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What Makes God LAUGH?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 27, 2021 11:30 am

What Makes God LAUGH?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 27, 2021 11:30 am

Covid causes a replay of one of the most popular Christian Car Guy Programs.  Robby ponders the question, "what makes God laugh?"

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. The following is a prerecorded program. Whereas I guess I can hide it inside as this is an question today on the Christian card. So what makes God laugh, when were you sure would love really needs some stories today. I'm here by myself just flew back from NRB all night from Los Angeles a little giddy, but when were you sure that you heard God laughing. Sometimes people think they can't take me anywhere is this week at the NRB which is a national religious broadcasters convention. It was held in Anaheim California and my boss and his very dignified father all these people were all sitting marinade taken us to this it was a sermon that was being held by being an up-and-coming pastor.

He was outstanding. There's no doubt about it, but he made this remark in the middle of his sermon on the second Psalm. If you've ever had this happen where you need to scout a lot of emotions going on. I lost my father, we can go to see as you guys know and just burst out laughing the middle of this church. Everybody's looking at me like you know what was that about what he said. That made me laugh and I do think it's funny, I can't help but think it's funny but what he said was when God laughs. It's not funny or what you think what you think.

Do you think God laughs at things that aren't funny and again he was in the context he was on about the second Psalm and let and I realized you know the authority of Jesus Christ and one in a little God was laughing at the people that were raging against him. But what you think. Does God laugh and what if you hurt, I mean, what's the story that you can think of, or you just know that you can hear him laughing or maybe in your life in nature. Or maybe there's a Bible story that you know absolutely for certain that this is a picture of God's sense of humor. I mean I just need you call me 866-348-7884 we have a good number. Working 10 so 866-348-7884. Here's an example of one that I thought of actually thought of several. I'm very excited about hearing years because I could use a laugh today. There's no doubt about it. I'm not much sleep so years ago when I was the you know I owned Westside my Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Marksville, North Carolina, and one day this couple came and Kristin went to speak.

The owner and you know they came in my office and I was like how can I help you said well God has told us that you're going to give us a van with slick God is told you that I am going to give you a van about this point I am. I am certain that God is laughing because he knows what what he knows what is actually going to happen here, but I didn't and I was like what in the world. I mean this to sound crazy to me like you know you may think our dealers have all kinds of money and they can just give people a $25,000 van but that just isn't and what they can do or not those cars are all floor planning and I'm paying interest on them and they're financed also so you know that's like our dealers mostly work that anyway. So when they said that to me it just was like beyond ridiculous. But for some reason the Holy Spirit said stick with this. Stick with it and*tell me your story and oh my goodness when they went into it. You know they had this setback in that setback and horrible death in the family of the child in all these things when when they got done with that I mean I was like oh yeah I met II can see why God would say that were supposed to give your event but again I don't have a van so I know I don't know about.

I just start praying and then we start playing together like God gives wisdom because I don't know how to do this well. We called a couple of the other you know people that are very close to American websites. On the other managers and we start praying and the office manager says you know I think there's a program to power has and you know this was years ago, so I don't know if they still have the program or not. For people that have a desperate need like that they have a foundation nerve charity of some kind that they might, you know that they might provide funds to help do that but you know the slow stories that you know God's laugh.

I just knowing lost because he knew that when those people came and I was like what the world but if I lived that I would delete it so that these people went off to do power.

This is the same day there. Can I go they drive to do power and they tell that story to do power and do power calls us back publicly called any dealer any Chrysler dealer after the call given them a check that and that they bought them a use van but it was a late model used van it was it was 12 or $13,000.

I mean, I remember thinking oh my goodness, look what we do, saw happen and you know it certainly wasn't me that gave them that God did, and I know that God was laughing. I mean I mean is just pure joy to see these people's needs met and and and to see my unbelief in the midst of that in all that that went on their but I'm dying to know your story, 866348788486634 truth. Or maybe there's a piece of Scripture that you've always said right there right there that's where God is laughing. John Eldridge talks about the scene where the guys are coming back. It's in the book of acts where Jesus is on the side of the bank. No cooking breakfast and the guys are been fishing all night. You know, and Jesus is in his resurrected body and and you know you would think that you know he would be saying hey look guys, I'm over here on the resurrected, you know, you would think is what he does is like a pig catching anything and are just throwing that out there catching anything.

Guys that we heard this before.

This unfamiliar and in other like now. We fished all night nothing and so he says you know will throw your net over on the other side of the boat will you love the second he says that this has to be like dj vu moment for all these guys and and then that when they realize it's the Lord it's certainly dj vu at any I can almost in John Eldridge points out that I bet some of those guys were teasing Peter. You remember the last time this happened, you know, get away from the Lord. I'm a sinful man really was joking around with that. This is what was going on and so where do you see that kind of thing in Scripture. In fact that's in a book that John Eldridge will call beautiful outlaw. It's an amazing story, so I would love to hear yours 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 is a number to call in and share. Maybe you hear the nature you buy a particular bird that when they are doing their call.

Your hearing God's laugh or you know we got Janice's in Raleigh would get started with her janitor on the Christian Car Guy sugar morning good morning. I don't know all the names of it but I love my Bible anyway. But look, I think it after I hire there. He's got real special privileges and he comes back and tells his wife like God. I was invited to dinner just for any glory getting all puffed up with pride. We both know how God feels about people are puffed up with pride but is getting all prideful and thinking self rational and then on him and he humiliated and killed and a little humor net. I don't know if I'm to think that humor Jim something about that was when you read this read the second Psalm right pain and was raging against many was raging against the Jews and raging against God and God and God's, mock sunlight, and if it a part of that story that I remember is your mention that it was because the king, and thinking that he's fixing to get honored in the thinking, so what should I do for the man that you know that the cat on stage and a lot given the big Roby plan for him to think that it was going to him to me. I think comedy but again, I might have intuited that humor, but I think that is or wasn't for him and his family, but thank you James God bless all that is a great story where where you see it in the Bible where have you seen it in your life or you knew that God was laughing 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got so much more Christian Congress of can hear the restaurant. Don't forget the podcasts exist as our without some request coming obsolete stuff suspected a lot more Christian Car Guy ship 866-34-TRUTH 70 what makes God laugh today on the Christian Car Guy showing where were you sure that you heard them laughing. We would love to hear your story, 866-348-7884 the number calling and share again maybe sit somewhere in Scripture that you heard God laughing. Or maybe you got a story where you knew, like he was difficult. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call in and share and I do want to thank everyone all man all the people came to the funeral. All the wonderful cards the donations the Jesus labor love all meant so much to me, to my family all my brothers and sisters were there from all over the country and we really had a great time celebrating my father's life last Sunday and so you know, and that I got an airplane and flew to Los Angeles and so is just been a whirlwind and I really wanted to attribute to my dad like I did for my mom and she he was part of Christian Car Guy theaters. We had him on many times I have several soundbites from my dad that we can, but I don't have time to do that this week plus share some of the stuff that I shared about his life at the funeral. If you were unable to make it so I minute try to get all that done for next week but today I just need the life cycle we have a man is in Huntersville. I bet I know what and that is and you're on the Christian really like the way last that we may not weep Ryan's I think I think you have a lot and I love the one that does defendant that humor safety valve on the boiler room of life and admitted that it is that God has given us negative laughing man. I'm laughing all the time that the Lord I just I think they had done anything that I've been appointed really quickly about Dale and then the donkey that you know you I had 22 and not doing anyway.

Here Baylon is in his donkey kinda stated life in Annandale and keep beating the donkey and the donkey finally talked to Mindy Denton get the bail and he doesn't figure out that the doctor is talking but I love when I get to the plant with the angel he fantasies the angel who was about to kill in any just as loudly being a donkey three times I've Had apologies a Reckless lack donkey stop me.

Later, the three-time kind away.

I would have certainly killed you by now, but I would stare at her. I never visited the story, but I don't think I ever picked out the detail I wouldn't know. I will see Isaac and I wouldn't I would bear the diagram below.that is, thank you, thank you you're welcome. Yes, it's good to be back so I'm so grateful that you called in and share your good humor, so you've got a story that you want to show your thinking right now Robbie. I know in the Bible describes me up every time 866-348-7884.

Maybe it's a personal story, something like that. But unfortunately the next guest I have on the Christian Car Guy show this is note this is no laughing matter at all. She had reached out to us with a pretty desperate need and I told her to call in and and we would share it on the air.

There's a link to my website to a Christian Car under this post today so I made a welcome to Christian Car Guy show is Anita Rutland so I needn't tell our listeners what's going on in your life well.

Mary rule in the middle of nowhere. It built for your that guy got around to thinking with a dotted there's no public plant became and when I lost my mom 2013 out with the loan and I'm having a hard time with the probate can't be taken if the ability for God. If you think going thinking so you reset the somebody else hope you got to pay John talked about that Marilyn hate everything Double and papal and had another one upon the date 35,000. They would pay the final 5000 online game and going and then this weekend made another foundation out of Washington and they said they were going to wait to help me the opportunity to make a list number one, we can all join in prayer with the need to think when we do that right now, Lord, thank you for Anita thank you for your courage in the midst of great trial and I thank you for her reliance on you and then seeing that you're gonna be the one that that meets this need. Like the people in the van story I talked about earlier.

Lord, you amaze us so many times with ways you come through Lord, I pray your hand on this and I pray that our listeners would join with me and and just ask you to meet this need and you know it's a desperate one and she's way out there. She's can have a four-wheel-drive vehicle that is not only four-wheel-drive but handicap in a wheelchair type vehicle so that really means to almost be a Hummer and so they've got it figured out. And Lord, we pray that you would help her serve to raise the funds to be able to do that and I thank you for a chance to help Jesus name I pray. Okay if you go to Christian Car and you look at the love. The last picture that I got there you will see the link to Anita's page that they're donating to our file music we can all pray and do our part. Sunday God bless appreciate you calling you. I will end God make you laugh 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so much more. You're listening to the Truth Network and and in so so what makes God laugh. If you've ever thought about that but you could perhaps see instances in the Bible. If you got one of those we've shared several people shared some awesome ones we love to hear that it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH, or perhaps there's a story in your own life that you know that God was laughing, and I'm sure I'm sure one of the second he was laughing with me not at me, but sometimes she thought the Keith lesson that some people we want to hear those stories 866-34-TRUTH 8788 866-34-TRUTH 87884. As I mentioned at the beginning of the show. I was at the National religious broadcasters convention this week and I heard my my pillow add during the commercial break and I wanted to share with you I you know you see Mike Lindell on the my pillow ads on TV and actually I was a little concerned, but I met him in person at the NRB actually spent some time with him and I gotta tell you I was really really impressed on a lot of levels.

I mean really speak from the heart about a lot of things and and certainly when it comes to sleep in his passion for that when you really you know when he starts talking about Delta sleep in the sky was a mean he really really has this thing where he wants to help people, but the part that just blew me away was his faith and his testimony and I mean it is a very overt Christian believe me and I had no idea that he was one of the major sponsors in the movie unplanned that is come up as we can believe it it it may have come out last week but that's the movie about the abortion clinic closed which I've seen that it you know it's one of those difficult movies to watch, but it's important to watch it.

I think his there's a cemented about that that abortion pill that really I had no understanding of the horror of what that does for the person that takes it course I understood the horror for the babies involved but I didn't understand all that was going on with that in this movie points out some things that are I think really need to be told. And so I was really really impressed that Mike Lindell really supported that movie in a big way, both financially and in promoting it so you know I was really good I was. It was one of the encouraging things to happen to me at the at the NRB but I want to get back to I love to laugh because I do love to laugh and That's the story that I couldn't help but think about that God was laughing with me was enough you've never heard me tell a story before but I was afraid of the dark. I'm 6'5" tall and 250 pounds on maven 235 the time of the story about a big I am not small.

My wife is not about 5 feet tall, but I was terrified of the dark back 20 years and so that when I was a baby Christian.

I had grown up afraid of the dark and if there was some kind of noise. Believe it or not I be like Tammy need to go check that out and it was just something I really struggle with and if it was if it was his dark stormy night. The chance of me getting any sleep. My pillow or not was not can happen so one night my wife and kids actually gone out of town to visit some friends in Pennsylvania and we live in Winston-Salem at the time we lived in a house down by the University that was kind of a so creepy in her house a lot of trees around it and you can picture the night at storm and you got lightning, thunder, and Rob easily in the bed and he is terrified he is a baby Christian.

About all I knew in my mind was this must be sin. You know it can't be right to not to have this kind of fear and so I did know how to do it but I dissent God. I know this is wrong. I have this much fear, but I'm terrified of the skin admitted to you. You can see him terrified obviously and terrified. You know, I don't know how I'm supposed to give this to you but please take it 60. He says to me clearly, the Holy Spirit says to me I you know through this conversation I'm having Robbie what's the worst thing that could happen and I said will some you could come in here with a knife in my God, you know, I just did. I even did the stabbing motion like that's what can happen and what I believe Jesus said to me very clearly at that moment is what would be so bad about that and I know that God was laughing at that point in time with me, saying as he saw the light come on in my little head that said all your threaten and meet with Jesus like if I die I get to go be with you like oh wow, and I understood my own mortality, which was to be a critical thing for me in my life as I would within a year have what was supposed to be terminal cancer, and all sorts of crazy things going on in my life so this understand. It was fascinating to me that he arrange for this to happen more. Tammy was out of town. He arrange for you know the storm all the stuff because to me he really had a lesson Robbie's thought process that he had a really important lesson I needed to know as I was going into that particular season of my life and the have to think that he was standing there laughing at that point may look to my eyes and said, what would be so bad about that. So what's your story 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Would love to hear your story where you perceive God was sharing something with you. And when he saw the light, got a good chuckle out of that 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share with that again just like we have the lady call interest moment ago. We have all kinds of requests that the Jesus labor love. We have request for vehicles. If you've got an older car that you need to know you don't want to trade income you think you will get enough money for. That's usually what we have donated to us and and I think we gave away 16 last year we've given Neutra for this year already and so if you've got a situation like that or you know somebody that's got a car like that and it's amazing the blessing. I mean, the amazing, the blessing that I see and I actually have request and also to different areas where we have the radio show and so if you've got some like that you can bless us and if you go to Christian Car There you will see the Jesus labor love which is car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and sometimes people donate cars to a so you go to the Jesus labor.

Love you will see there that there is a donated car form that you can fill out and share with us or you know if you need help in the that's what is therefore you know somebody else that needs help, that struggle and in some way we don't know meet all the need sometimes, but rarely we meet all the need because we want everybody to take part in what's going on and so you know it's a wonderful thing in it, and certainly the wonderful donations came in from the funeral and etc. with my father's passing last week that's been awesome so if you go to Jesus and me go to Christian Car and then you find the Jesus labor love while you're there, course got podcasts if you wanted to hear the beginning of the show or you want to hear another story or or previous shows it's all there. The podcast page. The chart also found out about podcast today coming this last week at the NRB was that if you have an Alexa or if you have Seery in your phone if you have an iPhone, you can simply press the button and say Siri play the Christian card I podcast and it pulls it up in a just place it just like that, you know, so if you missed an episode or you want to listen to podcast at home. You know at your leisure and you don't want to miss any part of it. All you have to do is say Alexa play the Christian card I podcast and I think I'm dried up, and this is an amazing resource of all this technology is coming our way, or if you know your favorite Christian radio station that you listened to. Right now, maybe it was the carrier you're listening to KCI us up there. Then you just tell no Alexa nurseries that that that's who you want to speak to you want to play the music you want, excuse me player Christian teaching intoxication.

You just tell that to your device, and away you go. So we in this case me because I don't have a guest with me today I'm at so I need your help. I need your story.

Where did you see God laughing. Maybe you saw in the Bible maybe you see it nation in nature. Every time you hear a river trickle or maybe a bird calling there some way that you hear God laughing.

We would love bless us with that please 866348788486634. Truth is never call you and share. Maybe you saw a bumper sticker lately about God or something that just tickles you anything were just loving the laugh. Today I'm a Christian Car Guy show and so were excited that you can share that information is interesting. Standing there with you know, and I almost feel like you talk about what I did on my summer vacation at the National religious broadcasters convention because I meet so many fascinating people doing so many fascinating things for the kingdom. It's amazing all that God is all over the place all the time. So we've got a lot more that encouragement. We need to hear from you.

866-34-TRUTH 87884. Thanks you will I make God laugh today I'm a Christian Car Guy I show and where were you sure you heard him laughing. We would love your story, 866-348-7884 as a member to call in. Maybe you know it somewhere in Scripture in your own life got Jeff is in North Carolina. Jeff you're on a Christian Car Guy show good morning. I'm excited to hear your story. I story about the dog.

I think it will be like the working about the bailout and Bill dropped the bail, go ahead and call honor God and the Billy build an all calling God not followed by where it by Firebird to God, though, you go ahead and take birth back at it, though they brought under God and pray leaned on her neck to cut the bell and it like down the block to make God on a little lantern wake him up but they did not bark journey maybe maybe the get to you right now though their holler louder than holler and boy, but the maybes going to relieve himself, and I'm sorry but you know Elijah was on a roll, but I don't know. Think about how many standup comedians comedians are Jewish and and I think that Eliza was pulling that off right there that's a great arrangement. Thank you. Yeah that's perfect that's exactly right.

There's some real comedy and that no doubt no doubt God bless thank you arrived at 866-348-7884 as a number to call in and share what you see where you where you see that I have a story another one where I know God was laughing at me was and I wrote this article years ago just for five years ago. It was called the thrill of the life of the ride is in the curves and I had a week where man I mean the justice department head garnish my wages in the mistakenly bad situation where they never sent me a notice and I'd gotten sick and there were 456 things all happened to me and I was really upset at God over all, Adam must impact with maybe don't ever get mad at you but I will.

I was not you know all that happy with all that was going on with me that week and I literally had this vision that he gave me as I lay there one morning praying about all this of this little toy car he would wind it up as he rounded up he would go over this track that was supposed to be like a little kid's racecar track. He wound it up. The round up the car so tight that instead of going around the track.

It would just jump the curb and go across the table and he would do. He did it over and over again and it seem like was just driving me crazy like don't line the car so tight, so to go around the track and I know he was laughing at me.

I know he was laughing at me because what he was saying, roughly we are, we all think we can do life about God. But when we lean into the curves like those situations like I need it when she's asking God to come in to her life to help her in this manner. Whatever it is that God's going to help us with when we lean into that. That's for life really gets to be its full so I can't do this anymore God comes in and saved my bacon.

But he is just laughing at me with this little toy car you is getting give the Christian car guy. This picture looks like our jumping over the tracks because you know the thrill of the of the ride of any know roller coaster whenever it's in the curves or two in the up-and-down stuff you know it's when things look tough and then all of a sudden it comes in that makes all the difference. We have Anna's in Washington this morning and you're on Mukilteo say that Canada and in Oregon here.

Yeah so they're having much luck back to bed but anyway so tell me your story well I God woodpeckers here woodpecker. I only thought that would write what I thought they were named for and we have some in her neighborhood to I think and I kept hearing a loud noise like somebody banging and I thought no Q&A construction around here with all the woodpeckers up on the chimney and melt flu thing that goes down chimney part goes all over and I started laughing when I figured out my neighbor said did you hear that woodpecker is not what I just started laughing so I think I blasted with that hit some of his creation yet you think he siding them to make that racket to Lake of the world of the fact that they're not alone. I like that I'm retired and put my neighbor so I think at why we hear this more often than 10 people in the neighborhood and and that's enough to make me want to cry because you know God senses these wonderful notices that the 60 hey remember me but I don't think my neighbor looked at me like the neighborhood Christian so wonderful and thank you for calling in this year and I called her lap's. God bless you, thank you bye-bye I love stories like that were I was.

I was fishing one day will actually equate that this went was I wanted to take God fishing with me. That was my big plan. You know I'm okay, God, you and I are going fishing babe of course I'm sure Peter tried for a few text but you know I get so involved in the fishing because I'm a guy that I forget God in an art.

I've been fishing for a few minutes and all of a sudden this dear shows up and you Norman dear hundred two, so I know that there's they don't show up around people, especially when they're downwind of you and this this this dear approaches me from downwind, so it obviously knows that I'm there and I'm there is no doubt in my mind that what God was saying Robbie pittance.

It's me hi you were out here nature. You know I made all this stuff is really really sad to me that we spend so much for life and doors were we can't get those messages that he can send that way. Like the woodpecker, like the deer or different things, but if you go take a hike and you go look.

So I was getting give this talk at the boot camp last week. Now understand I had tough week but lost my father and really really glad to be in the boot camp. God is coming after me in a lot of ways I had taken this hike and I was going to give a talk. The next day on spiritual warfare and I came across this tree that had died and there were pinecones all over the pinecones, all of them, even of the tree was dead were still tight together almost like a new pinecone and they kinda hold their seats together like that, but there was one that it opened up and it was like the destiny of many was in the arms of a few.

Because this one time, thought was a great sheet exactly right clicked off that piece of pinecones you know that about 10 on took it to my reviews of the next morning or the next morning all the pinecones it opened.

You know why because once they were connected to the branch they die got a bigger spiritual lesson for me with the pinecones that I thought you know he's just out there and I know he was left things like copy that you get it.

So wow look for them this week it's going to be amazing.

Thank you for listening Christian card.

I shall remember Christian car bless. This is the Truth Network

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