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Season of Recovery After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 29, 2021 8:00 am

Season of Recovery After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 29, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on season of recovery, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip is from "The Blind Side."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Speaking of how angry we got we got some going out to Truth Network this can help the world not be so angry, just need God's word is please help to Truth Network send Bibles to Africa and we know that they they need God's word. We have until the end of the month, just five dollars gets a Bible in the hands of a poor, impoverished believers all over the African continent with the help of the Bible league, just five dollars.

Think about that Robbie just five dollars a please give you give more than five dollars man would love for you to do it in the number to call is one 800 yes word, one 800 yes word, one 800 yes word I met my cohost Breanna Michael Paul and I left some light on Mormonism to be brighter than we were told to join us for discussions about our journeys in the morning to Jesus. This is the Truth Network in the heart. Masculine journey after our time to be more transparent to sit back and masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to injury after hours and you're talking today Robbie about the topic that we should be considering right now. Right when we were coming out of opinion which state you live in. We listen to, you know a lot of states had mask mandates and things like that and some still do, where we live were coming off of having to wear the mask everywhere all the time in on it feels like we are coming out of the entrance. Barricade the open. You hopefully it's not to get our heads back and then have to back and it would what's in season were entering into right now Robbie.

We talked about on Lasher's really kinda cool when you think about is, in the spring on and it's a seasonal recovery is what were talking about that as we come out from underneath coven were also entering into the vacation season and were certainly seeing in the culture that there spent in all kinds of money in an effort to feel better, but as our hearts are in this point of recovery and we need to refill our tank's great time to pause and ask God. You know what is my next step in this recovery process and what would refill my tank and as you know, for heads of households.

What is what you partner with God. What word we need to go in my family. What would be good would it be a Wally world adventure, or something that was much less scheduled in order to get a chance for people to express what really is been going on in their lives.

Last year because there's been some horrendous loss horrendous loss of both life and you know kids didn't get to play football online school, no friends it's had a huge effect on any I'd like to see my grandkids. My kids grow sliced after it isn't just you other things like if there have to be a funeral encoded that you knew you couldn't be with people in the hospital or nursing home and knows her story.

Vinnie was really never got a chance to get on the show but you know we never got a chance really have a funeral situation for him, which is been great, and went back to visit my aunt yell for a week because she had cancer.

More cancer and is at all. I don't know what's gonna happen. Psalms going to visit her now and so glad I did a great time with her and the rest of family that was able to be in town at the time and this is the weekend I'm going home now or the funeral so there's yeah everything's goofy. It's just weird things aren't like they normally were for however long you been alive that matter even even Harold hasn't seen something like this before you know you know when was the Spanish with the clay back in on what was 13 1400 to have one hell are burning bodies was a rest day at work know they were no the season of recovery right what what your heart need in the midst of this, and I think that's really? Continue ask is I have a running list of projects I wanted to have a running list of places I want to go. You know what I can afford to not do different thing that there's opportunity. Just because you can doesn't mean you should not love Rodney's clicked on this really really do as is. It's a new normal and is fit yeah so the is looking up clips and I was like okay we we talked heavily already about the boot camp being right before our major holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas. There's all kinds of stress that's involved in Thanksgiving and Christmas and there are so many great clips of yellow movies at that time of year and for me I don't know what's coming this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My wife and I right now are physically separated in cities by kids of just graduated. There's all kinds of unknowns. Honestly, I've had a great year this COBIT and everything else is going on in the world hasn't really bothered me that much. The thing is starting to bother me is the fact that everybody else is saying all you can stop wearing mass but boy, my work is not said you to stop wearing mass, come on, was going to show you use them as an excuse to make is where right so they probably know you have a face for radio and then try to keep it that way. So I was testing it all. So here is here.

I am going into get more upset now that I am a bitterest is every bit as were inviting myself beside my gosh really good.

All I'm thinking about is okay is I don't think it's a one and done a quick recovery. Do this thing in earrings will be okay. I don't think is all that I see with this illegally will do that. It's all great now it's I agree with John. It's going to take us a while you really are that the search listen now you got a holiday season that's looming out there to try to do all kinds of things are special and different is my loss last year, you know, done something really small. You normally get the big family together. People didn't travel there are all kinds of different things. It didn't happen. I didn't go to visit my family and I didn't go because they were all scared while I don't know that even seem if you came because you know we can't go busy so you will be flying in and out so that stuff is real to people and I'm like okay will if there are not worried about it, but I understand they are so there's things we got up, put yourself in their perspective and go okay I got you what won't go visit the people to try to make up for this, and when I did watch this and Mike what is going to be the knew the change is to be a change for the better are generally a change for the worse again try to overdo something and I love the movie the blind side for so many different reasons, but here you come into this clip and you have Thanksgiving and all the sudden big Mike is in the world and they're doing their normal every day Thanksgiving type style phase about football and scraps of food as go in and eat and watch the game. That's what they do. That's with her family does is what they're comfortable with. Big Mike is experiencing something brand-new. It's all different and big Mike grabs food and if you watch the clip is like even taken a rolling point to put in his pocket, and they may see this because he's like man I want you want to really eat a lot of food here egotist teletype oh my gosh, I'm really can take what I want you know. She says it can. I really do this is his face like should I think a bullet in the movie the mom. She's looking around going where they mightn't. She spots and he's in the dining room eating and that's when she turns off the TV when I can watch football to join big Mike. We got a new normal.

We got something really take that this poor kid wasn't able to enjoy Thanksgiving and were going to change our Thanksgiving is something where it's about family more than is about football and other things. It just normally is the way we do things and then it just completely changes their dynamic and then yell the rest of the story Scana written after that that we know about how everyone think your mother for driving story, getting Phil this is.

Each generally take place on.

We thank you for all the many blessings in this we thank you for bringing us any friend, and we ask that you look after us on this holiday season. Never forget how very fortunately I was trying to follow the game is likely press coverage and executives like this we do know is if it's on your attention go gets away from the family goes right to the game. I just love this because it's like again like back the wild are they at the pause after those things, like just pause people before you rush into anything today tomorrow for the next year pause is where I should be going. Is it where others that I'm going with that where they should be going talk about it with them see where the heart is try to get them to open up you open up we keep talk and be vulnerable.

Open yourself up to where you're really at and maybe they'll open up and you can all open up together and actually have a whole new chapter this much better than chapter before it's always easier to swim in the same direction opposite Yen as were just talking about the chosen yell that show where it has the little the fish swimming around and set the thing going the opposite direction.

It is exactly the picture of that site at were going to go in a different direction that Jesus is the new normal daily. What about you once the Woodson thoughts for you for the season.

Recovery will are we had a couple of giveaways plan before they started lifting the union they have got a change because we're in a season of taking care of family and that's what you know that's okay, but Michelle and I were talking last night when I got home I took dad to have his fifth back surgery and a pitiful computer thing any man. I will learn to reprogram it but I'm controlling but your mom and dad are in a situation where dance had five back surgeries and mom is almost immobile and so were in that season of what we talk about vulnerability. You know we have to get real with each other and go okay what's really going on is really needed and that Michelle about how she said, Lord, we borrowed nice house and Kenyan were going to be living in. I will be in Ashburn undergoing the car a lot and so our plans are to Paul's and if it's just a wiki and you have some ice they would know make sure the parents are taking care of an escape for weekends or something because these next few weeks and months are going to be really tough and so we best discount of our plan is to take care of our hearts but yet be engaged in what we need to be because you we have to step in the leadership roles in you know lots of different things because you know if there season the life of their parents that they need more care than they ever and I had a conversation with dad. They were both laden and down when I left a mess now look, here's what I don't need happen. As a dad I don't need you to undo five back surgeries taking care of her. Even though I know your heart is it that I said let's do something just to be honest with me. Be you know in the it's an interesting season speak it is and I think that it if you're listening to this with the wrong filter.

I think that you know doing something it's good for my heart is selfish but sometimes the best thing you can do for your family or coworkers and people are going to be around all the time actually take good care of your heart. That doesn't mean being selfish right that that's not part of it, but it's doing things and God says that my heart needs puts me in a better place to where I can listen to I can take care the people that needed that I don't feel as wary as any other answer is counterfeit and Scana lead us in the opposite direction. There is something you want to share about the season well covered robbed us of the opportunity to see our oldest son and his family in New Mexico so our plan is toward the end of June will be going out there with them. But what seemed like such a long time since we saw now the oldest grandson from out there is actually in Germany and the Air Force now so I don't know when we'll see him again but the that's an important thing for us is to reestablish that relationship absolutely. I have a couple night. I flicked my calendar in and honestly none of these trips that I was looking doing were very expensive and was going to go to Indiana state. My sisters there's no hotel costs and things like that. I'm going to see a friend at the beach and staying at their place in on that type of thing. There are two trips that I had planned. They were going to have some money involved, but I'm still really looking forward to those because it's a trip with my boys and I and we tend to have just a really good time and it's a big memory point denies special event assignments entering into the workforce in October you be working full time that's convenient to them.

Nothing seem to be the same again. I oldest son is imbuing her young son to be going the senior year of high school that's quickly going to change after that, you know, going to college and again all that kind of changes in some looking at this is some level of normalcy and normality to it that I can go on a vacation with my kids and and actually just have a good time doing simple things and in the second one very fortunate was able to get a a trip with my family. My oldest brother very generously covered the cost for the family, but I'm going to go take a trip with my siblings and the reason that that's an option will be arguing some point in I know my siblings. Yeah, but the reason that that's important, honestly, is one of the last things Mohammed told us you know, as she was dying she kept on his stay together stay together. You probably promising that we would stay together and we did a pretty good job up until Cove Braden of easy to get on a new normal. That's what I appreciate about my oldest brother step in and say no working to make sure we do get together like we promised and then it may look some different next year, but it felt like there was something good about Seneca were honoring that request in even though I'm sure there'll be tensions at times and I know the family well, but it'll be good in the long run that time that were going to spend this upcoming time it's where the funerals of the sad but our families have so much fun wary planning okay were going to eat their way together favorable spots back to edit an EN make sure we get time play cards as we get serious about cardplaying in the family. The family is together and it's like it.

This is so much fun to sit there.

Talk about its what will come up during a card game right is your plan and you nine, 10, and then some. His thoughts about somebody that memory pops up and then you get the next thing on is just a hoot. Just sit down with people you know that well and you love that much and just have that special time so eight of the cool thing for me when I think about it. I thought about it is that God is kind or orchestrated my season already. Like I had a week to go do Nikita Alcala's arm in camp, which was a week of chasing after God's heart and there was some stuff there that was not necessarily up my cup of tea necessarily.

However, it was a week that God and I went on an adventure like you do and you are you know it was him and II didn't know anybody there at admin. Nikita and and there was a fasting time and there was a lot of times that were like government or silences only on steroids, consider a lot longer than than we do it are camps and then right coming off that we had our boot camp a week later and so I had a full week of that and then we came in and did ours.

And what was interesting for me is that some of the stuff that God put in my heart to begin to do which was to be more affordable and to be maybe out loud and to share more of of intimacy who I am with my friends that pushed right in the boot camp which not only allowed that to happen between me and my friends. But then God started really playing with me. I mean he he he started showing me colors and things in my mind that I can always just it's weird and you say that's weird Robbie, but it was really race where Robbie it's it was really good for my heart, and he knew it would be a and I've been processing it really ever sense. But as result of that in life pushed into this season coming off this boot camp it into just more time like that with God and in the end, so that I feel really like my tanks been getting ill for little bit a little bit and so I'm I'm ready to take on what what what comes next season will weird is the new normal. So you're okay and I you are normal way. Before he was weird before weird was in, so now we come to the last few minutes of the show and we talked about everything those so what's what's go get a new guys heart about this time the season this guy guess what would be your hope coming out of it.

Whatever this season. What I like about that is no definition of the beginning of the end right coming season this BBC's recovery for some people that's a relatively short one for other people may be months yet other people may be years but as you walk through this this path with God.

What your hope coming out on the other side of whatever the season length. I guess mom probably would be deeper level of intimacy with God and then you know that's there. It's always that you know because that's where life comes from. I think it's finding life and whatever you're doing and I know I duplicate plenty of things false comforters finding life and things other than God or the other and in good human relationships. You know what I'm thinking you know I'm thinking seared earlier on the first show about my daughter going to Utah and is even sitting here thinking about it while we were talking about this of what would that do to my heart. What that would that be to her heart and then I begin to realize it's almost like God reminded me that you know hurt her.

My time is coming to an EN where she had been living with me and she's coming back to the Triad area and going to school at Wake Forest and you know those like you know what that really could be a really good time. You know and and is reconsidering that in an because of the hard aspects you know of.

Just know that we've had some good times, we we've laughed a lot.

We had some good times and good trips together, and I think it's just really kind of praying into that even more to see if that is what's on the agenda God's agenda because Robbie mentioned that I've went out of a lot of trips by myself and as much as I've enjoyed God being their intimate experience for him that there was a desire to have somebody there with me but that I can share to these places abysmal. I got a story where God met me there is one place I want her to see you know so this is something the disclaimer came up in my heart yet is think we just had a very good men's ministry about patience and kindness. Those two just really resonated in psych if I don't have patience and kindness for you. How can I expect patience and kindness from you and I think of each of us is kind of focus on the inpatient kind with others barely there will actually be patience and kindness from others and just to be able to sit in that rest and that and say okay will this is what I can do what I can control okay I can control everybody else and what they're doing but I can control me. I control my attitude towards it, even though there's things that are gonna yell all my top off at times like okay get back under control has not how you feel about masks and siphon yet masculine. I'm feeling a patient is it kindness, your feelings and well disguised kindness.

That's when the next it was his call to pose as you go to boot camp sample to Robbie will let you what you hope to come out of the season. While Exabyte long-standing hope to see those I love walk closer with God.

That's like man I want to see that intimacy and of raising levels for all the people I love your pretty all about it all the time in and ask God to know what's my role in Mammon. Looking forward to that.

I I I am convinced that this season will lead to deeper intimacy with people better be vulnerable in the situation. In his last bouquet was is awesome for me in one of the things I've tried to do in this season is not that edges be a weekend event. It happened and it was really cool and try to implement more of you will we talk about all the time and you to have those moments of the cones of silence which are 30 seconds long and the covenants of silence which are an hour-long but those moments we God that he is playful. He has brought Leah is a house re-intercepted IC member today got a death threat or somewhere in these aggressive lead every morning see the birds see something you know I love hawks and I see them all the time really cool but just to observe the fact that God does walk with us on a daily basis. He does talk with us. He does because I forget that in the seasons of just one thing after another after another Harold. What about you 20 hope to come out of the season with just gonna come in about three in Jan had one when she would be doing her morning devotional.

It would be read out there on the deck to squawk. This will head off enough to share with you: what I wrote about it but she says that the bluebirds show that God is pleased with her when they come to the bluebird boxes just right outside the window and the little grin so I think God does give us critters that are evidence of his presence in his care for us as he cares for them.

The Rendon have a bank account, then the viewpoint I get guess for me it would just be wholeness finding it in you get that with the intimate intimacy with God because I realize that how I feel about myself will directly affect how I treat others right and so I have to make sure that I get my own dipstick checked to make sure the oil levels. I did all this they escaped Sam had taken can be taught. Not just look at the dummy I see him when I explode great use of preventive stuff and is really to spin the season getting more whole getting more intimate with him since I pray that for you as you think about your season is just keep going to humans and God. What can I do for my heart. Were you in this word you want me in this, whatever this is right in and go with him go with reckless abandon with him now just go and follow him. The Holy Spirit you know the student with a colleague in Ireland with a list item.

I tell you have to look it up that you submit in the next week look at what they call those.

I will talk to get a message.

It is not Argie is not like, this is the Truth Network

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