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February 19, 2021 6:56 am


Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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February 19, 2021 6:56 am

Raising kids in today’s world is hard. And teaching them right from wrong is a difficult task. Join David Chadwick and his wife Marilynn as they discuss 7 principles of parenting.

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Challenger child during one of our favorite verses. Psalm 112 verses one into Blessed are those who fear the fine great delight in his commands. Their children will be mighty in the land of promise.

Raising kids is hard.

With influences coming from troubled friends Internet and media sources that we may not even be aware teaching our children right from wrong, from a biblical perspective is quite today. David is joined by his wife Marilyn in a heart-to-heart talk about parenting today's messages alterity practicing what we preach. This is my love and Marilyn who most know she has been my best friend and my wife.

We got a great run. Want to speak to you today about parent.

The questions we could ask you about parenting to do different deal.

Instead of trying to give you all the different tips which will be embedded Psalm in the message. Talk about how to raise an extraordinary kit because we believe when you find your kids giftedness and they focus on that giftedness. A lot of the other parenting stuff just falls in the lives we have seven different principles. We want to share with you in just a moment and Marilyn is going to comment on them and all asked some questions and comments. Also, thank you for being with me. I appreciate it.

God has given us the strength to be parents and we have three great kids, not perfect kids. Not perfect, they they have their own issues we had to battle through those issues, but there kids and all of them love the Lord and are all walking with him and are all moving on in their own giftedness that we discovered early on and I think I think the things that work in us here today really would apply to all children. So let's look at these seven principles that you have mostly come up with and you have authored and I think their profound and powerful. Let's go through each one. Here's the first one of for those of us who want to raise extraordinary kids, not average kids but extraordinary kids Discover your child's beauty from Hebrews chapter 11 verse 23. The Bible reads by faith Moses when he was born was hidden for three months by his parents because they saw that the child was beautiful. That's the key word and they were not afraid of the king's edict. Marilyn, what is this me. You know David, this really is the linchpin to me the whole focus. I think that we had. As parents, and it's interesting. I read God's of books on parenting and really only a few things stuck out and this is one of them on this. This point was made to me by book that was written really. I think in the late 1800s and 19th century theologian Andrew Murray, South African guy read a beautiful book don't even know if it's still in prints, raising your children for Christ.

He's the one that pulled out this verse out of Hebrews 11 and he said you know this word for beautiful is used only once in the entire Bible and its to describe Moses in your thinking. Beautiful weather that really mean. Now just remember for a minute that this little child was only three months old. There was a genocidal mania.

The king was to the Pharaoh was trying to kill all the Hebrew babies and it says that they weren't afraid of the king's edict the parents. These little Hebrew prep peasants, but they also that Moses was a beautiful child, let me tell you what that word beautiful is used once means in the Greek it means them sophisticated artistic refined in a city dweller three months old. They say that and I think that they were given spiritual insight into that child Andrew Murray believes that you as a parent all of you as parents have the spiritual insight given to you by God to see the beauty in your child that maybe nobody else does.

Later on when I did a little more steady on this word I realized in digging a little bit deeper that it has another meaning in this is that when I really want to focus on with you and it means this the child is beautiful in the sight of God and friends that every child in it. Every child is designed to shut God gives them to be beautiful and you guys know that who has even to children alike that I think the point is, this is what Andrew Murray said it's your job as a parent, this is my favorite part I think is apparent to be on this adventure of studying your child still your child wants the money from the earliest days on to find out how God's maintenance child and help them you have a lifelong process of helping this child unlock that beauty unlock that giftedness that another way that that Greek word was translated as extraordinary. That's what we called it raising extraordinary kids. Not that our kids are extraordinary but that when you're raising children for God with his wisdom and with his insight. He looks at your child, he sees them as beautiful in his eyes. He's can allow you to see their beauty and he wants you to see them as extraordinary, which leads to the next point of the barrel and you come up with an raising extraordinary kids and that is grow your child with the grain looking at a very famous verse and parenting Proverbs 22 six. But there was going to give you different insight into it.

It reads train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.

There's an interesting twist to this that you discovered through the years. What is it there's a little twisting and you read those verses and you say okay will raise them up as a Christian, and then hopefully if they wander, they'll come back and when they're old, they'll stick with the gospel and I think the point is raise them up in the amplified version says something like this train up a child in the way he or she should go and in keeping with their gift or bent and then it says this and even when they're old, though not depart from it. You know, we need to assume that there are no wonder I think let's assume that there gonna stay on track, but part of the way you raise them with a heart for God is to discern as time goes along with that .1 their beauty but discern gift or bent as there on different and it's exciting to have a child grow with the grain instead of against down there forget one of ours are our youngest happen to be really really active and we knew that from in utero actually and so active and I remember one of his little preschool teacher said to me hundred 030 has an authority issue. Just like McGinnis. He's my most compliant child, but he just supplement a situation we had some Montessori school education as a preschooler.

Great for kinesthetic learners. But then we funneled him into sports and my goodness you know he's found a way that that little motor take him across water really really fast since it was a swimmer so I paid for college, so is to split the grain, you know, in keeping with that gift bent and spiritual gifts to I think we sold one child start throwing a bold up socks into lampshades when he was like two years old. We do in any no scholarship basketball would be our daughter.

We saw pension for languages beautiful language ability using the ability to grasp languages and we started putting her language immersion program.

She learned how to speak, spit, French and Spanish fluently was a ward of the language awarded her high school and that allowed her to prosper and it's interesting you know she did sports to an end and really in a fine way, but that the language was the part I think just made music for her disorderly always sought early on James Dobson read a book called hide or seek and I'll tell you. Like I said I only remember about six or seven things that I read about kids.

Without these parenting books.

Here's a second one he said this in hide or seek. He said you know you Christian parents need to realize what the kids are applicants when they're out in this world and they're going to be criticized for being Christians in face if they walk with the Lord they can get persecuted something to be mistreated to be made fun of exhibit you can do two things to help vaccinate their self-esteem so that they don't let low self-esteem pull them off the gospel he said make sure that this is kinda cute. Make sure you spend a reasonable amount of money on the on having decent close.

Nice haircuts make them physically attractive unit with all the tricks of the trade that you have.

Today is no reason you can't help your child be attractive in a nice new clothes. Don't let them feel like they're frumpy and that's why people don't like them so as to help them be physically reasonably physically attractive. Not everybody has to be dropdead just or super super handsome just physically attractive, and then help them find a gift or talent to excel in any field do those two things will help, and solidify their self-esteem so that their walk with Christ is gonna be the area digging to get hit on. If they're going to get attacked, let it speak for their walk for sales twin you have children who are operating in their extraordinary giftedness and moving forward. They don't have time to mess with drugs and alcohol. We get asked that question will tell you how to keep your kid from drinking and all those other things, the answer is given, so involved in their giftedness, their bid will have time and that's whatever their passion is not excel to the point that everybody in the world, hands them awards but you know what if they find what they will reward and enough and I think if they are passionate about whatever it is that they love and you help them go in that direction and then you're raising them for the Lord always told my kids. Good grief, this is the one time in life.

We can pursue your dreams and you got somebody else paying the bill and if you're dumb enough to do drugs or alcohol. I feel sorry for you I can help you this. If you do drugs or alcohol. You're on your own, which leads to point number three. That is, challenge your child to dream. One of our favorite verses. Psalm 112 verses one into Blessed are those who fear the Lord who find great delight in his commands. Their children will be mighty in the land. What a great promise their children will be mighty in the land, the generation of the upright will be blessed. You know Damon, that principle I think that's a promise that we took for ourselves. That's not not so much a parenting tip about how to raise your children but you know what, I took that promise. For myself, you know that if I was gonna really seek after the Lord with my whole heart, which I think is really important parenting tip. As a matter fact, seek after the Lord with your own heart and fear him in and try to follow him in every way. It says our children will be mighty in the land. Other people might not know that there mighty, but I'm going to know that there mighty in there going to be maybe not outward leaders but they're not going to be ones who follow the path of least resistance that can be mighty in the land. And I think they'll make an impact on this world I'm in. Good grief, this world is in such trouble. It's just as dark as I've ever seen in an you, God needs your children and my children. He needs our children to be world changers in their own way, mighty in the land. It might mean also that we got to be very engaged with film to keep them on the right track takes a lot of letter Joe very involved but me was like a gardener in the garden its lands on the plants hands on. Beware of the growth of weeds coming in all the kind of thing was high maintenance.

It took a lot of time and effort, but I think if you get the first couple of things in place. You know you see their beauty you grown with the grain, then it's gonna be easy to help them dream big.

I'll tell you this, try to take special note of what's happening in your child's life around age 9 or 10 is my experiences some pretty great dreams begin to flourish at about age 9 or 10.

I'm not know why that is Ben Carson who a lot of you know now is in the legal circles as a pediatric neurosurgeon. Actually, the chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins for years and he's been on my radar for a Roselawn again is a potential Republican president have lately. He wrote the book gifted hands and calming.

He had me at hello when I read that book because it's everything I believe he was raised in a situation where you would think this child will have anything but big dreams. The mother tried to commit suicide. He and his brother were pretty much left to their own while she was in the hospital. He was 10 years old. He was flanking his brother was 12 he was flunking but their mother Sonia had an encounter with Jesus Christ while she was in the hospital and let me just tell you what was going on in her life at the time she just found out her husband had a whole another family, so he had left her for this other family. He carried on a double life on these years she got married at age think it was 13.

This is pretty long number of years ago. This was back in the day but anyway she's made 13 or 14 had the two boys raising them on her and found this husband has another family, but the clincher for me is that she was illiterate she couldn't read, but she accepted Jesus Christ and she feels like one of the things that he encouraged her to do was to send the two boys, Dan and his brother to the library every day. She wanted him to go to the library where she was working and she said that Benny when you get home you and Curtis need to write me a one-page paper about the books that you read well slowly, then started getting to be a better reader, and he started reading books on science and then realize this was a passion of his, and then one of his schoolteachers notice that this ghetto kid being raised in a ghetto school had a penchant for science and the rest is history.

He went on to get a full scholarship to Galen and Johns Hopkins and brother succeeded to divider succeeded to an end many of you may know of Dr. Carson is the very first pioneer who separated twins that were joined Siamese twins were joined head. I mean he's just such a man of distinction, but he began to dream big and his mother help them dream baby are you she couldn't read or read about illiterate cheaper to me like she would read Ben's papers and somebody that knows her told me that Sonia Carson is really to hear the story but you have to realize it was what happened when Jesus Christ transformed her heart and she started dreaming big dreams for children even though they lived in the ghetto and had no resources.

I remember I went to my dad when I was young and blessed that I want to play in the NBA. One day, and you sits on go for he should shoot for the stars and said that if you only get to the moon you've never been to the moon before that was really wise counsel for me. I got to play professionally in Europe for several years about the NBA but I made to the moon and that was a pretty wonderful experience. Encourage your kids to dream. They rank dreams number four. Build a team around your child. Hebrews 10 verses 24 and 25 and let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another. First Thessalonians 5 is another version, encourage one another. You need teammates would encourage the kids extraordinary 30 my goodness, you know, I think you need encouragement. As a parent I don't know about you folks but I just think parenting is an extremely humbling job. I was never like a real super confident parent.

As I was going along the way and I was always thinking that I'd messed my kids happy now is very fragile and in need team support/other. We couldn't have raised our children without the strength in the nurture of the people in the church that saw all these things in them is even things that we couldn't see we had coaches and teachers even saw the beauty if you want to go back to that term. The beauty of our children in ways that we was a very valuable thing we need listening to moments of hope receiving criticism and constructive criticism is hard for anyone coming out dated joins me in a discussion about what Scripture says about growing criticism will be right. This is the ministry mother focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community on Martin with Mavis and here's Jim Noble with dreams that are short and bone to your home as opposed to all of you there being no real gross you been there since only starting grew into the dream Center will last eight weeks. Probably worse than you is the city is a work with the meals as well.

So all well as long as the meals you know the first is you all you know, you also dreams this week is all you got was a seat and thanks for listening today doing the CDM is our pastor dated Chad leg dated. Thanks so much for being with us today.

I Jim great being with you again today. Will one of your recent devotions was called how to avoid criticism. I want to know how to do that. Let's talk about it because it's one of my David isms that I've learned through the years and all talk at the end of this about what David isms are but it's one that really has helped me a lot as I've learned this truth. None of us like criticism, it's just painful when we hear it and we just don't like it and here's a surefire way so that we can avoid any form of criticism in our lives. Are you ready Jim yes here is never stand up for anything. If you want to avoid criticism never stand for anything. Many people fear criticism.

It scorches their soul. It hurts their hearts and what fear drives them, then, is to please everyone to never take a stand to avoid conflict at all because it's just no way to live, though there's a problem with people pleasers.

If you love Jesus, you must stand up for truth.

Jesus did and he expects us to do so as well. He says, for example, in John 15 that the pupil is not above the teacher that if they criticize the teacher there going to criticize the pupil.

We need to expect it to happen. It has been forewarned to us that will have tribulation of the world.

John 1633 Jesus said, that will be persecuted if we stand for truth, especially he said in Matthew 511 as they persecuted the prophets for preaching the truth so they'll persecute you. If you preach truth. It's just a part of following Jesus. So if you're a people pleaser. You can't follow Jesus. If you're going to follow Jesus, you must take a stand and that will invite criticism. Now there's a good side to criticism, though in Jesus mind criticism proves you are truly standing for him. You are faithfully following him again. The only way to avoid criticism is to never stand for anything, but if you get criticism for following Jesus. It shows that you're standing for him. If you are standing for nothing.

You're living a milquetoast tepid life rooted in only pleasing yourself instead of pleasing people though folks try this seek only to please God revealed his daily smile. Here is well done understand your playing to an audience of one. Carson wins the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has an organization. He has founded called 801 and trying to please.

Philadelphia Eagles fans is really something, he realized that he placed to an audience of one. He's trying to please God and God alone. But when he does so he recognizes he'll get some criticism from the world and that again proves that your faithfully following Jesus. When you do so, the opinions of others just don't greatly matter this is such a good reminder for me somebody who is a naturally a middle child and I wanted people please all the time that this is such a good reminder so you want to give me a criticism today Jim. My David is a marble oh no. Well, that's okay. If you have them helps me grow as well and everyone of you like to receive these daily David isms, which are phrases that I've learned through the years from coaches, mentors by father others and you want to get them into written form.

Please go to moments of hope church.forgot, you can subscribe. Therefore my heart to yours. At 7 AM every morning.

I'll give you a written moment of hope in your pastor is moments of hope church. Today's message is from our online worship service and you can be a part of that service each Sunday morning at nine 11 o'clock by going to moments of hope online. Be sure to sign up for David Jamie moments of hope delivered every morning to your inbox and also check out David's weekly hope they're both free and available through our website address is moments of hope dated the entire moments of hope church

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