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Rewarder - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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March 31, 2021 6:30 am

Rewarder - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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March 31, 2021 6:30 am


Our culture really does value rewards: rewards for shopping, using credit cards, and frequent flyer miles. But what is greater than all of these rewards? Today we look at the rewards that God’s Word promises us.

Part 2.

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Righteousness desires us to be so we can hear the best heaven. Jesus works to me.

Well done, good and a servant using God moments of hope with.

We all receive God's gas in one form or another, that you know it's our job to use these gifts for God's calling in our lives. This is a small way we can get back with God is already given to hear stated in the second section of his message called reporter those most like merciful to us.

Were not going to help. We deserve hell in our rebellion against him but his death on the cross accepts our forgiveness so that we don't get what we deserve so blessed. Jesus and those who don't give people what they deserve when they step on her toes have any view at anybody step on your toes. Not literally but figuratively hurt you in any way. Of course you have as have I and Jesus said when you extend mercy to them, not giving them what they deserve. When that day comes that you step on somebody stop and you hurt somebody you will be given mercy like you gave mercy out the law of reciprocity. When you give out eventually comes back to you if you give out righteousness.

If you obey God rewards then come back to you here first. But secondly, also in heaven in heaven.

The Bible actually talks more about our heavenly rewards than our earthly rewards. Basically, the truth is, God will give us extensive rewards in heaven for our faithfulness here. Let me give you this truth again, you can't take it with you, but you can send it ahead you came into this world, but make it really was world buck naked you can't take it with you, but you can send that sit with me. You can't take it with you, but you can send it ahead. It's the truth of the Scripture, we can build up for ourselves rewards in heaven, but Jesus taught it over and over again. Let me give you a few examples concerning money in Matthew the sixth chapter, verses 19 through 21 Jesus said don't lay up for yourselves treasures where moths can even amend rust can a Roto man. Thieves can steal them but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.

The implication is you can't take money with you, but you can send it away there's a way to lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, but in Matthew the sixth chapter in the verses earlier in verses one through 18 Jesus teaches three spiritual disciplines they should be part of all of our lives.

He begins each one with the wind. Not if he said, for example, when you give money to the poor. We are especially to have a heart for the poor.

If we follow Jesus when you give money to the poor don't do so publicly so that everybody can see you and you can receive gratuitous praise from people, but rather, Jesus said, go into a secret place and give to the poor. Don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, but your father who sees in secret. Do you believe that the father in heaven sees everything he does, the father who sees in secret Jesus that will report you. Second, discipline not only when you give it when you pray when you pray God in Jesus expects us to pray when you pray, don't parade yourself publicly.

Like the Pharisees do you hire trumpet tears to blow their trumpets to draw attention to their prayers. By the way, in case you don't know that's from where we get the phrase tooting your own horn.

Don't be like that Jesus, when you pray going to your secret place and your father who sees in secret for those of you who watch pornography think nobody sees what a lie.

Your father who sees in secret will reward you pray and seek then for fast when you fast their times to fast from things in order to draw attention to the spiritual side of life. When you fast.

Jesus had. Don't be like the Pharisees who mope around with sad faces and draw attention to themselves but keep a joyful face and trust me because your father who sees in secret will reward you that this whole idea of rewarding from Jesus is talked about over and over again by the apostles to second Peter chapter 3. Verse 10 says that one day everything on earth is going to be destroyed by fire, by flood and water with no but at the end of the world by fire scorched earth policy from God.

Everything you know this earth is going to ultimately be our home when Jesus comes back, he is coming back to the way you know that when he comes back, he's going to create a new heaven and a new earth, and I think fire is going to give new nutrients to the soil and allow this place to prosper like God originally intended. In the garden of the but you know what I think all of us need to do is I've adjourned you before, take a tag put on every one of your possessions and let this tag say going to burn going to burn if done enough in the landfill is going to burn you can't take it with you, but you can send it ahead, Marilyn.

I've taken some longplaying rides and doing some the missions work we do when the longest is from Charlotte to India last 15 to 16 hours, but can you imagine what a flight attendant with think if I got on that flight got into my seat and then took out little post notes and put little notes on their reminding me of chores that I needed to do and I took out pictures of my family. Marilyn the kids the grandkids. My mom and dad to start putting them on the seat in front of me on the window beside me all around me.

Can you imagine what the flight attendant with think about that she or he would eventually come to me. Say what you do. Many of the longest flight ultimately has a destination and you to spend a whole lot more time on that destination, then you are your a few hours on this see you putting this pictures and I think many of us live life the same way we think this world is all there is, and we make everything revolve around this world, failing to realize there were going to spend a whole and more time in the eternal destination that are few flowers on this flight if you put a string from that side of the room to the side of the room and put one small pin in the middle of that strength that yours in my life in the expanse of eternity.

Jesus tried to teach us that what we do here matters for ever will receive eternal rewards for how we use his possessions that he has given us here in Luke the 14th chapter, verses 13 and 14.

Jesus said, but when you give a banquet. Invite the poor, although they can't repay you. You will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous Jesus. And when you use your money.

Use it to care for the poor stop using it for quid pro quo arrangements with other people when you give money just to get money back but give to those who can't repay you and when you do so at the resurrection of the righteous.

That's the second coming, you will be repaid. You will receive a reward. And I think there's going to be a special reward for the martyrs. Those who given their lives because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Did you know there were more martyrs in the 20th century than all the previous centuries combined. Did you know that has carried over into the 21st century and we are seeing an explosion of Christian martyrs all around the world and the world right now is experiencing literally thousands upon thousands of Christians were being slaughtered today because of their faith in Jesus and folks their reward in heaven is going to be and you know what when I'm there.

I'm not going to be envious one bit that there rewards greater than mine they deserve it in the book of Revelation the martyrs are in heaven. Even right now crying out to God how law how long will they have to be martyred for their faith. Lord can't stop it in.

God assures them that they will come. The day will come, but there reward in heaven will be great because Jesus promised that would be the case. Polycarp was the Bishop of's, the city of Smyrna in the second century. He was captured by the Romans and told to curse Christ will be burned at the stake. Here was his answer. What would your answer been. He said 86 years I've served him, and he has done me no wrong. How can I blaspheme my King who has done me no wrong. You threatened me with a fire.

They that will burn for an hour and after a while is quenched for your ignorant of the judgment of everlasting punishment received for the ungodly to as you wish and they burned Jesus said in Matthew 511 and 12 Blessed are you when people revile and persecute you, for my namesake, for your reward in heaven will be right.

Revelation 2212 Jesus said, behold, I'm coming soon and I told you the Jesus coming back to make sure every week practically. I tell you that he is coming back, and he will hold us accountable for how we lived our lives. I'm coming back soon, bringing my recompense with me to repay each one for what he has done. Did you know in the early church.

They had a membership class to their membership class was a membership class on how to face martyrdom there was just an assumption that if you come to faith in Jesus and you make a public declaration of your faith and are baptized and joined the church you're going to suffer. Maybe we should offer a membership class on martyred. But Jesus said, your heavenly rewards will be great. What are they will first of all eternal joy. Hebrews 12 to says that Jesus thought the sufferings of the cross could not begin to compare with the joy he would one day face in heaven.

So for those of you who are undergoing some depression times seems to be prevalent in our culture, maybe one of the ways you should address it is to look for to the joy that heaven will bring.

Secondly, first Corinthians 6 to says were going to judge evil people here that Hitler's the Stallings the Khomeini others were just evil. What a cool moment.

That'll be we get to judge them with Jesus for scripting 63 says we get to judge the angels that that's not the good angels their rights as they will need judgment is the bad angel. The fallen Angels is those demonic hordes that have been tempting you and me to fall prey into temptation to evil that's caused us all kinds of pain and hurt because we've given you and I can speak for you, but I'm looking forward to judging a couple of those suckers been tempting me for all my years aren't you looking forward to that.

That's one of the rewards that we get in heaven will oversee and rule cities.

I don't totally understand that obese cities in heaven and those of been righteous and faithful here will oversee cities will get crowns of righteousness, and other kinds of crowns which, interestingly, the Bible says will been thrown at the feet of Jesus and our first worship because even our crowns that we've earned by our good works.

We realize have only been given to us because of the grace of Jesus. He deserves the worship we through ministry. Luke 16 says that the unrighteous mammon that we send to heaven. That means money. The money we give away you know that you're sending yourself with your money. You know that don't you, that you give money to India or to the Syrian refugees wherever that might be your sending yourself. And when your money yourself is been sent in the gospel been proclaimed and people have come to faith.

Jesus says in Luke 16, the parable of the unrighteous stored that when you get to heaven. Those people who been made friends with God because of your unrighteous mammon will be there to greet you go to cool Marilyn. I fully expect people from India and Brazil and Syria, and Europe all the places where we we've invested God's money that he's given to us for 30 people from all those ethnic tribes coming to us and saying thank you were here in heaven because you sent unrighteous ungodly mammon money so that people could preach the gospel to us. Alfred Nobel awaken one morning eating breakfast picked up his paper started reading the obituary. I don't know if you know or not but as you get older you start reading the obituary and he noted an amazing obituary his own some wag reporter had mistakenly thought he died, and wrote his obituary and he was amazed to read how he would be remembered the dynamite King, the one who invented dynamite and all the destruction the dynamite had wrought in the world Alfred Nobel been committed himself to take all of his vast monetary resources and do a remake of his life and he devoted all of his resources no longer to be the king of destruction, but to be one who promoted peace and he started in the Nobel peace prizes. A few of us get the opportunity to awaken in the morning and read our obituary but we can begin now to choose to do righteousness to justice obey with the Lord desires us to be so we can hear the best reward in heaven. I can't speak for you but what I look forward to the most is to hear Jesus words to me well done.

Not well thought off well felt well done good and faithful servant your reward is great.

What I want you to do now is to think of yourself on this platform and this platform is your life and God is given you will roll that he wants you to live out nobody else can live it out.

But you and you are playing to a group of one your audience on this platform is one out there. It is the Lord God of the universe, revealed through Jesus Christ and listen every time you resist temptation.

Every time you give a cup of cold water in the name of Jesus. Mark 941. Every time you refuse to speak evil of someone and get blessing to someone every time you do righteousness. I want you to imagine that the Lord God of this universe and Christ is standing up and giving you an up to salvation. You don't play other people's mindsets. You could care less what the world says you're here to please one your playing to an audience. So therefore, dear friends whenever you have more. Remember, the reward whenever you feel bored.

Remember, the reward whenever you desire to hoard. Remember, the reward whenever you feel sore at God. Remember, the reward whenever you're trying to develop your physical court. Remember your eternal reward. Remember when you start to desire to be lord you're not remember his reward. And whenever you want to soar. Remember the Lord. I thought that was pretty good by the way, remember, remember, I'm nothing. Christ is everything and you live now, even though blank is happened to you. He's for you and he is your reward or hear and in heaven. Believe it and trust that one day one day Christ alone and always. Thanks for listening.

Data joins me and talk about how we can find in our walk with Christ. The right. What does the Bible tell us about the end time.

The Bible is a book about cemetery ecology salvation, redemption and eternal life.

David Chadwick has made an informative video called the end time prophecy from Genesis all the way through the book of Revelation, God's word is revealing facts about the times we live in, as well as the second coming of Jesus Christ. We would love to give this video to you as a resource to equip you to help you understand the history and prophecies of the second coming found in the Old Testament. In this video David covers the validity of Scripture. Jesus is first coming and how we can have faith in his second coming. This video is a compelling account of the foundation of the Christian faith to receive your free copy of this video go to moments of hope church.war\listen again, go to moments of hope church.war\listener for your free copy of this informative educational video from David Chadwick end time prophecies from David Chadwick get yours for free today with me today is our pastor David smiled when thank you so much for joining us today. It's wonderful to be with you Jen this week we've been talking about some of your David is arms which are our nuggets of spiritual wisdom that you've collected throughout your life and today we come to the idea ceiling hurts and filling means as a part of our daily walk with Christ. We talk with us about this time I will Jen and it's actually stated find a hurt and heal it. Find a need and fill it.

I think in looking back in my memory bank. This came from Robert Schuller the televangelist and he said this a lot and I thought it was always good, so I'm trying to give credit where credit is due. Let me ask our listeners are you looking for a new way to start your day one which will glorify God and allow him to use you each and every day in a powerful way. When you rise in the morning. Pray this prayer Lord, thank you for this day.

Use me as your servant. Show me someone who is hurting, give me eyes to find a need. Jesus modeled servant hood for all of us. He came to earth to serve not be served. Mark 1045 as his followers we should do the same throughout each day our eyes and ears should be open like radars seeking to detect the target, our targets are those in need people with Hertz wounds or physical or spiritual needs that must be met for their simple survival become the hands and feet of Jesus to your world be his servant. No matter where you may be. This is so simple yet profound to do it can be done anywhere any time any day and by you when you are being used by Jesus like this, day after day.

There's purpose in your life and over time you will see Jesus larger purpose for your life beginning to unfold as you find a hurt and heal it and find a need to fill it begin now today at this moment and God will use you in mighty ways. This is so dead and I'm reminded we really don't have to look not fire to see a need and to Stella email as I've had some friends and in recent days have come down with Covan and a easy thing to fill a need is to go to the grocery store and yeah drop some stuff off making me like it needs are everywhere all around you and Jim when I get asked the question repeatedly by people will what's God's will for my life. I go will I can tell you what God's will for you is right now to find a hurt and heal it to find a need and fill it and if you do that again.

Over weeks and months maybe even years.

I think in the larger capacity. You'll see all that's where God wanted me to serve yeah that's where God wanted me to go.

That's his fulfillment for my life and it starts to make sense as you just practice this day. Your daily bread. As you give your life away to people in the eye liner and another way to say people that we live on is TI and EI think just giving that we all need somebody to listen to us, that we can share our hearts and I just feel like this is a way to bring healing to somebody or Amy. And it also encourages all of us to listen every morning for the whispers of God, yeah, you read through the Bible, you'll see Jesus sees a lame man by the pool of Bethesda and healed him. He talks to Roman official and has a word from the father that the Roman officials. Boy needs healing. He's close to death. He's walking through Samaria and God says to him, go there to that. Well, there's a woman who needs your love.

So I think all of us can listen to the whispers of God inside our hearts every day that say go there care for that person. Go reach out to him or her, and as you do it you're then obeying the father's will for your life this day and so again thank you so much. Thank you listeners for joining us.

Thank you Jen as well. If you'd like to receive these daily moments of hope, please go to moments of hope subscribe there, they'll arrive every morning in your inbox, a gift from me. My heart to yours to give you a moment of hope moments of help with blinking senior pastor and moments of hope church messages from our online worship service. You can be a part of our service each Sunday morning at nine and 11 o'clock I going to moments of hope and while your online check out David's weekly free and available through our website also free to moments of hope church.learn listener and the entire moments of hope church to pray for

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