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Truth Matters - Confronting Sins

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis
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March 2, 2020 5:30 am

Truth Matters - Confronting Sins

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis

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Confronting one's sins and past indiscretions can be a painful and embarrassing experience, especially if that step requires sharing this pain with others, but holding on the past sins after God's forgiveness is like saying to God I don't trust or believe your promises for that your shame and guilt is so deeply rooted in your soul. You can't forgive yourself.

Someone has wisely said, our biggest critic is the one we see in the mirror self-condemnation is like continuing to serve a prison sentence for which we have been pardoned. When God forgives. He also forgets today on truth matters medical Dr. Cheryl Davis opens her heart and sharing personal thoughts on why it's important as a wife, mother and a daughter of confronting our past sins, to find peace and restoration in our future. Dr. Davis will be joining us in just a moment, but we would like to invite you to like us on Facebook at truth matters with Dr. Cheryl Davis, leader, and after today's broadcast Dr. Cheryl Davis confronting the sins of the past to find peace and restoration. Today I would like to share with you my wilderness area and continue the hearing on the stairs were calling mother immediately. I have struggled at times in my life as a woman, mother, and Christian struggles can make a sweet that I can make a strong, there were times this past year that I felt like God was a million miles away. I felt fatigued and spiritually exhausted.

These emotions or feelings made me feel disconnected and a constantly broken as a person. It was May 12, 2019 in my local church and the Lord spoke to me and said I will erase the shame of your past. I am removing your reproach and you are ready. The wound is now healed and now I am going to make you whole.

Only God and myself knew what that meant but my point is that morning in church on May 12 Mother's Day 2019 was a revelation from God to me that he had heard me and was now moving in my situation and making me into the person that he has called me to be down for the first time in a long time. I could see light at the end of my struggle. I called a family meeting with my husband and children and tell them all about what God said to me I had to be transparent as to the history behind the wing as we must be honest with God and honest with others. What I found out in the family meeting is that my children already knew most of what I had planned to share in that moment I felt that a great burden had been lifted from my shoulders. My children live with me and know their mother very well. Our children know more about us than we give them credit. At times with some transparency on my part in the grace and power the Holy Spirit. I was able to share with them an authentic experience with God as I see things changing today, I remind them of our family meeting and how God has proven to be faithful.

I am trying to pass on the living, relevant, graceful and loving God, to my children.

I am showing them that he is our source of hope the rock and our foundation in the God of our salvation. God is not some distant ancient historic figure that is and personable. He is close ever present, all-knowing and all-powerful. I can still feel despair when I talk about my experience to this day. It was a dispensation from God that I've held onto and will hold onto forever's word is truth, and will surely come to pass. Matthew chapter 24 verse 35 says heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. That means time is not an issue will not be a limitation to see the fulfillment of God's word heaven and earth may pass the word of God is so permanent and steadfast and eternal, not even time can place limitations on all of these things I've mentioned up to this point us to this one conclusion.

Mother's dear children were created in God's image just like we all have God shaped hole in our spirit that only a relationship with Jesus Christ can fill drugs, not sex, not pleasure or money. Only Jesus struggling with feelings of past indiscretion can be a lonely and empty place until we come to a point where we are ready to confront our past and find rest in Jesus investing sin is not easy but it is essential to finding peace and restoring joy. If you are struggling. Dr. Davis would like to help, you can contact her by or find her on Facebook at truth matters with Dr. Cheryl Davis stopped droning in feelings of guilt and grief and find forgiveness. This is God's desire for you, Dr. Davis would be glad to help you overcome this struggle. You can reach her by email at Cheryl day was project truth or find her on Facebook at truth matters with Dr. Cheryl Davis and listen to today's broadcast and previous episodes of truth matters.

If you would like to write Dr. Davis at the truth project, PO Box 159 St. Paul's, NC 28384.

She would be delighted to hear from you. Truth matters with Dr. Cheryl Davis is a production of the truth project

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