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Profanity - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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February 23, 2021 6:23 am

Profanity - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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February 23, 2021 6:23 am

The words we use speak volumes about who we are as people. So why has course language become so accepted in our society? Today David looks at the consequences of profanity.

Part 2.

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His name all the names and all of the universe affected. Philippians 211 Paul said one day, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess the name of Jesus that he is Lord culture addicted to cursing God's name is moments of help with childlike and sporting events feature movies news coverage of our government leaders culture is taking God's name in vain. So what about the soul of our society. Here's stated with Taylor this message simply called the entity used the Lord God's name in vain. Call upon the name of Jesus to help you.

Secondly, don't minimize all full eternal realities don't trivialize eternal crews.

Therefore, when you use GD casually when you use the H word casually. You're basically trivializing those awful terrible realities. Now if hell doesn't exist. I wasted my life or if we all get to heaven I'll apologize to the Lord God and you immediately but folks, the problem with the teaching of hell as I share with you several weeks ago. If you want a greater in-depth teaching about is that Jesus is the one who taught us most about. He is the one who gives us the most insights about the reality of hell.

So if we say GD and hell and course commonplace language were basically trivializing the reality of God damning some people to hell and it mutes it makes impotent the power of the gospel, especially from the lips of those of us who follow Jesus, Calvin Coolidge, the present United States. Years ago, was in a cabinet meeting one time and one of his members of his cabinet got so angry at another member, the cabinet just look at him and furiously said, you can just go to hell, and the other member. The cabinet looked at present, Coolidge, and reported send it to Judas here that Coolidge nodded yes will what you have to say about it, and Coolidge calmly responded to them. You don't have to go dear friends. Hell is a terrible reality taught by God and his word is the natural consequence of a person who continually denies the reality of salvation through Jesus. There must be an eternal place than where he can't quarantines those who have continually rejected him. I didn't come up with the teaching guys. Jesus did and if it's true, I am sworn by the Lord God Almighty to preach this truth, but as I do. So please hear from me you have to go.

That's why Jesus came. God's holiness was offended by our sin, he had to judge you and pour out his wrath upon it, but he so loved us. Also, he became a human being in Jesus, this baby in a manger. God in human flesh who grew up and lived 33 years righteously under the law which you and I can do because were filled with sin, even at the moment of conception. Our moment by her mom's wombs. God bypassed that with Jesus. He conceived them in a virgin by the power the Holy Spirit. So this perfect God man lived the perfect life. We can't live. And then he went to the cross and shed his blood instead of our blood being shipped. He took the penalty of sin upon himself so that we wouldn't have to the wrath of God poured out on his son instead of us. And now we can have a relationship with God knew before he could not enter our godless selfish and dirty human hearts, but now they been washed clean by the blood of the Lamb, receiving forgiveness by grace through faith, not of our works because none of us can work well enough long enough hard enough to be acceptable before a holy God and by grace through faith we have received. Now the presence of God in the form of the third person of the Godhead. The holy spirit and not only is our's eternity secure but now we live lives that are different than the filthiness that is around us.

We are holy were different and the first thing that should be affected by the Holy Spirit's presence in our lives is our tongues is clean… So don't minimize all full eternal realities. Every time you casually say GD and HUD. Whatever might be your trivializing terrible truths.

Thirdly, begin to form a beautiful theology of the body to talk more about this and next week's message human sexuality, but I think so much of our theology needs to begin with the right understanding of the beauty of the physical body in our mom's wombs God knit together with sinew and muscle and joints nerve systems in the heart, blood vessels of body interconnected in a magnificent way that every atom that pulsates through her veins is like a human factory in the city in America of 100,000 people or more. It's the double instrument and God says I'm giving it to you as a sacred gift not to be used as a vulgar instrument, but is something sacred in the world.

So therefore whenever you use the P ISS word the DSH IT word you're talking about the uncleanliness of the human body.

All of us work hard to keep our outward physical bodies clean. We put soap on it. We wash it we put deodorant on it not to be offensive to other people. We want our bodies to be clean. I then use words that express uncleanliness. Even the S word the is you CK we had to work some on that with our kids even for those of you who don't know where that comes from just think a little bit. And of course the F bomb the F bomb is taking the most sacred gift that God has given us the ability to be co-create tours with the God of this universe and producing future life and also every time we have that interaction with our spouse are our loved one, our beloved were saying that person once again I'm yours forever.

I'm in a permanent commitment with you.

Do you see something sacred has bound become debased and that's what profanity is. So every time we say the F word so casually were taking this gift of sex and trivializing along with all the other body parts that were using near to continue to say P ISS and in all those other words, SH IT saying those words is like walking around the body that doesn't have deodorant on its expressing uncleanliness in our hearts to other people to find thoughts for those of us who follow Jesus.

It said in Leviticus, it's restated in first Peter be holy as I am holy, so be holy. Your body is sacred live as a sacred human being in the highest calling of God, what have we forgotten the last fruit of the Holy Spirit. For those of you who know it. It's in Galatians 522 and 23 there's love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and when we continually forget is what who knows self-control.

I said this with alcohol a couple weeks ago, the Bible doesn't say you can drink it does I don't get drunk where's that line of self-control for the followers of Jesus with our mouths saying better than that I'm better than that I don't have to use those vulgar words when I'm a sacred person after the heart of God. It might even hint at what we call famed cussing your that is best when you choose a dad gum or adorn whatever to try to substitute what you really want to say you know in people asked me about that and here's my answer, we should be better than that. Let's think even a different word.

Why can't we and when weeks express profanity in my opinion, if our words are connected to our hearts. It shows a divided heart where some of you are who say your Christ followers you got 1 foot on the dock and 1 foot in the canoe you got 1 foot in the world and 1 foot in Christ's kingdom. Everybody was try to get into a canoe.

You know you can't stay long in those two positions can't at some point you got put your feet on one side or the other what's going on with your heart, look at your words and you can control your words by thinking better, whatever is pure and honorable and just an excellent center, think on these things be transformed by the renewing of your mind before you speak. Think and let sacred words, follow your thoughts, your better than that. You have to be so slothful and lazy with your language you're better than that, and secondly be salt not only be holy would be salt and light in the world. William Wilberforce transformed the whole nation of England because he took a strong stand against colonial slavery and he change the whole impact of Britain's view toward slavery by his parliamentary insistence that it was wrong for over 30 years. He fought against slave trade. Finally, on his deathbed he received the word. The slave trade had ceased in England. That's a great story. Most people know that when what they don't know was along with that, he felt like there needed to be a Reformation of manners in England. Not only that include the abolition of slavery included proper civility and manners, particularly the use of profanity and William Wilberforce dramatically change the entire English societies way they spoke by his insistence in his writings that we become a civil people who are profane with our language.

He was salt and he was like, you can be to parents begin a family.

Teach your children how to speak rightly. Many studies have been done now. Kids are now cursing before they know the alphabet from where they learning that will certainly among peers, but also among parents parents. If you are profane, your children will be profane and remember kids don't do what you say they do what you do there emulators of how you live. So begin in the family. We haven't been successful totally one time our Michael when he was a little kid came home and was irritated about something and he does yell about crap not know that word comes from John Klapper who formed the first porta potty got it. That's where the word comes okay so Michael said crap Michael preacher's kid can do better than that.

He seven okay holy crap there's anything Merrill are perfect parents have a perfect marriage. Not true. Okay, so we had to teach our kids to know know know know know that that's the way the world talk we we don't talk like that because were not profane and I believe your salt and light foods you can make a difference with you in order not been traveling back up to Chapel Hill and being a part of my teammates was a real joy and you when I was there I was a good kid.

I'd I committed not to indulge in alcohol and smoke marijuana in getting to the sexy. Like many, my teammates were I go to the parties I went I was there, but I always stood for my higher calling and always wondered whether they accepted me or not know I was most often the designated driver, but I was there and I love my teammates even got an approval what they did. Well here I am. Some decades later and I'm walking into the motel of Maryland and there's one old teammates outside pulling on a drag on his cigarette and get rid walking is a hey how you doing today to see again Dave. He said there's a party tonight want to go as an know things will beautiful wife that's okay I said but I did go.

When I was there I did go he said we know then he said something people. I'll never forget.

He said Dave we did respect you. Please know that we did respect you so you may not think you're making a difference, but you are is a Christ follower. Make sure your language is sacred, not debased, vulgar, not in the gutter dear Christians and you who are Christians. You can do better than that our culture doesn't have to be so course let it begin with us and I like to read with you some verses that I put together the conclude this message. First of all, from Matthew the fifth chapter verse 20 we ask you to read with me, for I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven know what Jesus saying here is the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees was based on the law. They tried so hard to be holy and God. They were hypocrites in so many ways in Jesus that you follow me, have had a heart change.

Your righteousness should exceed the scribes and Pharisees because your motivation is not lost its grace and forgiveness and love. Psalm 141 verse three a good one to memorize read with me please set a guard, old Lord, over my mouth keep watch over the door of my lips.

Pray that one in James chapter 3 verses 10 through 12. Read with me from the same mouth come blessings and curse things. My brothers these things ought not to be so does a spring pour forth from the same opening both fresh and saltwater assault pond cannot yield cannot yield clean. If your heart is filled with the holy love of God, your mouth will bring forth praise, thanksgiving, gratitude, encouragement, edification, things that give life and not things that lift up the sacred and the calls to be debased. So now as we enter into a time of praise.

May the words that come forth from your mouth and see what and please come to grips because the heart of the matter is I don't like what lesson can we learn from John that chase cars coming out dated and I didn't say when it is most popular again. It is an will be right. This is the ministry meant focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community by Mark McManus and here's Jim Noble with the dream Center, Charlotte hello my name is Jimbo and Bowen directed take a minute tell you guys. Thank you, Melissa Poe, David Marilyn Chadwick, all of you there being no, for us, you been there since OA starting Kings and grew into the dream Center the middle of the last eight weeks, probably exceeding 55,000 analogous where's the impact in the city of reason is that is one of the work with the meals going out, wrote a remark that never come out.

As long as the meal is the first alternate side of Israel and provide you all you everything you and not only is now. This week is all dreams and with you as you.

God bless and we just see listening to moments of hello I'm James Easton and Whitney is our pastor dated blank dated thinking today. It's great being with you Jen as well and one of your morning devotions. He recently brought up a point that you say dogs only bark at moving cars. This was something Jen. My dad used to say all the time because he believed that when people started to dream a dream. It invites critics to come and start criticizing them, so he would say to me all the time, son. Remember dogs only bark at moving cars.

Now here's what is trying to say. Have you ever noticed this fact that dogs don't go up and bark at cars that are part of me. They just don't that never that the only bark at cars that are moving and here's the lesson it's only when you tried to do something important with your life that people start criticizing you. That's a fact. If you're lazy. If you make no effort if you never try anything new. If you just sit on your rear end all day long and never are trying anything different in your life. No one says anything. Silence crickets, but God wants us to dream big dreams for him and his glory.

He wants us to move forward in life and not stay still to accomplish great things for him and his kingdom to work for something so big that only God can do it, so that in the end God gets the credit for what's been accomplished, and in the process to ignore what critics say when we seek God's kingdom first and seek his will for our lives.

We please. The very one who has given us our dreams. That's Matthew 633 when Jesus said seek first the kingdom of God and then everything else will fall in line. Our job is to please Jesus and him alone. Our job is to work for his kingdom and his kingdom alone. Therefore, listeners all of us today. Keep moving forward for the sake of the kingdom of God. Keep pursuing the dreams that God has laid on your heart and always remember, keep giving God the glory when those dreams are accomplished for it's only he who is been able to give you the strength for you to succeed like you've succeeded and when you do so when you seek first the kingdom of God. The opinion of others no longer greatly matters always remember dogs only bark at moving cars.

This is such a good reminder and it makes me think of this phrase that if you live by peoples praise you will die and their criticism semi-love this. I love this encouragement say we call that a Jainism that's their lighting and a lot Jen say it again, please. This is not an original Jen thought he heard it somewhere else.

But if you if you live for the praise of others, you will die by their criticism.

That's a great phrase that is so true, and if you need their prey so much that that will only keep your life meaningful than when they start criticizing you. You wither and die.

It is so true. Yeah well let's keep that as a reminder today. Jen, as we move forward in life that dogs only bark at moving cars that we don't need to be critical people, especially with others around us were really trying to make something of their lives. If we see people moving forward, especially those who didn't have much are trying to succeed. Let's encourage them. Let's be there cheerleaders. Let's be on the sidelines going you go forward succeed even be better than I lets be like John the Baptist in John 330 as he watched his disciples going to follow Jesus. He must increase, I must decrease. When you serve others you have found that the reason for your existence. Wow this is so glad thank you so much state and yeah I think you listeners for listening today.

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