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The Homestretch of the 2020 Elections

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 5, 2021 5:10 pm

The Homestretch of the 2020 Elections

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 5, 2021 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/05/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

It's a big election day in Georgia so much of the fate of America seems to be hanging the balance what's God's perspective on all this stuff for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. So where we stand today. What's can happen in Georgia which could happen to the future of America can happen tomorrow in DC. More questions than answers.

The good news is, God is God over trust over hope is put in him the elections was happening all these things are momentous. Yes, momentous. We don't downplay that for a moment at the same time we know that God is greater and that are firm foundation is based in him, not the outcome of the elections. Hey friends, Michael Brown here delighted to be with you his number to call 866-34-TRUTH 8663 4-H 7884. I cannot tell you in advance who is going to win in Georgia I can tell you the implications, but you probably heard that a thousand times over in the world aware will review that briefly I cannot tell you what's going to happen tomorrow in DC with various senators protesting the election results in calling for emergency audit.

Although it seems relatively certain that nothing momentous will happen. We don't know we haven't gotten there yet, but that there won't be a momentous change barring divine intervention. Nancy and I were talking last night entrance okay if God was going to stretch out his hand in such a way for the world to see and know for America to see and know. Let's say there was not election fraud, what would what would get the attention of America and the attention of the church and would be something where your drawl would drop and you'd say all my and some would say all my God will.

It would be Donald Trump becoming a totally different person will be Donald Trump getting up before the nation and saying I congratulate President-elect Joe Biden on his fair victory and I apologize for the division and confusion that are brought in. My desire is to see America blessed and I want to serve in the best way that I can. Please forgive me for those who have hurt have project what are you kidding me, or conversely, if there was election fraud and and and President-elect Biden knew all about it. It would be him getting up and saying to the nation I have to come clean. I can't live like this. We stole the election.

I'm not the legitimate president. This is not right. Donald Trump won fair and square.

And I am stepping down from being President-elect alert something massively momentous would have to happen for either side to give in and say okay we accept these results. Would you agree or admit it's gotta be something that heavy. That's wrong. What else do you think would persuade America to move on accepting the outcome of the elections.

What else would help Americans move on together with any possibility of at least being a nation that wants to stay a nation in the midst of a difference with had pitch differences. For centuries, I mean you you look at that, the fight between John Adams.

Our second Pres. Thomas Jefferson, our third president Jefferson being Adams VP they been close friends and coworkers and then had a riff that was so deep that in communicate for 10 years you look at the way they fought each other in campaigns and you go back to what different ones are saying and I documented this I believe in evangelicals at the crossroads but but you actually had Americans because of Jefferson's libertarian or or liberal views on different things and not being Orthodox Christian. You had many Americans right in our early elections after George Washington saying the fate of the nation is hanging in the balance and if Jefferson is in. That's the end of America. Now many people are saying the same thing in terms of if the two votes. The senatorial votes in Georgia go the way of the Democrats 50-50 in the Senate with, Harris passing the deciding vote or casting the deciding vote in the house still being in in in Democrat Hansen will not heavily, and then a Democratic president who is, where is the moderation that's going to stop a radical leftist agenda. Where's the moderation. This can stop an agenda that could reshape American ways that fundamentally takes away our liberties, where's that restraint going to come from Ottoman natural God can intervene right but but if we have lost in all of those areas I say we, I would mean those who voted for Trumper vote Republican. Where is the restraint.

This can stop that now could it be, could it be that a shift to the radical left will still open the eyes of Americans and so get the church on its knees and giving itself afresh to the great commission and revival because we cannot look to the government to carry out our desires to be a pro-life be religiously diverse things that the Democrats are not standing for and standing with us on right and I extensively listen vote Democratic. That's that's a whole other discussion and debate right but could it be that this is what's needed most, and that a shift to the left will awaken the church because you know what it's like you in a financial crisis which always have the credit card and you and you always have that equity loan you could take out and you and but now the credit cards are maxed every one of them and and you taken out an equity loan, you have no more equity and you have nowhere to go.

Your friends are ready help you out. And sometimes it's at that point you fall to your nieces a God, you have to come through. This is through no fault of our own. We had the financial collapse are about to lose everything we can put food on the table for kids God we need your help. But as long as I got those other options you have those options.

Put in a deep hole of debt sometimes I would to the Lord alone, Jacob. In Genesis 32.

It is alone with the Lord. A man angel of the Lord.

We believe the son of God incarnate, wrestles with him as is.

I will let you go into. You blessed me he would let him go because he couldn't let him go because he felt a fight if I let you go on a dime I felt was gonna die my kids going to do everything we work for all these years is alternately gone, lost. But he always had a way out.

There's always resourceful Jacob. I'll figure out a way when there is no way in ballroom believe God rely on God the same time, the way of the flesh in carnality and deception, but now none of that was going to work Esau's coming his way with 400 men as far as he knows he's going to kill him.

So what's he do he seeks God like never before. Perhaps, to the extent that we had someone friendly to the evangelical cause in the White House, perhaps, to the extent that we've had again, we sing conservative evangelicals who voted for Trump vote Republican.

So we've had Republicans in the in the Senate and look for little while. That was it was house it was it was Congress. Susan said it and house rights of that's us. Trump started off that's Obama. Obama had the frittata and in his and his leadership. Where was all Democrat that all Republican but could be though. To the extent that we have looked to man look to the government. We failed in our mission and failed to have our trust in the right place now. It could also be disaster it could be absolute disaster of some of the things that we've warned about for years and years and radical leftist agenda and the canceled cultural democracy and radical LGBT queue activism and putting those in the closet that sent in real assault on religious freedoms and liberties and then many many other things happening in our nation that would drive us in the way of socialism more than we've ever imagine. We could go that could well have been. That's a legitimate scenario. That's why many people are deeply concerned, even those who say look, politics are corrupt, and I will put my trust in trumpet. I put my trust in the Republican Party, but we need that balance of powers and we we need to make sure that Democrats don't have both the House and the Senate. So it's critical that you produce a Loeffler winter both when etc. I understand the mentality, it could get really bad and I I do understand where people say that that the future of our nation is at stake with the vote in Georgia today. Understand that I do like to get it. I think I been warning about the agenda of the radical left is as long as it is anyone you been listening to. Especially, it and in Christian believing circles certainly have.

So they recognize it. On the other hand, this could be the pastor revival and awakening in and here's the deal.

I can't control what happens in Georgia today. Nor can you we can pray for the vote to be fairly counted right. Hopefully everyone can agree on that may may they be a fair vote today in Georgia for these candidates because of what your perspective is. May there be a fair and righteous vote and for the national elections may make something big happened, big enough that on Inauguration Day. Everyone recognize this is a legitimate president, whether we like the results. Not only I understand big tech teamed up against Trump along with mainstream media and in that sense, things were wearing new stories suppressed other things put forward a fully fully fully understand and yet both attention and hold off on a tangent for the moment.

Bottom line is this. II can't control you can control happens in Georgia.

If you enjoyed your vote.

That's it right, you can pray for righteous outcome.

You and I can control what happens in DC tomorrow as the Senate needs for official confirmation of electoral votes, etc. we can control it. We can control our own relationship with God. We can control our faith attitude before God and we can control the actions that we take on January 6 and seventh and eighth and ninth and 21st after the inauguration and saw so let's focus on what we can do when we come back on Monday and do something that may be the only broadcast to talk about politics today is going to do, which is going to pray the Lord's prayer and pray it specifically for the elections and alchemy really pray it, especially the opening verses with specific applications what's happening in America today and and what I want to do is encourage you in the midst of the chaos of the craziness and the uncertainty faith in God remains our wrong no matter what the filename light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown pastor spreading for the sole relation in DC right now because they're not called to does not called to because they're called to be right where they are in their cities and the sole relation is not primarily dependent on the elections permanently dependent on the state of the people. If the church we would put more emphasis on prayer and fasting put more emphasis on repentance. More emphasis on evangelism and discipleship and then secondarily focus on these other things would be in a totally different place.

Her focus is been way off.

It seems all we do is talk about the election stand night Trump day and night buying day and night, and political parties day and night, and this is because they are. We put that energy and effort towards preaching the gospel winning the lost setting captives free, praying, fasting for it for awakening and and and giving ourselves to that, and then secondarily with the politics America would be shaken within a year if if not, much, much shorter than that and Pollyanna. It sounds like you use a sense if you don't believe the stimulus really happened. Have you miss the broadcast we would dress that are the many Facebook posts we redressed that my position is been icy strong evidence for IC arguments against it and I don't know if you say you know that actually don't you believe strongly basement exhibit you know for fact is you want there and when I was there yet.

Yeah okay yeah make it to the car thanks thanks for the thanks for the reminder. Yeah, and there I've got friends in DC right now on the streets praying and seeking God. Yeah right there right now absolutely. But let me forget to the Lord's prayer Alana talk about something really really important. Feel free to weigh in and interact with me 866-34-TRUTH 784 okay couple things one, it's very difficult right now to completely separate church from state in the sense of the outcome of these elections really is big. Really, really big. The implications massive look.

The Constitution of the Supreme Court.

The people that are in it that's big so under Trump. We got Gore search Cavanaugh and Connie Barrett.

That's big and and under Trump. We got to three. It was 300 justices appointed in federal courts and in your lifetime appointees. That's big that's that's massive in many ways just some of the. The election outcomes and what happens in Georgia. The difference just between 50-50 or 5248 or 5149 terms. Republicans, Democrats and Senate implications of that are massive and as I said earlier I I get it, understand it. I've written about it for years. In the clearest possible terms that I know how to write and warn in terms of the dangerously agenda of the radical left and how much that is driving the Democratic Party in many ways people said Democrat party today is not the Democrat party that that was there when Bill Clinton was elected as many different systems we had. Then, however however it in another sense the gospel goes forth. Just the same. The church grew and prospered and undo undo in Nero's Caesars Caligula's these different tyrannical rulers and with the official Christianizing of the Roman Empire under Constantine were that became the state religion much good happened in many ways and and persecution all but ceased places.

What was happening in mortar German and in the Roman Empire be became, in many ways a thing of the past. There was much good that came but that also much bad that came as the church became more and more institutionalized and to the extent the fate of the church is is tied in with the fate of the nation that we can get into an unhealthy nationalism but it's it's one of those situations.

Now we have the vote is important that whatever happens, we gotta move on with our priorities.

We gotta move on with gospel priorities. We gotta move on with impacting the culture impacting our local school board imp impact in the University where kids go, being witnesses in the workplace challenging the whole the big tech and and just many many different things have to be done and the greatest weapons we have our spiritual is not only spiritual, it's not you salmon pray all day and don't work a job still trailed into local and voice talent. Pray all day and that your kids run around on the streets without supervision. No it's it's prayer and spiritual weaponry first and then everything else then get involved. Everything else but often our priorities are off.

That's one thing another saying is the difference between the power faith and the danger of delusion that I think I'll write about that today the difference between the power faith and the danger of delusion. On the one hand, as some of my good friends remain steadfastly sure the Donald Trump will be inaugurated on January 20. Okay that is not my own conviction or belief but some of my dear friends who feel that way it's it's an an amazing faith statement. In other words, some of them have walked with God for so many years have seen God do the impossible for so many years have have watched light come out of darkness and and seemingly life out of death in a resurrection when the thing seemed utterly hopeless that if you live through that when all hope was lost.

God came through the famous statement that man's extremity is God's opportunity that it's it's commendable that they feel so sure that God spoke to them and and confirmed it to others.

Trump will be inaugurated that as much as it seems completely counterintuitive and utterly ridiculous and in the natural, totally impossible. Under what set of circumstances with the Democrats ever except that with with everyone else that would be involved with inauguration ever except that with with half the nation ever accepted and and on and on it goes in the natural seems completely and totally and absolutely impossible. And yet there people faith and they believe God in the face of impossible odds before as have I as have many of you, and we seen God come through on the flipside, if these things don't happen that my expectation that they will if they don't happen then this would not be faith. This would be delusion in this would then give the appearance to the world that everything that we hold to his delusion that that the same way. People are saying Trump is going to be inaugurated on January 20. I know it they're also saying Jesus rose from the dead.

I know it.

God is real.

I know it. The Bible is true.

I know it, it can seem like every saying is based on delusion and rather than this being a great testimony of faith, it will bring terrible reproach to the faith and to everything else that we believe. Let me give you an example of something right. It's can seem totally off-topic for a minute but then on the comebacker to make sense okay and then we we will pray the Lord's prayer and and apply to today. There are people that really want to reach Jewish people with the gospel right and you'll have some well-meaning Gentile and the guy looks like he some ultra-Orthodox rabbis got the beer he's got the black outfit is is Gentile. Okay you can read Hebrew. He doesn't you put them in a room with traditional Jew within 30 seconds.

The traditional Jew would realize you're just putting on the outfit she was all know but I want to reach the Mona Reese must look you make our faith look bad when you do that you make it look as if everything about us is just superficial and putting on some costume.

You don't help her witness because within 30 seconds of talking to you. The traditional Jew will realize you are not the traditional Jew or Gentile, or maybe a nominal Jew putting on an outfit and it makes our faith in your shoe as Jewish followers of Jesus look bad or right so now you see the application that if our great faith. I know I'm sure the Holy Spirit spoke to me. If that doesn't pan out, then people know so yeah, and the Holy Spirit spoke to about 10 other things were supposed to believe that was were supposed to believe the Holy Spirit is real was all you write your God is a sure right. We believe that it will bring tremendous reproach to the faith and a great crisis for others. Again, I'm praying about these very things because God never spoke to me about Trump being reelected or inaugurated.

So therefore I have no assurance or expectation that he will be all right.

I want to minister to those who have a crisis in a couple of weeks but if it's a testimony of faith, awesome, amazing, glorious praise God and and how stunning it will be in and how I would say to people that believe the incident and suck. Gotta hand it to God really spoke which I never had that assurance. I wasn't believing for that cast my vote and prayed for God's best outcome, but you should amazing faith. You show tremendous fortitude.

You showed incredible confidence in God. When all assumed against you flipside things go the way I expect them to go is not Trump inaugurated on January 20, then this is not faith. This was delusion and you have to help people sort out the difference between facing delusion would have to help people sort out okay. How could you be so sure about something and be so wrong without losing their faith and in God the faith in the Scriptures okay will write back, get a comment or call 86634 string description because I know I care on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends 16 Outlook II have some larger thoughts terms and elections as a whole, something I fell for many many months that the only one who could defeat Donald Trump is Donald Trump and if he conducted himself differently be just a strong justice tenacious to hold onto the things that those of us who voted for him voted for him to do, but would change in other ways. For example, at the first debate, or other opportunities he would've had to unify people around him believe he could've won such a crushing victory that will even try to steal it. Just not even feasible way for those that are convinced fraud so there are bigger issues. I was interacting with a a sports commentator the other day and I was taping something for him that was going to air in the leadership conference. He was doing a men's conference. So I said hey just refunded a little sports interaction here and then there was a big game Sunday night.

Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins with the Eagles beat the Redskins and the New York Giants would make it into the playoffs even with the six and 10 record and it looked like Philadelphia intentionally and try to win so people were incensed over it and this colleagues said yeah is a sports commentator commentator suggests it's true, you are likely Philadelphia did. He said both you in the playoffs when more than six games of the recited giants put themselves in that situation but anyway it's not so III did I did tell the Scully that if he comes on the air with me to talk about spiritual issues level sports debate.

First, okay, in all seriousness though, let's step back and let's pray, Matthew six begin verse nine, the Lord's prayer, which is also found in Luke chapter 11, but most of us are familiar with it in the form it's found in Matthew chapter 6, but let's go there right. Let's pray this for what I had. Thank you sounds so religious.

Dr. Brown yet issues you might issues are love Jesus might issues are absolutely committed to God my might. Issues are that I am all out for the Lord might issues are that this uncompromisingly when it comes to following him to those of the issues I have in Sharon, sorry the Karen I think there is time to be passed the time to fight how assisting passive you want to fight you want take a militia to DC want to fight want to burn down the neighborhood want to fight want to go marching down your streets with with guns same river Trump count me out of that count me out to fight in terms of fighting for righteousness.

I'll keep doing that because that's what I've been doing for decades.

Some friendly, honest interaction, post a comment you may get a response.

Okay, Matthew chapter 6 Matthew chapter 6 Jesus taught us to pray this, she was said pray our father in heaven sanctified be your name.

So here's will restart and because we just leave the text up on the screen for those watching here's here's where we start. Father, we are asking you right now in America right now in the midst of this very difficult and divisive time right now in the midst of these critically important elections were asking for your name to be hollow and sanctified, were asking through every thing that happens for the exaltation of God's name Lord that that America would learn to fear and reference and honor your name and look to you alone Savior and King that the name of Jesus would be a hallowed name respected name in our country and that there would be a holy fear and reverence for you.

Bring that pass through the events of 2020 and through the elections bring that to pass Lord, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. So that's that's our that's our prayer that's our prayer Lord right now while we await the return of your son and the final establishing of his kingdom. We pray for your kingdom to come. We pray Lord for the that the advance of your kingdom in the here and now we pray for the moving forth of your kingdom purposes and Lord for your will to be done in America for your plan to come to pass for righteousness to be exalted for sin to be checked for revival in the church that would lead to awakening in society that the people of America would be a God fearing people who live to do your will that there would be a dramatic change in the nature of our nation are turning away from atheism, a turning away from their traditional religion. Turning away from carnality in the flesh, and a turning to you, your kingdom come. May your kingdom be advanced. Whatever the outcome of these votes. Elections whoever's inaugurated as an ex-president or presidents after that. May your kingdom be advanced in our midst. May your will be done may be carried out on earth the same way it is carried out in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread.

You know what we need. Sure, people to do your will and to thrive in you to be your faithful witnesses. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts, as we also forgiven our debtors Lord with this animosity between brother and sister with his hatred with his anger with their strife where we are what we are behaving just like the world and not walking in love towards one another. Lord forgive us as we forgive those that we feel have heard us and sinned against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one. During this critical hour were asking that you recognize her weakness that you would see the pressures coming against us that you see the confusion and hurt in your body that you would not lead us in the way of temptation, but rather deliver us from evil and deliver us from the evil and we know father that Satan is plotting and planning to destroy.

We know father that Satan wants to wipe out every person on this planet.

If you can, and we know that he specially targeted your people we know his devices were not ignorant of them. We know that his deceiver. We know that he's a divider. Right now we see great deception in the body MEC great division in the body were asking for your deliverance from evil and from the evil one. In Jesus name, amen. The additional confession found in many manuscripts. For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever, 86634.

Let's go over to James in Turner Oregon. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown pleasure to speak with you all. Usually here and I really appreciate what you're saying today come in from a perspective of my actually felt strong very, very strongly that Trump is the wrong man and I am an evangelical, 56 years old been raised in a Christian family been a part of the church. My whole life and actually study political science undergraduate degree in it have been very involved in cared about government and politics for a long time and I'm very conservative, actually I feel like the church's embrace of crop and defense to rapid, unadulterated fealty to him has been just such a poor witness. I understand people make in a hard choice about when it comes to voting, but setting aside the individual votes it the that the toxic dialogue and and just be the sticking for a political solution to some of our deepest problems on underpayment everything Saturday just about disagree little bit about whether Trump good for us are bad for, but overall I just love love love what you're saying and and I'm very close to your heart is for you know what where you're coming from. I just I just feel that this defense of an embrace of trumpets is close to idolatry are actually is idolatry. For many, not all I know you support a metal consider your support idolatrous.

But I you know, from a practical perspective on my pro-life issues, and other of moral issues that are important to Christians. I'm I'm I'm still very polite but from a practical standpoint, we as a church are going to do more for for the unborn by by being a lightness Dalton and contributing to crisis pregnancy centers and things like doubting and reaching out help in helping people to see and hear.

We can still do that Trump selections change nothing in terms of abortion in America. It's legal.

Still, it was legal before could be legal afterwards. So although that's an important issue. I don't think it he's helped to cause and also so the just delivered. Yes, jumping I'm 100% with you in terms of the issue is not the vote for Trump to me that was a no-brainer.

In 2020, and ultimately when it was him versus Hillary despite reservations ultimately no-brainer there in terms of of of where I would vote but that I had been how on the show who wrote the book the moral majority, and he had he had been very much in the strong Republican conservative evangelical camp and in many ways would still consider himself. There, but was having relations with company on the areas that are not an issue with some of voting for him. That's not the issue. It's exactly what you described the extraordinary loyalty to the defense of the embracing of even in its very very worst, so that he could do no wrong.

I mean, literally, there are Christians who believe Donald Trump more than their pastor.

And whoever says is no good there out there bad doughboy I can trust him.

Supreme Court appointed you can trust them.

You have a born-again Christian.

He's got a great track record serving where they serve. But if that uncle always trumps agenda next thing there crushed and thrown underfoot and cursed in the end the Trump suppose yeah there bad their board is very frightening. Georgia a good example to follow.

Brother Reitzel but knows he's he's trashed his political career completely trashed and people. Even though the facts so that's what's really dangerous as someone voted Trump twice which is all I could do in elections is both the head and countless interviews supporting evangelicals who voted for him. I've also warned about these very things that could be why we get four years Donald Trump that could be the very reason why I agree wholeheartedly. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends in less than a half-hour. I'm sorry little over half 430 Eastern time on the back and asked her to Brown on YouTube for weekly YouTube chats is a great time. You can post your questions you have to call in fact we don't take calls and post your questions interact with me in a real time back and forth way so that is in little over 40 minutes on our YouTube channel Esther to Brown asking your breath. You never joined us from these cats. It's a great time. We spent about an hour together answer to the questions. It's fast-moving, so take advantage of that. Tell some friends and join us for 30 Eastern time.

Esther to Brown by the way. One thing that distresses me and again I talked about this days past that distresses me because I want to help people on the serve I want to be a blessing.

One thing that distresses me is if, after much study, reflection, consideration, I come to a conclusion that's different than some have they tell me that I'm close minded and I'm ignorant and I need to listen knows if I don't agree with them that I'm close minded or Roy. I just need to listen shut up so when I present evidence to the contrary, bloodletting, listening to that site also-so I'm close minded for evaluating all sides of an argument as best as I can listen to people on all sides of an argument so I can present both sides missing out.

Here's why. Holte. This is why different. I'm close minded for doing that.

But when I present contrary evidence to some of you. I'm a listener that I'm shut you out. That's being open minded that the center would grow friends that's cultlike behavior. So I'm onto close minded about things in the Bible know I'm dogmatic is not close minded. I'm dogmatic modes of study estate some issues for decades. I've had my faith challenge mentally challenged unavailable for decades, my political views moral culture views for decades, some faith, the auto thing specially for decades cultural things many many years political things many many years and I could debate all sides of the arguments he hears Roy feel the way feel this was a close minded Glenn present new evidence a look at it and tell you I believe is wrong because of examine the thing for years and years and years and years.

I yeah go ahead you you you got evidence what you believe the Bible is not true. Show Mielke look at it and and analyze it fairly and honestly, and explain why dogmatically differ. That's difference in my shop okay finally shut out the skeptics we shut out the mockers we show that you shut out.

You should know people like me before I was say when I was a mocker without people like my wife Nancy before she was saved and she was a mocker and people with honest questions you may people leave our churches because they can ask questions because leaders don't say great question, but I do have an answer for that by love that question. Let's didn't get an answer together. I have enough confidence in God that I want to put the hard questions out there to become young may call his God failed you.

Funny face when United Ventura God is real and we tell people it's fine to ask the hard questions. Is there good answers the good answers and Judah tells us to have mercy on those who doubt sometimes people very sincere. There hurt. They have questions we need to be there to help them go at asking questions but distresses me because I want to help people. One thing I'm doing this why my on the air by other I know I'm not paid to be a radio host we pay for airtime. Okay, I'm am not like Rush Limbaugh or Dennis Prager when these other guys that is paid by a company to be on the air. Okay the advertising you hear this makes our bills lower. That's all's is the the the station puts advertising in and that makes our bills lower, but I'm paying to be on the air. Why well. The cell books if you knew fun because the to be on the air versus what books we sold on the air that that ID would go out the window no more here. Like other ministries on the air because we want to be a blessing to you is want to help you and that means that that we are praying really seek the Lord and ask him for his perspective and and interact with others and do our best to edify you and minister to you on the air that's more here and and I want to challenge you to to allow your your your boat.

We rocked a little here. It you have friends that vote differently than you do.

And they love Jesus. Have you ever sat down and talked about to each other. You've done that I love encourage pastors with multiracial churches were undoubtedly people of different voting perspectives have a public discussion and to get some godly articulate people from each side to explain the way they vote, that you may come out with your convictions, even more dogmatic, but at least of understanding for your brother or your sister release be able to treat that person with disability rather than contempt. In the midst of differences in an effort to be one as a body, it's not because I take over and crushed all opposition.

Oh, it could well be the trump court appointees and things going on through legislature will lead to the overturning of Roe V Wade no Joe Biden said that he was elected that he would enshrine it and states as law and the Supreme Court can overturn because we just be enshrined as law and in a way that would doesn't matter what the course is about Roe V Wade, yes, the their massive implications.

That's why voted for Donald Trump. That's why voted for Republican candidates, North Carolina. For those reasons, among others, but ultimately is our last caller said the way that really go see the change comes not just through legislation but through hands-on changing hearts ministering reach out.

It's both and change hearts and change laws. But let's go to Jonathan and grassed in Massachusetts. Thanks for: the line of fire and critic Mark called Dr. Brown sure thing, revealed development perspective. The Pinkerton running through my mind and it really around but the broader worker not brought the farmer, client… I do for living, but I'm also a Christian scientist or consensus. I'm actually pharmaceutical researcher okay we can talk about the vaccine. On another day, but that's another topic so yeah go ahead, go ahead. Yeah, though I worked in the same area, but print denied their right in the same town that work in their Boston boat.

I'm a scientist, but also Christian pharmaceutical divide, but I also feel and data ideal and evident, and I think that's what actually brought me to you because you are similar in that regard, and then a lot of you. Your commentary really resonate with me, though I find we deal in hypotheses and then we look at evident and then they can it be explained by this hypothesis or the other. One hypothesis is that no there was massive fraud and the election being stolen by the bite by trump the other hypothesis that there was not brought and the election is actually trying to be stolen by trump those of the three groups of observations that I cannot explain only one hypothesis for me can explain and I feel like a pretty strong and the observation burger not the data that you been talking about are looking at, and I can actually get my click on that as well. That's been put forth from the court to just general observations that have come out in the election. The big one for me predict one wanted that the Department of Justice for the FBI of the DIA ductwork Department of Homeland security and also Bill Barr have all come out and fed. There was no fraud and I think especially Bill are in particular for me. I mean the men would have every every reason in the world. The feather was brought given his alliance with trump suspicion about some of the other branches of government.

There be no reason to think that the wind Department of Justice be complicit in that. Okay. Second one second one and this one also really resonate with what's going on with camp and rep mobile account Republican oil counter men of faith and so again they would have and have been put through tremendous pressure and from electing their families have been harassed would have every reason in want in the world for Trump to have one in Georgia yet they are going the other direction are on it and for me I can't come up with any other explanation for why someone would do that but there's no cross right they have to be deep state paid by China corrupt. Something that Alyssa makes no sense about way. I'm just jumping into some rice with my little comments customer short on time so number three number three would be whatever working in the court were at all levels in the corpulent of the print core were the evident focal evidence of been prevented, open been thrown out depending on who you ask.

If you know 1/60 cases or something like that right. That would mean eventually if there is widespread fraud. That would mean Department of Justice including bulbar camp in reference burger and then all judges, including truck appointed judges on all levels of the dispute. This will system or in on the brought which to me very far-fetched of the fine so so the alternative to that, sir, is that that's how bad it is.

In other words that's why you have to trust trump because he's exposing how deep the deep state is how corrupt everything is right through the Supreme Court. How many people are under the thumb of China not know if that's what some believe that my logic is where yours is on those as well as associate I can't.

I don't know, but I felt confident that if there was fraud. It would flush out the records thus far, it has Jonathan appreciated calling friends 30 minutes from now join you back on YouTube. Esther Brown SK DR Brown on YouTube in 30 minutes

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