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The Parable of the Tenants - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 18, 2021 6:02 am

The Parable of the Tenants - Part 1

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 18, 2021 6:02 am

God owns it all. This is illustrated by a parable in the Gospel of Matthew. Today David Chadwick talks about the Parable of the Tenants.

Part 1.

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Man sent by God basically said to the tenants living in the vineyard, you're not producing fruit for God and in more specificity, they would say, and you're not being aligned all of the nation.

Hopefully you know God owns everything.

This is illustrated clearly in one of the parables Jesus teaches in the Gospel of Matthew. So what can we learn about our culture from these parables today dated continues our series that came down with the first section of the message he calls the parable of the tenant. A couple of years.

We continue this study of the kingdom of God which was Jesus most often talked about subject preached. Will parables talk about the kingdom of God.

When looking at Matthew's gospel for the next several weeks and trying to examine the parables of the kingdom of God. A parable is an earthly story that gives our heavenly meaning also.

Today were going to look at Matthew the 21st chapter versus 33 through 46. But before we go there. Let me give you the context of what was going on when Jesus told this parable because I think the parable will become alive for you if you understand its context. But here's what's happening. But this parable is told during what we call holy week on the Tuesday before Jesus went to the cross on Friday that would be back up a bit on Sunday, Jesus entered into Jerusalem. What we call Palm Sunday, but the people seeing them come into the city anticipated that he was the long awaited Messiah who would finally eradicate Roma from all of Israel. But Jesus idea of the kingdom was not a militaristic king but was a king of the human heart. Even though the people lay palm branches before him, crying out, hosanna, which means save us, save us from Roman oppression and also he rode a donkey in fulfillment of Zechariah 99 which said Messiah will come into Jerusalem riding on a cold Jesus did so in fulfillment that his understanding of kingdom was totally different than the people's understanding of the kingdom. So that's why within just a few days.

The people would go from hosanna save us to crucify him on Friday. He did not meet their understandings of a messianic kingdom. So Jesus then went on Sunday from Jerusalem to the town of Bethany about 3 miles outside of Jerusalem, and there he spent the night with his three very close friends, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.

The next day he gets up on Monday and he goes into Jerusalem and he goes by a fig tree, and he curses the fig tree because it's not getting fruit.

Keep that in mind, the fig tree is symbolic of Israel. It's not getting fruit so Jesus curses it, then he goes into the temple.

And there he sees something that absolutely bothers him. It is the money changers in the Temple, and he drives them out. Now a lot of people through the years of said see the church is not supposed to use it for your areas to try to make money. That's like the moneychangers in the temple and certainly that bothered Jesus that did to Kemal, but the major reason Jesus was ticked off and wanted to cleanse the temple of the moneychangers is because on the outward concentric circle was the court of the Gentiles. They could come and have some time there to try the move to the next concentric circle.

The circle of the women.

Then the next was the court of the men and then finally the holy of the holies.

What God designed Israel to be from the very beginning was to bear fruit for him, especially in bringing the nations into faith in the one true God. When God called Abraham in Genesis 12, three, and formed a covenant with him and his children, which would be the nation of Israel he said to him, I'm going to bless you abundantly so that you will be a blessing to all the nations on the face of the earth that was God's design Israel bear fruit and reach all the nations of the earth through an understanding of the one true God, worshiping him the laws that God would give them and then also their witness to the world by obedience to those laws in caring for so when Jesus came to the temple and he realized that as Isaiah 49 six says God said Israel supposed to be a light to the nations alike to the Gentiles, and he saw the Gentiles being prevented from moving to the next concentric circle toward the holy of holies, where they can worship the one true God.

We saw the moneychangers and what they were doing.

Crating such a commotion let out a circle is happening. Keeping it in the Gentiles worshiping God. He was one ticked off dude and he cleanse the temple of the moneychangers, primarily because he wanted the Gentiles to be able to worship God. That's why he said don't you understand what Isaiah said the temple was built by David and Solomon to be a house of prayer to many of you stop right there. Don't forget the last part of it.

The purpose of the temple was to be built so would be a house of prayer for all the nations, so Jesus saw that Israel was not bearing fruit. The way God wanted it to bear fruit, especially in the way it was supposed to reach all of the nations. For God's glory. So Jesus cleansed the temple on that Monday and he ticked off the religious leaders.

Then he went back to Bethany spent the night on Monday night with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus and then on Tuesday got back up with his disciples walked back into Jerusalem.

By the way all the way the disciples they look at the fig tree it's dad and Jesus use that as a teaching moment to say it's dead because it did not take seriously the call of God to bear fruit. Among the nations of the earth to become enclosed. So Jesus then goes back to the temple and he encounters the religious leaders again.this is so interesting because you know after he cleanse the temple. They were making plans to kill. They wanted and did so this is Tuesday he's going to the cross on Friday and this is his last chance to maybe assuage their feelings to maybe change their minds regarding how they look at him. But what is he do, he tells a parable, a story that basically pokes them in the eye. More that does even more of what he was trying to say you forgotten about your purpose. That was the bear fruit for God, especially among the nations of your so he tells this parable in Matthew 2133 through 46 to the religious leaders challenging them why they didn't bear fruit for God. Jesus said here. Another parable, there was a master of a house who planted a vineyard and put a fence around it and dug wine presses and it and built a tower and leased it to tenants and went into another country.

When the season for fruit drew near, he sent his servants to the tenants to get his fruit and the tenants took his servants, and beat one killed another, and stoned another. Again he sent other servants more than the first. And they did the same thing. Finally, he sent his son to them saying they will respect my son.

But when the tenants saw the sun they said to themselves. This is the air, let us kill him and have his inheritance and they took him and threw him out of the vineyard and killed him. When therefore the owner of the vineyard comes what will he do to these tenants. They said to him, he will put those wretches to a miserable death and let out the vineyard to others who will give him the fruits in their seasons. Jesus said to them, have you never read the Scriptures, the stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.

This was the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes.

Therefore I tell you the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people producing its fruits. And the one who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces, and when it falls on anyone, it will crush him when the chief priests and the Pharisees heard his parables, they perceived that he was speaking about them, and although they were seeking to arrest him, they feared the crowds because they held him to be a prophet. So in these verses we have a common practice that occurred in Jesus day that still occurs today in order to make money somebody who has a good bit of money buys something and owns that property then loans that property out to tenants then thirdly makes money from those tenants off his property. Again, the practice was held in Jesus day it's done today as well. So that's what this parable is all about. It's about someone who owns a vineyard and that person is God. So here is the point of today's message God owns everything.

Say it with me. God owns everything.

Now you know today's message I can go home okay.

Note now let me explain to you how the parable supports that idea that God owns everything.

So look at each piece of the parable and you'll see how it makes sense. So he says there was a master of the house who planted the vineyard the master the house is God. He owns the house and he planted the vineyard. It's all his and he put a fence around it that means he called through Abraham's covenant in Genesis 12.

Three. A nation in Abraham's seed produced the nation of Israel and God gave them a place called the promised land, where they still exist to this day, and he drew boundaries around it put a fence around it that nation was a nation that God formed it with his chosen people, and he dug a winepress in it, which means he blessed it with wine and food, and he built a tower, which was always done in order to protect the people. So God oversaw and protected his nation called Israel and he leased it noticed. He loaned it to tenants and went to another country.

So God is the one who owns everything gave Israel this nation. He loaned it to them gave them everything and then he withdrew the tenants in the story are obviously the religious leaders and the Israelites. They are the ones who have the responsibility of overseeing God's vineyard and then of course the problem is there's no fruit. They're not making any money and so the owner of the vineyard realizes this and needs to remind them why he loaned them the place they lived in all the blessings that they had. He therefore sent several different people to them to remind them that their call was to bear fruit for the owner of the vineyard. These people who came to remind the tenants or the prophets of God. They are people that God sent mostly seen in Elijah and Elisha, but more primarily in the prophetic books of the Old Testament Isaiah through Malachi men sent by God who basically said to the tenants living in the vineyard, you're not producing fruit for God and in more specificity, they would say, and you're not being a light to all of the nations the Israelites and leaders response to the prophets was to beat or kill them, and they did so with a good number of them. What did God do. Then he sent even more of his servants to remind Israel of their responsibility to bear fruit. Notice how many God sent over the years. Over the decades over the centuries but with each one. They were beaten, killed, and stoned, until finally the owner said I'll send my own son. My only son. The air of everything I own, and he perhaps can get through to them.

So the sun is sent and what did they do to him. They say ha ha we kill him.

We get the inheritance. It's ours. And so Jesus at that moment after teaching about the son who was killed as well ask this question to the religious leaders. When the owner returns not if but he is going to return when the owner returns, what will he do with the tenants.

Their answer was this he should kill those wretched tenants.

He should get rid of them entirely, and he should give the vineyard to somebody else who will produce fruit as they should.

Then Jesus quotes from Psalm 118 verse 42, he says the stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone every builder in here knows that the most important stone in a building is the cornerstone upon that stone every other part of the building is built in Jesus and I'm the cornerstone of the building. The God is building here and it you rejected.

You rejected me in on me.

You're going to fall in God's going to do something marvelous because of your rejection of me.

Then he says as the religious leaders did this vineyard is going to be given to another who will produce fruit. For all of you ecclesiology us out there which is a fancy word for church folk God did give the vineyard to another not remember.

He called Israel to be a holy people. When he made a covenant with Israel through Abraham that was extended through Moses giving of the law Mount Sinai. All he created a holy people a different kind of person to worship the one true God obeyed his laws and wanted to live as holy people under holy God and what he brought them into the promised land. They were live amidst a godless pagan Canaanite group of people that you different kind of people and their differences, they would draw the world to God. That was his design. They failed became enclosed, self-righteous, judgmental, angry, one of the best rabbinic prayers to give evidence to how they refuted the world was Lord I thank you that I'm not a dog or a Gentile.

They hated the Gentiles. And so God through Jesus took away the Israelite vineyard and gave it somebody else to whom did he give it folks to whom to give the church of Jesus Christ and most of our theological struggles come with God is trying to convince us it's really his, and we think it's ours. And it isn't it interesting for those of us who are parents of children. How many times we sell saw our children fight over a toy, and one would say what it's mine and the other was a now it's mine. No, it's mine now, it's mine, until finally the parent has intercede and yank out the toy he realized were the ones who bought and we say no it's mine and that's what God's friend. With all of us as we clean tenaciously to our toys on the side of eternity and say mine.

The parable shows people who wrongly believed wife in creations remind and therefore if you become my thing and enclose the things and moments of sound listening, turning out Dana joins me in a stadium entering will be right. This is the ministry minute, focusing on ministries that have a positive impact on our community. I Mark McManus and with me today is Bart Noonan with West Boulevard ministry Mark tell us about West Boulevard ministry of taking this opportunity to speak about was for ministry more poorly about Jesus Christ was Boulevard ministry serves a spiritual physical news that there was news with the West Boulevard, to the glory of Jesus Christ weather were doing outreach cookouts galleries will bring people outside of their apartments, their homes and fellowship with one another forward doing Bible study bingo the first Wednesday of every month Little Rock apartments and we gather anywhere from 50 to 70 children that we share the gospel with play bingo after our Bible study portion of the night in a couple weeks ago young man to walk without close to three years came in if he forgot something. Like a lot of young kids doing forgot some in the space it came back in and the praying out myself and all the other volunteers for the West Boulevard ministry to gather there for the night and let us all imprint closeout fishermen particular church every Sunday for the past year and 1/2 and that's what it's all about us, about providing opportunity for Jesus Christ working side someone's heart. Encourage the Mormon that sounds really know if any of our listeners want to get in contact with you how they do that the best way to do is either myself and parked at West Bard ministry.board morning call me straight for myself and it always is some sort of doctor. The phones always on. That's not a 029890270 encourage folks to also go to our website which is West Boulevard ministry.ordinary consumer photo galleries and system of logs, things we do throughout the West Boulevard, to the glory Jesus Christ. It is great having you with us today.

Thank you very much and thanks for listening today. Joining me in the stadium is our Pastor David blank David, thank you so much for joining hi Jen, it's great being with you as well, located in one of your morning devotions. You've recently written memory suggest from God. Can you talk I can. It's something that I have come to realize more and more the older I get, looking back on my life and particularly remembering those wonderful experiences that have occurred to me from God gifts he has given to me. So let's look at this idea in greater depth everything we have on this earth is a gift from God, including our memories. Memories allow us to capture and reflect upon all the goodness the Lord has bestowed on us precious blessings needed provision sometimes small answered prayers at other times, unimaginable miracles. God wants us all to remember all the ways that he has blessed us our personal miracles as well, as those for all of mankind.

For example, God instructed the Jews constantly to remember the miraculous parting of the Red Sea. For Christians, God tells us to constantly remember the resurrection God's intervention into death, to assure us all of the gift of eternal life, and while sometimes memory doesn't feel like a gift from God. It is even remembering painful situations can be difficult but there's always a purpose to our pain, and that purpose usually involves us being like Jesus. Our increased reliance on God. So remembering bad things that have happened keep us from doing those things again but also continue to conform us to the image of Jesus. So today listeners remember a time that God did a miracle for you remember something good that happened to you a time in which God came through for you in a very difficult seemingly impossible situation. Now, keep remembering it over and over again. Keep massaging your brain with that thought, don't let it escape because here's the key. As you feel God's warmth flood all over you as you remember his goodness to you and you have that great feeling come over your life.

Here, something that's very special if God did it once for you. He can do it again.

Let me say again, if God did it once for you. He can do it again and that's why dear friends, memory is a gift from God. I think this is Austin and I love how our scriptures are holy book was passed down and send any of the stories are recollection of God's intervention, and answered this. 901 of our hope casts about God's intervention in my life is renaming me and highlighting my middle name and when I think of an attendant discouragement.

It reminds me of how near God really is. Ties how intimately he loves us. Ginny know when you think about all the biblical characters who got a new name. It's unbelievable you Jacob, whose name means trickster shyster becomes Israel which means God strives your God gives you the strength you need in any situation when you think for example that Saul which means kinda diminutive becomes Paul the great and mighty apostle to the Gentiles.

You can see God's work in changing his name.

Peter went from Simon, which means son of the dove wishy-washy always changing your mind going from this end of the other becomes Peter. The rock of the church and interestingly, in the book of Revelation. It says will all receive a new name in heaven now and negatively cool that for to be very cold as God names us in accordance with his will for us in eternity to everyone. Thank you for listening today. If you like to receive a daily moment of hope go to moments of Hope you can subscribe there you have a gift from me to your inbox every morning free of charge at 7 AM away from me to give you a daily moment of hope moments of helpless statements are linked, senior pastor of moments of hope charts. Today's messages from our online worship service part of our service each Sunday morning at the nine 11 o'clock I going to moments of home insurance.board your online sign up for David daily moments and have delivered in every morning here in both free and available dream I went manager is moments of Hope and the entire moments of hope You Pray for His Earnings

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