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February 2, 2021 3:00 pm

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February 2, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks about his recent discussions with Muslims.--2- What was the meaning of Jesus washing the disciples' feet in John 13---3- When Jesus asked -who touched me-- in the crowd on the way to Jairus's home, was that his human nature speaking---4- If I don't share the gospel with someone and they end up dying, did I sin- Was that still within God's sovereign plan- If I didn't share, was that their only chance to hear the gospel---5- Is the term used in Psalm 110 exclusively for God---6- Did Jesus have a human soul---7- What did Jesus mean when he said only the father knew the day of his return-

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A previously recorded mats like show mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive at the heart the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max Y branches called responding to your questions 07276 Matt slick by one Monday, 5 January 2021 want to be called if you like it.

772072276 we have nobody waiting right now and for the newbies. This is a Christian show question questions of physics on Christian theology, defense of the faith Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses, Roman Catholicism talk about how bad it is that Islam is an technique developed recently which is really stumped. The muscles in the text see what else we have three online schools. If you want to check about all you have to do is go to the car. The right website and now there's a slight problem.


We got a ticket in with the developer of the navigation menu, and because of how works website you you buy navigation menu put you inserted into your website and if there on the website and you see the words navigation menu on the homepage that everything will work fine.

However, if you have a lower resolution.

You see is called hamburger menu. The three lines next to right hand area next to the magnifying glass when it's in that state and you click on it it doesn't work and we don't know why on the computer like is that on the phones. It seems work okay so you got a support ticket requested and no Starbucks applicant is what it is you can still use the search engine in there, you can type something and if you want to check things out. So we have three online schools and second online schools and one of them is on apologetics. One is on theology.

One is on critical thinking. So it does teach you what you need to know what Christian faith that I hope you want to check things out.

We charge for them and that we use the money to help get the lights on for the missionaries, etc. now if you can't afford them. But you want them to see Millicent you say they mats it on the radio account you can afford and assess for McGinty and as we do so, while not in this to make money, but we have to make money in order to keep the lights on website hosting radio you know just how it works so well you want to minister to the people of the world that we had a meeting on Friday. The karmic meeting and we have some new people from Africa that were in contact with outside are some good men in Africa who just love the Lord and know what false teaching is and so they're familiar with NAR. The new apostolic Reformation the positive confession movement, and the like can cancel think of Hagan's and up aware that the sentence was great to hear that it working with them more and more to our communicates what is it they need and I just positive thing and so also let you know we stay on the air by your donations. You can go to to do and you can see how little donation things neutral simple real easy to set up for like five dollars to dollars a month.

A recurring donation if that's not too much to ask for and you have that does help us quite a bit to be able to stay on their budgets now looks up to five open lines of what you may call okay 877-207-2276 right now so you may know that I'm on; discord and it's a chat system different ones of the world. This one I going to lots. When I go in there a lot of times people open up right now multi-on it for the air but I open it up and a lot of times people ask for me to come in two rooms and teach and so they want me to do that they want me to come in and looking really good notes people he couldn't do this do that so that's what it is and if you're interested in and kind of participating I taught I do apologetics there been a different level than doing a radio radio just basically entering generic questions, but there I get is some deeper stuff in interaction with that with people might get into the grounding principles universals things like that. And logic is a necessity for the precondition for rational discourse. But how can you be justified in the world of materialistic view.

We can do things like this into and have discussions again five open lines. You may call 877-207-2276. All right now, so Mattel used what I've been doing with the Muslims recently and it's something I stumbled on very simple, very easy.

They have made mention it already, but when you go to the Bible and you look up the word Lord, which is the word Yahweh that number in the Strong's lexicon is number 3068 what you can do a search. If you have a tool like I do is occur 6517 times in the Old Testament why it is important. The word Lord LOR That's the word Yahweh now that word is really a way to try and pronounce the touch of grandma taught the four letters of God's name your you would hey why the hate and push you beyond all boy of amicable donning now because I just don't and so it occurs all over it's when God said to Moses, I am that I am the official said the son of Israel. I am sent me to you.

I am the verb to be. We get Yahweh the guilty but I think so. This is interesting because God's name occurs 6517 times in the Old Testament 6517 times.

That's God's name was talking to some Muslims and they said what is your proof that Allah is not the true God, and that you're the God of the Old Testament that Abraham believed in.

I said won't was name of your God doesn't have a name. Was it in the Old Testament God gave us his name and the prophets used his name total of 6517 times.

Why is it the name of God does not appear in the Koran-once if your God is the same God of the Old Testament and God wants his name known that much and why does your God, not even mention his own name, and it certainly isn't the great I am and they don't know what to do one Muslim. He said that I implied that my cerebral ability was rather stunted and he said that is because Yahweh is Hebrew and in the Aramaic should be in the Arabic you wouldn't put in the word Yahweh. I said I understand that makes perfect sense and I said I am word. I am it is the part was called the present active indicative first person singular. That's the linguistic construction for the verb to be first person singular.

I not weep, but I present active present M active voice. I am the one indicative to statement I am so I said, you have the present active indicative first person singular in the Arabic word can you say I am. I didn't want to answer because he knew at that point he stuck he wouldn't answer the question I go course, you do have it in your your leg what you answer me you wouldn't answer.

I said okay so your God is true God is he able to speak and say the phrase I am zero do that in Arabic and he still wouldn't answer. This unit is busted and busted. He was, but nevertheless, if you're talking to Muslims and they say that the God of of Islam is a true God asked him why in the Old Testament God's name appears over 65006500 times and it doesn't even occur once in the Quran. If use the same God, the true God. Why does he not identify his the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That's the question it's a good question stops them. So anyway, there you go ice little tidbit of info.

Let's get to John from Ireland and we just lost God's sovereignty and man's free will. That would be an interesting question what you give me a call back we talk about that Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson welcome you were on their met job I got a question regarding yes you can okay right. I got a question regarding John 13 I can get an idea of it but I like Lane depot to the listeners to the Christians that are Christian, 13, one Jesus washes the feet of his disciples what is that I can know what you mean but what is it, can you explain it to believers the derelict behind that sure the feet were considered something very, very dirty.

The reason is because they were sandals and didn't have pavement and street sleepers like we do so, the same roads that we would walk on. They would walk on with her sandals, no socks to sandals. I was the same roads that animals would walk on winter being led from one place a better place and so those animals would defecate and urinate on those roads and became they became dirty and see if he became very, very, very dusty and rough and caked with sometimes mud because you might step in stuff that well It was wet and dirty, and so they get in people's homes. Then it was customary to to provide a means by which they could wash their own feet have their feet washed so that they were in the house and the washing of the feet just culturally became a symbol of courtesy and service and humility was usually done by the servants, the lowly job toilet cleaning. You clean the toilets and you can watch feet to his on that level.

So when Jesus goes in to clean their feet. They don't want him to do that because that's below him. But he didn't even understand. Now he's the serpent and you know what Peter says no don't wash my feet and know Jesus response wash you have no part of me then you Peter seven Peter goes overboard with a wash all of it know and so the washing of the feet symbolized. Also the cleansing that one of the washing of the blood of Christ.

Ultimately Christ would do this if I don't wash you, you have no part with me. So East talking's material logically. The doctrine of salvation as well get the part of me if you don't do this cleansing which only way to be in the you can't wash your own, here's I'm doing it for you and that's what's going on there in the double symbolism kind of thing. Okay man by man. I also learned that the court that there that Jesus took it out requirement and rough around so it was that I didn't realize how first landed on and so basically every time that a person with the woodlot of his garment that he was aware me so portably. That's what it was. It got dirtier and dirtier and dirtier after every disciple and it was like well if he became sin for us. Thanks was impressed that we may become the righteousness of God's amazing how how ethically while you think about this.

Also Jesus war was called to lead in the tsetse because he was a rabbi teacher and delete the tsetse that was around the edges, the fringe of his garment with her were not hi Jennifer present at 600 so I'll tell you why that significant on the right that involves after the lines 877207 mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave 207226 Nelson Esther, are you still there Nelson know it all right. Okay so I want to say you're the fringe of his garment was where the telly was a tsetse with the. The cords were retied to symbolize the 613 commandments of the Old Testament law now in Matthew nine while Jesus was speaking the synagogue official came up to him bow down. My daughter just died. If you later hand on her. She will live for God began to follow him and so did his disciples and a woman who would been suffering from a hemorrhage for 12 years came behind him and touched the fringe of his cloak and she was healed and Matthew 15 when they crossed over.

This is Jesus to walk on the water and the wind stopped the crust over the came to the land of the Nasser. It and when the men of that place recognized him, they sent word to all the surrounding district and brought to him all who were sick and they implored him that they might just touch the fringe of his cloak, and as many as touched it were cured, seek that represented the word of God, the law of God.

They were reaching out to touch symbol that represented God's Old Testament law. His word and intermittent leaving so well those of the many women that will reach out to the edge of his garment.

They knew in mind that what that is a thing as part of the culture to culture and opposite said in the parallel in Luke eight woman have had a hemorrhage for 12 years. Interesting 12 tribes of Israel. 12 apostles 12 years and could not be healed anymore by anyone behind him and touched the fringe of his cloak and immediately her hemorrhage stopped and Jesus said suggesting who is the one who touched me and others. People all over, pressing around him, and none of them were healed except for her. Think about this a lot of people around Jesus because he is performing miracles and they want to follow here and there.

There's a crowd, and she forces her way through. She's unclean because she is a discharge of blood.

She's risking a little bit they find out, and so she made a plethora like that's what she does is she reaches downward with towards the ground to touch the him hello this is cloak and she's healed she knew what that window sorry on a quick nobody else was healed even though they were also touching.

She reached out in faith but go ahead and went when she reached the end touched the butt out of the garment when she was healed immediately and what you said, who touched me was that is human nature thing that's not going any Latina story in Nestorianism that that that that. The court in one body can have that now he decide who touched me, it's like godsend Adam where are you who touched the are you he Artie knows that I want to clarify that the preacher say that speak of the fact that you was fully human and fully God. That is human human nature would have didn't know who it was. Later Kimberly think of but you know will hurt but think about this to always house of the flesh and blood on stuff and people who talk about that this nature did this and that nature did that they don't realize her approach was called Nestorianism that in the person the body of Christ are two distinct persons and in one person did this one person the debtor one nature did this when nature did that this problems their like to notice what it says is touch the fringe of his cloak and immediately started hemorrhage stopped and Jesus says who's the one who touched me for while they were all denying at Peter's headmaster, the people are crowding and pressing in on you, but Jesus had someone did touch me, for I was aware that power had gone out of me was possible that we don't know exactly what this means and what level once it one nature of this when nature that we for the sake set up okay just leave it at that and systematize me when the woman saw that she could not escape notice should begin from it fell down before him declared in the presence of all people. The reason why she touched him.

Now this.

Remember she's unclean and she touched a holy man there. So this is risk correctly and so that she could be rightfully so to speak, rebuked for her) data touch and a holy man and he praises her. Your faith has made you welcome piece of you have an eye towards the sky is you can review car is thinking of you touched a holy man is when my favorite store in the Bible except the crucifixion my Lord Jesus, but essentially favors one finger on is the woman who let her hair down and touch Jesus in the man assignments out when I explained that I go through it at all. It's just that I will go to the carpet would go where there we just read when the women would front of everybody within five and become think you got that that was what came to mind when permitting the right. The fact that you know that she would unclean about her exposing herself in front of the people they noticed the owner right there and then just protecting them know that would be free. But I'll tell me and murdered like that. I extol you for that. The commission the fact that would unclean backflip that that will give the mine yet again it's an issue because it sometimes a mob gets together they can do that. It would have stones right there with them, but they could do anything to injure, so put you in the right track. While my buddy okay okay thank you very much right right. God bless the folks we have three open lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Alex from Orlando, Florida.

Welcome mat out on going. It's going so we got that I've been adding text right there on the check okay yeah I'm always yeah I get visit of the Who's Who and I don't know what the lawn since I'm always cautious because they like. I don't want my I know that is another. I don't want to call the guy you know you really want talk like I went out I look at what I got a little legal hose whether there is what would you kill me here, man. You know, anyway. But on the book switch up.

All of you now yeah yeah question. The robot during Christmas time I went to Arizona to think that my grandparents) and my grandpa and object code, go got coded so we kicked my parents tell me to go stand because it is contagious and ladylike infected and all that so I was going to share the gospel with.

I became labor like six years ago had opportunity to share the gospel with them but didn't.

And I was going to on this trip and handout going to the hospital dying about three weeks later so my question and was I being disobedient to God by not going because I felt convicted to go that I sent in that way and also you know should I put that on me or if you think God father plan, you know, but she is not getting in the gospel to use the good news is that okay hold on the folks we have three open lines. Call 7707 mass Y call 770-7276.

Here is Matt's leg lines of the one you may call 72072276. All right, Alex, are you there okay let me ask you something. Did you feel led from the Lord to go and witness to do that you felt was what he wanted to do. I record parameter) That was an opportunity that I should share the gospel with my friend Margaret, I have I have really done it can so universally. James 417 therefore to to the one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it to him it is sin.

So if you think that the Lord is speaking to you to do something you think it's from him. It may not be what you think it is and then you don't do it then you sent.

This is something you have to wrestle with in this area. This is for all of us not just you and the situation you know because my wife and I both lately will have this inclination to go see somebody and we figured we should do that and we find they get sick or they didn't passed away. Glycol man so it was at the Lord speaking to us is the question we have to ask, what is it the Lord or was it just we haven't seen a person while thinking about us. We don't have an answer is however we both thought know this is the Lord speaking to us that we need to go will then if we didn't then that would be sinful.

So we have to kind to discern what we think God is really working on them, teaching us sometimes we have this strong conviction in our heart we really suspect is from God that we need to act on. Don't it sinful even though it may not be from God, you with me so far. Yeah, my request or incurring from one bear, not drink. And I'm not prepared to ignore that that would also be well if she gets in no mean I don't know. Because if God is calling you to do that and you disobey God will then be sinful if it's you, because you had some weird pizza yesterday. Lynn is not and how do we know we don't know but generally speaking I did a witness is a good thing. But then again, sometimes the situation just doesn't permit it yet you want to do it than what you do because the opportunity also has to be there.

You know if you're getting onto a plane and there's a thousand people behind you in 15 people in front of you. The bags and your baby's mom's arm behind you crying and the mom want to get the dip in the pilot deal grapes with the door and you have a strong desire to stop and wait listed for five minutes. I would stay. I think it probably is the good timing is something so and inclination generally will match the opportunity. Generally speaking, and sometimes God can do is safe you know you walking in the airline pilot does have a strong urge to witness to them. But you know you can't just wait as any you know you you you Florida for our flight to get often. And as you walking out you don't say hates want to save the Lord speaking my heart I think and he wants you to know who he is and that you might look at really ever wondered about that recently. It's don't know it might've been that he is preparing your heart for something later or you could say something and you know you walk by it. He discussed thank you and he ignores it three days later the guys crying on his in his hotel room because the word for axle convicted you just don't know.

So is it easy for us to discern all the stuff know it's not. Here's the other thing Kate. You have to understand that your grandfather has heard the gospel he has heard the Lord makes sure people know the ticker in our country from time to time with that gospel messages so it's not on you to make sure he's heard that message to be saved. God has his ways. But if God is calling you need to answer that. The question becomes how do you know when it is him and how you know when it's not.

And that's a tough that's really tough to.

Don't beat yourself up over it, just say well, Lord, if it was from you, and I didn't follow through. Please forgive me, but if it wasn't from you somehow always in my flesh, which you if that's possible. Lord, please forgive me for my fleshly desire, but either way I just trusting in you move forward sick give me that ability to act. I think I need to in the future. Trust okay yeah I know, I just want to admit our future, but will make our year like Derrico and finally followed up and started like America back. For Mont and I later after Chad and Yuri. Show effect on formative your stuff on Carmel.

Dealing with Church of Christ members and their birth was a great and I really praise God for your ministry and your great story and really helpful for mailed lot, please God uses using a broken vessel and he gets all the glory.

Okay, I think Matt Lockridge failure to answer my question publicly all right okay let's go the phone with Craig from Kentucky. Craig welcoming on the eighth thank you not been witnessing to a friend of mine likely had left left the church a few years ago and I was walking right walking through the old turns out that Port Charlotte and one of the that we spoke about with Psalm one King David that God that I believe my idle director. Sorry, I like that. The bicarbonate that my right step 4X but he is actually Yahweh. Yahweh says to Yahweh exit or actually what I always has to idle night.

I don't look at I don't I don't suck okay will end up what brought up that it did 3313 that Jacob first. If you thought I and you and I think I got a bald solid record.

Sheila the that is unique.

Another human generative. Why would it, there is always wondered how would you respond it's just second would Lord has different meanings in different contexts asking with the word green means whatever he tells you say I know you're wrong because drink mean nave color sick young, inexperienced, nave money so you know it means what it means in context. What he did was make a mistake of snatching medical error.

So he took the meaning of the word in one context and transferred over to another, and so that's the problem worse.

Do they mean in context. If I said you do and I did. I'm new at the job of really green you know exactly what I'm saying. If I say to you. Hey, I'm broken is some green. You know what I'm saying anything totally different things. Okay so paint the house will really what would you think install one can typically work with first to the foreshadowing of Christ as opposed to what he said was, it would in reference to Solomon Burke to David so that he is basically trying to type of vodka by continuing heritage and you speaking of the Lord say so to all the will match what she something to say Jesus is not God, is that it are what type of play that of the foreshadowing in the Old Testament is not as robust as they get out okay.

When I went to we started walking and I sort of a number one of the first with the with you.

What are good to Psalm 100 at that, with the most reference and audit push back on it without spot. But you know what he would start work not officially what he thought or anything with you. Please try to make a case over the Old Testament didn't overshadow what the hell Jesus in particular typically get for County okay Psalm 110 is not where I would go for that one.

Because of this issue and so what I would do is go to things that are a lot more difficult for the antagonists to answer what you could do is see how the New Testament quotes Psalm 110 see how it's used, and even then it's not exist exactly clear how we wanted to say in response to the issue of the deity and majesty of Christ with their other areas to go. I would do at this point. Sick, I think you're right is not as clear as as it needs to be for that when you say that what you're doing is going. I think it is not as clear and so okay see some other stuff that will show you right back after these messages, please stay who Matt Y.

Call 770727 charismatic slave, but welcome to the show lines 877-207-2276 Craig, are you still there are different ways to show Christ in the Old Testament, and some of them are little more sophisticated in others you know versus have memorized something to show you those because while gutter practice model, but there are some that are pretty much a little easier but there's this one I want to share with you that is interesting is that of Daniel chapter 9 and it's out of versus 24, 27, and only read part of it is, but it says from the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince will be seven weeks and 62 weeks Messiah after 62 weeks will be cut off know what the heck is that. Well, turns out that should we is a week of years is the Hebrew and what he was saying here is that after 6 to 7 weeks.

It means 77 years and 62 weeks which seven weeks of leave in a week is meant they met years is how they stay spoke not a big deal. This is after 62 weeks the missile the cut off, but it says from the issuing of the decree to restore, rebuild Jerusalem.

That decree occurred on March 14, 445 BC. It's very well attested.

So what you do if you just take 67 weeks +62 weeks at 69 weeks and is weeks of years with 483 years is converted to the days it's hundred 73,880 days from the decree of March 14 445 BC before the Messiah would come and that's the very day that Jesus walked in or came into Jerusalem on a donkey and this is a very detailed prophecy very interesting to about Christ then there's the prophecy of what what would that Scripture reference figure that I do not want not Jen 1009 the 24th at 25 a minute had to put the stuff on my website are appropriate.

Next day or two good references a lot. I just check receive an article and I don't so I actually have a PowerPoint presentation that I developed for a few years ago for seminar. I did and on his Bible.

Aspire to have a lot of fixing stuff in the middle could converted over in the Bible section. This is good stuff. I can reference people to but nevertheless I so it's hundred 33,080 days from March 14 445 BC, and it is when Jesus came and it's very detailed. We know that Jesus was born in Bethlehem just prophesied Micah 512 born of a virgin next. Isaiah 714, but this is in the Hebrew Oma which can mean young maiden with the Jews translated into the Greek into the work Parthenon which means S&S which means virgin. They understood what it meant. We have what I do is do this in a minute read to you something and may be familiar with it. If you're not going do is read something to you and you tell me what it is okay ready okay, not far from me, for trouble is near for there is none to help any bulls have surrounded me strong bowls of passion have encircled me the open wide the amount that me as a ravening and a roaring lion I'm poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint.

My heart is like wax.

It is melted within me. My strength is dried up like a potsherd my tongue sleeves to my jaws and you do lean mean the dust of death for dogs have surrounded me a band of evildoers has encompassed me.

They pierced my hands and my feet.

I can count all my bones. They look they stare at me. They divide my garments among them, and for my clothing they cast lots was that sound like you David Psalm and foreshadowing the resurrection of Christ okay is a technical technically correct answer.

What is it sound like is happening, what is it going what is with you describing their are you there, the resurrection may, after the resurrection. Right now the crucifixion that the crucifixion of art, yet the crucifixion they pierced my hands and my feet can count all his bones are divided garments as garments among the cast lots for clothing. This is the crucifixion right you read this to. I've done this many times with unbelievers. Say what is that this it will extend the crucifixion. Most most tender since crucifixion and also that is written.

Psalm 22,000 BC way before crucifixion was invented.

I said can you please explain and and they can't will and so I've been engaged with dialogue with them over this for weeks and what brought that up but but I was specifically referring to cottages in Jeremiah and he his response was that no person of the Bible are no person could ever written a book of the Bible ever wrote that book of the Bible without knowing the books that came before him.

So I wrote when Isaiah wrote. He had access to the Torah yet access to say sated here to say yes a lot know what point is I have even shown you talk you about was the presupposition with her approach of human ready right now, I'd say you deny that Jesus Christ is who he said he was her is God in flesh insignia course I do want because I want to hear his reasons I'm going to undermine his reasoning.

If you present information which is fine he can undermine your information, I want to undermine his reasoning is justification for whatever it is he says if you can disable the new test built is but does not support the idea that Jesus is God. I'm in a safe you mean all the pages in the entire new Old Testament and all the verses. None of them mean that Jesus Christ is God in flesh right and if he says he has it really you studied all of them like that right and then answer yes to let me he was making an adoption with the argument, or argument for that's going working look in first Corinthians 8) and that that that God the father God, Christ is Lord and what baptized George that he got work with the IMF that I understand understand the optimism is good news that Jesus is not God in flesh which means you denying John 11 verse 14 Colossians 29 Philippians 25 through eight.

He was 1628 so he's denying the Scriptures clearly teach also. Zechariah 1210. There's lots of things that I could tackle with the sky to show learning leave similar to the good in a color waiting. I want you to do is go to Carmen you can have the issue of of phone call upon the name of the Lord and is an article therefrom to give you the short version of an seating at the sky.

Call me up on the radio go out okay season have in common radio okay I know what he's doing in the verses is using. I know what it why good fricatives etc. know it's going I'll jump over the to I John 17, three, and he'll ignore the verses that look, there's a phrase, not just the words with the phrase call upon the name of Yahweh occurs in the Old Testament, 16 forward. Zechariah 13 nine. It occurs in several in many many places in the Old Testament.

It always means calling upon the name of Yahweh could always means the prayer, worship and adoration of God himself. Yahweh, the touch of grandma.

Always and you get the hint of establishment was. He agrees with that. That's how it is usually Old Testament when they translated the Hebrew Old Testament into the Greek around 230 BC. They translated the phrase call upon the name of Yahweh into the phrase call upon the name of the Lord. Okay with me. The phrase call upon the name of the Lord is applied by Paul to Jesus first. We didn't want to. All everyone everywhere who calls upon the name of the Lord of us. Jesus, why would Paul is a phrase only of God Almighty reference to Jesus. That's the question that denied that it curio no don't call upon the name. Trust me, read the article okay got through it that you need to look at your okay you look at what I call upon the name of the Lord and it's a lengthy article. There's a lot of information there were a lot of holes of people thought were there and I work with and expanded over the years, but it's a very very good target art article showing who Jesus Christ is and there's other stuff actually is well look up the plurality study.

Just look at the plurality study on climate as well.

Okay. Thank you.)

Give a call later on I bought it bright yellow birthday thank you so much government to run the schizo row hung from in the house with a long time. He rolled on welcoming on-air are you there hello let's see FISA see Rohan within everything I got to know. Yes, you go there a couple minutes. Let the show is when I don't yes I hear you and overdramatic. Okay my question is the human body and soul, so I spit it which will go to heaven after my Dick knee without a party night just spirit it yet without a physical body, correct so that it which would leave a live audience to be Arcos without a body right yet the soul that we are the spirit part of us doesn't have a physical form correct. So this but it does me. I felt right for you to say that some that's called dichotomy and try economy you have time to get into it right now, but for now will go with it. Spirit is will be our will to say that you are okay okay so my question was that Jesus Christ he had good inches human and divine, it was one, but when it does so in his human nature.

He had a human spit at night yell that human spit it was the defendant and his humanity. The human nature. There is a mystery to Howell was called hypostatic union. How this works in the one person probably has two distinct natures and its deep topic since it okay so I have an encryption LU and on putting a previous lesson question. You said that the statement will best meet Wendy that that would touched me back was that would be Nestorianism say that it was human nature. So my question is on the 23rd. Okay, so what did Jesus mean when he said that that the diamine on a visit didn't know what nobody knows what the father so the one you have one minute left slit explained quickly. It was a reference at the wedding feast because of father and to father's the range of wedding between of a son and a daughter would arrange it and the sun would have to build an additional home onto the father's house that you would go get the bride and it was common for people to say when will the father sailed right is no man knows the day nor the father alone is an idiomatic libretto time to go out time to call back tomorrow for folks to come to the Lord bless you all and by his grace. Hopefully

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