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We Will Not Be Silenced

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 19, 2021 4:30 pm

We Will Not Be Silenced

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 19, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/19/21.

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It is true the left is really trying to suppress competing ideas we do about stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown freedom to speak out to speak up to be with you on the radio to be with you on podcast to be with you on YouTube to be with you on Facebook and other social media outlets.

I'm glad we have this opportunity and by God's grace we will shout out truth will talk about the real effort and attempt on the left to censor to suppress to remove competing ideas. We got some clips. Some quotes that will shock you. We are not backing down.

We are not backing up.

We are not shutting down.

We are not shutting up. We are speaking the truth in love as God gives us grace as God gives us strength 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call before we get into this content I want to play a clip for you. It's about two minutes long and it's Monica Trump and it his her farewell speech is she is about to leave the White House with her husband, Donald Trump, make way for the new president and his wife so Joe and Jill Biden listen to what she had to say and then I'll tell you why am playing the clip Americans. It has been a great dishonor of my life to service First Lady of the United States to say farewell tomato less misleading. It is my sincere hope that every American impact to teach our children what it means to be best. I encourage parents to educate your children about the courageous and South mosquitoes who lack in sacrifice to me. Visconti lined up to 50 and 28 exam and care for others in your community. The promise of this nation belongs to all of us, not to the side of the identity and values is any opportunity to sell consideration for another person and be a good habits into their daily lives. In all circumstances. I ask every American to be an ambassador of the best to focus on what unites us two days above but divides us to always choose love over hatred, peace over violence and others before yourself together as one national family we can continue to be the light of hope for future generations and carry on America's legacy of rising our nation to greater heights to our spirit of courage goodness and fate.

No words can express the death of my gratitude for the privilege of having served as a First Lady to all the people of this country, you would be in my heart rather thank you and bless you and God bless the United States of America.

As always, I appreciated appreciate appreciated Milani Trump's tone and the way she has carried herself as First Lady and oh some years ago, a Christian leader urged Pres. Trump to have Milani check his tweets before he sent them out yet many of us husbands would do well to run things by our wives first. Especially the case like this of us it didn't happen, but I played that two reasons one to appreciate the words that she said into to say this is not a sham. This is, she did not do this as part of a larger deception to give the impression that they are moving out of the White House and and that there will be a new Pres. and First Lady. As of tomorrow.

This is not part of some giant deception. Pres. Trump does not have some ace in the hole that he's about to pull out were suddenly the whole military is going to turn and enforce martial law on the nation and the tribes know this, but they just don't want to give a hint of what's coming, please, please, for the sake of your own sanity get over that and please tomorrow went when Joe Biden is inaugurated okay. We can boast about what we don't know tomorrow will be here. We don't know that any of us will be alive. But assuming that we are alive when Joe Biden not Donald Trump is inaugurated tomorrow. Please, please don't take refuge in Morelos. You may be devastated. You may be shocked.

You may think is very bad for America. You may wonder what happened. Your prayers what happened to prophecy and it that's all something to process but please don't fall integrated deception don't don't tell me that the Donald Trump is actually running a shadow government from Florida.

Please don't tell me that all right because I'm ready hearing the excuses already hearing the rationales by all means you're convinced there was voter fraud. Continue to pray there many fine people interact with them all the time. Find thinking Christian conservatives that really believe the election was stolen. Its massive and therefore should be something for ongoing prayer and and to regain the confidence of the tens of millions of Americans have lost confidence in our system.

Let everything be exposed. But the truth come to light. However staggering the revelation is in either direction. I'm I'm all for that one thousand percent absolutely. That's why suggested weeks ago that Joe Biden said, hey, let's have a massive investigation and we delay the inauguration of let's do it because of you.

Sure, he won fair and square. Do it bring everything out to the life. I'm all for that.

But please, we we've got to wake up from the deception we we've got to wake up from the myth Donald Trump is going to do something tomorrow what what Milani did her speech here was was not some fraud is not something she just did to give the impression that there actually moving on when they're not.

So please let reality set in.

I urge you, let reality set in and I will have strong words for those who after the 20th continue to push their prophecies of Trump's reelection. Continue to push their prophecies if you still going to do something in the things can change in March or April or whatever and and threatens those who don't believe them.

I will have strong words to say about that for everyone else. Let's accept reality. Let's find out why we believe wrongfully or what we thought, wrongly or whatever, let's move forward together. A couple of things that I want talk about the. The efforts on the left to suppress competing ideas if you want to weigh in anything I'm talking about having to do with elections. Prophecy obviously fair game. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 little over an hour from now for 15 Eastern time little over an hour from now I will be back with you on our YouTube channel so ask a Dearborn*up on YouTube during our weekly exclusive exclusive Q&A chats. If you can call him now.

It's a great opportunity for you to post your questions interact with me.

So to be little over an hour from now on our YouTube channel, but yesterday on her Facebook page.

I want to talk on her Dr. King on what was a king day. I want folks to post their favorite quotes from Dr. King, but I knew that if I just did that that people say what about you know sexual sin and lust of command 2019. And what about this and what about that site. I didn't want the this the post to degenerate into that which happened on twitter when I just posted a great quote from Dr. King on twitter.

People began to see but what about this, but what about sexual sin. And what about what came to light in 2019. You want that to happen. So on Facebook.

I said even though we know he was a flawed man. Okay, so I would get that out of the way that we still cause many in the me two movements and we can honor his his memory anymore arson.

Regardless of whatever weaknesses the were in his life. He was a champion. He was courageous. He was a hero and therefore we should honor so that was my intent and asked folks to post their favorite quote woman people get to attack what did you say use a flawed man and you want it. Why you attack him or so, would you try this, please your white supremacist friend. I mean this crazy stuff so was I was trying to honor his memory and legacy and not allow the post to degenerate into an attack on the man I and I ended up just this morning I decided you know what I'm going to delete the whole post because it ended up being a controversy about all the stuff that the whole goal was to honor the man's legs under us, and we try okay.

Pray for greater wisdom for me moving forward to finding better ways to do things that were not degenerate to controversies. That being said, because let's let's have slide number five ready. That being said, it seems these days that social media has degenerated to such a level that it is just allowed everyone to express whatever is in their heart and the most unfiltered way, rather than prayerfully sinking and filtering what am I saying with the impact it's going to have on others that hear let's just put the slide up first. Okay then I'll tell you what was in response to from men and Savior like the Dominion computers and programs or control manipulation and fraud. Dr. Brown you have been exposed for who you really are, who you really get left out the word or who you really are among the witnesses of saints's look at this with Dominion computers and programs are controlled by the physician for Dr. Brown you been exposed for who you really are among the witnesses of saints. Okay, so I can I get done and that's a mild attack for what I get attack with the a T.

Do you know what that was in response to you know what that comment was responding to our social media on Facebook. It was responding to the Lord's prayer when I been trying to do the last few days and hope to keep doing in the days and weeks ahead was just post a powerful passage of Scripture just so we could read that. Think about that because were so consumed with so many of the things happening in the world around us Make sure hey here's so first I posted a Billy was Romans 12. This is read through all of that that I posted another passage Revelation 5 was just read through that gaze on the Lamb. And then I posted the Lord's prayer, the words of Jesus, just that this without commentary from me and that's the response I been exposed as a fraud. So it's it's a very toxic environment where inference I can just encourage you if you follow Jesus where your words will your words before you speak, be careful, be prayerful. Ask yourself, do I need to say this, is it edifying, is it helpful in the God. Give each of us words of wisdom a week.

Speak the truth in love, as those who file light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown yes yes left really has been trying to censor conservative viewpoints were used to many people are now aware of what we call cancel culture and it is growing and becoming more and more extreme by the day it's it's not just a matter of trying to silence your ideas, but the silence you to remove you not the way it's done saying China today. Were they say someone was disappeared. They disappeared that person other words, there are famous well-known prominence in the next thing they're gone they're gone just purged from society and probably rotting in some prison somewhere, or even under Stalin in Russia. You just disappeared and gone. It's it's not like that in America today, but rather there is the effort to purge you to remove you to cancel use so your views get removed and then you get discredited in your out Europe. Just give an example.

Obviously there's there's no name more controversial. Right now in America than the name Donald Trump right. But whatever you think about his presidency for good or for bad. You have to step back and think what in the world so there's there's a movie famous movie many years ago home alone and there's this cameo appearance of Donald Trump in the midst of this people want that remove just you don't even have him appearing in a movie from years ago because he is responsible for the storming of the capital, therefore, an evil man astride apartment, insurrection, etc. so you even immigrant that that's the extremity of the cancel culture okay so again it's not a matter of let's have a discussion or I think your views are wrong. I think your views are dangerous at that and then let's have a discussion about what speech is entitled under the First Amendment which is not fun have all those discussions, no. You can even have the discussion are to forget Trump that I just use as an example, you can even have the discussion at everything. This must be removed suppressed so listen to this dialogue. This is a former security officer with Facebook and he's on CNN with Brian Stelter. Listen to what he has to say about other points of view. Conservative news outlets, etc. it's really hard because what happiness people are able to seek out the information that makes them feel good and that is what happening that you people have so much choice.

Now they can choose what their new sources are they can choose what influencers they want to follow up and they can try to seal out anything that quite helps them question that and I think that it's doing a really core issue with how our freedoms as Americans and in the way we've treated press, freedom, and in the past is being abused by these actors in that we have given a lot of leeway both in the traditional media and on social media to people to have a very broad range of political views and is now in the great economic interest of those individuals to become more and more radical and I think that one of the place you can see this is on that. The fact that you now have competitors to Fox News on there right away and Newsmax which are carried up by all the major cable networks who are trying to outflank Fox and the right because the moment Fox introduced any kind of realism into the reporting immediately.

A bunch of people chose to put themselves into a sealed ecosystem and they can do that, both on cable they can do it online. And that becomes a huge challenge of figuring out how to bring the people back into the mainstream of fact-based reporting and try to get us all back into that the same consensual reality are so so the first thing is this is mind-boggling and that the stay complacency and it which put pushed Russia collusion for four years which which miss report misreported misrepresent similar to the BLM NT for rioting, etc. weight which has peddled every kind of anti-Trump rhetoric for years is far off from truth is, it could be a case of tequila bias. It is about buying income on CNN calling out others for buys her segment on CNN calling out others for bias, and how to get people back to fact-based reporting. Give me a break at least say we are biased on the left. We believe Fox is biased on the right were biased on the lease say that okay you get from me is honesty. Through the lens of being a follower of Yeshua followed Jesus Bible based messianic Jewish believer in Jesus holding to the inspiration of Scripture.

But yes, I'm do my best to filter everything I'm doing my best to to speak truthfully and to analyze both points of view, but you know who I am not saying we are now your new news network you're getting commentary from me. Just like if you watch Rachel Maddow. You watched listen to Rush Limbaugh. Whoever you're getting controversy and assume the same thing but within their own bubble. They think they're just giving the truth and Fox always are putting out last night have one American news network and and Newsmax in there to the right of Fox. Now we have a big problem because the major cable networks are letting this get out so something has to be done. Those other viewpoints which are dangerous and must be suppressed. He has more to say. Let's listen can. Is that possible thing that is an open question.

It's hard to do competent one. There needs to be an intentional work by the social media companies collaborating together to work on violent extremism in the same way they worked on ISIS I was when I started Facebook in 2015 the number one challenge from a content perspective was the abuse of social media by the Islamic state and there was a collaboration between the tech companies in between the tech numbers and law enforcement to make it impossible for them to use the Internet to recruit and radicalize young, mostly in Muslim and at the time of the world now or talk about domestic audience in the United States and the challenge is going to be partially that you ISIS did not have a domestic constituency in the United States Congress.

But there is over half of the Republicans in Congress voted to overturn the election and there will be a continual political pressure on the companies to not take it seriously. So I think first you have the bugs of those violent extremists in those companies every brave in that way. And second, we have to turn down the capability of these conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences. There are people on YouTube. For example, that of a larger detente a larger audience than daytime CNN and they are extremely radical and pushing extremely radical views and so it's up to the Facebook and YouTube in particular to think about whether not they want to be effectively cable networks for disinformation and it would have to figure out the only an and Newsmax problem that these companies have freedom of speech but I'm not sure we need Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and such to be bringing them into tens of millions of homes. This is allowing people to seek out information if they really want to but not pushing it into their faces, I think, is where would have to go here and this is this really dangerous. This is really really dangerous stuff so does your brother thrive overturn yeah that's one reason I voted for him as well.

We we understand trust me up in fighting the censorship thing for years and years and years been pushing back against this for years and years before. Some even knew what was going on but just in terms gay activism of the Census 2004. Those who come out of the closet. One put us in the closet.

Okay, that every gay person but the activists that will express her views.

So yeah I'm I'm quite aware. This is where it's leading up been a major book I'm writing just on the issue of the attempt to silence our viewpoint okay this is where it's going it. If you are a conservative if if you hold to biblical principles. If you question just as you analyze things if you question whether there was election for what you are now being compared to ISIS or the news outlets that that you might go to our being compared to ISIS and it's one thing that these reports can be out there. Social media should be making them available. Did you see where this is going to see how un-American this is. You see why people talk about it being a socialist type of mentality or state taking over to others you can hear and not hear. This is really really dangerous stuff.

One how far it goes.

Look at this headline, Washington Post just from today. Sartre wrote the article last night about about that. The left seeking to silence competing views look at this headline, Washington Post, Trump couldn't have incited sedition without the help of Fox news. So now something has to be done on Fox News because Trump couldn't decide incited sedition without the help of Fox news are a few things on the day of the storm of the capital. I laid the blame squarely at the feet of Donald Trump.

Why, because for four years, his rhetoric, which was legal. There is no ill legal speech okay dumpling should been banned from twitter it was legal but I believe irresponsible and pave the way for a mentality where people on worked up to a point that some fanatics storm the Okay so I lay that history to me.

It was not illegal.

Speech should been banned ultimately should been banned from from social media, but it was a responsible rhetoric especially for president. I said that at the same time, those who really believe that there was election fraud and wanted to investigate it. We elected not to talk about that and allowed to raise those issues.

Those who have concerns about the direction that the Biden administration could be going or how much the radical leftists is taken over the Democratic Party.

They can't raise their view, of course, things that we raise but in a way where you realize you have crazies out there and in your you have to speak in such a way that you make clear when not talking about violent.

This will not time it you can you make it clear from day one and then you don't demonize people on the other side cassettes of the thing. Each side so demonizes the other. That is like if if one's empowered that they have the most extreme views of what can happen that are exaggerated and unhelpful. So there's a way to raise concerns that's responsible medicine been done on the left or on the right. Even the comment that that over half Republicans voted to overturn election another that's misstatement.

Some of them fact-based and bespeaks a falsehood on CNN friends. There is a real effort to salsa music go back a few years and share some history here won't get you because they take a few calls continue on the subject and then talk about how we respond to me this is a great opportunity to wake us up to get a speaking even more bold and more clearly leaving will respond right here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown digging deeper and in two different ways that the left is trying to censor our ideas. We have it on college campuses. We have it places of business.

We've had it in gay activist circles for years.

It's just becoming more more widespread in the excuse now is the storming of the capital. So the fact that you had dangerous fanatics storming the capital, therefore means if you voted for Donald Trump you are a dangerous fanatic.

That's that's what it's come to know if you voted for Donald Trump you are a white supremacist if if you voted for Donald Trump. You are also a violent insurrectionist and therefore your views must be suppressed. One quote that I get to go to some calls and then dig into little history here. So Katie Couric was on Bill Morris show. Obviously, the more is going to be quite far to the left within often will will say something that's come the silver comet is unwatchable.

See quotes were all agree euro think he's being fair and and obviously in his mind he's he's looking at things fairly. These are the conclusions that he came to, but Katie Couric is looking at what happened with the stronger the capital and then broader issues about people voting for trumpet than being called a cult of Trump which I believe there are people that looked him in a cultlike way. I've even written an article the layout.

Okay, here's how to examine reset assert your life to see if if you fall into this and we can do that with ideologies with people liquid Katie Couric set right. She said I mean it's really bizarre is that when you think about how many how AWOL so many of these members of Congress of God but also think some of them to believe in the garbage that they're being fed 24 seven on the Internet by the constituents that there was this big line. The question is how are we going to really almost deprogrammed these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump. How we really going to almost D program. These people who sign up for the cult of Trump okay so I do believe, as I said that their people would look to him in a cultlike way. One will you know it is the moment you raise their allegiance to him. They flip mean they like you hit a nerve use, make a casual comment.

Another way is that is that they compromise their ethics and change their standards based on based on their well he's the man we got a fight from so their values of change, but the ways that he's the only source of truth that Mike pence is a good guide today. No bad guy now bad guy because Trump said Billboard good guy would know no bad guy now. We can really trust and become the best report not all bad compromise. That's of the son. On the flipside on the flipside, trust me, trust me in the eyes of the left, the vast majority of us have not all of us who voted from, or in their minds part of the cult of Trump and we need to be quote deprogrammed. This is where things are at and in you, you better believe that if you just preach label here piece little here bend a little here how little there that you'll just see where this goes friends. The old Winston Churchill quote recorded attributed to him and had the exact wording is this debate in the exact wording, but basically that appeasement is like feeding a crocodile, hoping that it doesn't teach you until the end, 86634 all right, let's go to the phones and will start in Louisville, Kentucky, Brian walking to the line of fire currently on Dr. Brown. I'm okay looking at that you and I care to think I'm a Christian of Jewish descent. I'm trying to look at it exactly your point of view and the best point of view, but you look at some yes they're a scary thing, let you mention the Stanford but on the right really disturbing conspiracy when you talk about. The deal and she went on.

I think the right data from a purely evangelical point of view more dangerous and we need to start considering the possibility that Trump could be the Antichrist because to me deleting the right down in the Zuckerberg types are helping with these wild conspiracy to date that the right purchase a lot more than laugh and drop could be in Antichrist a lot more than anybody on the left licensor. Here's here's let me agree and disagree. I agree that the level of conspiratorial stuff believed on the right scares me more than some of the lies believed on the left. At the moment, the way things have shifted and in the denial of reality as it unfolds in front of your eyes look I'm getting people as as of last night and this morning, sending me links as to what's going to happen and you'll be amazed in the smoking gun and this is been revealed. Some of these are in on the past solid people so the level of deception it's out there. The extent to which the cueing on deception has spread is really really dangerous, but I feel like you undercut your case by saying the Trump could be the Antichrist beat because it and in point of fact, many eyes you can be open after the 20th and if Trump actually went the next step of demanding worship and and you could. I believe that many eyes would be open along the way, I would say this though this is a so here's what I want to reaffirm a larger point. Okay and and and emphasize that Sir is that and I talked with people about this for for some time now.

What we have seen happen is an indication of just how deceived we could be within Antichrist figure. One day, in other words, in other words that hear one of my friends and never trump a lifelong Republican, but never Trumper said to me, look at the way people are following him and so distraught that he is not getting in another term and and put all their eggs in his basket. Despite all of his failings and and and and and flaws.

What if he had worked a miracle. What if the story got out, you know, someone came with the dying child in an you know he just touch them and they were sure I was asked to work that he signs wonders in that regard. So you think.

Yikes, if we can be.

This disease so I would look at it is a very dangerous warning. I would say if so many could put so much trust in a person that they are now walking complete delusion, believing things half you told me a few years ago.

They never ever would've believed what makes them think that they would not fall for Antichrist figure if this strong-arm.

This one could be the one that take you know that the fight look. Hitler was the one he was standing for morality and he was going to help national economy and and restore Germany's dignity and and and because German Germany since the Reformation. This is a Christian nation, and so on is as much as he was anti-Christian. In reality, he used a a a a national Christianity to push his agenda right so who knows what we fall for so this must be a wake-up call so air is a look at it, don't. Don't make the statement that contribute Antichrist because that you sound like you're believing a conspiracy, but rather say this. This shows us how we could believe something like this in and pray let's really pray because there they're good people. God loving people, sincere people were deeply deluded. Now, yes.

So hey thank you for the call Brian. II do appreciate it and look I could not let the comments on CNN just go by and the growing attempt to censor and sounds look similar. Josh Holly you may agree with what he did or not. Did or with wisdom are not on January 6. Obviously he was, not directly calling for an armed insurrection.

But in his mind that the electoral results had to be question that was only fair and right thing to do. Okay, we had a book coming out with Simon & Schuster giant New York-based publisher on the tyranny of big tech. Okay, so big tech trying to censor and silences the whole book coming out in that and after the events of January 6 Simon & Schuster seminar publishing the dropped the regular he has picked it up the largest conservative publisher. They picked up which III figure was going to happen. I previously picked up.

I figured they pick it up at spelling and sell 10 times more copies now than it would have anyone that's part of how we push back against cancer culture that we look for other ways to get our message out believe the message will get out even more loudly, but that being said yes my greater focus these days has been on the deception that is attacking our site all right. Let's go to our this is a real place hub Bob in truth or consequences, New Mexico that I'm sure you're asked that a trillion times, but this actually exists actually report back with a response that I got from everybody, yes, so sorry to put you through it yet again. But I had haggled hey what's the population for about a pound or maybe 5000 8000 okay, got it all right to your call.

Please, not just in a really challenging even especially with the you know the term probably didn't stop him and I was all in and you know the fix rolled around a core site in a lien on you for input been charismatic. I was raised in a Christian home build up there because my church and I believe it gives the spirit, but I've seen a lot of abuses and I think it's awesome that you point out, and really bring a healthy balance you know the plane with oligarchs about another chance to read it, but you're just everything that you spoke out of it to ramble too much, but you can log abuses and so I try not to swing the pendulum completely the other direction and just run from charismatic circles out of frustration and some just really trying to answer some questions, but as a church were still really you know spelled like no it's gonna happen. And then I was watching your you know who or what is the false prophet video just a little while ago and then you started talking right now sling on the call and ask him Robin Bullock, you think you you did Robin Bullock clip at the end and he had actually told my pastor and person. He got on video the exact same words pretty much I'm not going to apologize for what God had for God's word and you brought the clarity say wait a minute. The Bible is God's word. You know this is a prophecy tested and so that's a horrible approach.

And so my challenge is that I go to a church were literally back guys have been back to been to my pastor and and I'm done just in this challenging place run.

Like how in the world do I bring this stuff up when I don't feel like I might not be received well or I need to make sure that I bring it in a godly fashion right and this is something that served under for coming push in 17 years or something. Yeah, Matt God is the linear jump in the discus gonna break coming off of a cliff to finish on the inside of the break, then this is a situation where you just find people who've really been diluted and now to the point of believing fantasy.

This will be two presidents. The Biden illegitimate president comes the real president. He's God's present he's gonna continue this present these next years and that everything is going to turn it in a few months, things like that so the whole thing is going to come down to how your past response that's getting a big thing. 17 years is a long time and and if even if he responds wrong. It's not your job to try to hurt him or divide the church or anything like that but the whole thing is gonna come down to how he responds. Does he have a recognition degree of error that is fallen into work, he embraces this false word does he have an understanding is there true repentance is the desire figure out how he got wrong and went wrong and then forward with that you can you can work are Morse and the other side of break. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks for announcements. I am not can be able to get into more depth in the article that I wrote about how the left is trying to censor or abuse. It's up on the Esther website is Goodyear

It will be up on the website later today and it's probably posted elsewhere. Check it out and note that already back in 2012 so nine years ago that glad we choose recently again let lesbian Alliance against defamation, not just the skull, glad that I renamed the Gay and lesbian alliance against disagreement all only back in 2012 when they launch their circle commentator accountability project which had as its goal to keep people like me off the air. I was one of the 36 list Chuck Colson Jim Daly Tony Perkins others better-known national leaders of that that was on that list along with me don't have people like me on the air to give our viewpoints because it will poison what people are thinking. So there has been this effort.

For many years now from different quarters.

It's just intensifying. Now and again the strumming of the capital is the less excuse even more aggressively try to shut us up so be sure to read and sure the article also 25 minutes from now. So for 15 Eastern time will be right back on the Esther trip on YouTube, for a weekly Q&A chat once more, will give a personal invitation to those who differ with me to those who believe I'm wrong about Trump. Either way, we are in line with prophecies away. Believe us in a cave to capitulate or whatever.

Please how I want to give you a personal invitation since I've open the phone lines many times and don't get calls hardly ever ever ever from those who blaspheme social media to limit an idiot jerk fraud servant of Satan and I say hey give me a call let's talk. Don't do it so if you're willing to make the call and join us in the you to check, you could use some anonymous screen name. Whatever. And you could you could tell me what you different. I want to hear from you all right want to hear from show some integrity and give me the opportunity to respond directly. Maybe I can help you see something you are missing okay so back to Bob in truth or consequences, New Mexico. It is ironic of course to be having this conversation. When that's the name of the place you live in is because there are consequences to us from the truth so there a few things 1. I go from moment discount gift of prophecy, prophetic ministry today. Despite the mass deception that were seen. Right now I don't discount for split-second because to me it's clearly biblical until the end of the age until Jesus returns late 70s early 80s I tried to deny the grace and power the spirit. But the word was just to clear on that time of intellectual and theological pride.

I really tried to deny those things were was to clear so that's some option for me to deny Scripture. That's one thing.

The second thing is I'm an eyewitness to extraordinary prophetic ministry personal prophecy different things like that. Some things that I've received directly. Others friends have some of come through me so I know the reality of the Holy Spirit speaking of working to me the big big issues are one that we got this whole quote prophetic movement thing with prophets just bringing their words to the whole body not filtered through the rest of the church not filtered through leadership and mainly being predictors of the future which is not the main purpose of New Testament prophecy or prophecy in general just to be predicting the future for information sick so I believe a big issue is been people rather there Lane. It would be like taking a bowling ball and throwing it at someone with a baseball bat playing baseball. You know she can break the bat or bus somebody's head of the bowling ball is bad. It's not the right place. So to me, there needs to be massive reformation in it. In the charismatic church in terms of quote the prophetic movement.

The other thing is that for sure. Some I can say all Kent say Manny God knows a number some definitely got caught up in a partisan political spirit and that then color their prophecies and then they became more entrenched, rather than humbling cells as others did realize they prophesied wrong. Like Jeremiah Johnson like Chris relative like Lauren Sanford. Like Sean Bolson like others will, in the days ahead. They've entrenched themselves even further which is now revealing was really in the hearts we find out who's who you find out who has integrity, whose walking the fear of God whose walking truth and who is not based on their response. That's what you have to really see if your pastor is going to go on delusional. He or downplay this or support something untrue and you have to sit down, have a real heart-to-heart conversation if it means I'm to find another home. Spiritually, a place to serve. It's hard after 17 years, you may not have dozens of options, but you have to do that because this is this is a big one. This is a big one if he's going to go on perpetuating this or not renounce those words and say hey I was in error and and and then and then be there to help him as a servant say hey can we process this or you have a team of others that you are accountable to the can help process this to find out how you fell into such error, and then how we can avoid it in the future. Of course I'm on charismatic friends. Was it.

It's easy just forget about this. Stay with the Bible. I say I start with the Bible and found everything there we won't fall into these other areas so that's that's my counsel to use her. You are very very welcome 866-34-TRUTH right we won't go there. Let us go to Allie and standpoint, Idaho. Welcome to the line of fire around. Hey I wanted a back hear the conversation about crown and about followers and how there's a bit of brainwashing going on.

I think that the big issue that were expecting man, not God and that aspect an outward looking human where Peter that if you God being our leader, and I think back that you need to deal because were told that there's someone in charge of my you know you need to follow and we don't get back and thought yeah you know here's here's the thing Allie. I agree with you hundred percent. When I said similar things people would say no, no trumps just Mama not looking to him were looking to God.

We believe God raised him upright and not in other words, no one is going to say Donald Trump is my Savior were Donald as my deliverer, or Donald Trump is the hope of my life. Obviously, however, idolatry is always more subtle than that. You look of, I've been to India almost 30 times and you could talk to a Hindu, and they have very sophisticated spiritual beliefs, you know, and it's not just we believe in many different gods and that statue over there that monkey God is actually a got no no it's a manifestation in the deity in the God. It knows it's all very subtle, but God calls it polytheism and idolatry and right is just like when Israel wanted a king. God said I was supposed to be your king.

So he did. He did raise up a king for them, but ultimately it it did not lead them into greater worship of God. It led them into mistake in error and then and then they had to suffer because of bad kings so what we have to do is is try to diagnose the problem so the person can recognize you know what I'm saying it and I know you find it on this and I were talking and she said look when you talk about idolatry.

People looking to trump an idolatrous way. Of course they can say they don't. I said Jan this is so we kept talking about whatever other words to find that would say it, but when I would say the other words people would deny that as well euros. Okay this so so somehow we just have to keep praying.

You know it's just like for all of us will have our blind spots and we are blind to our blind spots until they really get pointed out in the look to this day when I drive I have a blind spot behind certain part of the car right. That's why rely on you know the technology of the car to beep. But always you look because you know you have a virus. In other words, it doesn't the boss but doesn't go away.

You just compensate for so whatever it is, the blind spot that allows for this idolatrous looking to trump without it being recognized. We have to point that out and then know he that might be my tendency, I might always do that. Therefore, here's how I safeguard against hey, I appreciate the call.

Thank you so much. All right let us go to Scott won't go there. All right, let's go to David in Waldorf, Maryland. Welcome to the line of fire you doing Dr. Brown thank you and I live in Europe for long time have a number of your book.

I really like the Jezebel spirit them to become recovered in the abortion issue that we have Internet, so just so you don't get misquoted you like the book exposing the Jezebel spirit you hate the judge asked for. I know just unprotected it right right so I managed a second issue. Thank you for the kind words. You go ahead sir so so my question here now you know it's good to know what's been done before, will ultimately happen again and when I look at some of the similarities between what happened. Let's say in Germany, and the ultimate censorship that happened there. The ending up taking away their weapons. Basically gave you no particular leader Hitler this point opportunity to do all the unable things that he could do and so looking at some of those similarities here even when she pointed out earlier, looking censorship, so they're coming after trump supporters. I think ultimately the Olinda coming after after after that the church as well which he wants to jump in 15 seconds before the shows over slit. Let's talk about this more on another call right but let's not let it get anywhere near that. In other words, we have rights we have platforms we have outlets, let us speak the truth in love and wisdom without holding back, day and night. Let us shout louder loving Americans to not see the type of suppression and hope. Russian and all the horrors that happen in Nazi Germany. Let us speak the truth more boldly now

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