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Disappointment - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 2, 2021 6:05 am

Disappointment - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 2, 2021 6:05 am

Every person goes through disappointment → unmet expectations or unrealized dreams. Today we take a personal look at how we overcome disappointment with hope.

Part 1.

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Something we think God is calling us to do what God's going to give us in our lives. And it doesn't happen and we wait on him and it still doesn't have the disappointment just consumes how experienced disappointment moments and hopefully make if you are breathing today. Then select desire. You've probably experienced disappointment from time to time in your life today shares a heartfelt personal experience and how she overcame disappointment with help. Here's part one of David's message, simply called disappointment series called heartbeats were looking at different issues in all of our lives.

If I had 35 minutes with you asking answering the different questions you would ask me about different subjects. Here's what I would say she will many different subjects recovered like parenting, marriage and looking at loneliness last week.

Today disappointment or we all have gone through the major thing you need to realize as we look at this subject. Disappointment is every single person in the world at one time or another goes through disappointment and the major reason for disappointment in our lives is unmet expectations or unrealized dreams we have something we think God is calling us to do what God's going to give us in our lives and it doesn't happen and we wait on him and it still doesn't happen and disappointment just consumes our soul. So today I want to tell you how to deal with the problem of disappointment from God's perspective through his word and to give you hope amidst your life's disappointments. The whole idea folks is to give up hope the people amidst their disappointment. Some wondering how many of you had disappointments in your life and will again every single one of us half and sometimes we get embittered toward God when it happens week we asked the question why did this happen to me. Got a few good why did you allow this to happen.

I thought you said to me this was going to happen and it didn't, why, and actually Marilyn and I have had all kinds of disappointments in our life. Just as Jesus did with the betrayal from Judas and other experiences Paul did with Alexander the coppersmith who betrayed him and hurt him deeply and other experiences that just about every biblical character I read went through severe disappointments in life.

So what you do when that happens. Marilyn and I drove back this weekend from Columbus Ohio. What you might not know about our son is.

He's achieved some success is that when he was like two years old, he was throwing balled up socks in the lampshades. I mean we could tell the kid loved basketball and is even taller than his daddy 6'9" tall. God made him play basketball. But what you might not know is over the span of his career when he was 13. He dislocated his kneecap sheared off some Cartledge and had to have surgery. The physician who did the surgery wasn't sure he would ever walk normally again, much less play basketball.

We rebounded from that, only to go through in his future to more knee surgeries of the same kind to on the left one on the right. He said five different kneecap subluxations, which means dislocating your kneecap over his career.

He's gone through a pelvic fracture. He's gone through three different ankle sprains.

He broke his wrist up and this boy who has this promising basketball career was never able to achieve what he desired to achieve because of these injuries and now his career is over and Marilyn, I sometimes ask God why disappointment for our son and we love so much. We been through it to just like you have not just in that area, but other words, so when disappointment happens.

How in the world do we begin to handle. Let me read some verses with you now that hopefully will give us hope amidst our disappointments in Lamentations chapter 3 verses 21 through 24 quick brief history. God had told the Israelites and they did not repent from their idolatry, he would raise the city to the ground.

They did not and God did the temple the walls the city to the ground. This beautiful holy city, and God's chosen people had to deal with the disappointment of all they held dear race to the ground by God because of their idolatry and hear the words, though, at the end of chapter 3. The first verses in chapter 3. Talk about this devastation.

But here is the hope amidst the disappointment, but this I call to mind and therefore I have hope the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end.

They are new every morning great is your faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, says my soul. Therefore, I will have in him first Peter 39 when people do bad things to you, do not repay evil for evil, or reviling for or reviling, but on the contrary blasts for to this you were called that you may obtain a blessing. A blessing Isaiah 61, seven is the children of Israel. They were taken into the captivity in Babylon, and they stayed there 70 years. Here's the hope God gave them that one day they would return to the promised land.

And he says instead of your shame. There shall be a double portion instead of dishonor.

They shall rejoice in their lot. Therefore in their land they shall possess a double portion, they shall have everlasting joy. God promised double for their trouble two times a blessing for their disappointment.

They should therefore have hope. Hope the word of the Lord that you need to know as we begin this message. There's an enemy there's an enemy of your soul who hate you if you follow Jesus. He wants to kill, steal and destroy.

And when disappointment happens to us all because we live in a fallen world a broken world, a sinful world.

That's what Genesis 3 says in the Bible every part of God's once originally good creation is now permeated with sin permeated with brokenness and because of that, people will experience disappointment will happen just as a part of life it will happen to them because other people will hurt us and when that happens the enemy wants to kill our faith wants us to start to self-pity.

He wants us to start to worry.

He wants us to feel remorse. He wants us to feel defensive. He wants us to walk around with a chip on her shoulder and do anything except believe and hope that God will still bring blessing for disappointment. It's okay to ask the question why throughout the Scriptures. Greater people of faith and you are I asked the question, while God, but he does not want our disappointment to spiral downward because dear friends, here is the spiral of disappointment. It happens to us and then we start fixating on it. We start to feel self-pity, we start to feel remorse, we start to carry the chip around on our shoulder and keep asking why God did this happen to me and then eventually that disappointment will move to discouragement what is discouragement if you break it up.

It means bad courage, or it means to lose heart to give up hope there's a story of a man who wanted to take revenge upon an enemy, and he went to the devil and he saw all of his instruments on the table before him and he said was that when he said oh that's pride.

How much is it worth and the devil gave a price.

He said what about that one. He said all that's hurt and I use that most effectively said how much is that when in the devil gave a price.

They said what about that instrument. They said that's discouragement. He said what's the price tag on that. When he said it can't be sold. It's too valuable an instrument the devil wants to take you from your disappointment to discouragement where you lose heart where hope is no longer a part of your life and the next step.

If you continue to dwell on your disappointment, then to discouragement. The third spiral downward is depression. Depression you fixate on the problem, you start to self medicate.

The problem God doesn't hear my prayers. You cry out and if you stay in depression folks. Then the last spiral downward from disappointment to discouragement to depression is despair. Despair gives up despair asked all the time why did this happen to me.

You hear the voice of the evil one saying you're an addict and you'll always be an addict. You'll never overcome this difficulty in your life, and at that point, your faith is paralyzed. Hope doesn't happen and you're on the sidelines, unable to be used by the Lord. So then the question comes how in the world do I deal with disappointment when it happens to me by Fiat or when it happens to me by somebody else will will first of all let me say you need to take the attitude that disappointment will happen. There are unrealized expectations in my life. I will have dreams that don't happen in my life you realize that and then you take the view that inestimable theologian Barney Fife and you nip it in the blood, you stop it before it starts when disappointment happens, you must you must not let it spiral to the next step.

Discouragement, you must stop it right then and there and especially if you're the problem if the disappointment happened because of something you did wrong. Here are the steps you need to take when disappointment happens because it's yours or my fault. First of all admitted admit own it refuse to play the blame game say it's not the preacher not the teacher but it's meal, Lord, standing in the need of prayer. I'm the one who did this it happened. It's my fault.

When David committed adultery in the Bible you look at Psalm 51 that famous song that he himself wrote in response to his adultery and then verse one.

He cries out, have mercy on me. Oh God, have mercy on who all on me according to your steadfast love. According to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions. My transgressions, what I did wrong. Then in verse 12 restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit. Give me back my joy because I believe and hope. Then in verse 17 the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit broken and contrite heart of God.

You will not despise God loves that we were humble. He loves it when we own up to what we did wrong. He loves it when he says when we say create in me a clean heart of God. It's my problem, have mercy on me oh Lord, you realize it's a broken world.

You realize not only do things happen to you but sometimes you just make mistakes. You do things wrongly, but for goodness sake, folks, please don't cry out, that's not fair. That's what our children do when they have something bad happen to them. That's not fair. Me, I give you this insight. Fairness stopped in the garden of Eden fairness ceased in the garden of Eden.

The moment this world had Adam and Eve rebelled against God and sin entered it all fairness stopped. Bad stuff happens and we make mistakes because all of us have this disease called sin. Selfishness within us. That's why we need grace. That's the essence of the Christian faith. Grace. The word that describes the Christian faith is grace. We don't deserve God's forgiveness were rebels against a holy God. And yet he came to us in Jesus and died on the cross and took all of our rebellion. All of our mistakes all of our failures upon himself and then he gives us the forgiveness of our sins not fireworks because none of us can ever work enough to earn that forgiveness.

He gives us that forgiveness by grace through faith in the moment we receive it.

Our sins have been blotted out and we are new creations in Christ and therefore we can have hope.

Hope the gods going to take our message and make a message out of it. He's going to take our tests and make a testimony out of it because our God is a God of hope knowing how broken this world truly is. For the first step that happens when we know are the ones because the disappointment we admitted. Secondly, the quit quit. We repent you know don't you that to come to faith in the Lord and receive him as your Lord and Savior must have repentance as a part of it.

What is repentance the best definition of repentance I've ever heard to stop at stop it. The behavior that's caused you to get into this mess. Stop it.

When you come to faith in Jesus, you receive his forgiveness for all of your sins, but then you want in response to that gift of forgiveness to stop the behavior that causes the mess to begin with, to stop the behavior that hurts his heart that you begun. It would be like me hurting Marilyn and going to Maryland think I'm really sorry for what I did to hurt you, granting me forgiveness and in the continuing that which her. What would she say to me you are really serious when you asked me for forgiveness, and rightfully so. The same thing is true with us in Jesus. If we go to him and receive his grace and forgiveness. The next step is repentance in response to the reception of grace we repent of the behavior we credit and then if restitution is needed. We go to the person whom we've heard and we make restitution. How can that be done. Here's one practical illustration, a man came to me at some point he said I committed adultery gets.

My wife is because my marriage to break apart what can I do now that ship is left.

She's met someone else. What can I do now and I said him here, something tangible that you can do go to her and own up to what you did tell her and your kids.

It wasn't their fault because when a divorce occurs often, the kids think it was their fault.

So go tell her and the kids.

It wasn't their fault.

It was your fault, and with the greatest humility possible asked for their forgiveness and I said if you'll do that. What you will find is the first will heal rehearsal she's probably laboring under the sense of I'm the one who did this really my fault and secondly will set your kids free for a lifetime. Admit then quit and then thirdly, forget it, forget it. Once you messed up you caused a great life. Disappointment realize it's done.

You can't unscramble scramble days. Once eggs are scrambled. Can't unscramble scramble and in time listening to moments of hope joins me in the studio today if that's a clever strategy for overcoming people pleasing by Mark McManus with moments of hope churches ministry minute, focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community with me in the studio today is Tony Marciano, Executive Director of the Charlotte rescue mission to tell us about the Charlotte rescue mission marked the Charlotte rescue mission. Everything we do is about transformation with a focus on individual struggling with addiction uniquely work from the inside out to address the root cause to be accomplished by providing professional Christian presidential recovery services free of charge and let me back up for just a moment and explain all that to you by city were transformation I get those marching orders from John six very interesting chapter the Bible when day when Jesus feeds 5000 people that night the disciples flowed across the lake. Jesus follows them by walking across like in the next day the crowd gets in boats and follows them. But on day two. Jesus chooses not to feed them. He begins to preach at them they all leave I thinking that one chapter it's the heart of God for the poor were God says on day one. I love you so much except you just as you are the day to go to St. I love you too much to leave you there. And that's the hard work of transformation that we focus on everyday Charlotte rescue mission. I mentioned we could work from the inside out to address the root cause and that root causes shame, guilt is when I make a mistake the same since I am a mistake and if you knew me you would like me and of God to make out with like me and I wrapped it up by saying we address this by providing professional free Christian presidential recovery services.

I like to use the verses that Ephesians chapter 3 verse 18 with the apostle Paul says they may have the power to comprehend with all the saints what is the breath length, height and depth in verse 19 says and to know this love that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled all the measure the fullness of God. Mark I believe firmly that when someone realizes that God's love is four dimensional, not three-dimensional, not conditional but unconditional they have that aha moment that God loves him all the same of their soul goes away because they know their fully accepted by God for what they've done simply because God loves them and that's what we do every day. Charlotte rescue mission love to have you get involved, please go to the webpage Charlotte rescue for ways that you can impact listening to moments at home after dated dated thanks for joining us today. Great being with you Jim, thank you wearing on the street dated is that you've come up with a clever way through one of your David enzymes to overcome the disease. People pleasing. Can you please share with us about this phrase. People aren't thinking about you.

Well Jen. Since no one struggles with this. I'm sure you don't drive me only when you are on earth am I selling good news that we did another David is him some days ago. People make lousy gods and it's the same idea that we over solve there as well. But here's what my dad was trying to teach me with this. David is him as he saw my heart and realized that I struggled with people pleasing as most everybody else does and that people make lousy gods. He would say to me repeatedly so don't worry about what other people are thinking of you there not thinking of you there too busy thinking about themselves. You know Jesus said in John II chapter that he knew what was in the hearts of all men. Therefore, he trusted no one and I think it's part of this reality, he wouldn't put his trust in a human being because he knew that human beings are selfish there looking out for number one.

So why in the world would you be trying to please somebody who's totally selfish and doesn't even care that much about you.

It's a great truth that we all have today. Yeah, that's a really good way to put it well, let's just go through an idea what my dad was trying to say what he said do not worry about what other people are thinking about you because they're too busy thinking about themselves. He again was addressing the problem of people pleasing and here's the antidote to people pleasing in my humble consideration. Consider others more important than yourself, imitate Jesus humility.

He had equal status with God. Yet he set aside the privilege of deity and chose to humble himself and became a human servant and obedient life to us for our needs. He came to earth to serve not be served. He came and left the splendor of heaven to die on a cross in order to forgive us of our sins.

Please folks imbibe this important lesson value others more highly than yourself seek to serve others not be served. Don't put your focus on yourself.

Instead, commit others first. But that's the nature of Philippians chapter 2 verses one through four to serve other people to think of them more important than even yourself and when you do so you'll not worry about what others think you want even care what other people think because you're too busy thinking about trying to please Jesus and his kingdom alone is so good and as I'm just sitting here meditating on this and thinking of the people I like to be around most of course, are the people that make me feel good and build me and I when you do that for other people as well, and until Jesus stated that my word for 2021 is billed and I really feel like this is something the Lord is drilling down in me to build others. That's a great message Janet something all of us need to consider today that when we build them up. They'll want to be around us because were helping them become all that they can be and were not being selfish, which is what the Lord wants more than anything else to drive all selfishness out of our hearts so that we can be his servants, but if you're constantly worrying about what other people think you can never give your life away to serve them. You're always making them into a God who controls you and that's very dangerous was such a good word thinking Semites yeah listeners please go to moments of hope Subscribe to these daily written moments of hope 7 AM every morning to your inbox for my heart to yours to give you a moment of hope and moments of charming senior pastor and moments of her parents just ran a series called heartbeat from our online where censored can be a part of our service each Sunday morning at nine and 11 o'clock going to moments of hope your online every dated daily moments of hope delivered every morning here in and also free and available. Three.

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