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Bible Wonders- How To Find Grace In God's Eyes

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 19, 2021 8:05 am

Bible Wonders- How To Find Grace In God's Eyes

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 19, 2021 8:05 am

Noah did it ...How can we?

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I wonder about how to find grace in God's eyes began looking in Genesis chapter 6 we see there that know I was the first one to find a heft you know the first thing I would say about finding Grace in God's eyes would be in order to find it. You got to look for and so seek and you will find an answer. I'm so thankful for all of us to get a chance to see the beauty of being able to seek that grace in her father's eyes, but the word grace I've I've studied it for years and years and years that I sometimes think you can feel it more than you can really define it. If you think about the really really godly people you've known in your life that when you're in their presence. You have this sense that your their favorite or maybe more importantly to me personally. I have the sense that they have faith in me that they believe in me and what it is that you know my capabilities.

What how it is that God gifted me and so when you look inside the word it was. We talked about couple episodes ago, you know, now's name spelled backwards is grace which is Chen.

If you were to pronounce that in Hebrew. It obviously know it's no off if you pronounce that in Hebrew so there's two letters involved.

The first one in the word grace Chen is the hat and that hat is a very very critical moment. I don't know for me it's a critical understanding. It means so much because it it represents life in so many different ways but the way they actually break down the letter. The Jews teach on this letter is just absolutely beautiful is that it is essentially a group of three different lines in the first line that is a straight line this coming down. We talked about many times it in itself is a letter it's above and that vav is essentially this idea of a male energy coming down from heaven and becomes critical in the hat that there was a male and female energies, and so the vav they teach is a male energy coming down and you know inside of every one of us is a good compact God spark that certain something, you know, God made you very uniquely with the way that you reflect God that only you can. In other words, if you don't reflect God in the way that you can then nobody ever gets to see that aspect of God, which by the way, that's one of the things the Angels are really looking for when they look at mankind as they want to see God and in when you begin to reflect God in your unique gifting is a unique, meek way.

No, essentially that's your glory.

And it's so much has to do with this concept of the hat so there is a male energy coming down and then on the other side. That's the right, straight line coming down on the other side.

It looks like there's another straight line coming down but it's a little different in that it is as I am. The letter Zion in which they believe is a female energy going back up to see and so you gotta a male energy coming down, which is God's in a gifting to you, God's glory coming down into you that you uniquely reflected when you do, you reflected back up in a female energy is the bride of Christ, but unfortunately Jews, although they understand the letter that others in the picture because we are the bride of Christ. And so we reflect God in a very unique way. And so you know that's coming back up and over the top of those two letters is what they call a believe it had to Tarik, but it's essentially the concept of the Hoopa River go to Jewish marriage. You will note that they have the bride and groom standing under this Hoopa and it it has to do with the crown.

It has to do with the marriage canopy, but when you married this male energy to the female energy you get life and that's why this letter the hat means life in such a beautiful beautiful thing and it is the first letter in the word grace or Chen. And so as we think about this guy. I never can get over the fact that Jesus is full of grace and truth.

And so as you go looking for Jesus. If you seek Jesus Weldon you're going to begin to see the idea of grace which we talked about earlier is that when you are around a really godly person.

You feel like your their favorite if you every time you're around a person feel like there they think they're a lot better than you that you know this is not this is disgraceful people to dismiss. You don't believe you're worth anything that's disgraceful because God clearly thinks you're worth enough that he died for you okay so the second letter in say excuse me in grace is the final none. In other words, when you put the noon on the end of a word it. It's called a final none is a very long straight line and the Jews actually call this the nail beautiful thing, but it has everything to do with faith. We talked about it before. It's a seed but more than that, it's faith.

And so when Noah found grace in God's eyes. When God looked into Noah's unique way that he reflected him and he saw that Noah had, in fact, life, and he had faith in what Noah would do.

He had faith that Noah would be the one that would continue to bring life on the earth and it it it's more than beautiful that Noah found grace in God's eyes and and actually very beautifully. If you look, the idea of grace is not used just throughout the Bible and like a thousand times. Anything is owned there's this really beautiful thing to just do a study on that word Chen and see where you'll find in one of the places that you find it just absolutely beautiful is in the 45th Psalm which is the marriage saw it's actually the marriage Jesus all at any other thing that you find very interesting. If you look carefully at the word is translated grace in Greek. Jesus himself was full of grace but he rarely use the word in fact I think he only used three times but where you'll find that he used it was when he was talking about how you treat others at an especially you know, if you treat people that dislike you with love that would be great for what he actually says if you treat the people that treat you poorly poorly what grace is that to you.

In other words, how are you seeing the potential how are you seeing God spark and that other person is really a challenge to us.

Can we be that godly person that when somebody else's in our presence. They can tell it there that we believe in them.

We believe in the God spark and then we believe and and they are her favorite, or they can sense their favorite, you know that's one of things I really want to strive for my life because I know that it is a seed that when you begin to get grace from somebody I remember I did really really poorly until the six grade. In fact, I flunked the six great second time I did six grade there was a teacher that just spoke into my abilities and pulled me out of the doldrums of school to where I actually and ended up being in a student, but it happened because she believed she had grace she believed in me, changes everything you see the story many, many teachers and so as we look out across the world we act we grace our way to be one of those disgraceful people. How can we find favor in other people's eyes. How can we find favor in God's eyes. Well when God looks at you.

If he sees Jesus, I guarantee your favorite

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