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Mobilizing the Church

Salem Baptist Church / Pastor Kivett Hicks
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April 11, 2021 6:00 am

Mobilizing the Church

Salem Baptist Church / Pastor Kivett Hicks

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April 11, 2021 6:00 am

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Good morning again. It's so wonderful to be here and to be back at Salem and to know remind myself of the many things that have happened in our lives through the ministries that God has done while we were here as students see Dr. Drake sitting back there and he was the president of the college had. There are number of you who may remember us from being here in the past three are my first Sunday at Piedmont was at Salem Baptist Church in my memory was Dr. CN pulling me up. I was sitting there quietly and being calm and he reset or this guy responded. Please take him to the back and counsel him and that was my first experience at Salem Baptist Church was terrifying. This foreigner from another country having to counsel a man who he had never met before in a church that he didn't understand. And so it was a wonderful experience but since then it's been a growing experience and Lynette and myself are so glad that we could be here and to be able to share with you and I trust that we'll get to not only talk to you from here and what you've already seen, but you'd come back to our table there but let me ask Lynette to stand up so you guys can see her.

You may have to stretch your eyes that we are glad to be here and it's wonderful to be back home and pastor Kevin we want to thank you for opening these doors for us to come and to get the church updated church. I hope you picked up on what Dr. Cavett was trying to share with you and basically 80, 1983 really sets us back to 38 years of partnership in our lives is in that amazing 38 years.

It could be an as early as 1982 that y'all started supporting us. But you supported HBI even before that, and then yelled began to take on the ministry of both Lynette and myself as we went back to India but is 38 years have been incredibly years and if there's one thing that I have learned and if you pick up on what God has done through the ministries of HBI and these incredible things is it's not because of what we did, but what God did through us in the training that we learned about the local church at Piedmont that touched the way we talked. That made a great difference in empowering and enabling the church of Jesus Christ. For I talked this morning and opened the word of God.

I do want them emphasize the significance of one of the things that we learned during the years that we are here as students we started at Piedmont in 1974 and finally ended up in 1983 before we went back to India. Having gone through what is now called Bible Institute of Los Angeles was then. I mean then was called Bible is your door of Los Angeles which is by all University and we went to Talbot seminary and also to Fuller theological seminary to do my studies and intercultural studies, but the learning that I gained over here. That was very, very significant was that the word of God teaches that if we empower and if we enable the local church to take on the responsibility and every man, every woman, every man, every woman, every boy, every girl began to feel their responsibility. We can do more than what we can otherwise do by ourselves left to me as an individual to have accomplished the things that God has done is beyond my imagination.

It was not possible, but having understood the church, having understood what the word of God says about the church and how God endowed his church with giftedness and skip capacities and skills and abilities, and empowering everybody inside the local church multiplied our capacity to fulfill the great commission follow Jesus Christ.

Just one quick description of that would be. We went back and we were trying to really facilitate a vision that God put in our heart to plan a thousand churches we discovered there was not a single church in our country or a church movement in our country that planted 1000 churches and when I said that God put a burden in our heart to plan a thousand churches in 10 years.

All my friends thought I was nuts I was crazy and they laughed at me and they made fun of me and I had a fight with God and God told me Bobby you ain't gonna plant when single church. You know why because I will build my church, and he said the only thing you're going to be engaged in is be my instrument and I want to use you to touch the lives and do not understand that no I didn't but slowly as God began to work in my life. He began to shake ship share a vision with me Bobby. You can't do it by yourself but get these guys train them, equip them give demolition to plant five churches each and before long they started to plant churches and actually when we began to pour into the lives of these men and women within plant thousand churches in 10 years. We actually planted 1157 churches. Hallelujah.

Can we give the Lord a hand because we didn't do what he did or didn't he heed this and he did an incredible ways, but in 38 years.

What is incredible that is happening in my country when God taught me the principle Bobby get away from addition go into multiplication stop doing things by yourself. Pour into the lives of others allow other people to be empowered to do the work that I'm going to give them and capacity them. We have over 1200 church planters that we have training in a movement that actually has evolved 12,500 churches and that amazing that 1000 has grown to 12,000 give a lot a hand because I'm electric flap of your time. Okay because you guys invested in us. It made a difference and it's important for you to celebrate that because if we had not been supported by Salem and other churches around this country.

We could not have stayed on the field. Actually this is only this is only our third real furlough that might Lynette and myself have taken and yet many churches have support that supported us don't support us but Salem. You supported us faithfully and as a result of that, we were able to go. These 1200 men each planted five triggered almost 10 churches now, and have trained many many people that support them in their efforts and they have disciple now listen carefully 800,000 people to Jesus Christ, so that amazing that's wonderful because you guys invested in our lives and made a difference and I hope that you can't invest in missionaries. My dad was a product of a missionary who stood in the front of his home and he made a statement this is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.

You know what Hinduism teaches.

God came to save the righteous, and he was trying to be a righteous man, but because of the work for missionary who came in he said Christ Jesus came into this world to save sinners. My stepfather said I need to find out who this God is and that journey led him to Jesus Christ or the net amazing was the work of a missionary in church. The primary instrument that God is using in this era is the church of Jesus Christ is not only the pastor excuse me pastor I'm sure you agree with me. It's not only the pastor that's responsible for it.

But it's every man, every woman, every boy and every girl in every local church saying I am the church and it is my responsibility to be part of what God is doing in our world. Amen. You believe them half of you believe it. Let's all believe it together. Okay, I will ask you a question. Who is the church in your article like this. I am the church. Okay, that's difficult. We've done this before. Some of us remember it and then I would ask your second question, whose responsibility is a great commission and were all going to point to past K while if that's how you do it you do it all right, but the real way is to say it's my responsibility.

Now let's see if you can do this was the church are you guys are weaklings.

Let's try one more time was the church I am the church. We can do better, whose responsibility is a great commission. My title believe it.

Let's try one more time, let's say together. Okay whose responsibility is a great commission. My responsibility and we all are convinced that you know what God does. He takes the whole church, and allows the whole church to be engaged in the mission of God. And it's so important that as we begin the process to facilitate the mission of God that every man, every woman, every boy, every girl says it's my responsibility, because when we were able to convince the church in India when we were able to convince the pastors of the churches in India and they were able to go down to their local churches and they began to take the responsibility to envision and mobilize and actually facilitate the great commission in our country. Amazing things happen. The gospel came to India in the first century because Thomas was the first one who brought the gospel to India and that's what our tradition says so. We got the gospel as early as anyone could possibly have guarded amazing isn't it. But it took 1950 years for us to have blunted hundred and 14,000 churches now some of you would think. And that's good number. Y'all did pretty good but you know when we caught the vision and we mobilize the church and we got the pastors to catch the vision and they started to get every man, every woman, every boy, every girl in their church to be engaged in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. You know what happened.

The 114,000 churches were enhanced by 700,000 additional churches in that same period of time of 38 years in the net amazing to give the Lord a hand because India is more Christian today than it otherwise get a lot of hope that Salem we will all become engaged were in a new era, 2020 has taught us so many things and if I probably asked you the question what goes through your mind when you think about 20/20. You would probably say uncertainty, insecurity, unsure where we are headed for and what's going to happen and the word lockdown would really be a bad word for you in your vocabulary, but the truth of the matter is, God is at work. A man and he is in control and it is our responsibility to recognize that he is going to do something and I was sitting back there at home, and I was thinking man, one full year of hopelessness is going to pass by us and I didn't understand what was going to be the capacity of the potential for us to do anything. The college is going to be lockdown our churches can come for training our people are going to get the sun discouraged and you know there were two grades we were thinking there will be no way to move forward and all of a sudden somebody came to me and said did you see the people walking back home and some of them are going to walk 800 km whom I got on the computer and I began to look at it and I began to look at it. God began to say Bobby here is an open door. The doors are going to close and those people who are walking are not going to reach their destination and they're going to be laying on the streets and it's your chance in your opportunity to show forth my love and what you saw on those on those videos were God saying I am sovereign God saying I'm in control, God saying Bobby if you would just take the opportunity. I will open doors and all of a sudden God open doors and we fed over 150,000 plates of food to people who were stuck on the street is a net amazing God did some incredible things for years. I was telling our faculty and what we are to get online.

Everybody else is getting online.

We are to be teaching people how they can actually study from where they are and we should be influencing people, particularly the bi-vocational missionary that's going to places that my faculty get excited about it know they didn't lockdown came along and all of a sudden all their students were no longer in the campus and they wanted them to graduate and suddenly it was like a light that got turned on in all my faculty were willing to actually do recordings and in one year we did 87 courses and that amazing you are to give the Lord a hand because I was bigger than doing anything else. God is in control and we always have to keep in mind that even when the world looks like it's hopeless and it's reached a state of bleakness that we can trust in the Lord and that God is waiting to make covenants with us and that if he would be willing to open up our hearts open up our lives willing to trust him implicitly.

Here take the impossible and make it possible a man and that's what I want to talk to you about in a few minutes. All right. If you have your Bibles turn to Genesis chapter 17 and in Genesis chapter 17 we have an incredible statement that Moses records for us of an interaction that takes place between Abraham and God.

Yahweh comes to Abraham and it opens with these words when Abraham was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to Abraham is an amazing, we have God that actually comes into our lives breaks into our circumstances and then he begins to interact to us. Abraham is probably and was thinking man I met God and the child. Ian's way back over there and he said if I would leave my people and if I would like to follow him and I will go someplace with him. You know what he will actually bless me and make me a blessing to the nations of the earth well 25 years of gone by and I walked out I was following him and I'm waiting for something to happen and nothing is happening is 99 years old and in that moment of hopelessness may be. Abraham was wondering what on earth is going to happen and God clicks right into him. I'm thinking that you know what 20/20 went by. That was what 20/20 was like many of her sat. We wondered we thought we were thinking. Is there any hope what is going to happen what's going to happen to my kids was going to happen to my our economy.

What is going to happen to life and not only did that happen many other things.

Circumstances took place and we are sitting here maybe even like Abraham wondering God. What is next and what is the hope and what is the scope of where and how things are going to happen and I want to say in 2020 when I thought there was nothing possible got turned around and took us to a new level.

He made us forget some of the old things that we were doing the way they were stuck and I want tell you is that academic year went the way you did, I would still be doing what we were doing.

But when we stopped that year and he halted us he made is waiting and he began to say. He then asked me to throw the baby in the bathwater out, but he said Bobby on how to give you a chance and you're going to be able to get online I'm going to expand the capacity of Hindustan Bible Institute.

You're not only going to be in India but you're going to be all around the world is in that amazing. Only God, but he want he breaks into our circumstances, and he begins to talk to us and he begins to interact with us and it's so important I want to challenge you because you know Abraham had come to that place in his life and he was thinking. There is no way forward and I gave everything up thinking I was following the drawing the living God, but not understanding that he had never truly entered into a covenant with God is yet because he never got to that place where he was totally and completely clear about what is it take to have a covenant with our God. And I think it's important for us to also understand that sometimes we think we've made a covenant with God but God really wants us to really look at it.

He wants us to reconsider it. He wants us to understand that having a covenant with God is not what you do, but what you and I do together in an agreement that you have with each other about what he wants to do to our lives.

And when we make that covenant with him. He turns around and he blesses us like we've never been blessed. But the issue is we always think that God you listen to me to tell you what to do and I'll do a covenant with you in the context of how I am going to design and arrange that covenant and what God came to not have to do to Abraham and he said to Abraham when he appeared to him. He said Abraham I am God Almighty I want you to walk before me and I want you to be blameless, that I may make a covenant between me and you is not an amazing statement. Abraham probably thought I already have a covenant with you, Lord. But when you read this text to begin to realize that God breaks into the circumstances, and you begin to realize that Abraham had truly not come to understand that Yahweh, the God, the that broke and revealed himself to him was the Almighty God. In fact, this the first time in this text that he reveals himself as not only as Yahweh, but he reveals himself as else should I he comes to him and he helps him to understand that I am the Almighty God, I am the God who created the heavens and the earth. I am the one who can do anything out of nothing. I am the supreme God and it's so important that Abraham came to that place in his life because he was thinking only the super in the natural way of things happening will make things happen and I have come to a state where the natural things have come to an end and there is no way anything could happen and it's in the context of that God says to him, is there anything too hard for the Lord. Sarah, you laughed about it, but is there anything too hard for the Lord very very important for her to have put her arms around it that the God who is sovereignly in control is rolling and gaining and because he is in rule, we can trust in him. Isaiah the prophet of God looking in the year when Clinton King was hired by the word of God says he stood at the threshold of the temple of God amazing because he thought was iodide. His son is going to come in and when Ahaz comes in this nation has no hope there is no destiny there is no way anything good or if everything is going to fall through the cracks in the whole nation is going to crumble and there is no for Israel and card says you're missing once more factor in the creation I'm still on the throne. Hallelujah, guys. God is still on the throne and when we begin to realize when everything looks bleak.

Everything looks hopeless. Everything looks like it's not going to come together. None of the rationale that we have is going to play into it and we think that we cannot do anything because what is humanly possible, appears to become impossible to move it to the next level and it's in that context. God wants us to understand. I am in control when was I heard that and he saw him seated on the throne and he was high and lifted up and all the angel was at the beckon of the voice of God, and he saw him as holy, holy, holy, and they sang holy to the God. Isaiah felt like I was a complete I don't fit in anywhere and he fell down and he recognized his uncleanness and he said all God I'm a man of uncleanness living among the people of completeness and God said to him in that context. Isaiah who will go for me.

Whom shall I send an Isaiah turned around and he said Lord, send me because he finally saw God and he finally saw hope and he finally realized it wasn't about him. He finally realized it wasn't about Josiah. He finally realized that it was the solver and God will call them to be a prophet, and that if he would only lead release himself into the hands of God, God will take him and he would use them.

You may be sitting here in your baby thinking I'm a nobody I can do anything and if there's anybody that could say that I want to tell you it's me because you know what, I flunked in my first grade. One time, and my dad came and fought for me and I got beyond my first grade and then I got stuck in my third grade and fifth grade and you know what happened in my fifth grade I flunked it three times and the teacher told my dad when I came into class. I cannot read.

I cannot count I cannot do anything. And until I could do all of the above. I'm not letting out of this class and so I stayed there for three hours and when I got my 10th grade I flunked again and my dad would often say to me, son. You're good for nothing and he was right. I was good for nothing because I couldn't do anything but you know God took me up. He picked me up and I came to know the Lord. He brought me into an intimate relationship with him when he brought me into that relationship.

He helped me understand what I cannot do independent of God.

Independency with God under the power the authority to call. I can do anything beyond my own imagination and that's what is happened through our lives. And when we look at the ministries that God has given us.

I finished the first 1000 churches you know what I said to the Lord, Lord, I'm ready to come home and he still left me here for some reason or the other is not amazing. I'm ready to go home. I felt like how housing churches. We finished 1157. We don't need a reason anymore. People let you go. And God said no and now over 700,000 new churches in my country is not amazing and that's why our government are not very happy about how the church is growing in my country and they want to put Us but He Cannot Because We Serve a Sovereign God Hallelujah and God Was Saying to Abraham, a Jew Understand That I Am God Almighty, I Am Else Should I and I Can Get Anything Done. Would You Trust Me and Abraham Falls on His Face at the Feet of God. And That's Exactly What God Is Looking for Months Is Calling Us to a Place Where Were Willing to Put Ourselves into the Lowest Levels That We Can Think about so That We Can Try. Trust God for Everything and He Fell at the Feet of God, and God Said I'm Ready to Make a Covenant with You and If You're Looking for a Covenant with God.Wants Us to First Understand Number One That He Is Sovereign and Everything That's Going to Happen Is Going to Happen. Not Because of Us or Our Capacities Are a Knowledge or Understanding Our Degrees Is Going to Happen Because of Him and If He Would Only Trust in Him. He Would Take Us from Where We Are to Accomplish His Mission and He Put His Hand upon Abraham and Abraham Had Isaac and Isaac Had 12 Children, and They Had Became Nations, and He Filled the with His Presence, As Long As Israel Would Reveal the Righteousness of God and That Is so Important for Us to Understand and the First Thing He Was Saying to Abraham You Want to Covenant with Me. Trust Me. The Second Thing He Says to Him, Is I Want You to Walk before Me and I Think When We Think about God Wanting to Make a Covenant with with Him. He Wants to Shepherd Us and I Shepherd Doesn't Usually Walk in Front of His Sheep.

The Shepherd Usually Are Hurting Their Sheep Together and Driving Them in the Way That They Want Them to Go and Then a People. Usually the Sheep Actually Move in the Direction of Which He Is Actually Shepherding and That's What God Wants Us and You Know That's What David Cried out When He Said to Abraham When He Said When When He Wrote the Psalm 23 the Lord He Is My Shepherd, You Know He Is My Pastor. He Is the One That Is Going to Absolutely Drive Me and Lead Me through This Whole Direction That He Wants Me to Go and I'm Gotta Come to That Place in My Life Where I Realize He's Got the Best Interest of Me in His Mind and If I Would Let Him Lead Me off. I Would Let Him Direct Me If I Would Let Him Guide Me through the Whole Journey.

I Would Go and Stay between the Lines and I'll Go Right Where He Wants Me to Go. That's Why He Says the Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want. He Maketh Me to Lie down in Green Pastures and Other Times When He Does, Blesses Us, and He Allows Us to Lie down in Green Pastures. He Restores the Universe Being and My Soul Rejoices in the Lord.

He Takes Me Even through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and I Can Fear No Evil Because You Know God Is with Me and His Rod and His Staff Will Comfort Me and When I Look at All That Is before Me.

He Says Surely Goodness and Mercy's Will Follow Me All the Days of My Life and It's so Important When We Think about Building a Covenant with God Where in Transition.

We Are Going to This Time We Were Shut down for so Long Were Questioning What We Do Next. How to Remove in the Direction That We Go to Begin to Come Back to God and Let God Break into Our Circumstances.

And When He Breaks into Our Circumstances, We Come to That Place in Our Library Say Lord I'm an Absolutely, Completely Trusting You Because Your Sovereign and You Sit on the Throne, but I'm Also Going to Let You Be My Shepherd and This Morning I Want to Encourage You to Consider the Fact That If You're Looking for a Covenant with God and You Want to Build a Covenant Relationship with Him so That He Can Take Your Life, and He Can Use You in the Most Powerful and Incredible Way. You Gotta Come to That Place in Your Life Is a Okay Lord I Understand I'm Done Going to Build a New Churches You're Going to Do It All and I'm Going to Just Be Your Instrument and You Tell Me What You Want Me to Do and He's Going to Ask You to Do the Most Ridiculous Things under the Sun and You're Going to Say to the Lord, Lord, Okay, I Will Do It Because I Want to Have a Covenant with You and Even When the Rest of the World Is Laughing at You. You Let Them Work in You and through You, He Shapes You, and You Put Your Faith and Trust in Him and Then You Walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, Knowing That You Will Fear No Evil Because He Is with You. He Will Eat You He Will Guide You 38 Years Amazing 38 Years for Myself and Lynette.

Many Times We Were a Threat.

Many Times We Were We Were Threatened That Our Lives Would Be at Stake.

Our Children's Life Will Be at Stake, but We Had to Say Lord You Called Us, We Here for Your Purposes.

Organ Walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and All of Us Are Safe and Healthy and Happy Is Not Amazing and That Is about Who God and He Wants to Make a Covenant with Us and It's so Important That If You Want to Be Covenant Have a Covenant with God. You Have To Come into That Point in Your Life or You Say to Him. Yes, Not Only Am I Willing to Trust You Are Absolutely and Implicitly As the Sovereign God, the God Almighty. But I Also Going to Let You Be My Shepherd and I'm Going to Let You Shepherd Me All the Way Solomon Would Say Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart and Lean Not on Your Own Understanding, but in All Your Ways. If You Will Acknowledge Me.

I Will Direct Your Path Is Not Amazing. And God Is Looking for an Opportunity to Break into Our Lives and Say, Would You Let Me Do That for You.

Let Me Break through That May Come into Your Life so That I Can Absolutely Do It and He Saying, Will You Let Me Break into Your Journey and Are You Prepared to Hear Me and Make That Covenant with an Absolute Implicit Faith and Any He Finally Says to Them for Student to Abraham. Abraham Not Only Do I Want You to Walk before Me, but I Want You to Be Blameless Downward Blameless Is a Very Sometimes It Makes Us Look at It and Not Understand Exactly What the Writer Is Trying to Say, but What the Writer Is Trying to Say Is I Want You to Be with Fully Wholly and Completely. What I Want You to Be and That Is so Important for Us to Understand God Created Us in a Particular Way He Made Us in This MAG Gave Us the Capacities to Be Who We Are, so That We Can Have a Relationship with Him. And in That Relationship of Hearing His Voice Following Him Letting Us Shepherd Us Doing It. We Will Do Things According to His Way, and That's Right so Important for Us to Recognize That What God Is Calling Us to Do Is to Live in the Righteousness of God and Not in the Unrighteousness of This World and in Order for Us to Get There.

He Is Calling Us to Not Only Trust Him Implicitly to Let Him Lead Us Day by Day, but of to Let Him Direct Our Lives in the Righteousness of God and When We Live in the Righteousness of God.

Our Years Are Open Heart Is Open Our Our Willingness to Trust Him Completely and Implicitly to Realize That I Have Fallen Short of All of God's Glory and the Only Way Forward Is to Absolutely Do What He Wants Me to Do and Abraham Had to Come to That Place in His Life. Yes, There Were Moments When He Thought He Can Fix It and Eat. Even Now He Is Arguing with… What about Ishmael and God Says I'll Take Care Of That Abraham but What I Want You to Understand Is I Want You to Trust Me. Yeah, I'm 99 Years Old.

What Am I Going to Do at 99 When You I Have a Wife and Myself That Neither of Us Look like Were Going to Be Productive Is Is I Want You to Trust Me and He Says to Both Abraham and Sarah in a Year from Now I Know to Visit You Guys Then When I Visit You Guys. You Will Have a Baby and Sets When Sarah Laughs, but the Daily Come to a Place in Our Lives Where We Begin to Say to God, Don. I Understand That You Are Sovereign. I Understand That the World Looks Bleak. I Understand That Things Look like That Cannot Happen and We Cannot Move Forward and Nothing Is Going to Happen and God. You're Asking Us to Do Things That Were beyond Our Imagination in a by the Way Those Books over There Are Free for You to Take If You Want to Have Them You Want to Make a Small Donation You Can, but If You Don't Have the Money Please to Come and Go Because I Truly Would like for You to Read It.

But When God Began to Work in My Life. He Said Bobby Are You Ready to Break Traditions so I Can Accomplish the Vision. I'm Putting in Your Heart and I Had to Break Those Tradition Are to Come to That Place in My Life and It Is Important for Us to Come to That Place Where We Say I Know Lord.

This Is How You Did It and I'm Not Going to Throw the Baby and the Bathwater. But Lord, Teach Me How You Want Me to Do It Now under These Circumstances.

Under These Conditions That Look Impossible and Hopeless. You Lead Us and God Says If You Listen to My Righteous Ways I Can Lead You.

I Want You to Be Blameless. I Want You to Be Complete. I Want You to Be Holy I Want You to Be. I Want You to Be Perfect and I Don't Want Anything Else to Come in the Way That Is Going to Become Humanistic in Nature. That Was the Event That Diverged You into Becoming Worldly but I Want You to Walk with Me and If You Would Be Blameless As You Walk before Me.

I Put My Hand upon You, and I Bless You Abraham and He Falls the Feet of God and He Says Lord to It This Morning.

You May Be Thinking. Can God Do Anything with Me. Can God Take My Life.

Can God in the Midst of the Circumstances in the Midst of the Lockdowns in the Midst of These Uncertainties in the Midst of It Here in the Midst of Fearless Fear, Can God Bring a Sense of Fearlessness so We Can Move Forward and Accomplish the Impossible. God Says If You Let Me Lead You and If You Follow Me, I Will Bless You and If You Become a Blessing You Become a Blessing Not to Yourself but to the Nations That Amazing. And God Did That in the Book of Joshua God Calls Israel. Now Joshua Has Been, and Has Walked and Has Led to and Has Been with Moses, but He Has Led This Rib Earliest Generation of People Who Have Had Fathers and Grandfathers Who Didn't Trust in the Lord.

But Those That Chose to Trust in the Lord. They Put Their Foot on the Jordan.

And It Split Open and They Walked through and They Watch God Lead Them and Conquer the Land That He Promised Abraham He Would Give Them They Possess the Land and Abraham Joshua Calls Them in His Gauge Stole Years and He Says Guys I'm about Ready to Close My Eyes and I'm Going to Ready to Die, but I Want to Ask You a Question and I Want to Share with You That the God of Yahweh, the God Who Brought Us Here. The God Who of Our Fathers, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, They God of Jacob and Isaac. You Know, Is a God That Delivered Us and Brought Us and Empowered Us to Possess the Land and He Gave Us but I Want to Make Sure to You That You Don't Make the Mistake of Going Back and Worshiping the Gods That You Had in Egypt and Then He Says Asked for Me and My Home We Have Chosen to Make a Decision and Be of Covenant That We Will Serve the Lord and You Know What He Calls Them to a Decision and They Make a Covenant That Day and They Said Let the Stones Be Our Witness That We Will Never Go Back and Worship the God of Peace.

Yahweh Would Be in This Morning.

I Want to Challenge You As You Look at God, and You Understand in Your Journey God Wants to Break into Your Reality, and Maybe He's Breaking and Maybe He Is Speaking and Maybe You Are Challenge, Then Maybe You're Wrestling with Him and You're Beginning to Ask… How Can I Make It Happen.

Is It Possible Is It to You It's Impossible Is Difficult.

Lord, Will You Lead Me Short Man to More This Morning. You're Looking at Abraham's Life in Your Hearing the Story at 99 Years Old When He Thinks That Nothing Is Possible.

God Breaks into His Life. Maybe You're There This Morning. He's Saying I Want You to Understand That I Am Sovereign I Am in Control. I'm High and Lifted up, and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and I Want to Take Your Life and I Want to Make It so the Cone for Eternity.

The World Is yet to Be Completed and the Mission Is yet to Be Done. His Mission Is Not over.

It Is the Mission of the Church.

Every Man, Every Woman, Every Boy in Africa. The Question Is Are You Ready to Be Part of What He's Calling You to Do. Maybe You Have a Pastor That Sounds Extremists Because He's in the Generation That's Different from Yours. Are You Ready to Break Traditions to Accomplish the Vision of God. God Is Using an Instrument. He's Putting the Vision. Are You Resistant and God Saying to You at This Time. When You Let Me Work.

Are You Willing to Change You Willing to Embrace and Allow Us to Go into a New Era to Finish This Task Every Generation Has Had the Opportunity to Complete the Mission of God Are the Words of a Great Missiology Us by the Name of Ralph Winter. He Said It All Lies in the Hands of the Church, Whether They Are Willing to Accept the Responsibility Rechecked Abraham Stood That Is Rusted That Day.

The Embrace It with a Covenant This Morning. Can I Invite You to a Covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ to Say Lord Take Me Break Make Me Refashioned Me, Use Me so That I Will Let You Lead Me through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, so That I Be Blameless, and That Your Righteousness Would Be Revealed in Me and through Me to Accomplish Your Mission. Amen Pastor

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