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What's On Your Mind?

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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March 4, 2021 12:00 am

What's On Your Mind?

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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March 4, 2021 12:00 am

Our thought life can be a quiet killer. Bitterness, impurity, greed, hatred, and all kinds of malice take root in our minds before branching out in our actions. So if your thoughts are running rampant today, tune them out for half an hour and let Stephen give you something pure to think about.

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Ponder what goods are my gives us our transliterated were logarithm always effectively saying give the same kind of dedicated effort in the way you think that you would take to solve a heavy mathematical problem. You will never master these aids virtue, this is our goal, you will never master them, but you must maintain the pursuit of them as you grow in holiness, lest you be mastered by the long occupy our time since that's true. The apostle Paul has some advice on what that should be. He said that we should dwell on things that are excellent and worthy of praise, of course, if organ obey that command. It means that we will reject thoughts that are not excellent and not worthy of praise we can't do this perfectly, but it's what we pursue.

So what kind of things do you dwell on, could you use some help with your thought life.

Stay with us for Stephen Davies message called what's on your mind when you became a Christian, you didn't lose your mind. Some people think you did you stop using your mind that you actually began using it, according to God's design. Now since the discipline of the mind is so critical to that transformation process and the growth of the believer in holiness might ask the question, other guidelines kind of structure for me what my thought patterns ought to be like Paul amplifies that instruction from Romans 12 in his letter to the Philippian believers until let's go there, go back to his letter to the Philippians and will pick up where we left off in chapter 4 and were going to go through verse eight and nine verse eight in verse nine that Paul is going to give us six adjectives and two nouns to govern our thought patterns is getting is eight things that govern our thought patterns so our ally will be a point I saved him. 11 but I want to scare you. Just start with a okay eight things because this By writing finally, brethren stop for just a moment when he writes finally, brethren, doesn't mean he's finished effectively.

Just look at your letter.

Your copy.

You'll notice he has quite a few verses, yet go.

It doesn't mean he's coming to the end of it anymore than a pastor who says finally. Right what Paul means here is that he is coming to the end of a list of his imperative these commands that he's been firing off one after another. Remember, if you are with us in our study began in verse four with rejoice in the Lord. And again I say rejoice!

Ought to be in your translation or verse six be anxious for nothing!

Point and this list of eight guidelines. If you look down at the end of verse eight. He's going to give you the next imperative the next command dwell on these things.

So before we dive into the list. Let's understand that these are commands not suggestion for believers. It then you know in the faith for many years and younger believers. You can get a skirt and a visit.

This is where people are really fanatical about eating quality notices for every believer. And if you're a believer. This is your desire troubles you, when you don't have these thought patterns. It is your great desire to glorify God in following these patterns of thought. Just keep in mind the were about to read a list that are not electives in the curriculum of holiness their assigned courses and the assignments related to these courses are not 62nd assignment there hour upon hour day after day. If we want the mind of Christ. Now to the list.

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is true. At each point.

The first guideline here, runs absolutely counter culture to the popular guidelines of the day people. In fact, we've noticed a current generation no longer ask the question, is it true they ask does it work is a good for me will make me happy, healthy, wealthy, whatever not.

Is it true

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