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The Athlete's Guide to Success

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 31, 2021 1:00 am

The Athlete's Guide to Success

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 31, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is at the Mayflower Seafood Restaurant in Rural Hall, NC, with Joe Sperle, a leading coach, scout, and player with 40 years of experience, who founded the Freedom Pro Baseball Minor League. He's also the author of the recent book, "Athlete's Guide to Success: The Roadmap to Becoming a Champion." They're talking sports, faith, and parenting athletes!

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Crawl here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double training this is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network crack of the batch. The seams of the glove. The cleats on the field. It's baseball season. America's pastime in next to me is one of the leading coaches, scouts, players.

This guy could throw at you could hit it. He could run it is Joe Sperling's written a new book.

He loves Jesus the athlete's guide to success.

A roadmap to becoming a champion.

This is what Sally Moore has said she's a Wimbledon semifinal.

She said Joseph really a masterful coach with years of coaching experience shares about success injuries burnout pressures and coaching. Joey got a great host year but you're fired up because this is your passion taken the sports and point people Jesus right yeah this is this is really something that's been on my mind for a long time just really great to get out we can get all of athletes and parents and grandparents hands to really make an impact in will show him what what sports is about Nino continue to play and have fun. It's a lot of stuff I share my plan expenses and coaching experiences and some great stories of the players got overlooked and now there change your life forever electric that sports is a big part of impacting lives in developing character and friendships. It's been real exciting and I'm I'm just real proud to get out to help make an impact in the world right new book out like you and I is your baby arises a new bringing something new.

In his world. Joe whatsit Telus why you wrote this baby and they what's the biggest reason wrote this book. The biggest take away you want to help you one after. I think the number one reason was just seeing too many athletes that had ability and had potential and never reach their where they should've went and and it's a very tough road and the parents and the athletes you know you don't really know until you get down that road and it's too late.

So that's what I've done over the years as is been that coach and mentor, but this way I can get to a lot of people, so that you know they continue to develop and in reaching their potential and have positive life impacts. That's what's really what we want. We don't want any. This negative life impacts that that sports can create several wants her kid to be an NFL and the NBA in the majorly baseball right in NASCAR but that's not always how it works out for you and your coach does he come and pressure come from parents and how do you balance that what your challenge out there to both parents and coaches. Chapter 5 is about specifically for the parents for that. I'm just really sit back and join the time and it goes by quick and and and not really put no pressure on their son or daughter to the other big thing and what he wants out of college scholarship.

So you know it's great to do that. I've helped a lot of over 300 do that but if you just put the pressure on your son or daughter.

And in doing that it doesn't work that way.

You have to be out there just having fun in developing and learning life skills to and just being a good character really developing into a good human being, but many times guys watch baseball and you never hear them parsley work Molly else's play ball. It's it's about having fun without God in the Lord.

And this is your really try to point people to Christ through sports a great tool to lead people. Lord yes that's a great way to get him one on one. Getting a good atmosphere on out there in the field and the court wherever it is really start sharing some testimonies and stuff that I went through and then just start understanding how I did learn telling late age and 29 that I can spearhead do a lot of things but you come to a point where winning isn't everything and sometimes EE just hit a wall and when that wall and you come to the Lord and that's a time when you understand it the next day the sun will come up in the Lord's always gonna be there for you so it's it's a thing that really takes off that the secular pressure think of Evan Evan God is in control and having a foundation being at Evan some peace and was know this offer is who this guy is his name is Joseph early and he's written this book at least guide to success. Joey wrote this book, but things were looking maybe so bright tell one who Joseph early is going way back a little guy losing your dad an early age, you actually had to be the dad home in not just play a lot of sports city in every sport euros. The occasion to talk about that. Will they go back and get real was yeah that wasn't that was real traumatic time when I was age 11 he will find my mom passed and in and asleep in the bedroom and really took me tough. I was so deep and traumatic that anyone think about or talk about.

I just kind of buried it in my dad already had diabetes issues and some PTSD from World War II so he was pretty much kind of half there some days not real that will be enough to follow him and then once she passed he just can't almost gave up and diabetes.

He can take care of it and then he was. He was found on the street, passed out, and ended up going to veterans hospital so I raise the younger brother and in the it was it was a amazing time of a lot of the pressure. A lot of worry but sports is what kept me going and doing good and in school, but it one of the things it really teaches you about is is the support of family, father, mother, can can give to their children that I didn't really realize hustle started.

You'll see my teammates. We walk off and all the parents were there.

I usually had some good games and really help the team, but walk off the field and there's nobody there that's it's a pretty empty feeling to have that, you know nobody's there cheering on is as you know Stu you you mother's best advocate in the nose. Always avoid I had my life of walking off the field and in machine achievement. Scotland came over and she was 21.

Never got to see me play salt in our dedicated the book to my mom and dad never got to see me. You know, Excel and and a lot of things in sport so it's made me into the coach I am today though you knew you split your every waking hour trying to wake the rest of us up who do have parents or who are parents to use every minute to point out little one.

But most important to keep God the party and not become an idol at the sports field right exactly yet that the parents are these days need to just come to God. Realize that he is in control. Enjoy the time you know don't put the pressure on you want to visit. There's a good parental direction you want to gift to the children. It has to be biblical concepts number one, number two, just let them make some mistakes, but we watch and God and also having somebody is as an advocate or mentor that can kind watching I talk about that in the book that you really in today's world as you know Stu you talked about some your mentors, and in every profession, but especially sports you need a mentor that that's got a godly heart that's been down the road that the athlete wants to go and it knows how to guide them and care about them and give them some wisdom and have him reach his potential to get to God first, but also to go as far as he can advance and have great positive light, life changes, what about you guys, anyone. When asked question of Joe here. We got a cast of characters are, I'm sure you had coaches that made a real powerful impact on your life and pick the one come to mind things out. Yeah, it's interesting and I write about the book of all. It is a plan ahead. Three good coaches and in the one that was was a big impact was Bill Patterson who was the Oakland A's minor-league pitching coordinator now and I remember in Florida years ago I was on the field and also he started talking and in I could feel it was. There was some connection there and like this guy's sounds and is his spirit was a lot like me. All he had already been there. Down the road and in the majors got hurt at five shoulder and three elbow use number one pick the Yankees and was just a phenom in the old back then they didn't have the middlemen, the closers and and it is warm out the sound when he was a guy that that really took me under his wing that day and in and then we went in his office and he told me about some of the things little bit and we look at some pictures and there was an article in there. Talk about 20 had elbow surgery and in then Whitey Ford asked him to. You should try to lift vanity was pitching coach and worked all winter reported spring training to left-handed which I remember sitting there in Florida instruction.

Can we now think and while I've done some stuff with no parents set some records in basketball, football and baseball and and did a lot of in a amazing amazing things and I'm looking I don't know if I could throw 85 left-handed from some the book is available at least guide to success a roadmap to becoming a champion at goalie inscriptions pipe corner store record.

The white were your locations for your bookstore and your online to we have two bookstores in North Carolina one here in King North Kildonan didn't know when out in Statesville King is right near Winston-Salem and so come by and see if we do sell online as well will be up on a website called for so I checked there and it in a day or two and will have it up there but don't I want to ask if you had any favorite sections in this book, or concepts used, promote the book to me.

One of the things that that I talk about addressing there is that you have to play more than one sport is too much that's been out there that that's a false lead is to specialize in one sport at a young age because that'll get you to high school and college and maybe professional that is very low, chances that you do that, of the 255 NFL guys drafted last year 225 of them play more. The one sport in high school growing up so for all the parents and and you should have your son or daughter's enjoying and playing other sport so that they don't get burnout overuse injuries, loss of passion, I would've played 11 months of just baseball when I was a kid I would have small already had some start to get some elbow issues and I would think God for my genetics and was able battle through it, but I used to get a lump in my countertop. My forearm control so many curveballs of the young age of but that is really an end really find a mentor and coach that you really can connect with so that they really care. Number one, it's about making impact and care about. Instead, the coaches want to win that I see in the book that the measure of the coaches in his wins and losses, it's the impact that he makes in his athletes is really getting the website for the book is Joseph GOE SPE learn more about this wonderful book athletes guide to success a roadmap to becoming a champion Joseph early coach leader scout you got this guy get this book going online. Joseph how these kids go wrong, how these parents get to controlling what happens at the ballfield what is going on with sports out-of-control. Maybe sometimes parents are going so hard there ballfield instead of the church parties out of whack.

There's a man who spoken with the Clarion sound. His name is Joseph early music coaching group plan ball he hit some balls out of the park like you never usually got to hang out with this guy got it ran your church is being Joe got a great testimony and the first thing we shared some that with as you read this book, athletes guide success a roadmap to becoming a champion.

One thing you addressing here is this issue of narcissism. They know I will come out again. Say I'm not narcissistic, I just think the whole world of raw zombie okay just did that was for the group were at restaurant insulin is a little bit loud but we got some crazy guys in here rocking Ronnie's hold down the fort table. Jody encounter narcissism much out there on the out there on the hardtop or on the diamond. Oh yeah, it's everywhere and I would have wrote about in the book and its it's prevalent in the coaching world and in one of the biggest signs you you when you start to see that the coaches are talking about. This is my team and is all about winning and is all about them instead of thinking about the players and it's really toxic.

It's it's something that is is detrimental to to the world and we really need to to praying and bring them if you've really done some study on God is the only way that that can heal you of it after you have to come to the Lord and get your heart open up get you in and get cleaned and and really understand that and I think the biggest thing is ill. His parents wish we should love and and be involved with our kids and give love, but the world does not just revolve around you and your kids. You have to reach out and in like we do in our group we have to help others and you have to understand that you make the world a better place. We have to also believe and be happy for others. One of the things of a trait of the narcissistic personality is as they they don't know how to command and give happy for others and give give compliments and and when when you see that that that's a real toxic because they they have some some deep issues there that that's going to be real toxic for your son or daughter to be around her. Dr. Jeremiah say once he said are youse excited about other people's victories and successes as your background@a true servant hood Christlike attitude: brother successes and human form for kids idea what you guys around coach Joe, I'm in rueful guys right here. This guy has been in big encouragement to and he's got his book and its you can bide his website and that goal is Christians apply Christian bookstore in Keene, North Carolina and in Statesville, North Carolina and uncle DY going to run across the table from you and he made a great point.

Raw sinners will have a those narcissism little inkling for that. Thank God for his grace or sin in Jesus right to die for us to show us today is not about us. Things like time of these athletes have tended to explain them is not about us, especially team sports near your baseball footballers into the blocking and tackling basketball is given for me the bill or whom I can assure the rock with right to win a chairmanship as I may have 40 points with teams I can win, that's exactly right fact that you know why I have a lot of good times when when basketball high school in one of the things you know.

I took pride and was playing defense owes point guard and at times we lose love guys go over and look at the book is the only point is Gordon I Layton and I got my CM but look at how many points you got you got it scored. That's why we lost about so Joe what your challenge to struggling get out there Mannys his parents from trying to do and try to get back in the game.

Try to get back in the knee. Just as is done is just kinda is pleased these are not the sneakers but but you see that kids got some talent and has can make a contribution.

What church are you what you do what is co-showed you the Lord with all your. We also book your try to get these kids back in it and this is at one backsplash of culture because they would perish there still hope.

Yeah, I think what I did my first film is that you you were given some gifts and talents and the biggest thing is you don't want to waste those gifts and talents and have regrets. When you get older because he only got live and have one chance to take it, so you should you should never quit and walk away.

You should make him take care the jersey off you. Whatever passionate export.

You want to play in and don't stop playing. Just if if you have a bad experience. Take a break from it involved and then just do a little bit of stuff on your own and get some passion back in and really just don't. I've heard too many stories that too many men and women have told me that they wish. I just heard one this morning at what wins inward wish they would try this and played in and they still now almost 6 years old have that regret so.

My big message to any you athletes out there do not stop playing.

Continue to use your gifts and talents and and just work hard and and let it be a positive thing, but understand each day you going to have attempting a bad day, but God's going to be there for you matter what you did but continued to play in Intel they have to turn that uniform off you and played to reach people for the good news of Christ coming nephew on Dr. Laura on the basketball court.

That may never come jerk exactly yeah it's a great place to fellowship to really have a great time and enjoys gifts and talents and and no basically just spread word love and and and just have fun on the court because that's right. That's what kept me going with with my tough, you know, dysfunctional childhood is on the courts on the on the ill baseball on the football field was that that was my haven that was my seat, my safe place to get away from all of the dysfunctional home life that I had in it. It's a good peaceful place and and then you can really once you come to the Lord. It's just a great spiritual blessing to be on whatever activity you doing in sports athletes God's excess Job.

What is your final challenge is leave your for this awesome restaurant. It's been this food means Mayflower to Gus and Maria and Rall got him here to eat sometimes exit 118 guys, we are little bit noisier for these guys a job like Joe what your final take away your challenge by the Lord in everything within a day. I think at the end of the day and just want to do what he wants me to do and and really spread his love and in the affect as many people as I can and make an impact.

So the worlds better better place to live and we all can pull together and help each other and just wake up every day and smile and give thanks to the Lord, knowing that we did is will and that we we want to just make a big impact and spread his love in all and and and for use to it it's it's been awesome to the radio stations change my life and I listen to every day, you know, just come out here couple years ago and not really known anybody in and then being at the desk in one day and and and talking about station and saying that they did the very last I want I want to meet that guy that this run that station.

I knew there was there was a connection, just for the love that I can hear your ads you doing and in talking and then the different messages. Those messages last two years. I'm telling people eat, you need to listen 97. Seven have impacted and change my life in and gaining so much uplift that that it it's it's like disliking a breakfast for the morning. Just listen to some of the messages that come across so I really think you for everything you've done in your in love in your heart for Jesus and in the station is just that I can't say enough is phenomenal very kind kind word from Joseph early. We should call this book Christian radio guide to success, to see his ears boosted me up and encourage me today while that gives me chills. Hearing you say that God bless you get this book, folks. Be encouraged, given to someone you that having your life, that parent wrestle with the game struggling about boundaries and balances in. You know how much heat you give the coach must you listen to me you don't want to be that parents will read this book right showing will be encouraged to Joseph daily SPR or locally in North Carolina glints Christian supplier This is the Truth Network

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