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Bible Wonders - Guess Who Is The Dinner

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 5, 2021 9:38 am

Bible Wonders - Guess Who Is The Dinner

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 5, 2021 9:38 am

The Passover/Psach was the dinner as was the bread and wine... How do we apply that to our lives... Or how can we put our faith in the support no the Supporter. Called Temptation/ nacah

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In today's Bible. I would just like to share her thought of maybe you've heard the saying, guess who's coming to dinner. Well, in the case of the Last Supper is in follow-up to Easter like you've ever thought about this but guess who is the dinner is what Jesus did. That might as he broke the bread and offered the wine list, giving them some indication that we would be partaking of him in communion hopefully is much as possible throughout our lives until he comes back for so the word that interestingly is translated Easter in the King James version Bible.

It comes from the sock word which means Passover.

If you look in acts chapter 12 I believe it is in the King James Bible it says Easter there. It says penstock so that the sock word is fascinating because it's the word that we normally would say Passover and truly interesting when you see in Exodus 1221 Moses is commanding what should be done. It says take your laminate uses a regular translation for lamb, which is that a, Alice and none but then he says according to your families and kill the Passover, which Sherry says kill the penstock which is the Paschal Lamb. In other words, they killed each of them their own Paschal Lamb according to their families and then we know that they ate those lamps and so as they ate those lambs they took in Jesus himself. I mean if that's the picture that's being drawn and as we talked about an episode last week as we take in that we can't help but be thankful.

Well if we back in the word for sock. It's interesting to me because it the last letter in the word means life.

It's a pet and essentially essentially it's the idea of us reflecting God's image in marriage to him. The second letter is a sonic which means this is where we get our marriage, our support and the first letter is a pay which would again be the face of God in the present.

So here we see that life is essentially coming from this marriage to God, which happens by eating literally which Jesus made mention of when he said that you will eat my flesh and drink my blood. And every time we actually study the word we take in and take in God.

I mean this is a beautiful thing.

So this morning when I got up and I start looking at these words and I started getting the illumination that just makes my face smile.

I'm going now I know that's where my life is coming from.

This is my support as we literally have an opportunity to eat the word every single day, really every single minute of our lives, while the other word that really intrigued me this morning as I was comparing these two words is the word temptation, which sounds a lot like Passover only starts with a nun. Instead of with a pay. It sounds like this and it has similar makeup and in the but it starts with the letter none which means faith or seed, and interestingly then it has the sonic and then it has a hey and so when you take those three letters to put together at con is giving you.

This sense of that word means testing where they tested the people tested audit Mirabal that was the place that you find this word in Hebrew, which is always confusing because you take these wonderful beautiful things in their sin and you go. How do these letters become semi-always find that more than fascinating as I study them. But what this really means because a nun means faith and so it's like you having faith in your support, rather than in the real foundation. In other words, is your faith and your money is your faith in your marriage or is your faith in your work. In other words, I put my faith in my support is testing not encircling the Lord's prayer we say that every morning right lead us not into temptation, don't lead us someplace where you're not there, where were building on the wrong foundation to get our life, or in this case, to get our expression so I wonder if you just wander with me how we can continue to build on the right foundation writes our houses don't fall when the storms come some to wonder about today, I'm Bible wonders to

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