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Short Take #3: Counter Considerations To Election Fraud

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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January 25, 2021 6:11 pm

Short Take #3: Counter Considerations To Election Fraud

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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January 25, 2021 6:11 pm

Short Take from The Christian Worldview program on Implications of Truth Deniers Taking Power.

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Here is another short take the Christian worldview. With David we I personally believe there was widespread fraud may be enough likely enough possibly took to flip the election to buy but at the same time as I've mentioned in the last couple weeks. I would stake my life and eternity on it like I do on the truth that Jesus Christ is the son of God and Savior of mankind because I have some questions about all this all these allegations of fraud, why haven't there been widespread arrests. If there is so much of voting fraud, why haven't there been legal victories that prove fraud change the outcome of the election.

Why are the I guess there some in like a thousand sworn affidavits from four witnesses. Why aren't they compelling enough to hold legal cases all over the country.

Why are Republicans conducting investigations in their states are Congress like you did for the 9/11 attack that was called the 9/11 commission where there is why those investigations all over the place where the president's main supporters in the media like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram and Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, people of really highly supported the Pres. and incumbent. But we know what's going on behind the scenes. Why are they not continuing to to pound the drum that there was election fraud if if there actually was me. This is true. This is not a story that you can is, let go and let's that's yesterday's news cycle if and move on to today. And finally, another question is will now that Trump is out of office is seeking to take this up now in court and win a mini has the. The information apparently is president.

He's got the money to be able to take this up, will he take this up now in court and will he be able to win court cases to those the questions I have a I see all the evidence he gives.

But I also have questions and then those questions need to be answered before I would stake my life and eternity in the fact that the election was stolen. This can remain a debatable conspiracy theory to call dad's coming alt an alternate version of the accepted mainstream view now until can be proven in a court of law. If is not litigated. There needs to be some sort of a large-scale investigation by a credible organization proving evidence beyond a reasonable doubt is not a circle way back to the point I was taking about Tom Pennington is that in light of all this. His point is don't believe things or share things as quote the truth when something hasn't been proven as the truth so someone may be totally convinced that the bottom line is, no one has legally proved that there was widespread voting fraud that tipped the election to Biden.

And if you could prove it, you would you would be taking it to court or to your maybe your elected representative and you would be able to prove it and I hope you can and do prove it because you would do a great favor to the country and you will be. Thanks for saving the country.

If you were able to do it, but unless you're at that point I think we all need to give each other a little bit of grace to help people reach their own conclusions and not only that, but were all going to have to face reality here that as of this past Wednesday Joe Biden is now present, whether fraudulently or not, and barring some miracle he is not going to be removed from office and present Trump reinstituted as president so has my confidence in the voting system in this country been diminished for sure my going to continue to vote, absolutely. Just in case is not as much fraud as I believe there was in this past election in the big priority should be to secure the next election. If you can't figure out what happened.

This one will be better work on our representatives better work on securing the next election.

This is been a short take the Christian worldview with David. We find out more about the Christian worldview resources make a donation, monthly partner or contact us visit the Christian you can also call us toll-free 1-888-646-2233. Write to us at Box 401, Excelsior, MN 5531 Box 401, Excelsior, MN 551

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