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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Harold Sala (The Reliability of the Bible)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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December 17, 2020 5:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Harold Sala (The Reliability of the Bible)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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December 17, 2020 5:00 am

It's the best-selling book of all time, but is the Bible reliable and truthful? I'll talk it over with Dr. Harold Sala, founder of Guidelines International and author of the book, "Can You Trust the Bible?" Plus: Why the Woke heirs of neo-evangelicalism should look in the mirror before criticizing conservative Christians. And churches have just received some great news from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. That and more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health share liberty.

Healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty health reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that soil is. I absolutely love it because we haven't gotten a lot of wins lately but and when it comes to what's going on with churches being shut down and being treated differently than secular entities. During the coronavirus pandemic. There have been some heartbreaking stories, but now it seems the tide is turning a little bit as we have been talking about recently, the US Supreme Court has handed down a couple of decisions that have been favorable to churches seeking to be treated the same as secular entities. We had that New York case and we've had some other cases that have come along that this is really good. These churches in Nevada who have been fighting at the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to be able to be treated the same as secular entities, particularly casinos have now won their case. This is really great as the Las Vegas review Journal reports a Las Vegas church expects to invite nearly 200 people to services this week after this federal appeals court overturned the governor's statewide limits on gatherings at houses of worship and the Rev. Jimmy morale is to senior pastor at Calvary Chapel lone Mountain said this is a victory for churches in Nevada were excited that churches in Nevada have been set free to worship God freely. Along with that Las Vegas chapter.

The churches date and location in Lyon County challenge that selects 50 person limit on places of worship. They argue that the governor impose tougher restrictions on them that on most businesses in Nevada and the court agreed, since lack didn't like it very much, but this is good.

The ninth circuit Judge Milan Smith called the Supreme Court opinion, a seismic shift in free exercise law and that was the decision upon which this court based its decision.

They said the Supreme Court's decision in Roman Catholic diocese compels us to reverse the District Court just like the New York restrictions set selects directive treats numerous secular activities and entities significantly better than religious worship services, casinos, bowling alleys, retail businesses, restaurants, arcades, and other similar secular entities are limited to 50% of fire code capacity and yet houses of worship are limited to 50 people regardless of their fire code capacities so I love this quote actually from the attorney for the Las Vegas church Stegall Chita said the Ninth Circuit has spoken during this holy period and has found that the free exercise of religion still lives loudly in all of us and is above random and arbitrary gubernatorial orders. So praise God for this decision. It's really good to see this and said I'm just excited. I'm excited. I hope that the freedom will continue to ring across the fruited plain for churches from coast-to-coast and glad to see this really excited. I turned my attention for a little bit here to the issue of neo-evangelicalism. Now that may sound a little bit high-minded. It's not going to be high-minded, just stick with me for a moment. We have had in the church of Protestantism for the last hundred years or so, we went from the modernist movements around the Scopes monkey trial at the beginning of the 20th century and the William Jennings Bryan and the Darwinism in all that we have the fundamentalist modernist controversy. This led down to the 40s when we saw the rise of the neo-evangelicals. The Christianity today crowd. Harold can gain Carl Henry and that'll cry Billy Graham the idea that what we really need to do is get away from this fundamentalist thing we need to get away from the separatist mindset add to and from the people who are saying we we need to stand against modernism in such a way that we are faithful to Scripture that bothered them because they just were not the cool cats and that's what it came down to and I don't completely disagree with the original neo-evangelicals on this point, which is we want to be able to have an effect on the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ disagree with that, that that's actually exactly what I believe. Although I wouldn't at all classify myself as a neo-evangelical precisely because you can see where they all ended up and I'm gonna get to that.

What's happened, though, is the heirs of the neo-evangelicals of the 40s and 50s are basically the woke of the social justice crowd. They're the ones who say homosexuality not so sure if it's that bad, as long as you're in a maybe not, technically engaging in it. But if you're same-sex attracted we just need to understand you and stop being so homophobic we need to embrace you as a sexual minority and on and on and on.

So this brings me to one of the things that I have mentioned on many occasions and that is the Russell Moore approach to the pro-life movement, Russell Moore, the president of the ER LC at the Southern Baptist convention is the one who has been pushing this holistic pro-life thing.

This is gone on at the evangelicals for life conference which is taken place in Washington DC alongside the March for life and their whole shtick. As I've mentioned many times before.

If you haven't heard me talk about this before, I will tell you again this whole approach is lifted from the old Ron cider but completely pro-life and the he's an old leftist and he was very active, more active than he is now.

He was more active during the 70s.

His whole shtick was yes, we should be pro-life but to be really pro-life, you have to engage in all of these other leftist political activist causes so his thing back then was in a we have to oppose nuclear proliferation in on the nuke thing was very big back in the 70s. Now Moore and his friends have taken the holistic pro-life concept and can updated it for a new audience, so there whole thing is sure the babies are not what we want to kill babies. We don't want abortion, that's wrong.

But if you're really pro-life then you will also be on the on the same track. We are when it comes to refugee resettlement and you'll be on the same track. We are when it comes to illegal aliens and all that which is driven me nuts because it's just dishonest. It's never been what the pro-life movement has been about those are completely separate issues. You can't just take some kind of blanket statement about people being created in God's image, which they certainly are and then extrapolate out of that. Therefore, every single leftist cause that I care about because those people are created in the image of God to be a Christian means to be a leftist bill never say it that way. But why, why is this coming up again because now Baptist press reports, the Southern Baptist convention's Pres. JD Greer was very much on the woke train will be the first president of the convention to speak at the March for life now. Why is this a problem for me. I'm not saying it's a problem for the head of the SBC necessarily to speak at the March for life. I haven't seen his remarks or what he will be saying, but what concerns me about it is that these woke SBC leaders who have done all kinds of bad things which we talked about you know ad nausea. What I'm concerned about is that this is another way to get to pro-life conservatives and to try to guilt them into merging with the left and going further left the this is a crowd that punches right and always tries to coddle up to the left. That's always been there their way and so what will happen here. Will this be an attempt by the woke SBC to try to influence unsuspecting pro-life conservatives who show up at the March for life because of abortion and abortion only, and then bring them into the fold, so to speak. By using this very subtle technique of saying if you're really pro-life… You will be for this that the other thing I don't like it because I think it's dishonest and I think that it's another attempts to move evangelicalism to the left. This is what these people do this is what these people have been doing for the last seven or eight years since Russell Moore came on board. This is what we've gotten, and it's spread and it's metastasized and it's become a big big problem.

To the extent that Bible believing Christians who have noticed what has gone on have stood up more and more praise God for it and call them out on it is simply talking about what are you talking about. We look at the old pro-life movement going all the way back to the end of the pro-life action league.

It was never about everybody created in the image of God and we have to stand for life and it didn't need to be.

It was about overturning Roe V Wade, it's about the genocide of 60 million+ little babies. That's what it should be about. You can also care about people in other contexts and we do. It's why we support pre-born. It's why we love the fact that a crisis pregnancy centers. There are these free ultrasounds for these women.

Thanks to your generosity because when these women see their babies on ultrasounds 80% of the time they'll choose life. That's wonderful, and there is this effort to help these moms so across-the-board these things are already happening in conservative circles. I don't know why these people have to come along and try to make things about a holistic pro-life approach. There never just satisfied with the good that's always being done by conservatives every single day were always doing the Christian life wrong and and you're not supposed to notice that you have this really strong tie between these woke leaders, and world relief which is federal government contractor which is lost a lot of money while Trump was in office because he put the kibosh on a lot of this terrorist link country refugee settlement which was the right thing to do but I more and tell you along these lines were to take a break and come right back.

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I was alerted to a tweet by Ken Ham, the founder of answers in Genesis, and I'm excited cans can be on with me next week can't ham who has done more than just about anybody I know to defend six-day creation and really stand strong on the word of God. The inerrant word of God put out a little clip of a show a webcast. I guess it was or just individual video that was put out by Phil Visscher. Now Phil Fisher is the creator of veggie tales. You recall veggie tales of fear. You'll especially recall veggie tales.

Phil Fisher has gone a little woke, I don't know if you've been following this, but can posted this and he said Phil Visscher, creator of veggie tales accuses me and the creation Museum of the rejection of mainstream science and his new video called what is an evangelical. The truth is Visscher falsely calls Evolution and Big Bang science quote unquote when they're nothing but the pagan religion of our day as fallible man attempts to explain everything by natural processes without God. Such compromise is Visscher has is rampant in the church and undermines biblical authority and is a major cause of why much of the church is so lukewarm and losing the younger generations and I agree completely with what Ken had to say talk plays some of these clips because I have a lot to say on this. Let's get to some of these clips, Visscher I'm saving you a lot of time here because he does a lot of going into the background of how we got all these terms, evangelicalism, fundamentalism, modernism in the Scopes trial. All this kind of stuff.

Then he notes how the definition of evangelical came to collapse. This is one as of the mid-1960s. The three streams of American Protestantism were very clear so ask yourself a question. Have you ever heard anyone introduce himself as a fundamentalist Christian, no word all the fundamentalists go well it depends on what he means by that fundamentalist long ago became a pejorative. Most people don't use the term because they don't want to be screamed at but what does it mean to be a fundamentalist, for most people they relate the term back to Bob Jones University in that whole crowd.

The independents on a metal Baptist Church that whole movements, but that was many, many years ago and people are a little you know shy to equate themselves in some circles with the term fundamentalist because they don't be called racists going back to that Supreme Court decision against Bob Jones on segregation. There's a lot of history here, but in fact if you go to the Bob Jones University website. They say that their doctrinal positions following the spirit of historical biblical fundamentalism, and so saying I don't know what he's talking about but this is going somewhere Visscher says it was that Supreme Court decision against Bob Jones on segregation that motivated Jerry Falwell, the founder of the moral majority, not the son who's been in the news recently, but the father who founded the moral majority that that decision by the Supreme Court on segregation motivated him to get into politics. Not just the issue of abortion.

This is cut to angry southern fundamentalist like Falwell decided they could no longer stay on the sidelines.

Liberal Northerners could take everything away from them. It was time to reengage the exile was over by the mid-1970s, more Americans than ever before, were describing themselves as born-again and political strategists were noticing Falwell and others wanted to build a bigger voting block is possible hoping to engage Christians of all stripes not just fundamentalists and supporting conservative candidates and conservative issues. But what to call this block, the answer had presented itself by the time a born-again Sunday school teacher from Georgia won the White House Newsweek magazine declared 1976, the year of the evangelical media needed a handle for all these conservative white Christians who were suddenly shaping national politics and almost no one was claiming to be a fundamentalist anymore.

Okay won't let me just say that Islam is say this, I did not know Jerry Falwell personally, but I did read his biography, which was written by his wife and according to his wife who probably knew Jerry Falwell better than Phil Visscher knew Jerry Falwell. The reason that Jerry Falwell reluctantly got into politics was not because of the Supreme Court decision against BJ. You, the reason he got into politics was because of the issue of abortion and that according to his biography was the sole motivating reason because up until then. He was very reluctant to engage in politics.

He was about soul winning is all good. Fundamentalists were and continue to be, and again were talking about fundamentalist that the coinage of that term came from the release of those essays back around the time of the fundamentalist modernist controversy called the fundamentals. I own the fund metals.

It's actually a great series of books you should read it. Everybody should read it because it's about adhering to biblical Christianity. The basics of biblical Christianity. So again I think he's getting the history on Jerry Falwell wrong but he seems to delight a little bed and being able to kick the fundamentalists, which is probably again why a lot of people who hold of the fundamental's of the faith don't really want to be called that anymore and something else to is that when the evangelical label came to be placed upon white Christians as the media, the church didn't say don't call me fundamentalist anymore so it you know a little bit of playing with this whole situation historically now.

Phil Visscher describes how evangelicals emerged as a definition for white Christians Three. When it came to politics. We were all evangelicals. Then suddenly the three strands of white Protestant Christianity in America collapsed back into two mainline Protestants and everyone else who wasn't black and everyone else who wasn't black was now an evangelical won't last I checked the mainline Protestant Protestant denominations are still mostly whites. Not really. You know he's turning this into a racial thing.

I mean there's some historicity here and there's some truth to what he's saying but can you see Kino where he's going with this, and leaving out some of the other details that I think are significant mainly that the mainline Protestants are pretty much white to so let's listen to the next cuts because this is about neo-evangelicalism. This is cut for so today. Wheaton College is an evangelical school and Bob Jones University is an evangelical school. Billy Graham is an evangelical and Jerry Falwell, Senior and Junior are both evangelicals.

If you're a white, Christian and not a modernist or a Catholic, you're evangelical, which is left.

The term more or less meaningless neo-evangelicalism used to be a legitimate movement embracing a high view of the Bible while rejecting the excesses of fundamentalism which included cultural separatism, anti-intellectualism, and echoes sometimes loud echoes of racism, but those distinctions have been lost in a race to build up bigger voting block to take back the culture right doesn't sound like he likes fundamentalists very much right and they're all racists. Now you can go back and you can look at some of the very bad positions that were taken by some people in that movement pertaining to segregation but everybody disagrees with that now including people who may have once engaged in at safe change their mind. They came around. I guess nobody gets any credit for the hats.

There may have been some people who came around reluctantly, but I think most people who you know maybe had bought into that at the time realized that I was wrong – and a done that. What about evangelicalism in America today. Listen to cut five. So what is evangelicalism in America today.

It's a hot mess. What started out as a high regard for the Bible and personal conversion has devolved into a catchall category for white Christians engaged in conservative politics a high regard for the Bible, a focus on the work of Christ on the cross, the desire to see people choose to follow Jesus a desire to help others using our hearts, our hands and our minds. These are good things. They are neither Republican nor Democratic things they are biblical things, but today old currents of fundamentalism are resurgent. The desire to declare war on our enemies.

The rejection of mainstream science. The belief that the world is out to get us the longing for an idealized past while downplaying or entirely ignoring racial injustice even the early 20th century fixation on end times prophecy and the nation of Israel. We can make a video about each one of these topics, but evangelicals like Graham Hocking, Gaia and many others sought to resist these fundamentalist tendencies while still proclaiming the Bible as the inspired word of God.

That is why I haven't given up on the name evangelical or the ideals of the neo-evangelical movement. Instead, I want to remind us what the movement was all about and what hopefully it can be about again. I was a mouthful so if you believe in six-day creation. You don't believe in science and you your your knots if you want to do anything about this godless culture by sharing the gospel and working for things like the life issue you just to note that disdain is just kinda dripping out of his mouth.

Let's just say something very briefly though it was the modernist says we know who wanted to jettison fundamental doctrines from the Bible in favor of ethics like love your neighbor.

They were the people of the social gospel, who are the purveyors of the social gospel today. It's the Visscher crowd. It's the will crowd. It's the Wheaton Christianity today crowd. These are the people who are embracing social justice cultural Marxism. Critical race theory. The black lives matter ideal woken as progressive politics, reparations, linking arms with old Marxist like Jim Wallace from the 70s. These these old leftist activists equating the pro-life movement with refugees and illegal aliens hiring professors like they did it. Wheaton, who end up saying that Christians and Muslims worship the same God taking cash from the Lilly endowment to reimagine church with a whole host of people doing that interfaith dialogue. What about neighborly faith that Wheaton College what what about bouncing black pro-lifers like Ryan Bamberger from Wheaton, so people wouldn't be offended by what about taking money from Soros or what about embracing feminism and ordaining women. And what about a soft acceptance of homosexual lust and homosexual behavior. In some extreme examples. What about the embrace of the church growth movement and evolution and Darwinism and worldliness in all its forms. You know what when you have egg on your face and a plank in your eye. You might want to look in the mirror and look at your own crowd and make some biblical adjustments there before going after biblical Christians who at least want to live a life and hold to doctrines that are actually in the Bible will be back this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health, share liberty, health share is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health T.

For more information liberty health River today and here's your host Joe Milford. The Bible is the best-selling book of all time and no doubt the most attacked book as well. Take for instance the famous quote from the French philosopher Voltaire, 100 years from my death.

The Bible will be a museum piece and will talk about a false prophecy, but the 66 books that make up the one book we call the Bible are under attack today in various ways, resulting in many people erroneously believing that the Bible is just full of myths or mere moral lessons like Jesus's parables, and of course we know that is.

And so, in that the Bible is God's inspired and inerrant word, but what kinds of answers. Can we give to people who ask us about the reliability of Scripture working to cover that today with Dr. Harold Salo. He is an author, a Bible teacher and speaker, and founder and president of guidelines international and today will be talking about his book, can you trust the Bible, great question agree to have you here, Dr. Salo, how are you I'm quiet and I've been looking forward to my opportunity to draw up all of your books for your well we were looking forward to it. To glad you're here what to say about the extent to which the trustworthiness of God's word is under attack today.

How do you see the Bible being under attack right now will dictate the authority of the Bible is ironclad. You can go to the Bible and you can come away with a your life will be changed or you can deny and hide of the tremendous amount of evidence and subsequently you're left with very little to give you a whole right yeah that's right.

And yet there are people who will go on the Internet or they'll read some atheist blog or something like that and I'll say again of the Bible is not reliable. It it's full of men sits full of stories. It's just moral lessons. Those sorts of things. What people say things like that will do it would break virtual nor the truth of the book impact of light, but people do about your and development eight. Read my book and when you tell me that you can't believe it. Yes, exactly. I love that well what we start with the uniqueness of the Bible and there is no doubt that the Bible is unique in human history.

What makes it unique. What would you point to all parts of all the Bible for how questions of life like wow body what makes life worth living. What happened when I draw my last breath. There I would be on the virus or whatever and hope when you use those questions you have answers in this book that are ironclad. No other book in the world is in greater demand in the Bible it outsold other book by Albert marjoram in 1971 astronaut Deb Mitchell went to the moment when Apollo 14 YouTube with him a Bible James version reduced by hundreds of times and he left the on the loan. I have a letter from recently who said how do I know the Bible is any different than many other book and here.

Why should I accept the authority of this book as opposed to others religious books, valid questions he wasn't trying to be difficulty. He wanted an answer and I would tell him number one this book tells me about God who we give and how I can have a relationship with them.

The basis of our great and it was the Bible but tell us about Jesus work. The only book that really tells of how to live abound through the tough questions, and the key to spiritual growth. No other book in the world is in greater demand than this one this one felt all the other books in the world absolutely right.

You know some of the things that you say about the uniqueness of the Bible include uniqueness in what the Bible claims and uniqueness and its message.

I mean, this is really true that the claims of Jesus Christ are unlike the claims of any other prophet throughout human history and that alone makes the Bible unique, but how do we know that it's true.

When were looking at saying to somebody. The claims that the Bible makes for itself. Make it unique, but they also need to be considered because they are valid they actually are true no more than 20 hours in ancient magnet scripts of the Bible the day and that is important because we know for a fact that they have not been tampered with, and tried to be rewritten to the best-selling book of all the world. George Barna, but 93% of all Americans own Bible, but only those people ever bothered to read it so so quickly. This book, we find the answer to the needs of our life and what makes life worth living rise and also I think this is a really good thing you pointed out that the Bible is the official biography of the world's most influential person I mean, what other book really tells us about Jesus Christ. We thought we divide time by the birth of Jesus Christ.

And that's so significant, so that alone is worth considering the claims of the Bible right 00 absolutely. There are many copies of Scripture that have endured the test of time that we yeah you know know what but with the relative amount of moody that the book has been passed from generation to generation without being corrupted. Yes, let's talk about that a little bit because when you mentioned that there are more than 20,000 ancient manuscripts. That's no small thing because when we look at some of the ancient literature that we never question we don't have anywhere near as many copies of some of these ancient books as we do have the Bible, why does that matter so much mattered because it will Bible has been passed from generation to generation without being corrupted when Sir Walter Scott, who was a British court lay dying he made an urgent request removal book are many books in the library said somebody who was at his bedside, which book you want, and patiently he replied there's only one book the Bible bring medical book of fear of the Bible inversely is the barometer of the respect of the power of this book writes well what about people who are hung up on the issue of contradictions, because I've always kinda laughed at this claim. Usually the people who say the Bible is full of contradictions. When you turn to them and say can you name one. They never can name one they just like saying the Bible is full of contradictions. What about that issue and and how that relates to the trustworthiness of the Bible. By and large they contradict them. I would like to know what of the contradiction and how can the result. For example, archaeology one of the ways that we confirm the authority of Scripture. For example, Catherine defendant was British archaeology road.

Once a girl go under article you covered the there were two Gerald Cole there was a huge and Gerald Cole.

And then there was modeling general goal so Matthew says the dreams is going out of your coal Luke says Jesus was going in the Jericho, but uncle Catherine defendant went their people settle all about the contradiction was no contradiction, because the archaeologists discovered that there was a howling wind what they did is went out by Gerald goal and build a parameter around the city and that was considered to be new Gerald Cole issue resolved a potent argument against those people and point fingers without really knowing what the score ill and in my book. I give evidence of why this book the needs of people today and why it is absolutely trustworthy yes and you know what I find so interesting is how the more time goes along. In the more archaeologists discover certain things about the Bible, the more trust we can put into it.

I mean, you think about all of the names of people in the Bible that archaeology has confirmed because of what you these archaeologists have found in places like you say and also you know coins and things like that mean it is time goes along.

Archaeology becomes more and more and more of a friend to the Bible. It seems that the there should be enough evidence for people to say wait a minute, that there is really a trustworthy claim here in the Bible week we keep seeing it everywhere we turn over absolutely no question on regard comes with an open mind. You can be evident we may walk away not liking what you read, but you can be sure that is been back generation to generation and use what God wants us to know today right holder therefore much evident the magnet script over there more than 20,000 manuscripts and the rest of the day of this book we call the wonderful will take a short pause will come back with Dr. Harold Salo, can you trust the Bible say with us on Jennifer today. Did you know that Bible lists believers around the world are praying to receive their very own copy of God's word to the Ministry of Bible league international you can send those Bibles today here from Mang in Vietnam. Is it done half Bible how they can find the truth because the Bible like a man bring them to find the truth, and many people they are really hungry for the word of God and then delete the Bible though is a pastor in Ghana praying for Bibles for former Muslim radicals now following Christ.

And I was forced into an arranged marriage to an abusive atheist in Albania, but her godly witness changed his heart and now he needs Bible Emilio lost everything after his home was burned by terrorists in Mexico and he's praying for a Bible to share Christ with others who you be the answer to these pleas for God's word dollars since one Bible $50 since 10 and because of a matching gift right now. Your gift will be doubled. Call 800 yes word 800 yes word 800 yes word for.

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Many people say that science in the Bible are incompatible. As you know Dr. Saylor Darwinists will say this, there's a lot of question out there about two good creation and whether or not God exists in these sorts of questions. But really when you look at the history of science. Many of the great scientist throughout history were Christians. So how do we address that question with unbelieving friends about science and bend Bible being incompatible. One of the my book scientific evidence in my dream ever anything one French Academy of science published a book writing. There were 51 box of fire contradict the Bible. But today there is not assignment from the world who would stand behind one of those facts. Bible was not a textbook on finance, but it's accurate in the statement, but it makes of the scientific nature. For example, acts 722 so Moses was schooled in wisdom of their drip.

The world have a life of make the statement. The stars are without number. Jeremiah 3322 of the world is Route 42, the life of all flesh and blood. Every time I give blood for my doctor one.

You know, go a book over the life of all flesh is absolutely true that one thing for you that's very quickly when we come with bio that we sometimes are computers but if you come with an open mind and you want to know more about the power bill book you will find that and it is very lame in red color red, that's right, that's great what what about social prophecy. This is one of my favorite defenses of the word of God because when you look at the statistical likelihood of one man fulfilling all of the prophecies about the Messiah in the Old Testament. It said that it could only be Jesus how strong is that argument when you're speaking to people who don't believe the Bible is trustworthy wall.

I would say what a great problem say that we find a note and I would go back the ground, whether a flower played but the word of our God doors forever in a few days. Were going to celebrate Christmas. So if you go to what the book you accept it with an open mind.

You come away with answers to some of those questions.

When war broke already had a number of PhD's and that there is one God, who reveals his word in the Bible. His work and fire in the Bible deals with, and fire deals with back, but the extension of the text is to interpret it in the extension of a fact is the theory and subsequently there is so much pragmatic evidence in this book. But if you come with the door open mind. You find answers to, without any question I would have his diner for the first time in 1960 and I was entirely with the ocular group on the left leaving there we there was about what and as we were stunned into going to the dining room was a young man I would say in his early 20s approached one of the members of the group. You have a Bible, and while I have one at home in the labs that you read your Bible video. It was a British guy is no will read my Bible is just barely in my library on the young man said, if you have a Bible by going to read it.

Why don't you know what the when I first began going into China and Russia claim time. I took with me all kinds of Bible and we gave them the people who have no Bibles about the whole story so quickly. There was no other book of the world and demand as much as this book, but we call the Bible excellent what you have referenced the issue of our testimony in the lives who have been transformed through the years people have come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and they are born again by the spirit of God, and they have their lives transformed by the power the gospel.

This is a very very important thing.

I mean, certainly we cannot reduce personal testimony and immuno incident proof of the Bible to personal testimony, but it certainly underscores the reality of what the Bible is saying and that is Jesus Christ rose from the dead and those who place their faith and trust in him will become new creations. I mean that. That's a very very strong piece of evidence to see Christians who are really new creations in Jesus Christ and completely different from the world, but if you're pregnant you will be on that and we look at what is taking place even on my lifetime.

How radically we have made discovery but for the authority of the book of grass whether the flower with the word of our God doors forever in my book I talk about whom Ron and the effect of the scroll that came out of the cave COBOL on and how they simply affirm the authority of Scripture that was really very exciting.

On my first trip to Israel, we came up in 1/2 track on the backslide and now there is a cable car that was people of the top of those, but thought is a powerful testimony or to the authority of God's word.

The are allowed to let me know about will coastal mind at the moment, but he allegedly went looking for lost sheep, and one of the caves of Qumran instead he discovered the Isaiah manuscript that have been there for centuries and subsequently, every Old Testament book has come out of the caves of Qumran, with the exception of the work of Esther and those manuscript but are now at the cave of the drive in Jerusalem for the authority of Scripture being passed from generation to generation without being corrupted powerful to look like 120, absolutely, absolutely, very true. You know once you do, except that the Bible is the word of God which for many people.

That's the first step toward coming to know the Lord.

What do you advise them to do to act on that evidence, because I know that something that you do cover in the book as well.

Wall part of all I would find a church where you will hear God's word proclaimed and there and begin to soak up what it's all about going to be Christmas in a few days and so we go back they look. Centuries ago the grass whether the flower with the word of our God doors forever and forever wall blog.

It sure is no do you advise people who are just reading the Bible for the first time to start with a particular book of the Bible. I know often the Gospel of John is the one that people recommend but what do you recommend new people who are new to the Bible where should they start reading it on dark or with more start with Luke grass whether the flowers but the word of our God doors forever. Christmas is not Santa Claus on the regular God will through the problems and pulled bottom margin would conceive and bring forth a child is name is Jesus Christ. And so if you the reason for Christmas and quickly ready authority of Scripture only affirms bills and pelvis Julio. So what he did but he still change why some time ago I was in a row that I couldn't help but overhearing the conversation on the boat next. There was a young man who was a Christian there and then the others were not Christian. They were working with what the Bible Bob Loblaw is no longer turn to the minors them excuse me, I couldn't help but hear your conversation, let me ask your question let the boulders that you are white and he is wrong what the loss faces begin to turn red lights or normal block of what he believes has been verified and passed from generation to generation. What he said he has not been glued and you have everything to lose if you're wrong, okay in my book.

I also have when we get down to the world.

I say okay pragmatic growth. What is the truth of Scripture and so I there were three possibilities number one, you can ignore all, I just biked out that well you know how but you know or you can cripple like you can deny or you can embrace you will embrace God works a lot. We have a whole different outlook on life are entirely very good name of the book is can you trust the Bible, Dr. Harold Salo with us and so good to have you here, Dr. Salo, God bless you and thanks for being here by my guideline wonderful.

Thank you again and thank you for joining us on Janet my for today. The next

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