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Michael Rectenwald (Leftist Authoritarianism)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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December 23, 2020 5:30 am

Michael Rectenwald (Leftist Authoritarianism)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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December 23, 2020 5:30 am

What is the end result when a society decides to comply with Leftist authoritarianism and top-down rules that defy common sense? I'll talk about it with Dr. Michael Rectenwald, who explores that question during the coronavirus era in his book, "Thought Criminal." Plus: How are the mixed messages about Critical Race Theory from Southern Baptist Convention leaders now tearing the denomination apart? We'll discuss that and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to find women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet, our confidence is in Christ alone commented that we never expected to see it in real life, but the code 19 pandemic has changed a lot of things as we know, including our false hope that George Orwell was just a good fiction writer in the last several months we have got a taste of how the woke never let a serious crisis go to waste our compliance with 15 days to slow the spread led to the realization that leftist protesters were exempt from lockdowns and then churches had to close, but liquor stores could stay open and then we learned that as soon as we got a code 19 vaccine all would be well well now the EEOC is seen. Employers can ban employees who refused to take the vaccine.

Where does the tyranny ends.

Or maybe militants.

I hate that second question, but were to talk about it all today with one of the champions of free speech and opponents of authoritarianism. Dr. Michael wrecked and Walt was a professor of Liberal studies and global liberal studies at NYU and has written a number of great books, including his latest dystopian novel.

It's really great thought criminal which has been billed as the 1984 of the covert era, Dr. Rector, while wonderful to have you with us. Thank you so much for being here.

What is it about the covert era. Do you think that makes a discussion about thought criminal so important well with all of the mandate being handed down with all utility on free speech not only on the Internet but elsewhere I think were living in America really novel my unity for the people were calling it covert, 1984 were were dealing with chronic and outbox crimes basically were dealing with the lead, making illegal any comment any further from what I will call away all carrying paving over our country while in the art. You're totally right about that now.

We started out obviously in the era were being told we didn't want to overwhelm hospitals. Everybody needed to be locked down. I think most people at that point thought, okay, that's fine.

After a couple weeks will all go back to normal. Where did this thing go off the rails.

Do you think when you're looking back over the course of last year.

Well, from primary. I believe that time you party transmitted propaganda in the art apparatus in United and started to believe it them and then enforce it on another work not only did the virus come from China, but the propaganda in order to create the walk down the mandate. Even the boastful good thing in mapping which of you now diminish the quality of our lives. I think dramatically all the may have come from China help them picked up by our state authority and then run with it because some of the people. After all, many of them are left authoritarian love power and they love the control of the people Yeah you're right about that and then you combine that with what they're doing online and when you have doctors, for example, who go against the narratives that has been put forward by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Burks, for example, they're not allowed to tweet or their videos are taken down by YouTube. That's a new development anywhere the country of free speech where the country of the First Amendment. What in the world is going on, such that they're doing this and they still get away with it.

Despite all of these congressional hearings on believable so what happened to the public where really been taken over by and so there's really no clotted radio like that.

But the public where in general has been taken over by luck or parent run big digital and therefore people are being busily deleted, you know, this appeared to have been you know so be it like this appeared into Google blog.

Other caring them from cyberspace. I'm really unbelievable. We have seen a way of hope all carrying paving over large corporation thing actually no big pack pack is now run by left authoritarian and they seem to have the model that China has in mind for their they want to comply completely control population giant tech with five technocrats in charge and everybody else Marla living on base universal basic income to be the object. Yeah as well. You talk in the book about collective mind. For example, did you have those big tech or the technocrats in mind when you are formulating that that portion of the narrative collective mind is like a giant date profit that is controlling you know by effectively they major apparatus for controlling the population and one half of all their time to connect people rain their meal cortexes directly to connect the mind using nano bots which are calling a pirate, but which the hero of the novel believe is really being propagated not being propagated by the date, rather than being trying to be cured by so yeah I had in mind that although the collective sum of people who just fall along and I heard that comply with everything a man try to comply and fund everyone else around them. Notice how people dreaming of others who have no math on standing too close for whatever other little bit of back pain you're not back with collective mom will be all over you.

I guarantee it.

Yep Yep the Karen's and this is interesting because you might've seen this video. I know some listeners might have seen this video recently, Dr. found she was on CNN doing a town hall for kids and parents and he was saying with the vaccine. Almost everybody has to get it or were never going to be able to give up the masks. Now we know the goalpost keep moving with this crowd. They keep telling you if we can just get a vaccine. Everything will be great, and they moved the goalpost again but that would unleash not just government it would seem to crack down on people but the Karen's. I mean, how much of that comes from people who have bought into the fear and the hysteria who want to go around in Walmarts and just screaming other people and shame them into doing what the state wants us to do incredible better collective area taken over the map of the population and really quite logical. This is something that is been psychological manual bought some sort of contrived, I feel that I doubt there really thing out area and it didn't do on the population yeah right about that. What causes that the why do you think people are so willing to just swallow everything the government is feeding them and I think you're right about the Chinese Communist Party. Having gotten into some of the apparatus of the states, and it didn't. Did some propaganda at the outset.

But what makes people susceptible to propaganda as opposed to, say, the protagonist of your novel who fights back and is a thought you know it resists with the collective mind and the narrative well there individuality among some people that that that value individuality about every man there are others who seem to say that there collective good of the common good folk pray for all the watchword all carrying a member you hear common builder collective good or for the collective you know later about the paper already have your rights away. But some people love to buy into the kind of collectivism are they just would rather sacrifice there individuality because I don't know. I don't know that certain personality type work.

Maybe they have a lack of belief in the felt were in a higher power. Actually yeah the state become God.

Yeah, I think you're right and maybe coupled along with that is a real ignorance about history. It just amazes me how many people will and you know, in the John acts or millennial's will come along Jens he really and say I guess socialism is great yeah we just need to try socialism having no understanding whatsoever of the history of socialism in the old Soviet Union, it is just terrible situation were to take a short break will be back with Dr. Michael Rector, L'Enfant criminal is the name of his book.

Stay with us will be right back.

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It's called thought criminal build as the 1984 of the covert era, and of course in this book, you have case of Aaron who is the protagonist in your novel explores the life your book explores the life of this man. He's a man who lost his job as a professor at trans human University, which of course brings trans-humanism into this entire thing. He's a thought deviation. Estes, a vaccine resistor.

There's a lot packed in it, but you know course, this is modeling. In some ways your experience as a professor and some of the stuff you had to go through just to stand up against the wilderness and the social justice and some of the authoritarianism. How much would you say this character reflects you ever there really no question that I own it and why you haven't been brought there by the mall at the Lockwood character and the way that just by deviating from the orthodoxy of the University with the social justice ideology by making very good pavements really how they destroyed my academic career. There's no question that have been a part of what thing but I think I'm also distributed throughout, the other characters notebook as well but got familiar right yeah well it's terrible when you live it out. It's much worse than putting it.

You know, in any character whose fictitious but certainly this informs a lot of your experience and a lot of the ways that you put the novel together. You know when you talk we're talking a little bit about the Karen phenomenon, you have a character in your book, who initially betrays the protagonist and then comes back. You know when you're looking at this authoritarianism and the willingness that people have because they have this problem. Collective hysteria, how much more do you see this growing versus people waking up and saying we gotta knock this off because it seems to be growing, but maybe my view is skewed. How do you see it you know how far that could possibly get worse in terms of the growing. There will be with the a lot of people that you know have the potential to wake up, having woken out already, but we see a lot of more people going out being sorted into madness and don't claim to have actually even see outside of the fact that there being propagandized that on a daily basis on a minute by minute basis and I don't tend to have a way of breaking out of propaganda thing you know compelled upon them, they shot off the network that are better propagating this. I don't see how the model that I really don't know either and you touched so many things I mentioned trans-humanism.

This is something that is been brought up many people are familiar with talk of this great reset that the world economic forum has put forward Clow Schwab to head ahead of the WTF. The stated intention to capitalize on code 19 a pandemic in order to overthrow traditional capitalism. They also have talked about trans-humanism. How do you see trans-humanism entering into the equation of what might be had for us in a few years using Cova 19 is an excuse to implement more and more of that. Well they hold up, and have you know that everybody will be in and then you'll have the superhuman abilities will be able to communicate directly without going online.

You have met Internet without anything the mantle box in your brain you will be able to you know have all this information without copying it probably will, but that the bait and switch routine. I think debating people with this idea of trans-human excellent kind of almost godlike omission and then switch it into control my and I'm hoping that people understand us without me.

Yeah it is happening.

What about surveillance of course you you touch on that in robots and things like that in the scary thing when I was reading your book with this doesn't even seem impossible. This seems like something that might happen in a couple of years. How do you see that potentially unfolding that the surveillance data mart were already pretty deep into it, but how much worse do you think you will get well marked around the country. Having time to another part of China. We track every move that a person may every move they make basically known by the bait, and that you think 5G and you think you know covalent through all kinds of detection in OLE DB albeit different if I pick up movement and then transpose them into a whole whole pattern of people's behaviors down.

Not only that you think predictive algorithms to tell what they might do Mac right all very much on the horizon 5G the pool for but social credit scoring around the corner right and I think Hobart is going to be the pretext for become a little bit. It will be used of the way to justify tracking people tracing their every move. Knowing where they're at what they spend their money on. You probably using digital currency, so one digital currency can 5G prevent heart art or impact. Then you have a complete surveillance society. While that's true, because I've heard about things like you know that's the whole thing was smart cities in determining pre-crime trying to identify people before they commit crimes and of course that seems to run up against our Constitution. Not that many people care that much about the Constitution anymore, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of teeth and this is what I hear from a lot of conservatives, we have two parties in this country we have a Congress, why don't we have a government in which at least half of those people are fighting back in actually winning some of the battles to stop it. I would say that a lot of them are all rightly other major corporations. I'm afraid they're not on brokers. There, they're worried about their political careers. Above all else, their career at we need people with real value in our government not just people that are interested in their own their own professional upward mobility and keeping their jobs and on the problem now. I think you're right so you would envision vaccine passports and that sort of thing becoming a reality for Americans help help for probably and also the possibility of reading your genome and something that the central authority and the faith of all time. What you think you actually go back to hip like how that were right yeah yeah what yeah I saw video just a couple of days ago about somebody who is traveling at believe it was in New York and was stopped by a table of people wearing military outfit saying we need to know about that you know your temperature and we need your information on your covert's status on this and and it was like what right do you have to all of that. I mean it's just people are so freaked out they just stop and they said why don't get in trouble. I better forget over how do you think we ought to deal with situations like that when situations like that are coming up more frequently thinking that we need to create by association that build power by virtue of you know by by virtue of being in not connection with each other, not not in on Mott for a collective network because without the network. We won't have any right, we need to have will form association that will not allow the kind of mandate to be put upon them to recall not that will not require people to show no certificates of help in order to enter their on and on and on. We need we need networks of resistance in the model network deviation tests yes it is very smart. I think that that's very very necessary anything I keep going back to. I've said this for months now. It's not like were dealing with the black plague we have. It has killed hundreds of thousands of people and it's a terrible virus and I would never discount that.

But at the same point you have an awful lot of people recovery 99.

Some percent of people recover from it what people just hone in on that basic fact and say why are we reorganizing society over a virus that is not as lethal as a lot of other diseases we could talk about exactly what a lot of a lot of them with people that have Hobart comorbidities right probably you know would've died from a flu that well because they have comorbidities make them applicable.

Much more so than other people. Most healthy people you know the virus is more or less very bad flu. I may present for most people that's what it is that you know a lot about talk crime. You're right about that in all of this is underscored by the fact that the media goes along and is just become a propaganda outlet. How much of that is driving where we are as a nation. Right now the power of media mostly controlled by leftist as well driving the media together and in love authoritarian who are how bought in Cuba. Authoritarian ideology and are spreading it on a regular basis, and thank goodness for shows like your letter letter letter, allowing people to see another way of looking at the world because otherwise were doomed. Think you and I appreciate your willingness to come on II really love your books and I really love this book to very quickly can you speak to the importance of individuality in a moment like this. Yeah, I may not one of the major themes in the book is retaining your individual self code. Yeah, it's really hard to define what that is right because the unique properties that have been given to each of us five bleed by God and it's something that you can allow people to a rape and take away from you have to be maintained at all try our lifeblood here situation very good doctor. My correct and what great talks on criminal in such a thank you Dr. Rector. Keep up the good work and thank you for being here make you bad. God bless you. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Mefford today.

Here's your host Joe Mefford, welcome back. Therefore there is now no condemnation at all for those who are in Christ Jesus. I like that phrase at all that's in the Nancy new American Standard Bible, the version of Romans 81. It's such a great verse.

Why is it such a great verse well for myriad reasons not the least of which is that we have the assurance that when we have put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. When the Holy Spirit is indwelling us. We are not in trouble anymore with Kai. It doesn't mean that we never have to confess our sins again. Of course we do in order to have fellowship with the Lord, and of course we understand that we will never finally be like Christ until we are finally with him. We know that that the Christian life is a process of being sanctified that we have to obey the Lord we have to pursue godliness. All of these things are things that we understand. But fundamentally, one of the greatest things about being a Christian and having that assurance that we are in Christ is knowing that were no longer in trouble. Christ is taken on that punishment for us and we are forgiven. Now this is important for so many reasons, but it's become an important truth to reassert in our day.

Given what is going on with the woke stuff in the church in the church you might have noticed in the last several years that there has been an ongoing battle concerning things of social justice and primarily what has been going on was social justice in the Southern Baptist convention has been this fight over critical race theory. You'll recall a couple of years ago because we have talked about it quite a bit, the Southern Baptist convention passed a resolution that talked about critical race theory being used as an analytical tool, we still believe the Bible we believe in the preeminence of Scripture. But we can use critical race theory as an analytical tool, and of course the conservatives went crazy when this happened, not only because it's ridiculous, but also because the person who originally proposed this resolution had the exact opposite take and actually one of the Southern Baptist convention to condemn critical race theory as being on biblical now. Not too long ago you had six seminary presidents in the Southern Baptist convention come forward and say critical race theory is actually incompatible with the Baptist Faith and message which is there faith statement in the Southern Baptist convention and they talked about critical race theory being basically on biblical and that's a good thing especially considering some of their seminaries have been pushing critical race theory from various capacities so we can get into that in a little bad but I just find the developments after the statement was released by the seminary presidents to be quite intriguing. Why I say this well because they can't seem to really figure out if they want to be fully woke or if they just want to be kinda woke or if they just want to be woken secret or if they want to be fully conservative and Bible-based. They just don't seem to be able to stay with one position very long, and that's a problem because when you are drifting within the confines of your denomination.

How in the world are you supposed to lead people on the one hand, they want to do some pandering to folks in the convention who want to embrace welcome us and want to embrace at least some form of critical race theory, but on the other hand, they don't want the conservatives to be mad at them too much, so they'll come back and say no no no this drift toward liberalism. Even Al Mohler and Danny Aiken who is Daniel Aiken who is the president of Southeastern Baptist theological seminary have said there's no liberal draft and every conservative cracked up when this is no liberal draft at all what you talking about it at all.

Pete all kinds of people in the 2018 annual meeting, trying to get Mike pence, the vice president of the United States kicked out from speaking and addressing the convention, but there's no problem with liberalism and the Southern Baptist convention.

Alright, so let's trace what's going on here.

You had that statement then then you had the national African-American fellowship of the SBC and its president, Virginia pastor Marshall Sperry, who also serves as the SBC's first vice president issuing another statements telling you guys this is gonna be the cavalcade of statements try to stay with me here. This one came in response to a statement of that group that I just told you about the Council of seminary presidents and it's just incredible. Citing recent events after this.

Now there's 1/3 statement, the justice, repentance, and the SBC statements as Baptist press puts it, citing recent events that have left many brothers and sisters of color feeling betrayed and wondering if the SBC is committed to racial reconciliation. This new cross ethnic group of Southern Baptists released a statement titled justice, repentance, and the SBC said this came a week after the national African-American fellowship put out this statement and that was a statement in response to the seminary press but the stuff so let me deal with this justice repentance in the SBC statement because this thing is to my mind a bit of a mess. It was published on December 18 the 155th anniversary of the proclamation of the 13th amendment abolishing slavery and involuntary servitude hundred and 55th anniversary. This can arbitrary and the quote from Luke for the spirit of the Lord is on me because he has anointed me to plan good news to the poor, the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke and they say we affirm that the fullness of the gospel speaks to our need for salvation as individual sinners as well as addresses the brokenness of the world by working to see the kingdom of God, advanced in this life with full assurance that the kingdom will one day come in fall we are all sinners in need of God's grace and as such, justice is something that tends to allude us.

Michael only for justice. There a lot of things that tend to allude us. We often allow preconceptions and opinions to cloud our judgment.

True justice is exemplified by hearts, lives in action staying in line with God's vision for the world through the gospel.

You know where they're going at through the power the Holy Spirit we pursue Jesus's vision as expressed in Luke four. Understanding that the fullness of this vision will come to pass. Upon his return and the establishment of a new heaven and new earth.

We eagerly anticipate this day.

However however human inability to achieve full justice before the return of Christ cannot become an excuse to avoid dealing with injustices in our lifetime. What what injustices another Catelli well they're not really going to tell you that they're going to make you feel bad. The Southern Baptist convention was founded with injustice towards African slaves at its very core. The SBC was founded in large part so that white southern slaveholding Christians could appoint and support missionaries while continuing to hold their slaves in chains. This historical reality is neither disputed nor can it be ignored while actually I would push back against that a little bit why do I say that because it's been dealt with ad nauseam. You guys they've dealt with it since 1995 in the Southern Baptist convention. We have had resolution after resolution on the repenting of what the founders of the Southern Baptist convention Dannon and repenting of slavery and repenting of being mean and read me I'm basement so much repenting, who in the world can even keep up with it and resolution after resolution after resolution times does this convention have to release resolutions or wear out its knees going down and repenting, I mean God is not this hard on people think about that for a moment, a W toaster actually did a wonderful essay you might have read this. At one point in one of his books called God is easy to live with in one sense God is not easy to live with because if you're a sinner and you're in your sins.

And you're not in Jesus Christ.

You should fear and tremble. Considering the wrath of the Lord.

That is to come upon you, unless you repent. But once you repent.

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. If you have sinned individually against anybody and if you have sinned against God, which all of us do we have the promises of Scripture, the there's forgiveness you say I'm sorry but what Scripture never says is apologize for what your ancestors did apologize for what people who are long dad whom you never met did to people who are long dad whom you never met that is not a thing if you go through the entire New Testament and you rake it with a rake and you try to find some passages that insinuate or state flat out that you have to repent of something someone else did your looking in vain because you won't find it you are however responsible for your own sense and and furthermore if this is some kind of argument that we are all guilty or not me because I'm not in the Southern Baptist convention, but the rest of the Southern Baptists who are allegedly systemic racists are all guilty of still doing people wrong. Why don't you put them through Matthew 18 process will come back to that day when I see you listening to Janet Mefford today if you could provide God's word to a Bible is believer elsewhere in the world would you through the ministry of Bible league international you can send that Bible today. Hebrews 13, three urges us to remember those in great need, noting that when the body of Christ anywhere is found lacking were encouraged to help provided these believers live where churches are small and remote where authorities are welcoming of Christianity and where Bibles are scarce as pastor Carlo in Peru says they need the home found only in password. Everyone wants to read the Bible you copies here in the area, and of them will be sharing a single Bible for only five dollars believers around the world will receive Bibles and be discipled in their new faith. $35 and seven Bibles $100 since 20 and because of the matching gift right now. Your gift will be double 800 password 800 YDS WORD 800 password there's immunity This is the story of a young mounting crisis who felt alone and desperate when finding out she was pregnant after meeting with the counselors at freeborn and seeing her baby on an ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat. She knew that life was the best choice to change completely from their lesson the first and it's a fact.

When a mom in crisis sees her baby on ultrasound and here's the heartbeat. 8/10 times. She'll choose life for her baby and got me to just fill in mind this is pre-born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the United States. One ultrasound costs just $28, or five ultrasounds are hundred and $40 and now through matching gift. Your gift will be doubled rescuing 10 babies lives. Would you please consider helping us to support pre-born in the cause for life to donate, just call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229. All gifts are tax-deductible or there's a banner to click and chant you're listening to your essay again and again and again. You are responsible for your sins, you did inherit a sin nature from Adam because Adam was our first representative so the second Adam, Jesus Christ could be our representative when it came to salvation. That's what Romans teaches, but you are not responsible for somebody else's sin, you are not going to stand before God someday and he'll say you know your great great great great great grandfather was really a bad guy. You did not sufficiently repent for it. God will never say that because you're not responsible for somebody else's sin. We can even deal with our own sin how to deal with grandpa sin. It's ridiculous and I think at some point you have to get upset about it and push back. Now they have and I'm really grateful for that. In the SBC but it's not stopping the cavalcade of statements.

These people are not letting up, not let me go on with this justice repentance in the SBC statement that just came out that was endorsed by none other than the president of the SBC JD Greer. They said that you know the SBC was founded with injustice toward slaves were not alive then.

Yet in the current moment we see attempts to downplay this historical reality where where where all I see is acknowledgments of the historical reality.

There are constant acknowledgments of the historic reality what you people want what is the people in the statement want people to do.

Who are the guilty. They say many people deny the existence of systemic injustice as a reality, and then they go on to not prove anything about anything. They never put forward any evidence of systemic injustice. It's just assumed there is systemic injustice. What can you name any laws on the books or anything in the Constitution that is not racially equal. Maybe there's some crazy law somewhere on the books and some individual states. That's racially in an unequal and you should rectify that. But change the law, but I can't think of anything this country has done all kinds repenting all kinds of correcting all kinds of passing legislation and all kinds of passing amendments to the Constitution to deal with these past sins. What point can we get to where we can actually say that was solved. Let's love one another. I don't know that they're upset about this. Then they say. Many who recognize systemic injustices unnamed of course are labeled Marxist liberals and critical race theorists even though they are theologically orthodox and believe in the total sufficiency of Scripture. Listen if you are adhering to critical race theory. Your critical race theorists and in a sense you're really emboldening yourself to be vulnerable to Marxism because you're buying into the concepts of cultural Marxism.

That's just a fact.

And you can call yourself theologically orthodox all day long. I don't really care because you will show your orthodoxy not only by what you affirm.

But by what you deny, and the very fact that you can embrace this extremely obvious Marxist ideology that is as worldly as it gets. Right now she tell you something that you're not theologically orthodox. If you're going around wantonly accusing your brothers and sisters of Christ, of being guilty of sins that you can't even name.

As I mentioned before, you have this process in Matthew chapter 18 for dealing with sin in the church and it is you know what this says it talks about going and confronting your brother and if he repents than you want your brother and if he doesn't then bring a witness and then bring a few witnesses and bring a before the church.

There's a process for dealing with serious and these people do not try to bring up individuals in the Matthew 18 process what they do is they paint with a very broad brush. You're all guilty and the fact that you won't admit that your guilty means you're even worse that's in Christianity Christianity.

While God desires us to continue growing in the area of racial justice what what is that mean what racial justice the actions of some in the SBC appear to be more concerned with political maneuvering than working to present a vibrant gospel.

Loving racially and culturally diverse vision. What are they talking about, they'll say while some progress has occurred. Some recent events have left many brothers and sisters of color feeling betrayed and wondering if the SBC is committed to racial reconciliation luck. I think this is backwards for some of these individuals. I can't think of anybody I know who's white in the Southern Baptist convention who does not want racial reconciliation and they have made all sorts of strides to try to reach out to the black community and black churches that belong to the SBC and African-American individuals were part of the SBC and really try to have conversations in and be one in Jesus Christ. I think that's what everybody wants.

But when you continue to turn around and accuse your brother of not wanting racial reconciliation because they won't buy into critical race theory. It seems to me the people who are making that argument are the ones who are throwing up a roadblock to reconciliation.

Don't you have to believe the best about your brother, don't you have to annex to extend a hand of friendship and forgiveness and I don't see any of that just goes on and I mean you can read it, but it's not specific, then in the wake of all this you have some people leaving the SBC because they're so mad you have Charlie dates. For example, he is pastor of progressive Baptist Church in Chicago.

The headline on the religion news service pieces. We out Charlie dates on why his church is leaving the SBC over rejection of critical race theory I had to tell my church. I was wrong. He said there is no such thing as the old Southern Baptists. Conservatism is and has always been the God of the SBC while if you're in a make a statement like that. It sounds like progressivism is the God of progressive Baptist Church now when I think about some of the verses in Scripture about looking at yourself with a keen eye you know when we when we think about the importance of taking the plank out of your own eye before you take the speck out of your brothers that's very convicting or when it James talks about looking in a mirror and you know the guy who walks away and forgets what his face like the looks like you know we all have this tendency to want to point a finger at other people and less of a tendency to want to look into the mirror and see arson for what it really is were all guilty of this. I'm guilty of this. Certainly, but at some point when you have people who only point fingers and the finger never goes in the other direction you have to believed that you have to say to some of these people perhaps you need to acknowledge or sent to. Maybe you're being too harsh on people. Maybe you are missing the boat here and in reading the Charlie dates essay. I think he's doing more than missing the boat I think is completely off the rails and then you have another pastor who also said that he's gonna leave the SBC Ralph D. West of Houston's the church without walls, and they both criticize the SBC seminary presidents declaration the critical race theory was incompatible with the denomination statement of faith. Here's what I say to that, then you don't belong in the SBC. If that's not the position of the denomination. If the if the denomination now holds to the right position. In my view, biblically the critical race theory is to be rejected because it's incompatible with the Bible. If you don't think critical race theory is incompatible with the Bible thing you need to find yourself another denomination. There's nothing wrong with that and you can't sit around in and more know know what can we do to keep people that's not how it works. You have to stand on the truth no matter who finds it offensive and who finds it maddening and who is mad at you over it. You have to stand on the Bible and just they were sorry to see you leave. We think you're wrong.

Here's what the Bible says and if people don't want to hang out with you, they don't hang out with you and you can't lose no sleep over it. It is too bad, but in a way it goes back to what the word of God says about there must be division among you to show who has the truth I and I think this is going to be an interesting development, but it again it shows the folly of some of these Southern Baptist woke leaders forever messing around with this nonsense in the first place.

They never should have ever given it any kind of opening and opening the door to allow this garbage to get in at all. We welcome people but were not can accept every theory that people bring with them into our denomination and accepted because they'll get mad at us. You can't run a church like that you can't run a denomination like that. So if these people peel off Soviets now they need to repent. They need to understand the critical race theory.

In these false accusations of systemic racism if there was systemic racism and systemic injustice. That was the fault of the people in the southern Baptist convention and they don't even name.

It and they don't even name the people who are guilty of it and they don't even use the biblical means to put these people through a disciplinary process, then they got nothing. They're just being progressives they just want to make the church more worldly and it has nothing to do a skin color plenty white people who want to make the church worldly. We know that much. We know from the mainline that these people have succeeded tremendously in these other denominations destroying Christianity and for the SBC to want to avoid that is a wise move.

But remember this, remember this Mark 1125 and whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. I think that some of these people who are all upset about what the SBC has done to repudiate critical race theory need to forgive and somebody needs to admonish them to forget.

You need to forgive perhaps your white brothers and sisters who are guilty of anything, you know, forgive first John 19 if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

It's incredible just basic Bible verses are so so important to go back and study and apply in your life we're at a time. Thank you for being with us on Janet Mefford today. God bless you will see next

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