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The Parable of the Two Fish - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 15, 2021 9:51 pm

The Parable of the Two Fish - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 15, 2021 9:51 pm

What did Jesus say about heaven and hell? This is a difficult question, and one that Pastor David Chadwick tackles in a message called The Parable of the Two Fish.

Part 2.

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Believes that history is God's story is his story has a beginning and has an in any overseas everything that happens in his story, and if he is good. The story is going to end good comment on how moments of helpless to sound like the Gospel of Matthew chapter 13 says the angels will come out and separate evil from the righteous. The topic of hell is a difficult one for any Christian mind. David takes on this challenge. In particular, the message he calls the parable to face death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

People who have their sins forgiven are called together as a body they are to live as a holy people different from the world and they are to take the gospel as a light to the nations where the Jews fail. The church is supposed to succeed and the New Testament is about Jesus forming his church letters written to those churches and eventually the book of Revelation. The fact that one day this Jesus who came initially in a stable in his first coming for the purpose of the forgiveness of people's sins. John 317 says Jesus did not come to judge the world in his first incarnation, but he came to die for the world and the love the world and give it life and so the gospel is to be proclaimed to every people in the face of the earth.

But one day Jesus is returning in his second coming. In his second coming. He's not coming to love people and forgive them of their sins is Artie done that he's coming in his second coming to judge people who have refused his gospel and continue to live in their sins, and that second coming is called the end of the day the end of ages. The prophets in the Old Testament, called it the day of the Lord.

It's a part of linear history that has a beginning and has an end. So that's Jesus primary message here is to talk about that day and what that day will be like and he gives us two insights into that day. First of all, he gives us insights about angels. Angels magnificent creatures of God are 1/3 of them fell with Satan up and have become the demons. Let me remind you that God still has about number two to one with good angels the bad angels, but there are bad angels.

But the good angels have two major purposes. First of all, they worship God. They love to be in his presence and cry out in Isaiah 6 language, holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. The second thing they love to do is do whatever God tells them to do to serve you and me love Jesus. Hebrews 114 says the God created the angels to be ministering spirits to his elect. The elect are people who love Jesus, so that means that angels are God's army to be sent to people who love him, to oversee, protect and care for us. I can remember one time in Orlando Florida years ago, driving my car in the middle of a rainstorm. Bethany was a baby in the backseat. Marilyn was sitting next to me and we had a wet spot.

The car swerved out of control and literally folks. I felt a hand go on the steering wheel and turn it away from an 18 wheeler that was quizzing a bias and missed us by several inches.

I'm convinced of this day, that was an angel of the Lord. Marilyn and I won't leave our house on a trip without me. Praying for the angels of heaven to watch over our house. We won't drive any long distances without asking God to place angels all around her cars on plane rides when I start to get bumpy.

Ever been there to what I do I start praying the angels of heaven, to be on each wing of an airplane and the steady.

It because God said the angels of heaven are sent as ministering spirits to care for God's people to give you one thought in Isaiah chapter 57 verse one. That verse says sometimes God takes the righteous home to spare them from evil, and I lost my mom and dad of the last 5 to 6 years to evolve in a terribly long difficult illnesses.

I am convinced there in heaven. I'm convinced they have perfect resurrection bodies, and I'm convinced. Also, dear friends, that even if they could come back to this mess to this squalor to this disease. Sin infected world they would not, but I'm sure what they are saying to the Lord is. Can't wait for David to come home.

Can't wait for him to come be with us if you love Jesus and your loved ones love Jesus, you will see them again. You will the angels have as a part of their work ministering to God's elect River call upon them temper asked him to come help you. I believe they are the most underutilized power of God available to us and we just forget about they cared for Jesus in the wilderness and the temptation narrative. He was so exhausted after doing battle with the enemy. The angels of heaven came and ministered to. They were present at his birth narrative.

They sang glory to God in the highest in excelsis deo wheezing during Christmas time and interesting if they are an angel army if they are God's army. That means those who came to sing a Jesus birth were military choir, don't you love military choirs, angels use them folks they are here and available to you.

But also remember that one of their jobs at the final day of the Lord, the final judgment is to separate the good and the bad fish. Somehow, the ones who will know who's naughty and nice is in Santa Claus, the one who will know who's naughty and nice are the angels of heaven, and God is going to let the angels be the ones who separate the good and the bad. The bad are going to go to a place that has a fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth and other places called hell and I don't particularly enjoy teaching on Hell. I like for people to like me. I want to be accepted by the public in this message is not popular but my desires to be more faithful than popular. Jesus is the one who most often taught about the reality of hell and he said the angels of heaven are going to have is the assignment separating people the general loss the ethnicities and some are going to go to hell, not a fiery furnace is that metaphorical or real. I don't know it's gonna be awful to the weeping and gnashing of teeth. I told you before, I think what that means is eternal regret for those of you have ever missed a 6 inch putt or wide-open layup or just made a stupid mistake what you do all is going. People who have denied Jesus resisted him, and for eternity there to go now as you look at the reality of hell. There are four different interpretations the people have let me go over the room quickly. First of all, there is nihilism. This is the view of those of you who are spiritual skeptics, your atheists or agnostics you don't believe in God and he basically believe since there is no God, eat, drink and be merry. Tomorrow I may die, you live life on your own terms you don't believe you're accountable to anybody. You certainly don't believe a final judgment. What I would say to you is what the apostle Paul said you in Romans one, first of all, look at conscience if you go throughout the world people groups all over the world. All believe in some kind of moral code. Every culture believes it's wrong to torture children. For example, the come from the social constructs of every nation on the face of the earth. I don't think so. The only answer can be God put his moral code within the hearts and minds of every person is ever live. Secondly, not only look at conscience look at creation look out all fits together. Look at its glory and splendor, and you're going to believe that there was a Big Bang in all of this just came together in its perfect ways. Like we know it today. My dad used to say. That's like saying an explosion in a printing press would create an unabridged dictionary is just nonsensical. So for those of you who are neither lists or atheists or agnostics. I invite you look at conscience and creation, but more Jesus teaching who came from eternity to tell us there is a day of the Lord. The second view is what some people call universalism. Universalism is the belief that God loves everybody and God is perfect love in the so therefore he can't let any person not be in his love forever. So in the expanses of eternity.

Every person will one day come to faith in God and love him.

Love wins the title of one book that someone wrote the problem with that perspective. Is this pesky local word I noticed in the Greek the word means everlasting and Jesus is the one who said that when people die they either go to INO's life or rhino's death that's irrefutable for Universalists and they've never been able to answer. Thirdly, there are people who are annihilation us. They believe that I may solicit what is that mean it means that when people have been separated from God in hell and are separated from the source of all life that eventually will cease to exist and that's become increasingly popular, even in some biblical circles.

The problem is this pesky little word called IAO's in the Greek for Jesus himself said some will go to everlasting IAO's life and some will go to everlasting items.

Death and everlasting means everlasting and it refutes annihilation us forth and finally, the only other option is eternal separation and I would argue with you today, that it makes perfect sense God is given all of us free will to choose whether to love him or not, were not automatons were free moral creatures and love can only exist if we can freely choose to love. If people do not want to love God.

Why in the world would you want to spend eternity with him. Moreover, if God is perfect love and you don't want to spend eternity with him. Why would he want you to spend eternity with him hell is the natural monument to the gift of free choice that God has given every human being. That's what Jesus taught and he's the only one I've ever known is come from eternity to tell us about the reality of eternal things he said at the end of the age. The angels will come and divide the good and the bad fish. The good go to everlasting punishment.

The good go to everlasting life in the bad good everlasting punishment which begs the question for the good fish who the bad fish. So glad you asked. Biblically, there aren't many different groups of people. There are two you are either righteous or unrighteous in the sight of God. What is righteous me.

It means you been forgiven of your sins. It's a legal term, it means that when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you believe that he paid the price for your sins on the cross that you should pay. He was a substitution for your life on the cross and when you accept his free gift of eternal life.

You are declared forgiven and righteous God's heavenly gavel has sounded in the recesses of eternity and declared you not guilty. You are righteous in the sight of God and those who have not received that gift of forgiveness are called unrighteous. They are unforgiven in first Corinthians chapter 1 verse 23 Paul writes these words but we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to the Jews and folly to the Gentiles, I preached you. Christ crucified that his death on the cross, absorbed your sins so you wouldn't have to have your penalty placed upon your self for your sins not know whatever that's preached.

The religious moralists.

The Jews are offended by that teaching when they they hear it it's it's like a stumbling block. The trip over it. Why because they want to believe in what Paul calls works righteousness there there two kinds of world religions works righteousness or grace righteousness works righteousness is basically karma you get what you deserve. Dear friends, aren't you glad you live in karma anymore. If your follower of Jesus, you don't get what you deserve. Hi can't speak for you. I don't want to get what I deserve from God, but I believe God is intervene on my behalf. But when I teach that there are religious moralists who believe they can just keep on working harder and one day God got a goat you're good welcome to heaven one day, a rich young ruler came to Jesus as a good teacher.

Remember Jesus response. He said asked the question who alone but God is good. Only God is good.

You and I are good. We can easily do good things because the image of God stamped our lives.

Basically our core. We are selfish. Every single one of us at different times in our lives have said to God, my cookie my life get out of here. We need a Savior we need to be righteous in this what Jesus did send Corinthians 521. Listen to this verse, Paul said, for our sake God made him Jesus to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we Christians might become the what's the rest the righteousness of God.

Do you have the righteousness of God in your heart Lenny Landis airplane.

What does this mean first of all for you personally. It means that you are never beyond the grace of God, and he wants you to believe that Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of your sentence. He wants you to believe that if you accept him as your Lord and Savior that when he looks at your heart. He does not see your mock your junk, your disobedience in your my cookies. He sees the righteousness of God is Jesus asked his disciples, I ask you, do you understand this, your answer has eternal implications. Do you understand this not only personally, historically, we believe that history is God's story. It's his story. History has a beginning and has an end and he oversees everything that happens in his story, and if he is good. This story is going to end good, and that means no matter what may be happening in the world. Our trust is not a what's happening with Isis in the world. Our trust is not in boardroom decisions or bathroom decisions. Our trust is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth overseas his drinking would you give him glory right now and moments of hope coming on and joins me in a conversation about criticizing others in our South will be right. This is the ministry minute, focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community. I Mark McManus and with me today is Bart Noonan with West Boulevard ministry bar. Tell us about West Boulevard ministry of taking this opportunity to speak about was for ministry and more poorly about Jesus Christ was Boulevard ministry serves the spiritual physical news. The families of communes with the was Boulevard, to the glory of Jesus Christ. Whether were doing neighborhood outreach cookouts galleries will bring people outside of their apartments, their homes and to fellowship with one another forward doing Bible study bingo the first Wednesday of every month Little Rock apartments and we gather anywhere from 50 to 70 children that we share the gospel with play bingo after our Bible study portion of the night in a couple weeks ago young man walked without close to three years came in if he forgot something. Like a lot of young kids do.

He forgot some in the space came back in and the praying out myself and all the other volunteers over ministry to gather there for that night, and let us all imprint closeout fishermen particular church every every Sunday for the past year and 1/2 and that's what it's all about us, about providing opportunity for Jesus Christ working side someone's heart.

Encourage the Mormon that sounds right now but if any of our listeners want to get in contact with you how they do that the best way to do is either myself and parked at West Bard ministries on board morning call me straight for myself and it always engines like a doctor.

The phones always on.

That's not a 029890270 encourage folks to also get our website which is West Boulevard and there you can see some of the photo gallery system of logs, things we do throughout the was Boulevard, to the glory Jesus Christ. It is great having you with us today.

Thank you very much for listening today joining our Pastor David.

David, thanks for being with us today. Thanks, Jenna love being with you every day. It's wonderful to have this time with thinking Semites in your morning either. Some theories that you're calling David his arms and one I read last week made me think he said we criticizing others what we eat and ourselves. Can you talk to I can. This was for my dad and that he would hear me sometimes take shots at other people and then he would tell me David, what is it within yourself. You don't like very much house because he would say what you're criticizing in others is often times what you self love about your own self, so it's something I've learned in life, Jen. It's a hard lesson to have learned, but it's an important one, and I want to share with everyone today. Most often we criticize in others what we hate in ourselves folks did you know that research shows that roughly half the words we use are negative, about 30% are positive. The other 20% are neutral. Now think about that. Consider how God intended us to use words. First Thessalonians 511 therefore encourage one another and build one another up another place Paul says don't let any unwholesome word come out of your mouth, our words should be used to edify others not to tear them down, let me ask everyone how do you use your words to encourage or discourage dual word inventory think, especially about the words you use when criticizing others, then, be honest with yourself. Evaluate your heart. Is there self loathing are these criticisms, the very things about yourself. You're most ashamed off embarrassed by feel guilty about someone once said when you're pointing one finger at somebody. Remember, there are three underneath pointing back at you. Wow, I think that's a great illustration. If you do believe that maybe your words are so self-critical because there are things you hate about yourself run to the throne of grace received God's mercy a new Hebrews 416 experience his deep healing love for you is forgiveness and kindness his goodness and grace. You don't ever need to self love God loves you so much. You are a child of God, you're a prince or a princess of the King of Kings and Lord of lords. You have royal blood pulsating through your veins believe that about your true identity be healed become whole and then you'll stop criticizing others immediately use your words to edify others. And here's one Jan even your enemies. Jesus said so in Matthew 544 and the next time you catch yourself using negative words stop and remember we criticizing others.

Usually what we hate most in ourselves. Well this is so bad and when I'm thinking my mom wheels are spinning and usually finds that the child I'm kinda betting heads read and there's a reason is because they're doing something I actually Dale and it and since I was part of you that you really hate you see in your child and you become mostly critical of that, even more so with other bad behavior in your other charts right exactly a different ending this is interesting, yeah, and it's a fascinating truth and I think it's something we all need to consider. We use our words negatively and when you criticize other stop folks and think, is that an issue I hate about myself is that something in my heart I self load and then give it to the Lord, receive his grace and stop the criticisms use your words to edify other people. That's God's intention from the beginning and everyone if you'd like to receive a daily David is him go to moments of hope you can receive it in your inbox in written form. Every morning at 7 AM from my heart to yours. A gift of grace, free of charge to help your day begin with a moment of hope moments of helpless senior pastor have moments of hope church. Today's messages from our online worship service. You can be a part of our service each Sunday morning at the nine 11 o'clock I going to moments of hope church.board your online sign up for David Daly moments of delivered every morning tear in the hot sun there both free and available through my website is moments of health insurance.board for dated and the entire moments of hope church is

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