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Answering All Your Social Questions on Christmas Eve

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 24, 2020 4:40 pm

Answering All Your Social Questions on Christmas Eve

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 24, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/24/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

My job is not just to be another talking head conservative pundit. My job is to point you to the Lord stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. There a lot of voices out the writing intranet all over the place and each one has a particular role. My role is not just to be another conservative talking head. My job is not just to be a political cultural commentator.

My job as a follower of Jesus is ultimately to point you to the Lord admits to the craziness of the world around us in the midst of the insanity of the new cycle from day to day.

My job in the midst of it is to help you look up. Get your bearings.

Put first things first put things in proper perspective and then help us live effectively in this world is not escapism.

Rather, it's getting everything we need from above so that we can live quality lives here in this world. Michael Brown, welcome to the line of fire. His number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 878 for the moment to give you a different number. This is not to get on the air, but this is to leave a message that we may play on the air. I'll do that in a few minutes, but before I get to the heart of what I'm talking about. Also some disturbing news about ongoing suppression of free speech one address those issues with you. Help give you boldness and strength to speak out your consequences for speaking out on a certain level. It's easier to cower in the corner and be silent but long-term. That is disastrous right so before I get into some of the major news major things I want to talk to you about some Scripture some perspective. I want to point to a poll that I did on twitter. I'm done these polls several times, ready and every time the results are most identical. This time they became even more extreme. Okay, so here's the poll I asked about voting as the elections are upon us. Unless my standard question once more.

All I'm trying to do is find out from from people who follow me on Twitter and social media find out what you're thinking that's on this is not a national poll is not scientific. I'm not trying to find out what's right or wrong, just what you're thinking is the elections are upon us. Unless my standard question once more. Did you vote for Tromp in 2016 and you plan to vote for him in 2020, so therefore choices yes and 2016 2020.

Yes, in 2016. Knowing 2020. Knowing 2016 yes and 2020. Knowing 2016. No in 2020. So here's what's absolutely remarkable.

Let's look at those stats for a moment from that pole roughly 70% little under 70% of those who responded voted for Tromp in 2016. Okay not surprise given the fact that these people follow me on Twitter there conservative. There are people of faith etc. so there was a high percentage of those voted for Tromp, so no surprise that number right about 70% of those responding voted for Tromp, about 30% little over 30% did not that here's what striking of those who voted for him 67.2 out of that 70% said their voting for him again. 2.2% said they're not so and, in other words, roughly 23 21 roughly 23 to 1 said he voted for him in 2016 were 40 from 2020. Now look at this. Of those who didn't vote for him, so out of that 30% break it down to 18.8, and 11.9 slightly over 30%. Look at this. Those who said no in 2016 roughly 2/3 are now voting from 2020. You get that the impact of that and is pretty much been the same. Now just more extreme. Every time I've asked again.

I don't know where things are to go. Ultimately, I don't know what the end results of the elections are going to be.

God knows we shall see what I want to emphasize to you today is that my message remains the same.

I will take the stats down my message remains the same. Either way and you'll understand that in a moment but but here's what I find interesting that with every poll of done. Tromp has gained many more voters than his lost see how can that be he acts this way. He says these things for leaders consider them dangerous and on and on house. It is gaining more votes than losing I would say it's two things one that is kept the promises we did know he people reported from 2016 is why many of us voted from with with reluctance and concern and to the left is got more extreme Democratic Party's got more extreme the riots in the streets are a foretaste of where things could go in terms of social anarchy and chaos so 23 to 1. Those who voted for him say their voting again. Two out of three who didn't vote for them said they are not. Again, this is just swallowing hate what you have you changed your vote from 2016 till today. Just curious to know that you vote for Tromp in 2016 but know what your voting from today. Did you not vote for him in 2016 but absolutely voting for him today. Has your vote changed since 2016 love to hear from 866-34-TRUTH okay yes the stakes are very high with the selections. Yes, they are the most important elections in our lifetime, which we heard last election, but was probably true, then, and certainly true now and our choices are difficult choices in that on the one hand, many of us have clear issues that are black and white was there for will vote a particular way. We may not like the people involved or we may feel this collateral damage and so on. So what happens and what happens if some of that were not 44 get sent what happens. Worst-case scenario if the party that we don't want to see in the White House and controlling Congress wins both what happens then.

So here's what I tweeted out all right and I have a whole article that my messages can remain the same. On November 4. But here's here's what I tweeted out whoever wins the elections on November 3. My message will remain the same. The times are extremely urgent. The church must give yourself to the great commission national waking is our only hope. I do not put my trust in the government. Jesus still read that again and and friends.

I'm not playing games trying to play both ends against the middle. Whoever is elected, I can say Garcia told us of his I'm not telling you, so anything I don't know what's gonna happen on November 3 and I know I plan to vote right so I'm not trying to all the Democrats will like me or Tromp like that's that's on my goal. My goal is to honor the Lord serve you right. Whoever wins the elections on November 3. My message will remain the same. The times are extremely urgent as I can change its trump in apartment doesn't change the urgency of the hour.

No, the church must give yourself to the great commission is our primary task change that doesn't alter Scott's okay we go with plan C. Three, subdivision 48 notes great commission remains the plan remains the commission national waking is only hope I've said many many many times over the former years.

Donald Trump designed to solve America's problems deepen certain problems in and give a respite for for some others, but but at best it's it's a wedge in the door before certain liberties are taken from us in the door slams on us that we need national waking okay great, get four more years of trump, the hostility even worse when he's done and then what happens that that was the church what what kind of world where kids or grandkids live in us of this. I do not put my trust in the government. Jesus is the Lord. So why you voting if you happen you trust the government. It's one thing to vote and to do my part to pray and work for the best is nothing to put my trust in the government. Someone sent me a link from an article where Fred Price Junior was speaking at his church in California mega church that was founded by his father for pricing and he was from of voting and so on. But then he said, look, we all voted in a week.

We turned out in large numbers to vote for proposition eight in California in 2008 essay marriage is the union of one man one woman and then a judge overturned it. I mean without basis but claim to have legal basis for it, overturned it as we voted the tickets overturned and and then you get all these games that are played in Congress and who's going to make a deal here and what's going on but you know that that the good old boy syndrome work with you if you work with me in an okay here we just get this one guy and he gets in office and he gets in office by just raising more money writing that the nastiest ad campaign against his opponent to take him down and he gets in the guy's fairly corrupt himself. We underline his vote. So I I don't put my trust in the political system in terms of now I know the thermostat. I know that you do with her. I know this I can be compromised even with justices appointed to the court's either something happens to some of them start off with a certain worldview and mindset went when they're going through their hearings of confirmation hearings they present themselves a certain way and then end up shifting once therein it is at spiritual powers. It is the spirit of the world. It pulls them away from certain conservative moral values does happen with Justice Kennedy in some cases. Justice Roberts or is it simply a matter of once is there there just looking cases in there. They look at legal reasoning whenever but we can't Put our trust in the system.

We work with the system were in this world but were not all of it, but my trust is in the Lord, my trust is in gospel principles. My trust is in God's people living those out not a part of the political system within the political system and therefore voting and therefore voting and educated educated way and some people actually running for office.

Look, I know I know one brother committed Christian ran for office. Got so far in this it to get any further base after so much so I can do it that you get further up there. There are so many compromise that make sorry I can't do that others is that if I have to compromise amount. But God's backing me in and in the same progress loosing breakthroughs but these are very challenging things. These it is very difficult to keep your heart pure to keep your life right to not compromise do not sell out along the way to get elected but but some have either way, this is the system we work with and I I much preferred this to a dictatorship. I much prefer this or we can have a voice, but my hope, my trust is not put in the system so every day I want to proclaim and shout to the world.

God is King Jesus is Lord. That's right get my bearings. That's right get my perspective that's right get my Outlook write a whole bunch more to say.

We just getting started calls as well since it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is channel on our dish TV was nearby podcast subsequently or what you and Facebook and YouTube. After the live show is over and you want to weigh in. You get some on your mind.

You want to say to me you want to say to the nation you get an opinion you want to make known can keep it to a couple minutes to Lester's number to call is not to get on the air, but this is just a sound often but will be playing some of these clips on the air and they said 1-800-618-8481 800-618-8480 okay there was a rally that took place. It was team save America.

They organized it.

The attendees were protesting twitters censorship of us of free speech. This took place in in in San Francisco okay out one of the organizers was Philip Anderson and it was a free speech rally right. This takes place over the weekend. Philip Anderson, by the way is a black man. People marry make America great hats and thin blue line in support of police, but as I'm speaking. I want you to see some of the footage. Those were watching PC seeking to leave because as soon as they started the event they then got attacked by NT for protesters. They remember in the presidential debate candidate Biden saying that auntie felt was an idea and us said after somebody asked me the question. You know the guy getting punched in the face of that was just an idea, and of yet and I did a taxi punch. I mean you you you got this guy getting clubbed on the side ahead, punched in the mouth and I'm watching the footage as I'm speaking it's it's bad, who's a black eye, escorting a white guy getting attacked by crowd like and what looks like some white guys assaulted him punches him in the faith say how bad was it his front teeth knocked out, it literally knocked out. There is a picture just with him bleeding from his teeth and teeth missing in the front had to go to the hospital afterwards and it and yeah I mean just just pictures in them looking at one where it's blotted out, and then as I scroll down the article. There is one where he speaking a before before going to the hospital and you could tell, you know, one tooth completely missing it another another hanging out, punched in the fate punched in the face God punched. He may have been like and maybe like get skin black eye. Either way, this is a public rally and and what happens violent assault violent assault why because your your standing for freedom speech and your standing against oppressive forces. It was also make America great sword that that gets people angry because his pro trump, but either way, people have a right to hold a rally you do not physically attack physically assault but this is happening constantly from groups like NT for and radical BLM or's and stuff like that.

That's just what's going that's their language, violence, intimidation.

Sadly happening right on our streets and here happen to a black man does not black life matter. By the way through the question to ask what about his freedom, his his ability to speak up and to speak out what what about that Owen.

By the way he's being called the N-word so it's F this F – that's white and play actual footage that you could hear and anything called the N-word punched in the face call the N-word in America today in broad daylight, why because he stand for freedom of speech you standing against censorship. That's why I continue to urge you speak up and speak out more that we cower the more that we go silent. The more that we think it's not worth it, the harder it's going to be an aunt and listen think multigenerational think of the world, your kids and grandkids will grow up in on a regular basis, sometimes multiple times in the same day I will hear from parents. I will hear from pastors I'm reaching out to me personally. Mike, what do I do. Dr. Brown what or why do what are they dealing with your dealing with the kid who now identifies as transgender. You're dealing with a kid who identifies as gay or lesbian. There dealing with a spouse who identifies as transgender or gay or lesbian, but especially younger people over and over and over and over young people so heavily influenced by the society around them and then in many cases Christian could say I can't speak up. I try to speak up. III get I get asked, ostracized, or I get in trouble with my teacher. I remember talking to elementary school teachers oh city with two couples having a meal after preaching on Sunday in the room take me to the airport, sit with these two couples and and and the wives wiser fiancés. In both cases taught elementary schools to two ladies taught elementary school. They both told me the identical thing. This is in Florida and was not super liberal area just for and and they're telling me that that this is years back that the gay agenda was so aggressive in their schools that they dare not say a word against it. As teachers, I said you mean first grade. Yes first grade to sixth grade not be enough but first grade. Oh I care about every individual one. Every individual find wholeness in and help in the Lord and live a fulfilled and blessed life.

I'm talking about an agenda that comes to silence I'm talking agenda that says we will intimidate and we will manipulate until you capitulate until than the gender they came out of the closet wants to put us in the closet. We must continue to speak up and and and if we recognize that around the world are brothers and sisters in Jesus are being sued really persecuted for their faith. I mean, they take it punched in the mouth.

Any data compared to what some of them are going through terrible enough that this happened to this gentleman here, but I was preaching to pastors in India a few years ago, pastors, church planters, a few hundred that I said to how many of you have been physically attacked, physically assaulted for sharing the gospel. Almost every hamlet from life And stuff so you have people that learn you have to stand Jesus if you save your life, you lose it.

If you think about this compromise. Be careful what to say and how is it you lose your life if you lose it.

Find just this couple other items in the news that I think I should point out to about this Wikipedia Christian Post reports that Wikipedia is banning editors from expressing support for traditional marriage sleeve that promote if not, Wikipedia operates it's it's publicly source so you have, how many tens of thousand hundreds of thousands of court editors that that are working on different pieces so someone puts up with an article about use of the sin article on the next thing.

It's like all this bogus information misleading information that we need somebody else, some other editor to balance that out or to protest letter to change it all right now Christian Post reports Wikipedia, bands, editors from expressing support for traditional marriage is just happening while so in other words, Wikipedia is saying you you cannot get your other viewpoint or if if you say you will.

This is one viewpoint you know and and a bridge of the Hodges decision in 2015, the Supreme Court redefined marriage, but your arguments against it. Reportedly, Wikipedia is banning that so you don't know any better go on the research other opinions or are being suppressed or being sensitive being kept up. You think your your research you think you learning but you're only finding out what you been told this is increasingly becoming like North Korea communist China. Other countries that suppress information, although not on the same level but it's the same spirit that saying if if it is a politically contrary viewpoint or an ideologically country viewpoint we will suppress it here about this back in June. The story from the Christian Post important book comes out by Abigail Schreier on irreparable damage that that there transgender craze among teenage girls have independent sex change surgery and other things like that and then they think what what the will that I do so important book comes out published by Regnery, which is one of the leading conservative publishers in the world. Amazon band ads for the book and how transgender ideology harms girls and young women.

Yup, Amazon said you know what though the seller book Gregory Cella to advertise and as for the attack on freedoms of speech. Now I don't have time to play this now but but I'll come back to it.

John Cleese famous for being part of Monty Python, the if you ever watch Monty Python ever watching as a kid it it is anything but reverent it is anything but honoring God and religion. It is AG in and out of the where it's gone, the movies, and other things over the years. No certain type of humor John Cleese to say hey it is dangerous suppressing suppressing freedoms is it's dangerous is headline Breitbart Monty Python legend once hate speech laws disastrous to the creative process that was if you dare say a particular thing is can be granted hate speech. If you make a particular comment.

I mean, you might say something joke about when you are overweight or your fat shaming someone and you know you may make a cultural joke because where you came from is just all in good you might know hate speech and there are hateful destructive things that are done and and we as a culture and society should combat hateful destructive things that are done but a lot of the hate speech laws. You know it's coming. That's gonna crack down on you and me for holding to biblical bugs. That's where it's going to come rubber will meet the road there where you do what we said were kids and grandkids were liberties that were passed on to us and handed over to us. We pass over to a very different world.

Satan will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown were meaning Jesus wore overcoming evil with good. Overcoming hatred with love overcoming the power the flesh the world with the power of the spirit and the truth of God and the whole wild story with the book when it came out.

We gave away over 70,000 copies. The day after it was released September 2 of the year 2000 and of the book was an urgent call center living in revolutionary times America's being changed dramatically.

It's time for Friskies this revolution were God's people rise up and live revolutionary lives again following biblical principles of the principles of the world. Not that intimidation and hatred and violence will 20 years later. I just just got the copies in my hand literally today revolution.

The new edition. An urgent call an urgent call to a holy uprising. Yeah it's it's so the update is very intense updating the book. 20 years later she was happening 20 years and how the urgency is even greater now my goal, my soul that's available. This will let you know that's available right to go to the phones momentarily, but I want you to hear this quote from John Cleese, Monty Python fame, concerned about hate speech laws and what type of effect that is going to have on our freedoms and on our creativity. What kind of expected without placing the creative and think that the creative juices that the creative process.

If you have to stop thinking everything through three or four times before you say them. What is disastrous to the creative process because the creative process, but nothing else is is about alternate Lawrence would agree with that crime. I mean if you go to come up with something that's really interesting out just is going to come out of your your your unconscious and if you are having to what's the word edit everything you say before you say nothing is going to happen courageously and also things that are wrong, the lovely and sunny and order a conversation that don't happen either because everyone is thinking old somebody might offend you, and you don't know what you trying I got your text recently because I told somebody what was jolly. I called them jolly because they haven't what I call jolly personality and I was told no, no, you call Sir John and resentment fat so so I looked it up the dictionary from the main facets old book from small number of people it reads fat and therefore this trying to control the way I speak because I have a little private rule cells that are just completely different meaning for one that I've grown up with. This is a form of oversensitivity.

I think some of it is because people who trying to feel they are very good people, almost sits around waiting to be offended, so I've been offended. Sorry everyone, but that's what I've been offended in this person offended me as a very bad person for a minute is actually very silly. It is silly.

And when you look at the creative process and how it can be a hindrance. It is problematic but it's chilling.

Absolutely chilling when you can be a street preacher in England and something to so I feel offended by what you said.

I'm gay and I feel offended but what is it even if you didn't quote a specific verse and you get arrested for many sins of happen. So we speak up now.

It's really speak now or even beholding a piece longer than you want, I will get back to some thoughts on my job is ultimately which is to point you to the Lord is the politics not just culture but ultimately to the Lord so that we can live lives that makes sense in the midst of a world is messed up. That's reality messed up world, but we have a perspective because our God is our father and our God is King. Therefore, we have a little different perspective than others do. Let's take some calls. First we start with Nelson in Ashburn, Virginia. Walking to the line of fire by Dr. Brown how are you doing well. Thanks.

Need to speak up if you can can you hear me now Yep go ahead and buy what you give me your books for my birthday. Great also read you are a great teacher. Thank you. With that I entered I can you Donald Christian and Christian behavior or being inherently have to vote with the what you think that by the way, I will if a party on okay with abortions and a person or party. Yeah, that's where I draw the line go you get back all truncated Christian president of Christian faith.

Yet Nelson it's it's a very important question. Thanks again for the kind words you know over the weekend Donald Trump resented church service in Las Vegas and there's a picture of him below looks like he's worshiping his got his eyes closed.

His got his nose his hands.

Those palms lifted. You know, like a worshipful hose.

Now is the is he doing it. Is he doing it simply to look like the others to put on a show is doing his wants to fit in as he doing because he's trying to worship God.

God knows there are many things in his behavior and attitude that are anything but Christian. But here is the Pro of the con the Pro in terms of why many Christians would vote for Trump would be yes.

He's the strongest pro-life president we've had. He's kept his word, appointing justices to our courts across America and to the Supreme Court. He standing for religious freedoms. He's pushing back against international terror. He's a true friend of Israel. His economic policies are helping all Americans, and that there is an X essential battle for the soul of the nation and that the Democrats are going the way of radical socialism cancel culture even radical LGBT Q activism and what that means for the rest of the country and that Trump is standing up for those things. I used an analogy of of your neighbor used to be the toughest guy in your city famous for getting in fights and the bar and beating people up and cracking people over the skull with with the bottles of liquor and then he realized he could make his money fighting became an MMA fighter made a nice career lives in the suburbs next to you and you you hate violence. You don't like the sport of MMA in regards to decent neighbor as far as being a neighbor but he drinks. He swears he's always got women over this place. Then one day some some folks intimidate your children. Some God hating people at your neighborhood and and the parents. The father comes over with some guys and they got they got knives and they got tire rods and they can attack your family and this guy comes out of nowhere sustains wounds in the process would be some to a pulp and says you you never come back here again you don't dare touch these people again. I'll kill you. Well, you still really like the violence, but he fought for you. He protected you. Not not the kind of guy you are the chosen to have as a neighbor but hey heat he fought against people retreat ready to take you out. That's a lot of Christians look at Trump that he's like a street fighter that he may be nasty. He may lie. He may be divisive, there may be collateral damage with him. But hey, he's fighting for things important to us. Beginning with the lives of the unborn and between that and the Democrats will vote for him.

That's the Pro side that the con the negative side is that people are looking to him like he some kind of savior for your reason very flawed human being and he wears his flaws outwardly that the type of sentiments he stirs up in the country can be very dangerous. The, the, the level of hatred and vitriol yet comes against him but that he also stirs up against others of the level of divisive mistreatment of whole families divided now, and Christians divided that there's a tremendous amount of collateral damage international allies feeling they can't work with him. People at work with them things on trustworthy, etc. so, to the extent were associated with him. It hurts our witness that it makes our gospel witness look bad when we defend him. A subtype of savior figure, so my view is this that I I'm voting for him because I prefer him and in the policies. The Republicans in power versus those of Joe Biden, Harris and the Democrats. I don't like a lot of things he says and does in the way he does it I feel is a lot of collateral damage. So after work against the collateral damage by saying I differ with that and I will not conduct myself the way he conducts himself, but he does get my vote, but not my heart not my soul not my life. You're not going to find a a a sign on my lawn saying you know the Trump pants but hopefully my whole life will be shouting a witness for Jesus and testimony of Jesus.

So, one gets my vote. The other gets my life is my heart my soul my whole life and that's that's how I look at it and when it comes to the primary issues I think it Trump would do a better job fighting for the unborn Jenny for religious freedoms fighting against this radical terrible right standing with Israel, a pushing back against other radical destructive agendas in our country and of Trump versus Marbach received Trump versus the cancel culture.

I think it's better but good, to the extent we look to him as he's the man he's going to do it and and and we become blind to his false. To that extent, make a mockery of the gospel and seem like hypocrites. That's we have to be careful right so hopefully that is helpful to you and that Nelson and get a birthday coming up my book evangelicals at the crossroads we passed the Trump test is exactly what you're asking about what you're thinking about now so I encourage encourage you to check that out evangelicals at the crossroads again. God bless you Nelson and I think your wife do for her generosity. All right here in our schools.

Let me just look at this report. Here, Fox news reports all Vermont middle and high schoolers love access to free condoms under new bill yet.

So middle schoolers is made 11 years old 12 years old, middle schoolers have access to free condoms.

I really just there out on tables of common lubricants just there is take it is may needed. This is happening in our children. Schools I member a few years ago someone called New York they sedate they put Bibles out the Bibles confiscated but by all means, condoms, lubricants, put them out just needed to take it.

There are larger agendas like that is fighting must be awakening in the church we are awake and ran help is not going to come. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown remind live broadcast culinary success, 866 number will not get you on the air. However, if you'd like to leave for testimony if our ministry has been a blessing to your books or articles videos have been a blessing bit of help to you or if you want to differ with me on something and speak your mind of the set a number to call and leave questions, but if you have a viewpoint you want to get across your testimony. Here's number 40 all right is 24 seven and were in the states, 1-800-618-8481 800-618-8040 just livid. The limit your message to about two minutes. All right, so wrote an article it's on the stream My message will not change. On November 4 because whoever wins our burdens the same vision is the same sense of urgency is the same. So I tweeted this out also because were in such terribly chaotic times as frustrating sometimes use a major news or what's going on with the hunter by the laptop and and and suppression of stories in the news getting out what's fair with witless with trouble soul crazy so I tweeted this out.

I recommend reading Psalm 46 once a day until November 3 starts off with God is our refuge and strength, recommend reading Psalm 46 once a day until November 3 than continuing to read it daily, as long as needed with whatever storms and turmoil follow the elections. God is our refuge and our strength and then I tweeted this out is as well. I said this the more I look at the political scene with all its ugliness, the more want to focus on Jesus. Once we get our vision set on him. We can do something helpful and practical. In this messed up world and to show you that yes is a Trump folder where my heart has been where my focus is been I publish this back in June.

An article entitled Christ, not Trump is a solid rock on which we stand. Christ, not Trump is a solid rock on which we stand. I preach Christ crucified and resurrected, not Trump, Pres. and reelected that semi-message that semi-focus. I vote according to my convictions but my focus is elsewhere and hate is my calling this on the radio talk host the TV host. Yes, I'm an op Ed opinion writer, but before that I'm a preacher, the gospel and before that I'm a follower of Jesus. If you're one of his hate. We all have that same ultimate priority. That's right with the book 2018. Donald Trump is not my Savior and evangelical leader speaks is mine about the many supports present right so I wrote that to mount 2018 before the 2018 elections Donald Trump is not my said I want to shout that to the whole world and evangelical leader speaks his mind about the many supports present so suppose Pres. but is not my Savior. And that's why we just published this year evangelicals at the crossroads we passed the Trump test evangelicals with crossroads.

Read the last chapter the book right lay out our priorities that we have put the cross before the flag and spiritual activity for political activity and not get caught up in election fever and regain our prophetic voice and keep great commission focus my messages can be the same. I know who I would like to see when the elections but either way, we got big problems in the last seven to do is put my trust in a manner political party so you will vote will get involved me because calling you to run for office or do something.

That being said, keep your focus where it belongs. Keep your witness where it belongs. I am not an apologist for the president of an apologist for the gospel. All right, 8663 freight 7884.

Let's go to Morgan and Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Thanks for holding and walking to the line of fire. I think there technical sure thing.

I'm wondering if you have any light on the care of me. I think that that's something that pretty common with a lot of people and not me by. I've been feeling really frustrated with my character. About a year now and I've been noticing that for the nomination, but in the rest of Christianity and theology point referring to God as he feminine and worship and I'm pregnant me that kind of blackmail of the body. The elect and abandon all the relate thing thing by arm. I've tried a breakout to leader Out, brushed off, so that that's really weird.

I'm to be without a church and right and out. I need and where it might call to ministry and I just let her wait for Dale vernacular minute true and here I do you like it.

Look at churches that one or the other and I'm just being really get corrupted by the world and you certainly have certainly had, especially the so-called mainstream denominations, they become increasingly liberal progressive to the point of rewriting the Bible or removing certain sections of the Bible as if they have no authority anymore.

Some even question the most fundamental things he knew the resurrection of Jesus of salvation. Only through him the authority of Scripture. So a setting like that you need to hightail it out of there. The idea of you being able influence them to swing in the right direction. Maybe do that from a distance in prayer, but you need to hightail it out of there first thing I would find is is a church that unashamedly holds to the basics of the gospel. That's not ashamed to preach the gospel hold to the truth of Scripture that that absolutely believes that God's word matters today. I would make that priority. Obviously you one place. It's open to the to the work of moving the spirit, but there are many other many going the wrong direction, but there are many going the right direction summer mega churches, summerhouse churches, but there are they are there guy can deftly connect you know you go somewhere for the first time and always feel so different but but if you go in the first one just get online look at the doctrinal statement see what they believe and and even if they're not, political issues, as long as there holding to biblical foundations do not ashamed of the foundations. Not ashamed of the fundamentals and and then if if you do find a family there. Morgan from their you can you can be released in calling this a calling. The life of his recognize it ultimately fits a church that doesn't recognize at least get the place ricotta breathe deep taken the word worship with people of like conviction.

Get renewed in that and and then maybe the Lord will bring you to a place with a small release for the things he's called you to do, but I'd make that first and foremost, a place where the word of God is preached and taught in an unashamed way in and went with a welcome God to to be the God of their lives find fellowship there and then the other things I believe will fall into place by the Lord leads you and guide you. I know can be discouraging, but don't don't ever think that you're all out there alone. There are tens of millions of like heart rate here in America. All right, thank you for the call. Let's go over to genetic and thermal North Carolina.

We were now on the line of fire. Go ahead or just need you to turn us down there in the background.

Thank you for the all I can tell you what, let's that Rachel's get her sorted out. She's I was listening on the radio in the background so let's give her a second to turn things down and write to skid and it's sort out the joys of live broadcasting taking live calls but we wouldn't have it any other way you that's that's this will repay for airtime would live calls for this very reason. All right Jeanette you're on the monitor current yeah go ahead going thank your uncovered arm you know your Bible treatment hearing yesterday very I'm not really sure but my comment here basically to every believer.

It written that when you know it you gave me a book about not hearing about don't be afraid of the rapture. Micah Manzano yeah what temperature rapture you yeah month of the believer about to be a remnant of believer Boxing Day thickly. I got a note on here and thereafter to open. I've been fight neatly have to know our Lord's word and persecutor, I popped out. Been divided, family divided over. I don't get to to just have a problem with that connection there Jeanette, but elicit us number one, we must recognize that around the world and through history that standing for Jesus standing for biblical principles means rejection means opposition means persecution. That's the norm around the world today, and it has been in many cultures, many countries to the century, so we accept that we know that the world that the crucified Jesus is not going to welcome us and embrace us with the world that hates biblical values is like in a honor us for holding those biblical values. What we don't want is to be rejected because were obnoxious because were foolish because we're uncaring that it be that were rejected because were associated with Jesus rejected because we seek to follow in his path when it comes to elections.

Obviously families are dividing right now. I mean, it's the most volatile time that I've seen in my lifetime, and the levels of the divisions deeper and more widespread. So let us be peacemakers in the midst of this, let us reach out and say hey tell me why you're voting the way your voting and show that you listen with respect and then then say can I share why I'm voting and then get on your knees and pray for God's will, God's best. Let's not let the enemy divide us as fellow followers of Jesus, but if division comes for the gospel.

So be it a friends member to visit us and ask Dr. SK your ground the Lord sure you sign up for weekly newsletters and even less blessed and held

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