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Truth Matters-11 Desperate Housewives 3

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis
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December 9, 2019 7:00 am

Truth Matters-11 Desperate Housewives 3

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis

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Today's truth matters with medical Dr. Cheryl Davis continues the topic of desperate housewives. Abraham's excited with Sarah, Abraham's wife is impatient. She doesn't understand God's plan. She is overcome with worry and anxiety as to who the mother might be as she is old and unable to conceive. Instead of trusting God and letting her faith guide her thinking she begins guessing and doubting as to how God is going to give Abraham a son and why she is not been included in the conversation. She's feeling desperate for answers hears Dr. Davis as she plays the part of Sarah in part three of desperate housewives waiting without knowing anything how I lived. I left my home and backed up everything and followed the tiling taking when famine struck in the place. He told us to get billing agent with him to look for food lied and said I was his sister when he told me to nine. That was his wife. Great lot has our possessions about getting first choice. Then we went to rescue him. After all that the Lord why did you not mention me, Abraham, are you sure he didn't pay me, Lord, are you there is it me, I promise. Lord in their silence. There is no answer at this point in time is called the weight. Has anyone ever been here. Are any of you great at waiting. Does anyone enjoy waiting. Sarah had waited long enough. Does anyone feel like they have waited long enough on God to answer, deliver, or even just plain did not. I know sometimes is better than nothing. At least we would know where we stand.

Even if it is in denial. In Genesis chapter 16. Now Sarah Abrams wife had borne him no children that she had an Egyptian maidservant named Hagar that she said to Abram, the Lord has kept me from having children.

Sarah resigned herself to the natural in the weight do not resign yourself to the natural hold out for the supernatural, no matter how long it takes, I'm going to say that one more time.

Sarah resigned herself to the natural in the weight do not resign yourself to the natural hold out for the supernatural matter how long it takes the word resigned means to accept that something undesirable cannot be avoided Sarah as soon because God did not speak to her in her preconceived timeframe that she was not included in the promise she believed that God had restrained her from children. When God never said that I am sure in the beginning she assumed that the promise did not include her whatever time her doubt crept in and just like her weekend scheme and analyze ourselves right out of God's plan. What is the Bible tell us about resigning to the natural Mark 923 says all things are possible to him that believes our biggest enemy to belief and obedience is doubt I'm going to say that one more time. Our biggest enemy to belief and obedience is doubt as I'm speaking to you today. I have been tempted myself for the last five years to not hold out for what God has for me.

The Lord spoke into my life and I had put his words on the shelf on my circumstances did not line up with what the Lord said when I don't say that it is possible I have been tempted to walk away and say Lord I have waited too long for you. I was this close to giving up this close to missing what God has for me but for Sarah for me and for you for blessing my blessing and your blessing is so great that she had to believe, I have to believe and you have to believe like Sarah waiting on God to his exercise of true patience is also a matter of calling your anxiety long enough for your soul to discern that what God is doing whatever God does is always for the best.

Dr. Davis will conclude your teaching next week on desperate housewives in the story of Sarah waiting on God while he is waiting on her to get her heart right you will not want to miss this insightful teaching on the importance of waiting on God for the supernatural. Instead of trying to manipulate nature, please visit our to hear this broadcast again as well as others. You can contact Dr. Davis by email at Cheryl Davis project.

Matter or write to Dr. Davis at the truth project, PO Box 159 sinkholes, NC 28384. She would like to hear from you. Truth matters with Dr. Cheryl Davis is a presentation of the truth project

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