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Redeemer - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 29, 2021 6:29 am

Redeemer - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 29, 2021 6:29 am

Do you have a Biblical worldview? We all have a lens in which we view our lives and the world around us. God’s story of redemption is the foundation of how we should view everything we see.

Part 2.

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You came to faith in Jesus in your part of history until Jesus comes back again. He's coming back. He will establish total redemption and restore game creation Genesis 100s to moments of hope with Dana child back.

We live in a society full of temptation when we get into some of these becomes a bondage almost impossible for us to break the book of Romans says that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Do we really believe here's David to let his message in Genesis 3 in the fall. Something hideous happened in one of the things that happened was the version of creation now no longer did Adam and Eve and us have authority over the plants and the animals. One of the wages of sin is the plants and the animals have authority over us. You'll believe those of you with eating disorders. Those who eat too much, especially animals have authority over you. Those of you with an alcohol problem pops have authority over you plant those of you who are addicted to heroin or cocaine client a stupid plant has authority over you. Sex created by God is a good gift to humankind. It's immeasurably enjoyable once rightly use within the confines of marriage when a minimal, but we've taken it for our own benefit to try to fill the heart and some of you are addicted to celluloid woman doesn't even exist in your life, with whom. Now you are in intimate relationship and shall do anything you wanted to do whenever you want to do, but she controls creation controls you, not the create tour creation, other people and created things cannot meet the deepest longings of our heart and forth religion. Some of you turned religion to be that whole what religion that's trying to earn God's favor, you've reduced the Christian faith to rules and regulations. Some of you come from a toxic religious environment where someone upfront taught you that you just had to work harder to earn God's favor and as a result, you're exhausted, spiritually you're bearing inside and moreover eventually you become self-righteous and judgmental toward other people who aren't as religious as you and its culture sold. Whether you're in captivity to the law room is a one says there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus and Jesus came to set us free from that condemnation of the law when we feel like we can't ever measure and the fifth captivity is what I call on. We its boredom.

It's basically people who are afraid of death. You know that's the biggest fear out there.

The fear of death. So a lot of people just choose not even to think about. They live their lives, eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow I might die, and therefore, since you have to think about death doesn't exist and you move on with life in a board fashion problem is the knowing continues redemption. Jesus came to set us free from these five captivity's it is for freedom that Christ came to set us free of the story going. Pendergast, he was in Tampa Florida in his 30s.

He was on a drunken binge so is on his way home staggering. He saw a house with an open window, something came over him.

He went into the house when upstairs, got suitcases found money found possession stuff them in the suitcases walked downstairs and thought I'm going to make sure that the police never find me. He set fire to the house and walked out the back door. He stumbled around the block came to what he thought was his house only to find fire engines outside. You got it in his drunken stupor. He broke into his own house stole his own money his own possessions and it burned down his own house.

Later, the police asked him why did you do that. Here's his answer.

You know, I never realized I had so much can you believe that today in Christ. I want to ask you this question.

Do you know you really have so much as you were Redeemer. First of all, he set you free from self. He gives you a heart that knows your loved not based on your outsides, but they simply on your insides and how much he loved, he frees you from all the external work you do in your jobs or ads or whatever to say.

I just love you the way you are. You couldn't be more beautiful in my side and how you are right now that's freedom folks.

He frees us from other people. When you seek first the kingdom of God in all of his righteousness. The opinions of others really doesn't matter that much. Your free to love him above all thoroughly frees you from created things you worship the create tour. Then enjoy his creation. He created this world.

We originally enjoyed you want you to enjoy it just wants you to always remember he's first worship create tour and then enjoy creation forth religion.

You can't ever earn God's favor. What can you do enough that will make God love you, but in Christ we receive his grace and no longer is faith about religion. Faith is about relationship. He puts his law on our hearts.

We now know him. Jeremiah 31 prophesies. We know him as our personal friend father parent lover everything and were free from religion and finally were free from ennui were free from the boredom of life, especially the fear of death. The Bible says that Jesus came to set us free from the law of sin and death came to set us free from the law defining a reality there's no condemnation for those of us in Christ Jesus. By the way, if you feel condemnation. Somewhere in your life.

You've reestablished a law is your way of relating God there something you feel like you gotta do or not do to earn his love. If you love Jesus. There's no condemnation and then also Paul says in first Corinthians 15 we Christians don't have the resurrection were people most believed to have it. Dear friends, we too have and therefore we cry out with Palavi in the first 2015.

Where is your stay because the moment we die we get new resurrection bodies. What happened to Jesus Is us if our lives in him that's going to happen us and he received your new eternal resurrection body with no pain or tears turmoil for tribulation so devastating it doesn't exist anymore for the follower of Jesus, we are free is for freedom that Christ came to set us free in that good news would you give God the glory for that isn't that wonderful.

As the psalmist cried out.

I am being good. I am free from captivity. Now the second point I want to make today though is not only are you free from the captivity of sin and death. You are free to enjoy life because you're part of a bigger plan of God in redemptive history. How many you've ever asked the question why on earth am I here what's the plan of God for my life. All of us. Every single one of us. And here's the answer you're part of redemptive history for God brought the Israelites back in and they remained in that land for a while. Here's what happened historically as the Babylonians were the major power the day.

The Persians eventually overtook them as God use the Babylonians to judge Israel use the Persians to judge the wicked Babylonians and then Cyrus the king of Persia came up with an edict and allowed some number of the Jews to return from Babylon to the land under their leaders are movable, they rebuilt the temple. Although many stayed in battle and we don't know why. Maybe they had built their homes and become imbibed in the culture and just enjoyed. We don't know why, but eventually later on two people feel the call of God to also take a number back.

First of all, Nehemiah feeling God's call to go back and rebuild the walls around Jerusalem and the Temple.

Then Ezra comes back soon thereafter and he establishes worship in the temple like God intended. But interestingly, again, a number of Jews stayed in battle and eventually the Persians were overtaken by the Greeks.

Alexander the great, being the prime general who allow that to happen after his death when the great Greek leaders was Antiochus the great in the third century and Antiochus oversaw the area where these dispersed Jews who settled in battle and lived and for whatever reason, I think God led he decided to expatriate 2000 Jewish families out of Babylon and he put them in present-day Greece and Turkey cities then called Phrygia an area called Galatia Ephesus, Corinth, and they had to leave and repopulate themselves in that region as they always had to do the Jews built synagogues a place for worship and they put their roots leave their will. Antiochus eventually dies, especially after a battle against the Romans at the model I the Romans become the world power, then, and for 200 years they coalesce all of their power around the world. The major Emperor who allowed all of that coalescence to happen and who brought what's called Pax Romana.

The piece of room to bear upon that part of the world was Emperor seizes Caesar Augustus, in my opinion, the most powerful and probably best Emperor of all the Caesars he somehow unified Roman caused the piece of room to occur. No more wars anywhere within the Roman Empire in the fourth year BC of Caesar Augustus reign a little baby was born in a Bethlehem stable in the farthest reaches of the Roman Empire. This child named Jesus lives for 33 years and for Christians. We believe he is God in human flesh living the perfect life that we can't live because of Genesis 3, passed down to us in progeny from our parents at many, but he was conceived of aversion conceived by the power the Holy Spirit, bypassing that natural conception and he lived the perfect life. None of us can and he went to the cross to pay the price for our sin, taking upon himself the sins of us that he didn't deserve and giving to us the forgiveness of our sins sins by grace through faith, something we don't deserve.

And he did it. Amos Diemer to set us free from the captivity of her sentence.

When loved by God. We live in that love and were free from all the other stuff that demands a leech's and then Jesus died was raised from the dead and ascended into heaven and then in acts two was the celebration of the Jewish feast called Pentecost from all over the world came Jews to worship Pentecost.

Those Jews included people from Phrygia, Galatia, Corinth and Athens. The dispersed people from Babylon 200 years earlier.

And what happened at Pentecost Holy Spirit came down from heaven. Peter proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ and thousands came to faith in Jesus and what happened after that they went back to their homelands. They went back to Phrygia, Galatia, Corinth, Ephesus, and then the God calls the apostle Paul to go preach the gospel to work as Pogo to Phrygia, Galatia, Corinth and Ephesus and there he finds already committed believers in Jesus were thereby defined plan. Good already formed churches and pulse strengthen them them and they grew and grew and grew and over the next decades and centuries the church of Jesus Christ took over all of Western Europe and through the centuries that church officially crossed the ocean and dear friends. The truth is you and I are part of the redemptive plan of God because God oversaw an evil king Antiochus the great displaced 2000 Jewish families in Babylon and placed them in Europe, which means why are you here today. What's the plan so glad you ask your here today, and God has you at this moment in history, not by fiat but by divine oversight. Romans five success at the right time you came to faith in Jesus at the time he planned you came to faith in Jesus and you're part of attempted history until Jesus comes back again. He's coming back again.

You do know that don't you. He's coming back again and when he comes back he will establish total redemption and restore redeemed creation to Genesis 1 and two were everything will work the way God intended it to work on this earth as God intended. But until that day, every single one of us is called in our place, wherever that may be our workplace, our homes, wherever it may be were called to be a part of redemptive history. What does that mean more practically, it means that when you stand for life in the womb and protect the baby. You're part of redemptive history and when you foster child or adopt a child caught in the quagmire of impossibility can bring them in to a future and a hope you're participating in redemptive history when you want to call somebody this week is on the ledge ready to give up and you encourage them with the words of Jesus you're participating in redemptive history when you help build water wells in places where people can even drink water.

You are participating in redemptive history when you help a young girl escape the quagmire of sex trafficking you're participating in redemptive history when you refuse to get a divorce and you say will go to stay together and learn how to love, especially for the sake of our cats are participating in redemptive history, redemptive history, basically the kingdom of God.

And whatever you decide to let God's kingdom be the master passion of your life and you do whatever it takes to advance his kingdom. That's redemptive history.

Thank you. To come to faith in Jesus and participate in redemptive history. In whatever way he's called you it's different for all of us but be a part of the movement of Christ worldwide to bring his kingdom to bear upon this world until he comes back. Do you know Jesus today. That's where it all begins by knowing him personally and him setting us free. You 1827, a man committed a heinous crime was committed to death in prison, but his family was very well known and new present Andrew Jackson so they kept begging Jackson to do something.

Finally Jackson gave in and gave a presidential pardon to this man.

They went to him in prison, they gave the presidential pardon. He wouldn't accept it when accepted.

Semi crimes are too great. I can accept this. It went all the way to the Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall finally concluded. If the man won't accept the pardon.

There's nothing more we can do and the guy went to the gallows he died with a presidential pardon.

Dear friends, Jesus came to give you a presidential pardon.

He's open the door. You can now be free.

The question is when you accept with you accept. I pray you because it is freedom that Christ set us. Jesus came 17 sin and death moments and how cunning that David joins me in a conversation about how soft their generation right.

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He's standing.

Thanks for listening today.

Joining me in STM is our pastor David Saad lacking David, thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you, Jen.

It's always a pleasure being with you in your morning devotions. You've been in a series that you're calling David his arms and one jumps out to me how a soft answer turns away wrath like it's from the Bible. And yes, it is exactly end and some of these David isms that I've accumulated through the years, you'd pick the truths that I've learned from mentors, coaches, parents, friends, books that I've read obviously the most important book I read is the Bible and this one comes straight from the word of God is so powerful near the Proverbs are actually little phrases that Solomon gives us to help us live life well there called the wisdom literature in the Bible and this one comes from Proverbs chapter 15 verse one again. A soft answer turns away wrath. So let's explore together Jen when someone speaks harshly to you. How do you typically respond with anger, hostility in a manner that escalates the conflict.

That's what most often happens, we continue to respond with anger. That's a little bit louder, a little bit louder, a little bit louder until ultimately, you're in a fierce argument that's out of control.

Well again in the book of Proverbs, Solomon the wisest man who ever lived, shared this sage wisdom of soft answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger. That's Proverbs 15 verse one.

It's a life lesson we all need to learn when someone criticizes us with anger, disrespect or hostility. We have a choice to make. We can choose to respond with the same intensity of light in kind, thereby fueling wrathful flames which only escalate the problem eventually to some kind of loud interchange and maybe even sometimes abusive behavior or we can follow Solomon's wise advice and reply with a Jen saw an answer exactly with a calm and peaceful disposition, one which invites healing and paves the way toward resolution and eventual restoration, which also decreases, and D escalates the situation and problem even a soft answer such as you note, that's a great point. That's a great insight. Thanks for sharing.

It can diffuse the intensity of an argument and by doing so, you'll likely keep your friendship intact. So the next time you're met with hostility. Remember, a soft answer turns away wrath.

This is so good and something that I like to say this. This to me is a narrow word in this political climate, and in this age that were in right now.

If everyone wants to be heard.

I think a soft answer could also be listening listening to someone and not on engaging in the same spirit as arguments and and I just think this is so powerful right now. That's a good point and there's something in counseling terminology called active listening and you hear what someone says and you just give it back to them in a soft gentle way and a lot of people go I was heard somebody actually listen to me because you're giving back to them what they said is no great insight on your part. You're just listening actively and somehow some way that D escalates the hostility as well.

I wish we could learn that in this environment. Jen were so many people are yelling at one another that century.

This is so powerful. Thank you so much for your thoughts today and thank you everyone. Remember, a soft answer turns away wrath. That's another David estimate straight from God's word and if you would like to receive a daily moment of hope these David isms, please go to moments of hope,, you can subscribe there, they'll arrive in your inbox every morning at 7 AM it's a gift from me to you to give your day. A moment of hope and moments of hope like a blank senior pastor and moments of hope turns messages from our online worship service. You can be a part of our service each Sunday morning at nine and 11 o'clock I going to moments of hope church.learn while you're online. The shortage I got David's weekly hope. It's free and available through our website also be some times prophecy that he pray for our listeners to moments of hope church.word\listener moments of hope church to pray for us

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