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Alcohol - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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February 16, 2021 10:48 pm

Alcohol - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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February 16, 2021 10:48 pm

We take a break from David's extensive study of the Gospel of John to talk about a subject that has made a huge impact on lives, in families and throughout communities. Today Pastor David Chadwick continues his look at the difficult issue of alcohol.

Part 2.

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The question is do you need that alcohol just to live. That's what Paul meant in Ephesians 518 when he said not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery being under the influence of the Holy Spirit finding freedom from the bondage of alcohol.

This is moments of hope with Dana Chadwick and members of families negatively affected by alcohol abuse is staggering.

It's often called the secret family said so what does Scripture say about that today will hear David speak to us heart-to-heart and in messages simply because alcohol so the poor school movement is what caused prohibition and it lasted for several decades, but it didn't last forever. Why, because through speakeasies.

People could find alcohol they would continue to drink and people understood eventually that even the laws help regulate society and keep people from doing bad things. You can't legislate the changing of the human heart. The only way you can change your human heart to desire to do right is what the gospel of Jesus Christ, which changes the heart that still only in a heart that's filled with love. So prohibition vanished in the 1920s because people's hearts still yearn for alcoholism and the problem dear friends is continuing to grow. I would even say proliferating today to let me try to answer some of the questions that you have sent in this week and hopefully I can address this very difficult problem from a biblical perspective. The first question is this one are Christians called to abstain completely from alcohol but from the verses that I read in the Bible, you must obviously see that alcohol was accepted in Jesus day in creation throughout the Bible, drinking in moderation is okay. It's much like food God says eat food.

Don't become a glutton the same truth. Alcohol God created it to gladden man's heart. Psalm 104, but you're not supposed to be drunk, you're not supposed to be intoxicated. You're not supposed to become inebriated, you're not have the bus at that point you crossed the line not know some people have suggested that the word wine in the Bible is a word that can be used for fermented or unfermented wine. So therefore when it's used in the Bible is really talking about unfermented wine to start my grape juice not.

There are several problems with that interpretation, and I'll give you several just quickly with great respect for those who are honored to have a completely different position than I do. But first of all, if the Bible is talking about wine is being unfermented wine. The world is the never addressed drunkenness who has ever gotten drunk on grape juice. Secondly, Jesus is the one in his first miracle who changed water into wine and the master of the feast tasted Jesus knew wine the last wine and said it's better than the first. How can grape juice be better than the first. There something in the fermenting quality that causes the new sparkling wine to be better than what was offered to begin with. Moreover, Jesus taught that when the kingdom of God comes upon a person's life work comes upon a churches life comes upon a culture's life. It's like placing wine into old wineskins in burst forth the old wineskins you need. Therefore, new wineskins to put the wine inside grape juice can't break apart even an old wineskin. It's the admission of the gaseous substances from the wind causes the wineskin to break apart so Jesus must be talking about fermented wine and finally Jesus himself was called a drunkard in the wind and wind, the world would he be called a drunkard if he didn't drink some wine, some people of suggested wealth.

They just use that as a way to castigate him to criticize him, but that doesn't make any sense if everybody knew he didn't drink that criticism of him would have no punch whatsoever. So it looks like wine was created by God to gladden the heart that it was intended by him to be enjoyed but in moderation, never crossing that line to addiction to drunkenness to inebriation to the bus never intended.

Next question is alcohol a sin or disease. My answer yes both in my opinion.

I remember there's a genetic predisposition alcohol, no question about that. There is scientific evidence to support it, but there's not a genetic predetermination alcohol.

In other words, no one held a gun to your head and said to you, you must take that first drink, you chose to do so, and then you move from that first drink to a total dependence upon alcohol then alcohol became her God folks.

That's what sin is sin is using anything, including sports, your spouse, your job, anything that takes preeminence over God himself. That's what an idol is so at some point in predetermination you chose to continue to make alcohol your God that sin, but at some point in your brain's makeup. You cross that line and it became an addiction your brain change with its neurotransmitters became an addiction. At that point. It's a disease it's a disease that needs to be cured through AA. God bless them if you go to AA praise got some people say to me, all I don't like AA. It talks about a higher power.

Cannot Jesus think Carter higher power.

Jesus, I don't care how your set free. Just be set free in this whole idea of your body being under the control of a substance is a disease and what I've come to realize as some of you are alcoholics you need me to say that it's a disease and I understand why you feel such shame. Such guilt for what you've done to your lives and those around you, and I don't want you to feel that shame, I want you know the grace and forgiveness of my risen Savior so alcohol is both a disease and it sin.

Let me share even more particularly, now two different groups of you.

First of all to you young people, particularly teens.

But even younger than teens will begin to experiment with alcohol. You asked me why can't I drink it set every party like anti-here's my answer. It's illegal, it's against the laws of the state, and God in Romans 13 verses one through seven has allowed the government to exist, to place laws upon his people to guard against immorality.

Godlessness occurred in pain, the state of North Carolina has said the legal drinking age is 21.

If you're not 21 you cannot break it's illegal harsh but true and if you choose to do so. You just need to know your drinking you're breaking the laws of the state of North Carolina.

You're also breaking the laws of God. You're disobeying your create my daughter Bethany chose not to drink.

That was her decision. She chose to abstain from alcohol altogether and I honestly feel good about that in middle school, high school and college. She was costly pressure to drink at the party she went to and whenever she got pressure here was her answer. It's against the law, you shouldn't be drinking at all and you interestingly, her friends respected her. She didn't get rejected. But that was her answer to parents.

I have heard from several different sources that there are parents who say what I need to give my teens alcohol in my home at their parties so that I can rightly oversee their behavior.

If there out there wherever I can't oversee them, but there here I can oversee them. Here's my answer. It's illegal, it's illegal and if you supply alcohol to a minor or that minor leisure premises and has a car accident and kill someone you can be charged as an accessory to murder. But even more so. Romans 13 verses one through seven says God is authored the government to oversee laws for our benefit and our health.

If you supply alcohol to your sons or daughters or to their friends. It's illegal, you're breaking the laws of the state of North Carolina and you are breaking the law of God. The final thing I would say to you is in the name of Jesus. What are you doing do you have a screw loose in your brain.

What are you thinking yes.

Teach your children about alcohol and its dangers and model for them how to do it rightly. It's not giving alcohol to teens to singles you say to me I want to weeks meet somebody that's got to go to the parties or go-go bars. Let me remind you, the three reasons for alcohol drinking in our culture's personal fellowship. Secondly, to escape, if any of you, much less singles need alcohol to medicate yourself to make it through the day you cross the line and finding your true self, that this whole question and in all the questions I'll be dealing with over the next several weeks is really a question of who are you, what your identity and you feel you need alcohol to release your true you those primitive inhibitions which call you sometimes to take drinks or a pill that's been placed into your drink that causes you to pass out for you then have a date rape occurred and some of you tell me to, I'll even understand. I drink and I sleep with this guy and I sleep with him again. What's going on. David and I say to you what you understand you're looking for someone for your life's identity and are willing to sell yourself to do so. Alcohol can't be your identity can only be found in the living Lord Jesus Christ to everyone, man, just talk to you from my heart. I wish like everything that everyone of us had within a gauge where we knew we cross that line from one drink to several that it's too much. So let me give you some ideas. First of all make a commitment to just have one drink moderation not drunkenness or hear something else you can do that is quite biblical that I would wholeheartedly support. Make a commitment to abstinence. Decide today. You don't want to drink. Interestingly, to prepare for this message. I wrote our friends in Africa.

I asked them what do your pastors teach about alcohol.

The response was fascinating in Africa. Both the people I roasted you cannot take an absolute stand against alcohol biblically which which I've Artie taught you can't is just not there but they said every single African pastor preaches abstinence. Why because they seen the destructive quality to the individual and to their families. In fact, in Ethiopia when someone is baptized, they raise their hands to Jesus.

They put their hands down before they're baptized. Alcohol they rejected again because they know of its destructive power in India, most of the people coming to faith in Jesus.

Now in the delete class this the lowest class, but the poverty class and when people work in the factories all day long there exhausted, but they know that they spend their money on alcohol.

Their families are dangerously close to the precipice of total poverty and they know the little bit they make is what their family needs just to exist. So interestingly, on their ways home where they walk. There are stands like here sell hotdogs or fishing ships or whatever is there walking on their stands selling alcohol, trying to lure this poor class that are desperate and tired to buy alcohol with their earned wages so the pastors in India teach absolute abstinence absolute.

Why so that those families don't fall in the poverty so I give you permission to be an African or Indian if you so choose.

Why, what will first of all you don't know if you have that gene you don't know as I told my kids it's in our family. You just need to know in Marilyn's and my gene pool. Is there and if you partake your role in the dice. Whether you might get it. So abstinence will support that the choice secondly you can choose not to drink for the lesser brother and sister in Christ. That's what Paul meant. Romans 1421. We said it's good not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything that causes your brother to stumble say we don't want to have alcohol in any gathering. Why because there might be somebody who struggling with a lesser brother, a weaker person in Christ who struggling with it and are having it my cause them to stumble, Marilyn.

I made the decision not to drink publicly. Why, because for some reason in God's economy he's decided to make the public. I don't get it. I'm basically an introvert. I like my times of privacy, but I love to preach God's word so it's giving me a large following of people and I don't know who's watching me when it is my public actions caused a lesser weaker brother or sister to fall, and alcoholism.

It would break my so we've chosen not to drink publicly because we don't want to cause anybody who watches us to think was okay and it might spark the genetic predisposition or finally might be just a witness. You have MIBs choose to abstain, so that when people ask you why are you stating you can save Obama follower of Jesus, and give you a chance to share Christ abstinence is okay. It is acceptable before the Lord is there's nothing wrong with.

In fact, has great honor in many respects.

So the bottom line and a key question who or what controls your life that that's the question you can't teach biblically, you can never drink, but you can teach. If you drink moderation and never drunkenness never to inebriation never to the bus never, ever, but the bigger question is do you need that alcohol just to live. That's what Paul meant in Ephesians 518 when he said and do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery being drunkenly to so many problems with Artie said that so many difficulties it leads debauchery, but be filled with the Holy Spirit, be under the influence of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not a thing, dear friends.

The Holy Spirit is a person is the third person of the Godhead, one God father son and Holy Spirit. When we accept Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to reside within us. So we are under the influence of the third person of the Godhead who is Jesus himself who died on the cross to forgive us of our sins and give us his love, grace, kindness and mercy. Here's what I've learned in life. The only thing that frees us from our addictions and problems is to love something more than the addiction and the problem in Jesus came to die on the cross to forgive me for my sins and he indwells my heart sincerely meeting daily how much he loves me and cares for me just to me and I love my soon to love him more than anything on this world is passing moment with coming on God's and my friend is in the right direction will be right. This is the ministry meant focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community on Mark McManus and here's Jim Noble with the dream Center, Charlotte hello my name is Jimbo Bowen direct take a minute to thank you mama. Suppose David and Marilyn Chadwick all of you there being no real number for us.

You been there since OA starting Kings and grew into the dream Center the middle of the last eight weeks, probably exceeding 50,000. Now I guess where's the maids at city of reason and of those is one word with the meals going out about the relationship, world rebar doors that never amount as well is the meals you know the first collimated side of Israel and provide you a phone call you so you everything you and not only that, you also drink this week is all dream Center with you as you. God bless and we just turn the thanks for listening to moments of hello I'm James Easton and Britney is our pastor David David thinks demonstrating that today it's a privilege. Being with you Jim, thank you and your morning E division series.

He recently started a series called David a sentence. Can you share about where these came from. I can, Jim.

They are pithy little phrases that I've used through the years I've learned them from other people, mentors, coaches, my dad are. They are things I've actually thought of myself sometimes. And as I have taught them the people they are easy to remember. People have said to be through the years you want to put these down on paper I have. If anybody wants to get them up on a paper in their inbox every morning at 7 AM they can go to moments of Hope and subscribe there there free of charge my heart to yours to start your day with a moment of hope. But these David isms are just truths I've learned through the years common sense little phrases easy again to remember that people have really enjoyed it. I got a fun one today.

Jen, I would really enjoy hearing about this when you said don't put a? Where God has put in!

Yeah, this is a good one and it's one I've learned to live by.

Here's the truth.

There are many things in our life that we just don't understand everybody agree with that one difficult situations or circumstances in which God has closed the door into the season and said I have a different plan for your direction in life. In God's infinite wisdom, he chooses what to do and not to reveal to us Deuteronomy 2929 there certain things in God's mind. He just doesn't explain to us often to protect our hearts.

I think, but what God does choose to reveal to us is important. He expects us in obedience to trust him, whether we understand or not.

And we must especially trust God with the! What is that that is the emphatically shut and locked door is when life comes to us and there's no other option except to say there's another plan and we don't put a? Fear we don't keep pondering why we accept God's! That that season.

That door is shut done permanently.

We recognize that God is closed and locked the door for a reason. We may not understand that, but we trust him. We move forward in faith continuing to believe in his healing grace, we don't question the fly if we do, were ultimately questioning God's goodness and faithfulness. Instead, we trust God with whatever with his answer and our trust then builds our faith. So here's the key don't put a? Where God is put in!

Continue to trust him. He knows why he has done what he has done. He's done it, so his perfect plan for our life can occur join Jeremiah 2911 and again that's what faith is trusting God with no matter what may be happening in our lives. He's good. He's working everything for his glory.

God, thank you. This is so powerful and so relevant to many conversations that are going around in our society right now.

This is really really powerful gods and control. He has a plan. He wants us to trust him, particularly in areas of our lives were there are disappointments we continue to trust him because we will not put a? Where God is put in!

That's a David isms that I think all of us not only need to live by. We need to move forward with in whatever may come to us in our lives today and forever will thank you so much for being with us today. David my pleasure gin listeners. Thank you all for listening today to this moment of hope and moments of helpless make senior pastor of moments of hope Terex. Today's message is from our online worship service and you can be a part of that service each Sunday morning at nine 11 o'clock by going to moments of Hope and why mind, be sure to sign up for David Jamie moments of hope delivered every morning to your inbox and also check out dated's weekly free and available through our website.

Again, moments of Hope and the entire moments of hope turns changing

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