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December 18, 2020 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 18, 2020 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses some of the difficulties CARM has faced in this ministry.--2- Matt discusses signs of a cult.--3- Is the death penalty going against the commandment to not murder---4- Why doesn't Jesus show himself today and perform miracles- Wouldn't we have more believers---5- Can predestination be changed by the more we witness to someone---6- Why do we witness if predestination is true---7- Are some saved by God's election and others specifically by our witnessing- Wouldn't that still be within God's will---8- What do you think about the covid vaccine-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online or you have questions about Bible doctrine why France is called down again was applicable hours today actually was going on with that protect from Endo Lipsey we have 4 Matching Funds Dr. starting tomorrow so whenever you send anything anything to donate to, and I'll resend to be matched so little for tomorrow and just thinking because the campsites down to work on it, so stalking the guy who's in charge of the servers and holdbacks and the it was a US denial of service. 49 GB per second attack brought the servers down but everything down and from the Middle East and how to block a lot of Middle East countries so because I attacked Islam and I do like my personal false religion moms.

And stuff the Muslims of the attack and we notice from countries that happens a lot in Christian to different and we don't do that. We believe in integrity and fairness, and its unbelievers and their ungodly ways that gain footing because they break laws through unethical and they are self vindicating. They believe whatever they do is right because whatever they do is right nosily justify oppression and see it in religious systems and Colts leftist government media's other authors will write so 49 GB per second, how much that well let's see I have a high-speed Internet connection and I'm at about hundreds of thousands or even less because it's 125 4958 about I think about a thousand less mature. You know it's it's a huge amount of which means that infected computers or people who know when you write with the do is they will access, all at once. Trying to destroy overload the servers and things like that and there's there's mitigation procedures in place to stop that.

So for several hours yesterday was down and it was up today for little bit and it is down again so we had this happen like this before where differ little bit down for Beth and I forgot government and weight has to be solved is by literally blocking IP's entire countries and no block for a few days and we do that so that this was going up to the ministry. We do need prayer and we need to support until you talk with is that often, but that is a tough ministry really is. There are challenges all the time and everywhere and when people of hung out and talk to them and showing them things they usually walk away. Kind of surprised at how much happens how much we have to know how much has to be going on in order for this ministry to continue the work is not like just some thing where you just answer a question and put it up and is not a big deal when you're a minister like harm and answers questions and attacks other religious systems by because that other religious systems are false and leading people to damnation. And so I go after and thus we do think the Bible says it says this in Ephesians 511 do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness but instead even expose them or the unfruitful deeds of darkness, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science unity behind Islam and Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, and all other of religious and even secular systems, atheism, agnosticism, empiricism, rationalism of the science of people who basically worship science we go after them and just trying to get them to see the truth of the life of Jesus Christ is because Jesus is the king. He is the Lord over all areas of our life and we are obligated as Christians to stand firm in the faith and to go after those who contradict and refute them doesn't mean you think it doesn't mean and mean way this really harm them doesn't mean we attack their servers immediately's argumentation, logic, and of course Scripture prayer we do with the unbelievers.

They can lie they do they do underhanded tricks like putting software that can cause your votes to count this just basic stuff like that or even just very certain news items so that certain views are not allowed to be expressed. Unified social system would Christians to the belief in the truth, and even if it means that the that they would let shed light on things that would agree with you that people have the right to believe in Mormonism and Catholicism. I support the right don't believe they can believe them all they want the paper that Anna did just that they're free to believe and try to help them to the truth and trying to hear time and as such we can become under attack, just talk about that revealed that I thought I would distill the cares a little bit with lines continue talking of that happened 87720722764 per line to some of the other so that happened here as I've been followed my wife's been followed. We've had to death threats with Satanists of sickness and Achille's family. We have the FBI involved. The police involved and swatted at means that someone calls up and says a whenever they say accurately what they said on the air police when a couple years ago I was walking out backwards of my hands up in years as a SWAT team people pleaser with their guns at because of what someone said is called swatting people have died from and if that's happened.

We've had unexplained things noises run the house at night, just some odds and ends of some stuff so I had to spark partial to big in ministry, particularly on front lines like IM and Outlook Lane.

He's on the police added Luke he's on the front as well and we got guys in different countries to be releasing a newsletter tomorrow and have a little fun stuff about them as well so there you write what you recall, we have four lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Richard from in the title of it was how to avoid Colts okay Mitch I had avoid occult folks this so you know, if you make sure you're not in a bad church bed group always always always asked for documentation on things. If you're talking to somebody and and it sounds too good.

Want to make sure that what you're telling you is true. And so you asked for documentation, not just opinions, not just a bunch of people in a group that's like yeah I saw it when documentation and one of things you'd be careful about that Colts do something called love Marvin etc. term love bombing so let's say there's a cult group in your neighborhood and it's not a Mormons culture to culture such as the it's a new cult. Okay, so that the church is not aberrant and let's just say that people interject a benign essential Christian faith in God, the true doctrine of justification by faith in Christ alone. You do is that they hold to legalistic ideologies like you do certain things or to keep yourself right with God.

Things like his usual cultic things alright so you could get on the church you go there and they are very very nice to you very very warming very greeting agree you a lot very warm to you and you just surprised you have a nice day and pretty soon you love your house helping you do something, build something clear something do something called love bombing and they do this to newbies so that when the newbies go in the church they feel very very welcome. And of course they leave the church or the group or whatever it is feeling great people going back and that's the idea behind love bombing an ethical and psychological stuff and research occult. So what happens then is that people get involved in a church and usually there's a person or persons who can twist the facts out to such a degree that it could make them sound good.

You don't know that it's an expense. So there's a local group.

I forgot the name of that I want to say that all public wrongs on one of do it wrong, but there's a group era, talk to people who were in it and it was a Christian-based group that went aberrant and started moving in cultlike areas and one of the manifestations of it was the closer you got to the pastor, the more righteous you were and in so doing you were then freed and allowed to go over the pastor's house and clean and do things for the pastor because that's a service to God by serving the pastor and so people were in line to go go do things in the pastor's house. It should be the opposite way. Okay, it's okay if over to help the pastor page whatever, but it should not be that the submitted live thing we tries to get you to do that. The pastor should have no problem coming over your house helping you submit a problem like that sometimes it's okay. I was talking to a woman who I this is important part of this to a woman who's in this group and that she was to have doubts because things just weren't quite adding up and we're talking in private about this and she said that if someone decided to be very careful of an occult group between male and female than male pastor asked the female who was just asking questions to come in the office alone and close the door that's bad that you don't want to have a woman who's not married to the pastor be in the pastor's office with the door closed alone.

You don't want that the door is the open or produce to be some way of verifying the windows. You have a door close over the big window and feel somebody outside the secretary can see can see him with going on that kind of think accountability and so that's a warning flag whenever that happens it does happen and then elect either the pastors want to know or to say this carefully because Republic children listening in cars and things like that but certain private aspects of married life are sometimes asked to be detailed so the pastor can then judge how good things are in that respect and a lot of details a lot of details are asked and this is an aberration is a type of voyeuristic a perversion that can sometimes have this one woman said with her. However, when she was talking and asking questions about something and said I agree with that.

Patrick kicked her under the table, kicked her heart to the point where she cried out in pain and withdrew and he got angry at her and of course if she realizes guys whacked that should never happen and she just politely excuse yourself and never came back. And so other people in this group were saying the same thing you could have things like this occur to group when occult basically is is aberrant in two ways aberrant like comes to God in theology, but also aberrant in practice, so orthodoxy lease or the proxy good doctor needs a good practice. Bad luck.

Elizabeth gently tell me home by my call right man's leg. Why call 770727 charismatic slave lines 877-207-2276, and also tomorrow 11th were starting our matching funds drive so all you do you want to support you can wait till tomorrow and you can open this tightly back up after the BeOS attack denial of service attack from Middle East things go to Commodore/donate whatever you send in anything new will be matched. So if you increase your regular building donating then five to $10 a month if you updated on the site.

The net petrified will be included if you just give it a one time check for 20 bucks hundred bucks whatever it is thin and will be matched and doubled really is appreciated will also be sending a newsletter tomorrow and some other stuff going on as well. Don't forget you can use that. And when you purchase are using smell of where she can go to a charity of your choice. That's very helpful and also previous ministry. By the way, we have their ministry now going so if you want prayer to send an email to prayer, prayer, and I to be put on the list in prayer and things like that and pray for this ministry because it presently is under attack US dollars service thing so you guys working on it and hopefully take care of. Let's get to Sarah from Virginia Sarah welcome and I can't picture Christ and it can command that way – cannot calendar light. Ireland's prisoners to our poor dad Natalie Jackson and it doesn't say don't tell is also not more. Some of the faults of the King James Bible.

But it doesn't okay just capital punishment is taught in the Old Testament absolutely is tyrant. Oh yes… He shall be facetious, shall be put to death. Yet, here we go present is the first one looked at and Exodus 2129 if elegant box was Craig has was previously in the habit of going going its owner has been warned yet he does not confine it and it kills a man or a woman. The oxo bestows its owner put to death.

There's other things, murder murderers and rapists and kidnappers and liberals in the Old Testament Canceling the New Testament now revamped on their thinking and there's more to something the New Testament want to read you okay all right is out of level is not revolution but Romans 1303 and four rulers are not cause for fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do not do you not to speak. Do you want to have no fear of authority do what is good and you will have praise from the same for it is a minister of God to you for good.

But if you do what is evil, be afraid, for it does not bear the sword for nothing in the sword was the means of execution along with other means or different means.

Crucifixion was one starvation was another, and execution by the sword was another one. So this is used very often in support of the position on capital punishment, which certainly seems to be allowed and fair that have murder but then after I Think that I get down and there get back to be Carol at our now it cannot reason is because I could tell you the reason is sin can be forgiven, but the effects continue and so if someone does something bad, murderers, people in the Scott is rightly judged is to be executed.

She can be forgiven of God with the state is not under Christian leadership under theocracy to the state's second or more secular and executes and in this case it's not on biblical to do that can affect and bear Aaron how we come to terms like bad things that back in the day that thou farming all the merit bolt where people in the light bulb in Abby's line could run the right arrow 90D that God is real and that harming a we have a Bible, we don't have as a team and being 19th. That's proving the marital not to mention that we have a Bible that many by need to believe and when I talk a guy I talked about that like wow I serve here. I know I heat it back in the day Corky have believers and converse in the same black Amy that the lien I did? Do you can. I'm trying to come to terms with your blank line will be here we go. There were plenty of people who saw the miracles of Jesus and still reject you.

We have be careful will be safe will.

If they saw the miracles a belief I talked to countless atheists and see if you saw America would you believe if I said no. The rise from the dead, be sealed with a person in Jesus name was instantly healed.

Would you then believe in Christ and I have no why not give it a coincidence could've been whatever just because they see the miraculous doesn't mean that they would automatically believe the Bible says that God has to grant them repentance and he does negatively to 25 g of the belief in 29.

So what about people see miracles and hear the word of truth doesn't mean that they will believe our thinking map creation and I don't like to okay will thank you God bless think he found my folks therefore logically give me a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Vicki from North Carolina, Vicki, welcome your battle I and IIYIII you is breaking up.

I cannot okay and I went back really my granny here the other day and badly.

We got into that and and I thinking I not liquid that he has highlighted that are directly thinking properly or well one day you are talking only copy into what you're saying I writing it, but I thought you somebody that like the more you pray for your witness and that means well when I said was that God predestines because he says he does and three quarters Marshall and it occurs about five or six times in the New Testament God predestines for the foundation of the world's only read the verses 77 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to show back with the Vicki from North Carolina, Vicki, welcome back. All right, so without a special little bit of a read with the Bible says in the lot will reject action, claim to be Christians should accept it because it. The Bible teaches us what it says in Ephesians 1, four and five. This would assess just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world that we would be holy and blameless before him in love he predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ himself. According to the kind intention of his will know me to explain a little bit just as he chose us. The father choosing us in him in Christ, the father chose us in Christ. It's a phrase of federal headship time before the foundation of the world. Choosing is not based on anything that we would do is look in the future.

Because of that shows partiality but before the foundation of the world is done in Christ that we be holy and blameless before him in love he predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ noticed that both the choosing of the credentialing are with Christ.

So this means of the eternal nature of Christ as the word in the Trinitarian communion that election predestination were established was the Ephesians 145 that's what it says. So far, you and I would just memorize the address. Ephesians 14 and five and just go for it by now it is going to be sure whether versus is asked for 2720 8K people don't like the acts chapter 4 verse 27, 28, all people do not like this all Christian read the word of God and they did not believe in Jesus. Let me know.

I will assess. God predestines this investment. I read the stuff they go well and not argue with this, what it says and also from auctioning is what is this website was the same as what does God predestines bad things to happen is the question. Of course he doesn't read the word ask for 2728. For truly, in the city there were gathered together against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed both Herod and Pontius Pilate along with the Gentiles and the peoples of Israel to do whatever your hand in your purpose predestined to occur, so there were gathered against Jesus Pontius Pilate Herod the Gentiles the people of Israel to do what he had predestined to occur. The crews of Christ, which is predestines the right of this gets into some heavy theology will get into it right now. I teach Bible studies I go to this like a half-hour teach various levels of stuff, but take a couple, three, four, five, taught the people get it but nevertheless that's the predestination is right there, God's choosing and working salvation into us is predestined. And he also predestines bad things to occur because it says so ask for 47 28 question but really the foundation for the first stage so that I have not heard the whole conversation and writing academic writing I got it working again. You're talking at about that every trade for people or know of what God is predestines ordained cannot change but is the foundation of the Senate. This is the thing a try and tell people is that we as Christians do not know how God's election and predestination works. We don't know the criteria that he has from all eternity.

We just don't know right and so James five. It talks about the prayers of a righteous man of Vilma. So what I'll do is I confess my ignorance understand the documents but how does it work when God says he's predestined these elected but he asks that we pray for people salvation. How do those go to the witness to them and does it make a did I know because that one thing he told us to and the gospel is one of the means by which God brings those chosen ones into salvation and here's the thing to think about were free in Christ no longer bound by sin, and so now as Christians free in Christ we have that ability to pray to the father through Christ. But God has ordained that we would pray through Christ to him because nothing can occur… By the ultimate will of God. Ephesians 111 so could it be that God has desired to elect someone because were free in Christ to ask him to elect someone into salvation. Now that he's ordained from then we would do so, he would elect that makes sense now but these are some of the issues that have been wrestled with in this brooch is on the of the issue called Mullen this monism talked about was called counterfactual's were counterfactual's are the things that don't exist, but could have existed, and God knows what the counterfactual would have been under different circumstances and so one of the conclusions in monism which I consider it a heresy.

What Christians don't buy things voltage is meaning that Christians don't agree that it is really been good I think it elevates man's freedom, but with the basically are kind of saying is that God knows the counterfactual's of people in different situations under different preaching contexts and that under different situations, people will receive Christ. So God works according to his plan.

According to all of those known counterfactual's, but that it's too close to the issue of of the dying total depravity and saying that God's choices based upon something foreseen/foreordained, which is today when mystically centered biscuits in a more complicated-many many many discussions with people in this different level than the radial I get you like that well when I'm on the right on.

You know I try to get too deep because of you. I want people to to Brain contusions. You know what it looks like you don't hear you and so I just did it years ago was a building. One person, but the go-ahead don't like talking about working in vain. Like ED, think that Michael got me thinking for me right doing anything that I did a lantern and fell like I have not like I couldn't find any being me like anything that is because I do agree and then it could be a totally different good for you. I do the same thing with my keys or need help Jesus on my thanks Lord and go there thinking a lot lately over a feeling I'm right behind you in a bill so get aside from it should never be as the unbelievers have now used the Lord Jesus Christ's name as an expression when something bad happens are surprised that is to just say oh GLD and you people did all might whatever and I'll say this, and this is it's blasphemy and it's great. Soon, and unbelievers do it all the time is increasing on TV. I've noticed it and so I have a personal habit I wanted about to do it. I just make a noise and you know whatever I want to hear it and you and so my family to live separately, but that's likely they understand this is that's how the world is a go. I know, but I do want to participate in their sin so and so it is getting worse Christians I've had to actually preach of. Once he preached a sermon once on the Christians there at that church. Using God's name and thing repeatedly rebuke without mount names and they thanked me for because, well, I got called on the carpet because there listening to the ways of the world too much and too many Christians will do that in effect I have been in chat rooms in various places were Christians at all in and also the Lord in the safe dissolute is more than one thing is that it okay Matt slick. Why call 770727 charismatic slave arrival back everybody we will wanted ask about Andrew Womack. I do not recommend recent positive confession.

The name and claimant web rabbit stuff and a big ministry going let people buy into its I don't recommend him.

Let's get to Taft from North Carolina Taft welcome here.

I love you show work if you don't I have a question on predestination and I'm not necessarily objectionable to it not been studying on it, but I had an angle not really an angle, but I have a question about. Although God is within his will to predestined some to be saved would have ever thought that possibly although he has predestined them to be safe for his purpose and grace that he allows others to be saved by the work that we do because you commission us to do that and that would still fall in line with what were preach it on that. Nobody can be saved without God's election predestination.

Select why I'm asking what Scriptures that I used to refute that with you, Bill just said you know what I said okay so we decided that the biblical doctrine versus the biblical doctrine is a God chooses us from the foundation of the world and he predestines us. Ephesians 14 and five.

The rise says so he chooses us, so he chooses to be adopted and it's in Christ really important phrase in Christ, which is a term bright federal headship and tricycle in Adam is another attorney federal headship in Adam all die in Christ all shall be made alive. So there's two groups called the all one is everybody represented by Adam. The other one is everybody represent by Christ. This is biblical theology which few people are aware of the term in the him in Christ we are elected in him were chosen in Christ, which means nobody can be saved without the work of Christ. So for the foundation of the world. Jesus was predestined and ordained to be the one who would bear our sins and/whites as an outpatient. Six, six and 68 that we died with him and were crucified with him, so there's no possible way that anybody can be saved without God's choosing and predestination, but it doesn't mean we can't preach me. We can't teach.

It doesn't mean that God can't use our preaching and teaching and prayer of intercession in the process as God brings about what he has ordained to predestined something and some of the salvation doesn't mean that one day doesn't matter what you do pop here in but God uses us even in the preaching, the teaching of the word intercession and things like that to bring people to that place where God them works salvation and okay right on that one man is there me that God allows witness for the purpose of minutes to bring someone into Christ all their own words, but again yes you're right so what I'm saying even though he may have elected some to be predestined before the foundation of the world all creation. Is it possible that he also will allow people hearts to be changed or whatever model, not by working assume we do about the work that Christ is done but by witnessing what witnessing is included in that predestination okay from asking the question quite right. You are to this thing is God works all things after the counsel of his will.

Ephesians 111. Predestination occurs of little stuff like that. I do's and absolutists just resigned to the word of God's love to hear that it warms my heart. Thank you.

So what if understand is that God elects people. People don't like the idea of election, but that's what science is like Eddie predestined that I really want it to be up to our free will and our stuff in our wisdom in our abilities, man centered its humanistic undreamt. I write on. So this is what work is a big fight inside the Christian church and too many people resisting this, but when you go out and preach. When you teach you out witness you let him pray God has has ordained that this may be forced to free ride free to write right right, you're free to go, preach and teach and if someone is good because I got to use that to bring up about what his will is by you in your freedom doing what you want to do it 1 Right Way beyond us.

But this is what happens. God is the one in control. He saw and you still free and we can make a difference how it all works. I know what I'm trying to allow myself work out of my my own heart heart and maybe I'll use this example that was it Abraham that prays a lot. Your art was it that that meant he wouldn't be destroy what God has in the Bible is that you resolve destroy and and and was Abraham to pray for lot and he recanted, recanted, or whatever Nineveh is like that is 40 days and will destroy and that human preach and teach the God relented.

Yes, that was predestined for God to relent as well, and that is not predestined so way God predestined no matter how it works out it was God's predestined before the foundation of the world and he just couldn't raise our insights events to happen to know that his will will be done on earth, which is what ultimately wanted Christian my will be done on earth, so no matter how we look at it God for new and he predestined, who would be saved and is just everything is working out according to his plan very good. Very well said. I just offer one slight suggestion work predestination for result is generally used in the context of election only of believers but that does not occur in the context of predestined people to help us what we could say logically we use the term ordination that God ordains enters direct and direct ordination organizers direct and indirect causation, and so God can bring about what he desires by allowing evil people to do what they desire and he can fix it sufficiently. One of the crucifixion have to happen, but the crucifixion was sinful. So God's document do it, but he's going to bring about the circumstances in which people will freely do what they would naturally do and bring about the sin of their own volition to that place of crucifixion. Then God uses to redeem people to stand out. Thank you, thank you so man that also ties into what you were saying earlier about God calls things to have people think the heck which we know that's not true what sin is in the world and people. He predestines evil to happen but he doesn't directly because it there different. Some people think predestination is direct causation not always. This is all of this is why Allstate why we need to use the word to for ordain or to ordain, and then we can I get a Winchesters things I do it off-line all teach about the ultimate cause the proximate cause in the efficient cause or talk with different limit of causation.

Different levels of will that God can have. You can have a decreased we can have a prescription and will a permissive will, and how to those work inside of the causation issues and it gets more complicated. I've taught on this before I just had to step up slowly is not really conducive for radio but it's there and other theologians of doneness and it's just a list of the work out because the scriptures teach these things with working together, and there are ways to do it makes perfect sense. We learn okay okay I got it.

God bless you okay will. God bless you right now the schedules were really quickly. Ken from Pennsylvania can welcome your on here minute. Little bit about me I'm 71, I've got about 40 years of study seminary study Greek for a long time is like a lace collar I coming extremely important to bring up freedom all the excitement on there is the vaccine being given out now starting out two days ago in the UK's and supposedly going to start Monday or the 15 in this country but is vaccine. There's a catch. That let me preface this by no Christian leader, maybe such as yourself address this. This vaccine has a growing number of opponent MD opponents, even in the field of immunology better saying that this vaccine is carried a DNA RNA changer and it which would benefit the case and believe me you absolutely need and I think your required your position to to investigate this and you can ask me anything off air. Would you send me links to you're right I do need to study this.

Let me write this again. I'm brand-new tonight. You're so okay well my slightly logical background would be probably Baptist, J. Vernon McGee type socialist but I'm not a hard-core premillennial secessionist so info at: network I and F of this info at: see The website is my website for 25 years hundred million visitors, but it's down right now is under attack by the end of Middle East so okay this vaccine can't hurt vaccine meet in my opinion, to criteria, so the mark of the beast were we know about market abuses and revelation. The three things that I found that would be considered quite.

Or identifying marks of the beast is, you can't buy or sell without well that already with the mask we could sort of a prelude to what it will be like when we yes and no. That, yes, and that's not going to store up to go to store and on our I'm not wearing a mask and combined sales not a problem here in Idaho. The problem, so is it about is near exception and it's only a prelude and this is not the private presses as you try to go into a store without proof of the direct patient were worried about the papers on requirements that you have to in order to bind cells that have vaccination. That's when it probably just because a lot you say absolutely no delay, nothing to do it and you will build by yourself and this is going. This is a huge problem and end. If that occurs, this is a great deal of resistance and ought to be, because it's just Gestapo techniques from your papers in the commonest stuff and oppressive and antidepressants are music to cry.

The More Ct., Christ the dark, and Redeemer. As you know I'm not preaching. But I'm bundling it out here the teacher it will be a student here is is is all right. Okay, listen all right. Sorry we missed Manuel love live on Monday

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