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Bible Wonders -7 Names Of God Part 3

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 3, 2021 9:59 am

Bible Wonders -7 Names Of God Part 3

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 3, 2021 9:59 am

The Fourth Name of God - Elowahh - I wonder, wonder, who wrote the Book of Love...

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I wonder wonder who. So today I'm Bible wonders, you might just for the answer that age-old question is we continue to wonder about the names of God and today we get to the fourth name, Yahweh and the Adonijah and we did the L course. Yesterday we skip forward number six was should I today were going to take on the one that I really find interesting out you don't hear a lot of studies on it, but corrupt. My friend Matthew Henry said this about the song of Solomon district. My name is so deep it clearly an elephant can swim around in it. Of course I think all the names are deep enough for that.

But this one you can really just start to swim and swim and swim and wonder and wonder about as it isn't one of those disused all that much except in the book of Job, which pronounced LOS which is essentially very similar to the L name. We talked about, which is an Alice in on the med but now you can add two new letters in these two letters are left to wonder about for eternity, for sure there a vav which is a vertical line which you referred we talked about many times is connecting letter that connects heaven to earth and so that's really important thing when it comes to God's name and so this one's going to be a connector and then the next letter is a letter that I think clearly, I can wonder about for eternity and it is a hey in this letter as being the end of this particular name of God is absolutely spectacular in that it means so many different things. It is usually would be considered a hey is what it's called but the letter would be very similar to saying hey or behold or some type of an expression, but also is the beginning letter of all the time. References like past present future all begin in Hebrew with this hey because this letter is kind of expression beyond time so when you think of the whole concept of to be, or I am. This is that letter so we looking at this particular letter were seeing all these aspects of God that are essentially saying that this particular name of God is the God of I am accused about 56 times in the Bible and over 40 of those are all in the book of Job. So when you see the word God in the book of Job.

It's almost always this LOS word for God again. The fourth name that were to talk about one of the beautiful things about this name is this the one that Moses chose when he is singing his song in Deuteronomy 32 and very specifically in the 15th verse is the first place that we see this in the Bible. And so I will read that verse for you is I think it's just really speaks to who this particular God is Emily think about this God.

Moses gives this picture in the song that he saying in Deuteronomy 32 so is verse 15 Jasmine asked fat and kicked thou art wax fat that art room, thick thou art covered with fatness.

Then he forsook God, which made him an lightly esteemed rock of his salvation. So this particular God. Moses is telling us Moses, unfortunately, has too much experience in this particular verse that this is the God that made it, and it is also the God that is the rock of his salvation, and so you can't help but think all who's that mean nothing was made without Jesus right so Jesus is the one that made him suggest wonder about that for a minute because this is the Jesus that made Adam and when he made Adam inside of Adam as I begin to wonder about that was the seed for you was the seed for me. It was actually the seed for Adolf Hitler and it was the seed for Joseph Stalin. It was the seed for Judas and Ahab and Jezebel, but also David and all these different heroes of the Bible. My grandparents and all these different things that when Jesus made Adam somehow or another in his seed would be all these different people that included me something to just itself lead me to wonder and then when he says the rock of his salvation. You know, it's a beautiful thing that Jesus is clearly the rock of our salvation.

And that word salvation itself is you sure so this is the rock of Yeshua, will it pretty much a speaking to Moses is talking about Jesus and in the sad part about the first but in its own way.

Surely speaks so much to Israel is when you think of the rock that Moses struck is when he lightly esteemed the rock of his salvation, and it cost him not to go into the promised land. At that point, you know, in his physical body. Well, when you think about the whole history of Israel, the rock that they have lightly esteemed clear to this day is the thing that's keeping them from the promised land right in this particular God is this LOS right that the L sound and then above and then this hey and when you think about Jesus. It's such a beautiful thing to think that he is there. As we know from his explanation of I'm the Alpha and the Omega from the Alice you know that. Is there the beginning of the law but also when you think that is since this hey is the end of this expression of God's will.

He is the Alice and the Nam and the top of before time in time and at the end of time. He is he is the rock of our salvation.

He's all these things and it's all in this place here in Deuteronomy 3215 as we clearly see he is the one that they're singing about the 50s who wrote the book of love, something to really wonder about.

I wonder when there who

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