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Should Christians Tithe?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 7, 2021 4:20 pm

Should Christians Tithe?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 7, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/07/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following is a prerecorded program. Should Christians tie today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hey friends walking to the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown and we are doing some special teaching this week on subjects were over the years we've gotten countless countless questions sent in about the same subjects about Sabbath observance about tithing about dietary laws about divorce and remarriage and we taught on these things gone through the word entertain calls on it. Sometimes you even had friendly debates with folks about these different issues, but I thought would be time to just do a refresher go through the relevant Scriptures. Answer the questions as best as we can and give you some guidelines for your own life for your own practice.

If you have questions maybe or your pastor and you're trying to sort this out. Maybe you're committed to local congregation to go to house church are right that you're isolated, you can go, what would you do with money and so on.

So I'm not telling you who you should give to her specifically what ministry you should support other than where you are nurtured that they are the congregation that you are part of that that your home where people are pouring into you and you're able to serve their that's where you want to underwrite on the most foundational level then there's giving above and beyond that, that we want to look at principal, specifically concerning toddy.

I won't be taking calls.

I won't be interacting with breaking news around us so sit back, take this in. Share this with a friend. It's interesting that in many churches. You will be taught very plainly that tithing is required by God today. In other words, to be in full obedience to the Lord and compliance with the Lord that you should be tithing and to not be tithing would be quote robbing God that perhaps your finances, or even under a curse because you're not tithing is a scriptural is that a New Testament concept is this a part of the law of Moses that is now binding on us. Today was other things and not binding is a completely wrong way of looking at this. So where's the first mention of the tithing scriptural Genesis chapter 14, so it's like there Genesis chapter 14 and you know the account Abrams come back from rescuing lot and others, and that there was war with Sodom and other kings and in the midst of this markets ascetic Melchizedek right and he markets ascetic of Salem, king of Salem brought out bread and wine. He was a priest of God most high that it says and he blessed him saying recover from the LL your inclination my environments. Blessed be Abram of God most high Creator of heaven and earth. Verrocchio Eliana sure met my gains are FOB Edessa and Blessed be God most high, who has delivered your photos begins the rest of your death has delivered your foes enter hand and then notice of the translation there and Abram in brackets gave him 1/10 of everything. Retailer must; that he were just as and he gave him 1/10 of everything so Dave who grew did Abram ties to Melchizedek markets ascetic or did they did notice Dick ties to Abram. While this is universally been understood that Abram ties to Melchizedek right but just pointing out that that the Hebrew has to be interpreted because this is and he gave him 1/10 of everything.

Okay, so that's the first reference.

It's not in the Sinai law Sinai covenant. This is not part of the, the commandments of commandments that God gave Israel but there must've been something customary about this something honorary about this that was known in the culture or just was Abram's own expression. I got all the spoils and give you 1/10 of everything that here's the next reference Genesis chapter 28 the end of the chapter Jacob Aziz as he is fleeing from from the wrath of of of his brother Esau and he's going to be going on his own nowadays is going to buy Donna Romm is going on a journey, Jacob makes a vow, saying, if God remains with me if he protects me on this journey that I making and gives me bread to eat and clothing to wear, and if I return safe to my father's house.

Then the Lord, meaning Yahweh shall be my God in the stone which I have set up as a pillar shall be God's abode and of all that you give me because surety tamely of all that you give me a Sarah us rest, Susan said excuse me a Sarah Sereno lock. I will set aside a tithe for you so the Hebrew is emphatically the high stump with really couple of times that I will I will surely give you 1/10 of everything that again this is before the law on Mount Sinai. This is before the giving of these relative commandments and there there there quite a few about tithing that we will get into some of argued that all the tithing giving would be over 20% of income but to tie literally means to give attempt those those Hebrew words and I was reading literally mean give a tether English were tied means attempt. So here's what we know, before Mount Sinai. The tithe was practiced by Abram. In one instance and by Jacob as a lifestyle is part of a valve, so there's something symbolic about this is something symbolic about saying God. Everything I have on acknowledging you. I'm remembering you I'm putting you first I'm giving to you first. Okay so that's that's where things start, but there's more. There is more to the subject. It was part of Sinai law, but we are not under the Sinai covenant. There are many many laws that were given that are not binding for all Christians today and almost all pastors across America would agree a all Christians are not bound to keep all of the commandments of the Sinai covenant, they would agree on the one of 81 emphasize tithing. What is it tithing is so important is it just because they're greedy this is. It is just because they want to grow their church or who it in and in and finances.

Or maybe put more money in their own bank accounts.

One Pastor Pastor been incredibly generous church said this with your pastor and you teach your people to ties so that you can bring in more money for the church, God will not bless you, if you teach them to ties to the they will be blessed God will bless that, but you might push back and say, on what basis are you teaching the tide. Where does it say to teach that in the New Testament. But let's let's look first in a few more verses from from the Hebrew Bible and the will come over to the test by having answer the question. It I've asked it. Should Christians tithe must Christians I but I have not answered the question yet Seville setting a trinket I have given it yet. We just taken a journey through Scripture Proverbs chapter 3 Proverbs chapter 3 verses nine and 10 cubby that the laminectomy review call to attack DeMello SMS Asaba to the DeRosa convective roads honor the Lord with your wealth. Same word for honor your father and mother, honor the Lord from your wealth with your wealth and from the best of all of your income all of your produce everything get given the firstfruits that that that word bass there, and even a sheet where she calls what Tessa so that's from from the firstfruits of everything getting hence the best that but but in everything you get. You give to God first and you give him of the best and what's the result in your barns will be filled with grain, your fats will burst with right now, let's step back from this and realize that even though this was part of the Sinai covenant and this was part of the law.

This is also a principal in Proverbs, you should honor God first that of the wealthy gives you the income that he gives you the progress that gives you you should honor him first and he will bring blessing with that.

This is just like many many other promises in Proverbs that God blesses generous that God blesses those who are openhanded you have in the Psalms as well. Generosity and righteousness are two sides of the same coin. Generosity and love are two sides of the same coin.

Generosity and purity are two sides of the same coin little words at a life devoted to the Lord a life given over to the Lord will also be a generous life.

I have ministered in countries in the midst of real poverty and here are members of a local congregation and it's time for the offering and they will commonly a piece of fruit at the altar.

That's that's from their garden that that's from there. Grow. That's here's a vegetable and ate the taken Leah down there. That's what they have to give you Civil War used a seven keep it then because they have so little, but I've talk to leaders that that work among the very very poor. This is know it's good for them to learn to give. It's good for them to cultivate a mentality generosity so not yet answering the question. Should Christians tithe must Christians but I am encouraging a spirit of generosity and spirit that put God puts God first in keeping with Jesus in Matthew six seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these other things.

Matthew 633 Rick all these other things with things you need in life is the daily bread, and in daily sustenance, a roof over your head and close on your back. It all these other things will be added to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness put him first and go about your business go about your work.

Be diligent regard. Proverbs also emphasizes diligence Proverbs emphasizes that speaks against laziness with generosity goes hand-in-hand with the character of God. God himself is a generous generous giver, a gracious and generous giver here.

Look at this picture I got holding up a pen in my hand. I want to spend my cumulative and no this is my pen not getting my pen. I like this pen. Okay so I get to hold onto the pen right but can you get anything else in the sand know it's it's it's it's tight, I'm tightfisted you can't get anything else and I keep my pen but but now I can get anything else instead hate Mike about your pen or take it.I'm good. Take it open my hand, you do take this pen great. You take it is yours. Give back your but it's yours know the good thing is an open hands I can I receive when you are openhanded it in the Bible even uses his idioms tightfisted versus openhanded when you are openhanded you give you give with generosity, but now you're able to receive because you're in the posture, so by all means before we get to the answer to the question. Should Christians side must Christians tithe before we get to that answer. Let us emphasize that generosity's booth and being a giver is a good thing read those that you have a need people to take care of the less giver get to serve others get the poor into God's will file name to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown should Christians tithe must Christians tithe is it God's will that followers of Jesus.

Give 10% of their income to God's work to the local congregation. Beyond that, they give what is going to say, but this can we just take specific words in the Old Testament and apply them. So today know Jesus does say in Matthew 23.

When he's rebuking religious hypocrites that you that you tithe on the small subtle detail of everything but you neglect the greater matters of justice, mercy and faithfulness.

You should have done the one without neglecting the other. So he doesn't speak against them, giving us is not good that your tithing, but the still, that's not post cross post resurrection directive sermon on the mount. That's Jesus speaking to his disciples. Those are eternal principles that is laying out for us to live in this world, but he's he doesn't set a tithing is a habit. But he was explains that that that Abraham gave the ties to milk ascetic and that Levi was in his room so that that meant. Levi was given the tithe and yeah I understand but it doesn't say that Christians should tithe today doesn't. That is not that specific teaching about Malachi chapter 3 Malachi chapter 3 probably the best known verse in the Bible about tithing and God says to his people were suffering under a curse.

You go on defrauding me the whole nation of me the whole nation of you bring the full tithe into the storehouse, and let there be food in my house and this put me to the test, said the Lord of hosts, I will surely open the floodgates of the sky for you and pour down blessings on you and I will banish the locust from you so that they will not destroy the yield of your soil and your vines in the field shall no longer miscarry said the Lord of hosts right so the full tithe into the store and so will the concert be in ancient Israel and I'm I can get into all the details of how they pay the ties in what they did with them and they go to Jerusalem and bring the funds and so on.

But the idea would be that this supported priestly Levitical ministry in the nation that you had the maintenance of the tabernacle that you had the Levites in every city that you had the priest doing their work that that there were sacrifices to be offered.

There were things to be done. There were people whose full-time vocation was the service of God's priests and Levites and they had to be supported. So this was the support system and and with everyone giving that there would be ample supply, and there'd even be money to give to the poor and help in that regard, and that a spirit of generosity was always importantly funded through the Torah, the Israelites encouraged interest to be generous and encouraged her to land without think about how I can get a return even when neutrophil is what you wouldn't charge interest to a spirit of generosity is there and as I mentioned, the last segment we have versus an Proverbs about that quite a few about generosity versus stinginess the righteous person, the Psalms commended for being generous. So this was how things would work his people withheld that which belong to God, and that would supported priestly ministry and kept it for themselves.

Then it brought judgment. They were under a curse.

The blessing of God is not flowing as they honor him and put him first.

The blessing was richly poured out now. Is it right for pastors to use this today to batter people over the head in their church and to say you are cursed should not tithing. Gotta reverse the curse, if you give it is better to look at the principles of Malachi to understand what brought about cursing what brought about blessing to understand why generosity to understand why support of God's work was important to understand why we should give to him first and give him the best to understand the principles and then by acting on the principles it brings blessing and return generosity begets generosity, grace begets grace. So that's that's so so important to understand and take hold of pastors.

I'd encourage you rather just preaching that because it still is an Old Testament verse under Sinai covenant rather just preaching that and having people with that. Think of the life-giving principles from think of the life-giving trees in it and then preach those life-giving truths to cultivate a spirit of generosity and honor toward God and with that release a blessing. Don't hit people over the head with it is a requirement of the law because there is no New Testament requirement for the type we said again there is not a New Testament requirement for taught writers will see there is a principal and the principal calls for generosity and the principle calls for support of those who are in ministry.

As Paul wrote in first Corinthians 9 those who preach the gospel should make their living by the gospel. In other words, if your full-time vocation is gospel service than those who are serving should should cover your needs and expenses.

If you're traveling minister in those days, it would mean that people accommodate cognitive they put you up or you were. They cared for you, fed you and then it was time for you the next city you had funds enough to travel to get to that next location and that those who were local ministers. Galatians 6. Those were taught by the word should share all good things with their teacher. So this is just reciprocity.

This is just common sense.

Spiritually, these are taught in the New Testament, but the specific tithe command is not taught. We said again the principle of generosity is taught the principle of supporting those that ministry to spiritually that is taught but the specific requirement of the tithe is not taught now you might say when you get to the New Testament that there is sacrificial giving and the believers in the in and ask even sold what they had some so feel some sold everything and gave it for the common good, although yeah when you get to the New Testament, you get to sacrificial generosity even beyond was found in the Old Testament, so by all means we should cultivate that by all means we should encourage that we all means we should say, hey, as the Lord lays on your heart, especially in times of need, just speaks to the step out in faith do with God will honor, but is not out of a legal commitment is that of a heart of generosity and it is a heart of appreciation and a heart of reciprocity. I remember teaching and Bible school on Long Island in the mid-1980s and a gentleman came up to me. Older student and he said no it says in the Bible with him is taught the word sure all good things with his teacher civil I want to share something with you soon.

Okay any similar sure testimony that I was blessed to hear the testimony that this accident was that the Scripture means it would mean for example that your you got your local pastor teacher in your community and and he spending hours studying the word, and laboring to prepare messages and and lessons for the children's workers in an and helping people. You can get a series on helping people deal with with depression and fear and and and late and then going to visit folks a hostile pray for them, and so on will your you receiving that person you should share with them.

You should so back into them and and this is a righteous principal and and pauses like that's just the way things work right there when it went when you when you go to a restaurant you pay for your meal is just a natural thing you do when you go to the grocery store you pay for your groceries when you when you go to the athletic event.

You've got to know the professional team coming in is a big game you pay for a ticket right seven. That's just the way things go so the gospel is given freely right 13 years of daily radio given freely never charge you to to listen articles posted thousands of them freely. Sermons preach freely with joy and the people freely give back and support our work to enable us to do what we do, but it is a life-giving principal look at it as it is a healthy principal.

I remember talking to a gentleman that I worked with before was in vocational ministry so was late 70s early 80s and he asked me what is your pastor do for a living assistant was Rabbi do for living Susan Rabbi sniff the past as a pastor is a funny question but is my nether Rabbi gets paid to be the Rabbi was your pastor do his Baeza pastor probably works a lot more hours than other than a normal guy would work. It makes less money per hour, but that's because his ministry were visiting one time in the past was telling me that the kids were going around in first day of class and his daughter comes home and says oh yeah that they asked us what identities do for living and what kind of job they haven't and see.

She said to her that yes I talked about you and daddy civil. What did you tell him when they ask you what is your daddy do for a living said. I told him he doesn't have a job.

He's a pastor Billick the same. How would you feel how would you feel Fred if you work really hard on the project at your job right.

740 or we could put in 50 hour week and you do everything you're asked to do and more as the end of the week.

Your future paycheck. How would you feel now I do ministry for paycheck offer bit left secular work and started teaching full-time in the ministry school of married with two children living on Long Island, which is urban cheap. The cell was $1450 a month. Married with two children and a house on Long Island as we had we had a pray in money every month we we had believed God for funds every month and I was told that that's the way the school ran things to do, make sure you were there only because you are called to be there as you are. Given that Megan love to live your argument. Yes, you may be blessed and prosper. Here's a seller to do ministry for, but what I want you to understand is that people are ministering to you the biblical principles that you are supporting them that that if they're pouring into you that you support them. It's a righteous thing to do. It's a godly thing to do it. It's a fair thing to do and it's how things Ron well it's the way God set things up so I've said plainly that there is not a tithe requirement in the New Testament, but in the New Testament God does call for generosity will see that more in a moment, and he does call for believers to support their leaders not to make them rich, but to support them. If you are ministered to spiritual things.

Paul writes for Smith is not.

If we minister spiritual things to you.

Is it too much to read natural things from you. We point you spiritually that you support us in the natural so we can then minister so you understand how the system works basic godly.

It's been this much error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown crisped is required tithe and test no not required to tie by as we go through the New Testament we see that the New Testament encourages systematic giving encourages proportional giving. In other words, as you have able to give encourages generous, and even sacrificially generous giving at certain times and it does call for those who are ministered to spiritually do so back in naturally to support those who minister to them were going through what the Bible says about tithing on today's broadcast, not taking calls not commenting on breaking news but just making this a teachable moment to dig into Scripture together because we what we've been asked about tithing many times over the years the number of the subjects that come up all the time.

So here's a renewed broadcast will refocus on this and go through the relevant Scriptures, but can't take up the stories of the giving stories from for my own life than we are looking a bunch of New Testament versus I remember being in California I was speaking at a missions conference in Anaheim and at the end of the service they received an offer. Now I was the guest speaker. I was going to receive an honorarium not me personally, but our ministry would for my speaking and northerly of the offering is is is going to support this because Mr. this case missions as well and but I thought we ought I want to give to this. It's a missions offering want to give to others and I had $40 in my pocket literally I was going to be dropped off at the airport there in California and then it was can be the rent. I was can be flying back through the night and I thought I should skip it's in my pocket get to $20 bills that may have got no cash at the airport but the two $20 bills as well give and I I gave the money just honor the Lord will the guys dropping me off at the airport. He's a student in the seminary there and very clearly does not have money very clearly does not have money, it's you tell for the vehicle. You could tell just chatting right I'm getting out of the car, I say you can get a meal at the airport. I said yeah you can get some the eat before before the flight. After semi credit card to use writes like I was without any hope for thing right right. This is skip eating.

This is how I will get yourself a nice meal along my previous us is not on good Meg is not on. I want you to have this I thought okay to get blessed if he gives to get blessed for being generous. So what I want to honor that and not get in the way he was so insistent it was. He puts 220 load was what got Amelia get the airport for $40 right of citizens by the wallet there, but but it was just I just thought that. Isn't that funny. I just gave $40 out of my own pocket without literally 220 sending back in my pocket just a little thing but I thought this isn't that interesting.

Just one of those times. A little prompting act on okay there's another time I was speaking at a conference and I was can be traveling out from there and I really need to have some cash with me on this trip and during the offering.

I felt I'm supposed to give this money I'm supposed to give away this money the cash that's in my pocket. I thought okay, what can I do with seaweed. Get a book table here that someone's running for ministry and someone from the conference is running it. Maybe afterwards I go to the book table because I need some cash to travel with with expert this ministry and ministry trip. I thought on the second work because I will be able see the tables can be closed and I just felt just give it. So in my mind.

I went through every option of how to get cash have bankcard to use than slick room. I don't have any, but I feel supposed to get hello think a little little thing but II felt prompted and I gave and then afterward some friends a microblog it's in pieces in the days my UCP Celica is a sure thing we go out to the pizzeria and sit down for the meal in the night guy says I really want you to have this and just stuffs cash in my pocket. Somebody else just gives me some cash about God for meals of people all the time and they don't put money in my pocket. Afterwards and I looked it was much more than I gave a thought.

Isn't that interesting because in my mind again tiny little story but in my mind. I went through all the options and I thought now know is whatever you decide to go without money, and the next thing.

There's more cash in my pocket than I had before. I just was a little thing happened again. Got my attention. Okay, we lived on Long Island, and this was just thinking the apartment we were in there on long island, so it's gonna be where in 1980 and I'm I'm working about 70 miles from home this next day. In those days I sold baby pictures for living long time ago I was get my PhD at NYU supporting family married with two kids living in the apartment of the upstairs apartment two family house on on Long Island and would happen was that I get about 50 sets of pictures and they were entitled to a free 8 x 10 but when we went in there. We we offer them the different packages and by this at such an when when our first daughter was born. We've got the pictures to the whole thing.

I thought whatever it's fun thing. People like pictures of salesman natural salesman five so need Seo 810 people a day and most of them would buy and then you get a commission on that. So was that there was enough to live on was much was enough to live on, but this particular Monday I was going to be driving way out on the island. I lived in Place Kalama Park right next to Long Beach on the South Shore was going to go to Riverhead about 70 miles out. The only redeeming thing was I was going against the traffic each way, so it would take as long there been out there. I just felt that's a long drive. You try to leave early and make the calls and set up the appointments so long as only be done same day in anyhow I'm I'm looking at our bills and those days I paid the bills in the house and and I'm looking it's like okay got a pair rent we got this electric bill done in the rent.

The landlord is a really nasty nasty angry man who lives downstairs so you cannot be a second late for the first day of the month. That's it. Rent in his hand this and and I looked and I said that if I if I if I tied been there won't be enough on the short and I felt the Lord bring me to Malachi 3 knives said that Malachi 3 is not a legal thing over us today because when under the Sinai covenant that you are under a curse, if you don't tithe and and if you tithe you be out from under the curse with your principles of generosity.

There they gobble honor, principles of generosity and I felt those words from the Hebrew speak to me proves me sizzle.

The only time in the Bible recounts us to test him prove it.

Prove me as a Sunday night. A sinner can write the checks tithe on the Lord, but when it's time to pay these bills and have a shortfall, something has to happen. So is the only time in my life I ever felt God speak that verse to me and say prove me, test me and give wasn't a big deal. I mean what whatever my salary was if I got paid every two weeks. Maybe I was making 20 $5300 a week on a whatever it was was wasn't much and and maybe a little bit more.

That is a think but so you tithe zero 60 $70 every two weeks but it was the make or break your arm saying it. Sometimes you don't have $3.01 30 little and 60 little hundred thousand or 10,000 whatever so I okay Lord, I write the check on I drive out to Riverhead that day and I start like always make my appointments early in the morning and say look through the day. I'll see you try to make a little route that makes sense on the map. These before GPS and the first person they want a bike. Everything you kidding me just yeah great. I will get this back only begotten uncles and aunts it along to grandparents, and you need more pictures of the Grove. We love these pictures are you serious and next house. Same thing in the next house. The same thing at night call the office mid day. I was stunned, but I was stunned by God because he told her before permit.

Watch what I do know some baby pictures come on by the end of the day assessing 10 people a day there. The orders were so many only got to see a very members. It was eight orders for like $1345 until the story in years, so I really check on my thing was eight orders for 1300 45,000 baby pictures. Another really good lot of stuff.

Quality stuff. You gotta be kidding. The end of the week that the last customer made the biggest order in in in my histories like a $400, 399 and for whatever the lap and I was an apartment building and it put me over $4000 of baby pictures so that we can set a record for the company member for the house. When I finished that there was an apartment building just met with the husband and wife, and they ordered this and this and this and This everything we love are great but still it was the easy sailor head. I was stunned and I I got out of of the of the apartment, and right there in the hallway sews nobody walking down, up and down the part building. I got on my knees and raised by his worship, not because the money but because of the miracle of God think prove me you say what was a regular week was like over three times so sometimes over four times what what I bring in terms of sales for the company we get it at least three. And when I came in that that next morning there only did yeah show the figures there all stunned and it is never a never came near that again but it was it was God had quite a job but it was just God encouraging me to test to prove him to test him and to see what he would do the one and only time in the Bible it says to test him in the one only time he ever spoke that specific verse to me and that can't exult exposure many times to step out in faith and to do your equipment job and go teach a Bible college in Italy yet that that was all a part a few years later when he told me to quit my job at a better job at that point in the spring and will bit more money and and and we moved to house, got a great deal a house and so on. It and he's never challenge me in many ways. Step out obey him and test him in that sense, to see if the backers were but that was the one only time for Malachi 3 and the most amazing specific financial miracle. I have at work and you think I would baby pictures are you kidding me I been wholesome enough, but are you kidding me so I would encourage you.

You are not under the law of tithing in the New Testament as you have a spirit of generosity and freedom and joy to give to God's work to give in support your local congregation to given support the ministry projects and ministries that you believe in and to be generous to the poor to the needy. As you do it, not out of obligation, but out of love and freedom. It's amazing to see what God is all yeah you softer work still have to be good stewards of these other principles apply irresponsibility and laziness will never be blessed. Giving is never a way out. Responsibilities on the Lord record generous really see the river by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown said does the New Testament say about giving it certain the bills on the principles of the Old Testament.

It builds on the principles of the time it builds on principles of generosity. It builds on principles of supporting those that do the work of ministry in your life and absolutely supports that within their other distinct statements that are made look at what Jesus said, it's in the context of giving and generosity been forgiving and compassion. Look at what Jesus says Luke chapter 6 verse 38 woman verse give it will be given few a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, overflowing will be given Interplay for whatever measure you measure out will be measured back to you. This is New Testament principal that you will be blessed in accordance with your generosity.

It works this way in a thousand areas of life, not just financially that that that you will be treated as you treat others in here. You will receive as you give so this is from Jesus and yes it does apply financially as well as to others of life that in first Corinthians 16. Paul said that the first day of every week you should lay aside funds.

This is for special offering was taken to help the poor believers in Jerusalem. But here's the point with this. It is that there were systematic. Was put your money aside beginning of each week. In the beginning of each week would also speak of. Okay, this is the firstfruits thing. This is something I'm setting apart at the beginning before I have my expenses for the rest of the week. Set us apart for so giving to God first. That would be in accordance with the tide, the firstfruits giving to God first given to God systematically. Paul explains proportionately generously so you could say that this is the tithe. Plus, but not by command by principal by spirit. Let's look at what Paul writes.

Second Corinthians chapter 8 second Corinthians chapter 8 beginning verse one that we make known to brothers and sisters, the grace God has given to midsize communities in Macedonia that in much testing by affliction the abundance of their joy and their extreme poverty overflowed in a wealth of generosity on their part. I testify that according to their ability and even beyond their ability. They gave of their own free will. Begging us with much urging for the favor of sharing in the relief of the saints, moreover, is not just as we had hoped.

They gave themselves first to the Lord and then to us in keeping with God's will submerge Titus the justice he may destroy it before so he should also complete this gracious service resource and Titus Dell prepare an offering to help the poor believers in Jerusalem, but as you excel in everything faith speech and knowledge and all diligence in your love for us also excel in this grace and this divine enabling to give notices this verse eight I'm saying is, not as a command against the resetting New Testament command for the tide, but a call to generous sacrificial consistent giving of sin is thus a command, but I'm trying to prove by the diligence of others.

The genuineness of your love as well for you know the grace of our Lord assure the Messiah that even though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor's, that through his poverty might become rich is obviously speaking of of spiritual poverty and riches, or of naturally stripping himself of everything that we can be spiritually rich is not saying Jesus died for us so that we would be financially rich. This is not saying that the purpose of the cross is to make you rich, financially, that that's the Carl prosperity message which we renounce, reject, but it does it bother you think Jesus cared about earthly riches coming out from heaven all the treasures in heaven. You think you care about earthly riches, but here's the principle that he gave this we give blessing comes he gave. We are blessed we give sacrificially we are blessed. Okay. Second Corinthians chapter 9 second Corinthians chapter let's let's all table work will keep reading through go back will go back to second Corinthians 8 and impulses this verse 12. If the evenness is present, the gift is acceptable according to what a person has not according to what he does not have present relief for others and hardship for you, but as a matter of equality abundance at this present time meets their needs that their abundance may also meet your need so that they may be quality as it is written, who gathered much did I do too much. You get a little tomato too little about the children of Israel. Exodus 16 and the gathering of the man okay. Second Corinthians chapter 9 sin. Corinthians 9, beginning verse six.

This is for everybody. This is for all believers signature the is 96.

The point is this, whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully shall also reap bountifully we the Scripture up on our screen from only for those were watching, but pastor that I had late 70s early 80s was once asked, should should be tithe on our net income or our gross income and he said how much would you want blessed. You want God to bless your net income or your gross income know what you're asking God to bless so you use so sparingly you reap sparingly.

Now I never have enough. Maybe there's a reason we need to cultivate generosity. Maybe you need to change that attitude of I am always the one you needed God to the restaurant. Everyone has to treat me. Everyone has to help me every maybe so, start changing that. We want to give and be generous in his God and trust you with that than just open things up that the people that I know that are most supernaturally blessed financially of the most generous givers and date the more they give just pours out and they just keep getting more with joy.

Let each one gave us. He is decided this are not grudgingly or under compulsion to repeat, there is not a New Testament law for tithing and New Testament required for tithing. It's not New Testament your local congregation may say to become a full member. This is what we ask members they can.

They can also asked the members were jackets and ties member Jack and Sisley's were dressed like it asked what they want you know that that's fine, but there is no New Testament requirement for tithing.

Rather, a principle of giving above and beyond the time that each one. Give as he is decided in his heart, not grudgingly, under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. You often heard that word quoted hears words from and God is able to make all grace overflowed to you so that by always having enough of everything. You may overflow in every good work. As is written, he scattered widely gave to the poor as righteousness endures forever from Psalm 112 now look at this the one who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed and increase the harvest of your righteousness. You will be enriched in every saying for all generosity which thrust brings about thanksgiving to God listens again you will be enriched in every thing for all generosity which thrust brings about thanksgiving to God for the service of giving is not only supplying the needs of the saints is also overflowing with many thanksgivings to God because the evidence of the service they praise God for the obedience of your affirmation of the good news of Messiah for the generosity of your contribution to them and to everyone in their prayer few. They long for you because of the surpassing grace of God upon you.

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift. My motivation in teaching this was to teach it. In other words, it's a question were asked a lot. We've taught on this in years past, but I thought let's just renew this just the teaching on Sabbath for the same reason.

So my motivation in teaching on tithing was to lay out what the word says to explain these principles so in my heart as I read the New Testament, I see something above and beyond the time I see you giving above and beyond that, I see it systematic I see it set apart I see it as firstfruits and weeding get to the whole teaching of firstfruits of the Bible, but this whole aspect of putting God first in all these different ways. Friends my motivation.

Teaching was to share the word and to edify you with the word and to help you live out what God speaks for God desires that your life can be blessed. My motivation in teaching. It is not to generate funds for the ministry any more than my motivation on teaching on the Sabbath was to get you to keep the Sabbath for ministry is not my motivation. I will tell you this, that those of you who have given have blessed us greatly and we deeply appreciate your support. So I want to take this opportunity to thank you my motivation in teaching is not to request funds or to set up a special offering at the end of this broadcast motivation was to answer a question that we get a lot as we get Sabbath questions notice a lot to take a whole broadcast and go through Scripture and go through principles and lay these things out so that you can have a better understanding and making decisions in your own life, but I would be remiss if I did not thank you who's given to us over the years.

Some of you have been monthly supporters for many many years. Thank you. Some of giving sacrificially.

God knows that. Thank you. Maybe $100 check, but he felt like $1 million to you.

God knows that and we appreciate it and there's treasure in heaven. You get to meet people whose lives were changed, and perhaps even saved from darkness and sin through your generosity. Some of you helped us with one time gifts when you put out special appeals. Thank you. Your ministry of giving us a ministry. Just know that supporting your local congregation supporting other ministries helping others in the helping our ministry.

It's it's a great ministry, a ministry of giving ministry of generosity. The gift of generosity makes a difference. It lifts burdens off leaders it it it frees them to do so many things God's call them to do it. They give their focus and energy to that so God bless you. You have that spirit of generosity may you support your your home base your home congregation and those administered to you may do it out of the spirit of love and gratitude, joy, not out of compulsion in law made the smile of God beyond the everywhere.

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