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The Danger of Coveting - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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April 30, 2021 6:04 am

The Danger of Coveting - Part 2

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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April 30, 2021 6:04 am

What is it that you want more than anything? It’s hard in life not to want material things. But do these things last? Do they satisfy? Part 2

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Life is not about more and more Jesus is saying here. It's not about having possessions. In fact, Jesus is. This quest ultimately leads to self-sufficiency to become rats, moments of hope with David Tabak becoming rats can be driven by coveting your neighbor's possessions, or it may becoming rich in God's grace we all have that decision in our lives today. Dana continues his treasure hunter series. The second section of a sermon called the danger of Jesus said as he began the story, he said, take care and be on your guard against all covetousness, he said, beware notes the be on your guard. It is an insidious still camouflaged evil that dwells in the hearts of every human being all covetousness.

Real life is not about more and more Jesus is saying here.

It's not about having possessions.

In fact, Jesus is.

This quest to have more and more ultimately leads to self-sufficiency. It leads to a life that does not ever considered God and that's why. Ultimately, when this man wanted more and more and bigger and bigger. God finally says to him you full!

You full some 14 one says that the fool says in his heart is no God. God calls this manifold because he did not believe there is a God he did not believe there is an eternity.

He did not believe he would be accountable for his eternal soul and that's why God says to him you full this night your soul is required of you and the things you have prepared foods will they be fascinating if indeed this was a story were someone just died. Maybe the night before.

It would have resonated in the minds of every listener you food doesn't believe there's a God who fool who doesn't believe you're going to be held accountable for your life and how you live it you are a fool and then it's like Jesus Christ awaken his listeners and make them think about maybe the one thing that would shake them out of their doldrums for more and more possessions. He says these things that you worked so hard for after you died whose will they be if there's one thing that might shake the heart of someone who wants more and more it's this thought. I worked so hard for all these possessions and when I die.

Somebody else spends it. Somebody else gets to enjoy and is hoping to get people to understand this quest for more and more simply will not work.

Nelson Rockefeller reportedly died and someone went to his accountant. Any asking this question. He said how much do you leave an account responded. He left it all go Maryland night when we have time love just to find a good movie and watch it.

We found one.

It's entitled a family thing Robert dwells in it. James Earl Jones is to James will Jones knows Darth Vader's voice. Okay, got it. Robert DeVol is quite James will Jones is black. While the story is about Robert DeVol's mother dies at the beginning of the movie and she leaves him a note he 60 years old. He reads this note to find out that his daddy slept with a very close friend of hers who is African-American and that Robert DeVol was the child of that relationship. In other words, he was part African-American. He discovers it at 60 years of age he goes to his dad confronts him. His dad cries and weeks. He knows it's true he finds out he's got a living brother by that same mom married somebody else living in Chicago, so he goes to Chicago to meet. He just has to know his family so he goes and meets him and he James will Jones has a son who is Robert DeVol's uncle Smith is cutely and also there is aunt T whose present was the sister of Robert DeVol's mother, who has now since passed away. She's blind can't see a thing. So Robert DeVol introduces himself. It's a wonderfully strange interesting complex relationship that they slowly but surely develop and finally near the end of the movie. Aunt T can't see Robert DeVol tells him the whole story of everything that happened and how his mother came to when he was delivered. His mama died soon thereafter. In childbirth, but the baby Robert DeVol was given to his mother because she so loved her African-American friend and she raised them without ever telling the truth until that last letter is aunt T sick. Come close to me and she takes her hands and starts feeling his face as he just starts chuckling and laughing. Then she gets to Robert DeVol's baldhead and she starts rubbing his bald head over and over again and finally she breaks out into this hilarious cackle in Jesus's law is just like you came in and baldness can be point we come into this world. All this can be will leave this world. Some of us. Baldness can be but not taking anything with this.

Nothing in somebody to be left behind to spend everything we work so hard to possess and that's why if you have an attitude of wanting more and more and more and more. Your full, especially if you don't think about the fact there is a God, and we will all meet him one day. Let me give you an interesting insight from the words of Jesus. Matthew the seventh chapter verse 20 and Jesus said what comes out of a person is what defiles him. For what for from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft and murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. All of these evil things come from within, and they defile a person to vote in what we do.

The defiles escorted Jesus is what comes out of her heart that we choose then to act upon that defiles this verse is so powerful to me because we live. For example, in a culture where there's all kinds of sexual aberrations for God originally intended.

God's creation desire was one man one woman in a committed heterosexual monogamous relationship you said that to you so.

Genesis 224 before the fall occurred, Jesus quotes Matthew 19 that's God's original intent and some people want to harp in anger against those who have committed sexual deviance outside that original intent and my responses.

Okay, before you do that find yourself on the list realized that this term sexual immorality, which means any sex outside of a relationship between a man and woman that's practiced it's done, is considered sin and it defiles the person would just know that that particular sinful action is right next to coveting and in the and slander and pride and foolishness. The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart. Jesus came to confront our hearts and all the wickedness that is within us all coveting being one of those things that when we choose to act on it and want more and more we bring about the judgment of God, proving that we need a Savior.

Let me make one quick statement here to give you this parenthesis as we deal with money and possessions during these messages let me remind you that the Bible clearly says that God made this creation and everything in it to be ritually enjoy.

He loves it when we enjoy his creation he created to give to us. We just need to remind ourselves the that is God's creation and we are to enjoy it in the ways that he desires us to enjoy and coveting steps outside the boundaries of how he wants us to enjoy. And did you notice the rich man's self talk soul. You have ample goods laid up for many years, relaxed eat, drink and be merry.

Every single one of us has self talk going on all day long and you need to pause and probably ask yourself the question what kind of self talk is going on in my mind and my reminding myself all the time. I just need more and I just had a little bit more, then I would be secure and never have to worry about other things and I can just eat drink and be merry in Epicurean philosophy. So how in the world do you begin to address this whole cancer of coveting what will. Here's the cure the cure of coveting, I think, is found in these places.

First of all, realize everything is owned by God. Everything is not my Barnes my storehouses my warehouses.

Everything is owned by God. Jesus begins the whole parable of the land of the rich man with the first item that the rich man needed to understand was the land belonged to God and he loaned it to him for a few years here.

Secondly, if you want to cure the cancer coveting realize the brevity of life. Has anybody not figured that out yet. I can't speak for you, but it just seems like yesterday Marilyn, I got married. It just seems like yesterday. Our first child was born. Dear friends, life is like a vapor it's a whisper.

Some of you younger people think your bulletproof live forever, but you're not and you never know when God may call you home to the brevity of life fights the cancer of covetousness, and when you come to faith in Jesus Christ and have your sins forgiven you know that you can live every day to the full partaking of all the great gifts that God has given us because your eternity is secure in life is about him.

Finally, be rich toward God. Jesus said about this man that he wasn't rich toward God and he didn't lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven that was so concerned only about this life will how do you be rich toward God. Let me give you the antonym of covetousness. What is it contentment the antonym of covetousness is contentment. It's basically the belief that God is enough. Do you really believe that is got enough Paul and in second Corinthians 12 at a thorn in his flesh when we don't know what it was.

Could've been a physical ailment.

Could've been rejection from certain people we don't know what it was and I and I think God left it purposefully ambiguous. All of us can fill in the blank.

My guess is you got something in your life that support it's something that bothers you, and you just wish you could get rid of it and probably like Paul, you cried out to God on several occasions. Please take this away for me and you know what God never did.

He never did.

He left the thorn and Paul finally concluded why it helps drive him to the realization that the grace of Jesus is enough to believe that is the grace the love the mercy and kindness of Jesus enough for your life. Look at these verses. Psalm 7325 David cried out, this whom have I in heaven, but you and there's nothing on earth that I desire besides you, would you written those words. First Timothy 66 Paul said but godliness with what folks contentment is great gain. Be godly quest after the Lord. When you have contentment you really gained the reality of what this world is all about.

Philippians 411, Paul said not that I'm speaking in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content to talk in this chapter about how he at some point is, I've had a lot at some point in his life.

What he did was he learned contentment. Notice he learned contentment is not natural to be content. It's natural to be covetous, it's natural to want more and more in our sinful prideful situation.

We want more and more and we just think if I had a little bit more, then I'd be happy. It's a lie it's it's a lot and Paul came to understand its ally, but he had to go through life's experiences to teach him the value of contentment. He learned contentment. So what I love for all of us to do today.

And folks, this is me to to close the door to more safe with me. Close the door to more all of us to get there and I like to accompany that with this adjuration build bigger barns and you're thinking right now. What's that guy talking about. He just contradicted himself close the door to more, build bigger barns, yet build bigger barns, but in these two areas.

First of all, build bigger barns in your heart, your heart is a barn it's a storehouse it's a warehouse that has possessions in it and what I'd love to see you and me both do is clean out all of our hearts desires of anything that is not rooted in Jesus himself might we all dare to expand our hearts to grow bigger born within for more forgiveness for more love. For more grace for more peace for more gentleness for more humility.

For more kindness for more obedience. For more generosity for more sharing for more caring now that's a great prayer Lord, make the boards of my heart bigger. Let me have more of Jesus and then also have a larger born in your heart to build larger barns and others hearts for the hearts of the hungry, many of whom go to bed at night with not enough food to eat for the hearts of the homeless over 8000 children in the city alone who are homeless these of the kinds of needs that surround us lives that need bigger warehouses, bigger storehouses, bigger barns, might we choose to deny ourselves and help build a bigger born in the hearts of those in need.

When you do so, it breaks the back of coveting and set you free set you free to love like you never left to God alone and always belongs all the glory and when that's true desire for more babies listening to moments of hope. Thanks for listening. David joins me a lesson about overcoming adversity will be right. What does the Bible tell us about the end time. The Bible is a book about cemetery allergy. Your salvation, redemption and eternal life.

David Chadwick is made an informative video called the end time prophecy from Genesis all the way through the book of Revelation, God's word is revealing facts about the times we live in, as well as the second coming of Jesus Christ. We would love to give this video to you as a resource to equip you to help you understand the history and prophecies of the second coming found in the Old Testament. In this video David covers the validity of Scripture. Jesus is first coming and how we can have faith in his second coming.

This video is a compelling account of the foundation of the Christian faith to receive your free copy of this video go to moments of hope church.war\listen again, go to moments of hope church.war\listener for your free copy of this and for educational video from David Chadwick end time prophecies from David Chadwick get yours for free today and thanks for listening today joining our pastor David side blank. It's my pleasure being with you Jen. Once again we are going to talk about your latest David is called diversity is life University blaming that as well is something my dad taught me many years ago and I have remembered it and said it many times you Jen we have in these last several weeks. Talk regularly about the fact that in this world you will have tribulations. Jesus said so in John 1633.

I sometimes think that pastors and evangelists and others who call people to give their lives to Jesus and have them totally consumed with his love. When they say hey, give your life to Jesus. But remember, you're going to have tough times there after you had that were not going to have Rosie perfect days.

Every day that we live.

That's just not going to happen, we will one day it's called heaven, but is not going to happen on this side of eternity. So as we walk through this life and realize that they're going to be difficulties rejections paying all of those kind of things we need to learn how to deal with them and that's when my dad said to me after I was going through a particular trial is a younger person son. Always remember that adversity is life University. You can't keep bad things from happening to you, but when they happen.

Use them as an opportunity to learn a life lesson that you can then have for the rest of your life and allow you to grow continually in him. Adversity is simply a part of life's difficulties. So when adversity strikes we have one of two choices to make one. We can deem ourselves a failure screw up incapable of living life the way God wants us to live it or we can give thanks for it and ask the question, Lord, what are you trying to teach me in this situation. What do I need to learn because your sovereign over everything. You permitted this to come to me as your child so therefore there something you want me to learn from this. That's a larger lesson for purposes that may be un-understandable to me at this point, that's okay, yeah, I'm thinking of a story right happen to me.

Where there is a particular person that I really wanted to talk about to another friend and a friend side Jen. I think this is a test we should not cost that this is a test and I really take that heart and I just have continued to grow and mature in the moment at testing yeah you.

The Bible talks a lot about God testing us, yet he did with Abraham in Genesis 22 with Isaac and taking him to the top of Mount Moriah.

He did so with the children of Israel. You see it repeatedly, especially in the book of Deuteronomy how he tested them and they oftentimes failed the test. You see it in first Peter in another place. The purpose of the test is to see if we know the information you when I was in school. Pop test would occur regularly.

I hated them no because the teachers trying always make sure were prepared every day and not get behind. But the purpose of the test is to make sure we know the information and when we pass the test. The teacher then moves us to another place if we don't pass the test. Maybe the teacher makes us go through something similar until we learn the information rightly so.

At that point, then adversity, or failing a test is a great gift from the teacher because it gives us a chance to try again to learn the information and continued to grow in our knowledge and wisdom of the Lord. That's okay that is apropos for adversity is life University a great phrase that anybody can remember and will help a lot of people when they go through adversity, not if, because that is inevitable in life, that's okay. Thank you so much for sharing data and you are welcome Jen.

I hope that these David isms help everybody's someway somehow. And if you'd like to get them in written form, go to moments of hope,, you can subscribe there will arrive in your inbox every morning at 7 AM there free of charge and a gift from me to you to help you begin your day with a moment of hope will help with the senior pastor of moments of hope turns today's messages from our online worship start at the appointed hour service each Sunday morning at 11 o'clock I going to moments of hope and while you're online. Be sure to get your screening out called names time frame for all of our moments of hope radio listeners for teaching the Bible tells to moments of hope\listener moments of hope moments

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