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EXCLUSIVE: An Anonymous Hero Who Risks His Life for Children He Doesn’t Know

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier
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May 28, 2021 5:04 pm

EXCLUSIVE: An Anonymous Hero Who Risks His Life for Children He Doesn’t Know

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier

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May 28, 2021 5:04 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Ryan interviews 'Mark,' a real life superhero, who risks his own life to save the lives of countless other children across the world.

Due to the nature of 'Mark' and his work, he is using a pseudonym and has kept some details from being known publicly. You will not want to miss this interview.

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Dangle with your host thoughts out loud what American listeners. The Democrats well I know you're listening.

Thank you for taking the time to tune into the RF angle podcast we break down what's happening in our country also rolled from politics to culture and everything in between.

No holds barred no political correctness no thought police and no gender confusion simply your thoughts out loud. This is going to be a different podcast than anything I've ever done in this is going to be a very different guess I've ever spoken to, and I think that you all will be as all by this guest. No, not just this hero because that is exactly what he is an American hero. As most of you know, I've been very blessed in my life I've had the opportunity to meet some of the greatest minds and most accomplished people in this country, the president of the United States of America to writers and scholars to hugely successful business people I've had the opportunity to meet people that are considered the best of the best in many, many fields of human endeavor, but my guess. Today Mark, I would propose to you, do something more significant than anyone I've ever met, and yet he works in anonymity the importance of what he does is not measured in votes gained or bills passed or dollars earned books sold or even content shared clicks or likes his work is measured in saved lives in humanity restored.

He does more good to this world in a week I'll wager the most of us will ever do in our entire lifetimes. His work requires the nuance negotiating ability of a diplomat.

The steely nerves of an undercover agent. The fighting skill of a special forces soldier and the courage of a 9/11 fireman rushing into those burning towers. If there is such a thing as an actual superhero this man here with me today. Is it he is literally a real life super hero. Before we bring Mark on let me tell you what I know about this American hero in his work and for reasons that will become obvious as we talk some details about his life in his mission cannot be revealed. Mark my guest today is a Christian father, a successful businessman and outdoors man, a farmer and is the founder of the lantern rescue and counter human trafficking joint task force in his organization does is something absolutely incredible. They go into some of the most violent and dangerous places all over the globe and rescue children from sex slavery and sex trafficking in one and when I say and what I say. He goes in Mark, quite literally, does that. He doesn't call the local officials he doesn't phone in for task force.

He and his team is the task force and they go into the midst of war torn areas.

Areas plagued by terrorist gangs, thugs, drug cartels and all manner of evil, and they physically remove kids that are being held to sex her sex slaves and being trafficked his organization lantern rescue has been doing this for approximately five years have been responsible for the rescue of over 2500 souls and conducted hundreds and hundreds of rescue operations. They have done operations at this in approximately 20 countries, and work with the governments in those countries, only conduct these rescues, but to train and equip others to do what they do in that regard. Mark is like an ambassador for humanity. Now I wanted to go into some stats here, the sex trafficking industry is estimated to be in over $150 billion industry.

Mark is making a huge difference in this role by combating this unholy alliance of sex, money and criminality. This evil that is destroying so many lives. So many childhoods and stealing the innocence of youth around the world before we get begin our discussion I would like to speak on behalf of our listeners and myself to say thank you thank God for you and what you do. God bless you.

I'm proud of you. I know the people that listening to this podcast very proud of you for all the work do you do risking your life. Your teammate members going out there risking their lives for the greater good of of our of our nation of our world that we live in.

Thank you so much and with that I would like to bring out our gas Mark of lantern rescue Ron, thanks so much man or after that introduction. I'm not sure we should continue the show I'm I did your computerand I was humbling. I mean it in and it is sometimes real what my team and I've encountered and participated in and just the way that God is Jesus and I am very grateful to be on your show for a couple reasons.

One, one I don't I don't if your listers to run your you're not just having another person on your show. You actually care about this, you are. You supported us and you have made this a passion of your own and so you have my utmost respect because, put your money where your mouth is in in in helping us in that is critical to what we do to have partners like you and now to be on your show be given a platform to speak your listers man. I really appreciate that because the end of the day it's you know that by nosy Mark is careless and on my face. You know I go about my life at the end of the day, a child is risky because of a broader base is reached, you know, and so that gives us more funding, more awareness, more capacity, more capability amount. Really appreciate this. Of course you know when II don't usually donate to many organizations but your organization to me. Just spoke volumes and especially the stuff you guys do because there's a lot of talkers out there. I've learned and is sort of this field. You I week we talked about that before, but you know I have seen the stuff that you do I've seen you know seen photographs of the work do you do going overseas in an I can imagine.

I just can't imagine that the training that goes into this stuff. So that's kinda what I wanted to get into first of always giving us an overview of lantern rescue in and really your mission sure. So plan rescue is a former law enforcement special forces intelligence contract people very small team, but large kind of base of command center and and those who are involved with this, but the actual operation teams are small itself five people and you know we go overseas and we are very different when it when I first got into this. In particular, the Middle East, I really didn't know anything anything about him and try massage the people were holding hostage. You know, children, and as my knowledge became great.

I realize that we had to do something about this when I compost around different organizations. I kept running into enough not really what needs to be done or I'm not sure what that great does you know with their money. And so it it evolved into what Lena rescue is and that is a group of people who are volunteer free of charge. We go into a region of the world or country. We approach the government the highest level that we can and that is Ministry of Defense that is you know I've inspector general police that is not just a local cop. This is, you know, a federal level that government has jurisdiction about country weeks. We propose to train a specialized unit to counter human trafficking, and so we take that specialized unit. We pour into them are our lives, our training, we are missionaries with family and other families and everything that we vet them and reinvent them and then not and then we begin operating with them and that's based on intelligence that country that region and that looks different. We talk about that in different places, but you know that's what we do and I said I know a lot of you would do that but can't be that easy just to walk into the government of my salary but it doesn't say I like it does take a lot pretty difficult, yet diplomatic step takes a lot of time.

Right you know just in the last two weeks I met with the president, one country met with the director of national investigations and intelligence of another country and armed I'm speaking with Dir. Gen. another country and a lot of that is just on Islam and I want to say this is just God's favor. I know that is uniquely brought my team together with that skill set to be able to do that, but ultimately it's a it's a lot of God's favor. II can't take me times I've stood up from having a meeting with the prime minister who honestly run didn't even know my real name doesn't know who I am and yet option through blessing I pull together a meeting with the vice president president or prime minister minister family need to be involved in the discussion and they're all in the meeting you know is she is just sometimes I walk away saying this is something God wants done because only God could all this people in the same room. They probably look at you and they like.

This is the 18 this is like the rest of America right here.

This is less as a physician coming to save right the day right you know when you're when you're having these meetings and you're going and picking these countries, you know, what are the I mean, how did you get here, how did you know one day just decide that this is what were going to do, despite everything that's going on in the world. I mean, I think these countries also are our you do sit down with them and you do talk to them.

It seems like it benefits them when they really understand what you're doing.

It benefits them to rid the country of that that disgusting ilk that is that is lurking around with trying to take children. I think of things they they see our all that Eleanor names and they share transparency of our heart and that were there for the right reason were not mercenaries were not looking to hurt anybody were looking to improve their systems or put systems in place, you know working there. Penal Code said that arrest can be made in children can be rescued and so they see that transparency of who we are. They see Americans who come and sweat it out.

We don't were not lavish were not staying in the mirror on their country. Where were you know were on the ground. I mean were doing everything Eden Durden you know a little bit a chicken with, you know, and so they see us is as that goodhearted group of people and we built a great rapport with them and that's even with foreign governments that are very corrupt. You know you have each of us and my team has a story enough for me personally what I'm doing today. God put in place. You know four years ago he made me he made me a businessman. He made me a person who administer interacts with people he gave me the tactical skills he gave me the family that I have, you know, I have five daughters. He gave me all of that package it up. I really believe Ron so that I could do what I've been doing the last several years and and that takes that takes every aspect of my life. I can't just look at the tactical go there I get to do this because I'm tactical. That's nothing that's not right. There's a ton of tattered guys. I will take with me. You know there's a lot more to Islam or two and then you know the side of of business how important that is because you know I go into situations where it's business you know me when you're sitting with a official government you have to control your detain yourself. You have to work up MO use yet understand legal garbage. You know you know all that right and so the business side of that and then really the ministry side I think is my family and and you know even some of the things we've experienced as a family that has as you know, been a catalyst to put me into this some the things we have suffered as a family here in the states and and then know that all of that expense wrapped up in one. I really believe God reveals that every person I talked to overseas and and because of that I they look at me and say we want to do this you know I make it clear you explore it. We have no money right don't don't see dollar signs behind us see people who care about the children of your region will help out in our telnet and they they respect that and they say listed. This you know, so it would had great success. We were having great success. You know, I'm sure there are other groups doing their things and have that's what they do, but what we do.

I feel like is so unique in that if I believe there's something sustainable there.

You know there's a lot of human trafficking groups even overseas that work in a country but they packed it up and left and close their office. Nothing would happen the next day because it was so dependent on American money so dependent on American knowledge experience in all that we try to put improvements in place in their own government put people in play within their own government to do what we know they can do if we just teach. That's a training as an asset training at talking about is before you go over there and you kind of had when I saw that the photos you kinda look like they were like guerrilla fighters in a way and I were training these folks build a do someone of the same job that you do to keep it as a normal and you know basically send a message to these human trafficking organizations and groups in these countries that you were not playing around working to keep some notes here to make sure that this doesn't happen again yet so it will will ask that government hate look give us 20 of your best and the sky like an FBI level gives your 20 best word and take them vet them pouring to them from everything from basic tactics and swats Asterix hostage recovery. All of that and that's a lengthy process that really you know, there could be training for years, but we train them up to a level and then a level that's acceptable, then we begin note scenario type training that we know is pretty universal around the world and thorough countries and that is a lot of nightclubs a lot of brothels blot out your warehouse holding places in the a lot of border operations as well and then 1/3 would be some of the sting operations.

But you know we we we put that scenario training into them and then we go executed in a with them and we then afterwards we doing an after action review and we sit down to yet and we don't know where you were going on the street you are lost, you know are hey the way you you cleared that room that wasn't right or the way we took that girl in you know we secured her that victim we need to improve it or the wet unit we go through Alderson right and make improvements and work with them like I've always heard a R0 most important things so what you know probably seen some pretty horrifying stuff for me over the years of doing these operations and it kinda makes me think, you know, as a Christian I kind have to assess this sort of theological question here is why are God's creatures so vile to one another. Why are you like I've said this for a while and I think anybody who was born in the 50s or 40s or 60s can understand is that we've been in a downward shift for a very long-term time in terms of society and meet years ago.

You just didn't hear of all this stuff that's going on and I'm not just talking about some of the work you do, but I think it's a culture. Some of the stuff you see on line the bullying, the murderers, the begun rates of people getting killed across the country in places like Chicago and Detroit. New York you know why are God's creatures so vile one another. How do you get through this stuff me on a day-to-day thought is deceitfully wicked who can know it for sure and I have seen such wickedness from violence against children talking about the removal of body parts from children who to the rape of very young children. The continual mistreatment rape and extreme abuse. Some of things that tear my heart the most it and is not just the deaths of the children. It rescuing a girl who has been forced to marry someone at age 9 or 10 or she's being smuggled into that marriage. You know we make that interception something is looking that child under think mantises market. I mean this yeah these are my child.

I look at all of them think that these are my children overseas.

These are the cruelties they would be suffering as girls and the violence against females. Not that we only rescue females but it's about its predominate guys out on the other is in the 90% range and up that what we are intercepting his victims wethers nightclub or whatever it is it's is girls you know and the violent site against the female is it so extreme I can. I can imagine that any point in humanity in history has it been worse than it is right now and we talk about it was slavery.

Romeo, you know we got 41 million a decimation of 41 million slaves in the world I think about 26 million her sex and domestic, and then the other, you know you have some doubt as I got here will from the international labor organization. They estimate that there 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally. 81% of them are trapped in forced labor 25% of them are children and 75% are women and girls another sat here 2016 same organization estimated 1/6 endangered runaways runaway children ported that they were like child sex trafficking victims 86% share of social services must take a moment to talk about my good friend Mike join this fight is always darkest the consequences to his family. Now as we speak. Cancel cultural left is canceling my pillow almost 20 sources of my pillow off their shelves.

I'm asking for a favor. I need you to support my pillow show Mike we stand with my use code hope we 566% off.the code is 45 reply from 66% off. We cannot let cancel when 45, 66% of like fighting Russ Millet's fight for him. Welcome back to the RF angle with your host Brian Fournier. The thing that when I was looking at the US statistics I mean worldwide statistics were terrible, but US is getting worse there been more than 60,000 cases that have been reported to the human trafficking Hotline since 2007 in the United States 11,500 and just 2019 and that's talking just about the high class hood that they put it in where there's actually real danger to this person. 11,500 with dramatic crease increases each year.

California, Florida, New York, I'm sorry, California, Texas, Florida, New York, being the top four states right that's scary that it's happening here.

Yeah, in the United States of America at these levels and big week because you have a political listing based on the say this this way for small when the ideology of this country shift and it's shifted you with it comes the exploitation of minors in children. It every every country who who does not maintain a scriptural based ideology will veer so far into where, oh it's okay to marry a 13-year-old young poet it's okay that you know it's okay if this happens you know is okay. Prostitution is legal you all all that right right child right well or now will different but once you are banning you know God canceling Jesus so that's what happens.

We've been talking about this for so long with the LGBT Q movement. I know many gays who are a little bit older now who you know there grew up and maybe the 90s, and they fought very hard for their rights and in what they have. But then you have this kind of new generation of it where there including in like pedophilia rights.

His current since I mean that's in there there like this is horrible.

We don't support this stuff right and then when you get to the point of accepting that then I guess it becomes okay to in your mind sex trafficking minor right I mean Esther stood the terrifying thing that I've noticed over the last couple of years is how how far down were going just downward shift of of of Christian political involvement were talking 15 million Christians who don't vote, it's just a crazy world we live in right now to me. I just see you is is one of the forces out there trying to make it good and better and I don't think it's can be the politicians necessarily right what we got going on right now where you know we have to keep the motto in front of us that it's all worth it for the one because I've definitely seen God move in finances and and orchestration events just to rescue one girl I me I can't tell you how remarkable things will have to happen you know overseas to police things off we talk about on the radio and it sounds like it so easy. I don't know if listeners will ever quite produce the people the military, you know. They understood there get it. Those who have ever done real operations just read all that it entails in all the preplanning is you everything that happens you know so. But God will help with that unite here is that to rescue and sometimes you're there to rescue this information.

This girl in this intelligence and you end up doing something different. You're rescuing somebody else and and that's where it's always a man. God knew exactly he put this in play years ago. Yeah, you know years ago to make this rescue happen for the shot he hears the voice of the children.

I mean, he works in amazing ways. And I think that we see that every single day. I mean, you're here with us right now. Despite all of the emissions you gone, but I know that you you do counterintelligence you're going and checking these places before you go in there.

She is so much to this people think it's like a movie where you just going in the place dive right or the windows right saving people and leaving on a plane that you slammed on the roof. You know I wish I had a helicopter out. Yeah, I could use one of the countries, but you know what happens. You know, before, during and after the rescues, because I've been asked is quite a few times, but I do know some other people who kind of work in this area. Another great organization is called face forward international. Basically what these guys do is they go out and if there is a child that was you know human sex trafficking. You know, was, you know badly hurt. Should I say from this you know a lot of them have an acid thrown on the limbs cut off and so they basically pro bono. Get plastic surgeons from California to do operations to kind of help restore these things but II really wanted to understand. I think in is for the viewers as well as what happens before, during, and after these rescues like just summary of kind of what you guys do. So they understand the work that goes into this because I know it's not some one and done right.

Call of duty style shooter movie thing going on you. This takes actual lots of work I get 50,000 foot yeah as it is different shades and looks different in different country right and you know and if you're in again. You know controlled area looks different, or maybe a Terrace controlled area or war zone conflict area versus just a bad place.

You know that we have an extensive preop all way up from levels of we have used cities in America that the mayor has given us access to their country will set up operations and ran through them for a whole week that are very similar to the intelligence that would encounter and number of people in all that right so full extensive to that run it.

You know all way to, you know, the intelligence is very vague. It's in a district it's an area you know we know their selling girls out of the following clubs are streets so you that intelligence we might have some images, pictures, things like that and that's all we get to know and so in our our preop and is making sure we know what we do with our teammates body. If you guys you know you will be cremated, not country. We shipping you `you know who is our Q RFR we own QR after we have any got you back with the nearest hospital where I go to hell points were keywords on comps whose Army it there's a thousand things. Okay, that's just quickly am running down you know what it looks like then we get in the country, taking taking in the fact that we have a trained unit analysis.

This go past that we have about agreement with the country we have a trained unit were working with, and now we can redeploy that mission.

We also teach them that preplanning aspect. We sit down with a look.

You know here here's the number of vehicles is the order of vehicles whose piercings in the vehicles. Here's the route here's infill row were taking his actual route. Here's the number plates were hit here's what's can happen when we had here is we can expect here and so we know we do all of that, you know that we do some scenario-based training with a maybe for a day then most operations run happen 10 o'clock at night before and morning you know were were night runners. So while then that all entails some places we have to line up a judge a person probably as good as you LOL yeah I you knowing a judge to some of these that we do. Some countries require its don't miss I have a paperwork system right they have like the judges body is the warrant, you know, and so now you have this, now you got a guys in a suit your showing up to 11 o'clock at night and were now we have to protect him. You know right and and move him and you know it's funny. Some guy got some judges are very aggressive and excite like they want to do the see the work done to and they take great risks, but a lot of it shot and you know sometimes later. Sometimes the next. We had a judge got shot on the street after working with so in the next day look to a stop sign some money you know shot up so they take great risk.

You know inside of the units there in those countries, so you know once we we do the operation. If it's on your working through nightclubs, or if it is more operational were a little different. There may be some other organizations out there. We don't we don't actually going to clubs and just buy a girl you know and and then try to convince her out of it right you know with that. You know I maybe have a few local authorities or something know where to show up and our goal is to remove all the girls on obtaining about any money you know I might put money on the line the pockets you think they would do anyway) in your your American right you get something yummy. I know you have to just take the girls in some she didn't even know was happening and raised druggers. She's since she's she thinks she's going with you to go snails who now write what they think sometimes so and then you were a world unit that's going to make arrests in and take out because we have a thing that we sell times a team that is you cannot rescue your way out of this problem.

You have to make arrests. You know, and so it's not very you know, I know a lot of organizations are just about the numbers they're just trying to drive rescues because that's what people in America want to hear when they give their money and their wanting their money. I would care about is equally about the arrestee's seat waiting to like what I want to help my team up is like right we know we rescue to arrested 20 that you're keeping those 20 guys away from getting on the right is ready. What is the average.

I know people are rested when these are Third World countries. I guess punishment varies depending where you are well said, what is these are average for something like this what we were not there are parts of the world worst is 20 years and some reason the world it's you know 47 depending on the where that was happening in your testimony that girl so much to say here on the right on penal codes.

It it could be that he's going some monster is going have to pay you retribution.

You now see a lot of that in Africa, so it just depends. Here's what we tell countries we want to help them with their penal code will understand. We've actually diverted some bad penal codes, and the places and countries we work in. Okay, but what we like to tell him is this we go hey if he is four days were given to Ms. Fordyce. We want to give him his four days. You know it worse. So that is important you know in any countries where at first they're slow to make arrests okay. We like to write what you know we make every effort and not always successful. We make every effort to bring them along to say look with him on cleaning up areas and risking girls but that club we've hit three times. I don't care if that is the Prime Minister's friend. He's got to get arrested or were not coming back with it. We can't, we don't come from America leave my family and children risk my life on behalf of your country for you not keep up your end of the deal that we have hard talks. Trust me, we had screen matches the dirty streets yeah I can imagine know where it is clear what's going to happen so when admin that's kind of a little bit endearing. It is violent, some places there are some these clubs have 100 customers in 100 on the street you know some some different border operation.

It can be pretty nonviolent, and less about her arms down the street or somebody else like that. But you once weeks bring those victims out we do work with that countries social services now you can imagine what that looks like right now we don't have the best year so you can imagine with their eyes you so you want to. But here's the thing were there to improve everything we touch you know within this country. And so if we can improve that process we do if we have to build a transition team.

You know this got a doctor and some social workers and missionary or somebody in the process of getting them to social services will do it if we have to find an NGO in the country that we can recommend to the social service that look. We want the children go here and that's what we often do I mean almost every time. If there's an NGO that's available. This Christian-based that's what we want. That's what we desire because we want these children to go not get lost in the system to go into a place that provides them the gospel and in Christian counseling in therapy like a wholesome approach right and I know and a lot and a lot of girls are going to get reunified even with family. You know, in that, but that still takes a transition, you know that we we're constantly vocalizing how that should be improved or what we hope you know they would do you know and that's what I loved would first phase for international doses because I mean I can't imagine going through a scenario like that right where you are sex trafficked or abused me, not causes PTSD in some levels and you've probably seen it in. These kids were there. They were so high on drugs me coming down from those drugs.

I mean there's just so much, I'd don't think the people really understand and that to me is is affecting you guys actually make sure that those steps happen because that's critical point is know. Otherwise they might just go back into it is as might be the only thing that they've known if they were a child when it happened and end reality is that's a real hard struggle for 16, 17-year-old guy that's that's what that's the thing we combated that age now you rescued 9 to 11, 12, they're not there for her to come out of that they want out of that you rescue a 17-year-old she Mary had two children up to maybe hold that child your mainline writer. There's more font there's more going on then you can imagine an ill or you're extracting her and she sang I don't because she's putting on a show for the club owner.

She knows if I freely walk out of here and act happy about this and next week is going to like it, you know, these are easy to get out of jail come after so there's all kinds of dynamics of controller that coercion because you know they could draw girl innkeeper, but the better means of keeping her just like in the states is to coerce her you know doing it and I and overseas it so much easier review I can disclaim you know you have no money.

You have a debt to do this or that hold the child. You know, every night while she worked. So you don't get your job back to come back here, or the girl. 17 she knows no other hope she's like I don't know else to do right is all I know what to do. You know, and so sometimes you have those conversations with them. A day later and say no when organization we came from America were here because we care about you. We rescued you and want to give you some options in your life, you know. And here they are. You know, and in some of them take it they get super excited about some of them are very slow and you know there like yeah you know I really just cannot get a job somewhere else. Okay so those that Dante those of the hard girls. I am just telling the 16, 17, that's really hard, you know I hate hate seeing that I see in that they became so hopeless in their selling their bodies took one girl one time she was about 17 and I said I want to show you to be in three years you know three years of this activity will show you where it's going and result and it's a girl who's in her early 20s who looks like she's 50 and or drugs in abuse and STDs have worn her body out in our lifespans can be so short that forces 30 and you know and try to try to share that with them and hope that they save man okay I will take advantage of this rescue, you know right to do everything I can to move away from this that you know that I kind of makes you stop and really think for a second to to realizing we live in one of the greatest countries the greatest country on the face of the earth to where every single day you wake up on your clean pillow your clean sheet. You look out the window you see a job greasy dog you see kids plan. You don't have to look out your window and see gunfights or Poco Hara Moore has bola outside firing rockets from your apartment building you live in a country where there now is people who are so privileged in their minds and their thoughts to where they will tweet from their $900 iPhone will holding their Starbucks that they do not like capitalism. They don't like the United States of America defund the police you know pigs in a blanket frame like bacon, they will say all of these things, yet you put one of those folks on one of your operating team and they would not make it whatsoever. And that's why am I always and just so humble when I meet folks like yourself because I mean you guys.

We were talking about Israel on one of our recent podcasts and I said you know these guys are defender of the last of it wasn't for them. A lot of that stuff would make its way here more than more than people would ever imagine. And it's because folks like you that these these people are reunited with their families.

These young girls there given a sense of humanity and dignity back when they go through the processes getting off these drugs, reuniting with their families going out getting a job, having a family and they get that taken from them at such a young age. Some of these kids I mean were talking about the United States.

Here, you have 95 you have these highways you're always seeing articles now. I remember years ago seeing this stuff and now you see all the time.

White van spotted, you know, took a girl couple weeks ago there was a video released online of the sky gets out of his vehicle in broad daylight tries to take an 11-year-old girl playing in there on the sidewalk and you're seeing this stuff happen abroad day I've had friends who went to college at the Wilmington and University Wilmington, North Carolina, and would have people following them at night trying to go like to their apartments. Parking in the back parking lots where is darkly lit and watching them and stuff like that next big area now and in on the East Coast human sex trafficking in Wilmington you know there on the coast stared there and their closest to the highways where the stuff is happening and it's very scary now and I always tell people like you to everyone has to be more closest to your surroundings right now and I wanted to ask about that. What are some things that people can do in the US because amine seems like it's a growing problem here now with the cases going on right couple thousand.

Get the the violent crimes against the week or against females is deftly increasing in this country. I I would say were were still not when I experiencing any of the trafficking as we see overseas, right at any close level yet because we have such a great law enforcement great response by the violent crimes against like the child being taken in the van is mostly negative traps is to be raped and killed. You know, because you know I've said this on other things and shows if if you kidnap a child, you now have about a thousand agents involved in that race and that child is not a usable product. You know if I brought that to somebody said you want by this girl and I just kidnap her and she's all over the news and MM text alert that but that buyer saying you brought me a product. Everybody's looking for. Get away from me, you and me.

They I don't want that so you know, but the violent crimes is the first step that you see this country as its increasing then plug the next step is. You will begin to see actual human trafficking where they're being sold and resold as a unit reusable commodity.

That's why it's so were so much a drug she's one time a girl can be sold over and over again. It does happen going the wrong frog listers only by Commies that what I know so-and-so more about the water and and it is increasing because our border issue right now.

Yeah because when you bring minors into this country who are unidentified or unaccountable for now. You do have a product is yeah reselling it.

I know about it and that's why, but always that is read earlier about building a larger system euros or less. The count of four children.

You know what date they can disappear little further, you know, and so a lot of these cases, you see the US marshals during their their identifying the missing children and identifying where they actually are in is this case still open or close in her closing that case. That's why the numbers are. You know so high there closing those cases then there dealing with the small percentage that this girl is actually missing in their pick her up on the street and she is got a pimp already or she has a boyfriend is chorister and said I need to sleep my body because I can't pay rent this month to me right so that's what's happening here in the country so yeah More issues do happen, not messing up but More issues happen in the millions another country sees me right all the time all the time.

You know how do you how do you protect yourself here.

You know you would get in self-awareness and although Scott thinks I'm a start appearance for quick okay yeah parents or grandparents you want you want to keep your child from a violent crime are being exploited because we do have a serious rise in cyber exultation of children okay you want to keep that from happening.

Control their phone controller phone look at it see what they're looking at.

They been a blessing and a curse. These funds are more yeah it's given access to people and we've seen this to sex traffickers right on going.

So if you measure the location you think it I like you know another 16-year-old boy and it turns out to be a four-year-old man who had a basement.

I mean, that's what were seeing got and and and and in the true throughout is on the flipside, not only the, the threat to them through the phone, but young men who get a phone at age 10 and dive in the pornography you you know and become addicted to it.

They are your trafficker that your exploited there. Your perpetrator that that's too if they don't get a better course of action in their mind right there going that direction united and so we look around the country. We see sexual crimes on the rise, and we see, II would directly attributed back to this phone and will and what were put in front of our children without any without any filter without any control.

You know, and so I tell parents and reference all sound like you care about your grandkids, then get on the phone and look at a sushi starting to make sure she's not talking some 22-year-old you know because a groomer, a girl spent a lot of time both overseas and here they will spend enormous amount of time grooming somebody you know to get what they want and because they'll have not just one child in play. Still have 300 children in play there bouncing through game rooms and are a you are doing it all that's there full-time job. You know, just to get some images or to find that once a supple child who willingly sends nude pictures that he now sells to somebody in another country who sells it to 10 other people somewhere else right now so you got a controller phone that I I I am presenting grim and you see the content now and some of these apps snapshot.

You know you swipe over on there and it's all left this news to me that he was ill used to be some innocent magazine that you see in the stores now. There teaching children about sex and ran in and masturbation. All these things and I'm like I mean, this is this is kind of scary stuff right you know for child to be reading at that age, you know, talk about transgender is some pedophilia at the listings and they talk about this stuff pretty openly on these apps now and aiming that just corrupts the mind very young kid your sponge and now you're reading about all this stuff and then all of a sudden you know by the age of 10. You want to be transgender you want to do this and they want to be a girl when her high heels all the stuff and it's like this was not an issue when you were a kid and only a short while ago I was a kid right is not an issue right. It just took a rapid turn like that, it seem like a Swift flipped and all of a sudden were here now and I'm telling you, if we don't start fighting back against these narratives and being vocalist Christians being vocalist conservatives about these problems. Working to be living in a whole new society. I'm talking think it's new now you let this go on for 15 more years and it's going to be off of a cliff and so that's why you know I really wanted to again Mark commend you for for the stuff that you're doing. I mean like I said earlier in the show. I know God bless you and everything that you're doing because it's people like you who save the world more so than the politicians more so than the people who are pushing these ideas that sound good on paper but when you enact them in a country like ours are very very heterogeneous country like United States of America where they are just so many cultures here. You're just knocking to see the policies work that they want that you see working the Scandinavian countries like Denmark, like Sweden, where there more homogenous. Looking back on the Viking values are one fighting together in the villages talk to Dinesh to Susan about this before and they're okay with these kind of quasi-socialist policy. But you know in the United States of America and what were seeing right now with this downturn in culture with with the stuff you see on these apps with the stuff you see in the magazines with the way children can freely interact on the Internet with people that they don't really know their real age because you can disguise yourself very well. I've seen it before you can be someone you're not. This is the stuff that I think is really corrupting the minds corrupting the youth, and like you said, the pornography, all of this added together is just a recipe for disaster and that's why were seeing what were seeing now here and across the world. If we don't put a stop to it. If conservatives don't start fighting back on these types of key issues which they do matter. The work were going straight off the cliff. So again Mark I want to thank you so much for coming on the show of support your organization any day the week if you need me over there fighting with you, I'll gladly come with you there out and and no but seriously, thank you so much again your organization. What is the website tell tell guys how they can contribute to your projects and and how they can view your website lantern this LA in TER in that's our 501(c) three in the states and and then overseas, where the counter human trafficking joint task force for any offers out there who you know. We are looking at increasing the bandwidth of deployments of people so go to counter human trafficking joint task and you can register forgot about background, law enforcement, tactical background, you can get in the pool people that we are considering. So but otherwise if you can give her one volunteer in other ways lantern

Thank you so much you Mark. Make sure you guys check out those websites. Please do support this man. His team they are doing God's work here. You will never see another group of people put his heart of work is these guys do to rescue the innocence of these children really giving them their lives back bringing them back to their families and helping them with their future. So thank you so much can serve God bless you and thank you everyone for tuning into the RF angle. I hope you guys like this episode, please go give us five stars. Comments are your thoughts on the episode and email us any questions you have that is patriots RF God bless

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