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Got Milk? - Part A

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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April 22, 2021 2:00 am

Got Milk? - Part A

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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April 22, 2021 2:00 am

In First Peter, Peter addressed our appetites—those things we desire and crave. In the message "Got Milk?" Skip shares some instruction that will curb and train your appetite for God's Word so you can have maximum spiritual growth.

This teaching is from the series Rock Solid.




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I will call our Lord Jesus Christ say Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. They will be filled said nothing about casually snapping some people go two weeks without even cracking this feel good about it. No big deal for them left the Sunday mass can go for as your craving like God's word keeps a strong and helps us stay faithful to you created more than everything else today on connect with Skip Heitzig Skip helps you train your appetite for the Bible.

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Call now to request these three encouraging resources when 819 to 1888, or give online securely first Peter chapter 2 skip. Isaac starts today's figure some things that come to the table that are so bad for your spiritual appetite will lay them aside.

Say no to these thing. These are horizontal sin that will take away your appetite for vertical truth. You and I we must go vertical choke out nourishment. I read an article this week in a heart friendly website, said food needs to give you the nutrients that you need in order to grow to repair damages to prevent disease. Anything that you put in your mouth except the water needs to provide nutrition. It should not take away nutrition if it does, it's a poison. It kills slowly but it kills nor cherry cobbler fits into that article.

Let's look at these five junk foods. First of all on the list.

Verse one malice laying aside all malice is a general word for ill will. It's an attitude that eventuates into words that are said and deeds that are done begins inside, but eventually you speak it out, malice, ill will even be looked at as a complaining, grouchy, grumpy person. I heard about a husband who set out to breakfast and his wife cooked him like she did every day, two eggs 151 scramble and he said down looked at the age of I knew it you did it again.

You slide the wrong day think she might've married the wrong a sugar said anything.

Just shut up and joy day you but Jesus said from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and malice among Christians will quickly cause you to lose your appetite. So put that aside, that's junk food. Second on the list to see the seat.

Peter was a fisherman and he understood this word. The word literally means to bait a hook is to seek to bait a hook now. If you are fisherman. My dad was a big fisherman. Essentially that's what you're doing when you go fishing you know that right you're deceiving fish all about the lie. You are lying to those little fish.

I have no problem with what you do is you take a hook and you cover it up with something that to the fish looks like a meal debating it's deceit. That's for the word comes from Peter, understood this deceit among people is when you play a trick in order to get your way, manipulating then you're dishonest with them, whether it's an overt lie or you are cleverly hiding in aspect of the truth to gain personal advantage. That's deceit. Now notice both of these are on the horizontal level in relationship malice, deceit to this way when you eat deceit you're in no mood to eat real food.

It's a gross stopper.

It's an appetite quencher. It'll take away your appetite for the good stuff third on the list as I progress everybody knows what a hypocrite is, the word comes to us from the Greek place the Greeks would wear masks often with a smile or a frown and they would play a part they would wear a mask in order to play a part in the word given was hypocrite stage actor is become a prominent word, even in the English language so I hypocrite is somebody who pretends to be something he or she is not so somebody pretends to be smarter than they are to learn hipper than they really are more spiritual than they are. That person is a hypocrite.

I read an article about a man who was arrested for impersonating a physician. He wasn't a doctor, but he knew lots of medical terms. He knew human anatomy. He knew just enough to be dangerous.

They caught him because he wrote prescriptions that were the wrong prescription several times in a row and somebody thought of the pharmacies sums up with this guy. Come to find out he was a medical student, almost a doctor, but he didn't graduate, he was a hypocrite. He played the part of something that he was not so too. A person can wear a mask on Sunday. As soon as churches overtake the mascots go back to real life and then bring the mask out next Sunday and stick it on and live their life that will listen. Nothing will take away people's appetite for God quicker than hypothesis junk food.

Get rid of it right away.

Next on the list. Notice in the end is a slippery term.

It's what one writer said is the last sin. Christians will confess because it's so ugly envious what goes on in your heart when somebody is glassed around you and your mad because they got some fortunate thing that happened or when you're joyful that some misfortune happened another person gets the attitude that says I should have what they have and I don't and that breeds an attitude deep within SNB junk food of quencher appetite. Get rid of it. Next on the list is evil speaking, or a better term slander. Some translations literally the Greek word means to speak down talk down on someone gossip a cheap shot in a conversation. It could be a raised eyebrow.

It could be a sentence that you leave unfinished you start saying all nevermind I do want to see anything that he just did you're talking down that person's reputation, backbiting, rumor has what I want you to see in all these things when you forget the appetizer when you forget how gracious God is been to you. You become eventually somebody who eats this stuff is what you feed on. And the reason a person is cantankerous and complaining and down on other people a lot if they're a Christian and you wonder how can that be that being around that person. But witnessing an autopsy. Just always down a negative. The reason a person becomes his way is that person has forgotten what the appetizer was like that forgotten how gracious God is been to them. And when you forget how gracious God is been to you and undeserving center.

You start getting on gracious toward other people. That's the idea. Your bitterness will kill your appetite for his sweetness or his sweetness will kill your bitterness and dispel you cannot have both. So be mindful what you taste. Be careful to avoid junk fixes to the third and final point here. Be faithful to feed on truth. The real stuff verse two as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word that you may grow thereby the highest rate of growth in human life is the infant stage they change weekly. If you noticed, it's amazing. I would see my grandkids all week they've been at their other grandparents house, especially that little cute girl, Katie, I know she's been a change radically in one week. The reason they change their eating a lot in their growing rapidly during that phase now when a baby is hungry and the baby doesn't need a baby is always faithful to let you and everyone else know exactly what they want. My right so the baby desires milk you'll know about it. It's an unmistakable signal and when a baby cries because the baby is hungry you go, I can't believe that demanding little baby when the signal learn manners not at all because for a baby milk is not a fringe benefit. It's absolutely an assessment necessary for life. It's a necessity. You can't live without it. In order to grow.

You need milk when Peter uses this little metaphor, like babies desire milk. He's not writing those audience and you guys are a bunch of babies or is not implying that you have such a low spiritual growth rate are just like spiritual infants are not writing the mature believers you doesn't mean that all some of them are very mature, nor is he, meaning that we should avoid deep spiritual meaty truth of the word and just love the milky things you know, no doctrine does the milky truth. He's not meaning any of those things at all. Rather, it's very simple. He is saying crave God's truth. Just like a baby craves milk and if you do that, you'll grow because of that's the intent of the passage.

It all revolves around a single verb and I want you to see it yourself. It's the word desires newborn babies desire. Some translations give you a better word, crave it, crave it. It's where you got the habit.

You yearn for it. You require it. The Greek word is epi Patel means a vigorous passionate intense desire I have a little story about a farmer named Ali Ali was a Lutheran. He lived in a little town back in the Midwest, a farming community. Everyone in this town was Catholic except Ali he was a little posed a problem Friday evenings when he would barbecue beef on his backyard porch and that smell wafted through that Catholic community divided a fish meet, I can attest to that.

In my upbringing.

So the community got together and said let's talk Ali. So they went all in symbolic. This you're like the only Lutheran in this Catholic community and the nearest Lutheran churches like the next out of so far away why you just convert be Catholic. One of us join our church join our community. He thought about it, so that's a good idea to greater so the big day came the arrangement with the priest and Ali knelt down on his knees and the priest stood over him and put his hands on Ali and said something to the effect Ali you were born a Lutheran and you were raised a Lutheran but now he sprinkled water and incense on Ali, but now you're a Catholic I was, at all. He got up, gave the guy hug hug all of his new friends was a part of this church.

Everything went well.

That week until Friday evening. Once again, all of all these neighbors could smell beef being barbecued over at Ali's house we gotta go talk to Ali. He's changed. Now you can do this so they went over and just as they were entering his yard. They peered over the fence and there was Ali standing over his barbecue talking to his beef saying you were born. These you were raised a beef and then sprinkling salt, spices said. But now your fish got the biggest kick out of Ali was bad and determined to eat beef.

No matter what he craved to be so you thought of that work. This'll work. He wanted to eat beef, what you crave what you crave on a scale of 1 to 10. What is your spiritual appetite like I want you to think about that like you to think about that this week on a scale of 1 to 10. Evaluate your own spiritual hunger or spiritual appetite, one being mildly interested, 10 being an intense craving for life, see if I recall our Lord Jesus Christ, saying, Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.

They will be filled.

He said nothing about casually snacking after righteousness. Some people can go a week or two weeks without even cracking this book I feel good about.

It's no big deal for them this plot the Sunday mass can go for sure craving like see that's the real thrust of this passage just like a baby has to have milk and let everybody know crave spiritual truth.

Can you think back and can you remember how you devoured the word of God when you were first saved you know what I used to listen to this thing years ago called cassette tapes. Some of you remember the mothership to go to Museum to see what they look like cassette tape. I could listen to an hour message Bible message.

I listen to several cassette tapes during the day to go through the whole Bible my wife before we were married when she was single and a brand-new believer.

She would go to church every single night of the week that they offer Bible study she just could not get if you lost that newborn passion that kind of craving is not a priority any longer. What makes one student in school better than the average students. What makes one athlete Excel more and get the gold more than the rest of the athletes. What makes one worker at a job stand out to the boss more than the others.

One word describes passion craving desire yearning passion. JCPenney said show me a stock clerk with the goal and I'll show you a man who will make history. But show me a man without a goal, I'll show you a stock clerk. What's the difference passion passion, desire crave yearn the pure milk of the word you look at it again. It's is the pure milk of the word means no additives, no contaminants comes from the language of the farm. 2000 years ago. It was a word to describe pure grain or pure, uncontaminated corn in this case pure milk. Think about it. Does a baby want to percent or skim milk. Are you kidding that's adult stuff they want the full meal deal, whole milk, the real stuff you know why they're trying to put on weight.

They're trying to grow their trying to add substance if you mix it up and contaminated with other things, or water down the child will not have a healthy upbringing want to go.

Don't mix God's truth with anything else. The pure truth.

The pure word that the Bible plus philosophy the Bible plus psychology. The Bible plus somebody's theological bent. The pure milk of the word, and here's why it's important that you may grow thereby is the truth baby Ruth. Here's the bottom line you cannot grow spiritually without a steady diet of God's word. You just cannot. You can't just read a devotional, you need the word. The pure word you can go without a slow Wednesday nights are my favorite time of the week as we tear through a chunk of Scripture chapter 2 chapters at a time and really go into it and go through all of it you may grow thereby picture in your mind right now and adult wearing diapers with a binky and a rattle. Just put the little image in your mind.

Some of you have no imagination will be hard but others of you comes quite readily. Think about that.

Look at that sad is it's not right is it now ask yourself, am I in the same place spiritually that I was a year ago or five years ago have I not grown beyond that, is that the sort of arrives stagnated and state perhaps is why Timothy hears this from Paul second Timothy chapter 3, all Scripture is inspired by God and useful to teach us what is true in the make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out. It teaches us to do what is right. It is God's way of preparing us in every way, fully equipped for every good thing God wants us to do there you have the story I love to tell about the factory that had to shut down because it's biggest, most intricate piece of equipment failed. They couldn't fix that they could repair to the God and the expert who built it. He looked around he listened and he wants and he took out a little hammer and with one little thing Just one tap machine started working and he sent the company a bill $10,000 and the itemized.

This way it's one dollar for the tap is $9999 to know precisely where to tap.

If you discover God's word knows precisely where to tap you read a passage of Scripture will hurts me Speaks to you the challenges you it confronts you at other times it comforts you warm as you would encourage it knows exactly where to tap so there you have it you given the appetizer when you first say he tastes so good. He is so gracious. But then we can start feeding on junkfood the take away our real spiritual appetite. We need to clear those off our plate and move those off the table and make ready. Make room for the real spiritual stuff clear the plate of the horizontal chunk relational junk so that we might go vertical but will never make it vertical as long as were mired horizontally, those two axes are connected and they work together. Some common philosophies Christians have in regards to church Christianity. First is the philosophy that says all show up till I got it. He ought to show up, find a seat occupy the seat. I'm showed up, I went to church.

So yes people you know Christ, I go to church, not the question that's it to them. I go to church to show up.

I dress-up I show up.

Others take it a step beyond that, I dress-up I show up and I listen up and I'm okay as long as I listen to the sermon. All of those things are good, but you need to take another step grow up by remembering if indeed you have tasted that he is gracious, get in touch with that again. Go back to that gracious appetizer.

Clear off the junkfood and be craving and desiring the real stuff because here's the deal. Your growth your growth spiritually is directly proportional to your desire. Make sense. You are a spiritual giant this morning our spiritual midget. All because you want to be right where you are is directly proportional to your desire. You and I have access to the same stuff it's out there. We are where we are in our spiritual growth. Because of our desire or lack of. So maybe a more basic question then with his not got milk but got Jesus God salvation. Maybe we should start their that's missing from the series locks on want to tell you about a unique opportunity to take your knowledge of Scripture to a new level.

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God is so good night presentation of connection communications go through

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