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On the Job - Part 3

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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May 25, 2021 6:48 am

On the Job - Part 3

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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May 25, 2021 6:48 am

What is the real value of work? How does this fit into God’s creation? Today we look at a biblical worldview of the work God has called us to do. Part 3.

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Now has sent for souls and difficulties and the worst part works being shattered is this. We now try to find out I see in our work moments and hopefully make passionate arguing the work you do each day. You know conference to work inside. It was good, but in the fall in Genesis chapter 3 where like many things became cursed. So I leave Jesus restore us to God's original plan. Here's stated childlike in the second part of a series on work called on the job last week on the job series.

Here's what we covered.

We look to the biblical worldview on work as I think you need look at all of your lives through the lenses of a biblical worldview. That's how does the Bible address different subjects in your life and in the world and regarding the subject of work.

Here's what the Bible teaches.

God created the world in Genesis 1 and two, and everything was good and he worked in on the seventh day he rested from that work, but he called work good and he gave Adam and Eve responsibility over dress killing and keeping the land manual labor and naming the animals mental labor. So, manual and mental labor.

Originally created by God were all good, but Genesis 3 the rebellion the fall as it's called shattered everything including God's view of work and work became cursed. We saw how in Genesis 3. Work now has thorns and thistles and difficulties and the worst part of works being shattered is this.

We now try to find our identity in our work and what I said last week is your worth is not in your work. That's what Jesus currently came to redeem was to give us a new identity so that our worth is not found in our work. Remember when you meet somebody at a party.

What's the first question they ask you what do you what you do and we find identity. What we do not and who we are so Jesus came to die on the cross.

First of all to make us a new person a new person sink with his 517. The old has passed away and the new has come. We are new people in Christ. When we receive him. His life enters into our lives and we literally find our identity now in him and him alone and then what should come as a result of that relationship is no longer do we define ourselves by what we do.

We are defined by that relationship with him. You got it that we are not defined by what we do our worth is not in our work, but he does something else. Folks, he not only with our work gives us a new identity by us, becoming a new person.

He also gives us a new passion a new passion.

And that's what today's message is all about how to have a new passion regarding how God wants us to look at our work. Once we become a new person in him are you ready a guy named Paul who wrote two thirds of the New Testament on apostle one called by Jesus is the one who wrote these words about work. He said whatever you do work heartily as for the Lord and not for man knowing that from the Lord, you will receive the inheritance as your reward you are serving who you are serving the Lord Christ as a Christian you're serving the Lord Christ if you're that new person you're serving the Lord Christ. So the question then becomes if you're a new person in Christ.

How do you have a new passion. In other words, when your feet touch the floor. The morning one of two phrases are going to first come out of your mouth, your will either say good Lord it's morning or good morning Lord, which is when you get up in the morning and face your day at work. What's the first phrase that comes from your mouth. Good Lord it's morning I got a good work or good morning Lord, I have something I'm really looking forward to the day will if it's the latter.

Here's why. First of all, you realize it's all in the call.

It's all in the call say that with me. It's all in the call now when work became cursed in Genesis 3 and thorns and thistles in the sweat of our brow became a part of our work. Not like original timber Adam and Eve enjoyed their working relationship with God every single day. Woke up and said good morning Lord what a great time to co-create with you. Genesis 3 destroyed all of that and and as a result of that. Think about this. We have not even given our jobs, a new name on your forms that you fill out to apply for a job you're asked to identify previous occupations. Think about that work we define work as an occupation, something to occupy our time for five days of the week so that we can get to the fun stuff on two days a week work is just an occupation occupying our time.

Good Lord it's morning and God doesn't want that. It's all in the call folks when you come to faith in Jesus and you're a new creation. How does that affect your job suddenly realize your work isn't an occupation to occupy your time, five days a week so the get to the two days that are fun.

Your job becomes of vocation of vocation. The word vocation comes from the Latin word which has the same etymological word source as voice folks vocation. It's a calling from God. So that's what Paul is getting at here.

He saying that when you're in the workplace. Whatever you do you work heartily for the Lord because it's a calling, where God has placed you not let me tell you this if you love the Lord and you believe that he's in control of all of the planets in all of the universe. That means he's in control of your life. That means that everything in your life is ordered according to the sovereign plan of God for your life and where ever you are working is what is the place where God wants you to work if it wasn't where he wanted you to work, you'd be someplace else may I say that again, the place where you're working as a child of God is the place where he wants you to work or you'd be someplace else. So you are God's representative by his call to your workplace and that changes the dynamics doesn't it from good Lord it's morning to good morning Lord. I am your representative in my workplace to glorify you. Which leads to the second point. How do you move from occupation the vocation. It's all in the call and secondly you realize God is your CEO and if you are a CEO here today and you oversee your organization.

God is your CEO and if you are working in an organization.

God is your CEO Paul said it clearly you're working for the Lord you are serving the Lord Christ now we've set up in our world a false dichotomy and the truth is from the biblical perspective there's no difference between the second sacred and the secular, your workplace is sacred. Why, because God ordered you to be there. The truth is, wherever you are.

God is the CEO of that place and you work there not to please people, but to please God, I love the great music writer Johan Sbastien Bach JS Bach. Did you know that as a committed follower of Jesus at the bottom of each piece of music that he so majestically wrote he would write three words S.

D. G3 letters SDG and for years nobody knew what that meant they go. Maybe he had dedicated the music to a loved one who had those initials and then finally someone figured that for years.

Bach put SDG at the bottom of his musical pieces to symbolize three Latin words solely they will glory it means to God alone belongs the glory so Bach understood this principle. But God is the CEO and that whatever he does, he does for the glory of God because God is his true boss.

So therefore, if God is your true boss as a follower of Jesus, who is a new creation in him and you have a new passion in your workplace you enter with a great attitude to glorify him. You commit in your workplace to have a strong work ethic, not to please your boss or to impress other people around you but for your true boss God in heaven you choose to be honest and Integris why because your boss in heaven want you to be such. You are loyal and kind and compassionate because that reflects the qualities of the Savior who lives within you. Who is your true boss.

You don't gossip. You don't slander. Why, because that doesn't give glory to the one who is your true boss.

You are accountable solely to him or you are serving the Lord Christ. So no matter where you are this new passion consumes you because you know your vocation. Your call is to be where you are and if you weren't supposed to be there. You'd be somewhere else because God would call you to another workplace. You can enter into your workplace tomorrow and say thank you, God, good morning. I'm entering into the place where you have called me SDG to God alone belongs the glory. Let's use a biblical example, Joseph net now for those of you who don't know the story is in Genesis, the first book of the Bible Genesis 37 through 50.

Joseph was one of two boys born to his dad and mom that he really loved it at two wives of polygamy. The whole other subject. One. God's will got only had one plan for Jacob, but he married two different women and had 12 employees by several, but the one he really loved, had two children, Joseph and Benjamin and he loved him more than the other 10 will the other tendon like him in one time Joseph got a huge multicolored coat was valuable and he warred around with cockiness and showing off and going pay that he loves me more than you that he loves me more than you and the other 10 just had had it and so finally they came up with a theme and a scheme to get rid of Joseph. They decided one day to put them into a pit. Take the multicolored coat put some animal's blood on it. Go back to the dad say he's dead, he's gone. He died and he was in the pit finally taken out of the pit and became a part of the caravan the went down to Egypt hundreds of miles away. The brothers thought he was gone didn't have to worry about is cockiness anymore.

They were fine Joseph in the pit, then went to Egypt and was employed as a slave by a man named Potter for powerful, wealthy, influential, and Joseph worked hard, as unto the Lord, with a strong work ethic and Potter for was impressed by this Jew who love God and so God alone is a CEO and he began to elevate him in priority and power in his household and one day part of his wife comes along and tries to seduce this young handsome book.

But Joseph, a man of integrity who knew God's design for sexual morality only within the confines of the marriage, fled immorality well Potter's wife and like one bit being rejected by this young teen. So she went to Potter for and had Joseph arrested as a Joseph went from the pit to Potter first house to prison and while in prison.

He's there for several years. He involves himself with a baker who was unjustly imprisoned and finally gets out because Joseph was able to interpret a dream of the Baker told Pharaoh and he got out and then we was restored as the Baker, and Joseph said just don't forget me and you know what he forgot Joseph we stayed longer than he anticipated for years in the prison really did in the prison. He worked faithfully, as unto the Lord, the jailer gave him more and more responsibilities in the prison until finally Pharaoh started having dreams the Baker might remind himself of Joseph got them out of prison, Joseph Kaman interpreted the dream for the Pharaoh giving evidence that was going to be huge famine coming. They need the store up all the food for seven years because of the seven years of famine they want to live the needed to do that they will believe Joseph it all happen the way Joseph prophesied and Joseph was made. Now the Prime Minister of all Egypt that night. You see four stages of Joseph's vocational calling decedent first.

He was in the pit and what he do he tried to be faithful to God, he just tried to be faithful and believe and trust. How do we know this will you'll see just a second and then he was taken to Potter's house.

What is he do he just tries to be faithful to God sees himself as God's agent got the CEO in Potter's household and he slowly but surely elevated to positions of responsibility and then he's cast into prison.

What is he do these faithful to God. He works hard day in day out do what's he's responsible for doing and the jailer notices it and elevates him in responsibility, until finally taken the Pharaoh shows what he knows Pharaoh's impressed and makes him Prime Minister DC in every place, whether it's in a good job situation or a bad job situation, whether he's in the pit or with Potter for or imprisoned or the Prime Minister's faithful with what God is called him because God is his CEO is the end. Of course the brothers coming they don't recognize Joseph, but he recognizes them, the famine had consumed the land. The brothers come looking for food. They know the food is been stored up in Egypt. Joseph has this encounter with his brothers and when they finally realize who Joseph is, they gasped and by the way. In Genesis 5020. That's the most powerful verse the whole story. Joseph looks at his brothers and said, you meant for evil but God comes. It was in the pit was in Potter's house was in the prison with them. He was with with Pharaoh in the palace working all together for good, just like no matter where you are. If you think your job is the pits and you're in the pit Dodge with you working if you're being favored right now and you're on an escalated trajectory moving up in the organization got with you for the call and your job is to trust God as a part of the call because here's the cool part of the story when Joseph's brothers finally realized that Joseph knew they were their faces blanched their heart sank in their tummies and they went.

Oh, no revenge and he holds all the cards and look at what Joseph said to them in Genesis 45, five.

Listen to this and now Joseph said to them, do not be distressed or angry with yourselves because you sold me here for God sent me.

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The rescue Mission provides free Christian residential high quality substance abuse recovery programs to members of our community who otherwise would not be able to afford such services with a passion for holistic transformation and a love for Christ. The Mrs. 120 program has transformed the lives of thousands of men and women in our community. Charlotte rescue mission is grateful for the financial partnership listening to moments of helping times and then end with me as our pastor David Chadwick needed. Thanks for joining us today. Thank you, Jim Houston, I hope you're well today.

I am thinking hearing my winnings.

The devotion you gave us some really good counsel about how we should continue to new foreword actually in difficult times, we just share with us about some of these thoughts and thank you share some thoughts with our listeners. I will gin it comes from the David is a my used today here it is, the fruit is most luscious where the Giants are the biggest and I know some people who might not be biblically familiar. Asking one of the world is ending well when Moses had the children of Israel on the border of the promised land he sent 12 spies out in the land and the 12, came back and they brought fruit with them from the promised land and it was big and luscious beyond belief. Now 10 of the spies looked at the luscious notice of the fruit and still had unbelief that didn't make them think they could conquer the promised land was only to Joshua and Caleb who looked at the land and looked at the fruit and set our God is bigger than the Giants and the walled cities in the land.

The point being that the land God had chosen for the Jews. Even though there were huge giants in the land, even though there were all cities throughout the land.

There was also rate luscious fruit and the point being that there is the most luscious fruit in our lives where the Giants are the biggest so don't let the Giants in your life scare you off from whatever God is promised you keep moving forward.

Claim those two great words in the Bible, which always give us faith. But God yeah the Giants are big yellow walled cities are huge but God and what you're going to find out is where those giants are and were those walled cities are.

There's also the most luscious fruit possible and that's what you can enjoy what you see God defeat the Giants and tear down the walls of the walled cities that's the point I'm trying to make today.

Don't give up when you're fighting a huge battle. That's probably where the most luscious fruit in your life is going to exist, I will definitely say for myself.

Anxiety is something that's been a giant in my life and you know in the last year. Tina just remembered the promises that have been prayed over me and I just held on and looked at the promises as well, and trusting God with the free really help me go three to this this battling anxiety and face this Giants will gin one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit is love and joy and peace so if you are battling with the giant of anxiety and you can then conquer it with the but God of faith will what's the fruit that will come in your life. It's the luscious fruit of P and don't all of us want to live in peace. Don't we want to live free from the anxiety and fears that surround us. Of course we do. But you gotta fight those giants. First, you gotta slay them in the name of Jesus. You gotta say. But God, God is bigger than those giants and when you realize that internally in your heart. You are given a strength that conquers the Giants and then again the fruit that comes to you is the luscious fruit of peace, who doesn't want that perfect peace that passes all understanding. We need it. We need it today will thank you so much for these thoughts today Dana you're welcome and again everybody the Giants are the biggest with the fruits the most luscious. Don't be scared off by the Giants, slay them, and you'll have fruit that takes better than any fruit you've ever tasted before.

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