that might be true, but many of them are not like for example the one in Maine. It has 24 man 24 women residential on property that are therefore the disciples are programmed to free them in Jesus Christ from drug and alcohol addiction at the 12 month program and so they can meet the 40 men and women they can meet, but I Bible studies are worship because of their size kicks them over the limit and so every single time that they've ever met in the church for Bible study, worship since March is been illegal and that doesn't even count all the other you know people that are part of the church that are not part of the residential program so they think of churches.

This myopic nonessential kind of math that's in the way and they put it to the side and it's mostly based on worldview, in effect, if you go back and look at the governors who have opposed the worst restriction.

There is a commonality one. The very radically pro-abortion from unwanted pregnancy into their very very pro push in an LGBT and to agenda and consequently if they're not respecting you know your your freedom and some of the fighter, then respect your faith because to them. It's just nonessential. So that's where a lot of these battles are really focused on it really based on the comes down to worldview in the situation that were litigating so in other words, the covert situation brought to light how much of the society viewed the church that that that the covert restrictions which okay were trying to do was try to work for the health and well-being of America vaccines good or bad mass, good or bad message and I was trying to sort this out to have their opinions but it was the uneven playing field, that that the liquor store was an essential service or abortion clinics were providing essential services were churches trying to work in the body of gambling casino can meet at half capacity, but you can never church movements each 4000 he could have more than 50 people. So this is this a battle that you been on the front lines for for many years now, in your view, are we reaching tipping points where where there's a pushback for our freedoms, or is it that every day were losing our freedoms. I think that there is a combination of that and I think that there is a combination of there are more attempts to restrict our faith and our freedom and at the same time that particular gender without worldview or this freedom killing crushing agenda is becoming more evident and that ultimately results in more people pushing back now, obviously, with regards to the churches.

Everyone wants to protect their people. Churches are going to protect their community if their family. But these governors just literally wrote them off by the word of essential or nonessential that literally really think that they're completely nonessential and that's why they elevated abortion clinics killing children over how you know saving people's lives and as a result, what we seen happen. Like for example you go back to Maine again.

What is happened in this one year substance abuse and drug abuse has skyrocketed suicides among even teens and young people younger than that have skyrocketed domestic abuse, violence, and all these other social ills have gone through the roof. One pole came out of that their only group of people in 2020. That did not decline in mental health were people who were able to attend church, and everyone else every other category declined across the board that's happening around the world. But if this worldview clash.

I think the more we see that more people see that unfolding, and especially now with all the things that are coming out with you know HR five and all the other things that we are dealing with in Washington DC people are saying you know enough. We literally can't take our freedom or our faith for granted anymore.

We have to fight for it in my feeling that obviously like you have been tracking things over the years and and sounding the alarm but the closing really brought a lot of stuff to the head. For many Americans in terms of government restrictions or government overreach and then with the equality act and where that's going on different states say no to biological boys competing side-by-side with biological girls. It really seems that that those with a different agenda or overplaying their hand and that this is the perfect time for us to say like this is what we've been talking about all along. You're exactly right. You know, instead of looking at this time is oh woe is me. Certainly, difficult, challenging time.

It really is time to say, here's an opportunity because people can see what the real agenda is literally like Satan is removing the mask if use if you will. The evil is really showing clearly and and what were seen as not only people pushing back, but why do you feel he states pushback because the people are pushing the state and select you know this week in Florida, Gov. Rhonda Santos signed a bill that is join now a number of other state that that now boys are knocking to compete in girl sports, working to protect the privacy of their opportunity and their safety and health and you know here we are in 2021. What were starting to see is the states. In many places around the country are becoming the firewall of freedom even on you know that the mandatory covert vaccines or should say vaccine passports are seen states draw the line and say no, not in my state is not can happen either through executive order or through statute and you're starting to see more and more of this happening on the state level where that come from its percolating up from the people and it's percolating up from I think the churches as well. I think in addition to that, it really because the unit just like with regards to marriage. When same-sex marriage began to come about in people began to wonder what is the importance of marriage. It makes you really think about the real meaning biblically, spiritually, emotionally, in all different kinds of ways that marriage really is intended to be when it's challenged and I think now when churches and faith in freedom or challenge people then come back and say what is this all about, and should we be doing this better and we must fight on our watch, because this is a critical moment for both our faith and freedom yet and when you have detect overstepping its bounds with censorship and people you know what I've written so that we built this platform together. We all got involved with shared information.

We invited friends thinking had this open platform. You work hard for years and years to develop your platform to reach people and share with people and suddenly they change the rules on you and then rise of cancer culture got all the secular people. Hollywood entertainers know say hey this is going to far.

So it really is friends. The opportune time in the church has to lead the way in this visit find out how you can get involved. Support the work that Matt statement. Others are doing or just being form standpoint and that 30 seconds the Romanian Christians what's happening with their case. Automating an article going on, but these are individuals you know they fled to communism and Marxism.

I know it is likely love the Isaac of America. Their case is still going on, but just two Sundays ago, the Romanian church at the worst persecution in all the country just open up a brand-new 1200 feet beautiful sanctuaries shift was dedicated so everywhere that they have been persecuted. Whether those churches in Rome.

The Romanian churches everywhere else that have stood strong you are seeing revival of unprecedented levels in these communities. It's unbelievable. That's it friends, it is time to stand.

Matt God bless. Thanks so much for joining us today. Thank you courage to friends, church, Jesus cannot cancel the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire, 866-34-TRUTH. I have words of encouragement for you just had a great segment with Matt Stever, attorney, leader of Liberty Council so much good is happening around America, where Christians and others are saying hey which some of fundamental freedoms work were talking about freedom of speech and religion and conscience and that's been a great issue. The loss of freedoms, the attack on freedoms and I've always felt pretty deeply that Americans are freedom loving people very fundamentally very fundamentally, and therefore when these freedoms get challenged enough.

There will be a pushback and when our freedoms as follows of Jesus or threatened pushback needs to be with us standing up for faith all the more being true to our faith all the more right phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 and I at can't take into my world just for miniature physicians, not about me but I will take into my world swing. Talk about all of you so earlier in the broadcast to be just tuning in now, but earlier in the broadcast. All about 20 something minutes ago I said or even longer. I said listen, if you disagree with me on something you disagree with me doctrinally recirculate these pictures with lists of false teachers in Amman. There think calling to me why where you differ. What is wrong, because any any core thing. I hold to defend from Scripture in a heartbeat in depth in a heartbeat.

Any any core belief that I have anything that is a hill on the Dayan anything that's fundamental that I preach and teach and believe and I'm known for you to wake me up from a sound sleep in the middle of the night. I'm happy to debate that that issue right very glad to debate, discuss it, or just have a friendly dialogue about so I I gave that invitation and said by all means give me a call and the phone lines were wide open to do it because I was told that other things I had a guest on a Friday that often way before the show starts.

The phone lines are all jammed people calling with questions. Many times the early Jewish Thursdays. The pharmacist he told Jan this week of the phones were usually questions but here I knew phone lines would be open so I gave invitation and I look up now. Still not a single book.

People call her calling with other questions, but not a single person has called to take me up on that offer.

It it is happened if I've done it 100 times and said if your critic if you believe I'm in error. For this reason that reason you're blasting on social media, by all means call I've done specifically for for Black Hebrew Israelites again, specifically with different groups invariably we don't get tossed Lisa Willis because people know your care not to eye contact in the night I get lied about then I get misrepresented to not let my faith in things I hold to many things you hope to get attacked with health and for the door and say right if you're attacking us in social your critic there. Even people cannot hold videos attack.

May we reach out to them privately and said, hey, let's have Doug Nono.

We will talk with so just know that we make the effort, and just know that we open the door and just know I am absolutely sure that I can defend what I believe Scripture that we may have some differences within the body, but I will back what I believe Scripture that the hills only diet I will back what I believe Scripture really so you have a question trying to figure out on the challenge me this one. That's why we pay for airtime seeking: that you say will and I'm posting all kinds of things in social media and forts and we can't response everything on social media images.

Just picture we have a lot of people to follow us and interact with us you maybe you got like 3000 friends if all those friends emailed you every day and had questions for you. How many could you respond to them. If you love all of only certain amount to the same of us, but we pay for airtime so you can call in air your differences.

We can discuss them. Fair enough. I can do more that cannot 866-34-TRUTH see decades ago, I determined to follow the truth wherever it left now I can save them imperfectly.

I can't say that it every point that that everything on every verse, or interpretation that I hold to is is ultimately going to stand scrutiny right that we may differ on a point here reverse they understand that but I determined as a Jewish follower of Jesus challenged by the rabbis by brilliant rabbis by learned rabbis, but by people if if my Hebrew level was to then theirs was a thousand. Okay if my knowledge of Jewish tradition then was three. There is there is was a a 10,000 anywhere in different worlds and their challenging me who you tell us what to believe but I knew Jesus change my life that I said okay if this is real what I believe is real and true, then it can withstand opposition question, and if it's not really true.

I don't want to follow it.

Jesus, that is the truth with either he is or he isn't. So that's been my posture, I studied with people didn't believe all all my studies with it in in secular universities so my bachelors my Masters, my PhD I never studied with a single person who believe what I believe and they might've had some there were nominally Christian, you might've had some that normally juice and religiously Jewish. Some you know with with other perspectives Islamic etc. but but some are downright hostile and aggressive against people of faith, and I studied under them so fruit for decades of his life a child and then II branch into other areas in dealing with atheists and in with others in an a try to understand what they're saying where they're coming from and feel the weight of air will be able answer here if you haven't yet read has God failed you check the book. It has God failed to find faith when you're not even sure God is real, it will help you help those struggling.

If you are struggling to help you directly, and we deal with the various issues experiential. It seems that God let you down failed you. He wasn't there.

The promises didn't come to pass, or intellectual.

You know, objections to the Bible or the God of the Bible or philosophical. How can. How could a good god create a world so much suffering and pain we tackle these. But even if you differ with me. I think you'll see that I tackle them seriously that I don't give you lightweight answers or convenient answers and some of the answers. Leave us with a certain degree of pain and tension because that is reality so determined to follow the truth wherever it leads. So we had a broadcast yesterday. If you missed it, by all means check out yesterday show on on our estrogen on YouTube channel is Katie or Brown or Gover to elicit Esther to check out yesterday show the professor.

You called your mom. We talked about the apologetics declaration that he and others have put together the need for sound doctrine, the need for refuting the cults. That's one of the four that's what I stand for to it sticking to the word together was still God would want to follow you and your truth wherever it leads goes of cost or consequence okay with that.

Let's go to the phones and will start with David in rock Hill South Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire to protect Michael Dr. Brown, I don't know if you covered earlier in the conversation regarding code I just got off work, but I'm a I'm an avid pro-life order. I've been out on the sidewalk for years and naturally like so believers Dom during the cold pandemic we were we were naturally upset that churches were shut down while the abortion facilities remain open so that said, I still have to be able to honor apartment. That way will portion respond to to meet and that is being decidedly pro-abortion.

They response would be, but for them to not have access to abortion have a lifelong topic. One mother or a us not having access to our churches is provisional on the pandemic. So I guess I'm not quite sure how I would honestly be able to respond to their rebuttal is Bob. Good so that the soundbite is from our perspective, you're saying that killing babies is more important than saving souls, and then when you want to flesh that you could say actually met Steve and I did discuss this that there was a spike during cold. In suicides, retentive teenagers, suicide attempts, depression and substance abuse all kinds of things like that and the one group that did not show a decline was was the group of those that were able to attend church together regularly so what what you want to say is no. Actually, churches provide essential services to the community and and spiritual being. Mental well-being and with that physical well-being is it it is a direct consequence of us gathering together being together worshiping God together praying for one another.

So this to the church provides essential services for people's well-being. Also, the church is often the key place where people are coming in the midst of drug rehab or overcoming alcohol or other addictions or or their coming together in groups to strengthen marriages and things like that support groups for people dealing with with porn addictions and it's being together face-to-face in one another's presence. Praying for one another that help is provided and then it's the place where many people who are away from God.

We believe in in in souls being being eternal in in terms of you to be with God, or be lost forever. One of the other and that when buildings are open we can reach people more with the good news in their lives can be changed.

They walk into our buildings on the streets, that they see the service going on. They walk in they don't know we exist online so the church provides essential services. The abortion clinic is providing the service of terminating the life of a living human being, so that argument you know well enough that the church is providing the essential service of of life, health, hope, mental, spiritual, dealing with addictions dealing with all kinds of things is not just a matter of a bunch of people coming into her room and speaking to an invisible deity and going home.

So you need to press their interior while fundamentally to build termination of life which you and I would build well argue that that is that is beyond going debate and in fact given. I like be the reemphasizing I might be able to save them for a good well you if you say that is your portion facility open which will fundamentally disagree with you. Don't take that as a given lifetime effect on what it consider whether the church itself is an event or never be able to argue from the essential nature of the church so I think yeah and here's the last thing you might say will here's this woman she's she's mentally mostly cannot handle another pregnancy, she has to have an abortion.

It's all about her mental health. What about the mental health of those who held to the gospel help through church health through the truth that's presented and by gathering together so obviously you know the arguments against abortion really involved in that.

This is how we argue for church providing essential services for David thanks recalled right `small calls on the inside it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. These three words tell me everything I need to know peacekeeping comfort give me courage give me faith give me a spirit of the overcome her give me confidence. Three simple words Jesus is Lord, sit, so I need to know it. If he's Lord, then he rose from the dead.

If he's Lord that is coming again. If he's Lord one day he will vindicate his followers and destroy the wicked on the earth is only to know and and with that confidence in him. That means that God is for me not against me. That means that whatever the world does to hurt me or to put me down as a follower of Jesus. God can use to amplify the message, the same for each of us the same for you.

If truly you have bow the knee to the Lord Jesus and truly receive cleansing from him forgiveness and a new life and truly you seek to honor him and live for him then be encouraged. The worst people can do is kill you right Jesus said don't for those who kill the body but can't kill the soul but rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

If if I'm taken of this world I go to a better place if the enemy tries to silence me.

Gotta use that to get the message out all the more loudly they kill us. Our blood becomes the seed of a new generation of believers be encouraged and and please take a moment to read my latest article Leah sure reboot, say her name. You can find it on the website is Dr. you can find it on it's postevent charisma news be of unchristian post other places many other places a carrier articles share rib you see it, share it, the testimony of a courageous Christian teen kidnapped in Nigeria by Islamic terrorists would not deny her faith for the said will make her a slave for life is now spent a few years in captivity, but reportedly just given birth to a second child so obviously to the Islamic terrorists of let let me know before God in this world that she's not forgotten in an tragically she's one of a number many who been kidnapped and killed and some still hostages. To this day slips not forget our brothers and sister suffering. The occasion for me sharing this is a video was just released that that sings hurt her testimony different Christian artists and others. I don't know who the folks are from different parts the world have joined together and when that was sent to me. I thought okay I got to say something got to do my time tiny minuscule part, at least to stand with our sister in Nigeria, so check out the article, please share it and out with that. Let's get back to the phones and we go to Paul in Knoxville, Tennessee. Welcome to light a fire, Dr. Brown, Michael sure? I'm your library ministry and were in our 30s and work to be more and more of our unit three school friend starting to be cognitive pride month.

Now. Now that though we are becoming more and more of them out rainbow flag posting things about how they done the research and their own sexuality and though it's been on her heart last couple days that with that. What would you recommend for how do we reach out to our other fellow believers who are were walking the line of baby they're not struggling with it, but they are deftly not helping and blurring the lines on the truth. What the gospel. The subject yeah so the first thing is you want to be reactionary right and just like the tone I feel confident that's not who you are. Sometimes what we do is we now become the extreme caricature of everything they they they reject. In other words, we post on social media, YOU know. Leviticus 1822 from the King James and we think that's gonna settle it or we just yell or the more clearly homosexuality is a sin and that's not good to help reach the people who will reach.

I'm not saying we compromise an inch of truth, but that's I can to help reach the people that we want REITs and some of them have compromised or similar allies that's with her change the views of others are misguided. There was they think they're doing something really compassionate.

They think they're doing something really good there saying hey we wheeze. We've misjudged and misunderstood and there's so many fine gay Christians in an obligate couples and boy we been wrong on this and gay kids were committing suicide and we hurt them with a word so they're trying to do the right thing, but there are misguided so you what you want to assume that that's the case with many of them courses many caught up with the spirit of the age like us a compromise in their own lives, so I would start first by watching the movie in his image on love.

If you, your wife of watch that yet but it's availability are okay.

It's available for all for free viewing. You can also have a viewing for your whole church. In fact tonight. I'm scheduled to be in Monroe, North Carolina to meet with the church group that is ready shown the movie and now this is a follow-up Q&A with me so I hosted this American family studios. They did an amazing job on it is called in his image.

So go to in his in his you will see it deals with the issues compassionately. It deals with the Scriptures in depth and the best thing is, it tells stories it interweaves powerful personal testimonies that that are really stirring and moving and we've heard testimonies of of young people who embrace talking points of transgender activism and things like that within a Christian school been embraced these wrong talking points from the society watch the movie and all their views change they went back to Scripture view so watch that first and then ask your friends, hate, could you watch this and can we chat about it will challenge them to the core. It will challenge them theologically. It will challenge them experientially and and then if if you've not read my book and you began Christian think you'll find that super helpful as well. You can you can read that and have all the ammunition you need to answer your friends deal with them and then asked them hate to look let's make a deal. Haven't you read this book and I'll read the book you recommend.

And then the two of you have discussion about so ask you watch the movie exchange books but but you'll be help I can. You began Christian and then lastly, there is a debate that Dr. James White and I did together against a gay pastor and the lesbian pastor of the title is something like is homosexuality compatible with New Testament obedience something like that. The you'll find it on the Esther Gibran YouTube channel SK DR Brown on YouTube search for that. It's so clear who's on the side of scriptural truth on that and that's also something you could share with a friend and say hey. Both sides got to present things. What you think here so that the documentary in his image in his the book and you began Christian and then this debate.

These would be tools to equip you, but then to reach out your friends especially want to ministry school together there ministry themselves and say check this out and then open up a dialogue because they are on the wrong side and Scriptures are against them. History is against them and because going around the world is against them.

So hopefully in those ways you can reach them and help stir their hearts back to the truth. Think great dark brown that I will directly be what my wife Marjorie everything the Ugandan Republican.

Was I clear.God bless you and and your wife in the work that you're doing and look there's a reason the Lord called me to begin dealing with these things back in 2004. Think of it. To say this was the great issue that we face the church and society.

So here we are.

This rise up and do the right thing in the grace come to those were confused all right of Qatar for one more question we go to Jackie and San Diego, California. Welcome to the line of fire, back Dr. Eric back quicker action by grabbing a character so I'm 100 and group here in America so that people laying down our writing and the comfort of an arbitration victory and chimeric prophetic way like your gift you're going to meet your family cry. I got it and they live in your depression at and I don't have it. Depression felt like we don't like to thank all of the holy.

Only one out.

No, I don't know Jackie, do you have my book, playing with holy fire not react okay. I want to send it to you as a gift to write so stay right there. Grayson is going to come on in the moment.

Grace in the book will be sending is playing with holy fire wake-up call to the Pentecostal charismatic church look. The Holy Spirit is moving beautifully, wonderfully, powerfully all around the world people are being filled with the spirit people are being healed. People are speaking in tongues. Real prophecies are coming forth and there's a lot of human activity people just getting worked up and claiming it's the Holy Spirit. And there's demonic activity where counterfeit things are happening in the name of the Holy Spirit.

Were there various abuses so everything must be tested tested by the word and tested by the fruit produces and tested by truth if someone says the Lord's gonna deliver you from the deep depression you've never known a depressed day in your life will then something's wrong with that word so Jackie Rivas send you the book now as a gift, playing with holy fire friends if you don't have the book get it came on 2018. I think you'll find it super relevant today as we deal with her with unaccountable prophecy and abusive leadership in scandals and things like that the Holy Spirit is moving powerfully around the earth. Let us walk together in spirit and in truth, Douglas. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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