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Fighting Back!

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April 19, 2021 1:09 pm

Fighting Back!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 19, 2021 1:09 pm

Fighting Back!

Today Steve is joined by Sloan Racmuth to talk about Critical Race Theory in public schools.  We also talk with Fred Von Canon about having a mindset on truth and the polls.


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Thank you and God Bless

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now is your host noble enough, but it was better than nothing. Thanks to our pastor Chris, first for me on Friday talk about it and canceling grace, which is thought the reality here in America and I some things I want to share from my experience of the weekend of the Billy Graham training center out of the coven, Asheville, North Carolina actually beautiful with our former Gov. Sugarman Gov. Dan Forest and some of the great John Stonestreet from the Colson Center and Frank Turek's great apologist was great.

We can all get in some of that as we unpack this week, but I saw the story this morning came out and I got an email from my friend Sloan.

So here's the story Biden sets to push critical race theory on US schools primed resident binds Department of Education a signal that the intent to impose the most radical forms of critical race theory on America's schools. That's great binds Department of Education the. The text of a proposed new rule establishing priorities for grants in American history and civics education to things that I teach correctly. That rule gives priority grant projects that incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse perspectives.

The rule goes on to cite and praise the New York Times landmark 1619 project which is mostly hogwash as well as the work on the critical race theory. The program immediately targeted by binds new priority criteria for American history and civics grants are small. Once in place. However, those criteria will undoubtedly influence the much larger and vastly more dangerous civics secures democracy act, that bill would appropriate one billion a year but but but 1 billion a year for six years for history and civic education and you know you need to do if your kids are coming home from school and telling you this is what's going on you need to take action, you need to go to Ed first and and be a part of schoolhouse shock. Our good friend Sloan Rachman from education first alliance sent me an email like literally right on the heels Sloan of this stupid article I was reading out of the national review. How are you great okay the fight goes on.

Thank you alright so this is great. This is unfortunately necessary.

Tell us what's going on with schoolhouse shock because we all need to be invested in this line operate Mary not right now. We blackball you.

I direct all curricula, all of the aerial that we have been pretty examples that all I indoctrination that actually curriculum daddy hair writing dating children under five years old, based on their skin color or religion or even their gender actually think that we believe that it is unlawful and where I will break we needed the next level. Our pocket we just like today shock which is a website program where people can go to our website and download credible and children being used with critical race theory. Yeah, it's really shocking. One of the problems we have is we tend to some of us were home school family for 17 years.

As you know, we just didn't even bother to go play the game but there's a lot of people I don't have that choice in their in there and we feel helpless Sloan, we feel like there's the big machine. There's the there's an art. In our case here in Lake County.

One of the largest school systems in the country run by liberals, top to bottom and you're just one parent. You can't make a difference and so like we see in which it bugs James O'Keefe and project Barrett's Veritas up some of my friends who got the Planned Parenthood videos and David to Leiden to show that they were selling body parts of these aborted children. We need to start sharing the information that we gather from our kids and from parents, and that's really the point here is to drag this stuff out of the dark into the light as it got children in private but when you got your children fighting. Are we here that are very harmful children really thought about it for about talking that we are going there, a court will that will blow anything that we are all going to be connecting each character you will be numbered longer.

Lawyers from all of I just waiting to get their hands on it will be Ernie, often with investigative journalist like myself you want to show the horrors of what's going on and it is horrible in our public-school advocates like our group about 30 others that we work with because like children right here on how problem that direct result of the children are in school. Yeah, that's a scary thing when you look at that. What's going on.

Critical race theory and what they're trying to do obviously was civics education which is reengineer the country and are all our understanding of our founding principles.

I mean they are literally re-segregating the country there fomenting hate unnecessary guilt and there there fomenting covetousness. There's all kinds of things from a biblical view Old Testament and New Testament that this is in violation of and it's going to be horrifically damaging to our country. You think our country is deeply divided. Now, wait until we inculcate or knock our train all these children, like you said, as young as five.

To think like this take themselves to their neighbor.

I mean, this stuff is going to Germany for decades and is just brutal. So one when the tips going.

This is literally like a tip line right Sloan you've got something going on you need help.

You need to report it and then what happens when they give you this information that you are not a one year when our great people never walk away fight.

One thing we need information ready get ready if you will, and actionable for lawyer. What were really good at it.

Ferreting out white situations are actually actionable on legal help is critical. Critical third is really important to highly help you come up against the great golf, but I'll have you back on okay well I will talk will be right back to back his soul. So you go back to the 2008 campaign, memory rate is so Joe the plumber member member Joe the plumber Joe plumber just a regular citizen but had a backbone and with mono a mono with Obama at the time and he has 15 minutes of fame. Joe the plumber that was a great example for all of us of a common citizen deciding I'm going to engage that's that's what happened to me. I'm Steve the painter up until about April 2004 called action started. God did his thing. Over the next few years got more involved in all kinds of stuff and then radio started yada yada yada Sloan. That's why like to have Sloan on Sloan was just a mom, not just a mom mother wife then goes and gets her degree at it at a later age from Harvard of all places and then becomes an activist and then another friend, another example of a citizen in this case summary that is a father, a husband, a business owner loves the Lord and has been on the show several times my buddy Fred Voncannon who ran for NC House District 35 last year to get involved and find out where do we go, what we do, how do we engage in today.

Fred approved example of what I love to see an end wasfrom you because you're smart guy, but critical thinking and not buying the narrative that sold us. In this case Paul how you doing buddy. Are you I'm good thank you so this is this is one of those things that you read this. Sorry so this is pew research comes out on April 15, Biden years hundred day mark was strong approval. Positive rate positive rating for vaccine rollout and a lot of us conservatives Fred and you included how to roll your eyes and go what what what that doesn't seem like Joe Biden we know is not doing a great job at it doesn't even seem like a lot of the countries all that thrilled with them but the poll said so. So I guess we have to believe it right. Yeah, if you're bent toward toward just taken taken their word for it in the media than yes you you are you so you will get you doing good. I'm the one that I'm in the minority that doesn't think so old there's always been this way, what's been called prickled used to be you know just the political campaigns would do this. Now it's coming out of the media, whether not trying to to ascertain or to take some single snapshot in time and tell us report like a journalist with what is actually happening with the pulse of the things they're trying to change the pulse of things with these cold and so it's just infuriating because they're doing it.

Because people don't take the time to challenge and to look into it and this one particular that you're talking about. I mean, I think anybody sees that it probably knows even on the left Not a great can't be accurate and soak what everyone should do when they look at these cold sister going to look and try to find and sometimes it's harder than it should be like every time the methodology that they're using one yeah it was crazy. You go to, literally, the pew website go there and you read like I did the entire article and you you hear what they want you to hear that he's doing great here.

He's doing great there.

Everything is good but they don't tell you the questions they don't tell you the audience. They don't tell you how they found the audience that this was just called her it was you know through landline or cell phones or did they respond with reactive and proactive type: what was the end of that and so you don't know you just know what they want you to know which is they're trying to tell you a 6/10 people think that Joe Biden is doing a great job which inherently weak know is not right. Exactly you look at this thing. I read the entire article didn't see it go back up to the top and there's a school thing is she see how this is or something like that and see how we did this or something you click on the plus fund will pop up comes up like okay somewhere you read the whole thing still doesn't only tell you that there was a little over 5000 participants and that it was done in April.

Unlike anything else and you look at the very bottom.

And there's a link that says methodology you click on that release into this pole right trying to find out what should've been on page 1 and get you read all the way to the bottom. And there's this little table that gives you the head count of how many Democrats and Republicans. You do your math you realize that effectively to one Democrats will cold over Republican and so if you got like 66% Democrats pole and fees: 59% vessels maybe one of his own with his own right, and that's why I talked about the spheres, especially in election years I talked about it last year and people hey look at this pole since so-and-so that is so and so, my first question. Fred is always poorly polling and legal whether there there polling possible vote. Okay, that's anybody over 18 who, what, what else you got what are potent there there polling of registered voters okay but did you know that a large percentage of registered voters don't bother to vote okay and thrown that one out. Who else are you polling well likely voters.

Okay, these are people that have a track rate of record of voting vendor your question. Okay, let's say there's a thousand of them. How many of the percentages Republican, what percentage of Democrat. What percentage is independent and then you start to see is this a scientific poll or am I being pushed or pulled in one direction or another and in this case, obviously they're trying to pew research Center's trying to get us to believe that Joe Biden is actually kicking but most people in America are satisfied, which is ridiculous. Yeah there again, not trying to determine the art not trying to ascertain what the what what the lay of the land is there trying to determine the time to make it there trying to put the poles of been around for long time, you run the campaign and you you you pay somebody to a pole and you know wired movement in your favor. You come out with all these great results about a book that will skeptical down the media is doing that what the media is relying on a few places to do this in the media just pushes it breathlessly like that solid gold truth: you know not to be disputed. Again, it's really simple to just look at the methodology of a pole.

Who are they: like you said what you know in election it would be likely voters are for registered voters are different right and so you look at polling when they cold it was or something event that happened before or after that, it always comes into play with Paul Jessen definitely note just look at the methodology, but again we have the you know how drugs would call the low information voter. We have the low information consumer looks at the pole and take or for so. Because you are not truly not true that all people in this country think that Joe Biden is doing a great job. Yes, preposterous, and once you do you know you can see how they can come up with that number which the densely reminds me of the movie elf in the movie elf elf walks into that one shop at diner whatever says world's best copier world best cheeseburger. He walks in and you guys one the world's best cheeseburger and I'm here to see that sign Fred and Mike. Now, in the case of prime barbecue in night.

That is the best person okay that's reality of what would be elf so many of these things world's best coffee I'm always like who, what are you basing that on and sadly pretty much Fred for you as you look at the news in the headlines. The day scanning through things are politically active.

You have a strong Christian worldview. Do you take anything at face value anymore. No wonder you asked because you I would I was one of the you know that I grew up in little different era. When I think we had more people to trust in the media right over the last 20 or 30 years and certainly over the last 10 or 20 years.

There's no way you want it is not the crazy people that are disrupting everything people that are crushed toward what anymore. For example, today's great work Fred.

As always, we appreciate you think, and talk you soon back only and following my volunteer is in the run from okay but you have to be discerning yet.

I have critical mind. They were to talk to David Fisher in the fourth segment so that we can get gains in wisdom and some discernment about things in the financial world would do little money Monday update, but I want to cover several things on the heels of my conversation, Fred Voncannon, who ran for NC house 35 are North Carolina and the pole going well.

This doesn't really that many people are 69% or whatever are excited about Joe Biden, 59%.

What is that possible depends on who you talk to right as I mentioned elf. He shows up he sees on the on the front window of the diner greatest cheeseburger on the planet and he walks in with her. It was coffee me I think was the greatest coffee in the world. What would you ask my wife, my son, my mom and brother and dad. Unlike my banker my accountant. Whatever slick Ray's couple coffee I've ever had. Okay, but that's the advertisement right so we need to be people of truth someone to take you through a couple things here that are going on in our country or you have to learn how to apply the truth so this is just an example right of what we do when we are not being intellectually honest and we we have confirmation bias. So I saw it earlier this morning, tweets is a Facebook post whatever it was, talking about how many people the cops have shot and killed. This is Sharon 2021 so 52 were black and 109 were white, so the person that posted the original person that put it up somebody else shared it. What's the point. Cops kill more white people than black people right okay right and numerically. Is that true yes it is there it is. I'm looking at the statistic hundred nine white 52 black so far in 2021 that the police shot and killed okay when I talk about the circumstances were to look at the numbers. So somebody's SAC, they kill more whites and Blacks know what's wrong with that that assessment.

I do still what you're trying to convey. But what's wrong with that assessment. Here's what's wrong with that assessment.

African-Americans make up 13.4% of the population. This alertness is critical thinking 13.4% of the population.

Do you know what percentage of the population. White Americans are 76.3%. So now the question is, are whites and Blacks being shot and killed by police disproportionately meaning proportional to their part of the population.

So if we were to disproportionally dominant hold your horses because I know there's a lot here you want to open up this can of worms. Okay, there's a lot here it's like a it's like a casserole with 32 different ingredients okay.

I'm talking about one so hold your horses all right keep your powder dry.

So if you go proportional to the population okay 76.3% of the US population is white, 13.4% of US population is black. If you proportionally instead of 52 Blacks that were killed by cops should be 22 if it's proportional to the population instead of 109 white people been shot and killed by cops this year. It should be 123 so there little low versus the percentage in the black people that have been shot and killed by police almost double their proportional number but see, but Steve but Steve, what about crime rates. Okay now we factor in that night at Nelson where brutal honesty like this is going to get you flak from all sides, black, white, Republican, Democrat, really upset some people numb and upset some other people to go okay. What about disproportionate is that the black is the crime rate in the black populace in the white populace in terms of violent crime its way tilted towards the black population in the heartbreaking thing about that which you should react.

By the way, lamenting with a broken heart, not a triumphant political spirit, inner-city black violent crime proves my point could tell me I'm a scumbag boy I slow down slowed the problem today is this requires dialogue, conversation and staying in we don't do that some of you would cancel me already or maybe did or saying something to your printer just in your mind and your heart Steve Noble blah blah blah blah. But this is this is the tough road of truth. Jesus did it all the time.

He hammers the religious leaders of the day brood of vipers, hypocrites, whitewashed tombs, you make a convert. You make him twice a child of hell as they were before you converted.

You think your daddy's Abraham, your dad is the devil himself brutal truth and with the rich young man he was heart he was economy just to go sell your stuff to the poor, follow me and the rich man could do it me when we pour in.

Jesus chased after no we didn't. He let him go. So this truth lifestyle is difficult.

Okay this is just one example nicer than the wise, it does purport wise, the black wise point where violent crimes disproportionately happening in the black populace versus the white populace. There's another conversation what's going on in the inner city. What about fatherlessness. What about education, what about the welfare system. What about the Democrats. What about the Republicans. How many different ingredients are in this castle a lot but importuning this country lost the ability to have dialogue.

We don't even want to, and were so wrapped up in our own position were so idolatrous that we don't bother to engage and so our critical thinking skills. Thank you Fred Voncannon are almost disappearing.

You just feed what you just eat what you been fed so that's a huge problem for Christian there's the right there's the left and then there's this, should I mostly be on the right politically. I can make that point is a Christian, but there sometimes when I should be upsetting people on the right end of setting people on the left upsetting people in general because that's what the truth does divides right down to bone marrow, but it's a hard road to help.

So let's look at another whereabouts okay got that clip have any time play this right click.

This is found, she talking to Tyra Banks why is pope algae talking to a former supermodel but that's probably okay latest clip. Listen to this environment. Okay, I don't much time talk about it all come back on it tomorrow but as one to the support you got is called age de-escalation studies, which means you always being the youngest, you don't want to be put things in younger children ensued. You know with safe and effective, so we know we're good to go from 12 to 15. So now we can go 12 to 992-6622 years and six months to two years.

By the time we get to the end of this year and the beginning of 2020 okay just gives me the heebie-jeebies we talking so you talking to the vaccine. Note spoiler alert. If you want to get the vaccine get the vaccine. I judge you not you want to do it do it I'm not doing it, at least not yet. For me is way too early. Vaccines usually have two or three years of data behind them to get the shot.

What happens to two months later, fine. Six months later, your fine. What about two years down the road, especially with kids and were not doing 10 months of data that's just too fast for me that's my choice right thank you pro-abortion my body, my choice right you make your choice not to judge you I'm not going to cry. Get it don't get it that your deal is not mine. It's your life it's your family assured you that's that's so he's talking about children and vaccinating children down to six months. Okay one. Now let's look at the numbers and you know how many people there are in America. 45 and under hundred 90,000,045 and under hundred and 90 million of them, how are they doing COBIT in terms of death is if you get sick and you reap and you recover. That happens not everybody gets to deal so when you look at this 80.4% of COBIT deaths through April 14 65+ age group 17% in the 45 to 64 age group and 2.6% under 45 so who's the least likely to die from COBIT under 65. Let's talk about younger than that. Okay, let's talk about 44 and under hundred and 90 million of you out there 44 and under and left that group a long time ago hundred and there's been a total of 14,000 deaths out of 190 million. Do you know what your chance of dying from COBIT.

It is .0073% chance of dying from COBIT and if you're under 25. We sadly there's been about 400 and just shy of 500 deaths under the age of 25 and under and every one of those tragic but their 76 million people in that age group and so your chance of dying of COBIT is less then dying of a lightning strike. So why are we in a rush to vaccinate a two-year-old what's going on there. What's happening. I think pope algae. Dr. Fauci is captive of not only his own flesh, but of spiritual forces of darkness and political forces of darkness. That's why he won't give us a number what's gonna take talk about you tell me where the finish line is, is it a death numbers is it positivity rate.

How many people are kidding at how many people been vaccinated. Can you give me a number just when things get under control. Okay, how are you how are you sir going to know when things are under control. There's gotta be benchmark out there. Jim assured him about this he wouldn't give an answer why didn't you give an answer because if you don't tell people where the line for the end zone is if you tell people where the race is over, and over the finish line is to keep running under control. I give up. Either way works well powers of our and so there's the true we are still so much to talk about so little time.

So that's why I praise the Lord that I get five days a week.

This usually but there's 40 minutes a day on the radio minus the stuff in the intro natural music and there's about an hour and Facebook why, but there's still five days week and just just sharing the people on Facebook. Live and on YouTube live, you can join us there disc of the Steve Noble show on Facebook or YouTube or go to Steve Noble go to the listen live but metal shale. The radio stations were on stream the audio online you could podcast where podcasts are available or all of the place. There, but you can also be right here in the studio and just a reminder, I am not to talk about the stuff all day every day I'm knocking to talk about this stuff every day.

I am not number one to be quite selfish it's not good for me is not good for me.

It's not good for me as a husband as a father as a follower of Christ. It's not good for me.

That's gluttony you dining on dining out some way too much it's can upset you and you to sell your joy down the river for a bowl of stew you live you live in a cultural moment. This is a moment that is part of a larger story and we arty know what the deal is with the larger story that's the house that's the foundation you should build your house on okay then there's the moment. Now, you may wish you have been born back in the 1950s when things were just a little bit better but you weren't. You weren't. You were in a mature adult 1950s will some of you were why are you here now because God's purpose for you what your purpose glorify him.

Enjoy him forever as the Westminster shorter catechism says, but the impact of people around you to love your neighbor as yourself and also to be a good steward in one of the things that were called to be good steward of his our finances, which is why the Bible talks about this a lot. My heart and head struggles with the money and possessions a lot.God knew that was going to happen.

That's why there's about 2000 references throughout the old and the New Testament dealing with that particular issue whether you have barely any some medium amount world lots all of us can struggle with it is another word we need to have an allegiance to the truth and that's why our good friend David Fisher dies with us every Monday throughout the course of the of the weeks and the months to help us understand these complex things to bring his expertise to the table as well has his love of the Lord because David Fisher if you did not love Jesus, you would not be on this radio show.

How are you concur.

I agree I'm doing great thank you brother. It's great to hear your voice. Thanks for being here right so we always do this. I love this. When we do a Monday Monday update. We start with Scripture and David had in his past as well be in the worship position and being on staff at church and so I brings that wisdom is well.

First Corinthians 125. This is great and under a reminder that we need. Let's start there to give up the Scripture on the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength, but it really puts into perspective. When people say you wonder what were going to tell you the wonder of God really knows what is going on really cares her really be a physical or career challenge your financial challenge or whatever the challenges you Lord knows exactly what's going on but all our foolishness. We might think I can do better than the Lord in the kicks the Lord off the pedestal will also hearten. We can run our lives are meant to train wreck waiting to happen, but I'm also reminded of our wisdom is foolishness to God.

Imagine if we just prayed and asked the Lord for wisdom of all the reasonably challenges how much our lives would be more enriched yeah amen and amen and amen to that again. Especially when there's only frustrating things going on. Quite frankly scary things we government need to remember this is such a great passage.

The foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom so we can go to human wisdom or got God and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength or unity or strength of God for that to. He's to know and that's that's got to be the best way for us to okays over the weekend I was watching I little bit of crypto currency in bitcoin on the middle of last week I was feeling really good this month. This morning I wasn't feeling is good, so something happened over the weekend. Bitcoin took a bit of a dive.

Some call it a crash. So what happened there and went down tonight morning 15% stock trading at 24 seven market. Other currencies second largest crypto Europe from down 18%. On the flipside coin 400% love sweets saw three thinkings.

The number one reason for the plungers tribute to the fluffiness of crypto's lot of money being thrown about market. The second reason is this is unverified on twitter report that the treasury was looking into charging's several financial institutions using crypto currency for lunch money laundering I'm typing amendment from your program here couple weeks ago that there's a thing called operation hidden treasure that the IRS is actually doing that. They're looking into this. So make sure you pay your taxes. Everybody could hear my voice remaking money and crypto's to be looking for that killing the third reason is coin base came out. We talked about that big hype and now here's the hangover. So just be careful with the small amount in crypto big trucks. So as we go from my part of the world to your part of the world from North Carolina to Arizona.

Hop on over to California to jump across Pacific Ocean and we end up in China is China playing a role in all of this at all. David crypto thing revolves around China revolves around gold Chinese currency.

Ironically, the last 12 months, 84% of the time when the Chinese currency went up. Bitcoin went up. Likewise, the flipside of that switch. Not even remember currency of the G 10 currencies the 10 industrial currencies of the world. The closest connection is about 24% throats. There's there's something there and many people say will all trying to work out Japan trying to took it over by volume and in January, the Chinese government considered bitcoin not a commodity, so we are actually calling it an asset class in alternative investment in their day they made it illegal for a period of years, and elder as we all know that China has expanded with their own currency, so there's, there's, like three things happening trying to launch the Goldbach 012 mommy will future contracts two weeks ago, a belly laugh reported US dollars exchange globally dropped to under 60%, which is 25 year low in them. Just last week we talked about this trying to release their currency of visualizing crypto countries currency of silver competing them with bitcoin and others. I think the next step is urgently buying some gold and possibly backing their crypto currency or other digital currency by gold people don't like the electronic they might want have a physical. That's why when people like Pelosi and Biden or Lakeland before talking Russia Russia Russia, is that you can look at rush if you want, but the real players China China China and they're all over the place were talking to David Fisher from landmark is the website is always landmark, and so is China and they actually buying gold let's China been doing gold because we talk about gold.

Not all the time but it keeps going back up. That's really David specialty and using that precious metals as an aspect of your overall portfolio to provide some leverage in some the other end of that. The teeter totter.

As I like to say but what scope what's is China actually in the gold market now are they buying it or what are they doing hundred and $80 billion in gold trickery department came out trying to do something about a month ago never currency. Computerworld money was going and trying to just let the cat out of the bag on Sunday. Bought a whole bunch her golden funeral gold is been around for 25,000 or 25,000 2500 years expected. Your story goes 10 years and paper money, about 100+ years so gold stood the test of time and there is this common dichotomy of fight between evil fiat currencies and moving towards snow crypto and gold so there's there's a famous guy by the name of Peter Thiel Hughes, the cofounder of PayPal. This claim should also be thought of as a part of the Chinese financial weapon against the US dollar. His friends money. The fiat money for the specially threatened US dollar, and that's why you're seeing.

Trying to move aggressively towards gold now even more so and people also close the crypto currency thing happening to so there's a movement away from the dollar towards these two asset classes. Yeah, pretty, pretty alarming in this is why we talk to David because he brings us information so that we can have an opportunity to be better stewards of whatever you happen have so the Federal Reserve never said I really sits on the sideline are always monkeying around with stuff like somebody with a nervous habit. So how are they reacting or counteracting with what's going on with China, bitcoin and all the rest of not just that but eventually lost the currency to the equivalency of a digital currency but that's probably the year to two way what they did here recently for social lifestyle. Your program I think TREASURY inflated protected securities leverage.

A person that buys tips for saying inflation is coming.

The Fed normally buys less than 10% a year and a year span. So far, you're the date the Fed's block 24% of all treasury tips don't listen to what they're telling us what actions they are telling us, inflation is coming to be close to 50% a year, five times more than what they would normally by yes don't do what I say do what I do and we have the watch reserve which is just and again they just monkeying with everything all the time his political motivations and there I think this fear over what's going on with China was going on with our own economy and the fundamentals.

Even though this can be a lot of growth this year and our economy going to look at the fundamentals.

Things look great. I just like Jesus talking to the Pharisees because like whitewashed tombs look great on the outside but on the inside are full of dead bones and that's why we need to sermon. If you want to get more information, David. What they do weigh 84464550442575 or go to excellent as always, thank you for your expertise. My friend is my brother. Have a great week will talk to my brother talk to you later better befriend people better be bringing wisdom and discernment.

Make sure your house is built on the rock of Jesus Christ is politics from America not all that you feel you will this is Steve Noble and Michelle God willing I talked again real soon and like always he said another program tied to Truth Network

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