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Truth Matters-42

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis
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July 12, 2020 5:15 am

Truth Matters-42

Truth Matters / Dr. Cheryl Davis

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Suffering is not a matter she explains the spiritual reason and rationale to make you better, more bitter and Dr. show David some of you have been chosen to be tested by God.

Some of you are experiencing God offering that you may not know what God has found worthy God appointed suffering can come in many forms. Some of you have experience barrenness or are experiencing barrenness, marriage, difficulty, financial difficulty spiritual warfare in your family wayward children. Persecution at work and rejection from those that you thought loved you.

I am here as a living witness who has walk through fire from my own personal indiscretions and came close to drowning in my own sins, to tell you that God may be allowing the reproach. The rebuke you are currently facing are the obstacles and trials confronting you not to harm you, but the safety got often puts these things in front of us as a means of changing our direction and changing our lives. God does not delight in your suffering. His heart is tender toward the when you suffer. He suffers it grieves his heart deeply.

But sin has consequences. Most people do not realize the impact that sin and bad choices will have on them but to whom God loves.

He will also correct for the purpose of forgiving and restoring in first Timothy chapter 4 verse 10 because we trust in the living God. We both labor and suffer reproach.

But what is reproach. That's not a word that we use very common today. Reproach is a rebuke or scolding calling us into accountability for the wrong we have done or the life we are living some of you may be shocked but we do not preach this part of the gospel in the average church in America we preach that God is a God of love, and love does not equal chastisement or the need for God to correct this when we are not living in his will. This understanding of God's love is not correct. Paul commands Timothy to teach this because whom God loves. He will also correct. If God is working in your life trying to turn you around and you're not recognizing all the obstacles he's putting in your way then you need to stop and come into the realization that God wants to move in your life. Some of you are so broken that your tears what your pillow at night. Stress from your past decision and sins heavy so overwhelmed that you are living a life of despair because of the sins of your past.

God wants to forgive and heal you today, the devil will keep reminding you of past mistakes and poor decisions. While God wants you to walk and forgiveness.

Having no memory of the past, when God forgives, he forgets your sins evaporate like dew on a dry summer morning God's heart is tender toward the stop listening to the devil stop listening to yourself and stop listening to others that are trying to keep you living in condemnation because whom God sets free is free indeed.

He wipes the slate clean and your sins have been washed away. If God loves you so much as to create you in his own image, and called you to be his son or daughter, then you are truly blessed because whom God calls.

He also equips and begins a good working you. His heart is tender toward the just like Esther.

She was chosen, but she still had to face annihilation as she was a Jew, she still had to face the king, but you are still asking how can a God who loves me so much and has a plan for me. I plan not to harm me, but to prosper me to give me a hug and a future. Permit me to endure something like this, Dr. Harold Davis telling you the truth of God's love. His heart is tender toward you and your suffering matters. There are many in the Bible. Joe suffer greatly because the purpose of God in publishing his purpose in Job's life and the lives of many books like this offering and resurrection of Jesus's death and resurrection salvation to millions. If you are suffering confused and angry and hurting wondering why God may have allowed Davis would like to help. You can reach her by email at Cheryl Davis project connect with her on Facebook matters with Dr. Cheryl Davis would like to leave you with this closing the weeping endures for a night of the righteous fall 77 times. Don't look to your suffering for God's plan for truth matters with Dr. Cheryl Davis production of the truth project providing you think God will finish the good work is begun in you

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