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February 3, 2021 3:00 am

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February 3, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt mentions the potential plan for a CARM Israel trip in March of 2022, partnering with Eric Johnson from MRM. He asks those interested to email Why was Aaron told not to grieve the loss of his sons in Leviticus 10---3- Was Jesus a liberal---4- Can Christians be democrats---5- What is a Matthew 25 Christian---6- A caller wanted to challenge Matt's understanding of Hebrews 6.--7- What's your position on rapture theology---8- A caller wanted to share her research on the Covid vaccine and challenge the idea of Matt going on an international flight with vaccine requirements.--9- Are there levels of sin and what's the biblical support---10- Can women challenge or bring up a concern to a pastor if he is teaching something unbiblical-

Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
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A previously recorded that's like show mass like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is called to respond to your questions at 877 live 20 McCall. We have listed four lines 877-207-2276. I want to hear from you. Please give me a call all right hey guess what will really be doing is so I spent some time talking to Eric Johnson of the Mormonism research ministry MRM got over Jim talk last night and talk to Dick Eric Dawes, among other things, with talk of Mormonism into just a bunch of great stuff is he.

He does trips to Israel and I wouldn't do it karma trip in March 2022 next year takes a year to put everything in the money to get all the kind of stuff. If you are interested in ingoing and utility cannot but you are definitely interested along and ask you to do is email Eric X Mormonism research they're not Mormons. They are the questions and the Eric will be going on the trip and Lord will all be going on the trip. My wife will be going and there you go there's a lot of information will be getting a website up after you took a look at it today but when I can release it for a few more days to get work details out there if you want to join us if you are interested in checking out so Israel, and yours truly here and some others they be 2530 other people. It'll be great because identical forks and you just become a group of friends and you get to meet new people is in the bus you're talking and seeing the sights you'd never look at the Bible again the same way that it's is great anyway like I said haven will check it out this email eric@mrm.orgeric and you cannot let is not will be advertised in the South little bit hazy.

20 McCall. We have one open line 877-207-2276 want to just jump on and get here. Let's see with Kip from Iowa to Welcome dinner on the bike.

You can hear me okay I hear you fine. All right, sir. Question I have for you is kind of a connection point I'm struggling with understanding this in Hebrews chapter 6 verse six there is a warning against those who fall away from following the Lord is called back into.

It is a didn't say that the answer will on only the yet it does not say they were following the Lord okay all right anyway that the reason that they would want fall away.

I was over in Leviticus chapter 10 ordinate that have been the bait to get themselves in a pickle.

The Lord strikes in bed and the thing that I was struggling with Moses gives instructions to Aaron as I understand it, not to weep her sorrow over the loss of his son.

And I think okay that's not Jewish tradition that directly from Moses, and I don't.

I confess I just don't understand that if I lost my kids are study with a how did that come about. Can you help me to what Steve well when another words, when Moses gave instructions to Erin you know that he is not to let his hair down and that I believe the premise was that he would be weeping and startling for his two sons made that I buy you and that will be in Leviticus chapter 10, there were in on down into the trap you got some this because they were offering strange fire. They were committing idolatry such a bad thing that they were taken out and consequently Bob. Of course we laments and be sorry for the loss of our children under the sun. I know what that's like any normal person meant that to be torn up over and I'm sure Moses was but it was a theological issue to be concerned about that and them in that sense because they had done something very, very bad this farce.

Hebrews 6 goals.

It never says that any of them are saying this is from the case of those who once been enlightened and have tasted the heavenly gift, and may partake of the Holy Spirit.

The best this easily could applied to a Judas. And we know from John six he was never saved. He was a double from the beginning I said in the case of the word of God. The powers of the age to come, and then have fallen ways talk of the Jews is book of Hebrews is written of the Hebrews talk about the Jews who had that awareness of Christ was watched, participated in seeing his miracles, etc. and then he went back to their old Judaism third, their loss to the decanter can come back. There's nothing left for Mexico. Another apparently the crime of these two boys did was so severe that they were just be dismissed and Aaron was to go on his other two boys and in his grace to would that be an incorrect assumption I think is pretty and haven't read this a long time, but to look at the context of often strange fire which is an inappropriate second blasphemous offering of worship is not done, and it might be because Aaron was wanting to do that they did its presumptuous might be that something else I don't know if top my head I'm looking at the verses that says so I got the fark out, first floor to consume them. They died before the Lord. And Moses said to Aaron is with the Lord spoke signed by those who come near to me.

I treated as holy before all the people will be honored to want you remember when they were moving the ark and it slipped in one day put his hand out.

He was killed via Asia try do a good thing. I got killed. Why, because in the Old Testament economy. There had to be the issue of blood in the priesthood, which would then enable someone to come before the presence of God in the presence of God was that arc the mercy seat was called his footstool so now that we have Christ who is our high priest is offered, his blood as a sacrifice we can approach, but what they were doing the Old Testament there was so strange fire not offered in the priestly connection. Properly done through what was necessary and I got judged for it and this is a serious thing.

Very good. Thank you. You're welcome thank likely.

Thank you kindly bye-bye God bless. All right he Fouts 20 McCall.

All you have to do is so is Peterson's call 877-207-2276 look at the gym off North Carolina. Map out what is your upgrade that Greg was doing well had a question I wanted to post the oldest on all model Facebook a marriage even with the ultimate political that was a pretty bold statement. I want to responded that, but I figured the complex to get a vehicle in good question to you guys want to get your thoughts on that ultimately okay so you will talk about how he knows little poorly. No inclusive love everybody would not believe or no government stuff like that damn farm again Lord by getting it, love it, but equally good at low. The hand structure.

No everybody you know you can't go they get comes Jesus.

I am the way, the truth, and the like. Look at the part of the stone. Love everybody but no lock usually looks.

We don't know if he is my blackness in the got hateful to do iniquity. Jacob Lavallee had was very distinct but but the eye doctor saying that's what he sees a liberal liberal in what sense and what context people often want us to have Jesus to be on their side, politically, socially, whatever it is because he was so great, so bright, so they want to claim them for their own and make them say and do things that he would never say or do. So I don't know if they were running by that to see what they say is the admonition to love the pork is from the Old Testament admonition to be kind, etc. is is from the Old Testament and I just did release some articles recently covering some of the stuff and some the requirements I have the article called at sea social justice Bible verses that have released on Carmichael Creek, and in on stuff like don't show favoritism. I don't have hatred in your heart towards others made the helpless don't threaten people's lives.

Love others don't practice, practice.

A portion of oppression don't show for it favoritism to the poor or the rich restoration of things no theft being truthful. These are things and hold much of verses there and soaks the Bible teaches extensive Jesus was radical. He was just doing what was biblical when you're doing your right anybody would start to being Jesus where you could go to them because I get you my hate in parable first model: the they want them on him on their side. They're not concerned to be on his side. They want him on theirs on Jesus to compromise with Jesus to be with.

They want him to be so they can justify their own actions.

That's that's sinful only "I like." But I want to be worried about the book God of Mohamed lower Bobby analogy that we could paraphrase Enola make that up. But is there something like that.

I have a bit by putting that quote is critically been the correct of America and I have a picture of the night.

Detail about a think that so nice you want to let the Microsoft Email at the Desk As I Got Christian Democrats Mean I Have a Personal Problem with Any Body Who We Should Not Vote for People Who Are Pro-Homosexual or Pro-Abortion That's Killing Babies in the Womb. And It Is Supporting an Abomination for God's so It'll My Question to Ask People Is How Can Anybody Enter What Race or What Denomination Party or Whatever It Is Political That How You Vote for Somebody Who's Is for Killing the Unborn and Whose for the Pedal for Promoting That Which Is a Blasphemy against God Was LGBT Q How Can He Do That with a Look at Taxes to Pay Higher Taxes and Not Have Abortion and Not the Killing of the Unrhymed You Know It, so I'm Bewildered Why Anybody Would Support Anybody Christian Would Support Someone Who's Is Advocating Murdering and Sexuality.

I Get Exactly so in a Democratically Bit of an Oxymoron to Me to Make A Lot Of Enemies Thing That's in the Article Little Nod, I Feel That That A Lot Of People, but the Democratic Party Is That the Plot I Grew up with Noted Became A Lot More Radical Notes That the Ship Dr. Mike Brown with Them through the Day for No Stand That the Lab Called Body.

They Got What I about Violence or Hate like Okay Guess Which Party Was the Part I Got a KK Rise, the Democrat, the Democrats Who Decay They Supported the KKK and Vice Versa.

I Recommend That People Go to Netflix. They Have Netflix and Watch Hillary's America.

God Bless the Amount on Right Back after the Mass, like Why Call 770727 Charismatic Slave Ryan from Pennsylvania Biomedical Library Garment Are Greater Directly Heard a Job Interview. The Winner of the Senate Race Recently and He Called Him Talk at Matthew 25 Person for the Matter. 25% Don't Know There's A Lot in Matthew 25.5 Is a Parable of the 10 Virgins and and That Is Also Great Judgment Coming so When He Says That Is like Matthew 25 Automotive Means I've Heard That Regularly the Only Thing That I Could Think about What Went through. Are You Gonna Make You Know That I Could Think of, You Got a PhD in Greek Get People to Read the Whole Chapter Because It Does Talk about Some Interesting Stuff so That like I've Gone out As I Can Figure What the Whatsoever You're Going to Leave the Days Gonna Demand That the Kind of Doctor He Seems Incredibly Is What It Is and I Thought Well If That's the Case Then We Should All Be Matthew 25% Guided by Your Treatment of Hebrew Six and the Couple Got Called before You Completely Block the Cost of the Analogy That It Gives the Children of Israel Delivered Out Of Egypt That Died in Both Bob and the Wilderness… The Analogy and You Didn't Follow That.

What Is Not Out Of Respect the Law of the Falling Away the Analogy That You Were Thick That the Children of Israel That Were Delivered Out Of Egypt That Died in the Wilderness and Out Of the One the Door Died Out Of the Wilderness, the One That Were Believed in God and Unbelief Were Condemned That of the Exact Analogy That You Think a Verse Six Well Team When I Heard That before Slimming. Check It out Sometime and See Generally the Context of Hebrew Speaking to the Hebrews Is about to Keep His Obligation to Follow What the Old Testament Says in the New Testament Context and Hearing Coldhearted of All Personnel. You Don't Know Who Wrote Hebrews and You Don't Know What Was Written to so Nobody Got Because I Thought It Was Bob You Got Those Included under the Canon on the Right and All, but Not Writing All Primitive What He Knows Nothing. Well That Is a Possibility but the God Kind Gaskin We Alternately Noted That with the Risk When It Was Put Forward That Way If It Is Not about All That Is Very Different Than Anything Else Ever Wrote.

That's for Sure What I Think That Is Not Easily Explainable, and That Paul Was Extremely Intelligent and He Really Different Levels for Different Things. I Did the Same Thing.

I like Different Different Levels of Stuff I Speak in a Radio I Don't Get into the Real Hard Stuff of Transcendental Sin, Materialistic Views I Get into a System for the Average Joe This Here on Hebrews. This Is Not Just for the Average Joe.

I Don't Have a Promise with Assuming I Can't Prove It. Assuming That Paul Wrote a Big Deal As We Did Well While Again the Analogy Was Very Very Clear That the Children of Israel Evolved over Delivered Out Of Egypt Died in the Wilderness Inductive Bay Died in the Wilderness so Believing Folks… And Unbelief Are Condemned. That Is Not Taught in the First 11 Chapters of Hebrews over and over and over, and That Seems Deathly Their Increasing Prices.

Also There and I'm Looking for Any Allusions ALL That Is Is a Reference to Not by Direct Quotes, and It Would Be Interesting to See If There's Any Allusions to That Consent… Maybe Could Write up a Little Something to Go Take a Look at Okay Well I'm Also on Pal Talk to One of the Things and Think That Will Be Glad to. Every Time You Look around and Appreciate.

Thanks. I All Right It Was Ryan.

We Have Three Open Lines. If You Want to You Can Give Me a Call in Number Is 877-207-2276. Let's Get to John from Wisconsin Asia Welcoming on the Air. Do Not Write Reality Well, You Know, We've Got A Lot Of Changing Times and Not A Lot, and They Cannot Provide Lifetime about, but Years Older.

I Really Believe I Will Really Look That in the End Time Scriptures and One of Them That Will Is Involved in Kind Are Further on down the Line in the Basket Ever Destroyed and Obviously Recently the Civil War There Is Been Completely Demolished out by End Time Revelation For Something like That Are Closer Than They've Ever Been before. I Get When the Questions Are When You Weigh in on That As I Get a Larger and Larger Group of Friends That Are about Five of the Rapture Theology Were Obviously Research Is Easier to Be Done Today Than the Government without That. A Lot Of People Will Refer to Scriptures like God One Will Be Taken One Will Be Left like That and That If You Go Back in That Context, the Taken Is Actually Perished in the Context of the Pair of Perishing One Last Look at the Context of Surviving. I'd like You Weigh and Adjust.Can I Elaborate on What Your What You Are You Vantage Point on Rapture Theology Because of Its Elusive Kind of Putting the Bible What Is Good for Sicilies for Something in Verse 16 It Says We Can Live Eventually Caught up to Go to Medium. In the Year and That's It at the Pellucid Return of Christ That Caught up Is the Latin to Rust.

Get Rapture Was Right There Rapture Occurs.

That's Where People Tell Me There Is No Rapture. I Just Turn Their Glistening Ricotta in the Clouds to Meet on the Night I Listen to Them with the Diversity Shreds Trying to Make Sense of Things, the Rapture, but I I'm of the Opinion That We Go through. Let's and I'm Also the Opinion That the First Ones Taken of the Wicked Not the Good, Because What Jesus Is Matthew 1330 He Says A Lot about the Go to Get until the Time of the Harvest Wholesaler to the Reapers First Gather up the Tares, so He Specifically Says That the Wicked Are the Ones Were Taken First and Is Equally Met 24 Reference Luke 17.

The Ones Were Taken to Men in the Field Was Taken, One Is Left. That's the Wicked and Asked Jesus Where Are They Taken in Luke 17 and He Answers the Question with the Body Is the Vultures Are Gathered, so I Suspect That since Were in the Kingdom of God. Now I'm All I'm Also on the Linear Likely That Were in the Millennial Reign of Christ That It's Not of This World That We Are His Subjects and Revelation 20, Which Is a Thousand Years Is in a Figurative Context. And Whenever the Word Thousand by Itself Is Used in the Bible Is Figurative. God Owns the Cattle on a Thousand Hills Earth.

The Days of the Thousand Years Is Always Definitive Usage and You Know He Ran for Thousand Years.

And All the Stuff so I Believe That We Are in the Kingdom of God and That the Wicked Will Be Taken Out Of the Kingdom. That's What Jesus Says in Matthew 1340 Says This Is a Tares Are Gathered up and Burned with Fire, Social Be the End of the Age of the Son Of Man Will Send Forth His Angels, They Will Gather Out Of His Kingdom All Stumbling Blocks, and Those Who Commit Lawlessness and Says We Try. That's Matthew 1330 Which Is the First Was Gathered on the Wicked and the Wicked Are Taken the Place of Judgment, Then My Life You Right or Wrong Is That Were Going to This, the Tribulation Period Will Suffer Persecution and That the World Is Going to Bring Itself to Self-Destruction Because Matthew 24 and 25 Talk about Judgment and Destruction, They Do Not Shorten the Flesh of the Left Back after This Break the Grip of Lines 87707 Van Slyke Live Call 770727 Charismatic Slave Will Come Back to the Show. We Have Three Open Lines 877-207-2276 Back to John. John Rego Told Her What I Really Appreciate Her Input on on the Liquid Taken Her That One Night the Third and Usually People Can Walk over the Entire Theology Based on Based on the Wicked First Course That the Other Thing That People Are Saying Is That the Lead in the Actual Rapture Excelled As Possible to Have a Spiritual Rapture and in in the Form of Transfiguration Such As Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration That in the Last Thousand Years, and I See What You Think about the Low Get on without Developing Figurative, but There's Also Substantial Evidence through the Temple through the Menorah, Being the Seventh Candlestick. You Know, Being That This Is the End of an Age and We Are on the Press.

The Current Threshold of the Next Stage.

Being the Third and Final Thousand Here As We Enter into Any the Millennial Reign of Christ Self That's I Know I'm Tight on A Lot Of Things That the Lovely Mind That the If You Do a Study of This Age and the Age to Come Financially to Ages at the End of This Age All Kind of Things Happen.

The Judgment of the Wicked Rapture New Heavens and the Worker Made the Age to Come Is When We Have Eternal Life. The Full Resurrection Occurs, Things like That and Got Got Done A Lot Of Studies on It and Taught It A Few Times and Nobody's Ever Refuted It. I'm Not Saying Hey How Great I Am on the Same.I've Gone through and Looks and Touch the Start Because It's the Shoulders of Giants Are Just A Lot Of Verses out There When You Start Doing Studies on the Trumpets, the Judgment, the Resurrection, and You Start Studying When the Day of the Lord Conduct a Thief.

You Find out That It's Only Used Twice in the Entire Bible.

The First Time Its Use Is in Reference to the Rapture and the Second Time Misuses in Reference to the New Heavens and the Work Being Formed As a David Will Come at a Thief in the Night of the Rapture Come They Will Come to Thief in the New Heavens and New Earth Are Made in Second Peter 310 Is Going on so There's A Lot There and When I Put This up and I Show People into Bible Studies on It.

There Are Intrigued That I'm the Only One I Know Who Officially Teaches This Is Not a Good Sign, Who Teaches at the Wicked Thing First.

It's Not a Good Sign. The Lead on This Will You Know the One for You and I Hope I'm Wrong Is Not Many Things I Want to Be Wrong about That. I'll Tell You It's It's That's What I Would Be Wrong about. I Don't Want to Go through the Tribulation. I Want to Go through All the Stuff I Don't. Things Can Get Good I'm a Pessimistic Millennialist, Self Means, Particularly on the Back and Forth a Little Bit of Time It Will Include or Not to Go through It Were Not Going to Go through the Tribulation Who Will Be Martyred Consist of the Pool Will I Widen Warning.

They Basically Say That It's Dealing with Those Who Become Christians Due To Jubilation. The Spirit Removed during That Time All Know This Is a Verse Removed It Is Taken Out Of the Way and in the Thessalonians to yet Who He Who Hinders the Hindrances Removed. This Presence Is There Because the Holy Spirit Is by Definition God and so Therefore He Has To Be Everywhere All the Time so It's What They Meant There Is Not so Easy. This Is Not so We Could Come up with Slick Rick and My Physician Has Weaknesses in It or Something of the Recount. The Rebuilding Temple. I'm Not Quite Sure How to Answer That It Could Be That Assisted the Context of Severe Jubilation. Which I Have No Problem with Solar Lot Easier to Be in the Rearview Mirror Than It That's Right. And When He Supposedly Slick like Me That Their Answers They Think about Writing That the Goblins Will Likely All Right Hey, Let's Get to Wendy from Utah Hey Wendy, Welcome Your On-Air Thanks for Having Me and I'm Thinking That Your Great Aunt Mike Added in My Life Today. One Is Description Day of My People Are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge and Now There Is the Last Thing I Know Came from the Lord in 1996 Times Lead to That That Thing Is That Code and I Will Protect You and Your Children through the Hard Times That Are Ahead like That. In Fact, and I Think It Can. Every Christian Should Be Aware and Watch the Politics Carefully Today. You Can't Just Live in Lala Land Because There Are Things Happening That It Tremendous and I'm One of Them Is That the Last Two Years That Almost Left Me with Three Wonderful Trips and That I Think Is 2018 Eyes to Plan Trip on the Danube, Then the Following yet. I Went on This Trip to the Mediterranean and Then the Another Trip Came out the Bit to Get Detailed Path… Three Cupid Taking Two Trips at My Yeah but Then It I Was It. I Realized the Significant That Because A Few Months Ago It Became Very Clear to the That My Traveling Days Are over and the Lord to Bless Me with Few Trip Because That That I Will Never Travel Again Will You Give the Question Really You the Questions I Have a Question. Well I'm Trying to Get to My Client and II Hope You Let Me Have Not Much Time to Think. I've Been Having What We Get That I Just When We Are Question Is Would Have a Discussion Well Basically I Think You Should Think Very Carefully about Going on in International Night. That's What Prompted My Call. Hello, Because They Were Acquiring the Fact Being, and This Is What I Talk about Studying What's Going on in Today's Loud Politics of What Heaven Because the Deposit Vaccine Isn't Even a Vaccine Is G Therapy and the Manual Hold on Hold so Yeah so I Know That There's a Good Series about the Colored Vaccines out. I Want to Do Research If They Require Constant Rate at Which You Share It with You Know I've Got A Lot Of Grief That You Know Because I Don't Want You to Sit Here It Is Read Stuff on the Air.

If You Have Research Information You Can Send Me Links and You Said and I'm I'm I'm Not Reading Anything on the I'm Trying to Have a Conversation Okay I Appreciate That.

I'm Just Saying That That If You Have Information Elective Share. I Need to See the Documentation and I Would Request That You Email It to Us in Select Car Network Because That's What I Want to Build a Do about Covert Want to Know If These Vaccines Are Granted on Vaccine They Don't Prevent the Manufactured Say That I Will You Achieve and They Progressed Lately. The Intent Is to Implant Ideas Begin to Hold a Sad Lesson Cannot Be Seen in Aconite. What I like to Have like to Have His Documentation Would Have Document You're Not Ready Interest Calculation I Noticed That with Many Christian That Would Seamlessly Hold the Stick Ma'am Ma'am Excuse Me This Isn't Your Radio Show on Try to Be Very Polite.

I Don't Know If What You're Telling Me Is the Truth and I Don't Want My Show to Be Used, to Disseminate Information That May Not Be True.

I'm Just Politely Asking to Submit Documentation so I Can Check It out. I Don't Know That I Can't Talk about It. In the Meantime, Okay, We Can Move on Because We Want to Have Someone Who's Obstreperous and Stuff like That.

If You're Interested. Wendy, Please Email Me the Information for Bypass Attorney Polite about It but I Was at the Guard about the Things That Are Seven People Get on the Air and They Have a Hobbyhorse You Want to Get to. If That's True about Covert. I Want to Know What If It's Not I Want to Know What Is Well up in the Vaccines Work We Called Them Generically Want to Know That's All I'm Doing Is Trying to Be Responsible and Research the Issues, Let's Get to Sheila from Virginia Sheila Welcome Your High I'm Calling I Have To Live My Life and I'm Aware That Lately the Site of the Holy Spirit Will Blast the Right. Those Are Wide There. We Then Eric Yes You Are, the Greater Sins Than Other Sense. Yes, Jesus Even Says There Are What the Actual June 1911 Jesus Answered You Would Have No Authority over Me Unless It Had Been Given You from above.

For This Reason, He Who Delivered the to You Has the Greater Sin Jesus As Hitler's Greater Sin Delivery over Has a Greater or No Conflict with Well What I'm Saying Is That Jesus Said There Once It Is Greater Than Another Is Not That We Want to Get a Book and Have Eight Days Listing in Outline Form and Excel in What Center Greater Number Were Talking about What He Delivered over Has a Greater Sin Than the Pilot and so Not Every Hateful to Me Right Back after These Messages We Have Three Open Lines 8776 Mass Y Call 770-7276 Charismatic Slave Back Little Funny Stuff Going on in the Texture Break, Sheila, Are You Still There Alright. I Forget Where You Are, but Yes, There Are Greater Sins. Another Sense and People Be Punished Differently and in Health and Degrees of Punishment As Well. Okay. Take a Look at That Given That, but like It Really All I Happening at That Time. Well Here's the Thing.

The Principal Is to the Question to Answer the Question, Are There Degrees of Sin. The Answers Yes. Here's Proof. John 1911 Jesus Says He Is a Greater Sin. We Know That There's a Greater Sense Is That Particular One with a Look at Nancy Now Have To Have a Categorization We Want to Stay from Survey from Spending Okay Say Look, 1247 to 48. The Slave Who Knew His Masters Will Did Not Get Ready Rack in Accord with His Will, Will Receive Many Lashes, but What He Did Not Know What Committee Deems Worthy of a Flogging Will Receive. But Few from Anyone from Everyone Who Has Been Given Much, Much Will Be Required to Trust, Much Less with More so There Degrees of Punishment As Well. Sin Struggle with the I Think Something a Fire. I yet I Bet You Not to Say It's Sinful and and You Know What I Missed Stealing a Paperclip Is Not As Bad As It Has Murdering 50 People. Okay so Okay Yeah in Principle I, All Sin Gets Us to Separate from God, but We Can Be Careful Not to to Really Grade since Too Much Because They Would Become Judgmental. I Get up When There It on First All Will We Have To Focus on Various since Homosexuality Is a Sin That Spoken of in Scripture Specifically and Is for the Very Few, If Not the Only One That Where You're Given Judgment in This Present Life and with a Given over to It Such a Great Sin As so As Is Is Killing the Unborn so but Is Not As Bad As Someone Who Just Ignorantly Funeral Takes the Paper Home Should Have Done and over Whatever. So That's All the Setting That That Was My Challenge. I Felt like You Don't Do It at What It Someone in the Closet, Constitutionalist Can't Believe the Constitution and It's Just Me and Very Opinionated about Certain Things I Did I Just Say Why Would Any Christian Who Follows Christ Want to Vote for Someone Who Approves of Killing Babies in the Womb and LGBT Q Rights When It's Clearly Both Are Clearly against Scripture.

Why Would a Christian Want to Hurt Someone in That I Don't Get It, but I Had Not Only out Our Job. Look, I Understand That Are Good for Example, We Would Biden Stood for and He Was Easily Okay Because He's Is Ungodly and Is an Evil Man. He Supports All Homosexuality Supports Abortion to Support Socialism and Some Other Ideas against Scripture's on the Sink Trump Was Great Because I Want All Know What Abortion and I Have Ideally Heart He Will Fill All You Will I That I Don't Say That You Can't but I Don't Think That We Can Demand but We Felt like Right and What the Bible Said That Double Minded Man Unstable in All That Went out to Me We Should Be the Last We Should Be Very Serious about Who We Vote for. We Should Be Very Serious about Thoughts about Politics and As Christians We Need to Put the Word of God First Two People Simplified Full for Sunsets over the Vote Do with Godly Don't Say I'm Going to Do the Lesser of Evil and Walk into Evil and Support Someone Who Believes in Anti-Christian Stuff in the Support of Because of My Get a Tax Break. That's the Kind of Thing We Can Be Careful of. Okay and and I Don't Care about Okay I That Built Them the World Here out Your Responsibility with See That That Attitude to Me.

I Don't Find It in the Bible I Can Find That in the Bible Were to Be the Idea of Just Sojourners. Don't Worry about Things. On the Contrary, I Don't Worry I Trust God, What the Outcome Listing. We Have To Make You Going to Try Godly Right to What Happened. That's Right Will Thank You Very Much Sheila Appreciate Your Call. No Problem Buying Okay Right This Get to Carry from Feliciano Kerry Are You Doing All Right How Are You Get How You Live Well except for Her Still Being There. To Me She's Doing Great in Their Health and Little Bit.

She's Able to Do so. Yesterday for the First Time in Three Years and I Allow They Are Just When We Talk about You with One of the Year the People Know in the Care Of Veterans, Especially the Friends Who Know Me and Her and How Whacked I Am so the Neighborly Something Nice for Your Thoughts. Depreciating Humor Value Afflicting 15 Old Child, and on July 27, 2017 Intel IPod Died Calling Today Because They're the One Man Called Then and She Called You a Question about Something That Her Murder Was Changed and You Confirm That It with All Heating and He Advised That She Leave That Church and She Wanted to. Before Leaving, She Wanted to Kind of Alert the Pastor That Is Wrong and You Support Her in and We Need More People like You Doing Answer. The Reason I'm Coming That Arm When Earning a Double When They Realize That They're Attending Because They Think about the Panther It's Not Guaranteed, but It's Quite Possible That a Pastor Will Condemn Her for Having the Gall. Maybe the Word to Finger Him in His Mission of Authority As a Man and Don't Touch Thy Anointed and That Whole Thing Where Women Aren't Allowed to Three Now through Conversation, Because They'll Shut Her down and That's Might Be Silly. I Don't Think I'm Not Saying You're Wrong to Tell Her Not Understand What May Happen to Her like You and Not to Tell You to Change Your on That Just to Comment That Boy Would Have a Problem Because Women Can't Get Any Church That Can Do That Easily, Because the Pastor It's the Elders Should Always Make It Clear That Women Are Just As Important As the Men and the Entire Interacting That What Could I Think the Elders and They Say Hi Who the Elders Are Know When You're Not One to the Other Guys If You Want It to You Legs and I Agree It's on the Ceiling of the Color Chart Topper and Third Things She Will Find like They Ran Cares Cares If the Church Is That Accuracy Is That If the Church Is That Whacked Who Cares Just Go You Know Your Chopper.

Okay, Whatever. See You Later Okay If You're Not Will If They're Not Getting the Elders Are and Are Not in a Flood Fire but with the Scripture Says Will Then Leave You Don't Try and Warn Them If They Don't Want It to Have Any Dialogue, Then Leave so Much or What If They Call up the Next Trick You Got Here Because They Find out through Little Hidden Workers Where You Went Back and I Called at Shirley's I Hate You That That One.

It All Depends What My Shoes Are Good with Issues. I Always Had to Both Sides, but That's That That's All I Can Tell You This. If the Church Is Really Blowing It. Then Leave If They're Not, Is the Person Is Blowing It Says the Church Is but It Is Just That You Don't Know about Details. Okay, I Called Biggest General Principles Right Okay Yeah Okay and a Comment about the Last Color Is a Fair God and He He. The Family That He Played in the Dynamics of Family and What What a Person Grows up and Answered This Notion of Degree That an Lasher in the Whole Thing.

I Know That Were Not Brought Here to the Earth on an Equal Playing Field.

Thank You Letter Born into a Family That You Guys from Someone Else Has Parenthetically Been down the Wrong Part. Okay the Territory from Here on.

Yet There Different Levels and Degrees of Punishment. The Bible Says It Back and Waiting Flood. I Will Have a Kindly Minor Colorful Hoop Okay Let's Get to Brenda from Idaho. Brandon Welcome You on the Air Unit One Installment Stone. We Got Buddy, You Know, Mark Laying in Bed Random Question When I Came up with a White Guy in the Bible and Listen on Linden Brain… Gotcha Okay Seat, I Can Let You Know How Whacked You Naturalist through This That Is Right to Believe That like a Blessing to Know so What's a Quick Hurry up within the Show. Okay, so, so I Yes or No Devon. The Bible States That God Creates Some Vessels Specifically for Destruction Is Assessing the Proper 16 Foreign and Romans Nine 2223 up Okay so I Was Baffled That He Specifically Makes a Builds for Destruction. Can You Fill, You Still Speak to Them Can Function to Those Barometric Injection Just As Much As the Defect Is Absolutely Think of Hera As Pilot Them. I Think Her Own Family As Our Next Four 2728. There Is No Call Back Tomorrow All Right. I Think That They Have the like I Said She Will Get Him to Go over the Lord Bless You My Back on Their More

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