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January 12, 2021 7:40 am

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January 12, 2021 7:40 am

1- Matt discusses an upcoming event through ABN on 12-16, at 3-00 PM and 8-00 PM eastern time.--2- Matt asks for people to send via email their stories of how CARM has benefited or impacted them, to be considered for inclusion in upcoming newsletters.--3- How can I help my friends who are dragged into conspiracy theories---4- Is hell different from the lake of fire---5- I'm really scared about all that is happening. What should I do as a Christian---6- Why did Jesus say he didn't know the day-hour the father would return---7- Who is the prince of Persia mentioned in Daniel---8- I have a friend who goes to a church with women leadership and also listens to word of faith teaching. What should I do---9- In John 10-7-10, was the word -yet- removed from modern Bibles-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics and research what is found you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why 05 logical was waiting for the first one. If you rush all you do is dial 877-207-2276 and we can talk okay now well adjusting the video on YouTube extreme yard tomorrow to get her interested in this.

There's a network of those TV channel AB and sat TV or make broadcasting network to reach out Muslim community have been in touch with them are working with them for a few years now and wouldn't have thought thing on Trinity channel the Trinity channel Trinity live life okay so well the Trinity channel. Tomorrow will be on twice hosting some gentlemen, 3 o'clock Eastern time and again at 8 o'clock Eastern time in the yard discussing atheism on one show and Mohammed and stuff on the phone is heard on their desk and so will be hosting that was some wiggly cocoa swimming. I remember mental 20 Costa will be on and on till be discussing some stuff.

So be hosting its next behavioral you may call all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 and older no audio okay to fix that right now. Thanks. Remind me that she had all these things I do.

Sometimes I forget to do a couple mug for the show like today because so last-minute charge there.

Okay, now you should be able to hear and five seconds or so on the YouTube YouTube and Facebook. You can watch on Facebook you watch on YouTube if you want to score the the right hand side you'll see the links now. Just remember something were sending out newsletters for the year ruffling a matching funds drive the things you want to do is have one to three or four people depending that we could maybe do an interview with for the newsletter of the paragraph or two. Some like that. Looking for is someone who or anybody who has been benefited from carbon. Now there's a great story and what you could do this.

Email us at music yeah it's my name is what happened to those We might start and cook contact you might not still going to have so many I think is a lot of people who might contact us but we leave it up to the newsletter people to to figure that one out. As I'm working on and on getting the site ready for release. Hopefully, but just before the US were hoping and looking watch on that is really kind of frustrated because are so many issues I needed building to like social justice issues and things like that and start writing teaching on the plus some heresies out there you disable stuff and some people two people have sent me shirts are so much heresies a little time.

Thanks, Terry and further person with names and wash them because because I'm sensitive yeah I did wash and write my policy for washing clothes. My wife just shakes her head and squint your eyes were told you I just throw everything everything into one big mound. I will take reds out so they will do and I played a big mound of clothes and shove it in writing that it be a washer maximum load volume and then every exact cold and then wash and then when it's done. Let's take it in the dryer and put on new and plasma face. You know whatever survives that's what I wear like that's my 20 my laundry so that's called a wash and nuke and it's great because you know you you lose 80% of your clothing within three days, but whatever survives you got it from lifetime to good policy. I like it like to says do not wash my clothes okay honey you may like to get away from that. That's how it works in our house. All right hey juveniles are going to give me a call 87720722761 let the callers were doing an end of year matching funds drive if you want to support the ministry. All you have to do is go to the right hand side you will see suffered supporting financial support. Click on the computer. The online financial thing of it is and on, you'll be taken to the page and you can support and if you do if you put in 40 really match the other 40 automatically if you put intently mesh letter 10 automatically and if you sign up for. If you send a flex a five or 1015 $25 monthly. Whatever you sign up for will be added in total for the next year. Total and that totally matched about that suffused you need us to five dollars a month or 5P 60 that would be 60 ended on the medical all right, let's just above the fold is Michael from California Michael on their hello Matt, I need you per year on online. I've never heard your show like that around.

I just dealing with a lot of Q non-death, and I wanted you feeling hot. Are you familiar with their doctrine to what ever I heard the name little bit has to do with right wing conspiracy stuff is late.

I know I you don't understand out.

Be this thing is and how I exchange people.

It only so many of my friends around me are pulled in and basically it becomes. That there are a ring of satanic child molesters and and I it encompasses every content that encompass every conspiracy theory like George Bush, you got 20 towers going to follow radically all the world is going to be salt through Donald Trump and there's this guy named Q who's putting breadcrumbs on the Internet and say why people listen. Yeah, I've heard a little about this and even though I enjoy conspiracy theories. This one seems so far-fetched that II just can't put much credence in looking at some of information on the far right conspiracy theory and the eye.

There's some things I'm familiar with, but I don't want to mention over the air about some infiltrations and in politics and in Hollywood, but I know to how what extent the going in and to, and a lot of it's one of the East Coast article.

Don't know that. And there are some other groups involved but I can't read the documentation prove anything. It's just the stuff that's from from the 80s that I knew about before stuff became popular in Internet even existed. I have some information from the 80s I forgot where and how I got it, and in my head, try things like that that was… Was that so that I know I just don't know about this George Soros I Goss is good in it and he sees is bad bad horrible solo to tell you about it all right that's all I know all my goodness well I hope that you can you believe how powerful you that it is holding families apart and you know it the strangest thing this fund. Other conspiracy theory did connected to it that says the government is going to forgive all credit card debt and so it's just it. It's like a snowball on the cop will they gathers up every other conspiracy theories or do you believe that any how do you believe it on no no no, but my brain is going well. Why are they no why using this friends while it because like my wife's mom, you know, every day. She just fits on the computer and with the know she doesn't have interaction with anybody. She was a converted morning as a result. Okay silly so what you're saying is that that's is that they're just giving themselves over to it, so to speak in living anything about it sent and then judging everything by it and that's a lot of cults do. That's a lot of people think you know that the Colts are the only place we have this kind of skull snapping with a give themselves over to something psychological alteration where they disbelieve it, and it occurs in Mormonism with the planning for the book of Mormon occurs in Joe's witnesses. With her true organization. It occurs with computers dispersing theories and things like that people believe so half of my life. Actual when she realized she love me and afterwards can contribute to liberty married, but that's another story. This guy hired a leader though, the leader guy what I say what we got over. I do not want to go bricks anymore really yeah it's something to look into a little bit but I still know how to document that's in the is no no, but it's interest okay but I'm gonna look online or you know after you and you know a little bit of research on it and that thing that you were alluding to their was something that you were alluding to that you couldn't say over the air put that online or mail something like that and I'm not going to which I do appreciate all this, but you your your your girly document following the you're the last guy laughed apologetic guideline that I listen to. Well, maybe this good because of this lack. To the appreciate that all right, Michael, thank you very much and God bless. All right hello there is a little fun. Let's get it to Carl from South Carolina Carl welcome you on here I met I had a question about how the lake of fire. Hell is a temporary plate and a lake fire of final plate for to know that they had. Finally placed into the lake of fire, but in the 10th of sold are they continuously in-house or I'm impressed that these are two differently didn't think things will try to study the difference and the lake of fire seems to be the final resting place. Death and Hades were cast out, but the lake of fire is sometimes.

Some think it has an allusion to Gehenna, they voted to give me a call 776 Matt Y. Call 770727 is Matt slick back of the show everyone we help to open line give me a call 772072276 back to Carl from South Carolina Carl so you hello and lake of fire. Okay, what did research solos go to two versus second Peter 244. If God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell. Greek words talk to Russell talk and committed them to pits of darkness, reserved for judgment. Part of this was considered a place that was below the deepest depths of the bad place to go to.

It was so far beyond bad. And so it says that to defeat a dog is for the Angels, but cast them into Tartarus and so they are judged. We know from other places that people go to hell, and it seems to be it seems to be that was going on is it's hell is not the final place because of Revelation 2010 and the devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are also and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever slick that seems to be the lake of fire is the final place we hear about hell – Hades. All this being cast in were cast out in outer darkness in and how fire seems to be that that's the final place, hell is the seems to be the temporary really bad place you don't want to go to, which is the name itself may be cast into the lake of fire and then out into outer darkness soul band and then there is nothing left after the Fit into the lake of fire know that's annihilation is a list false teaching. Written written hundred and 80 articles on on it. Read literally hundred 80 articles on violations so permanent and it continuously through that agony and in it okay because they stopped existing for some progress problems with that list say that they suffer in hell for a while and then they stopped existing of is a been punished sufficiently aware.

They then saved after sufficient punishment because the punishment of sin is according to the law means that they were punished according to law's requirement will then after that's done they get annihilated. Why the annihilated. If they paid the penalty for the blog requirement like the site? Another one is I've done research on punishment in the Bible. Punishment is experienced and in annihilation as of the punishment. Some say the punishment is actually nonexistence.

But how does nonexistence relate as a punishment because you don't experience it is nothing was like the state you were in before you were born which is nothing will always that punishment no will.

It's the same thing is after nothingness, that punishment so it doesn't make any sense. A lot of reasons are appreciate you not have a blessed Christmas. You two got plus tax. All right, that was Carl. Let's get to Jack from Jack welcome here is again) that love clear, all the while that time about hope and incentive so delicate and good got caught on the world and every time world like we allow marbles to be determined by what's going on that line like and I can admit and thought that way from current event such a thought… I want to know about and the Gotthard at in my circle a little more like Feldman no video, and that knowing that old butter I got got back five same time there are quite good at that become good when and so many denial. So what you questions like to at least get through this without depression right right yet will you know of.

The lot into an you know when I go to log into the Dodge. I'm in.

Let me help a hold me help you. Okay I probably know more about this than you do.

Reason I'm saying this because I get a lot of information from a lot of people a lot of sources going to the website.

I've taught eschatology have seen a lot of things and is plenty to be worried about. I could give you information because you lose sleep right there some stuff there now. Our hope is not in her circumstances. We have got to realize something tech object looks like. Unless God changes the burden of my heart. It looks like this is will be preaching on the Sunday about Twin Falls, Idaho and will be preaching, and on Sunday night and so this issue of us being persecuted and what we do well on the be going to first Peter One and in their it says in this you greatly rejoice, even though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials, so that the proofing of your face being more precious than gold which is perishable, even though tested by fire may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ, although that's first Peter one verses six and seven.

What he's doing. There's he's talking the people to Christians who were under distress is going to understand the Roman Empire was hostile to Christianity hostile to the Jews accepted the let the Jewish nation exist out there. Israel and they put a puppetmaster in her and there's what's called seasonal papers, Emperor worship well when Jesus rose from the dead and ascended and people are following Christ. Not only that affect the seasonal papers and it's also a threat to the leadership and the balance of power to the Sadducees and the Pharisees, the Sanhedrin, so it's really bad for them and in an agrarian kind of a society where your reputation is important with aromas to come out and just arrest you because these are the kind of situation that they were in, and what is Peter sign in this you greatly rejoice, even though now for little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials. Why do we rejoice. It's difficult when we face the idea of going into surgery is fearful. We distressed when we have to go do something that causes tension everything of an interview with the boss you messed up. There are things like this. However, the right back mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave show Jack, are you still there all right.

So to him about this and talk about this to me as well. Okay so is not me. Just saying something.

I understand and give a talk about how bad things are. Look, we have a tax on the website with attacks on the finances.

We have a Tyvek been personally swatted and followed in car just a few days ago, the retired attractive to her house.

Middle the night and this got out and left.

We don't know what was going on, you know, I know what it means there's more stories like that, but nevertheless it means to be understood. Persecution not like a lot of people have terrible countries been killed by Muslims and Hindus and things like that here in America were pretty stinking comfortable even now be with Biden getting in the leftist guy in the leftist media on what could happen if I come a lot gets be the president because he's declared incompetent. I mean there's talk about states seceded from the union. Now it's this is a serious time so we do two things. First of all, you pray you trust the Lord yet understand. It says that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold.

This is the idea of our faith, who are you trusting and what are you trusting a lot of times what God does is he allows circumstances to come to us which causes distress because dispensing pain-and-suffering so that we learn to trust in him and not look at the circumstances. When my wife went in for open-heart surgery couple years ago and I mean open-heart surgery. People die and she almost died.

She came very close to but remember she was in the gurney and the bed is her get ready to walk around and give her a kiss and hold that and we talked about everything and her hope was in Christ, she says. Either way, I'm going to the Lord or she comes back to us in our hope is in Christ, facing tremendous trial. This is what we have to do as Christians to decide to trust God through these things. If you decide to do. It takes practice to decide to trust God even beyond her ability to understand some time as the first thing you do.

You pray you, trust you decide to trust because of who you trust everything you can do is actually start prepping was that you feel good getting control of paper and canned goods send them, you know, by some food is not perishable for 10 years and I dig a well in the in the backyard and put it in all the gun turned around that you know whatever the thing is going to do something that can help you out.

That way, because it is wise to prepare. And as the leftists the are hypocritical, deceptive, and full of lies we could be very wary of them for leftists. Okay, so when he is prepared to to do it. To do physically and spiritually. So that's my advice to heart what you work at sticking to keep myself out there like an art picnic because in trouble like I know that they might take everything in the meantime, like right that a break. I try to break away, you do whatever just like it can get overwhelmed sure can build that I get that.

That's the whole part that will spend time with the word and the Lord Jesus Christ. It's easy to get distracted by watching all that stuff. I understand that trust.

I live in a world where dealing with false things all the time. It it does take a toll on you have to set it aside sometimes and do other things.

Your subscription for you probably will want to leave many times at South Lukens for six through eight Lukens for six through eight Sogo 468-2468 for this 468 Philippians 46 through eight or flipping chapter 4 verses six, seven, eight okay memorize those if you can. I got about all right okay buddy… Or it carried out O let me do it because so good interconnection. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute Thursday any excellence and if anything worthy of praise dwell on these things. Okay right now.

But God bless go right okay alright let's go to Sheila was not good to Sheila.

Let's go over to and from North Carolina you're on here I got help from now you you very hard to understand what I did follow you, you wonder why Jesus said he didn't know me knows the hour, but returning to the Fotheringham explain it like living okay okay the reason is because it has to do with the culture of the wedding feast you'll notice that Jesus talk about combat getting the bride profitably blown the whole bit.

When the two families agreed to an arranged marriage for his son and a daughter to get married. They were then engaged for up to a year.

And they would do is arrange the time of the wedding arrange for the food, the drink everything for people to come and traveled across different parts of Israel to come into the area and lodging in the hold. One of the options was that his son was required to build an additional room on the house of the father of the family.

They lived in the family.

Family thing and so what happens is he would build the room on because the sun would then go get the bride and the wedding would occur at the usually the house. I did go get the bride the trumpeters would go ahead of them blowing the trumpets which would signify a get your stuff together.

Let's go they did know that the day stood the day. Maybe the plus or minus a David that was it because every had no get to be there so given this cultural thing. One of the phrases.

One of the things that was involved with this, the groom would be building this room and it had to be finished for the day. The wetting agent had been always was, but culturally what happens with his his friends would say ones the room can be finished in my baby already finished. Once the room with the father going to tell you that the rooms finished and he's culturally polite thing to say was no man knows the day nor the arm of the father alone. It was a sign of great respect to the father. The house this I wasn't doing Jewish culture and so it doesn't mean when Jesus repeated this is me didn't know because in the context of the context of the culture course the sun knew that the room is finished and he knew that days in Italy. The bride, but was up to the father to say of the exact minute.

You know, maybe in 10 minutes, maybe five minutes for talking about Peter Brock and it was a sign of respect to the father.

So I repeated this once the study was a guy there who was was called completed. You and he studied Judaism left and right, left and right up and down. He studied you and culture and everything and I told this to a group of people. He was listening and he came to me and he said he was very impressed. He said never known of a Gentile liver knew that because true pieces were to get that for the past so that's what Jesus was saying, okay, didn't mean he did not know right, which is a question I'll read it, Samuel.

What I told Daniel. Daniel 210, 12 and 13 and he said to me, do not be afraid, Daniel, for the first day that you set your heart an understanding this and humble yourself before God's words were heard and have come in response to your words with the prince of the king of Persia was withstanding me 21 days and hold Michael one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left there looking for to get together was a leg up familiar with that there was a battle. So, a lot of folks will get back to an right after that I call 770727 charismatic slave, I think I know all we maybe what they could hear that part you have an accent so it's hard understand you but the prince what to pray now. Okay, let's not go that one know that that when we will go with that. So yeah, I would not trust a commentary yet don't don't don't trust with okay so oh well will wait, wait, wait, you mean the chief prince Narrows Michael out at Prince of Persia rate is generally the Prince of Persia is generally understood to be a demonic force of the ninja of fallen on Jott angelic realm. That's over Persia, to which Daniel and the Israelites within subject) no I can understand is with the following 7% five will know it did not win. I would just say that this that the prince of the kingdom of Persia was withstanding a demonic force in the spiritual realm and then Michael I were the chief princes, came in and helped Michael is one of the archangels so I said we would say that the angel who did come the lesser angel need help and Michael Fox, the Prince of Persia which we don't know what kind of an angelic level. It is smoother different levels, cherubim, Seraphim: agile/okay my you yes but we don't know exactly where and how and what what how it works. Talk with the war in heaven.

What is that mean is are three levels of heaven, the air where we are the stars is another one in the dwelling place of God is the third soldier so that this debate does discussion on it but nevertheless, in the spiritual realm. There was a battle and of the stonework know why what I don't know. I don't know now.

So yes, couldn't say no, but in this case you have a revelation to know what it is okay will the one that said that the prince of the kingdom of government is good. No I would not I would not back out okay okay okay all right with you long and okay God bless thanks okay and I thought okay all right let's get over to Carl from Florida Carl welcome what are you going to write you there.

We got what I learned that hello, you have a friend you believe it is a day and Molly thing and all he had no problem on the church that at one women leaders of the right path that is lived in mind going into the mind going to the concert if you like Benny and otherwise Michael spoke to my true convert this possibility. So what I would do if I were you was asking with the gospel. This and the and what is necessary for salvation and see what he says it's faith alone in Christ you will look for question what is the gospel asking with the gospel as is possible they might not be a true Christian because of his list of these false teachers then it's it's it's a question you ask if he is really a Christian that he needs to be corrected. Need to rebuke to not listen to the wackos of voltage like Benny Hannon: and he went after the courses on biblical so he's not believing what God is leaving experience and sensationalism, not believing the word of God, trusting that you want me to ask him what it got. Asking what the gospel is and how to get saved to see what he says and then also ask afterwards as you believe the Bible is the final authority is the Bible the final authority if he system like with the spirits can bear witness to spirit you talked with experience in the spirit in his heart that he's on a bad track because even facts which does happen, must be subject to the word of God can similar? The same thing. I got one and am not like you invite me to a where one man past, but that they are leading and out… You know I can go because I do not act on medical women after somatic the preacher and his you and get it if it will be a yeah you're right will go. Wednesday I was so he admits the Bible condemns it, and then he supports it. So then, his problem is he's purposely sinning against God, that you don't make you better than the Bible.

But no, go to the earth is in the concert as hell tell tell him he's in rebellion against God because he's not obeying God's word says okay that we could wanted favorite thing to all you know you are on it added you go to church on Sunday night, day all you you you want to like if you want to put out right.

You know, okay, that's fine. #That's fine. What you need to do is go to the car website and read up on why we worship on Sundays at a Saturday and have that ready and go to the material why it is we we worship on Sunday why it was done in the New Testament right it's funny that I have what I owe them anything and it thought of thinking and that man-made member on God. So he's probably not true convert he he you know he sees the death were God to just go to Genesis 3 and successor Satan did God really say you just joining with with the enemy to doubt God's word in order to have room for your lies, your heresies, you tell flat out so I tell people when I could tell them Associate ghosts. It's a lovely little to guide you to see the way… He thanked him what he believed it, not truly, they do not want to put that route. No no no no no he may not be truly saved. Maybe we don't know that's what I said. I asked what the gospel is nest with the final authority. If he's not affirming the gospel in the descriptors of the final authority I wouldn't say he's a Christian doesn't know what the gospel is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and that we obtain salvation by faith alone in Christ alone. If he denies that he's not a true believer means that correct them and if he does accept it is because he is a believer, but he continues in his unbelief of the true gospel that is not a believer. Just tell him good way to hell. You know the true gospel.

This is why you have to know what the true gospel is currently not yet articulated, even though it's right there, is what should be taught a lot with faith in Christ okay right not like that and now I in order to witness doing you and his friend, and you don't get a lot of upfront about my life. I wouldn't would I would try and work with them. Bible study on this train driving the price you invited me a crime that that what woman I why and Benny Hamby commented that say what if you go if you go get literature if they have a literature and send it to me.

The video said to be speak of you that in my research of of Pharisees I would little concert today. I will pick up the out like that tell you okay yeah okay are covered with a long because you got people waiting. All right. Thank you. My workbook again, thank you God bless get Anthony from Kansas Anthony welcome you on the back.

Already about three minutes and the show we got for two minutes or so okay on liquor store that I can I been thinking a little bit of evolution, and I get what I get.

Adaptive variation is not evolution. Microevolution is not evolution up with scientific that was meant to find that macro evolution so wrapped up with five not if they think the scientific I get fast when I'm trying to get you the idea of a carbon logical argument that you can't have it.

Infinite number progressions back to whatever you know I have about one of the problems like regression okay like there's no first cause. Can you be a second cause if there's no first. Can you be a second that first good if you go back infinitely and he continues infinitely is the very first cause no dinner cannot be a second and 1/3, and we could not get to know but okay so that's where the waves of Dennis K. God is the necessary labor laws. God is when he brought the universe into existence, and then he so speaks at the first cause in the motion okay I know that three minute time limit for your quick, kind of reaction getting only track I know you don't write it at that. In John 1010. They say that modern Bibles remove yet making a liar.

If the partly for I'm not on yet you go on about the later well but you know what I'm talking about right now that will be meeting at which time we have a King James only section written by Luke when he works with and go to kind of look that stuff over to be there will be responses there and if he doesn't have the exact issue. Email us and you'll get to him because St. Luke at car network and help you do the research, but the issue there is is the King James owners are semi-idolatrous. Almost and how they hold it nothing to do okay okay all right so that's what I would say can work on time here. Okay buddy okay. All right. Have a blessed okay will you have time to get to progressive signification from Chris in Missouri or Sheila with the language that many speak call back tomorrow because we sometimes folks. Please consider supporting us to matching funds drive for now all the way to the other year and if you go to car network/zoning you donate today. Lord bless you tomorrow by God

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