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The Danger of Comparing - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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April 28, 2021 6:08 am

The Danger of Comparing - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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April 28, 2021 6:08 am

Do you find yourself in a comparison trip? Today we begin a series looking at our relationship with money — a topic that Jesus talked about more than anything else. Part 2

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Care yourself to somebody else when you're praying for some don't focus all you done for God focus on all the anything done is only because this moment help with merit driven culture often defined by our possessions and our own envy align our personal identity is about dumping how well we perform our vocation. So how does this square with God's economy. Today, data continues to sermon the danger of comparing there's going to be a great reversal of all the things we think are important here. There's going to be an inversion of God's economy with our economy and when we get to heaven. Those who live by grace are going to be first in line and those who live by quit Pro quote meritorious thinking I should get what I earn are going to be last leapers will tell you different fairness ended in the garden to be when this world became broken and fallen fairness ended but also God looks at fairness through the lenses of grace, not merit and that's what the landowner meant when he said in verse 15 MRI not allowed to do what I choose, with what belongs to me, or do you in the my generosity. Do you envy the fact that I might give to somebody else more than you do.

You envy. Maybe the person who hurt you that you want to get it from God not get a blessing from God and your God gives them a blessing even maybe more, then you have in this great reversal that will happen in heaven through the lenses of grace all of us need remember that God calls us to his vineyard. It's his world in which we live. He made it he allows us to live in it and it's his money that he longs to us and he gives it to us as he wills God is in no one's debt.

If anything, we are in great debt to God for all that he has given to us. It's his right to give his gifts to us as he wills. There's nothing meritorious within David Chadwick, the deserves anything from God.

In my rebellious fist pumping anger against God and the things I've done to hurt his heart. I deserve hell itself.

But God rich in his grace and mercy decided to give me a than areas by his grace. All we do for God is only because he's given us the grace to do.

Deuteronomy 8 reminds us any thing we earned any possessions we have are only because God gave us the energy to earn those possession. It's all because of his grace. Therefore, every day of our lives should be lived by having the signature of SDG next to our signature. What is SDG you want Sbastien box put SDG at the bottom of every one of his masterpieces in music. Many people didn't know what it meant for years until they finally figured out Buck was a committed follower of Jesus, and he knew everything he had was a grace gift from him, especially his musical ability. So the end of every one of the scores he put SDG three Latin letters meaning solely Deyo Gloria to God alone belongs the glory everything is a gift, everything's a grace gift from him to us. If that's true, and I'm convinced of this and that's what's going to happen in heaven when you live by grace, not by what, there's a huge grace killer in our lives. It's called comparing beware of the snare to compare would you repeat that with me. Beware of the two compare because when you start comparing your life with other people's lives. When you start looking what other people have that you don't have only two things can happen and both of them are bad. First volley. You can become prideful when you look at how much more you have and somebody else you can feel like your God. And aren't you special and that's a disease that will kill your soul.

The second thing that can happen is in the envy you start warning what they have in your life is eaten up with that green eyed monster called MD if you heard the phrase green with envy Dino from work comes back in Roman days, a couple of millennia ago.

The Romans realized when people felt envy file was released into the body system. What colors bile screen and it causes your skinny hue to take on a yellowish green. This color so they concluded that envy because your body to change and eventually could kill you.

That's what the writer of Proverbs myth in Proverbs 14 verse 30, a tranquil heart gives life to the flesh.

The last part with me, but envy makes the bones rod makes the bones rod envy can kill your physical body. Do you see how insidious envy is what's the major evidence that envy might be consuming our hearts that comparing might be overcoming our souls. What's the major evidence on your words rumbling complaining murmuring you become angry at God. I don't like the way you're running my life God is often said how dare you give blank all of those blessings when I've been so faithful to you.

I started laboring for you at 6 AM in the morning and this person over here gets all these blessings hardly loved you at all words shall what's in our hearts like a child were crying out to God angrily. That's nothing, nothing, envy is pervasive.

It's hidden and it's subtle beware of the snare to compare. Please stay with me again, beware of the snare to compare especially with money, especially with looking at how much other people have been paid you been paid by God. That kind of comparison with money is especially insidious because what you're doing is you're comparing your insides with somebody else's outsides. When you compare monetarily. Your comparing your insides with somebody else's outsides is the old. The grass is greener on the other side and then when you get to the other side, you find that grass is green over the septic tank. You have no idea what those people are going through. Have no idea what's really happening in their lives.

You conclude because there outsides look lest their insides must be good. Your comparing your insides with there outsides and it's especially dangerous.

You see anything anyone receives from God is only because of his grace again all of us deserve hell, that's what we deserve. Only God is good. We've not been perfectly good.

We deserve to be separated from him, but because of his rich grace and mercy. He died on the cross to forgive us of our sins to give us the gift of eternal life. Please say this with me. I am not defined by the blessings of others. I am defined solely by the grace of God I refused to be measured by a fault standard in heaven.

The pecking order of society is going to be entirely reversed. The first will be last of the lastly first those will be first next to Jesus will be those with the most gracious, generous hearts possible, because God will have built with their hearts and there won't be claims of braggadocio about all we've done for God. It's all a gift. It's all a gift.

So, if I may, I like to give you some practical suggestions for how to develop a gracious heart to resist the snare to compare these are things I've tried to practice that have meant a lot to me and I hope they help you to first of all develop a thankful heart for all that you have all of it and in fact do something that Marilyn and I have done.

Make a list for some of you especially with greater hair that might be called a sheet of paper in the pin for those of you were a bit younger using iPad using iPhone user computer that matter. Make a list and on this list list out all the things for which you have. To be thankful begin right now the next beat of your heart. The next gulp of air you ingest the food that you ate before you came that you can't wait to get to. As soon as this bigmouth preacher stops preaching and you can get out here the clothes on your back.

The friends and family members. You have list the car that you drive if you drive a car you're among the 5% of the richest people in the world and you're now saying, but I lease my car if you lease your car you're among the 5% of the richest people in the Marilyn I traveled all over the world.

We we've seen people. Millions upon millions of people walking miles with heavy burdens on their heads to get from one destination to another on a motorbike in those cultures is considered wealthy thank God for it for clean water coming out of your tap most of the world and have relatively clean air to breathe go to China they don't have make a Thanksgiving list. If your feet can touch the ground in the morning, arising out of bed and got because there are soldiers who have given their basic feet to love this country that can't put their feet on the floor right now there people who have sickness in a paralyzed live in a wheelchair all day long. They can put their feet on the floor. Thank God for that. Even the simplest of his grace gift. Make a list and by the way Satan grace before every meal. That's a practice of mine. Interestingly, that term grace comes from this very idea that three times a day looks most people in the world only three times a day, but for us Americans have so much three times a day.

Stop, pause and remember that the food that set before you is to through God's grace to you.

Make a list. Pray prayers of thanksgiving for those who receive God's grace. Maybe it's that person got the job you wanted. Maybe it's that person who received the raise that you didn't get. Maybe it's a family member that done. Love Jesus nearly as passionately as you do with they got material blessings like you don't have, give thanks to God for that because it's very hard to envy when you're on your knees praying for somebody it's hard to compare yourself to somebody else when you're praying for somebody else. Don't focus on all you've done for God focus on all the gods done for you. Anything you've done is only because of God's grace practice grace giving.

I know I've covered this with y'all and some of you don't like it, but I still believe it. I believe the tie is the beginning point for grace giving the God set that into his law, the tie the 10% is the training wheels for learning gracious giving, but if you can't get there just give as you can get as much as you can develop a heart race that expresses itself in financial generosity. Nothing breaks the back of the money monster like gracious, generous giving, beware of the snare to compare to final stories. One is the story of an old monk who gave his life to the Lord and decide to go into the wilderness and pray all day long. The evil one hating the fact that someone was praying all day long came up with three temptations to get his heart moved away from God's grace. So while the monk was praying.

The first thing the evil one did was put into his mind, all kinds of coins and riches and rubies, and all kinds of different things. It didn't phase the monkey kept on praying. Secondly, the evil one put into his mind for lots of dancing girls scantily clad he kept on praying. His heart was focused on Jesus, the third temptation, the evil one got close to his ear and whispered into it your best friend Makar euros has just been selected the Bishop of Antioch over you and a scowl came over his face and second-story is can temporarily man was very successful in this business, but he had a competitor that he just hated and the competitor always seem to have just a little more than him in his sneer to compare made his heart filled with anger. So God want to deal with them.

He came to him and said here's the deal. You need to know that anything I give to you.

I'm going to double and give to your competitor. I'm going to force you to do with this envy. If I give you $10 and give him 20 if I give you $100. I'm going to give him $200. I must break the snare to compare. So what do you want the man thought for a minute. His heart became angrier as he thought about his friend is competitor.

He finally said God, here's my request.

Make me blind in one eye. Got it. Which means his competitors blind into eyes. That's what envy can do to you, please, dear friends, avoid the snare to compare beware of the snare to compare the calls in God's economy.

According to grace the first will be last in the last moments of listening joins me in the right.

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And this is another story where I need to bring in my college basketball coach on my knees. You know I learned so much from him and my dad especially in life, and he was a great coach but even a better man, and he taught me so much about life and this is one of those I love give the background story, though I wasn't on the team. At this point, but others who were on the team in the early 1960s told me the story when coach Smith started out in 1962 was the head coach of the University of North Carolina. He was not very successful at all and a lot of North Carolina fans who were used to winning.

They were undefeated in 1957 and won the national championship and were always very good became very frustrated with him so he played a game in Winston-Salem against Wake Forest that North Carolina should have one but they lost and he came back to the campus in their outside of the old woolen gymnasium. There was coach Smith's dummy hung in effigy so unbelievable and so one of the players jumped off the bus and tore the dummy down and stomped on it coach Smith didn't say a word I everybody went back to their dorms and came to practice the next day. Well then they were supposed to play dog Duke team that they were to lose to and they beat them and so everybody's excited again.

Then they went to state several days later in Raleigh and lost a game they should've one came back and there was a second hanging in effigy of coach Smith dummy rope around his neck and obviously the fans were very frustrated with him and that's when coach Smith got on the bus and he looked at everybody and said gentlemen, your reputation is what other people think of you. Your character is what you think of yourself and someone told me that story, and I've never forgotten it. You cannot affect your reputation with other people.

People are going to believe what they want to believe. In fact with Jesus. When the most amazing things is in Matthew 1119 he was called a drunkard and a glutton meet people even said that about the King of the universe who was perfect and sinless in every way, but what you can affect is what you think of yourself if you are in Christ. If you've given your life to Jesus, you're a son or a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of lords. You have royal blood pulsating through your veins. You are beloved as his child, and he will never love you anymore, or less than he does right now by just receiving him as your Lord and Savior. Your identity is in him. Your character is in him and when you realize that you can look yourself in the mirror every morning and realize others may not like you.

They may say bad things about you, but God approves of you and when you have his smile and his approval. You can face anything in life. Wow, this is a sobering truth for all of us, and I've heard it said recently that 50% of the people that you meet Gail and that's kind of your reputation that you're just responsible to be. You are an authentic honoring person right character side right Jen that is so true.

And again, you can't affect what other people think of you. You can't change if they want to hang you in effigy and say you're an awful coach but you can affect how you respond to it and say daily to yourself, but I'm dearly loved by God, I'm a child of God. And when you do that you have the courage to keep moving forward and coach Smith went from being hung in effigy. Not once but twice to becoming one of the most successful coaches in all sports history. Wow, that's powerful all think you sow might send everyone if you'd like to receive these daily written moments of hope, please go to moments of hope,, you can subscribe there free of charge. Every morning at 7 AM for my heart to yours, a gift to begin your day with a moment of hope and moments of conflict, senior pastor of moments of hope charts. Today's messages from our online worship start at part of our service each Sunday morning at 11 o'clock I going to moments of hope and while you're online sure to get your free video called times I get all of our moments and hope radio listeners for teaching time to moments of hope moments of hope

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