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Tell Me Where I'm Wrong

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 30, 2020 4:20 pm

Tell Me Where I'm Wrong

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 30, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/30/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

Well tell me why I'm wrong. Your phone lines are open any area of disagreement you have with me.

I'd love to hear from you today stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire today. This is your friendly voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown delighted to be with you absolutely thrilled to have this time. Phone lines are wide open. I have no agenda.

I've got a few opening comments but I have no agenda today other than to take your calls.

In particular, if you differ with me. I am making an appeal to all of you who differ, who post your differences with me on social media who will be very outspoken about your differences in where you're sure I'm wrong why you shouldn't listen to me. Whatever it is. Spiritual be a theological be a practical bit political be a cultural anything whatsoever where you differ in any subject I've ever addressed on the air in writing in person ever want to call me and tell me what you differ 866-34-TRUTH 866-3487 84 and my goals and 20 debate that so I'm doing this. I want to hear from you and give you an opportunity to sound off that you can't call him again number four ready 1-800-618-8480.

If you can call and now I mean here's a call anytime and leave a message. Try to keep it under two or three minutes. At the very longest give you peace your mind. We may place some of these on the air.

This is not a number to call to leave a question. We will not be responding to questions but to tell me what you differ why think I'm wrong or even if if you want to leave a positive testimony we take those to 1-800-618-8480 okay before I go to the phones I want to share my heart with you openly.

So please give me your best year from it couple minutes.

I desire to honor God and help you.

That's what I look for I do not live to have my name known to be famous to be liked or know I live to honor God and help you that's why I'm here.

I want to reach people with the good news of Jesus. I want to strengthen the body and I want to glorify the Lord. If that makes me the most famous man on the planet or the most hated man on the planet is not the issue. I live to please the Lord.

Now Paul wrote in Romans 14 that we should please one another, meaning if if I can serve you and help you to put your needs first.

So if if by by my living a certain way causes you to stumble. If I can avoid that right. You know maybe I eat certain things that cause you to stumble forces in Romans 14, let alone eat that someone hurt you. So in that sense we we seek to please one another, but in terms of one, please. Ultimately please God.. All read comments while your change or two because you want to but don't want to be the platform to what what are you you actually think for a split second that influences decisions we make are you serious I ragged band than compromise. I rather be in prison than compromise. I rather lose my life than compromise and I know many of you feel the same way II don't think in terms like that to change his position because it was be like. But what are you serious. I think what Paul wrote to the Galatians and Galatians 1 recertify yet. Please man, I would be a servant of the Messiah. That's only my life God not God knows as I pour my heart out to him alone on my face and said, I just want people to know you experience your goodness to know the truth about you.

That's what I live for. And that's why I get frustrated when I can't help people. It's not because I want to be proven right. I'm trying to communicate something so you will understand what moves me. What motivates me. For example, we tackle cueing on trying to rile people normally try to please some segment that rejects chewing on this is something that begin to look at begin to get concerned about had an expert guest on L absolutely were trying to find out how to get praying that he gave his arm to interact with Jim Everett when a heart-to-heart be. Of course I'll do that course it will is will reopen the phones for two days for people call in to differ right my goals to help people all address issues innocently similar asked me a question.

All answered only finance the big controversy of the hour and I just put got in hot water. Find and pursue the truth. River that leads five to change your view on something so be it. If it cost me support so be it. But what grieves me is an extraordinary attitude of closemindedness and want to speak to to to plenty some of you are actually responding, as if you are in cults. Whatever group it is about making an assumption about what group or whatever you actually are responding with cultlike close minded tendencies and that scares me because I want to help people with truth and I can even reason with them. Let me let me give you an example, published an article yesterday asking the question is cueing on helping pedophiles more than harming to start off with a very famous interaction now between Pres. Trump and an interviewer on NBC during a town hall so words seven through nine in the first line reference.

This was on NBC cassettes were to fight.

That's where the president held it on NBC and I quote what happened right. So in response to that article response that article which I encourage everyone to read, especially if you care about child trafficking and pedophilia and and and you won't see this eradicate this horror from the planet. Okay, so the number one response in terms of getting the most likes. In response, that on our Facebook page, which is good reach him and we got about 600,000 followers and reach millions of people every week right. Look at the number one response. This is frightening to me friends frightening here.

It's it's from David. I honestly stopped reading when I got to interviewed at length by NBC. If anyone falls any mainstream media regurgitates anything that they spew. They have lost my respect. Simple as that. What because I mentioned the president did this interview on NBC. The moment he saw was NBC stopping friends.

This is scary. This is care and what's scarier as I got more likes than any other in any other response in the article are many people rational many people challenge David as he should be charged and God help him.God help them to be someone who pursues truth, it would be one thing if I said I know this is crazy and controversial but I'm saying this on the authority of NBC in question.

It was his authority of NBC one quoting the president when he went the president. Pres. Trump when he was on NBC quoting his words are really thinly much NBC are you serious. Here are some of the other comments that follow me.

This scares me me give up you like my article allowed by my book or not. Or or think I'm a cool guy or an idiot. That's not the issue only help you will only be of service to you and I just, I come to your front door because I've got someone sent me a letter for you and and it's is urgent and it actually is is is a big tax refund there trying to get to you right and I knock on your door, the earthy urinary delivery sometime try to help you that most of it. I saw the dream aside; mustache and is sure I got it. I'm here and I'm your neighbor. I got something for you to help you look at some of the other comments. David said to say that Dr. Brown still believes the corporate media not aware of the double scheme to academic mind. This is Domingo used to know believes the mainstream year to academic I'm calling the president when he was on NBC please. I'm not upset for me, I'm upset for your long-term help people about this and another Dave David that in white supremacy, which is why quit reading it. Dr. Rella. Hebrew, Greek scholar and seems like to become the political Oracle of the evangelical church which is mostly pro-Trump and pro-Constitution. I voted for Trump twice and I pro-Constitution white supremacy. I'm quoting the discussion. They asked the president to denounce white supremacy and then cueing on that's I'm not allowed to quote that what am I supposed to say that's where the president did the injury by his choice on NBC. I'm not allowed to quote him because was on NBC. Are you serious difference is this like a concern.

This is cultlike this debt on that list out not listening.

I'm not nearly put our hands over eyes areas. I'm not listening. You can say would you. That's what were doing and that's him is frankly scary you so will the left is all time. That scares me to while Camille called the left.

I do day and night read the articles about this from Laura David Wright. This is a distract tactic sums out to alter the narrative and perception is not tactic.

I'm calling the president on NBC is not tactic Jonathan occurred no, but she running with the same MSN narrative misdirected Mr. fitness information parsed within the how I help people like this. I was interacting with Nancy last night and I said can I help these people. She said no.

Was it just not there is no ability to listen, there is no ability to reason it reminds me of my sister and I were little, my dad owned a summer house long before he moved to Long Island so we spent the summer there and he going to be commuting to work in New York City. As we lived in New York City and all of my sisters maybe seven or something's for and there is a neighbor in the their goals are to your soul and we were taking a walk on the street. Those that you could do that. Take a walk on the street and the little girl said I want to come with you. So my sister said you have to ask your mommy so she said mom and mother said yes said she said yes.

That's the way word this the type of court reasoning resume with people here have at this remark, NBC you got off the cliff and that is a bunch of UCP perimeter the night my breath Dr. Brown. He believes in the music he falls in mainstream media use. This is dealing with friends.

This frankly scares me because this is the truth is, got the window the ability community. It's go out the window savvy. I think you've lost it, lost because I quoted the president he was on NBC.

That means I follow mainstream media and of soul. At the present. What board are you on the wrong side of this were from clear in your shortly to be sure hope you don't lose too much money a new book we are way different seasons ever thought or brace yourself to be flabbergasted when you find out who to his cult called cult that's occultist speaking, there Angela more lies from the mainstream media you understand why I'm so exercised over this. You understand why I'm so this is a spirit of deception, shutting of the mind and the shutting of the eyes, shutting of years. You can't even interact with folks like this make God move her cleansing and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown 61 wrong like Hebrew Israelite cueing on supporter's with this difference with me theologically, politically, culturally, please give me a call book on a Friday shows Friday shows many times when we start the show. All of our lines are filled people: right before it starts.

Rachel or Paul screeners there early and many a time we got all the lines jammed and then the moment one line opens up someone else calls this a people just asking questions and wonder about things and you got questions. We got answers, etc. almost invariably been at this for years now. By God's grace of me feels like the first day. I'm so excited love being on the air and and and feel the pleasure of God, and in doing it, but it was 12 years of daily talk radio 12 years plus in almost every time for years now right specifically will open up the phone to critics.

Suck it. If I say let's have a discussion on Calvinism's and you will get a lot of calls are widely certain things we calls. But if I ask okay your critic want you to call in you blast me on YouTube you blessed me on Facebook blessed mentor.

You blessed me elsewhere.

You have websites attack me a video's attack and you have whatever I'm asking you to call and I'm opening the phones and I'm giving you free airtime to air your view.

We're paying for the airtime, so you can air your difference with me almost invariably, we don't get calls almost invariably, so I don't want to bore you today he's just me. Obviously you expect me… Were you here hate me scuffed the simple whatever whatever it is a bless you.

Either way, but it Rachel Taylor will call with any question you have, because we're just not getting people to call attack you know the funny thing is I'm not looking at social media comments because this is miscue: the funny thing is, the people be at their keyboards blast. Contact community or jerk wrong about this and will call in call in and to me one sign of having the truth is you bring it to the life you bring to the light. I've had dialogue with ultra-Orthodox rabbi for many many years of a dolly with quite a few ultra-Orthodox rabbis were in particular we we began to strange writings back and forth via email back and forth so we posted publicly, but is hundreds and hundreds of pages. Hundreds and hundreds of pages and it's good stuff. I mean it's solid discussion he made me think. I hope I made him think, but certainly we put time and effort into this so recently was it. He approached me about just putting everything on not the book is putting everything out for free online. So he put a lot of the discussions given out by putting a lot of it together were taking time to do it, but when it's done it'll be hundreds and hundreds of pages of 300 pages may be even more on the of real serious dialogue about the attentive, the Messiah.

Isaiah 53, things like that and it's what was going posted him on on on his website me online. Why because we both feel confident that wrong side of truth Odyssey.

We have deep differences but we both feel confident runs our truth and therefore want everyone to look at what we have to say when your kid and you didn't eat the cookie Johnny did you eat the cookie. Your mom comes in she looks in the cookie jar did you eat the cookie. There were four cookies there there only three left mommy. I didn't look look like teens look look look look at my hands but my pocket you everywhere you would hit that all the stuff you know you wouldn't do if you were guilty because you're not. Good luck. Now check to check my road to Ivan on I did not didn't do it, but when you didn't do it like you requested. You start crying and driving get the crumbs off… Whatever.

And don't look at my hands and when your clean is, this public process from wrong tall world. I do not respect those that hide behind keyboards and anonymity. Okay it makes me take your views on Sears and some you can: a fully respected, so we give that number again where put it somewhere anyway of what will get 1/4.

I just moved around and saw Harry got it. Got it. I reached down and get it there if you can call live then call and blast me or tell me why I'm wrong or just respectfully differ semi-very respectful very gracious those nasty bless both of you the way.

1-800-618-8481 800-618-8480 leaves voicemail will play some of them on here so avoid profanity if you if you get on and keep it under to insert into three and and will place a lease on here all right good. We got some phone lines little puffy to speak with questions both see a let's start in Cincinnati, Ohio Van, thank you so much for calling the line of fire today. I think prayer may not your arm in a position to tell you that you're wrong about anything. I called and just regular question on the market? Challenge something that we have time after that. But if I could ask about Isaiah chapter 7 course verses 14 and 15 that December is seen a video or two of yours online about that issue but I didn't get out of that clear nation about how a Messiah who comes along hundreds of years later could still fit the requirement for somebody who's made it in the in the near term, so haven't done it yet so subversive yes thank you, thank you for the question and and if I wasn't sufficiently clear in my explanation online. Let them try to simplify things here. Christians are used to seeing this quoted Matthew one with the Septuagint version is followed that tells us a virgin will conceive and give birth to a son and will be a manual.

The Hebrew if if you're reading it you would you would say that. Speaking of of an imminent birth something that's about to happen and that the woman is in all mahi now Mehra Violeta Bender correctional in Manuel that she said all mom so she's a young woman, presumably unmarried but it doesn't explicitly speak a virgin. There's no one Hebrew word outside of a legal context, having to do with with virginity and things like that and lost potential virginity.

The word Petula in and of itself does not mean virgin so you have to have what you call preferences of circumlocution which is an explanation. She was an all malt rib to law, who never slept with Mansell. She is not explicitly identified as virgin, but it could will refer to a virgin. I would say likely does absolutely someone who was a virgin at that moment that the prophecy was given, but there's some birth of some supernatural important some significance of an and it will signify with his name, God with us, but then immediately follows this is judgment on on than sitting Israel and in judgment on Judah, etc. and that's through the rest of the chapter. So how is it that Matthew quotes it is a prophecy of the virgin birth. Forget the virgin issue because it can legitimately say that she was just at Omaha and and therefore wasn't expected that she would have children but it seems to be €700 late writing. I would like me saying hey man, tell you what, as a sign that I'm gonna come through for you. I'm sending you this in the mail while he comes 100 years later. How did that help you soak the answer is that many messianic prophecies so this is the simple answer.

Okay, the answer is that many messianic prophecies when they were given were initially given his promises to the line of David. At that time. But whatever happened did not exhaust the meaning of it. So, for example, Isaiah 9 rejoice in the birth of a child whose birth. This can signify that the breaking of the power of Assyria, and this child will will clearly be the Messiah mobile and born around the time they could nearly fit this Hezekiah but but he's Odyssey not the Messiah. Psalm two is a coronation song right so the new King is being celebrated as God's son installed and in Jerusalem. Well, what happens when the new King is kind of a jerk or even an idol worshiper and comes under judgment and what happens when there is no king in the children of Israel are in exile with her back in their land. They have the Davidic ruler. Look at Psalm two and you say where is that promised King is and I were is that promised child. Isaiah 7 were is that one so they were promises that were given to the line of David that had relevance in their day, but never fulfilled the promise.

Therefore, we are still waiting for that son of David to come.

Does this clarify things for you.

What will. For me vertically about the property play out over time or part but still warming if they needed somebody would within the next few years did they get somebody in the next few yeah yeah I believe they didn't have what and what the Messiah have to do with anyway.

What happens is, there was someone born but it does not exhaust the promise to the line of David. Remember, this is couch not just to the King of cause, but to the house of David, the phrase house of David is only used a few times it's used in Isaiah 7 is used as a 22 it's not a common phrase in the prophets in the book of Isaiah. So yes, I believe somebody was born at that time to the house of David, but this is their loss in obscurity.

In other words, what, whatever is spoken. We have no idea about this a manual and anything else that happens so therefore it remains one of these outstanding things God said something was going to happen a birth of supernatural proportion is he saying you you ask him to do something massive that to back this and someone that would rightly be called a Manuel and and there's no record there. There's no preservation of any of this affect Isaiah's own son in the eighth chapter seen Stephen take over the timeframe so somebody's born but not one that exhaust this that the simple thing would be if if I said to you that say before Barack Obama was president. I said were going to have an African-American president is going to be called the chosen one is going to do this, he's going to do this is going to do that and then two years later, Obama cousin's office called the chosen one, but he didn't do all that was prophesied okay now we begin to look will who is that person because the prophecy is still out there, so there is an immediate fulfillment, but it did not exhaust the meaning there was some birth of some significance that served as a timekeeper.

Matthew six back centuries later. This is what happened to that was an exhaustive reason for Phil or having to Isaiah 9 is that exhaust the answers no, just like the XO Babylon began to come back. There is a greater exile return from exile, that's what Matthew C.

The greater fulfillment. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the online doubling tomorrow New Year's eve. We are going to do a commercial free open segment we will be able to interact with me on Facebook and YouTube, so be her normal radio time for those listening on radio will have a special broadcast for you.

Then on New Year's day on radio and everywhere else you watch we are going to be airing an explosive interview just recorded with Dr. Frank Shellenberger about the cold with 19 vaccine I mean an eye-opening interview that'll be New Year's day also 45 minutes from now little less so for 15 for 15 Eastern time will be back on the Esther to Brown channel on YouTube for weekly Q&A chat so if you don't get through.

Now, thankfully, our phone lines are getting chances and we hear from folks who differ with me today. We will be taking more questions and interacting both little over 40 minutes from now for 15 Eastern time on the Esther compound YouTube channel.

All right. Let's go over to Hillary and Connecticut. Thanks much for calling the line of fire drawn there you this fine guy I am I Carolyn today I went to one of your video and to the article, it may look a lot, but I would look like there yet and I guess my biggest education about the rest of the doubt on is more filled out the rage and the craziness that comes out of it than ever about the true that it actually discussed that cannot originate from and only thing I care about it, really I want to hear what you think is true that content and what you think and I know that your thought that Eric not much in favor of it. I just want to know if you that anything could come out of it just by full topic games.

It got yeah this is a silly thank you so much for for the tone of your question is will especially for some of it doesn't know me at all to two to be his graciousness as you walked up here is the concern. There's no question as Prof. Beverly said both days of the show yesterday and they before that there is truth that's put up like you in on and so I must specifically bike bike you himself, and by by others that would be considered a leading to proponents with the silly truth that's put out and important stanza to being taken, but they are so mixed with error so mixed with with conspiracy theories that are not just unproven but are proven to be false that they get so far in the realm of cover-up and and the moment. For example, that I brought my guest on people posting this proves grouse part of the deep state mean this is and I bought out by the culture believes it's like so the suspicion that comes with it as it do more harm than good. That's why we referenced a statement which is online and and quoted in Dr. Beverly's book the cueing on deception by almost 100 organizations, including people who were formerly sex traffic themselves. So these are on the front lines of fighting sex trafficking saying she went on is doing more harm than good. Please stop spreading the stuff, what you're focusing on is not the real problem. So that's the concern. And as soon other words, by all meat is due no do you personally know any human being any friend, any associate any coworker who would not be unduly mortified over the subject of pedophilia and child trafficking. We know it's out there. We know when there is like some some big breakthrough in the FBI finds hundreds of people who are part of child porn ring and and in the names released and it's the dentist next-door and it's the businessman across the street and it's the you know the the pastor you were shocked to hear who's involved with this and and then you hear more about what happens in Hollywood behind the scenes and more more people talk my hubby were sexually abusive. We know stuff is out there and and the folks that are on the front lines fighting it secured on stuff does more harm than good. So that's the concern of course we want to address the issues and of course we know there's corruption all over the place and a lot of things and not with a seem to be, you know, I just recorded an interview that'll air on January 1 with a medical expert expressing his reservations about coping 19 vaccine insane the people on the front lines that the first responders know the medical world they want to help people but the people higher up in big Pharma.

They want to make money so we Winston's mixed motivation junk in and I believe there called deep state. People literally try to hurt the president but it's when it's mixed together with error and far out stuff than people must have a cultlike response to it. That's what concerns me. I agree with that and I can't really think about you in on how it all.

Beginning of having you and I'm not entirely familiar with the hit three non-loaded. I believe that a bunch of people who wear investigating doing critical investigation. In figure 8 campaign and the very deserving email I sent the one of them where there having a pool party and recruiting three young girls in their agent.

Entertainment party which is an email exchange between adults who are working together, so I think that I'm on many other cases of evidence. There were a lot of personal investigator could start off marker on line and then they grow into the huge event where now thinking they're being scared and their particular information on their and I think that's where he went turned into the really dark scary weird and actually all brain yeah and it's hard for me how whether or not that happened hi information from. I was revealed in an email along with the history that we have of our government involved in the child trafficking ring so dark and dark and actually melted people's brain and they eventually came up with the other critics. Now here's the more characters using logical answer would be that some people even with with good intention and sincerity, then because they open themselves up to the conspiracy thing to start the Q is this high place military intelligence personally can't divulge information is Dr. Billy said there is zero indication at any point that this person is access to insider military information and also great point he made that if this was as bad as it is claimed to be. With this many powerful people than the people on the front lines because many have identities there there not to be taken out. Take out a heartbeat to date they be out of here so it's not that the darkness melted people's brains. It was the truth was mixed with error with an overdose of suspicion from day one and with any verifiable information verifiable information that would refute this theory immediately being dismissed as we just part of the deep state so high like a cultlike mechanism built in. But listen to both broadcasters. You have opportunity for able look at the book. Check it out and and then just keep looking, thinking that's the key thing to thank you for for weighing in Hillary. I really appreciate it. 866-34-TRUTH will stay with cueing on Stephen in Atlanta. Thanks much for joining us, Dr. Brown, our warrior really well. Thank you.

Good. I'm sorry but I'll be getting lately can't count with the turf and honest honesty. Stephen, I appreciate you saying that. But honestly, what bothers me is I want to help those people and when they come swords flying, unable to reason with them and help them to have Anna Mike Taylor hate. If I can help somebody by the fight if they hates their and in the end I can even help the person. That's what grieves me but but thanks for expressing an end what your thoughts are or what we call really couldn't disagree with you more of an observation.

Go ahead. I've been following the huge rocks without since the beginning and kind of on the fence about it right now. I don't really know what to think about. It is interesting it's thought-provoking and I can understand how some people might take it to the extreme. But I will say this to that you see a lot of that same kind of cult behavior around Christian leaders and apostles and prophets. Okay, I don't know if Christians are more prone to it or what the deal is but I don't think it's endemic just Q movement that makes any sense.

Although know it's it's it's there's there's something that's happening a phenomenon right now. What an article late last night about suit should be up different sites today.

Tomorrow about as I look back at 2020. I see it more than anything is a crisis of truth in any crisis of trust.

Who can I believe, for example, we have every reason to really scorn.

A lot of the so-called mainstream media. It wasn't just an imbalanced reporting.

You know like if I if I listen to Rush Limbaugh and him to get his conservative commentary or Sean Hannity him to get his conservative commentary on the sorted out, but supposedly if I'm reading the New York Times are going to ABC. Supposedly I'm just going to get news it well. It wasn't just not the case, but stories were withheld.

I'm in the journalistic decisions were made to withhold information that could affect the outcome of the election and big tech was part of that you know Twitter suppressing the New York poster about Hunter Biden that's vile that that is despicable and angry. So what happens is your president trumps reading into this thing for years.

Believe me I know more than the military I know more than that I know more than the medical profession. Believe me, and then fake news on the one hand, he rightly exposed auto junk but with it comes this thing will who can I trust. And now is Dr. Faucher center center and the CDC it out to help us out to kill us knowingly and big Pharma are they for us or against us. So this is crisis of trust and then obviously the president has his own cultlike following Siegel from Kimberly Brodeur to you only believe the president so now Bill bars a bad guy. DOJ's bad Supreme Court's bad everybody's exit the president and then you add in Christians who by nature are skeptical of the world.

The world system right for good reason and and who know that their spiritual corruption potentially in every human being, then and in the charismatic element and a part of the charismatic church all the prophets saying this so this is a recipe for spiritual and intellectual disaster. This is a recipe for mass deception on on the level that that honestly I've never seen before. I was talking to Nancy last night. Send this. This tells you how you can actually have the whole world, following antichrist, you just think of a calamity 10 times worse than the pandemic with an economic collapse.

Somebody emerges as the leader fix this man. It's dangerous mainly have a spirit of excellence analyzed to pursue to review this study we have a spirit of thank you for the call. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for joining us on if I remember this 1/2 hour from now for 15 Eastern time will be back on the Esther Gibran YouTube channel right during our weekly Q and a chat. And if you're interested in chewing on the first reviews are coming in that are excellent really loving the book chewing on deception get it on Amazon. An e-book or in paperback were so committed to the research that Dr. Beverly and his team did have a team working day and night on this that we we publish the book with her own imprint equal time books this way rather than waiting 68 10 months or year before the book is out, as is common in publishing for various reasons and the publishers have to operate like that. This is something what God immediately so we made it available to you and the Kindle is priced evil, especially low, especially for brand-new book as we we want to get this out to the maximum readership and you'll you'll see Jim Beverly is a very reasonable guy coming twice twice on the air.

Both days, Monday, Tuesday, he gave up his personal email address saying if you find anything factually wrong. What I'm saying or in the book, please contact me as not to fight the it's because he loves truth. All right let us go to Ross in Dalton, Georgia walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, but you bet.

Yes sir I would let you know will root quickly. Jacob is 99% agreement. I want to thank you. What you do for the body.

I believe your great support. The godsend absolutely love the Facebook post. You did of you 49 years ago.

Thank you for God changing you and you are you coming to the body in bringing truth to also thank you for what you do okay. Thank you for this difference which leads that I would like to address and it is on the topic of the preaching of Andy Stanley. I have read your material. I've listened to your videos. I've appreciated your engagement.

But I do believe you have been rather lighthearted. I was a lighthearted but took taken a life stance on his teaching, and specifically I'm not talking right now about his position on the Old Testament, which I think you and I would agree on talking specifically about what he said about four years ago from the pulpit where he basically made the position that it didn't matter about the virgin birth is really the only thing that mattered was resurrection that took past few how can you handle that relative to the teachings in Revelation chapter 13 and you just mentioned a moment ago about the end times and about antichrist but antichrist orally aspect of antichrist will have a fake resurrection in it ended, the virgin birth of Jesus isn't that important. How can you you deal with that and, specifically, why haven't you addressed Andy Stanley more firmly yeah thanks thanks for for asking the question and thank you someone that agrees with the 99% of the time for doing what I asked them to call in different with this exactly what I asked for. Whether it's your friend or follow along. Here were people differ with me the whole purpose of the show after my opening comments was distillery think I'm wrong. So when I got to look more when Andy Stanley said. And then we we begin to interact privately. I understood that he was saying, look, I'm an emeritus. I believe in the inspiration of Scripture sitting under Norm Geisler.

I affirm all those things but what matters.

Ultimately is the resurrection of the words that the provable saying that is the ultimate linchpin of of our faith. He affirms the virgin birth, and as far as I understand, was, not saying that Jesus could be the Messiah. If he was not virgin born.

In other words, as far as I understand he believes for our salvation and for the gospel record to be true that the burden Jesus had to be virgin born and that the Scriptures 100% truthful when it says that and if the Scripture is lying about that that we have to question it.

Overall, but he was saying that that the battleground issue should be the resurrection.

That's the ultimate thing that separates him from the house that you say will what about at the end of the age. If Revelation 13. Speaking of resurrection event will the first thing is, if that. So what if it is the end of the age that does not apply to all of us have lived for these 2000 years before then, but this is a big proof throughout the New Testament that he rose that he rose that he rose that he rose and that none of the rise, but he has authority, there may be an end time deception which tries to draw away from that that would be short-lived also destroy that that antichrist figure, you know, so if there is an end time deception will still have the power of Jesus name that is the ultimate proof of his resurrection that he and his name still has power today and that deception will will be destroyed very very quickly because it's been a major apologetic of the whole New Testament through the resurrection so that's what I understood Emily and Andy to mean my difference with him would be that he says things a certain provocative ways that then draw attention to the wrong saying and maybe that's his goal is trying to get people think or get them to question or whatever and you know we've joked about it as recently as 22 weeks ago he had sent me a notice to praise report. He wanted me to hear. I said, great to hear from you.

I was just thinking that I promise to write a book called why Andy Stanley's irresistible must be resisted. I was thinking that literally at the moment that he tweeted me silly. He smiled, so he knows the difference is that I do have may know, maybe I'm wrong, and those maybe I'm giving the benefit of doubt. But did you hear something I didn't hear sir. That would tell me I misunderstanding this point that what he said was more heretical than I'm thinking yes I would and I get it boiled down to either you talk about how he talks, loosely I would go as far as the state he talks recklessly and so horrific that I can drive down the highway at 70 miles an hour and find but I if I pick her daughter in the corridor drive motor and 50 miles an hour down the interstate same car. It was a rush of your your driving, but your driving recklessly and so the way I do anything the way whether to drive a car use language it matters, and so I know for a fact that any Stanley's teachings of disregarding the Old Testament have led people away from the faith okay without it without question. I know goal is to try to attract but but if you think about Jesus did just the exact opposite. Gina didn't try to attract them with ease and comfort in whatever he said eat up my flesh drink of my blood TV talk is just jumping that you can be entirely right okay I'm I'm not saying that just because you appreciate my ministry and you want to be affirming, I have not looked into things, except for some of his teachings.

Virgin birthing. I didn't listen to the whole sermon or look at everything involved I achievements word when he explained what he did about it.

You can be entirely right. There was the key could be reckless and it's a responsible and I was try to qualify things to avoid that but but Louise turns around for second so you can be entirely right okay but couldn't you say that when Jesus said things like that you my fostering my blood, that he was leaving himself open to complete misunderstanding and that yes, on the one hand, he was sifting the crowds to see who is really with him and not but would let the example of him speaking in a way that I would never do that because I would want. I wouldn't want to be misunderstood, but he said something that he knew would be misunderstood. So what's your take apart all the nudity would ultimately send us the Holy Spirit. Okay, that would be our comforter also believe that the spirit that would explain these things to us, which is exactly what you will not hold the Bible in her hand because at that same spirit brought to mind. Matthew went to market to link it to John so that they could write something down that it happened you know some distance in the past and it bit with that revelation of the spirit.

I would say that he believes the same thing occur with us. So even if something you say might be tough for me to hear, but of God's Spirit working on you and God spirit work on me and understand see something that's different than being reckless that's so hard so is not not not even not even there, there, not even in the thing we audit I will listen under want to try to get to one more call but but what you could be entirely right and there are people there are preachers that are out there. The moment they say something they know they're there to get a note from me for and there can then post a clarification.

I don't think Andy does his ministry thinking okay Mike Brown's will be contacting the unit in a minute with a different disagreement here, but there are some I mean well-known that God be on TV and right after he got a note from the IC solicit Pro you cut what you say you and these okay Ocala to clarify, etc. so if if he has been reckless then may God help me out to be a blessing in his life to help them to speak with more precision and care. He thank you Russ for the call Eitan Matt in Morehead, Minnesota. I'm sorry.

Time is really short but if you can get your question out quick. I'll try to answer quick, all things, wonder if you could comment on Revelation Okay and creditor got it so II wholeheartedly categorically reject full printers and just to make the statement is as I'm getting verse I categorically wholeheartedly reject full printers and that Jesus has already turned return that there will be no physical resurrection of the dead that were ready in the new heavens and earth categorically reject that a serious error partial printer is the my have strong differences with in terms of the second coming emphasis with the year 70 and even Israel being cursed, and etc., but Revelation 1710, but of course we don't divide over that of the five of others calls from a list of the seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sitting also the seven kings. Five. The phone was living out the others yet to come. And when he does come, he must remain only a little while. My own view.

In short, 10 seconds, is that had to have some level of first century fulfillment that would make sense to the believers then in an ultimate fulfillment will make sense to believers at the age that's ultimately how I seen Revelation laying out. Certainly, there has to be a first century application as well.

Had to have someone first believers to receive it, but I believe it will have an end time final meaning as well.

Sorry can take more time

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