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Experience TRUTH - #30

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 25, 2021 1:00 am

Experience TRUTH - #30

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 25, 2021 1:00 am

Are things getting better or worse for believers before Christ's return? Have you ever been hated because you love Jesus? Stu & Robby talk about the return of Christ, as they wrap up Luke 21: 7-19.

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Role here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train the second-best call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double train a this is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network are things getting better or worse for believers before Christ's return. Have you ever been hated because you love Jesus wow by her own family and ever been disowned because they follow Jesus and they became owned by him.

How about that and what about the Holy Spirit house. He was leading you and how is your faith on trial more more these last days walking back to experience true thumb Stu Epperson Robbie Gilmore, the Christian card. I agree to come back for another week, and he's gonna read the Scriptures and really just ask. Maybe those final few questions and wrap up Luke chapter 21 is one of a passage on the return of Christ.

2117, Luke 21 seven through 19. So they ask him saying teacher by when will these things be and what will the sign be when these things are about to take place. They said, take heed that you not be deceived for many will come in my name, saying, I am he, and the time is drawing near. Therefore, do not go after them.

When you hear of wars and commotions. Do not be terrified for these things must come to pass first at the end will not come immediately and he said that the nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be signs in great earthquakes in various places in famines and pestilences, and they'll be fearful sights and great signs from heaven but before all these things they will lay their hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and prisons. You'll be brought before kings and rulers for my namesake, but it will turn out for you as an occasion for testimony.

Therefore, said live in your hearts, not to meditate beforehand on what your answer for. I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist. You will be betrayed even by parents and brothers and relatives and friends and they will put some of you to death and to be hated by all for my namesake, but not a hair of your head shall be lost by your patients.

Possess your souls. So were to study more in Luke 21 later even more signs of the times or seasons more warfare nation's nation, the parable of figtree that's coming up later in the chapter but Jesus Christ opens up this powder keg of really answering disciples question, which is can happen.

We want to know what's going on it in the ass. A lot of times, not just here but a lover's 13 Robbie this all this tough stuff. This absolute persecution the Christians get effaced in the last age that many Christians are facing right now. He says this will be an occasion for testimony and you think about just suffering. True suffering biblically always exalts and points to Jesus's you want to know why you're going through what you're going through is not for me to tell you is for Jesus to tell you, as an occasion for testimony were in this fallen world. We got a lot of junk going on. We have a lot of people that hate. If you're Christian you hated whether you like it or not. No pun intended, but suffering also draws a Christian closer to Christ pulse and flipping his return, that I may know him the power's resurrection. Of course, but the fellowship of his suffering and there's a refill sugar means partnership. There's an intimacy with Jesus and the sovereign Robbie you've been through suffering physically and on the now made out of felt this way then when you're laying there with a destroyed leg or when you're laying there in cancer thinking I may die tomorrow or you you're laying there in a pile of woundedness after falling out of a tree, you mean you been through a whole lot brighter, like a modern-day Job and you may not of felt this vibrant testing for Christ been but as you look back on that suffering.

Do you see how God used it now selves as I've seen guys use that in my life and I told your story all kinds of people. I've heard you speak to hundreds of people I've seen people get saved from your testimony on the radio and speaking at churches where you preach and all but from your standpoint, how do you have you been able to connect suffering with Christ in the stuff you face the trials change my life completely fascinatingly. You know after the cancer after the leg. I got asked to speak more and more and more as speaking in all sorts of groups and churches and and that Ashley led to another ministry on the radio and where God Nina called me to do that but it did base it did come through those things that I went through physically, but, but there's also a passage that just kinda blows me away where he says that I I Philip what's lacking in Christ's sufferings for familiar heard that yes and and the idea is like oh there is an and I think that when reading this passage Jesus is saying that there is a whole lot more to come in. The good news is this the earth groans under the weight of the evil one, that when we speak of the beauty of what he is doing in the midst of all the pain it's a light that he really wants to share and it's an opportunity that that truly is beyond beautiful and and he will I love what he says not one hair of your head will be lost again.

Say you're not going by course the bald guy like my buddy Greg Laurie hello test is like that. He's like well I guess I'm good at that. That's a great point. But you know is interesting.

You have you have all kinds of trials. No James one, count it all joy.

James is when not if you phone the various trials.

Paul says in second Timothy three gay all those who you love Jesus will suffer persecution. So either there's a suffering that's that's just like you suffered injury and things like that.

Or, like our friend Moses you know pollution these guys in India who been beaten by moths. They've had mobs nearly tear them apart in India because of the crime of preaching the gospel of telling these folks in India that Jesus loves you and he is the only way to heaven and not your two gazillion deities that Hinduism is purporting to. He's been cut me. I had a mama radio Charlotte the guy was in this close till I said look in note even cut the been stabbed. He been beaten. He'd been kicked in, punched everything and nearly skinned alive and is a miracle how God got them out of that for the sake of Christ in the guy looks at me, beaming them you feel the Holy Spirit got all over the sky as her fingers yeah that we get to see how I think about the pastor that was in the swamp in Vietnam for years. That's where he would not in the prison for preaching the gospel, leading people to Christ unbelievably honest swamp of filth that the in the God protection through the whole thing and we can play not only how we only have one color TV and really how you will have 25 study Bibles in our house.

That guy would give anything for the book of John either hate his own language, but you saw a guy you met of, I mean yeah he was right there I'm like oh my look at as a person, then to India. I would think that he had suffered anything now. I mean, he had a joy in him that in the you experienced it with Moses all you saw is really cool so back to that question.

Have you ever been hated because you love Jesus. That's a conviction question for me and M is it for his namesake as this passage delineates verse 12 are you Dragon from the synagogues you thrown in prison.

Are you persecuted are you accosted for my namesake. That's important thing is Jesus Christ living through me in me in such a way that that's offending others and that will offend others to Christ and you will be offensive because he is the only way and because, by the way you whites offensive others because they've offended God because were sinners and no one wants to be told they are guilty. No suture like Peter told the thousands at Pentecost murdered Christ he's you killed him him who you crucified flip on the light. The roaches get upset, that's exactly right.

And that's what happens in the beautiful thing is is God is there bringing offering the gift of salvation which is tremendous. So what a statement you be betrayed even by parents and brothers and relatives and friends. This is very common in foreign lands, even as we speak.

If you people come to Christ are disowned.

Sometimes even killed in Islam. There's a thing called mercy killings were, they will kill you. Father will kill his daughter if she comes to Christ and it happens all the time. As it happens in America, and that in the media and talk about it much but it happens parts of Asia, Europe, Middle East hotbeds for persecution. We talk about some is wonderful. Guess that we've go to you can see modern-day stories there.

Also, the station was into probably has a lot of that thing about the offer to purchase your own life and think about these awesome scenes read Hebrews 11 the Old Testament saints and all the fate all of the hall of faith.

Hebrews 11.

These dear men and women of God and the suffering that they faced, but here's a cool thing. Even if you're killed the believer is secure in Christ.

This person you are spiritually invincible in love with Dr. religious and as parameters believer in Christ you are invincible until God wants to take you to.

There's nothing and that's really what she's been nearby, not a hair on your head. As we noted hairs and follicles volatile time you note for those of you that still have some here losing my pretty quick but the fire control is a persecution always purify the church. They also separate the truth the true false the sheep and the goats the week.

The tears, but as the days get darker, the need to focus on the light of Jesus is greater.

He was tall to keeping our eyes on Jesus, Robbie Tighe, somebody's final question right here were done so if you're on trial for being a Christian with there be enough evidence to convict know how you see the signs of times today and if you woke up this morning off to see the number five what's my motivation for seizing every opportunity to share the good news of Christ and suggest pop pop pop you're traveling to Christian.

The fact is, if you are Christian you will face trials and you know how you know that your truly Christian is what comes out in what what God saying is, is trust me let patience have its perfect work that you be mature, perfect, lacking nothing and asked for wisdom and if so if you're going to a mess and you're on your knees calling out to God, guess what you are saved, because you're doing what James 15 is your click your realizing hey I'm going to this either outside persecution or internal suffering. Maybe even at the hands of people that I thought love me if you're calling out to God that shows hey, I'm yours Lord enough or I can give you this but you can like Joe said, though he slay me, yet will I trust in him.

Like Joe said, I'll be go through the fire and I'll come out as gold.

You know, because you can help your goal without some hot heat right high heat so and in the size of times all over SMS. That's really powerful radio that more next time. I love this question about we note way how my seizing every opportunity. What how my sober and diligent vigilant right now how my looking around for ways to touch ministry love people.

In Christ, it's everywhere. Robbie ministry doors are everywhere in a walk out here walk into ministry doors everywhere and sometimes we don't even see them. It could be just that we can be that just that that that that kid I'm on my phone.

I see my daughter sit right there. As I walk right by going to do my next thing is to the stopping and saying hey love you. How can I serve you if we hang out knowing what your challenge and all that Robbie seizing every moment to share Christ's yeah because you see somebody hurting.

They could be standing on the corner or they could be walking towards her car and it's a matter of given conversation) with Jesus to say okay what are we doing in this one as it takes that and what you said about conversation with Christ and really the disciples were asking the right person. Maybe they're asking the wrong question with her talk to Jesus about win-win. When we would become a no win, right but we want to shortcut the painful stuff, but there talking to the right person and that's what we would encourage you to do here and experience truth talk to Jesus but how I witness a work noticeably rather allowing like I do.

I want to break the law, you know, separation of church and state. And guess what Don asked me ask him. You say to Jesus, get on your knees is a Lord open a door for me to share the gospel work and whammo and I challenge you will do this in. They've called me in tears saying it's crazy.

I share Christ with my boss in the visitation room at the funeral home after his relative passed away and it would II can't believe I should win in the whole gospel with my boss.

There, after all these years. A single don't witness it work for God opens the door.

Of course you're not cannot you know during work time on their dime staying on the desk and preach the gospel time your good cross that he's not the eyes, and do the job you call do what is in sales. Whether it's in finance weathered CPU whatever you're doing, but God will open those doors because that's why you're there, you're there to show other people the goodness of God and invite them to Christ.

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