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A Baker's Dozen

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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May 29, 2021 12:00 pm

A Baker's Dozen

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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May 29, 2021 12:00 pm

Nikita is with Roy Jones of the Man Talk podcast, a show dedicated to breaking down the walls of race and denomination and challenging men to take their God assigned role! They discuss a man's need for Godly friendships and accountability - as well as their own relationship.

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Speaking of how angry we got we got some going on the Truth Network. This can help the world not be so angry, just need God's word is please help the Truth Network send Bibles to Africa and we know that they they need God's word. We have until the end of the month, just five dollars gets a Bible in the hands of a poor, impoverished believers all over the African continent with the help of the Bible league, just five dollars. Think about that Robbie just five dollars a please give you give more than five dollars man would love for you to do it in the number to call is one 800 yes word, one 800 yes word, one 800 yes word hi this Roy Jones with man talk radio podcast.

Our mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network once old world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ once told Martian night now the devil's worst night in your tagteam partner cheetah call time feel lonely. I mean even though there's people all around you. Well you familiar with the Baker's dozen non-not talking about donuts.

Stay tuned as we talk about surrounding yourself with good people. Welcome back to it's time to man up the Russian night where I was the devil's nightmare creating creating havoc in hell.

That's what I like to call it. I guess I am here and in studio with with a dear friend of mine and to find out how far we go back Roy Jones welcome Roy to the show. Thank you Vicki is good to be here with you today and be turnabout is fair play. Roy having you had me you have your own show mantle and that you had me you have me on your show more than one occasion is just been such a blessing be a part of that so I thought the least I could do is have Roy on it's time to man up and you are a man's man.

Just so you know I me for those who never met Roy Jones Mees got quite a story and a background in college football and and and he's not a little man.

Trust me, if you find out.

Roy Jones is not a little man so but that's also what I mean when we meet us try to figure that out even on yeah show today. Nick, I believe that was back 2010 the fall 2002 will forever be marked. My memory was the same year my son got diagnosed with sudden-death effect of his heart okay and United come here you are the church over top of the Greenwood heels.

Westling, there will North Main you speak Ms. Braxton back on Saturday morning. Okay so that's I think we first met this myself. I had seen your earlier you ethically start about Tom.

Maybe your to park in my college start early 80s, remember correctly, I did 1984 and I was wrestling I was tired of never seeing your and my dad was a huge wrestling friends…, My father had passed long before you admit that it would escape in touch with him enough to meet you in the course with my son. Pray for him, which handles just pray for their Saturday morning 10 years ago.

How's he doing today well I got got it yet he still has a defibrillator's heart and never had to go off from a failure and that he feels like God. A few years later another group man about 55 men prayed over him and he felt like there was a change that might so physically and the condition still there, but we think that God leaves the physical trait there to prevent his healing. So, that is, he never has an issue throughout his lifetime, Reed keeps dancing out the same lookup got your soul journey can be just like a reminder right out almost in the sense like Paul's thorn in the side exactly some dependent upon the Lord even of the Lord to finally touched him and brought healing to his physical body exactly Nick at midyear and he just recently had his own first child together little boring so got a grandson now in our prayer prior to his birthday before they conceived was that this defect would not pass down because it is hereditary would not pass counsel with this trust in God.

Keep watching him and his son and then he just said a keyword their trust, trusting God and sought over the last 10 years, then sell 2010 10+ years that we have now know each other.

You've opened your home to me, allow me to seek out at the at the beautiful Virginia skyline off the back of your house there in your beautiful home and and your lovely wife Lisa and Johan Mitchell.

We have four children, two daughters and two sons were married. Okay one great grandson grandchildren grandson is good. That's right, that's right, grandchildren, or are such a blessing as you get credit idea I have of a quiver that's filling up faster than I can count more expensive all the time as a grandpa but and I made reference to two-year athletic problem. This is just briefly about your ear athletic days.

Well the kid I was played football in junior high and high school and I ran track in high school. As it turned out I was one of the exceptions.

The large garlic could run reasonably fast so played outside linebacker in high school and then moved to the limited entering college for the first or go for the walk on the sixth.

A few years later in the play down there for couple years and then got married while still in college, so that was my left leg and is powerless to one state champ ship powerlifting walls in college as a teenager and they moved in one class to having 275 return 2275 as and as in how much you weigh know how much you left it nonetheless you exactly how much away folks you just got an idea on how big this man really is there so that was it meant God to start when I went to see Stata got lined up with some guys that were Christians. Christian athletes us will merely align myself because I got saved when I was 13 years old blood and understand what it meant to be a man of God, have salvation and will it will, it will talk about that in in in just a minister or to sue age 30 was that in a church. It was actually there was a Boy Scout leader in my neighborhood that was the head of the scout troop invited me to come to Boy Scouts of the Boy Scouts, they were domiciled at a church and then they did a church camp every summer so I got that's how it all started. Okay church camp in a Boy Scout age 13 that launched you and into a journey that brings you and I together today, man.

I'm through a big $0.50 word out there, domiciled, and I'm sure that means but I can research out Google that later domiciled can affect a solider today was the show is so silly met your married you're in college you're married you graduate college and any you launch into.

I know you've got till you're out the corporate world you work out the market for your marketplace got to say yes marketplace God, whose spread the word of God judges me in that particular location position in the world if you will to discrediting spread the word and broking what story comes to mind in NSN.

So for the listener out there who's also in the marketplace and wondering how can I share my faith in the marketplace you knocking nowadays can be kind of a touchy thing or whatever, but what would be one story you could share how your faith in the marketplace, how it impacted somebody else's life will you know that's an interesting question Nikita because it's in most cases. For me it's a part of my everyday conversation with about credit to God or following Christ. Somewhere in the conversation with everybody's not as a as a is deliberate but his subconscious glittered to give just read article you are who I am right and so there've been many situations that the door has opened. People knew because of you that given credit to the father or saying something about an event or the impact God had in my life. The awesome someone would stop by the door would close it say is it okay for us to close the door.

The most significant thing the share would be my partner will Hardy on the man talk radio is that he and I first met in the meeting he had very little to say in the meeting because it did need to nap to coming out as a part of my first two or three weeks at my current company, God spoke that's that's a brother in the Lord Rector something just came over me. Solid followers offices that went and knocked on his door say come and talk with sutures. Okay, look at the close Norton said sure we brothers said we are. That was that was that was extended to start a conversation we brothers. He knew exactly what I was talking about on the exactly where he was. His witness bears witness to this spirit bears witness with spirit, a math name. The Holy Spirit was bearing witness between the two of you. A man and I guess the most significant impact I have to say that comes to mind right away is that God and align the man with me when I first started my current company and four years back.

He was seconds show up on his cancer came into us into his life.

Major cancer Arco melanoma and that he and I have been friends at that point for about four years God allowed me to be a part of his life. This journey into that relationship he's come to know the Lord and accepted Christ as his personal savior. Somehow THE wanted jobs at forefront Nick and he knew were up where I was at where I've always been that that's positions never wavered to allow me to share with him and be a witness to him. Not necessarily by words but by how live out my life and shared your actions assess sometimes extra Francis of Assisi I think. I think he gets credit for this court at all times preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. And when necessary use words. I just live it just be a living just be salt and light by how we live and conduct our lives. That's a great great way to put it in there's a there's an elderly man that you met a few years back. It was in our ministry.unfortunately, of last year, but his saying was let your cigarette, your actions are speaking so loud I can hear word you say your actions are speaking so loud I can hear word you say. If you think about that.

That's really what Christ embodied wasn't he.

He spoke a few words there were very intense words, but his actions when he did the miracles when he put up with the use of torture and abuse all the things he went through downward. She did speak very perfunctory doing well in a create this bond. This is brotherhood and it acted out that leach into into the show, we reference man talking. I love it on the shelf because The opening of the show is welcome to man talk yet to make talk radio podcast, a black guy and a white guy and folks will is by God not to let in on the white gossip and that was there. That was our dear friend Robbie.

He helped us with that intro and did all the work on it so we can, and I love that Casey and in the climate in which we live, where racial tensions run high you and in will certainly have bridged the gap if you will. There in the relationship that you forged in a white guy in him being a black eye and being able to do. You know, just have fun without even on on your show and they can hear that you the truth radio network right thinking of the other candidates.

Great great up to be a part of truth radio network listeners and certainly shows, along with yours. As many others, and what's really cool about the relationship will not and I love him as a brother. He is truly become a dear friend and he has helped grow the media as a relates to see into his eyes and hands going through and I and I think I've helped him as well and something ceasing through my one and that your comment earlier Nick about this thing about the current environment, wherein one of things, it will says eight are you looking at what I was going through the biblical view and are you are you measured up against what the Bible says he always costs reminds all of us that were involved in attending our men's ministry about that such great challenge for your listeners as well yeah and right in that's Emmy for if the Bible is the standard in which to live by right and and and we want to to hold ourselves to that standard. We can we can look we can look I'm just so much going through my head. We can take a break in just a minute here, but I will we come back talk more about that you said something key about how you can see through another person's eyes. So if those out there who maybe they don't have any you know friends of another color that you know perhaps you you befriend somebody who is of another color, another persuasion, if you will, ethnic background, and create a friendship through that in and begin to walk in their shoes or see through their eyes with we come back were to pick up right there will be left on great not call off the nightmare here for aggressive automotive buying a car is a nightmare for you, my friend Ryan and Jimmy Johnson express automotive make it simple to find your preowned dream car, no hassle. The windshield place, no matter where you Live Your Dream Body Dr., is all you need to know is right there with right place everybody drives aggressive.

You should try present. We so appreciate our listeners if you will support this program with a financial gift of any amount. I will send you a personalized copy of my latest book Kita tail of the ring and redemption go to call off.that's cool off.and the ED goal and make your contribution. Welcome back to you. It's time to man up here with Roy Jones is your wonderful friend brother in the Lord and Roy before the break we were just talking about you seeing life through through somebody else's eyes, and we're talking to you just for appointed clarity for our listeners with what will we work within you tell another story about a guy you worked with you that's great Nick thanks for clarifying that you the story about the gym with cans was a second individual at our work was dressed about the impact work and it is, messed right in the sum appreciate the clear. Those are two separate stores will store will benefit been a believer for a long time with those of listen to know is Bible knowledge and recall. He's been walking with God while in Indian on your your show and and just hearing him quote Scriptures like it. I can't even touch the knowledge that he has an NSF actual yes always to another coworker because I'd asked you the question that you how you translate your faith into the marketplace and that that other coworker was the one who ended up coming to the Lord four years ago yes gotcha I gotcha.

So let's talk about that for me because I know you know your heart. My heart counted gels together and we done a number of things together over the years we have you had me speaking you. You host an event called the summit an annual event called the summit. I mean large events to me as much is 7800 man you had guys like Dr. Tony Evans, Gen. Jerry Boykin of who we've had on the show here for some the other speakers you had at the summit where we had Tim Tebo's father a few years ago Tim Tebo's that came spoke forced a good job with us and then we but had the bit the Benham brothers tell you help us get on the show lacks Lou Gehrig's liver that we use them individually as you guys as a team that we that we tag team for Jesus easy it is with dad and yeah I haven't had the Michael Michael Junior comedian all my guys Michael Junior hello Michael Junior Phyllis and Michael get up. I love you and that I've got the Vista 2022 year have to robe it would be Strobel will be joining us on 2022.

Excellently stroke excellent yeah and you had me MC is fine. In fact, it's funny, will you have the NCN at about like the first time ever did it. Lex and I were in the car driving home, getting us tempted you done that I go do that was like the first, he goes to God here.

Now I'd like to know like for real. Like I've never MC because your natural alcohol lab but just because it was my view it.

You did miss a beat. You are well prepared deductions were great Humor going is all spontaneous and and and that's harder than just speaking though for real and I like it really is. He's got engagement every single speaker so let's see do the summits you do you do a retreat every year we do we go to the mountaintop about cruises every February great event and we do a morning breakfast with to talk about on our show. The first and third Fridays, which is where first Christian church First Christian Church in particular has forced them for breakfast. Start 650 on Friday mornings of the first and third Friday were done. Heart stop at 8 AM.

First time is always free for guests. It is first transferred and it's a minimal cost to get out against that's right Berman, SLI, and it's a good break.

I've actually been there and spoke there for you Helena and Dalia so we've we've we've done a lot together been on on the mountaintop with you in the past on on your retreat and and and you come in and got involved in engaging in some of things that I've done in the past quest event years ago for several years ago and one of these days were going to get you to the man camp yes yard and you get a get to experience that it is a different experience than think in class until guys who been on a quest event.

It is a different experience and that's what it's all about experiencing God a man and an your heart for man to me what you see Roy as I know we were talking in fact work were engaged in Bible study together men's Bible study we are and we were talking it at dinner one night our Bible study dinner about some of the challenges with man. How do we get men engaged. How do we keep men engaged work on kicking around some different ideas share some thoughts on that serve well for those of listen to maybe know the statistics may be known that the church populations made up of 62%, give or take a decimal point of women in the other 38% is the man obviously and then you take that that smaller portion of the man how many of those men were actually engaged in the church itself in the body of Christ to be very low number, and what we found. Study wise if you look I don't do the research. If men still tell you that are very lonely. They just don't have a really) in high school, your noncollege head sports does when it's a military other military principles, fellowships they get into adult life. And then the what they've always been taught. You have to be the provider you don't cry, you don't show you your worry as a man, cannot you get it right yet, but in the difference is right, not in the right six and date they don't know who to turn to. So what our heart is in your heart as well and I was the get men to get engaged first with brothers. One man or two or three men small group we feel like is a great start this just that one body to say Nick battle buddy about a body like Gen. Boykin talks about introduced his latest book, and that's that.

Lily goes back to the military right.

That's what that's concept goes back to you weekly officer Jesus had the 12 them a question to a brothers who do you have the 124 that you're leaning all that can ask you to tough questions in your natural instinct can be gravitate away from church because the church is back to the earlier comment church 62% women, so everything that's typically design built shown structured as with a lot of female influence is not a bad thing. Have females in but from a man's attraction. They don't walk into natural finished with they don't walk into hunting, then there's no deer hanging out here all over the wall at the church for your and the mayor had not every man is looking for that exactly right. But is this is not a masculine involved setting settings out of Fort Ferriola and and you mentioned Jesus and his 12. I like to phrase it this way, perhaps, of the course. He always retreated. At times you can see through Scripture you know to be alone with the father, but those were specific times but then I like that He Had His Inner Cir., Peter James and John had the three did that I say had the outer circle as that included the other nine writers of the 12th and then there was the rest right Massey?

Have you always been on fire for the Lord like this note I was like many men back to my earlier comment comment. Save on starting but it took me until 2005. Some of your story. I accepted Christ early on but I never knew quite what it meant to be a follower of Christ. I didn't know what it meant to be a father leave his children under the under the leadership of Christ that inordinately husband to my wife, under the leadership of Christ.

So because my group in a home that yeah that was not a primary piece of our lives.

Now leave it at that. But my mother had the right heart for my devils truck drivers of the woodlot mill leadership in home most days it was nothing did say of injustice was wet what God had to do wake up call me so 2005 is going to smoke paperwork in a safe and and I don't know there was a letter that had been written to me by Keith, Carol, Bucky, Carol, some 15 years earlier incurs me and just had my first child. Talk about what was going be informing following God Holy Spirit is Kim all over you yet Holy Spirit is washed out and there was there was nothing more.

What have you done for the kingdom. It wasn't about the love me is, what have you done for the kingdom, and there was nothing that I had could split in front of him at that moment in time that would be concerned if our judgment unit in terms of works to enhance wood and straw exactly in the support I don't know where to go but I'm going to reach back the key and he put me on the journey mentor me for some 10 years. I guess two years after that journey started when I got in the building men's ministry with a 2005 that she questions when God jumped on the hearts of his time to get off the sidelines, what have you done for the kingdom how SS and if function in all of those you listen okay you know it's not about me cantering your way to having you can't work your way to have a Mean salvation is a free gift right and and you give your life to Jesus, but then you because you have a love for the Lord heart for Jesus then then you do want to work for the kingdom's work in the marketplace like Royce doing so heart NICs launched into this man's ministries and I know even recently you took a position with it with you church and and spearheading up the man in God and that's what I love about you Royce your heart for mannered people could probably hear you. The sensitivity of your heart. Just a minute ago and what you just said about here is where I was at it I was a husband I was a father, but I wasn't really walking it out in and that's a part of an… Of heard me talk about man camp before in our goal and objective on our camp. Just like with your conferences and the summit and other things that you put put on the retreats, etc., is to challenge men to be godly men godly husband's yes godly fathers, as defined, the way the Bible defines right and asked the key right exactly just got like maybe a minute or so left Royce since the since that time of year 2005 and and just us meeting each other, you know, 10+ years ago watching your walk in your journey. I know you've made a tremendous impact on lives in 60 seconds what would you challenge men with out there today which well the first thing would be many need to get an accountability person that you can open up with and that can walk in the life with maybe two explains an inner circle of three or four guys that so important, so important, because the time will come that you're going to need those men and if you don't have somebody when the time comes, you will be lost individual. Second thing would be a really neat you need to engagement.

If you listen you need to engage you take a step in the natural, God will come along in the supernatural Hill map it out. You don't have to know where you're going or how you going to do it to start stepping third is be in the word every day.

The praying with him every day.

If you're married, you need to pray with your spouse every day. She got children need to pray over this children with his children every opportunity that scared Roy talking and walking Christian this ministries how can people find you becomes our website TST a W CME I'm talking walking Christian Ms. Mishawaka world Truth Network man talk radio podcast as well. You can hear us. There will know every week basis in the uncertainty reachable to email it

If you forget all that district and asked Robbie to me or call Nikki don't show him well. It's been is been great having you on the show.

I mean I was excited when we were able to line the supplement want you on for a while and again just at the kindred spirit that you and I have our heart our heart for Mandan. As you listen ladies as your listening out there. You know, we just encourage you, you know. Check out some of these events and some of the things that Roy and and even myself. What were doing and and encourage her men incur if they have your blessing and are encouraged by you are more apt to plug in or become apartment of some of the self and all that notes page you don't know Jesus may be a great day. Give your heart to men. I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with Lex Luther and I and pursuing the heart of ladies your listening will send your men home with God godly husband's and godly.

Do you give them your blessing them to sign up today at band camp.old pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ's ministries and man up conference to your community. Go to and email. Remember this. It's time to man up green vinyl tile carpet that right now number one in the reader's with the war.

This is Nikita Cole and I want to thank lemons carpet for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were Nikita coffee.

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