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Easter Message - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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April 2, 2021 6:54 am

Easter Message - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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April 2, 2021 6:54 am

As we approach Easter Sunday, we reflect on the story behind the Easter story - the work Christ did for us on the cross.

Part 2.

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I'm going to be with him forever not been declared righteous by my worthiness, but because of what he did for me on the cross and I can now face every single day, knowing that he lives in me to go to heaven to be with Jesus moments and hopefully we are looking forward to a great Easter celebration this Sunday so the question today is Eastern mean to you. It's not just Will spend eternity with Jesus in paradise also has to do with living out our faith on this side of eternity here stated with insights on the true meaning of Easter glad as a Christian you will get what you deserve. But Jesus paid the price for our sins to be forgiven and then when we accept him as our Lord and Savior because he's been raised from the dead, but that proves that he is God. You can't keep a perfect God. If Jesus is in God he stays on that stone slab and that to but if he's got he's got to be raised from the dead. He's got to come back to life and him coming back like only produces deity, which will look at next week, but it proves our sins truly are forgiven that the price people across all that pain and suffering. He underwent should of been our cross should've been our pain should about our suffering has been poured out upon him the wrath of God for judgment and punishment was poured out upon him instead of us.

Isn't that good news and the resurrection proves that we are forever forgiven for ever been so the Easter story doesn't begin today really began in eternity when we fell in sin with Adam and it really began with the cradle. If you separate Christmas from Easter you really warmly separated and the cradle has to be connected to the cross and resurrection for the story to make sense that sound biblical doctrine and you need to have that deep in your hearts today.

Your forgiven you are forgiven you are forgiven.

Your guilt is gone forever gone.

Your forgiven go live in a condemnation anymore.

If you hear that voice of condemnation know from where comes it's not the father loves you so deeply the proof on those days. You doubt the love of the father. Look at the cross, see the sun hanging there is pain that's prove how much he loves you how much you love you.

And then when you receive him. He pours out the love inside of you that that resurrection power of love, now lives in you. You have union life with Jesus that that he lives in you and you live in him. It's a mystery.

The closest earthly example we have is those of us who have great marriages. My life is in Marilyn Marilyn's life is in me after 41 years almost.

We start even to think like one another. I'm hoping when they look like her. Hopefully, you know we we we have a union life that it is the to truly become one motion those of you have similar kind of marriages you know what I'm talking about, but it's even more so the marriage of us with Jesus.

He's in us were in him and there's this inextricable connection that so powerful. And here's the deal. Not only is our guilt forever forgiven. We don't have to fear death. Ever, ever, that the Jesus is called the firstfruits of creation was that mean when the Jews celebrated this weekend they would have the Passover than Shabbat, which was Saturday and on Sunday they would begin was called the firstfruits Festival.

It would bring their firstfruits gifts to the temple as a way of saying God you been so good does. Here's the firstfruits back to you will. Jesus died on the cross on Friday on the Shah body was laid into the tomb on the Sabbath on Sunday, though he was raised from the dead, as God's firstfruits gifts to you and me. He was the first one raised from the dead and all of us who have union life. With him were raised with him. Accordingly, were going to be where he is. John 14.

What he said to let your hearts be troubled. For those of you have your hearts troubled right now. Jesus it don't don't let your hearts be troubled. It's a choice you can choose, worry, anxiety or fear, or you can choose faith, trust and belief.

Don't let your hearts be troubled.

Why because your life is in Christ and in his life is in you and that's when Jesus said before I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am there. You may also be think about this Rosa kid.

I love to play with electric trains, and my dad bought me electric train set out always have the engine and I would carefully connect all the other cars to the engine and here's the truth wherever that engine went what had to happen to the cars they followed because they were connected in union life with the engine, so wherever the engine went the cars had to follow Jesus was the firstfruits someone else was the second who was dead and then raised to life by believing in Jesus and there was 1/3 of fourth and who knows how many millions but you and I are in that lineage in that chain. We are train cars connected to the engine Jesus that wherever he goes there. We may also be so if he's in heaven right now, mysteriously, spiritually, we are connected to Jesus and that means when this earthly body dies. We've got to go where he is because were connected in union life to him. Isn't that exciting.

That's what the resurrection where he is there. We may also be so let's talk for a second about what.gif me really be like. Biblically, first of all, the Bible says that death is like falling asleep after a long day's work in your really tired it fun just to fall asleep your head hits the pillow and you going to deep REM sleep. You know, and you feel refreshed and renewed will death is like that folks you do. I just couldn't be around when I watch my dad die.

Marilyn was there, loves Chuck I couldn't be there. She was there and at some point right before he died he sat up and looked around and saw Marilyn and he smiled and then he lay back and closed his eyes and he stopped breathing. I think he went into eternal REM sleep. He went into rest, and I think when we all die. That's what is going be like we close our eyes and we go into rest. Eternal rest rest from what will first of all rest from this accursed earth in which we live. Genesis 3 the fallen Adam and Eve rebelled against God's cause everything to go haywire hesitant and when we enter into that REM eternal rest. We will never have to worry again about diabetes or about MS or about cancer or about cloths or colds or influenza. Do you know that there are going to be any doctors in heaven. No nurses at all you know. Frankly, there are going to be ministers there than talking to me me me because everybody there's got to be saved. Isn't that good news and when you going to that sleep that that death you know you never have to face those diseases trials term in that good news but also you have rest from works defining who you are, you know the lie of our culture is that we are what we do.

That's why when you lose your job you asked the question, am I worthless in the answer from the father is what of course not, because you're not defined by what you do is for athletes of had to tell them through the years it if you stop playing because of an injury or your career just over you're not an athlete you're a follower of Jesus.

So you got to understand that you get rest from your identity being in the things of this world rest from the identity being in what other people think of you have ever any of your fallen prey to that one that I define myself what other people think of me when other people don't like me. I don't think I'm worth anything and the father whispers for souls, not your love because what I did for my son Jesus you're working up by your works.

You're worthy because I simply declare you worthy of receive the gift of eternal life through my son in that goodness, and if you believe that you should enter into that eternal rest might my dad when he did pass away. We had his funeral at a local church here that he founded called Westminster Presbyterian Church and I'll never forget he asked me to have this hymn plate is called to for all the saints in the first line goes like this for all the saints who from their labors rest V by faith before the world confess thy name. Will Jesus be forever blessed hallelujah hallelujah network hallelujah just means praise God because when we die. We've entered into that perfect rest of Jesus not finding identity. What we do, but in him and him alone being forgiven of our sins and now resting in him, but then at some point after you fall asleep lineage. This is an illustration. Those of you who had little once.

Isn't there a beautiful picture in our minds of those times where babies were sleeping.

They could care less what was going on in the world that they do sleep, but at some point when you know you have to awaken them. You shake their shoulders and you speak their name in and say At some point the father will start shaking our shoulders F. We fallen into that REM eternal rest was a and folks will open our eyes and the first face will see is the face of Jesus in the face of Jesus in the front to think about some years ago we had a lady in the church was completely blind in our and she been blind from birth and I was talking with her about the problems and vicissitudes she had to go through in life. I apologize she had to suffer so much been blind from birth. Her answer to me was fascinating. She said don't feel sorry for me. I feel sorry for you. So what you feel sorry for me on that site since day one.

She's all happy faces.

Have you seen throughout your life soon thousands, tens of thousands, maybe including social media, television, etc. millions. She said I feel so sorry for you. You seen all those faces throughout your life. But when I open my eyes. Finally, for the first time the first face and I'm going to see is the face of Jesus, so we should in her as she wakes up from her eternal REM and one more thought about what is the resurrection mean for all of us today is not just we fall asleep and awake and in the presence of Jesus.

You know Jesus said to the thief on the cross today will be with me in paradise and that good news he Paul said in second Corinthians 58 that to be absent from the body is to be with Jesus in that the be great but we live in an in-between time going it and happened yet least I hope not today for any of you are here, but it's going to happen.

So what we do in between time, dear friends, we live in the resurrection love of Jesus in our hearts, no matter what we face. We face with the resurrection love of Jesus in our hearts.

You can face anything with the resurrection love of Jesus in your heart life worth living. And even those fears that we all face. We can face them because he lives so this Sunday morning. This resurrection morning isn't just to be enjoyed. So you can go then go out to eat. It's a time when you can really believe that one day I'm gonna fall asleep and be awakened and see the face of Jesus, that one day I'm going to be with him forever not been declared righteous, not by my worthiness, but because of what he did for me on the cross and I can now face every single day, knowing that he lives in me.

And when that they should come that I fall under the sleep I take office body and one day I'm going to go to heaven and be with Jesus and one day when he returns my body that sleep into the thick growth around all of the dust of my body returns to Jesus is going to take that Dustin according to the Bible is going to Renu and re-create my body and the body. I'm going to have an eternity resurrection body is going to be my body right now, but perfect in every possible way.

And that's something some of you go really.

I go yeah girl meets all people short people to be people of all different stripes and colors. It's got to be so cool and when were in heaven. Everybody's identity is not going to be formed by the culture that says beauteous XYZ God's going is a beauty. As you are and how I created you in the name of Jesus I were going to love one another will be unity will be all of us worshiping and serving Jesus. Until that day of the second coming. So until then, live faithfully in Jesus.

Hey, don't forget the poor. This church will be committed to the needs of the broken and the hurting here in Charlotte and around the world and our primary objectives to help people come to faith in Jesus. That's the major call of the church, but you need to know we're going to have a deep compassion for the poor and the needy. We took up an offering on our Maundy Thursday service. We gave $3000 to Christ's resurrection church with a $3000 to the West Boulevard ministries on the west side of town will continue that kind of passion for the needs of those who are hurting and would you dear. Join Marilyn and me and others as we try to build a church that will glorify God by making disciples who know Jesus growing Jesus and go for him to every part of the world that needs to hear he is alive.

My sins are forgiven and I can now live for him would you praise this risen Lord. Now I want to pray father in heaven. In Jesus name.

If there's anyone here right now who does not know you personally and intimately whose living in a works righteousness. You think they got a please you every day by working harder and harder up for you. Convicted their hearts and they would pray this simple prayer Lord Imus center. I've messed up your moral law proves it. But I look at Jesus, the perfect God man and see his perfect life and what I should be.

I know I fallen far short of your glory.

I confess my sins to you and I invite Jesus to enter my heart right now. Come, Lord Jesus, and enter my heart form that union life with me so that I can face tomorrow without fear just invite them in. Right now if you don't know him do so. Make this Easter 2019.

Your new birth.

You're beginning point for loving and serving Jesus. Thank you Lord for the people who've open their hearts to receive you, and I'll bless our church trying to serve you for your glorious in Jesus name I asked this a man that before we leave. I have the most wonderful wife in the world don't care what you guys say I would like to ask her to come forward and I know she is praying through some other women. Women's ministries and the continued teachings that she's done but I'd like to ask her before we leave today if she would pray for all of us. Thank you David anything of you have hung around me for very long, you know, I only say train your heart to hear God's voice right. I can most important task on earth next to accepting Jesus and I love the way the message Bible says it in Proverbs 420. It goes to your ears to my voice and a great tune your ears to my voice so as we close in prayer. I want you just to go forth from these doors today out to the world thinking that your task is to listen to God's voice and then in both the Hebrew and the Greek they never separated listening from obedience. So if you hear it means you gotta delete housing okay listen to God's voice and obey what he says I have a feeling your life making it much better than that said, let's close in prayer to God you gave us the privilege of listening to you once we know you as our Savior. You are always talking to us.

Nobody talks more than the Holy Spirit that Jesus said my seat and were on his seat here today if we've trusted him my sheep hear my voice.

I know them and they follow me, said church and people of God as we go forth on this beautiful Easter day. Let us quiet ourselves long enough to hear you speak to us.

Let us listen to that voice and sometimes at the still small and amidst all the noise around us. Let us hear that still small voice in whatever you tell us to do the Lord we just commit to obey. Thank you for this wonderful privilege of walking and that kind of relationship with you both now and into S. David shared earlier.

It's just a starting point for moving into eternity. Thank you and praising Jesus into moments of thanks for listening joins me in a discussion about how we can light shine will be right. What does the Bible tell us about the time the Bible is a book about so Terry College your salvation, redemption and eternal life. David Chadwick has made an informative video called the end time prophecy from Genesis all the way through the book of Revelation, God's word is revealing facts about the times we live in, as well as the second coming of Jesus Christ.

We would love to give this video to you as a resource to equip you to help you understand the history and prophecies of the second coming found in the Old Testament. In this video David covers the validity of Scripture. Jesus is first coming and how we can have faith in his second coming. This video is a compelling account of the foundation of the Christian faith to receive your free copy of this video go to moments of hope church.war\listen again, go to moments of hope church.war\listen for your free copy of this informative educational video from David Chadwick end time prophecies from David Chadwick get yours for free today.

James Easton thanks for listening today. Joining me in his heart, Pastor David, child rank, thank you so much for being with us today. You're welcome Jen and it's a pleasure doing these daily radio broadcasts with you. Thank you so much for your help.

Thank you Semites in your morning devotions writing a series that you are calling David is on one of your recent devotions was called the dark Knight. The brighter the light. What you mean by this. Well, I got this one. Years ago, and I've used it as an illustration over and over again.

Here's what I'm trying to get across to people. Have you noticed this world seems to becoming increasingly darker year after year. I don't think any of us can deny that happening sin, hardship, injustice, violence, and poverty all blend together contributing to the darkness off our day as Christ followers, we should be asking this question. What can I do. Should I just give up. Should I retreat.

Should I move into the country. Should I go to into a cave and live the rest of my life there. Here's the answer be the light shine brightly for Jesus in this darkness become his light in this dark world how what reflect the light of Jesus in you by living your life in such a way that others are drawn to Jesus because of the way you live the way you serve the way you give.

Jesus said I am the light of the world. What a wonderful statement and those of us who have him living in our hearts, then we should understand clearly what he meant when he said not only that he's the light of the world.

But his followers should be as well. He said in Matthew five verses 14 through 16. You're the salt of the earth and you are the light of the world noticed that that is an identity statement are the light of the world. This is who you are and it's also what you do get your purpose.

You then shine that light into dark places and here's what's so amazing. Let me leave people with this thought diamonds shine brightest against the backdrop of black velvet. The dark enhances the diamonds glorious light and the same is true for you listeners who follow Jesus. The darker the night of this world, the brighter your light for Jesus will shine and light always overcomes darkness if you don't believe that light a candle in the darkest room possible Jim which one wins always the light like always wins little children sing it this way, this little light of mine I'm going to let it shine. Don't blow out that light be the light of the world and these kids are learning this truth that I'm trying to get across today. The darker the night.

The brighter the light wow this is so good night and I'm just reminded of the Scripture that talks about new inputs that basket over right exactly. Not only will that light not have air and be extinguished. But again, nobody can see it, you just don't do it that way you always let the light brightly shine in order to light your path where you walk, see the next step, but also like your room so that you can read at night so that you can have ways of enjoying interactions with other people. Light always overcomes darkness. We should not be dismayed by the darkness surrounding us. Be the light, we always win. How much would any athlete out there like to know that if they got into the game. They're going to win no matter what. What a wonderful feeling. The same is true with us no matter how dark the world becomes our light shines brighter and that's the message I'm trying to get across. Today it's so good. Such to a timely word thank you so much stated yes and listeners please go to moments of hope subscribe. Therefore, these daily moments of hope will come to you in written form in your inbox every morning at 7 AM.

It's my way free of charge to give you daily.

A moment of hope and moments of hope, senior pastor and moments of hope church messages from our online worship service. You can be a part of our service each Sunday morning nine and 11 o'clock going to moments of hope while your online be sure to check out David's weekly. It's free and available through our website also turns prophecy and moments of hope listener moments of hope church

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