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When Leaders Misuse the Spirit and Abuse the Sheep

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 4, 2021 4:40 pm

When Leaders Misuse the Spirit and Abuse the Sheep

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 4, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/04/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

From the worst prayer I've ever heard in my life to people who use the Holy Spirit to manipulate others got you covered today stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown, this is our first day live on the air after so may I wish you a blessed and happy new year in real time. In May, 20, 21 be the most blessed year of your life. May you encounter God more deeply in the favor of God be upon you. May he use you to touch many in 2021 Michael Brown welcome to the line of fire really looking forward to today's broadcast. We got a ton of stuff to cover so don't miss a moment. The first one ask you question the phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 878841 ask you a simple question. Have you ever heard a preacher spiritual leader quote Psalm 10 515 touch not mine anointed to my prophets no harm. Have you ever heard them quote that and say that's what you can question the pastor that's what you can question the man of God.

That's what you don't criticize the prophets. Have you ever heard it quoted in that way. If so, give me a call to get into this immediately, but I will begin if your calls will but later in the show, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 a ton of stuff to unpack uncovered get into today. But let's start here hundred 17th Congress opened with a prayer prayed by a House member himself United Methodist pastor and the end of the prayer is now going viral online, rightly so, it is the most absurd prayer I have ever heard in my life. This is how the prayer ends with the name of God, and not known by many names by many different things a man and a woman. Yes, you heard that right. Amen. And a will. Okay, first, your dressing prior to the monotheistic God the gym on a mascot only mention his name with the hope that who really come to know the Lord and repent of this okay and I didn't even mention his name in the context of of the shameful ridiculous prayer, which is bound to offend everybody but he prays to the monotheistic God. Okay then mentions Brahma initially did know what he was saying because is through the mass Brahma is a Hindu deity why God Hindus are polytheists.

This brazen name of the monotheistic God calls him brought more drama where, loss of the cost column just daughter Laura would probably bring that in. If you're praying to monotheistic God's leg offend Muslims and Christians and Jews right and then many names, faces, whatever okay are surprising and say he or she it. Whatever is out there.

Then ends with amen and a woman, because he had to be gender inclusive because you can say man assurance surely he must know that the word amen has nothing to do with man that is from the Semitic Ruth Olive name Newman that it is in Hebrew. It's main and Arabic.

It's a mean that comes into English through Greek and Latin is on Manor in certain circles. We say amen. He must've no but yes he can't say the man word so does this got me thinking about all the changes that we have to make in our vocabulary sort so I tweeted I tweeted this out. You know, based based on this prayer letter ridiculous congressional printing with amen and a woman now to need to change words like menu and you have a woman to woman you go to the restaurant all all that's surreal. All women haven't really meant room rental lament can have a mentor your female you have a woman enter right that's the has a mental list notes woman told in the med is no more.

Not a medicine woman us or lament.

Now that you have to have lament in the lament about cement his silver. We got some same mad terracing. Now you see one event to grant clemency have to grant clear women see we can be vehement gifted BVU one man's can even make recommendations got to be a wreck. A women Dacian matter everywhere why ladies going to do with their monthly cycle and the menstrual's it's got a bill that stands so once I catch that earlier to woman stroll. Josh even asked to be amended. Oh, sorry, a woman did that not a say are you taking this too far know here's the problem. Here's the problem as I speak. This is something that is been discussed for days. I was waiting for the right moment to write an article about this other issue with this prayer I said this is the right moment to write this article so the House Democrats will how radical extreme things are getting House Democrats and their new rules have introduced gender inclusive language.

They say that it is future focused, use okay. What exactly does that mean, let me read to you what it means right so so this is clause 8 C3 of rule 23 in the new house rules says that these are future focused rules gender terms that I'm reading from their actual document from the 45 page document House Democrats right gender terms, such as father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, uncle and first cousin nephew knees husband wife father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, stepfather, stepmother steps and stepped on stepbrother, stepsister, half-brother, half-sister, grandson, grandson, grantor will be removed. Get rid of them in their place. Terms such as parent, child or sibling, parent, sibling, first cousin, siblings, child, spouse, parents-in-law, child the law sibling law, stepparent, step child, step sibling, half sibling or grandchild will be used instead here have about this. This is an in their books, the office of the whistleblower ombudsman for instance is renamed in the rules to the office of the whistleblower ombudsman that I'm not making this up friends. I am not making this up.

The best response was House Minority Leader Republican. Kevin McCarthy tweeted this is stupid, signed a father, son and brother yet. He got that right now is okay, but in taking this defrost is the house rules and who even knows about this friends.

This reflects a mindset. This reflects legal logic. It was 2003 in Canada that when same-sex marriage was was being accepted and things like that. What what you do with all of the laws that mention things that make gender distinctions and presuppose husband wife mother father those kind of things like in Spain when they redefine marriage.

Instead of having father mother on birth certificates can be two men to women of now with with with the child. So was now progenitor a and pregenerated beacons can be mother father write this the kind of stuff we been dealing with. And then this works its way down into society. Those 2003 in Canada that these things were being removed by law books, I documented it in a queer thing happened to American 2011, but then you have 2016. A bill is passed, which basically says you must use the the gender pronouns that a transgender individual requires.

And this is now a law across the nation. So if I want to be known. An individual might refer to me as they in them right and not he said right that's gender but I don't. The silly one. Identify Sheol identifies they or is Z or is something else and you have to refer to note that you would be compelled to say that and when that was pushed on the university campus were Prof. Jordan Peterson and psychologist psychology professor taught. He said I wouldn't do it. This is what launched him into international prominence as a conservative public intellectual. But when he was asked specifically with the comply Sedona play clip in the moment, but you have to understand the Jordan Peterson had it as is a use as a teenager got really into socialism and communism bought into the whole thing and totalitarian regimes and then saw with the whole thing failed dramatically and so for decades. It had seen how these regimes operate in forced speech and force thought so this is how he responded when he was asked directly if you would go along with these guidelines and are you prepared to suffer the consequences that society maintain. You need to suffer because of your views on yes I'm prepared to do that well.

So what am I willing to do well. I think that the Ontario human rights Tribunal is probably obligated by their own tangled web two to bring me in front of it. If they find me. I won't pay it if they put me in jail about a hunger strike.

I'm not doing this not stacked I'm not using the word words that other people require me to use, especially if they're made up by radical left-wing ideologues. Now if our society comes to some sort of consensus over the next while about how it will solve the pronoun problem.

Let's call it an that becomes part of popular parlance, and it seems to solve the problem properly without sacrificing the distinction between singular and plural without requiring me to memorize an impossible list of an indefinite number of pronouns that I would be willing to reconsider my position.

But I'm also partly opposed to this because it's been made mandatory, and has the whole weight of the law behind like this is a very bad idea. I believe this is a very bad idea and I believe that the reason this is caused so much noise tremendous amount of noise tremendous amount of attention on YouTube is because there are things that are at stake in this discussion, despite its surface nature that stick strike at the very heart of our civilization. That's what I believe exactly there are bigger issues from the forced speech to changing reality look like. Give an example of a schoolteacher fired because when Johnny was now going to be Jane and he was required to call Johnny Jane in front of the classmates to say we now want you to know that Johnny is now Jane and he is now.

She they can do in good conscience fired like in Norway we go to jail for for hate speech that would be in this very category New York City we could be fined $250,000 reduce in the workplace friends. We will not cooperate. From this madness is not just a crazy idiotic prayer by someone that needs to know the Lord. Closing with a man and a woman. This is something that comes pushing our way and can affect your very family wake up talisman wake up time for a long time friends to be can partly come back as your Facebook posts with you in reaction that it gone and then from there it over to some abusive ministry practices today that are very dangerous go anywhere in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to our 866 ministries things like that but you been in environments where you're told we can't question the pastor don't touch the anointed all what you are saying on the phone and harming Scripture note note. You don't touch the anointed of God, I've got an issue with the way the church is spending money we were saying one thing publicly but then understand the funds being used. If no, no, you don't touch the anointed your bid in that environment or you're not allowed to judge prophecy or question.

If you do prophets no harm because that's been the case, 866-34-TRUTH. My goal as I've said repeatedly is to have the favor of God, not the favorite people and since my base is largely Christian conservative pro-Trump and since I myself and charismatic. If I was trying to win the favor of my base. I would be at the forefront of stop the steel move I would be repeating all the pro-Trump prophecies. My goal is not to win the favor of people between the favor of God. And when I do that once I was going to attack us us can attack that's inevitable. That's inevitable. So what happens is all postings to to raise different issues of discussion. I'll try to give insights use was some feel that some feel that people use. Currently both ends is the middle, or were you just take a compromise position or change your views not been quite consistent what I felt about Trump about the elections before the elections. My views of Trump for years have been consistent once once I voted for and supported him appreciation for the good grief over the bed.

It's been consistent easily demonstrate that an article after article broadcast of broadcast and then since the elections my positions been the same. But since people were asking questions based on the suggestion I had for the Biden team, which was hey look, if you want to bring unity. You're sure you won the election fair and square. Your present electrical buying and you're sure you won the election fair and square, and that there is no massive fraud. There was no steel since tens of millions of Trump supporters don't believe that one not, why not agree with what Ted Cruz knows being called dirty dozen on Congress to say let's let's have an emergency audit for 10 days of the of the key swing states and let's look at that one not say let's do it when I say that that's why we want to do was a puncture on good unclean investigate check go-ahead check not only drugs my house now and have done drugs almost 50 years check everywhere. The half check every go-ahead check. Look when you know you clean right just let God that so you're doing all the Trump voters to believe that the elections were forever but of Trump himself said hey I sign onto this and I would accept the outcome is. Let's get a better chance will know your side with this with the siding. I was just giving counsel for general public good for unity. I think everyone should want to be sure right with your high percent sure was no fraud, then let there be a fair investigation so that she can put the thing dressed so I posted this on Facebook over the weekend. I want you to see some of the responses. But for those who aren't clear where you stand. Amway okay I want to go through the sole limit.

Let me read the students are to clarify what my position is bent on the election results for those who care to know remains the same as it's been for weeks one remain agnostic on whether there was widespread fraud. Being unable to examine the contrasting claims firsthand.

This is not my area of expertise and every compelling arguments for and against fraud.

I've got people telling me I'm a complete idiot jerk that I don't see fraud. I have always tell me a complete idiot jerk for saying there might be fraud my position remains the same. I don't know what you don't know Jesus, if you know of his fraud. I beg to differ in the strongest terms. I know the Lord very well. I don't know if there was fraud. Show me in the Bible right have to accept the reports about election fraud ever relationship with God is being fine here number two. I do not believe that all our courts, including Supreme Court have caved into fear and political correctness in the rooms and I trust in the ultimate outcome through legal system, especially with so much prayer for fraud to be exposed remain confident that if it's really there. It will come to light. That's been my position consistent this make me right but that's been my position that I do not believe all the courts of the outgoing corrupt even Trump appointed justices. They've all gone corruptive all caved into fear that all of the concern with death threats. They're all concerned with certain legacy in the road to Supreme Court, including course such Cavanaugh and and become a better.

I personally don't believe that you may differ on to tell you my belief that I've held to the steadfastly especially with so much prayer right number three. That being said, I believe Joe Biden is nothing to lose by calling for an emergency audit of the swing states. As explained in my most recent article if unity is this: he sure he was elected fairly go the extra mile, but only on the condition, the Trump agrees to accept the outcome number four. God never spoke to me that Trump would be elected in 2016 or reelected in 2020, although voted from both times nor the spirit ever referred to me personally what many prophets are saying. Therefore, I am not personally holding to a prophetic word that he will be reelected for this will sure God spoke this and I encourage them to hang on. Believe but I have no such assurance or witness personally and am simply praying for Almighty God, to carry out his plan as it God and speak to me Trump would be reelected. God didn't speak to me that he spoke to the prophets, and I was child and he speaks to me in your his child and he speaks to you and if he wants us to not share with us and I do believe it is a little saying it is un-biblical. Even to ask someone to we are all priests to God. Each of us with a relationship with God through the word, by the spirit.

Number five, and on and get to this more the leader and the show is very wrong to put others under pressure to believe Lakota prophets are saying. As I explained in the sonic about believe the prophets, it's even more wrong.

Really, it's downright manipulative and ugly just threaten those who do not believe Trump will be reelected. All explained that shortly number six because of never in my lifetime seen so much prayer for election both before and after the vote. I believe Gosplan will prevail. Be a blessing or judgment or combination of both, and I will acknowledge the person inaugurated as president. When that day comes. Number seven is to have address assess the prophecies obviously will have much more to say. Once her next presence inaugurated, but this article is about recite either the prophets right of the wrong. There is no middle ground. See the got it right.

We got it wrong.

The rate no matter what the outcome of this election or any election is Jesus is Lord all authority in heaven and earth is given to him, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against his people and him close with this spirit, and with his word in our hearts and our lives, we cannot be stopped. His kingdom will continue to advance until he returns.

In Jesus we overcome. Are you ready for some of the responses I got the haven't looked at all of them.

We got many, many thousands of comments and different things reposted over the weekend on Facebook, but here are some that I did see that this is in response to what I just read you the eight points of clarification all.

How about this from an I have no idea how someone in your position can lack discernment to this extent. I'm extremely disappointed that you would actually post the standing on the fence is taking us to an outstanding offense that are discernment I've got enough discernment to say this is where I categorically stand okay Thomas hopeless try to unify and not decide help each other stop eating what you don't know the Christian quit talking on the know that one means about this one. Trent, your blind and can't see. If you don't think there is not voter fraud will actually have other friends that say I'm blind. If I think there might be voter fraud.

So I guess I'm blind either way. This is this friends, this is the environment when it's toxic is dangerous. It's divisive. It's destructive. Once again, I could care less about, I couldn't care less about attacks on me.

This is mild maggot cursed by satanic junk and death are distant. This is mild. I'm concerned that this is the state of the body that we have this level of division over things that are not even Scripture should do real stand for justice yes yes right about this from Judy Dr. Brown has been compromised.

He is deceived and is in error. Satan is using them to create confusion. He is deceived you, Julia.

I can't wait to see what happens when you have your own awakening. I can't wait to see what happens when you realize how utterly, utterly wrong. You were in the flesh, and deceived yourself to post. Of course I forgive you. Of course I forgive you for for posting those words but I can't wait for you to have your wake.

I'll be there to cheer you on. When you do Casey you're caving into fear NPC culture. Honestly, it's leadership like you that are responsible for your failure in a joke know it again. What happened to these people came into fear NPC culture by speaking what I believe is true even when it turns lots of people against me that's caving into fear NPC culture pursuing truth, regardless of where it leads skimming to fear NPC culture what's come into people what's gotten into people I'm concerned for Karen unsubscribing your blind to miss what is at stake in God's ability to deliver us or or how about this one from Sherry even pay attention to the facts of fraud through sworn affidavit, you must not take into account the crimes by Biden and his son, and of role with C another quack and it goes on. You get the feel. I feel so bad for these people. I feel so bad for them to be so passionate that they're going to judge someone else's walk with God based on how they view something about voter fraud or the corruption in the courts or scares. This scares me for the state of the body. It scares me for the state of the bond. My calling was to be a lightning rod sword draws all this junk up, but I'm on my knees praying, what is happened to you sure your flock is your people.

This burdensome some of become far more passion over political issues that they are some strong their friends terribly wrong move for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is ready if you really want to know if you ready been the subject or argue your point in a debate type of setting.

Prove your point. Social media dialogue which you want to be able to do is argue your opponents point well lured. You need to know all of the reasons that your ideological or theological opponent has why they feel the way they feel, and you need to be able to present that argument strongly that what you understand. It you've digested it. You can see through their eyes. And now you're saying here's why I differ with you.

All right, it's a great exercise to try so for all of those on either side of the electoral fraud debate you should be able to present you loose on those if you really know your side. Well at end, and the arguments to support it.

That means you know the other arguments. So if you are sure there's electoral fraud than what you need to be able to do is to get up and say okay here.

All of the answers to my arguments. I believe this electoral fraud for the following 10 reasons now here's a response to each of them to give you the other side. Here are the 10 reasons why people don't believe it.

And here's why believe those reasons are wrong and and the reverse used those on the other side. That said, there is no fraud, you should be able to say okay here the 10 strongest arguments for electoral fraud.

Here's what I differ with see if if you can do either side, then don't talk to me about being dogmatic. Don't talk about being so sure the evidence so sure because you got examine the evidence against your position that once you've done that sufficiently, then you can say I looked at it and I feel all the more strong or look at an arm reconsidering just a good principle for you Michael Brown.

Welcome to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH. I will go to the phones shortly in my book, playing with holy fire. I have one whole chapter on abusive leadership. Then I have another chapter on unaccountable prophecy that I have another chapter on mercenary profits. Now it is true that in any leadership setting.

There can be abuse can be a boss at work. It could be a political leader with people under them. It could be a coach on a team right it can be apparent in a home, and he could certainly be a priest or rabbi or pastor with the congregation but in the charismatic church.

There is room for even more spiritual abuse by leaders because we can claim to be anointed by God in a unique way and the Holy Spirit is speaking through me and who are you to challenge me. There can be even more potential for abuse and our charismatic circles.

That's why address it so strongly in my book, and a verse that is used often in charismatic circles of Psalm 105, verse 50. I'm sure it's been used by other church leaders, but Psalm 105 verse 15 and this is what it says someone 515 a reading Hebrew Teague, who being she caught do not touch my anointed ones for the MVI. I'll tell you all to follow, and do not harm my profits right so touch my not my anointed ones, and do not harm my profits. So if you have a difference with the way your church does something you're touching the anointed if if you question what your pastor is taught. Don't touch the anointed. If prophecies are delivered, that don't bear witness with your spirit. You think are contrary to known on L do no harm to the prophets to dangerous first is the first just to put in context.

The context is Old Testament as Abraham was called prophet by God in Genesis the 20th chapter as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their descendents or wandering in different places. God warned the nations don't touch them, don't touch my anointed ones don't do my profits any harm. That was the specific context is not to say in a New Testament context. When leaders are servant leaders with the more authority you have, the more you serve all right to me just a doormat for people you have divine authority but its authority by which you serve others an appeal to them that to apply this to a New Testament context where you can't question a pastor or church leader is a complete abuse of the word because it's not what Scripture say Noris is and always principle. Although don't dare question the leader that taken to cultlike stuff as leaders were not just accountable to God, but were accountable to other leaders and ultimately accountable on a certain level for those to whom we minister those of us that want to be completely unaccountable either something wrong or ready in our lives that we try to cover up or we want to be able to do wrong things because accountability godly accountability not oppressive accountability. Godly accountability is a blessing and a God sent.

So here's here's where people use the Holy Spirit misuse the Holy Spirit for their own benefit in what's called the deduct K the teaching of the 12, which does not necessarily go back to the apostles themselves was one of the earliest church documents outside of the New Testament that they have rules for traveling apostles and traveling prophets because this was widespread in the early church and one of the rules for a for a itinerant prophet is anyone so this would apply to any profit saying by the spirit. Give me money is a false prophet.

So if I say the Holy Spirit told me you're supposed to write a check to my ministry the Holy Spirit told me you're supposed to do this and give to our ministry.

That person would be called a false prophet in the early church. But what if you have unique gift with the Holy Spirit is using you. What if by the Spirit you know the secrets of people's lives. What if, by the spirit, the Holy Spirit reveals information to you can use that for good or for bad. You can use that to Mr. life and health and strength and and and freedom in and bless people or you could use it to put them in fear and Ella how can I differ with you when the Holy Spirit told you the dream I had last night.

How can I differ with you the man of God.

When you accurately.

Profits of those can happen in newspaper headlines tomorrow. How can I differ with you. And when the Lord tells you about struggles in my own life and you call the say hey the Lord shall be your struggling. How can I differ with you friend. If your child got you have your own walk with God. Just because someone has a gift from God or an anointing from God or the power of God goes through them when they touch people does not mean that they get to lord it over you. You have your own relationship with God. The goal of the shepherd list is to have healthy flock right in and healthy sheep. That's the goal of the shepherd and ultimately every earthly shepherd is an under shepherd because these are the Lord's people.

These are the Lord's people that there here's what I've seen more recently, there is the misuse of the believe the prophets first and second Chronicles 2020 that if if a number prophet, Satan must believe them and then you will succeed is completely taken verse out of context. And it's also misapplying in the New Testament context, but I've seen this now with my own eyes. I've seen people prophesying and say that they are speaking for God and God is now warning you, you better listen to the prophets.

I've even seen threats. I've seen threats that those that don't listen to the prophets, now and in prophesying the trumpets actually want and will be inaugurated on January 20 or shortly thereafter whenever the dates keep shifting. It seems that if you don't believe them really come under judgment, my friends, that is not God. That is not the Holy Spirit. That is not the way God deals with us in the New Testament that is absolutely manipulative and destructive in a dangerous misuse of prophecy and a dangerous misuse of the Holy Spirit. I say that 100%.

Am I guaranteeing the trouble will not, by some miracle get it in my guaranteeing that God did not speak this process. Not even the issue. That's not the issue whatsoever.

It's the threat that you have to believe and if you don't believe you come under some, judgment or God's making a list now and then what what whatever time up the media, mocking, although if these voices were wrong, we've open ourselves up to terrible mockery is can be terrible fall and I'm really praying there certain things. I'm quite sure going to happen and I'm praying now and in preparing to be there help people when that does happen and when things are expecting to happen don't happen. I want to be there to help them regain faith in God because their people to lose their entire faith in God that these prophecies don't come to pass by my time at the media markets over the world mocking, although we set ourselves up for mockery. If this does not come to pass, we set ourselves up for mockery onto a leaders within the body getting threatening prophecies to believers who simply don't believe that God spoke through the prophets, or don't believe that we have to believe every word prophets because it bears witness with our own heart.

We say this again these type of prophecies warning you of consequence for not believing the prophets and claim to be from God himself. There are manipulative, they are dangerous, they are not from above. They are fleshly at best and demonic at worst.

Flee from that flee from that. If you're under. People who are putting you under that kind of bondage run from it. I'm not telling you that if you believe God spoke something to don't hold that to it. On the telling you that I'm not telling you that if you believe God spoke to the prophets that you shouldn't agree, if that's what you believe. I'm not telling you that I am telling you when someone's threatening you with consequences for not believing when when there threatening you with Psalm 105 15th, you run from that. I want to say that as loudly and clearly as I can as an elder in the body and a father in the faith. You run from that and protect your own soul and spirit.

You never let anyone put you in bondage through a prophetic word. It's really word from God.

It will be liberating. If it's really word from God, and you love the Lord, it will bear witness with your spirit. 20 of your rebel and hardhearted sum comes with a rebuke so I will bear witness with that number. When the select is not right with God.

But if you love the Lord. If you care about him. Don't friends I've had people come to me in tears and say what about my walk with God. One am I to do because I don't agree with what's being said and I'm told I'm not spiritual I'm told I don't know God them told her something wrong with me when that with the deepest conviction of my life. I differ with the way these people are going the direction they're going. What about my walk with God affiliates getting trashed careful, careful you are a child of God is much as any other person on planet if you know Jesus. If you been born from above your child of God is much as any other person on the planet. Don't let anybody trash her own relationship with the party amount of dog you don't question them. I don't question the woman of God question every body based on Scripture question me based on Scripture and have your own solid relationship with God and greed of the submitting tears over cheaper get destroyed and hurt threatened is not God run from it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I heard about this prayer forgot some of his grief when his own servants hurt his sheep didn't quite know things would come out with the strength that they just did, but I stand behind not just the words, but the force with which they were spoken. Welcome back to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and I posted this on Twitter.

I asked the question old where is it here. Hang on hang on. Okay this going to find that sweet. I asked the question about. Have you ever heard a preacher pastor warn people not to disagree with him, because the Bible says touch not my anointed Alan said many times that it's echoed by the sheep or parrots in this case the situation I see, instead of embrace. A short circuit between love and truth.

Ivan yes all the time that all the charismatic churches are used to attend Pat yes that I ran out of the church.

Harold yes sir. It was used continually during the word of faith years. Thank the Lord for his deliverance from out of context, poorly executed foolishness very cast. This was very common in the MF I circles I grew up in Christian venture with MFI is Christy yes and some of the most highly taken out of context versus in Scripture glory. When know if a pastor said that I would not be under his or her leadership. Carol, yes, I was told that when I attended a shepherding church and online unfortunately yes yeah so unfortunately this is out there and if if you had a kinda bad experience. Like to hear few slits of the skull phones of Vincent thank you so much for holding Frenchmen during the escrow North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire. What's your own experience been here. Yes, I cancer.

Oh. Her hair ignored a good look American doctor about people who persecute actual anointed of God. Everyone God is not a normal body. Mushy good motherboard and the know I am so dirty and you pray you walk. You should be able to recognize what, in the case of reality. There's a lot of people that children and they don't recognize body buried in Matthew 18.

If anyone causes one of these little warm those who believe in double it will be better for them to have a large millstone around her neck, grounded in the woe to the world because of the things that cause people. Such things must come, but woe to the person with whom, if you handle your book called you to stumble cardio and throw away the simplest solution very lame. Bear here many false problems become many antichrists are your will and you letting her feel a thing. Water because we have to get ready. You have to shout the alarm as you pull people to be ready and alert so that they won't, but there are still people around and I'm not going to name but we all know a lot of the law they profess to be godly and they appear to be, but underneath there like to admit. You know that though we have to allow other people to children who do not know any better who do not walk who do not have all the even of them up. It is our job talk and let them know I want to search back. Now they will 95 and one of the most world-renowned ministers right mail out in the world. Nine but you quoted, "what. You fared better if you don't pray that we will know if you don't pay. We will pray for John Corr. By the God of the third article pray for you in my life got a yeah right thing to do right thing to do better work because like you fared your right you write up credit and you really have the option of a short walk away, but you also have obligation to tell others about so that they won't be Vincent. You just just to jump in the scene that you hit on that so important is that a lot of believers are not secure in their own relationship with God the they're not grounded in the word. Do not grounded in fellowship with God and because of that there there.

It's easier for someone to to abuse them. It's easier for someone to take advantage of them. Scripture can be misquoted and held over them. Who are you to challenge the man of God and for me the big thing is this. If I know my attitude is right. In other words, I love the Lord. I'm not haughty I'm not. I'm not trying to hurt someone you know I'm not not try to hurt the pastor. I don't go around challenge. I love authority estimate to authority, but I have genuine questions. If I know my attitude is good then then that that's sufficient when the personal cyclic. Don't you dare touch the anointed and I know their reactive sums wrong.

There it be one thing if I come in and you fool, you idiot man. I'm in a bring your ministry down under hurt you on the spread lies in the community. You might tell that person that you better be careful. It's not a good thing to do to lie about men of God. But it's totally different when someone comes with honest questions honest concerns based on Scripture, pastor, honor and respect you, but it seems what you're teaching here is contrary to touch the anointed, then something is very seriously wrong. Either they're just out to be manipulative or their terribly insecure themselves, but that that is totally contrary to New Testament leadership. No argument.

Scripture drugs that you do not jerkily. That conflict, you don't. You be not but if you judging fairly exact okay exactly no one and no man is an infallible exactly one coming about what Jerry will have to follow the Bible well because he rebuked exactly because he had to mounting upon that him and Peter had two different manners one plans austere man like Peter fell into fear of man and Paul how to correct them but yet it's it and solicit money. Yes, this almost at a time.

Have you seen this in a kind of widespread nature. Over the years in your church circles. This type of abusive leadership was a just here and there some bad apples. No during work. But you know about your problem well. Laugh.

There will be a great falling away and here we all and a lot of people will be and what book, thank you God's elect will feel span and Bilby turned around and drove back but those who are very combat that they want to live the man that I will lock yeah love the world more than he loved that all of the work they do will fail to grieve anything anywhere believe what they want and not what you hate Vincent thank you for weighing in at present, thanks much for holding as long as you did and for weighing in with a lot of sober Scripture there.

Much appreciated. Some friends. It is as we wind down here let me encourage you again to really know the Lord to I will. I would love it if any time I ever did teaching on something similar. It's good but I want to study it more for myself. Wonderful, wonderful keep digging. Yes, God just put teachers in the body. Just put leaders in the body. And yes, I hear if I have an area I haven't studied as much in Scripture and I have a colleague that's an expert. There are a lot a lot of what they have to say. But I tested was a put a lot of weight in it fine put a lot of weight in and what your pastors and leaders saying or those who choose teachers and put weight in it. Those who earned your trust, you watch their lives to seeing them live you seen the basic soundness put weight in it, but ultimately if you can agree and look nobody.

No one person has it all.

Other otherwise we wouldn't have different denominations in different groups and and so on. So it may be stronger here and some of the stronger their to look for me I would be super dogmatic on a few points, a few basic points. Super dogmatic. Those are hills of Diane that I have some others. I feel strongly about others not so strongly. Others not really sure that's what he asked me questions and open about this verse in the book of Revelation.

While not sure there these different views on the I'm not sure I land on. Okay, how do you feel about this issue having to the Lordship of Jesus are all absolute dogmatic black and white because certain things. I'm sure on and I'm dogmatic on this to be the same with you in other areas we may have differences with bottom-line goal that anyone manipulation, especially my charismatic brothers and sisters just because a person is a gift doesn't mean that they are holy. Just because a person has a gift doesn't mean their interpretation of Scripture is correct. I've seen people prophesy accurately with amazing gift from God and then butcher the Bible seen it with my own eyes I mean operate in a powerful gift of the spirit and then butcher the Bible.

So friends know the Lord know the word honor authority but don't let it abuse. You have your own relationship with God back with your friends. A lot of hard broadcast

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