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Worthlessness and Shame - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 4, 2021 6:10 am

Worthlessness and Shame - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 4, 2021 6:10 am

Have you ever felt ashamed? Shame is the feeling that comes when lack or failure exists. Today we talk about how the enemy tries to keep us stuck in feelings of shame.

Part 1.

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The man and his wife both naked and were not ashamed that his original incense in the garden of Eden before sin came into the world.

There was no shame in all that existed felt ashamed moments of helpless child back. Shame is the feeling that comes when lack or failure access because of the sinful world. We are born into something everyone is challenged today. David begins her teaching called worthlessness and shame, he reveals ways to keep feeling shame. Today the issue of shame. The issue of shame is something that many, many people are struggling with that in word harassment of something that you daughter something feel about yourself that you just can't get rid off, so let's spend these next 35 minutes looking at the subject of shame and how we can begin to understand what's begin by looking at the source of shame all came from. It comes from the Scripture are insights and understanding the subject of shame. We first of all, turn to Genesis chapter 2 verses 24 and 25. Look at these verses dealing with marriage and parenting.

As again when the most important verses in all the Bible quoted by Jesus by Paul in other places. Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh, and the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.

That is key in original intent in the garden of Eden before sin came into the world. There was no shame at all that existed absolutely none. No feelings of inferiority. No feelings of defectiveness. No feelings of moral inadequacy. No hopeless inside Adam and Eve in a perfect live in a perfect relationship with God and with one another. Where there was absolutely no shame. Shame was not a part of God's original intent. Then we moved to Genesis 3 with the fall occurred were Adam and Eve rebelled against God, and invited sin into the world and now sin permeates every part of God's original once perfect creation and inwardly. There is no longer union life in our souls. There's no longer peace within us there all kinds of fears that come in fact, here's the first negative emotion that's mentioned in the Bible. The second one has to do with shame. In Genesis 37 then the eyes of both of them were opened and they knew that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loincloths adamant even knowing their sin. Their eyes were opened and they knew they were naked and now knowing they were naked. They feel shame, and so they put together loincloths over their private parts to hide their what folks there shame shame there's actually a good part of shame in our fallen condition of the good part of shame is that we feel embarrassment, especially as we look into the mirror of Jesus. You see, Jesus is God in human flesh and in his perfect humanity along with his perfect godliness he reflects to us what God intended humanity to be so as we look in the mirror Jesus and see our own flaws and inadequacies.

It should produce a good kind of shame that drives us to the cross where we receive forgiveness. Keep that in mind will come back to it. At the end of the message that the bad part of shame is we reach the point where we no longer feel any shame about any of our sins and Jeremiah, the great prophet in the Old Testament talks about the Israelites having reached a point in their culture where he says they are a people who have forgotten how to blush people who have forgotten how to blush this the kind of feelings I have often times as I look at the American culture. There's no shame at all and what we feel or do. We are a people who have forgotten how to blush and of course the nation corporately is only made up of individuals and when individuals forget how to blow when individuals have no shame whatsoever. They can be driven of the cross, they can change and that ultimately causes a culture to spiral downward in a moral way to an ultimate abyss. So we want to look today at an understanding of shame that will drive us to the cross of Jesus Christ. First of all, let's look at the shapes of shame and there are five of them here.

They're all interconnected in a way but there are nuances of difference that I think we need to cover the first shape of shame is situational shame. That's like when you're with a group of people and you trip over your shoelaces.

And there's embarrassment in your heart as you look clumsy and stupid in their eyes. I remember when I was in the third grade in our elementary school every year at Halloween time.

They would allow the kids to dress up in their Halloween outfits and wear them to school and it was something all the kids look forward to, but for some reason. One year they canceled it. The only problem was I get the message. I don't know if I was sick today was announced or the letter didn't come in the mail or what happened I get the announcement so that day and excitement. I dressed up in my Halloween trick or treat costume and I dressed up as a solo. The great television/movie character with his sword he could bite anybody make the sign of the sea whatever he would win. Zorro is my hero, so I show up at school that day dressed up as moral black Black mass black Kate black outfit, only to discover I was the only kid in the school who had dressed up in his Halloween outfit you can imagine my embarrassment to me. My mom and even made the tiny little mustache right below my nose above my upper lip and I to going to the restroom and wash all that off, took the black tape into my pants. I try to look as normal as I possibly could. Throughout the day, but throughout that day and really for the next weeks actually even today when I think about it my face flushes in shame. I have a sense of embarrassment I blush was Mark Twain who said human beings are the only animals who blush and we need to situational shame. We sometimes need to.

We just do something and we feel embarrassment for but situational shame is different than cosmetic shame, which is the second kind of shame. What is that that is when the culture defines beauty in a certain way. It's all cosmetic. It's all outward and that view of beauty drives people to believe there someone that they're not. It drives them to spend countless millions of dollars on plastic surgery drives some women to anorexia and bulimia because their picture of beauty is thinness and they keep striving for that thinking wrongly of course there are obese even though the mirror. The mirror shows them that they're becoming increasingly thinner a cosmetic shame drives people in their jobs to work harder and harder so they can have bigger houses and more and more materialism. Marilyn and I were on a vacation at at a friends condo who loaned it there to us for a week and while we were there a pipe broke and the man came in and as he was fixing the pipe. He said he was interesting about this vacation area.

The bigger of the homes the Lester used in the fascinating. The bigger the homes the last of their use. It's like people have fallen prey to cosmetic shame if they don't think they keep moving up the ladder and compare themselves to other people and be better than them. They just can exist.

And meanwhile, people who are lower on the ladder and just can't get up to that place of supposing acceptance.

They feel continually shame and drive themselves in a performance-based mentality to be successful that's outward comparisons that lead to self-loathing that lead to shame. Thirdly, there is inherited. Shame is what a major culture believes is acceptable on many cultures in the world, not the American culture which is more rooted in individualism than in the corporate mindset in many cultures, there is a shame and honor base which drives the entire culture so often times in Islamic cultures. For example, if you have a child who might convert from Islam to Christianity the parents might kill the child. Why, because the child has wrecked their understanding of honor and shame in their culture the child has shamed the fathers of the father must kill the child for doing so. Now that's an extreme example, but cultures can define what's right and what's wrong. And when people don't live up to that they feel shame for think there's an inferiority. Shame that's the feelings of inadequacy on is the failure people feel when they lose a job or when their marriage fails. It's the kind of failure.

I think Jesus must've felt when people were trying to recognize who he was and some people say, isn't that Jesus from Nazareth, and the question would be asked.

Can anything good come out of Nazareth and that I was not asked nicely. Note can anything good come out of that nice little town called Nazareth know it was a question of scorn. It was a shame-based question because Nazareth was considered at the bottom of proper cities in the Israelite culture.

So the question really was asked like this can anything come good out of Nazareth. It's impossible.

That is the armpit of all other cities here in this nation. So Jesus built scorn simply because of his societal city from which he came in fifth and finally there's moral shame and this is the one that produces the most shame in people's lives today.

It is the feelings of inadequacy.

It is the feeling that Joseph and Mary and and probably Jesus himself felt when people would whisper behind-the-scenes with the moral code of that day was no sex out of wedlock and when she got pregnant wasn't married to Joseph whispers that most certainly didn't last just for a few years, but probably decades when people ask the question, isn't that Jesus, Joseph, son. They were just inquiring about Jesus as a man. There was underneath that that scorn of visiting a legitimate. How dare he claim to be God himself so that moral code that underwrites a society often times causes shame. Many of you were forced to read in middle school or high school.

The book the Scarlet essay is the book of Esther Prim who committed adultery had sex outside of marriage and and because of that the community discovered it and forced her to wear a red a on her dress. Therefore, every place she went in the community.

She was identified by her adultery. She became the adulterer and the a on her dress symbolized how she had failed the moral code of the society and therefore she should be ashamed. It was a shame-based reality. But the truth is many people today in our culture have at least unseen letters on their hearts that many of you think. Identify who you are. Some of you might have in a because you committed adultery and you feel that defines you, and you feel ashamed others.

You have a big D divorced or divorce and you identify with the fact you failed in your marriage.

Other people have see crazy people have called you crazy think that's who you really are. Other people have D for bankrupt you've failed in business and you gone bankrupt and you think that now identifies who you really are something of a BP two letters bad parent your children have wandered away from God and you feel terrible about all of their wandering.

You have an F for some of you for fired you didn't live up your boss's expectations or something happened in your job and you were fired.

You see your identity is wrapped up in your shame like Esther Prim. She's on adulterer now. Your identity is wrapped up in how you have failed. Bottom line is you see God and his character is kind of a probation officer when you do well. He leaves alone, but if you should ever mess up. He's going to come after you and the tool he's going to use is pointing his eternal Celeste Teal bony finger at you and making you feel shame.

So take a moment and just think about those places where your cheeks flush and you feel embarrassed by something you've done in your life probably mostly a moral shame you feel those feelings, they become alive to you now. Do you know the letter you've put on your chest to define who you are, my word to you today is don't get stuck here don't and have a right view of God, not as a probation officer not as a police person in the sky who's ready to get you whenever you do something wrong but see God for who he really is, which leads to the next point. What is the solution for shame. Let me give you several ideas from God's word. First of all, the solution to shame is to go to Guild all G IL GAL go to Guild gold. What is your goal. Let me give you a brief history of what happened for the Israelites and camped at Gil goal when Moses had led the Israelites from the captivity of Egypt. They still had very much a slave mentality they viewed God as a probation officer and they had been punished in the captivity, they never saw themselves as free even when God gave them the 10 Commandments and the law. At Mount Sinai they still had that slave mentality.

They marched from Sinai. I 2K – Barnett at the foot of the promised land.

They sent out 12 spies with in the came back seeing God as a probation officer that God wasn't big enough to overcome the giants in the land to Joshua and Caleb said no archons bigger than those problems in the land.

Let's move forward with the 10 overcame the two overcame the 3 million and the people became afraid and in unbelief.

And God said in Popeye theology that's all I can stand can't stand no more like a deal with these people have such a slave mentality what a God do. He said you would have spent 40 years in the wilderness one year after another to slapping the wilderness until this generation of unbelievers dies out and I can raise up a new generation who believe when I tell them who have great faith so that generation dies out. Moses dies Joshua takes over and takes the people into the promised land before he does so, several things happen as God divided the red sea to move the Israelites from Egypt into Sinai region. So God dries up the Jordan River, separating them attain this morning into the promised land, and when he dries up the Jordan. They take 12 stone out of the Jordan and across it and they built an altar. That's basically a circle of stones or to remind them of a second chance of God's faithfulness trying on not only the Red Sea but also drying up the Jordan River and then God demands all the people the men to be circumcised. Now what circumcision God commanded Abraham that his son, and all males. Thereafter be circumcised. It was an outward sign of an inward covenant that God gave to all of the Jews and it was a command. It was the special remembrance that God's promises truth, God would be faithful God would deliver them. God would always help them whatever obstacle they would face so they had the 12 stones in a circle.

They had the circumcision upon all the males been done and the third thing that God does. He takes them to a place called Gil goal and in Joshua chapter 5 verse nine, the Lord said to Joshua, today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you and so the name of that place is called Gil goal this day. Thanks for listening and I talked about no letter that separates danger and anger and another clever again. It is really right. This is the ministry meant focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community on Mark McManus and here's Jim Noble with the dream Center, Charlotte hello my name is Jimbo and Mona take a minute to thank you, Melissa Poe, David and Marilyn Chadwick all of you there being no real number for us. You been there since 08 starting Kings and grew into the dream Center the middle of the last eight weeks, probably exceeding 55,000 words that you made such an impact in the city of reason is you is one word that with the meals and no intake, wrote a remark from you the words that never amount as well is the meals and you know the first collimated side of Israel and provide you a phone call you so you everything you and not only is this week is all dreams and with you as you.

God bless and we just turn the name James Easton. Thanks for listening today doing in this DDM is our pastor, Dana Chad rank.

Thank you so much for being with your welcome Jim. Great to be with you as well. Once again we come to one of the clever sayings that you come up with that really helps us to keep our reactions and check this David-ism is called only one letter separates danger and anger. Can you tell us more about this when you guess what that letter is gin D kids would be exactly the D. So what happens when we don't control our anger danger. There is the D in front of the anger, danger, problems, difficulties, pain, whether it's a saying or doing something. We later regret we can cause harm to another person will.

Here's an example I think about the times you say why just lost my temper will dear friends, may I say to you, you don't lose your temper you choose to allow your temper to rage out of control and this reckless anger always has danger lurking nearby. Proverbs 1416 is a verse listeners may want to go to to study today to think about this gin. I'm a member when I was a kid growing up and we had you note dial phones at home. My mom know I was going on in your definitely a Gen X or millennial, or whatever. Anyway, the phone would ring and my mom would be really angry at us kids are three of us and she would be getting on us and telling us how we were misbehaving and again.

The phone would ring and she go from you kids doing this he picked up the phone to go hello southern drawl, and it came upon me later on as I thought about those times you control your anger. How you make a decision whether you want to choose to continue in your anger or not.

So I think everybody needs to remember this, there is a time for righteous anger. We should feel anger toward things that God hates like the taking of life, and abortion, sex trafficking, hunger issues, clean water, social justice issues. All of those are things that we need to be angry against Jesus showed us his righteous anger when he overthrew the temple. Just be careful about unabated anger toward someone that's where danger resides. So the next time you see your temper flaring know it's a choice, and realize there's only one letter that separates anger from danger. And that's the D. Make sure you control your anger well in this age and time with with Alexa always listening and progress. Do you know it really has been something that has caused me to apologize in a good way, like always listening and I need to keep my reactions in check. So it's a modern tool to help keep my anger and chat yeah and for all married folks out there. Let's remind you that Paul said don't let the sun go down on your anger, because anger can fester inside and calls a root of bitterness to occur and that can defile all the people in your sphere of influence, and I can really change who you are kind of intrinsically from the inside out, and good parallel care. Thank you so much David for these insights.

I'm really enjoying these David, his hands, and I know I listeners are to thank you gin my pleasure and if any listener would like them in written form to come to their inbox at 7 AM every morning go to moments of you can subscribe there is for my heart to yours to help your day begin with a moment of hope in moments of charming senior pastor and moments of her parents.

Today's message is from a series called from our online worship service can be a part of our service each Sunday morning at nine and 11 o'clock going to moments of and while you're online every dated daily moments of hope delivered every morning here in both free and available three website moments of health for any pray for our front-line workers

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