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Dr. Brown Takes on All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 18, 2020 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Takes on All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 18, 2020 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/18/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

Phone lines are extra wide open to you questions. We got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown bullet is Friday on the line of fire, and that means you've got questions. We got answers in the phone lines literally are wide open. In fact, sometimes we start the show on Friday. All five lines that we see immediately on the screen or all filled before we even start in the extrawide wealth everything filled get some open phone lines right now so it's a great time to call 866-348-7884. Any question of any kind. Those of you that run holder unable to get through on yesterday's broadcaster leaders Thursday. Go ahead, because you Jewish related questions.

They can be political questions theological biblical spiritual, you name it is also something that relates to what we touch on here on the line of fire. Go forward okay before we go to the phones a few special announcements. First, this Sunday night right so Sunday night what is today the 18th to Sunday night the 20th right the 20th month the 20th day sees me of 2020 and the 12 month I will be doing a special live stream on our Facebook page that's asked Dr. Brown on Facebook asked K DR Brown on Facebook can be 8 o'clock in the evening Eastern time and when I can be talking about is the debate within the body of Christ. Now over the terms Christian nationalism and trumpets and what I'm seeing is that people were passionately following the Lord.

One of the best for America are passing each other like ships in the night so I want to do my best to bring clarity to the concerns on both sides and close together in unity in the Lord.

So that's going to be this Sunday night 8 PM Eastern time on the S. Dr. Brown station sees me the*about Facebook page asked K DR Brown okay this first thing second thing is, we've got some important interviews and a debate coming next week or so will announce or be things were into the week, but hopefully the book the book on queuing on literally up-to-the-minute up-to-the-minute as of right now up to date. Not as about the date six months or year ago, but as of up-to-date right now. The book on queuing on should be available for order on Monday and the author of that book research professor, scholar friend should be on with me Monday. As long as the book is ready to order.

This will be the first major public interview that's being done on this. There other news outlets. Folks with Washington Post and others that that know this author and he said hey wait I'm doing the interview first with Dr. Brown them will go public with his other outlet so what is chewing on why this is such a major issue, your finances should be coming your way on Monday right here on the modifier okay with that.

We go to the phones and we start with Frank in Thermopolis Alabama. Welcome to the line of fire. Dark brown Broncos room Obama Obama ours book called one time before about Genesis 63 but that's not what I called about the government only about the book today. I was just asking about Genesis 1 and Genesis through one occurrence when the transitions might go there. Genesis 1 says God's live got the guts to order just to Genesis 2 it says God said one more time. Landon Probert of the Lord God, and usually the Lord God gives yes. So it's a very interesting question Frank and scholars, Jewish and Christian theologians have analyzed it, we can only speculate on on the why of this, okay, but I'll argue my thoughts. So again, the question folks if you didn't follow it, that that you have.

For example, in Genesis among the younger Elohim by your mayor, Elohim, so it speaks of Godů So God is the creator God is the one who brings everything into existence. Who speaks the word and it is so God the creator. They are made manifest revealed in Genesis 11 then when you get into the second chapter then it speaks of Yahweh Elohim or as we have in most were English versions.

The Lord God, so why now does it bring him in wealth. We have the personal name of God, Yahweh is traditionally pronounced Jehovah.

We know from Exodus.

The third chapter in Exodus the sixth chapter that that's his covenant name that even even though God is just a noun. Right now the name, God, Lord. Those announcement names. Where's this is a a personal pronoun. This is an act sees this personal name Yahweh. It is his covenant name.

It's the name that emphasizes his relationship with Israel and it's the name in Exodus 6 that we understand is not fully revealed to the patriots he really used it wasn't fully revealed. It would seem, frankly, can't be dogmatic on it because now you have God interacting more intimately with human beings and now giving his stipulations and entering into a relationship with him that because of that situation you now use his covenant name as well.

To say the God who created the universe is Yahweh who is that covenant God of Israel and was now working for the good of humanity. And that's why he always introduce that's what you then have Yahweh in the in the dialogue that follows that would be to me, the most logical explanation's transition from just creator of the whole universe to now in intimate God.

Interacting with human beings. Hence, his name is introduced that makes sense for word without really translated into the New Testament Burger logo open new government did.

Yet it is in other words, as God is working in a covenantal way he does it with a specific name and the name associated with the new and better covenant is the name of Jesus issue yet appreciate the question Frank God bless you sir.

Have a great blessed Christmas season. All right, 866-34-TRUTH and let's go to Gerardo in Salida, California. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown I have a question regarding the number five yes or no were like the love boat. I hear it constantly from the board of Boorstin that babe at the end that all that back.allow or permit. Therefore, the Boorstin both document, one the what are your thoughts and and what the object of original bill that you interpret the yes so soliciting one is completely butchering the passage in numbers five, did you put a love potion. That's a mocking word that critics would use. It's not found in the text and the text says nothing about pregnancy does not say that the woman is pregnant or that she loses the baby the say that it's a speaks of physical manifestations by swelling and effect on her belly but doesn't say that she's pregnant she committed. She allegedly committed adultery if she did when she drinks this potion, which again that the text is not referred to as a love potion when she drinks this potion. If she's guilty then this curse will come on her body and that will be the judgment for her committing adultery.

So it does not say a syllable about her being pregnant.

Nurses say a syllable about her losing the baby.

If it did, and it doesn't if it did, then it would be saying that this is a horrific judgment for committing adultery moments. It it wouldn't be saying all this is a good method of birth control or if you sleep with someone out of wedlock and decide not to have the baby then numbers five justifies it or if you and your husband just figure it out. We got enough kids, let's abort this one that justifies the quite the contrary, if it was document abortion, which is not but if it was, it would be a terrible divine judgment, a punishment for sin and the judgment on the.

The woman right would not be a good thing or method of birth control, but the bottom line is the text says nothing about abortion, and in here just get a just for those not familiar read the, the, the most relevant part here. Okay, in numbers chapter 5.

Again, this is the ritual that you go through when the husband is feeling jealous. He thinks some things happen in it and his wife has some slept with a man right so the this is it. He has a fit of jealousy so he goes to the priest.

The priest brings her forward has to stand before the Lord priest take sacred water in an earthen vessel taken some of the earth is on for the tabernacle. The priest puts in the water and he makes the woman stand before the Lord, the priest shall bear the woman's head and place upon her hands the meal offering of remembrance which is Miller from jealousy in the priest's hand shall be the water of bitterness that induces the spell.

The preshow drawer that the woman saying to her. If no man his lane with you if you've not going to strain defilement will merit your husband, be immune to harm from this water of bitterness that induces the spell, but if you have gone astray while married your husband have defiled yourself with a man other than your husband is a carnal relations with you here, the priest shall admonish the curse of evacuation to the woman as the priest goes on to say, the woman may the Lord make you a curse and imprecation among your people, as the Lord courses recite the sag in your belly your side to sag in your belly to distend this war that induces a spell enter body causing the belly to distend and the site side to sag and the woman shall say amen amen. Is it is it that a syllable about the woman being pregnant but a syllable about this causing abortion. And even if it did, it would be a terrible thing horrific judgment. Worst-case scenario, but in any case doesn't mention assist one of these myths of the critics or they'll know find some obscure interpretation somewhere and try to say it's there, but the Hebrew doesn't mention it, not not not anything.

So there's your answer okay thank you very much you're very welcome 8663 I was watching a debate on TV and liberal woman Sedalia and the Bible supports abortion throughout numbers five and the pastor she was debating was your terrific job at eloquent and full of love and clearheaded buddy song after study that passage up on the way to get it from. He wasn't familiar with the argument boat reason was Cliff's kiss is not there doesn't exist in the text by the way to get my emails seem to get my emails and you would be getting an announcement this weekend telling you about the special live stream broadcast of you on Facebook on Sunday night. You also be getting an announcement oh before the day is out today within a synopsis of all the articles are written through the week and then some neat stuff that my testimony and background will be sending you go ask Dr.

If you can look at my emails take a second axis get a break Esther to run a SK DR Brown thought or all right meagerly deciphered emails only take 30 seconds documenting the error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends by six spot phone down, looked up at hearing were back with all of you are right 6634 truth.

Let us go to Aubrey in Knoxville, Tennessee. Welcome to the line of fire.

I will try to make it very and I wanted to offer a little background sure about humility or generate an error very night and I have been not bad. We're in a calm political or legally area and we currently share your past and Revival and the part of our heart and on that we ran it on Every impact anything the past year and everything that happened at the impact on we cry out for revival when we are Very and we we really have my 50th dated where the Turkish country had airway from what we've come to term and trendy chart recognizing that the God of any tech charts look very different in the chart at the bit that we really had a passion that what we ran here last.

I think many in the congregation. He wanted in a different way, I wanted to gather note the pain of the trendy chart at eight and without benefit. We didn't really realize that the conflict and transition were following different charismatic teaching even when I got Bible kind of prophetic playing and sleep and reflecting on and by anything.

I think you got ended happily and when you are interacting with the prophet and I went out about current abort her and possibly even witchcraft. When people dedicate a night and find out a copy of the artwork and and and the current and I think were applicant a lot of fat, whereas economic become a source of spiritual pride where people think well have to term a division of the church because we bring a thicker appellation and I would grieve frequently very popular charismatic leader.

I got there email and everything. Nothing an email about me that it was all about. You want the current revelation and you want to hear that I'm very concerned. I guess there is definitely a REMIC crying out for revival and crying out for the fear of God against the fact that if they had an art calling to see if you have any comment you about, and could help me through it all and the last you bet. Number one, there is reason for concern for sure it it is either a hyper spiritual attitude or an esoteric spiritual attitude is majoring on minors is looking for what in the book of Revelation, you know, Satan's so-called deep secrets. It's not the silly satanic but it is looking for that you are the secret wound with the magical key kind of thing so first I would agree with you that there is danger in doing this. Secondly, I wouldn't try to put names on it in terms of a Gnosticism. So it's this hyper spirituality that almost denies the reality of the physical realm of oral witchcraft.

Kind of a manipulative spiritual ploy. I wouldn't put in those categories because you have sincere people and good people. It just get off a little bit and those categories can be very damning in a negative it's it's almost like the negatives there and I'm gonna go one step further in describing it. I would just say it's it's aberrant, it's off-center.

It's off-track and it is dangerous and it can go the way of of of of all kinds of deception is health how far does it go in and you know right now we we we shall see how far goes in terms of prophecy.

Now, again, we have gone to Inauguration Day and this been a crazy year. It could be a crazy 2021. I mean we we still have not gotten to the final chapter of this story, but let's just say that there is not sufficient evidence of fraud that is found and Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20.

Will there be people saying no is not true. Trump is still the president because I know God spoke it, then obviously you step into real dangerous zone of the regional reality you eat there. There is no reality check. So that's on the one hand on the non-charismatic side you have the opposite error where God does not speak in any way outside of just the explicit text written in the Bible where there are no supernatural experiences in God where that which was normal in the New Testament and savanna God promises for today is denied, and I've seen people backslide drop out of church space. The young people because they don't encounter God all they get is just kind of wrote religion so there extremes on both sides, and the key is to cultivate something very healthy, as best as we understand is Bible based, which is being people of the word being people focused on Jesus being people who love the Holy Spirit and then always reaching out to the lost trying to touch those outside the doors of the church building.

We do that we we are going to keep our focus in the right direction. In in the 90s, 93, 94, is the Holy Spirit was being poured out in different ways, and I knew that we were getting closer to an outbreak of revival that I prayed for long for for years I began to and people calling it the blessing of the refreshing said if we want to move from that to revival. We have to do is avoid the ditches on either side of the road, the one side of the road is the ditch of traditional religion says we never did it like this before. The other side of the road is the ditch of superficial sensationalism manifestation mania that gets caught up with the outward things without always tell people is keep your focus right on the center, which is holiness and harvest repentance in the church, repentance, and will keep your eyes on Jesus.

Open your heart to the spirit keep that focus pension. The church repentance in the world. If you do your you're not gonna fall into the ditch on either side of the road so if you cultivate that and then you see that Jesus is not in the center of what people are pursuing or the truth of Scripture is not enough. And people looking for a biblical revelation, then pointing towards the middle, pointing towards that central stream, a Jew have my book, you and your husband playing with holy fire, very vibrant excerpt yeah I want to tell you it's their estate right there and that this is our Christmas gift to you and your husband to encourage you in your next stage of the journey. So Rachel will send Aubrey a copy of playing with holy forget husband's name so I can sign it to both of them and our joy to send it to you at UCI. I deal with a lot of these issues as a Pentecostal charismatic myself. You go back for generations. You difficult acts of the early days. I got bless you and thank you for the call and the questions of let's go to Todd in Cedar Grove, North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire like Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown is pretty evident in the first three gospel that the hours of the day are given in the Hebrew division of the time, but it thanked me and John's Gospel that it face to be given enrollment, especially when you work it would usually after John chapter 19 verse 14 to talk about the preparations they of the Passover being the sixth hour.

It is with this reading for that particular gospel would say that robe, a division of Tyvek being given they are not the only call to get clarification about whether bladder wall right so so here's here's the thing, so we know you got like the watches of the night. This is one way that the times described and then the hours days of starting at 6 AM rights of Pentecost in acts two, when a truck this is the third hour of the day it's nine in the morning so the six hour based on the way things we calculate would be would be noon, so my question is, in terms of the hours of the day what your understanding of the Roman way of calculating versus the Jewish way of calculating what I understand what Roman division bands like the day you start like at 12 midnight. What you don't like it you prevail. If they had need of corruption or for all these years so displayed.

The baby just looking at John chapter God tainted it was talk about probably 6 o'clock in the morning those of the snow is normally understood to be later in the day that this is happening but you my question was it in my mind as I'm thinking about a Roman way of calculating the hours of the day versus the Jewish way of calculating the hours of the day, so ours would be the Roman way then if that's the case would never dawned on me because I'm always thinking the Jewish ring reading it so during the break aside need to control for during the break, I want to check price of actually not thought of that. Now there's a massive scholarly discussion and debate about the, the issue of chronology and John's Gospel and and is Passover day versus day before Passover and is a contradiction with the Synoptics and that's where the discussion normally is, but I went when you have the when you have the mature into churches that on Good Friday will have hours of silence and meditation and prayer and and this is when Jesus hung on the cross. It's it's obviously an afternoon scenario right and and then he is. He dies right before the Sabbath you been there surprisingly died so quickly so that would fit in with that the normal way of looking at the time but I muscular double check to be sure, but I've always taken it to be the same. A method of keeping time in the course of the hay. Always good to hear from you. God bless and will be back with your questions. 86634. Truth is political number and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire.

My found joy to be with you in case you missed this announcement Sunday night, the Esther Brown's Facebook page 8 PM Eastern time gobbling.

I'll be doing an important live talk about the trans-Christian nationalism trump is him there's massive division right now in the body over this, and from what I can tell both sides misunderstanding the other in their sexual out of common ground we have and then some areas with our concerns we want to try to leave those out as clearly as possible so that we can unite around Jesus and better understand one another is critical times for America and the church sickens him Sunday night. Yes, Dr. Brown's Facebook page 8 PM Eastern time, and if you'd like announcement sent you in writing this, make sure you get my emails if you don't get Esther to ask your and sign up for the emails today when you do you get get a free mini book an e-book that's real eye-opener and next few days will get some really cool info about my own background and vision ministry and fixing to find this really helpful.

We just instituted some new protocol for four of folks and just reaching out for the first time getting her email so they seem to really enjoy the info rescind their weight okay just asked a question.

Those destroying us now is right before the break, about Roman time in John 19 versus Jewish time and yes Todd's question is, is the end I just never looked at it for whatever reason, looked at the larger issues going on yes so that many would say it. That's the answer that Roman time is being used, which would be the same as ours. So the six hour would be six in the morning, hence help with and fit in with the other chronologies of the mentioned third hour, etc. in the other Gospels. So yeah, that would that would be the answer. All right, let us go to the followings and our friends fail in Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome back to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown all you bet I have gone research and also different Dr. Ball for making back saying and have been proven that it takes at least 10 to 15 year making new vaccine and that vaccine were gone in about and I am glad a journal know the call and bad ball that back.

Sorry Barrett already created the goal now back saying the balance was made late and now they can make money from the back pain to protect and make a new vaccine regarding them and their crisp and go against our labor but not the takeback state that I really don't think that it is not yet first thing you have to be faithful to your own conscience before the war.

That's always important for all of us then you also have to think about those around and any responsibilities to them, etc. but this is this is a new question.

No other questions have been asked about safety or about this is some kind of ship. This can be put in estimate of implanted track us to resist his government overreach and now you raise an entirely different question. So one of our team members is actually a vaccine expert and he just texted every vaccine development time is 10 to 12 years so that information is accurate. So the you have two possible choices fail.

What is that this whole thing is conspiratorial and that people are people. Millions of people around the world were killed and and this was all a medical set up to make money which should be, I mean horrific that this is a lemminglike Holocaust type horrific units into slaughtering innocent PI right so or the reason that everybody's flipping out as to how quickly it was done is because people want to work day and night, day and night. Massive resources were put into it in crisis mode to get what would normally take 10 years or 12 years done in and nine months now. The only inside info I have is from a relative of someone in Israel who early on was able to develop a they came they were coming in cold weather. Was there, right in the middle of the industry.

They had no knowledge that this was coming and had no preparation that this was coming and they were able to come up with a test for a fairly early head of some of the other technologies, but they had no idea this was coming, so my understanding the way I'm looking at it is, it is what were being told that there has been a massive push to do something that normally takes years and and get it done 1/10 the time and that there's been a lot of prayer for to happen and that trump is right to say this is like a miracle if I were you I would have to know for sure before I went ahead and did something I personally have no problem because it seems unbelievably cool, far-fetched, and conspiratorial that people go this far just to make money, but anything's possible.

So far in your shoes I would do further research was. I felt convinced that this thing was not a set up, and that it was safe. Then I would go ask Jeff to be true to your conscience. So on my end. I I I see I hear so many series get thrown so many things I have to just describe most of this illogical question answer would be. The other was just somehow that work hard and they got it done. That's what everyone saying it's it's amazing it's absolutely amazing but saddest satisfy yourself, your thinking person satisfy yourself and then make a quality decision.

All right. Okay you're you're very welcome. You're very welcome 866-34-TRUTH of let us go to Bruce in Atlanta, Georgia.

Welcome to the line of fire and duck around a particular call.

I'm a big fan of the Brenda Billy Humphrey for a long time but someday I might be able to meet you, but not quite yet.

I will meet by phone get Jim Daly my love I want to ask you.

Your perspective on this recent development seems like liberals or Democrats of those on the left have been claiming to be more pro-life than conservatives because even though they support abortion.

Their policies supposedly provide better quality of life.

What you say to that argument I would say that you have to be holistic. You can be pro-life and anything that starts with supporting by law, the slaughter of the unborn in the womb for any reason up to the point of birth, which is democratic policy that's been defended in different states that no matter what you do after that you have disqualified yourself and possibly being pro-life now just just look at it like this right. Look at it that you've got a debate on one side as to 12 climate change and how is it affecting our or earth and what school policies work best for education and what healthcare policies work best. You have a debate about that right to get Democrats and Republicans debating that then over here.

I'm just given scenario, yet the Democrats saying we support this Moloch worship and and sacrificing babies on the soldiers burning babies alive on this altar stowed to Moloch we support that that's that's a parent's right to do that but we got better policies. On the other side and then the Republicans saying that is an abomination we have to we have to eradicate that and do whatever we can to save those babies and we believe our policies are better which one has a better chance of being viewed as pro-life. I mean, this is not even a discussion so if they said we absolutely oppose abortion. We are working within the Democratic Party because there are two parties. Let's face the facts. We are working within the Democratic Party to bring about reform working on the local level to bring about reform. We support pro-life legislation and we are fighting for it within the party, and we also think that our policies are better policies. That's one argument but to support abortion to support the slaughter of the unborn and the womb and then say yeah, but we have better holistic life policies. Does this work is nothing pro-life about that worker.

I've been accused of being merely antiabortion and not her life. Truly, all that is not true, but some of the people with whom I debate have made that claim and I'm kind of like well that's not such a bad thing to be antiabortion. The flexing your anti-slavery or something else. This is your citizens okay let's start there. Let's agree there this evil, sinful, ugly, and God cite the slaughter of the unborn that is taken more than 60 million lives right and it's been is especially heinous attack on black Americans right that you know there's a high percentage of abortions and in the black mom so I look at that as a Satanic attack to wipe out a people, especially heinous there so and and maybe you know the question of rape or incest. The health of the mother so that's that's 1% or less.

So let's agree that 99% of all abortions are completely unjustified, sinful, ugly, and God cite and we should all standing and scummy start there.

They don't start there. There's no discussion to have no discussion to have. You were slaughtering Jews in the Holocaust. But you know or are bunkers are no better or dorms are better for the contract with that disagree on this. That's a first and the second thing is most of the people I know that are active in pro-life movement are strongly profamily artwork with with families that have abortions work to get them on their feet and established and we could argue that that the policies of the Republicans are better that that Obama care as it was called, fell short. Maybe a good idea, but fell short, there's a better way to do things. Mr. better way to help poor communities and you can say the communities that are run by Democrats for many many years. Look at the deterioration that many of them are in with the violent crime that exists in many of the breakdown the family gang violence. You could make that argument is actually your your your wrong on both accounts, but the simple things is okay, let's just first agree that the shedding of innocent blood, especially of the most probable is horrific and ugly and God cite and every person of conscience, especially Christian should post do we agree there.

If not then then there is that they have no basis for anything. Once they agree with that say okay see you you agree with me. We do everything in our power to work against that yes okay now let's look at the other things and then you have a give-and-take and you have a good point. You may have good point, but force the issue.

Bruce hey tell Billy I feel. I think that he should fast for the next of next year.

He and the housekeeper asked for the next year because in rough year and not just telemedicine.

All right God bless you Bruce Billy Humphrey good friend Lisa house of prayer in Atlanta has my little fest prayer already okay right back). It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown already communicated to as many calls as I can last segment here on the line of fire. We will start in Kernersville, North Carolina David, welcome to the line of fire Brown with you have been a long time with her first caller.

Thank your voice and for all that you do for the body of Christ the truth out there, my question is I was wondering in the Old Testament where Aaron son of the profane fire and they were cute and I was asked by a friend the other day will why did they get killed and wanted their who made the golden calf didn't get punished didn't lose it yes or yes the first thank you for the kind words. So nice to hear from you after these many years, I began to see some years back be walking into a grocery store, something and someone come up to me. Perfect stranger, but they had the smile on their face of an old-time friend or family member and I initially would mystify me, but then I'd say it's like this a regular listener is a fallacy everything did this obviously get to know each other over the years, the nature of life talk radio. Thank you, David. Okay so it's it's a wonderful question and we can only speculate it.

It's it's amazing that iron doesn't die and about 3000 Israelites do die as as a result of the sin of the golden calf is the sons of Levi.

Take vengeance on those that were involved but for whatever reason, God had mercy on Erin heat. He did and and simply does say in in in the next chapter. There, in Exodus 33 that he is a person whom he has mercy. So for summaries he had mercy. What we do see, though, is that by the time you get to Leviticus chapter 8 chapter 9 there is a sacredness now there is an order the laws. The commandments have been laid out and everything is laid out strictly. You do this you don't do this you do this you do this you do this you don't do this you do this you do this and it's verse after verse after verse and they did as the Lord commanded Moses, as the Lord commanded Moses. They did they did they did they did they did then the end of the ninth chapter when they offer up sacrifices on the altar fire comes out from the presence of the Lord, it consumes the sacrifices the people shout and fall down on their face and then the next thing that happens obviously caught up in the euphoria of the moment and possibly drunk through speculation because of mentioned drinking.

Leviticus 16 about not drinking when you come to God's holy place, but either way, caught up in the euphoria of the moment now is to all the sons not of an RV who go forward and they offer up incense contrary to what most commends the exact opposite. They did the opposite of what was commanded and the same fire comes out from the same presence of the Lord and consumes them.

And then God explains to Erin that he will be used to look asunder, be glorified through those who draw near to me. So either by confirming your obedience or by judging their disobedience is just like Ananias and Safar and asked the fifth chapter 1 of a drop dead for their violation will it's it's right in the establishment of of the holy presence of God in the midst of his people and it's a demonstration of guessing you don't play games but then as years go on, and people become more familiar in sin because more rampant people do things 10 times worse and they don't type within the whole nation comes under judgment. So we we know clearly why not of an RV who died. The only thing you can say is God chose to have mercy on Erin give him another chance and that it could have just been the pressure of the people in the craziness of the moment him think I got to do something. I got it in there there there to craziness or killing people.

I got to come up with something and it was not as willfully presumptuous as what his sons did. That would be the best we can understand from the text. Okay, great. Thank you so much circulars without you better wish you Merry Christmas. Yes sir. One familiar yes to you is to use while my brother right 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Brett in Asbury Park, New Jersey has weatherman Eric broke. A little gloomy but it you know better than being stuck in a blizzard like we thought we were going to have got it all right selected that the massive nor'easter did not deliver 2 feet of snow on now. Not here. Thank God I thought I wanted to ask you a question, I'm a young guy on fire for God to do in ministry very fascinated by some of the different manifestations of God's glory and not experience them of them myself personally even the people very big become very controversial, but I got some friends that trusted friends that have experienced the manifestation of gemstones and so you know Revelation talks about the wall for the foundation of the city being adorned and there's all kinds of stones in the Bible, but I found recently in the town red that some of the scholars. I guess believe that with the manner God also rained down precious don't. So my question is I know the town is not on the thin level of Scripture, but could we or should we use that in any way to justify possibly a manifestation right so number one.

The answer is no, you don't use it to justify to say hey here's proof that he could have been the Talmud even says the same because as you know, they're all kinds of traditions in the time of their some things that preserve ancient traditions accurately.

There are some that are just myths and some that are just meant to be stories, not to be taken literally so does the Talmud accurately preserve traditions that go back say 1500 years or more.

In most cases, the answer would be no possible there some that are it's as possible so what I would say this isn't this fascinating. For example, in acts two. We know that that this is it and shovel at the feast of Pentecost, the feast of weeks, the Holy Spirit poured out tongues of fire right while in Jewish tradition based on the chronology that that the ancient rabbis had they said that that the children of Israel come out of Egypt and the Passover and when God appears on Mount Sinai right that that that is Pentecost that shovel out soon.

Jewish tradition. This is when you celebrate the giving of the law at that shovel. Pentecost will, according to Jewish tradition, that is, God spoke to Mount Sinai with the amount of fire that he spoken 70 different languages so that all the people gathered there. You know the mixed multitude. The count of each of they could all hear God speaking in their own language well was that tradition known at the time that acts was written there's debate about that.

So it just isn't that interesting that's that's that's always it isn't that interesting. Now the other thing is this some listening would would say you're completely undermined. You're making it up or this is demonic or people tight you know hey look, I know somebody this church and it was their job to put gold dust in the van since the spring without you know and and Justin Peterson to know some of her particular church.

They admitted to that right that I have friends trusted friends that love the Lord God befriends you know and they been praying alone in their home and had the tribes of manifestations, and I have other friends said Dr. Brown.

I would never believe this in a million years but I seen it front of my own eyes.

So here's here's what you do if these things happen. Amazing, wonderful, praise God. It seems dishonest presence but keep your focus on Jesus and preach the Bible and that that's that's the safe course you you major in the Mainers main potatoes, gospel, and if these unusual things happen while amazing side of his presence you don't like III verify started talking about things that I've heard trusted friends tell me about and then some of them witnessed by many, many people feel they think what were all gone Avalon but was interesting is that you never hear these people preaching that was that's it with a major even for example controversy about Bethel's glory cloud appearing or do such thing happened in the New Testament or was it staged the ones drawing attention to it. For the most part are critics or irregular charismatics. Where's the Bethel leaders like that something we talk about or emphasize. So so one quick question since we have you on the air war is the most unusual thing that you would say you have experiencing with your own eyes, especially if you were not with a group of people. But what either way, what's the most extreme thing that you would say you saw with your own eyes, and there is no logical explanation for so I have had experiences where gold flakes were different colors like drama clothes in private.

But I had been with the group of friends where there ministry that used to happen a lot the Golda kind of stuck were at a private home eating dinner and a few moment into dinner. All of a sudden one gentleman from head to toe was not discovered on the outside. In gold, but under his shirt. Everything was covered and he said to me that you know don't even focus on that. This is about Christ like you could just enter God's presence. It had nothing to do with going after manifestation, and there was not even a question in my mind up whether this was God or not, but you could just feel the Holy Spirit of God in the room and it was beautiful so I will let folks go where they go with that. Yes it that's a pretty I mean to be there in a home to see it happen. So you guys and amazing you just magician of Satan tearing or it was with us and by the way, one of my grads very sober clearheaded time and loves the Lord for the spirit very sober clearheaded guy. He sends me pictures of him sitting with these believers that were here in Canada sitting with them and their tell me about how sometimes the presence of God comes in and dispute like this told us whatever and he says Dr. Brown on the what to make of it, but it happened this were sitting here out some restaurant meets hands me a picture of the wife's like hey no major audit is bread said if it's a sign of the presence of God living the dog keep with me potatoes gospel right friends join me Sunday night at the aspect around Facebook page asking him on Facebook. 8 PM Eastern time for a very important talk.

God bless you

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