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King David - Part 3

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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May 7, 2021 6:00 am

King David - Part 3

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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May 7, 2021 6:00 am

King David was a man after God’s own heart. God chose him to do mighty things, in spite of the mistakes and missteps that David made. Join us as we take a look at his extraordinary (and often complicated) life. Part 3.

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When you love loving a kid six slot because friendships when lines noncompetition and being better than the others. We become a nation of people who are bowling alone. Welcome to moments of hopefully to make our culture is more and more becoming a grade of isolated people. So how do we answer God's call to love one another in the Old Testament book of first Samuel, God illustrates the value of true friendship and the relationship between King David and Jonathan will have a friend came down from the north and to caged for the first time this phenomenon that we have in the south called white ice cream that which we eat at breakfast time and he went into a restaurant and he said to the waitress. I think I'll have a grit see Sid Laud honey what you talking about. She said you can have a grit if you will have a grid you got.

I have grit sweetheart grabs borrow. They come together they slept together you got. I have not a grid.

You gotta have grads and I thought myself when I heard that story. That's the church were saved by grace alone, but we were never intended to live alone were supposed to live together in community. In fact, it's been recently proved in a study that isolation causes the brain to change that isolation calls his people to be more impulsive and less able to control themselves. So if you're isolated and don't have many friends you are damaging your brain American friendships are in crisis. There was an epic work by Putnam, who said that we are now as Americans bowling alone, the premise being that before the 1990s with bowling teams. We have friends now. People don't have friends.

We are bowling alone was the reason for I have five reasons that I been able to think off. First of all, the breakup of the family. The closest friendships are supposed to be between child and parent than brother and sister but with the breakup of the family. Those relationships have been isolated. Secondly, there no longer any roots in America. It's been estimated that by the year 35 and an average American's life, we will have gone through 30 jobs.

We move from city to city to city, trying to find the next best job and our rootlessness causes a lack of relationship lack of friendships thirdly are jobs were before jobs would often form teams of people who have a task they would try to accomplish and in that task they would develop close friendships now today the primary motivation of all jobs is profit, not people, so people just get the task done and there's a failure to build close friendships in the workplace. Fourth, what I will call garage door openers. We work hard all day long we come home we press the garage door. The door opens. We get inside we close the door. Then we put alligators in the moat around our house, we don't have anything to with anybody in a true we used to have front porches and a lot of homes in America implying that we would sit on those front porches rock and someone from next door might come by and sit and we build a friendship with them face-to-face which leads the fifth reason. Social media we now flip up a screen text, email, Facebook, people but we seldom sit face-to-face with them. Just a few feet apart and share our lives with one another become close intimate friends with one another, God created us for friendships folks friends the term friends is mentioned 150 times in the Bible.

I would suggest to you that we need to understand close intimate friendships as a spiritual discipline the same way we understand prayer and fasting. Jesus said, as I have loved you now love one another. The call to love one another is a spiritual discipline to be taken as seriously as prayer or fasting. When we ask this question if you needed to bury a body at 3 o'clock in the morning.

Would you have anybody to call.

Not that I'm suggesting you bury a body at 3 o'clock in the morning just make my point.

Okay or would you have someone you could call if you were in jail to get you out immediately. Do you have that kind of close friend of the Bible says were supposed to have them. Proverbs 1824 is a great verse. Would you read with me, a man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. We all need a friend who sticks closer than a brother or a sister first Corinthians 1533 is a fascinating verse.

Would you read with me. Paul writes do not be deceived. Bad company ruins good morals.

My dad used to say all the time. Friends are like elevators will take you up or they'll take you down in a true will, as this verse says bad company bad friends corrupts morals as the elevator that takes you down good friends are good elevators that will take you up and by the way, one friend of mine came to faith in Christ and read this verse and went home and burned and buried and broke all of his bad company albums from the 1980s and 90s, not what this verse is trying to say okay it's simply saying we all need good friends and good friends will either take us up or they'll take us down if Marilyn was here with me was it all you parents. You have every right to intercede with your kids friends because you're a lot smarter than they are right and they can bring your kids down. Be careful so so here it begs the question, what are the qualities I need for a great personal friendship. Let's look at the life of David and his close friend Jonathan.

The kind of qualities that made their close friendship occur. Let's look at these four qualities. First of all, there was a common interest that both of them shared a common interest that both of them shared.

Let's look briefly at the life of Jonathan. He was Saul's son Saul was the first king of Israel. Saul was a paranoid schizophrenic who rebelled against God was not in the heart of God. After a while, but Jonathan still loved his dad as we'll see in just a moment, Jonathan has skills of his own that were exceptional in first Samuel chapter 14 we see those skills being manifested. The Philistines were the Jews mortal enemies and they were in yet another conflict with them. The Jews were hiding, unable to continue the battle. Jonathan is with his armor bearer and he says we have a great God nothing is impossible with our God come along with me, let's just you and me go fight the Philistines, so they start planning a climbing up some craggy rocks and one of the members of the Philistine garrison looks down and says pay what the Jews are finally coming out of their holes hiding in the L down to Jonathan, are you coming up terrified us or do we need to come down there and fight you. Jonathan says I'm coming up there so we climbs up the mountain gets amidst the Philistine garrison.

About 20 people and he just goes superhero.

He takes them all in just a few minutes. He kills 20 of the Philistines will all the others watch this happen and suddenly an earthquake breaks out God's miraculous supernatural intervention on Jonathan's behalf.

Jonathan believe nothing is impossible.

Got a great huge faith and a courageous heart and whenever the earthquake broke out and they saw Jonathan kung fu, Inc. all the guys around him.

They started running away and all the Jews came out of their holes. Then I started pursuing them.

Jonathan comes back as a hero before all of the people to Jonathan is a remarkable guy. Then we saw in the first lesson on David a couple weeks ago and first Samuel 16 how Samuel the great prophet and judge Cain and chose David prolong all the brothers of Jesse, the last one.

The one the one who is least expected, be chosen as the next king over all Israel, and Samuel anoints him right then and there. As the king any leaves that what completes that chapter, then, is a story about Saul in his paranoia falling into large long deep moods of depression, so someone asked the question, is there somebody out there who can play music and help us all through these dark days. Someone says yeah Jesse has a son named David from Bethlehem, he can play the harp.

He puts music together. He's really really good so the going get him and bring in the court and when Saul falls into one of these mood swings of depression. David starts playing his heart and soul comes out of the depression is the first example, biblically of music therapy and now we see David having access to the court he went home. Something had access to the court to play songs for self most assuredly. This is the first time he met John David's around 18 years of age. At this time, an adolescent. Jonathan is probably about 10 years older, but their heart started melting together. Their heart started connecting why they started seeing I think first about a common faith in God because David like Jonathan believe nothing is impossible with God. I think they also started talking, courage, stories, and I think during this time David probably said to jump in the strangest thing happened to me, Samuel, the great prophet and judge Cain my home one day and annoying me king over Israel. And John must go on. That is weird because dad is king over Israel. He anointed you to be king over Israel.

That doesn't make much sense, and then first Samuel 17 happens the story of Goliath that big, audacious, belligerent, baritone a giant calling out Israel and everybody is afraid to fight him except David the little shepherd boy who will not put on Saul's armor, but goes and meets Jill on Goliath only with a slingshot and five smooth stones. He doesn't eat five just needs one kills the giant and all of Israel goes crazy and I can't help but wonder if right after that happened.

David went into Jonathan's pavilion at the battlefield and Jonathan looked at him and said while I thought I had faith to have greater faith than I did. I thought I was courageous with the Philistine garrison. You put me to shame with your courage. They had common interests.

Close friends or people with whom you have common interests, whether it's sports or faith or whatever it might be there common interests that bind you together.

Keep that in mind the next point is there's no competition between people who were real close friends right after Jonathan sees David Slade Goliath in first Samuel 18 verses one through four. Listen to the narrative as soon SE had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. And Saul took him that day and would not let him return to his father's house. Then Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as his own soul. And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was on him and gave it to David and his armor, and even his sword and his bow and his belt. Now you need to know Jonathan had what's called primogeniture.

What was that me, primogeniture is the firstborn son in the Israelite days had right to the inheritance of the father, the firstborn son got to fold the inheritance. The next one son would be the third in the less than for the next boys, but Jonathan was the next in line to be king. Yet he looks at David probably remembers the story the David told him of how Saul Samuel anointed him to be the next king over Saul and at some moment after Goliath, Jonathan takes David and their hearts are knit together in what's called a covenant friendship. They make valves to one another that will last forever. They become knit together in their hearts and not only that Jonathan takes into another extreme before David as they knit their hearts together in a covenant friendship. He takes off his armor, his sword, his bow and his belt, and the implication is to give them to David deceived. He did. He's in line to be king. He says David you're more gifted than you should be king.

What a friendship. Do you know where shaking hands comes from.

Some people said all that means people walking on the road and trying to say don't have a sword in my hand balderdash.

That's not from where comes here the meaning of shaking hands when you hold out your hand to somebody what you're saying to them is I need something from you when you have an open hand. You're expecting a reception of something given to you. But when two people come together and they clasped hands their fingers and wrapping each other's palm what you're basically saying is I don't need anything from you. I just want to be your friend. I'm not expecting anything from your not going to use you for my purposes. I just want to be your friend the same implication, by the way, parenthetically, is when we left our hands to God in worship. Some of you may look around and think that person really weird but from God's standpoint, you know what he loves it.

Why because that person with her open hand or hands in worship is saying I means you will. God I need everything that you have time nothing. Your everything all of my life is totally dependent surrendered to you that this would open hand means will David and Jonathan clasped hands sing when a covenant friendship with one another and then Jonathan turns around and gives him everything that he has that signifies power basically saying David, you're now the king, the closest thing I think we come to an R date is remember the camp days when you were 10, 11, 12 years old and you go to camp and he would usually be around a campfire and you will have some Kumbaya 500 times and then at the end of the final Kumbaya will turn of the special person that you made a friendship with during your weeks at the camp and you'll say let's be friends for life and how you signify that you then take a little pin and prick your finger and you lose out a little blood.

The other person does the same thing than what you do what you folks. You put your fingers together and you say we are now blood brothers or blood sisters forever. This implication is your blood's intermingling with my blood. My blood's intermingling with your blood. We are set together everything that friendship lasts through the summer and then ends just like in high school I discovered I had a lot of acquaintances not real friends because I don't talk to but a friend is someone with whom your life is bound for long long period of time.

Did you see here how true friendships don't have competition. Jonathan wasn't competing with David. David was a good meeting with John. If you have a true friend you love when they succeed you left. You love when her kid 60 is love because friendships what mind you, not competition and being better than the other person. Thirdly, a true friend is a source of verbal encouragement after Goliath was defeated, salsa David you can't go home anymore and he made him a general in his army and sedated wound forth of listings several times anymore every single battle was astounding. So it when David would come back from the battles along with Saul who was also out there fighting the women in the city would do the Harlem Shake and they would start crying out Saul is killed us thousands. David is guiltless 10,000s and they would sit down with their songs of mentoring for David and Saul already missed here in which they would be coming recently to her and would David listening to moments of hope with David Solomon's for listening coming out.

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You probably been one of the individuals who stood at the end it interesting. Holderness I miss that hungry will work for food, whichever use the money for food but booze and drugs with it most likely you hate your life, your addiction has stolen every aspect of hope and joy to be part of the fabric of society, but every morning, your addiction screams and you surrender to it. There is one thing you do need and that is transformation the place to go to Charlotte rescue mission Charlotte rescue mission works from the inside out to address the root cause of someone at the crossroads of addiction and homelessness. The rescue Mission provides free Christian residential high quality substance abuse recovery programs to members of our community who otherwise would not be able to afford such services with a passion for holistic transformation and a love for Christ commissions 120 program has transformed the lives of thousands of men and women in our community. Charlotte rescue mission is grateful for the financial partnership or moments of mine, James Easton. Thanks for listening today joining the new stadium is our pastor David sign blank David, thank you so much for joining my pleasure Jim. Always good to be with you will you as well. Today we are to talk about your latest David is uncalled here God's whispers how we become better listeners to God's whispers with Jim, my wife wrote a book many years ago in title. Sometimes he whispers. Sometimes he wars it it such a wonderful title because sometimes God wars in our ears and we know clearly what his voice is saying to us, we know what were supposed to do and sometimes he whispers. I would even say most often. I think he whispers, it's that inward reality of Jesus in us whispering to our hearts telling us what were supposed to do this day and I really believe that were supposed to have a personal relationship with the God of this universe through Jesus Christ. In John 17 Jesus said, as the father and I are one. Now I am one with you. Which means I'm one with the father as well and that's just amazing to think the father in Jesus and the Holy Spirit. All three the triune God live inside of me. And if that's true then what does John 1027 mean when Jesus is my sheep hear my voice, so we gotta believe that the father wants to speak to us as the great Shepherd and tell us what he wills us to do.

I think most of the time he speaks in a whisper. So should we begin every single morning opening up our hearts listening to the voice of the Lord who will whisper to us here go there, go care for and even give us the picture of somebody he wants us to care for and I think that can happen all day long. As were talking to the father in prayer and also he's whispering back to us regarding how he desires us to live this day. The only gives us this day. You know Jesus taught us to pray in the disciples prayer.

Give us this day our daily bread. He doesn't promise us tomorrow. He just promises us this day. So today, open your hearts listen to the whisper of the Lord and here where he wants you to go again.

John 1027 Jesus said my sheep hear my voice. He's talking to us and just like a radio transmission. You need to have your radio on the dial to hear the voice of the person talking to you. We need to put our ears next to the Lord's lips and hear him whisper to us what he desires. I love not actually one of the most powerful and significant moments in my life. I remember making the bad enough doing just that, daily, ordinary things and crying out to God, I need direction for this next season, and in that moment, I just thought this whisper, say, thanked me for this previous season yet and I remember exactly where I was standing in the seats I was pulling Frank, thank you for the last 12 years and been able to stay home with my kids and it was a true killer moment and just responding to the whisper can be life-changing. It really can be.

I can remember one time I was driving down the road and the whisper said to me stop and go visit with this person who had an office right that I was passing by that moment so I went into his office is secretary knew me a said, I think I'm supposed to see so and so and she said let me see if he's busy and he wasn't so he invited me into his office and I said you think I'm nuts I know but I think the Holy Spirit just told me to come and tell you something and I told it to him and he broke down in tears. Amazing and meaningless as an adventure habit is it's a great adventure from the Lord and I spoke right to his place of need. I just think Jen God wants to do that with all of us in order to use us as his instruments of courage and encouragement to other people such great insight today.

Thank you so much state and thank you Jen as well.

And if you listeners would like to receive these daily E Blasko to moments of hope,, you can subscribe there. My David-isms will arrive in your box every morning at 7 AM for my heart to yours to give you a moment of hope and moments of hope with David, sign blank, senior pastor of moments of hope charts. Today's messages from our online worship service and you can be a part of our service each Sunday morning at nine and 11 o'clock I going to moments of hope while you're online, please try to sign up for David Damien moments of hope delivered every morning to your inbox. David's weekly hope to both free and available through my website again manager is moments of hope charts.born in the entire moments of hope to greatly

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