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Sex - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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February 25, 2021 6:30 am

Sex - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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February 25, 2021 6:30 am

Today's program deals with the Biblical view of human sexuality. What does God say about the challenging and important topic of sex?

Part 2.

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Found it isn't found in another person in my being in the love that feeling that I want, and being satisfied my sexuality is that my identity is found in Jesus, God instructed to love our spouses, moments of hope lifting a tarmac relapse program data beginning teaching on what God's word tells us about human sexuality and the importance of building and maintaining a strong marriage. Although David stays well within the boundaries of biblical text. We encourage discussion for younger years removed from the whole idea of the range to courtship to dating the early 1900s when dating became a part of the American culture. Interestingly, some people try to go back to courtship the with singles. I don't think it's going to work. They moved into the dating culture in the 1900s.

I think it's here to stay less with people would basically meet people and they would date they would go out together alone without any other parties working on and they would then decide over some period of time whether they right for one another. Most all of us who are married today in this room on all the campuses we are the result of some kind of dating we met each other. Spend some time together and decided to make those covenant commitments to one another in the 1960s, as I've shared with you in practically all of these issues.

We looked at whether it's alcohol or marriage or parenting or language. Something happened in the 60s that released the individual desires of the person to be more important than the cultural norms removed from what I call a we society where there was a moral consensus in those moral consensus guided our society to a media culture where what I want whatever I wanted. According to my desires, my emotions is what I should have and when the dating culture move more from even we to me in the most important thing that happened was the move courtship to arrange marriages to courtship to dating now to hookups to hookups that there is casual sex is everywhere because of birth control. People can do it and they do everywhere. They cohabitate and sex and become what's most important for me and my desires to get met. So in another way of saying the same thing and my daddy used to say this all the time we've moved from learning how to love in the week culture to being in love in the me culture so in the week culture. I try to love to serve my beloved discrete different person of a different gender. My job is to serve that person. Love that person care for that person as long as we both shall live. Not as long as we both shall live as long as we both shall live.

That was the week culture in the me culture.

It's all about me. So I'm with somebody as long as you meet my desires.

I'm okay with this, but at the moment that stops even if we've already committed the marriage I'm outta here. I'm going to find somebody else because in the hookup culture. It's all about simply somebody meeting my physical needs whenever I want those needs met. So as a result of that you have commercials that are everywhere. Movies that are everywhere. Television programs that are everywhere and everything in our whole culture suggests continually look for that other person who can meet your needs and then you can jump in the sack with whomever you want whenever you want with no consequences. Don't worry about it that's for moving from the love to the being in love, culture, and when I'm in love. It's all about my feelings and I ask the staff this week when it be something if we had a commercial on television that showed a man in the bathroom throwing up all night long and his wife is holding his head saying honey I'm here for you. Will I need to do to help because folks that's real life marriage that's real life sexuality that really is what it's all about. It is not the glamour being in love that moves one person to another. Is this person committed to sharing their lives with one another. Interestingly, the Batchelor show on low put a blog out. We basically talk about all the glamour of the glitz of the Batchelor, the enemies that he and his wife Catherine, whom he met on the program now get to go to exhibit you know what, nobody ever talks about should picture himself lying on a bathroom floor and Catherine being there with him just caring for him and loving premise he was sick to his stomach beyond all means that folks is love.

But we moved to being in love, and as a result, people just flit from one relationship to another. And here's my biggest concern the whole idea of sex from God's perspective, the designer of two people becoming one really does happen, there's a lie that's being passed around in the hookup culture. The casual sex is okay, but biblically every time you sleep with somebody you leave a part of yourself with that person in a part of that person is left with yourself. It's just us cruise in God's word.

It's a truth even science says so that means if people have multiple part a part of their love life is stripped away from and they are unable to love as God wants them to love in a relationship because with each casual relationship is been a stripping away of their validity to love as God wants them to live. It's interestingly in one of the prophecies in the Bible it says that in the end times people's love will grow cold and I was wonder what is that exactly me. I think there are many ways you can interpret it, but certainly one of the ways you can interpret is that people's casual relationships, hookup cultures that are all over the world have stripped away people's ability to love and their ability love has grown cold.

It's my concern with 50 great shades of gray. The movie was seen by over 200 million people in his first couple weeks all over the world. My heart grieved when I heard that because the story was of a young innocent Christian woman who wanted love so badly she would even put up with being manipulated even tortured even be in order to receive love and folks whenever you give yourself like that or you even read about it and watching the movie a part of use being stripped away, but moreover, when you give yourself away, literally, physically you having your love being stripped away from you, and you can no longer love is God want you to love your love grows cold and that's why we have difficulty in our culture with people committing themselves to one another for the rest of their life. So, human sexuality was God's idea, and it's to be about love, not necessarily being in love. I do believe that the needs because the physical when you meet certainly do in one of my similar troughs told me there needs to be fizz in the physical when you meet your beloved blade takes of the folks that fear is in the physical is the spark that gets the engine running covenant commitment is the gas that keeps your engine running after you make that commitment.

Sex is God's design, his will, within marriage. The American culture has completely obliterated that understanding. My daddy said it will reset son always understand the difference between lust and love lust can't wait to get love. Can't wait to give lust is our hookup culture. Can't wait to get love is God's biblical design through sex. It can't wait to give it.

Can't wait to care for the other person to become one flesh.

So in a very practical way. Let me spend a few moments talking to those of you who are out here hearing this message and you realize under conviction that this is God's will and I recognize right now very quickly that there are spiritual skeptics fear their spiritual seekers who do not by the biblical view I must ask you, why not because this is God's word has been God's word for 2000 years. What is your own perspective trump God's word but but secondly just think rationally with me if every couple in the world only use sex within the confines of a committed covenantal permanent relationship between a man and a woman.

Think of how many social issues with the factory within one generation. So many of the problems that plague us would go away because God's design is for health. His boundaries are to keep us somehow doggedly inferior not enjoying life's boundaries are to set us free. Because within his boundaries.

We are to enjoy God desire so first of all, for younger singles. Remember God's definition of sex. It's found in Genesis 224 one man one woman in a committed heterosexual, monogamous relationship.

Remember dad's rules. My dance rules. He said nothing horizontal just don't get in a horizontal position with somebody. Nothing below the neck. I can guarantee you, you follow those two of my daddy's rules.

You'll find yourself sexually safe in most all situations you are trying to think of things outside those two boundaries.

You, your heart is a an idol manufacturing machine and you're trying to think of ways to disobey God's law and that within itself is a huge problem and also remember Lolo Jones, the great Olympian, the past Olympics in 28 years old, beautiful girl, but she's a virgin big splash and everybody was debating it. She says the hardest things ever had to do, but she's been able to do it, and folks. Believe me, you'll die without aerial die without water you'll die without food, you will not die without sex and abstaining and waiting for that special person is not something you'll die for home but it is the right thing that God desires for you.

So singles. Be faithful and keep on keeping on. And God has given you that person yet find your sufficiency in Christ, which will look at in just a second.

For those of you are older singles who may have gone through divorce in any kind of like what I've Artie had no intimacy with other people.

It's okay if I do now wrong. Genesis 224 does not have a parentheses. This is overall older singles who been married, or whatever, this doesn't apply. It applies to everyone. Sex is between a man and a woman in a committed monogamous heterosexual relationship that's God's word. That's his design, so please go to the designer and ask for his truth about sex, don't get mad with me is something to be is reserved and I've heard stories about how these older retirement communities with some of the pills are now available is just rampant among older people. I don't care how old you are God's word is God's word for his humanity that he created so, please obey God's word. If you call yourself a follower of Christ. Your under the authority the Scripture you don't have any way to doubt the designer. Thirdly for married couples. I got a lot of questions from you about your libido differences in how one has one desire, the other doesn't have any any desire and how would I respond that it is give you first Corinthians chapter 7 verses two through five and take this home with you and make this your rule in your marriage but because of the temptation of sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife, and each woman her own husband. The husband should give to his wife or conjugal rights, and likewise the wife to her husband for the wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does, likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does.

Do not deprive one another, except perhaps by agreement for a limited time that you may devote yourselves to prayer, but then come together again so that Satan may not tempt you because of your lack of self-control. The principal is very clear here. Give one another way you serve one another's. Maybe you're tired of your libido is in the strong is your mate. You still give to one another you care for another you serve one another in this way and that's what you love, that is what you love, you learn, serve, and that is not what you feel, what you desire. It's what you give to your beloved two principles guide this in my opinion. One is there's no harm that you do to one another.

No harm comes from this and secondly both of you agree about the propriety of what you're asking each other to do both of you agree to it within the boundaries of marriage. You know most everything is okay, but in this particular instance you give to one another out of serving one another, fourth, and finally for parents agenda less than 15% of all parents teach their children about human sexuality they learned from their peers. They learned through the movies and leaders and print media. What we need to do is parents to be aggressive in teaching our children about God's perspective on human sexuality, so the question then comes at what age to begin teaching them. Here's my answer as early as possible.

I think our kids are sexual creatures that is one thing that Freud gave us think is true we are sexual creatures at our earliest possible age is so children are exploring engage in conversations in an age-appropriate way. In whatever way you can to teach them about these things also be very aware that the pornographers are aiming their wares at eight-year-olds. Now you have an eight-year-old. Know the pornographers are aiming their wares try to get your kids hooked at the early possible age we given you a website at the bottom of the outline pure is give you some insights on how you can help your children with pornography how you who are engaged in pornography and will and feel the shame and guilt, often want to escape it. Please know we hurt with you want to help you with that are care and counseling program has some ways to help you, but also go to pure hope and they can help you have some ideas on how you can begin to attack this insidious dishes problem that is destroying individual stripping away their inner souls and destroying marriages as people feel betrayed by loving the celluloid model instead of your spouse. So please teach your children and go get help for those of you who have that problem. There's a website at the bottom also return counseling program will help you end by just a couple of you questions I need to ask you as we close out this message on human sexuality. First of all, has God revealed his will regarding human sexuality got the answer that question has the designer of the gift designed his will in the answer biblically is imperatively, absolutely yes. His will is sexual purity, not sexual immorality. His will is sex abuse for procreation sex to be enjoyed within a marriage relationship and eventually CS Lewis. By the way, met someone by the name of Joy David Ben-Ami fell in love with her inner U in his later years in their 60s and they enjoyed a rich physical relationship. He described in some of his books is just so wonderful. He waited even until that they too expressive to his wife. He knew God's boundaries. Do you there very clear.

Second question, put your source of life's enjoyment what your source of life's enjoyment. Is it sports or alcohol or your kids or your work or award. So what was the source of your life's enjoyment. I'm here to tell you today, the source of your life. Enjoyments is supposed to be in Christ and Christ alone and him alone that as you have his enjoyment.

The desire to be with him and love him and serve him. That erases any other importance in your life. Mother Teresa once said, you never know Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you got.

Maybe some of us need to have other thing stripped away from us so that we can have only Jesus at that point, we realize he is our sufficiency. He is our hope, he is enough and final question was your identity, really, in all of these issues we've been looking at and indeed the next several weeks we look at loneliness and disappointment and shame. The issue is really identity.

Wares identity found is it found in another person in my being in love that feeling that I want, and being satisfied in my sexuality.

It is that where my identity is or is my identity found in Jesus, do I realize I am not my own. I was bought with a price by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. He now lives in me and I now live in him that he's my Lord is my Savior and I don't need to find my identity in anything or anyone else, but totally and solely in him where your identity, where your identity quits in him is not an alcohol. It's not in your spouse. It's not in parenting is not even in how you speak with profanity to impress people. It's in Christ and Christ alone where your identity answer that question, folks. You have new life will have hope.

You can even wait until marriage because Jesus is your sufficiency.

Therefore you've gone to the designer and found out his will in this area that is was a moment listening mercy part of our spiritual journey is ready to give mercy to others, from God joins me in the studio for nursing will be right by Mark McManus with moments of hope churches ministry minute, focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community with me in the studio today is Tony Marciano, Executive Director of the Charlotte rescue mission to tell us about the Charlotte rescue mission marked the Charlotte rescue mission. Everything we do is about transformation with a focus on individual struggling with addiction uniquely work from the inside out to address the root cause can be accomplished by providing professional Christian residential recovery services free of charge and let me back up for just a moment and explain all that to my city were transformation I get those marching orders from John six very interesting chapter the Bible when day when Jesus feeds 5000 people that night the disciples flowed across the lake.

Jesus follows them by walking across like in the next day the crowd gets in boats and follows them.

But on day two. Jesus chooses not to feed them. He begins to preach at them they all leave. I think in that one chapter it's the heart of God for the poor were God says on day one. I love you so much except you just as you are, but they too got a saying I love you too much to leave you there and that's the hard work of transformation that we focus on everyday Charlotte rescue mission. I mentioned we could work from the inside out to just the root cause and that root causes shame, guilt is when I make a mistake the same since I am a mistake and if you knew me you would like me and of God to make out with like me and I wrapped it up by saying we address this by providing professional free Christian residential recovery services.

I like to use the verses that Ephesians chapter 3 verse 18 where the apostle Paul says they may have the power to comprehend with all the saints what is the breath length, height and depth in verse 19 says and to know this love that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled all the measure the fullness of God. Mark I believe firmly that when someone realizes that God's love is four dimensional, not three-dimensional, not conditional but unconditional they have that aha moment that God loves him all the same of their soul goes away because they know their fully accepted by God for what they've done simply because God loves them and that's what we do every day. Charlotte rescue mission love to have you get involved, please go to the webpage Charlotte rescue for ways that you can impact and thanks for listening today. Doing our pastor, David David, thank you so much for being here hi Jen is nice to be with you today to see that one thing we all need to be talking about today one of your recent moments of hope, either facing side to receive mercy mercy.

Can you tell us about all I can Jenna let's define mercy.

It's not receiving what we deserve. You know when I give mercy to somebody who owes me something and I then don't make them pay it back. That's showing mercy God's mercy to us is he doesn't give us eternal separation from him hell but through Jesus. He gives us the gift of eternal life grace so it's wonderful to understand God's mercy is one of his prime characteristics in the Bible so here's what we want to learn today through this.

David is him to receive mercy.

Give mercy if you want mercy give mercy to somebody else. Mercy means again not receiving what you deserve, or said another way, it showing compassion and forgiveness to someone that you need to punish God's gift of mercy to us through Jesus death on the cross is the greatest act of mercy in human history. God had every right to punish us but instead he didn't give us what we deserve eternal separation. Instead, he forgave us and gave us the gift of eternal life. Jesus said it this way.

Jen Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy as the law of reciprocity is the supernatural law of the universe that whatever you give out you'll get back whatever you reap, you'll so so give mercy to someone and you will ultimately receive mercy.

Maybe not from that person, but from someplace God will restore that mercy to you.

Jesus promised that if you give mercy mercy will come back to you.

Perhaps it will come from someone unrelated to you and all of your circumstances or perhaps from a person to whom you extended mercy beforehand, but mercy will come back to you. That's the promise Jesus said so.

It is a law of the universe so everybody listening do this today give mercy to someone in your sphere of influence.

Give mercy to somebody in your life. And then one day mercy will come back to you. It's a promise from the most high God. Wow this is so powerful and I'm thinking that Scripture don't let the sun go down on your anger in this is one way I think that we can extend mercy to people before he got in that week we spoke earlier this week about waking up praying our day and this is one way we can extend mercy to somebody that's a great point Jen, as you pray your day. Ask God to reveal to you people to whom you can show mercy met may be some people who hurt you.

Maybe it's a people they don't deserve that mercy but when you do, so you're never more like Jesus because he extended such enormous grace and mercy to us on the cross when we live like that were living like Jesus himself. That's really good and I've heard the phrase you can't give what you don't have, we first have to receive mercy and understand that given away all I know in my life I've had to struggle at times with my need to be right.

My need to have the last word. And then if somebody doesn't agree with me and continues to do is disagree with me, maybe even to punish them and hurt them.

That's the opposite of mercies and God's done a number on my heart to teach me about mercy and that's one of the reasons I wanted to do, this time with our listeners today to teach them the power of mercy, the need to give mercy away for when you extend mercy. You'll get mercy back and you never know when you might need that great gift of mercy from God.

That's okay. Thank you so much Dana yes and thank you listeners for joining today if you'd like. This daily written moment of hope that I'm now putting out these David isms, go to moments of hope,, you can subscribe there free of charge. They arrive every morning in your inbox at 7 AM. It's my way of giving you daily. A moment of hope, senior pastor of moments of hope turns messages from a series called heartbeat online worship service part of our service each Sunday morning at the nine 11 o'clock going to moments of hope and wow your online daily moments of delivered every morning to your inbox. They're both free moments of hope moments of hope church to pray for 19

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