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Are You Suffering from Prophetic Burnout?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 19, 2021 4:40 pm

Are You Suffering from Prophetic Burnout?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 19, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/19/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network with all the failed and false prophecies recently. I wonder, are you suffering from prophetic burnout stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown and phone lines are wide open like we do on Friday. Any question of any kind.

Any subject under the sun that you want to talk with me about give me a call 86634. If you've read something heard something in mind that you take issue with. By all means give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I will bring you some words of spiritual encouragement today some words of grounding some words that will be practical on the subject of prophetic burnout. But before I do that, we just grab this on my phone here, I got this testimony from a Christian leader who watched my show from the sea from Monday to talk about the coming great awakening talking about pockets of spiritual hunger and outpouring around America and with this hunger, thirst, openness to the spirit.

Jesus being exalted people, people come flocking so this Christian leader sent me this testimony by spirit witness greatly with the Lord releasing an awakening and revival worldwide. Some of our team have been out ministering in remote areas gives us the name of one couple just returned from a bottle meetings in Illinois town with only 500 population this and have a gas station over 120 came out to meetings. Some had traveled for hours. The hunger was at fever pitch. Many were drawn to the heart of God. On the second night the worship lasted over three hours for 45 minutes on the meeting Singing, holy, holy, holy, without instruments, we can stop there on their faces, crying out to God. It was glorious close with Lord we are desperate for you. Only you, God is moving things are happening, keep pressing in. If you're hungry. If you thirsty if you're desperate if you feel like you hit a wall with that be the further incentive to press in after God so prophetic burnout rhyming by all. If you cannot, charismatic, or if you don't believe that the gifts of the Spirit are for today.

You think about some of these people are sincere, some are just loonies. Some charlatans always prophecies this can happen.

That's gonna happen. It's just it's not real but many believe based on Scripture that the gift of prophecy and prophetic ministry are for today based on Scripture. They believe that God still speaks and leads, and in many many different way. Something is added to the Bible. The Bible alone is uniquely God's word.

Nothing is in the same realm as the Bible the word of God, but which everything is tested but just as God spoke through history outside of the Bible.

He continues to speak today outside of the Bible. If you're praying about relocating to another city to take a job somebody does know anything about you as a prophetic word inside.

I just as as I pray over you.

I see the words relocation major relocation new jobs that mean anything to say Gavin praying about that very thing. It will to do that will take.

This is for the confirmation SR adding to the Bible right we understand for those of us who based on Scripture are convinced that God continues to speak today and even based on experiences can verify.

Yes we we receive supernatural leading supernatural words given supernatural works is no doubt about that. How you feeling now so II was I was away this past weekend to seek the Lord in prayer. Getting along this little place just to go after God for two days in a night and two days three nights. I should say that's that the vacation we write you three nights two days so I just got a way to pray and seek the face of God and as I was sensing the Lord leading me up and and answering some of my questions. The thought hit me, out of the blue gal this prophetic stuff. Who knows if it's real now. Bear in mind, I did not have a false prophecy about Trump or about Cove.

It ending in a certain point, and I I never knew if those words were true or not, because God spoke them to meet so I was not in a situation where I I had to apologize for failed words in this case was a boy, I blew it and and I'm really seeking the Lord about it and I'm not speaking to prophetic words until you get to the root of my errands that had happened right but it when you're when you're part of the charismatic church when the part of the American church and there's been so much error in such a public way. There been so many prominent voices who got things wrong.

It kinda soils things for everybody. It it it it makes everything feel wrong. You know when someone gets up ministers prophetically mean my wunderground really all yeah this is my skepticism. Since his money for everybody, but for many, or you just like to have a step back from that stuff for a while whereas Paul sister earnestly seek the gift of prophecy. Where is he says it it it edifies the body and it speaks to nonbelievers whereas Jesus gives the ministry of the prophet to the church just like the ministry of the evangelist and the pastor, etc. where is all of that is true wheat we should pursue these things and and Paul writes explicitly in first Thessalonians 5.

Don't put out the don't quench the spirit.

Don't despise prophecies rather test everything. Hold fast to the consumer not to despise is not to put out the spirits of our winter cultivate an atmosphere where with the Holy Spirit can speak and move freely and our own lives. Jesus tells us in John 10 that we as she peers voices is ongoing, not just in salvation that we hear his voice calling us to salvation, but this is ongoing. It's active, ongoing in the Greek as his sheep hear his voice. He leads us and he guides us by his Spirit.

Second Corinthians 1314 tells us we have fellowship with the spirit fellowship is relational fellowship is two ways fellowship is is communicating and communing so God was reminding me of that and then took me back to something and I felt the spirit asked me a simple question with the words that I spoke to in the past, accurate I'm talking about major things in my life. Some of the most significant major things in my life on the 700s and hundreds of things, three or four or five major things that were pivotal in my life that were major promises that shaped who I am in God today so not the many smaller leadings and things we sense the Lord saying and insights and things that the ultimate big things, and I felt the spirit asked me at were those accurate yes yes yes a thousand times as amazingly as overwhelming. This incredibly yes, God glorifying, really.

Yes, absolutely. God remind.

We will then add faith to the words that I spoke about having come to pass. First Timothy 118, Paul urges Timothy to fight the good fight as the fight of faith based on the prophecies that were spoken over him when hands were laid on him so when Timothy was set apart for ministry hands were laid on him. So that was imparted to him. Part of it was an anointing a gift that he received with that. And obviously there prophetic word spoken over and this is the overall thing that Paul is referring to is is as a reference. Is this a couple different times in first Timothy, so based on those words which over the years have proven to be true words in a bear witness with your heart, and they keep coming back when you go to the Lord again and again and again, even when you're ready to walk away from it forgetting the surrogate happened in Ukraine. It gets stirred again. God wants us to get past the burnout passes skepticism past the cynicism and and out of that then produce something in faith. This is God I take hold your promise.

I take hold.

The approaches hope deferred. Proverbs 13 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but the desire once comes as a tree of life.

Yes, you kept your word did what you said you would kept your promise praise God for that. He is faithful was pouring first Thessalonians 5 little further on faithful is he who spoke, he will do it, do what whatever he is promise whatever he has spoken whatever is in line with his character.

Often the best things take the longest good things take time. I've often pointed out the gestation period of a mouse from conception to delivery is what maybe three weeks and and what's Bert's little creature to run for its life, its whole life and and how how long is it going to live. Maybe two years maybe right this. The gestation period of an elephant is with 22 months when the elephants born lands on its feet and weighs hundreds of pounds and live 7080 years and basically has no natural animal predators. So you want mighty mouse ministries burst in the second here today gone tomorrow or would you want something enduring once a metal. Lastly, God is Abraham the promise first Ms. Abram then again reiterates with wings Abraham and it's it's true. You see the sea to sea to sea to see the seed. That blessing will come to the whole world. And where is the constant challenge seed seed seed seed is 25 years from when God speaks to him at 7500 was realized at that point it's too late for him and Sarah. She's 90.

She can't have children it's too late.

How likely is it that 100-year-old man's gonna produce children and yet that's when the answer comes when there is no natural hope when a grain of wheat. Jesus speaks of in John 1224 25 a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies. That's what it bears much fruit doesn't die it remains alone. Isaac Rebecca get married where's the attack again the seed seed. He prays she gets pregnant wonderful bumps not to things that happen no no get married. He's 40 that there twins Jacob and Esau when he 6020 years 20 years. Good things take time. God gives these glorious promises to Joseph at the age of 17. His immaturity speaks things out.

He doesn't, he shouldn't of said this of the wisdom to hold his tongue. He ends up prisoner in Egypt ends up in the dungeon 13 years.

His whole adult life slave prisoner and then from there overnight becomes Pharaoh's right-hand man and God use them for the saving of many lives and for the preservation of his own family and people Israel.

So go back to the word reinforce your confidence. God's word says that these things are for today go back to previous words that did come to pass and renew your faith, then take hold of those promises that just can't shake more time you spend with God, the more they rise up in your spirit. Add your face to them fight the good fight of faith believing God against all odds, because he is faithful right back with you because 866-34-TRUTH all subjects warmly welcomed the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us. I do have an article that sees it out yet. If not, will be out next day or two about prophetic burnout. Yeah.

So on the website Esther to there's an article I wrote last night.

Are you suffering from prophetic burnout. So it goes through some of the biblical principles we talked about your lease out practical steps to overcome. That's what some a website ask Dr. Brown ask if your If you don't get my emails. Please while you're at the website. Sign up it'll take you probably 30 seconds name, email address and immediately what will share more about background and testimony from LSU, PhD talk about the 3Rs of our ministry and and all the resources we have to be of support to you so that will

I also just wrote an article written earlier today just felt stirred to right.

It's really up on the stream and it is some it's it's really addressing Demi Lovato in love and it's addressing the nation as she now identifies as non-binary and was referred to as they so articles are being written immediately about the this and they that so I explain why I like and refer to her as they won my heart goes out to her because she's confused and it's it's a cry it's a call to please as a nation wake up wake up we we are going the way of cultural insanity and cultural madness where perception becomes reality in the sky is the limit that there is actually something that I reference in the article. Can you can read now and on but I reference in the article and Emma and I found this definition of the urban dictionary transact site is not a joke. A person who identifies as having been vaccinated, even though they haven't actually been vaccinated identifies as a transact such that maybe someone started as a joke, but it's on urban dictionary.

Here's an example of actual usage of those not born fully vaccinated identifies vaccinated.

Another was on the transact site so either some of this started out as a joke. Simple but why not it. In other words, a biological male who identifies as a female that everyone refers to as she and and then calls Jack by the name of Jane. That's just as unrealistic because biological sex is what it is. If someone is intersects. They have a biological chromosomal abnormality in parliament develops male part of them develops female that is that's that's a disability just like someone that that's blind in one eye or death in one year or worse, or someone that is crippled or whatever it's they deserve compassion.

We have to really pray work with them and professionals try to help them find out who they really are. Find their identity, but that that's not the case was it was a biological male or female. Clearly, definitely, which is over 99% of the population and now decides to identifies the opposite of the biological sex was nine binary or whatever don't collude with madness. These people need help, cultural madness. These people need help these people. He compassion I identify Demi Lovato as confused and needing God's grace. She opened up about past mental health struggles. Who knows what she went through is in the Disney here is what happened to the kids there.

Some of them suffer all kinds of abuse, who notes but in any case, here's a hurting person on scorner, one of the one to find the Lord and really experience wholeness freedom GC can read that latest article as well. Okay with that. With that, to the phones and we go all the way to Anchorage, Alaska Eugene, welcome to the line of fire around our area doing well. You sound just like a genius not only in Fort sill, Oklahoma.

If my memory serves me right there that is actually me. I am on leave). Patient here in Alaska.

There you go.

Hey memory cell sharp. Go ahead. Yet there we both appreciate your show.

By the way of Mike my question has a lot to do advance the private BIL. If you much of the reformers, especially people like washer and on they made you talk a lot about the nature of man, and I agree that something I need to be discussed.

Often if anything is not discussed enough in my opinion, but on the way that they seem to speak about depravity seems to be different and how other teachers with about man sentiment, depravity, or Original Sin, if I am using it correctly.

I'm just wondering what is your view or understanding of man's depravity and how may your view differ from the typical Christian reformed view of man's depravity and China's kind of support that the assurance sure, of course. I appreciate Paul washer his uncompromised unapologetic stands for the gospel. I do different with reformed teaching on total depravity.

I agree in saying that human beings cannot sell save themselves.

If we had a billion tries at it, we could never save ourselves. I agree that human beings, in and of themselves will not pursue God. I agree that human beings cannot improve themselves to the point of becoming righteous and holy in God's sight outside of God's grace and the cross so so I agree on all of those points but first I would say that because we are all created in God's image and God's life does enliven all of us and he he has written his law on human hearts on some level. In other words, there's conscience in every human being that sometimes it would feel to me as if Calvinists overemphasize depravity, not recognizing that human beings make good moral choices all the time. I don't believe that's all by miraculous grace. In other words, a guy that breaks into a house and then sees a little child crying and runs out of the house rather than doing something.

Further, he would also kick into the second exception to this or or that the guy that in a passion yo tackle some light is about to rape her and she screams in any way sequela doing what am I doing so he sinful, but even the midst of sinning only go so far that human beings do that all the time. Sometimes you get the impression that every every fiber of our being is hopelessly set on evil only was that's that's not the case in human rights.

We are only going in one ultimate direction outside of God's grace, but we do make moral choices every day, and there's some people that make better moral choices than others, and Paul talks about in Romans two that the law written on their hearts. By nature, some people do the right thing. Not enough to save them from their sins. But do I think so. I feel that gets underemphasized sometimes by my Calvinist friends. The other thing is, as followers of Jesus we want to put our great emphasis by recognizing who you are as new creations.

Yes, we still have to do battle with the sin nature and and consider ourselves dead to it and I'm a certain level we encounter God and the brightness of his holiness is Isaiah did Isaiah 6 were undone were completely devastated and undone by her wretchedness, and yet the fact is God's goodness is at work in us, we will not who we used to be. We are new creations of the Messiah and therefore in the New Testament we are called saints. That's the primary way that we are addressed in the letter saints so that that's holy once first Corinthians 12 to the holy ones in Corinth called to be holy, so I feel that can be under emphasized as well and therefore we the I know Paul writes in me and my flesh. There is no good thing but but I am not in the flesh but in the spirit pulses.

That's the goal to be in the spirit and and then to live lives that are well pleasing to God in the spirit so I would say. As believers we really want to emphasize our new life in the Messiah being redeemed in him. We want to renew our minds to those truths recognize that God's grace is working in us in an ongoing way to empower us to holiness. And of course Calvinist teach holiness very strongly believe that God empowers us to holiness. But sometimes in literature. In past years, even for believers seem to be more of a morning of how wretched I am, rather than more for rejoicing in the new creation that we are and growing into that. So that would be my take on your questions or thank you.

I'm Dr. Brown.

I appreciate it. You are very welcome and blessings to you and your friend there in Alaska, 86634 let's go to William in Wilmington, Delaware.

Welcome to the line of fire. I called or applicant for a bite out of codependent arborist chart you know where I remember the call I remember the call this or will where I bought the book I read it over and back recommended book. I recommend paper notebook and a pencil and many know you tell you sense expire. My response to John the Gaza Strip are okay, great, great, yeah, go ahead. Sorry if you notebook and will pick a lot of no notebook will prompt information and and you are very fair very transparent.

Good luck. And after reading the book I looked on MacArthur, the middle God, but I don't have to agree with everything that and I'm just going back recommended book off the pink you so much was and that's that. Is this really kind of you to do that. I appreciate that and look as you read the book you know I honor Pastor MacArthur and appreciate the good that is done and then strongly differ with his attack on things of the spirit are as charismatic leaders in an God is doing so many beautiful and wonderful things around the world by his spirit and that's my appeal to pest MacArthur man is so so many charismatic preachers could really learn from you about expository preaching and in the importance of the word and and deal with some of the flakiness that's in our midst. It would be so great if if you could contribute in a way that would be meaningful, so hopefully that they will still come but thanks thanks for the recommendation and may the Lord do plant you in a in a fellowship where your thriving in the word and the spirit. If you ever read the book of really think you will minister to the authentic fire is my response to Pastor John MacArthur's strength for again William thanks for the call right back for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends for joining us on the modify I have been the phone lines wide to the 6634 truth. Tomorrow will focus. Of course on Israel what's happening in the Jewish world so much to talk about our Friday again gobbling open the phone lines wide that we done today and I'm going straight to the phones starting with Albert in Valdosta, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire around him. Albert hey are you doing today doing well.

Thanks for about one. I greatly appreciate you and your dedication and show how the video thank you and your great work. I have a question about not fell 1 versus five and firstborn man.

I don't know if it is the defendant of statement, but it appeared he could possibly also the Bacone birth Bible verse 30 or quarter thoughts are about that yet, so we know that Elizabeth and Miriam Mary, the mother Jesus were cousins right and and we know that she she is married to to the priest Zechariah, but in no way does that intersect with the genealogy of Jesus directly, you, you find that illusory, you find that Matthew one that he sees clearly a descendent of David. My understanding is it's best read Matthew one as the genealogy of Jesus through his father's foster father Joseph in Luke three is a genealogy through his his physical mother Miriam, but your bow through the line of David. So for many reasons. You can easily be cousins and be two different tribes that can easily happen in intertribal marriage was was possible but to to suggest that Jesus descends from Erin what actually be be in violation of what's written in Hebrew, seven, which says that that he came from a different tribe, and therefore that had to be a change in the law regarding priesthood so was it. He certainly functions as a as a priestess of priestly king, but I don't believe you can make a case for erotic genealogy understand your logic, but I don't think you can make a case for will not from the rock delivered by that Elizabeth dollar air right now that more polymorphic that you place it right, priestly right degree. Actually I thought of Aaron with highly how the Bible to mention that a woman or mother of a child with that benefit you highly unusual or 90 management spent for specific been verse 30 spirit clearly says that Elizabeth and Mary are related.

Now the King James dose study, but most all other right right more likely just relative right relatives that we notice you a dollar air and that Mary is related to the defense to me that very possible maybe not probable that that connection is to air, and maybe that's why we given that much specific information about Elizabeth yet again I appreciate the logic that really explains the ministry of Johnny Mercer, Johnny Mercer comes with priestly dissent and that he functions in the priestly and prophetic manner.

In preparing the way for the coming of the Lord where is Jesus is exclusively and constantly spoken of as descended from David, descended from David, and then associated with Judah. So that's why say that it's interesting, but there are many ways that you could be related to someone who was was a descendent in the priestly caste right in other words Elizabeth could have a brothers and or or dinner there. There could be another sister who marry someone that's not from from line of Aaron and that when marry someone else. And so you can easily be related see just need positive proof for that and again this is not only about the. The genealogy of Jesus is also about the genealogy of John or the background of John so when you factor that in that that would explain why it would mention it. So I appreciate I just I don't you make a strong argument for but I appreciate you thinking that through an emu may differ with me but that's but that's my response. Okay thank you very much. Thank you. Thanks for the question I appreciate but loving people dig like that and asked the sconce questions and I may agree with the thought. I may have to do for the research I may disagree but I love the sconce questions and digging deep insane wise.

This was us in Scripture.

All right 866-34-TRUTH let us go to a Stephen and Tampa, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire, a doctor having to take my call. Sure thing. Hey I wanted the person apart. The vendor will be a property or today.

My question is are what about the day if you know prophetic burnout from your own church leaders about your Dell and I'm sure many people gone through media fees in our church hurt in the past for your leaders have prophetically said to you to keep being faithful and something will come out of it at that organization are at that church. And that's kind of what happened with where I think the prey into believe and trust my leader to my church about myself what their everything about me and as I was finishing up my internship at the church for the past four years. I knew I was about to propose to my fiancé and I'm praying to God heavily about finances and wanted to be a good steward of of that and couple month later, as I'm praying I meet with an old pastor would actually from that same church any good. You know, it's funny that you reached out to me because you've been on my heart recently and fill at the end of our tiny ketchup meeting. He offered me a job and so I just wanted to kind of fear that has no money but also kind of there were I had faith and trust from my previous church that I left about four months ago, but not for a proxy is for today but it just shows you know God, the obviously knows a lot more than I did at that time.

Back I can be God's hand over the yen and Stephen just just to keep points one.

We have to be careful not to put our interpretation on prophecy that certain things, many in the Bible but sensing spoken become clearer as they get closer we come clearer once were in the middle of it. And often we can put our interpretation of means this it means this in and get the mess. The second thing is I have never been influenced by a prophetic word spoken to me or about me that did not need to confirm what was ready in my heart, or subsequently, as I prayed about it. Bear witness with what was in my heart was so undeniably accurate. I couldn't deny it. I cannot imagine making a single life decision just based on someone giving me a word. Without that being real on the inside of me when I was reviewing pages of passwords that had been delivered to me over the last 49 years and it did not appear to toss out a lot of personal prophecies that I took the time to write down felt were that important. As I was going through the many pages that have accumulated over 49 years. There are some things just kept coming up. People speak in the same word over me. The same word over me the same word over me in a summit burned in my heart to all of us. Okay there's something to that I can't just let that go.

So we have to process that right.

He thank you for calling it by the way out Bob just looking at what you commented on Facebook saying such as burnout, your skeptical and and in your words, there is not only erroneous dogs around my younger colleague Jeremiah Johnson wrote a book cleansing the prophetic and I rode forward for his book and he was taught all the problems that needed to be addressed in the prophetic movement and in my book, playing with holy fire have two whole chapters dealing with uncountable prophecy and manipulative prophecy in prophesying for money and things like that so many of us, and their other voices who been addressing things for years and years and years, but most prophetic ministry does not take place on TV most prophetic ministry is not about the president and and the few prominent voices.

There were many, but most of them were ready in a particular political camp.

Many of them came from a certain spiritual background is very easy to see how they fell into partisan political spirit and and prophesy falsely, but the vast majority prophetic ministry is taking place is just grassroots in-house group praying together. Someone with a word to share the gospel.

Some of the restaurant small preaching to say hey I just feel directed by the Lord to speak. This, in this beautiful and wonderful. So I totally understand what you feel, what you do totally especially with so much what's been public and prominent yacht I said is the worst deception that I've seen in my 49 years in the Lord.

So the public record in the New York Times saying that so yeah I want to sit at the whole world secular as well as Christian at the same time as always don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Don't despise prophecies hold fast to that which is good.

Test everything. Hold fast that which is good. So I encourage you to say largest ring around the pure in the real encouragement with that Lord and it's totally understand where you're coming from total. But let's let's encouragement the Lord. As for the critics. I feel bad for them.

Missing out on the things of the spirit and feeling so confirm see how right they are helping me this whole movement as I feel bad for him because they're missing out on so much God has for them Saturday for only a tacky person feel bad for them because I know God is with me. I know these things I hold to a scriptural and right, and I know that I've stood for was right over the years and called out error sought.

I get mad at them for tacky me what when someone since we here's the latest link really unstop and watch the video of Yutaka feel bad for them and then when I'm praying I pray for God's best for them. I don't pray God show them that I'm right I see God filled fill them to the full with your spirit revealed herself even more powerfully Lord make your word so real in their lives) I could pray for myself this I pray but I do feel bad for them and and in no knack for split second. We call for print prophetic integrity we put on a prophetic stand statement. If you haven't read it yet.go to prophetic and faculty. Just see the curiosity after the initial 85 signers. We have another 671. Since then, and it's now posted in English, Spanish, and your Portuguese soon to be posted in any case will be put out. The prophetic standard statement with a wide affirmation from many different parts the world in many different parts. The body the last thing on mine was the critics would say all wonderful. I'm so glad you do another mock the whole thing all the more so it got feel bad for them, but door about critics and don't worry about the charlatans was a serious error in terms of don't that a federal walk with God dump out the spirits fire. Don't despise prophecies.

Test everything will fast so those been burned to the Lord bring you around a real beautiful expression of great it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown rightly go straight to the bones. Jonathan and Albany, New York. Walking to the line of fire around all about a great. What parent might like generating way way back.… Real before you take that away. Yes… Using soup.

Matthew 24 and then you can compare it to more 13 and Luke 21 so-called all the discourse of Jesus teaching on the Mount of olives, so let's just look at it in the way that it's it's often taken that the fig tree represents Israel and that it's speaking about the end of the age and the Lord's return. That was certainly some of Matthew 24 applies to the destruction of the temple and with that first generation lived to see the let's just let's just say that this portion is referring to the end of the age and the fig tree represents Israel okay so problem with that is based on that. People said while Jesus is definitely coming by 1988 because of generations.

40 years and 48 to 88 will then know it's actually grew slowly and back in Jewish hands at 67, so four years from 67 than others in transit will know actually a generation is 70 years. So the thing keeps stretching of actually I don't believe that's what it's saying at all, primarily in Scripture. Israel is not represented by the fig tree a few times here and there, but is represented by the olive tree like and in Romans 11 chapter 4, the representatives of vine like in Isaiah 5, but fig tree here and there but is our primary representation. All I understand Jesus saying there is just like when you see the fig tree, which is very very prominent when it's when it's beginning to blossom and then the that the fruit is going to be there that just like you see that happen and you know all okay.

Summer is near the same way when you see these things happen.

XYZ you know that the end is near. So I don't believe that Jesus is saying the fig tree is Israel.

And when you see Israel established, then that means this is that now I would come to that conclusion from other places. For example, Luke 2124 Jesus speaks of the Jewish people being scattered to the nations from Jerusalem scattered to the nations until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. So we have seen how the regathering of the Jewish people back to the land Jerusalem now under Jewish control. That's an indication to me that were getting closer to the end. So like I come to the same general idea that Israel being back in the land is of major significance prophetically. I do not believe specifically that Jesus is saying the fig tree is Israel, or that you can put a generational stamp on it. From this moment. Until then, it must happen rather when all of the other thing spoken of in Matthew 24, or unfolding the generation that sees all those things then you know okay the end is near. It's can happen in our lifetimes. So close but different in another part… All my walk. Referent parallel Victory in August. Exactly one year. I am like figure yes all is exactly Jonathan appreciated it and obviously the last minute to do is divide over how we understand this, I see two things. It is interesting.

Luke 21 look at the freaking all the other trees. Now some will say what that means Israel all the nations I was in. It was us a look fig tree on the streets when you see this happen you know hate this is one sums near so these are the signs of the other thing is Israel is is important very important in interest were understanding Scripture as a whole. Derek Prince said that Israel is like the top button on his shirt. And if you button it wrong all the other buttons will be off so it is important that regard as well as Jewish people loved by God's promises from the patriarchs and therefore as we pray for it for the world. We pray for the Jewish people as well in their salvation. All right let us go to our friend fail in Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire heart Dr. Brown Mark all court and high-pressure.

Arbitrary ordered Bible there been born again, I request and inquired it was when I become born again and I looked at a painting birth at 31 through 34 and the third time the claimant to the five of the 12 that he will predict himself and his resurrection first, third or fourth bear, but they understood none of the thing there fan work from down and they did not know which work okay thought that okay to go to John 2022 event of knowing that after the resurrection. He went to the 12 o'clock they will have you and you called him out. But in verse 22 event and when you said this happy grave going down and they reframed the holder. So after you went to the disciples to become born again it's it's a wonderful debate, actually. So first question was anyone born again. The way we are before the time of Jesus death in the direction right so so if that's the case then, as if that would be what you believe in. The disciples were just like David or Moses they could follow God they could love God, but they were not born again in the simile we were, which is why Jesus says that among those born of women suing in in Matthew 11 Luke seven among those born of women there is none greater than then Johnny Mercer, John the Baptist, but he was least of the kingdom of heaven is greater that then John so is that because we are born again.

In this way he was 11.

Those in the Old Testament. Do not be made perfect without us there something over join together so if no one was born again before the death and resurrection of Jesus and that would've applied to the apostles and then either when he breathed on them.

John 2022 received the Spirit's earlier. He said the Holy Spirit dwells with you, but he'll be in you right right so I was at that moment, then, that the Holy Spirit comes in them and they receive that new nature that would be a logical understanding and then you receive the empowering at Pentecost. Others would argue that Abraham was justified by faith. And that's when he was born again and that that that was a common experience in the Old Testament we just receiving greater fullness of the spirit. But if you believe, and here's here's the debate you know if you believe as you said you do that people were not born again before the death and resurrection of Jesus. The simile we were that obviously that was the case with the disciples and the logical turning point is what you pointed to in John 20 so it is hard to be dogmatic on it is. Remember, Jesus is talking to Nicodemus about being born again right there and I met must so, was there some spiritual concept. He said you should be getting this ready menu should be understanding this, so that's the argument that says yes people were born again in in Old Testament times, but they did not have the fullness of the spirit and full revelation. Forgiveness of sins that we have certainly at the very least we can say this dogmatically fail is that the disciples before and after the death and resurrection of Jesus were different people that whatever they had before they entered into something new that they had never had after, and that's what we universally call the born again experience of over so we could make that argument. Hey, thank you as always for the call.

Keep up your studies and keep asking that the good for more, call yet. Let's go to James and Rogers, Arkansas. Welcome to the modifier Dr. Brown. American Mark all just a quick question what your thought on Rob Dreher book a few years ago the Benedict option. I believe these Eastern Orthodox and I don't a few years ago and I thought even though I doubt I'm not advocating. I isolation only by it a bit kooky at it been 2017 when he first wrote the book. It seemed like he might've at least that point and what your your cake if you recommended yesterday thinking of the bit too far. You think he was too far. I love his cultural commentaries. He's one of the sharpest cultural commentators out there from a Christian perspective.

I think he's often really exposing the madness of what's happening in the society around us, and in his book. I think he does a powerful job of painting a picture of how we have corporately lost her mind and lost her way.

Here in America. On the other hand it, there is the feeling of of retreat and look we just have to kind of pull away in and in and regroup and to me that's that's the Council of of despair in the and and the strategy for certain defeat. That's retreat is to it is, is to be defeated in that regard, and that if you will search on my website just Esther to and type in prayer or DRE H ER. As you know, but for everyone else you'll see a couple of articles that I wrote in response to that with actual quotes from the book notes interesting is that he's done anything but retreat and you know his newest book about not living by lies is is no prophetic wake-up call. So overall, I agree with so much of what he puts out fact a couple months ago for the first time ever I interacted with him briefly on the amount of note, if you knew I existed, but we interacted briefly because I find so much harmony, but that book I definitely did not agree with the overall counsel, and to me more than ever go out go out to the world go out engage begin processing don't go out make a difference.

Have have a holy fortress in your home, family, and your church community go out from there infiltrate every area of society good news of Jesus, boldly, unapologetically, and let the light shine in the darkness. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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